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  1. I, uh, think you wanted Nils and not Niles as the bard on the spreadsheet. Anyways, hopefully my attention span can actually focus on something for once because this looks really cool. Stats threw me for a loop with how it was worded, but I still tried and put the total next to the main amount for my own clarity. Anyways, Terra Character. Other characters to come as they get unlocked, probably.
  2. Mi'iltha looka down at Sicon, temporarily lowering herself off of the Pegasus. "Simple logic. The captain wanted a report from me and Sicon, and since you answered first, I just presumed from there. Sorry if that's not alright." She states. "...Although I suppose I didn't actually know your name until now. A pleasure to meet you officially, then. My name is Mi'iltha."
  3. At the mention of her name, Mi'iltha nods at Lithis before looking over at her commander. "There was a village to the south of here, but I got there before anything could happen to it. Beyond that, there were a few bandits, but aside from the one fleeing into the village, as well as the one that Sicon mentioned, none got away that I know of." She states, sighing. Even letting one get away was... not how she would have liked it to go.
  4. Mi'iltha nods in response to the approaching cleric, definitely willing to provide aid. "Of course. These brigands up here are the reason I'm even fighting up here in the first place." Seeing just how much damage the boss did in one hit to the fighter, Mi'iltha moves to M4 and sits there. Or M5 if that corner's not a legitimate place to place herself at.
  5. Mi'iltha moves over to I4, healing using a vulnerary. Strange, she didn't expect anyone aside from the soldier and herself to be fighting up here, yet there are... She'll probably have to improvise.
  6. ...Mh. This fight really wasn't going as well as she had hoped. This one brigand was nearly enough to strike her down. That's one of the hardest things about being a pegasus knight: You're too frail all the time, but she's gonna try and see that gets changed. For now, Mi'iltha attacks the Brigand again, hopefully killing him.
  7. Alright, Brigand's off the mountain, so... Time for round two! Mi'iltha returns to I9 and waits. Slow and steady...
  8. ...Yeah, no. This wasn't working much in her favor at all. For the moment, Mi'iltha flies over to F11, popping a Vulnerary. She's not gonna be doing much to that brigand while he's on the mountains like that. Sure, he was weakened, but so was she.
  9. Ah, excellent. Bidding farewell to the village, she looked over northwards and could hear some voices somewhat faintly. Mi'iltha lets out a somewhat irritated groan before flying over to I9, attacking the Brigand. Hopefully she's still got her combat touch.
  10. [continued internal screaming since i still haven't charactered yet] Someone should probably punch me with more motivation to actually make the character, but otherwise I'm still interested, yeah.
  11. Mi'iltha nods at Lithis before the two of them start heading off to the different locations. She sighs as she rests atop a nearby fort for a few moments to gather the surroundings. Lets see, she can't quite see the bandits' current location from here, but she DOES see a village... She moves over to K11, visiting the village to make sure everything there's alright. That, and to make sure they know of the potential threat.
  12. i literally just posted so uh this is kinda awkward isn't it
  13. (i really need to get a better posting schedule yikes) "Right, right. I'll make certain he gets... rest." Before Mi'iltha could even finish replying, the other pegasus knight was off flying higher and she sighed. She hated it when she was slow in responding to things, but it couldn't be helped with how focused she could be on certain tasks. Just as she was about to fly lower, she saw the other pegasus knight rush down as well, making her curious. She may as well fly higher for a few moments to see what was... ...Oh. She didn't need to go that much farther in order to see bandits. And before she knew it, Lithis was up flying towards her once more, and she nods. "The bandit swarm over north's what you're worried about? Already saw it, so just tell me where we're headed, and I'll be certain to follow you!"
  14. What a boring day this was, but Mi'iltha found no reason to complain about how things were going beyond such. A day watching guard was a day watching guard. Even if it could be a bit burdensome sometimes given the way that she could hear the other pegasus knight's voice echoing from the relatively near distance. Not enough to make out entirely what they were saying, but bits and pieces were gotten. Not enough for her to make anything coherent from it, though. That had no understanding to be made. Something about the thing over with Stedgard is as far as she understood. But still, she had to admit she was feeling more than a little restless from everything going on at the moment. Not a whole lot to do in regards to such, though, so she doesn't do much. She does fidget a tiny bit, but she has no doubts that eventually things will pop out. Perhaps a person or two seeking admittance, or an order to be somewhere else entirely... She's pretty sure her mind's wandering a bit much from that, so she focuses back on watching once more.
  15. Alright, here we go. Nice to see this is finally up!