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  1. A lot of this stuff we're going by is just because of heroes. Did shadow dragon do something wrong in translating the endings, or did the circumstances of titles and ending titles change with New mystery? I'd like this to be translated as close to the japanese version of FE 12 as possible (aside from official names). On the topic of the Fire emblem being referred to as the "Champion's crest" or whatever (I can't remember right now) why not just call it the fire emblem? Calling it any thing else that deviates from the simplicities that SD's writing and translation introduced is just confusing and pointless - we have something to go by that makes more sense and is consistent. Why not go with it? Also, FE 12 is a DS game. not 3ds. I'd prefer it, personally, to be close to it's predecessor in more ways than one. I may be really uninformed or I may be completely wrong and what I said makes no sense. But I just wanted to add my 2 cents and offer my input on this project (if it's still going)
  2. Guys, FE 6 RNG is like this: 2 25% chances, or 3 25% chances. Which will hit more often? two chances or three? Obviously the 3 chances. There are more times that a low hit rate can hit. Probability isn't always in favor of the player. If you increase that 3 to 4, 6, or even 10, the probability of a hit landing will be much higher, even when random. If it was fixed, 25% would hit 1/4 of the time. But since it's random, it may hit 1/4 of the time. With FE 6's low hit rates and high avoid rates, the accuracy is much more screwy, and leads to poor outcomes, regardless of the 2 RN system. It feels like the RNG of the older games, but it isn't.
  3. I could have sworn I made a topic like this a while back. Oh well. Been a while... *Ahem. I have at least 1 Guilty pleasure unit for like every Fire Emblem game I've played. FE1 - Roshea FE 2 - Boey FE 4 - Lester With Arden as the Father. That includes using and promoting Arden. How else is Lester going to get the killer bow and Pursiut ring? FE 5 - Lara, and Hicks. (Specifically, Hicks Claims the sety and baldo scrolls) FE 6 - It should be pretty obvious who this is. Hint: Under my name FE 7 - I know people use Bartre if they want Karla, but he's not all that great. But darn it, I love his character and it pains me not to use him sometimes. FE 8 - Marisa. (I like her character) FE 10 - Lyre. Kill me now, she is HARD to train. But I like her. FE 11 - Cord as a knight, Macellan, Roshea (again), and even Gordin. FE 12 - Belf. Archer Belf. I think Radd is cool too. FE 13 - Don't really have one, because Everyone in awakening can be good. I'm starting to try and use characters I don't normally use like Ricken and Libra. I will never use nowi again, though. she's... ugh. Fates - Is Nyx Bad? I see people say she's bad, but i don't see it. And also Felicia. Felicia's one that is hard for me to pass up, even though I like female corrin more.
  4. If chapter 4 is giving you trouble, there's one tip I can offer that is a definite yes to do. If chad hasn't died yet, Rescue him with Shanna/Thany, and carry him over to the fort directly south of Roy's starting point. Drop him there with 2 iron swords and 2 vulneraries. Fly back with shanna. With chad there, he will not only block about half of th epirate reinforcements, but he will also distract them for almost the entire chapter. He gets quite the experience haul as well. On the fort, he will likely never get hit, and if he does, he heals every turn. The swords are so Chad never runs out of weapon uses to kill the pirates with. The vulneraries are for when you have to move off the fort to kill the ranged guys. Eventually there will be 5 left to deal with, and they all attack at range. Moving off the fort lowers chad's avoid, so it can't be bad to have some healing. Employing this tactic grants chad experience and allows you to keep your focus on the nomads and cavalry. Shanna won't be helping much, so she has time to ferry chad over on turn 1. The only issue with this is that it can be tricky to set up if you didn't manage your items in chapter 3 or buy new ones in chapter 2.
  5. Good. I can do a pre-promote run with minimal grinding! Now I'm hyped for the game again!
  6. So.... there's no reason to cure fatigue? The map cures it aotumatically? If it does nothing to the battles in the world map, why even have the mechanic be shown in the "real" battles in the first place? I tend to over-think things. Sorry about that.
  7. I'd just like some clarification on how fatigue works. I know that it reduces HP when the limit is reached, but is it just HP? For example, are other stats like speed or defense reduced as well? "Fatigue can be reduced by consuming Provisions. It can also be fully cleared by exiting to the world map, offering any Provision to a Mila Statue or after a Class Change. Therefore, during non-dungeon battles, Fatigue has no impact." What does this portion mean? (In bold) Does this mean that after fatigue is cleared, once you exit dungeons, the normal battles will begin with no fatigue on any character? What about the possibility of building fatigue with monsters in the dungeons before getting back to the world map? Lastly, I understand that you can remove the status by consuming items and visiting the Mila statue, but what about just not having people in battles? In thracia this removed all fatigue of those who were left out. Is this notion not present? If so, what happens when you run out of items to consume or sacrifice to the mila statues? Do your units just stay fatigued until they promote or the game ends? I just want some clarification about this before I jump in to echoes. I don't want to screw myself over in chapter 1 because I don't understand how things work. No story spoilers, please!
  8. I understand. More than I did, at least. When I first heard about this concept I had no clue what it was or what it was about, so you helped clear that up for me. Thanks. But my point still stands, though. It's pointless to have them, much less pay money for something that doesn't do anything for you other than "overpowered, the game". No gameplay enhancement other than looking cool. So, you need to be max level, by this I mean promoting at the max level in all the prior tiers. Right? I just don't get why they would waste their rescources and time of making this game into something that... does nothing for the player other than looking cool.
  9. I don't like it. It's rediculous. I'm not touchuing it, because third tier classes are already cool and extravagant enough. 4th tier is so overkill, this could make it the easiest FE yet. Echoes is looking to try my patience more than it already has. Extra class (and grinding to an extent) DLC for FE was dumb in my opinion to begin with, as FE relies on class balance to create a wholesome and challenging experience, but... 4th tier classes. Challenge? In a Fire emblem game? Now with 4th tier classes and ridiculous cash grab DLC that needs to fill in the gaps that the lazy devs couldn't do with their non-existent talents, Challenge and rewarding gameplay is a thing of the past! GO DLC, RIGHT GUYS?
  10. I just want a balistician. Perhaps Anna and Jake?
  11. I said micaiah, because: A) Her attire is gorgeous B) I actually like micaiah as a character (Fite meh) C) Based Levin/Lewyn isn't here
  12. I'd personally like the Bow knights/Nomads to make a return. I personally think that FE has enough class variety already that it needs no new classes for a long time. If you want interesting class variety, bring back classes from FE's 4, 5, and 2. Hell, SOV is the first time we're seeing Barons since FE 4 (Maybe 5, Haven't finished it yet). All I care about is Light magic returning. Really. I want to have a full magical trinity like RD or like the GBA games did. Give us dark and light so we have contrast. The world needs balance, and if RD didn't teach us that, class representation most certainly will. Maybe we'll get some Mageknights or Valkyries who wield light magic. Bring back carona skill
  13. While I like Rabbid's content, (In fact I'm subbed to him, so kill me if you wish) I don't think this video needed to be made. ZerkmonsterHunter4 made a much better video addressing the problem and trying to bring discussion to how the FE fanbase needs to change or how certain issues could be resolved. I even made my own video on the subject, but it is probably the 2nd worst thing I ever created (don't watch it). There are more productive ways to try and improve or to try to lighten the reception of a fanbase than just putting a countdown/top 5 list of the objectively worst ones. And really, people actually want him to do certain videos. If enough people vote for certain topics that are interesting or desired enough, he'll do them.
  14. Draws things
  15. The silent type it seems