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  1. Thanks for following me.  Dunno why you  would...  ok

  2. Kliff: Mage. He's the best villager. Maybe (Fayebe) his sister will do well in that regard also. (But I wouldn't count on it) Robin/Tobin: Archer? PFFFT! You guys.... Are you really going with that old Shtick? Sure, he's great as an archer.... but Mercenary is where he really shines. Speed is all that matters. Grey: Just to make things even, He's gonna be an Archer. Has more strength than Robin, and you don't need to have skill when the holy bow lies within the fear shrine. Well, once alm Promotes Any archer on Alm's side will be outclassed, but hey, why not? Fayeliur: She's gonna be a pegesus knight. Sadly, you probably can't recruit Clive with Celica like in the original (it was just too funny to not do) so Extra Falcon knights on Alm's side will make it almost like you have Palla and Catria light. Except not. No one is better than Palla and/or Catria, so.... Sucks to be you Faye. You garbage Alm stalker. Atlas: His redesign makes him look like he's a God. Probably holding the world in place with those swole Muscles. Mr. Universe? With those pecs, he'll be Mr. Multiverse! (I'll stop) So, I'm making him a mage, despite my love for Boey. Why? Hit rates are based on magic spell hitrates, so skill isn't worth sh*t on him. Speed and Defense can be fixed if the Quick Ring or Dragon Sheild are still in the game. So with his sick magic stat, He'll be a force to be reckoned with. I wonder if Traders are still a thing. Hope they give us their boots.
  3. Welcome to the Forest. Hope you enjoy your stay. I can tell you like the bonewalkers. Are you a fan of the monster classes? (Still, though. Welcome)
  4. I actually think that Gaiden's maps fit it's archaic mechanics well enough to be a decent and engaging game at times. Map design? If people can deal with Chapter 3 from Fire Emblem 12 (Mangs couldn't) Then people can handle Gaiden's map design.
  5. Got it. Thank you!
  6. Glaceon, If you've got the time, perhaps you could make me a badge using Shanoa from Castlevania: Order of Eccliasia? Here's the Castlevania Wiki page if somehow you don't know of this character: Here's the Image: (Two links because one is the page with the original source material. Credit and all that) https://gyazo.com/fd5fd0a8d7746dc66d74ac185adb051f http://www.zerochan.net/1888482 Text Style: SF Text: Shanoa Also, would I need to give credit to you in my signature? I see some do it and some don't.
  7. Noo.... ZEKE! He will be missed. Seriously. It would ruin his ending in New Mystery. Why Remove Zeke? To make room for some bland-ass Berkut guy who looks to be as generic a villian as Caelach? Also, is that Really Nuibaba? Really? Because they wouldn't have just changed his sex, would they? Lastly, Catria looks Gorgeous, Atlas looks like he's holding up the world with his muscles, and to top it all off....
  8. I disagree. Even with fatigue Certain games can still be broken because of other mechanics in place. With how many games in the franchise rely on higher stats on at least a few units in order to win the later chapters, fatigue would make it unnecessarily difficult. If units aren't able to survive one attack near the endgame, they are a bad choice for the end game, considering you have tried to give equal experience to everyone. One of the reasons fatigue worked for Thracia was because the stats capped at 20. So the units that you didn't use for a while could still reliably catch up. There wasn't really a gap in usability, and the staff users were all broken if you could get their skill and magic up. Even with fatigue you could still abuse the game to it's limits. No mattar what, people will always find a way to trivialize mechanics. Unless there are things put in place to prevent abuse (fatigue is a good starting point, but it's not perfect) people will find a way. Also with cast size: the larger it is, the more you need to swap out for - leaving more and more to fall behind. So, you have many mediocre units aside from the protagonist(s), and one good unit. That means that if Future fire emblem games, like others in the series, prioritize higher stats near endgame and the caps are not low like in Thracia, fatigue only makes it so only a few are working at their best. It makes everyone who is susseptable to being behind in stats.... behind in stats. With a smaller cast, you can easily swap out a few units at a time and still be good, because you are not sacrificing huge benefits to large troops.
  9. I think Gaius's supports from awakening are not too bad. Also henry, Gregor, and possibly maribelle? My personal favorite supports come from sacred stones, with Binding blade coming in second, then FE 7, and FE 9, because I haven't touched that game. My favorite support of all time has to be either Garret and Lalum's support, or Forde and Eirika. There are tons of others that I love, but some just seem really special to me. (I like Marisa's supports with Gerrik and Tethys especially.)
  10. So, let me see if I have this right. The solution is to disable flash? Because I don't know if I have an updated version of flash on my computer or not.
  11. As much as I love the Tellius games, I don't recall this specific point being explained. I remember it being in various conversations throughout the story of Radiant Dawn, but why do they lose their powers? Is the birthing process magical, or something? This doesn't happen for Manaketes, so.... why laguz?
  12. Well, instead of Making that Innes, Make Marisa be this archer, with these growths and bases. I originally planned for someone like this to be a hack character who joins as a level 10 unit, but seeing as almost every archer starts with shit bases, this would be a nice breather, and gives incentive to train marisa in the first place. Oh, and with 7 con. It's a lot to ask, but I hope you consider it, nonetheless.
  13. Is it GBA? If it is, then great! Also, I'm keeping this ambiguous of the character because you haven't specified a game. The 2nd bow user you get (if you use FEditor to make name changes among others you can) has C-Rank in Bows, Starts with a Killer bow, and has the following bases and growths: HP - 27 at 40% Strength/Magic - 11 at 50% Skill - 15 at 65% Speed - 14 at 45% Luck - 7 at 20% Defense - 8 at 70% Resistance - 4 at 15%
  14. How about Number 59 Bus Shelter? That's a name. Somewhere. Or Kid. Pirate North (West) Ordette Brobdingnagian Sodren Chance Bethany Edith Dolly I know these aren't common, but there are so many names, that even IS recycles them. Granted, most of the kaga games are fan translated, but still. If there are so many names to choose from, why re-use them when a game may be remade? Then you'll need to rename them to avoid confusion and it seems weird and unnecessary.
  15. Is Nuibaba still in the game? Because I felt that while optional, it was a part of the game I HAD to do, each playthrough. I always thought that it was an interesting battle, and it had a very creepy narrative for the time. Plus, it gets rid of the spawning witch squads. So, I always made sure to promote Alm just before I did that map, if only to get the Holy Bow from the Fear shrine and have Alm go ham on everyone. The rewards? A magic ring, and a glorious staff bot. (I hope that she's not Berkut's girlfriend and he is not the Zeke Replacement)