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  1. Rui's art of shame

    These are great The one with all the Awakening kids is really cool.
  2. Amazing work by everybody, and many thanks to everyone who helped organize this! Seeing Fire Emblem get so much love from art, writing, music, and more was really great. :)
  3. Blazing Sword

    I love that blue lighting from below, and the main trio look fantastic!
  4. Grima Sculpture

    This looks awesome enough to be an official release from Nintendo themselves.
  5. Thane reviews the Zero Escape series

    I believe they are mostly similar except for the Vita having slightly better sound/visuals, but the 3DS version allows you to write notes down on the screen when working on a puzzle, which is super handy. The 3DS version also has a game breaking bug which involves saving in a certain room, so if you do go with the 3DS version watch out for that.
  6. carefreejules joodles (update: Happy Birthday, Lucina!)

    Your work looks great! I really like the Undertale pieces and the composition for your WIP is very cool.
  7. For me it's Fates, Dark Souls 3, and Persona 5.
  8. It's a bit like Phoenix Wright where you debate and find contradictions, but it also has elements of social links from Persona 4. In terms of atmosphere, I think it's pretty similar to Virtue's Last Reward.
  9. These look great! I really like the Nowi one too!