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  1. + 1 charmedx3
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  3. +1 KKTelo +1 oh.glory +1 ChibiToastExplosion
  4. +1 Roflolxp54 +1 Marcuz +1 Zero Also updated my list! I got my c91 boxes and I don't need the deck boxes or the sleeve packs so these are also up for trade/sale
  5. +1 trymer :)
  6. I have purchased orbs on and off but with the recent influx of orbs available through quests/promos I'm not sure if the orbs I used were the free ones or paid ones. I mostly only pulled 3's and sometimes 4's from paid orbs and I don't think I pulled any 5's using orbs (since I usually use those immediately). Before I ever purchased any orbs I pulled Takumi x 2, Hector, and Camilla. After I purchased orbs a few times I pulled Eirika and Ninian but I believe these two were on the free orbs.
  7. Updated with Series 8 :) Wants list: For Trade/Sell
  8. +1 Aquantis
  9. +1 eternalluciel thanks again! :)
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  11. Woah the site layout changed o-o Updated my lists with what I have. Wants list: For Trade/Sell
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  14. +2 marcuz for trade/purchase +1 oh.glory Thanks again!
  15. Finally got my series 6 boxes in the mail! Looking mostly to sell what I have or trade towards what I want :) [spoiler=For trade] HAVES: 4 complete Series 5 H/HN sets 4 complete Series 6 H/HN sets Promos: 02-002 F!Kamui x 2 03-002 Tsubasa x 2 03-001 Itsuki 04-001 Roy Vol. 5 tournament pack x 1 P06-003 Arden x 2 Series 6: B06-008 R Eldigan B06-010 R Ethyln x 3 B06-012 R Finn x 2 B06-036 R Sylvia x 3 B06-040 R Bridget x 2 B06-045 R Mahnya x 2 B06-051 SR Xander B06-064 R Niles B06-066 R Effie B06-070 R Felicia x 2 B06-072 R Flora x 2 B06-082 R Siegbert x 2 Series 5: B05-007 R Allen x 2 B05-009 R Lance B05-017 R Deke x 2 B05-022 R Shanna x 2 B05-025 R Lugh x 3 B05-038 R Tate x 2 B05-046 R Juno x 2 B05-057 R Edward x 2 B05-077 R Nephenee x 2 B05-080 R Lucia B05-084 R Sigrun B05-090 R Soren B05-098 R Kurthnaga x 4 Series 4: B04-009 R Mamori B04-013 R Yashiro x 2 B04-029 R Julian B04-031 R Sirius B04-035 R Feena B04-038 R Merric B04-045 R Hardin B04-047 Michalis x 2 B04-059 R Eleonora B04-070 R Gaius B04-076 R Say'ri Series 3 B03-025 R Marsha x 2 B03-032 R Nephenee B03-036 R Jill B03-043 R Tibarn B03-045 R Reyson x 2 B03-062 R Kana B03-072 Selkie B03-069 R Mitama B03-083 R Silas x 2 B03-086 R Kana B03-091 R Eponine B03-095 R Velour Series 2: B02-004 R Azura x 2 B02-024R Oboro x 2 B02-026 R Hana B02-028 R Tsubaki x 3 B02-045 R Caeldori B02-047 R Rhajat x 2 B02-054 R Azura B02-064 R Laslow B02-066 R Pieri B02-070 R Selena x 2 B02-072 R Odin B02-093 R Forrest B02-095 R Soleil x 2 Series 1 B01-007 R Cain B01-097 R+ Inigo Marker cards Azura black Other **every traded card gets a free sleeve Individual Male character sleeves from character set box(Navarre, Gaius, Takumi, Leon, Soren) Individual Female character sleeves from character set box(Tiki, Tharja, Sakura, Elise, Nephenee) Individual Sigurd Sleeves Individual Dierde Sleeves Individual Raquesis Sleeves Individual Charlotte Sleeves Individual Camilla Sleeves Bunch of other booster box sleeves Miriel Rubber strap Basilio Rubber strap [spoiler=Wants]WANTS: Promos: P03-009 Tsubasa P03-011 Summer Sakura P05-009 F! Corrin P05-010 M! Corrin P05-011 Felicia P05-012 Flora P05-015 Micaiah P06-004 Charlotte P06-009 Sigurd P06-010 Ayra Series 6: 004 SR+ Deirdre 008 R+ Eldigan 012 R+ Finn 031 R+ Raquesis 051 SR+ Xander 054 SR+ Camillla 056 SR+ Leon 058 SR+ Elise 070 R+ Felicia 072 R+ Flora Series 5: 001 SR+ Roy 017 R+ Dieck 022 R+ Shanna 034 SR Fir 038 R+ Thite 046 R+ Juno 048 SR+ Narshen 051 SR+ Micaiah 086 SR Sanaki 086 SR+ Sanaki Series 3: 001 SR+ Ike 006 SR+ Mist 021 SR+ Maya 047 SR+ Black Knight Series 2: 001 SR+ M!Kamui 006 SR+ Ryoma 012 SR+ Sakura 051 SR+ F!Kamui 062 SR+ Elise Series 1: 001 SR+ Marth 004 SR+ Caeda 022 SR+ Navarre 057 R+ Robin 059 Lissa R+ 080 SR+ Tharja Misc: Lucina Marker (dot set) Flora Marker(dot set) Black Knight Marker (dot set) Anna(dot set) Sleeves: (Looking to get a single sleeve of each!) FE14 Sakura FE16 Elise FE17 Ike FE26 Tiki FE29 Roy FE31 Micaiah FE32 Soren