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  1. What are your unpopular Smash opinions?

    Whoops, that's actually on me. For some reason I thought I was in the main discussion thread for a second.
  2. What are your unpopular Smash opinions?

    [citation needed]
  3. The only free update I'm expecting is a sixth, free DLC stage similar to Smash 4's Miiverse stage. Just because without a sixth stage, the stage select screen will be left with an ugly empty box in its bottom-right corner and unlike the character select screens, they don't re-center the rows to keep it symmetrical.
  4. 5 DLC characters, place your bets now

    I still don't get all the hate for Tingle. I think he's hilariously creepy and creepily hilarious. And I love how Wind Waker insinuates all his theatrics are just a facade to disguise his true nature as a greedy asswipe.
  5. Currency rates between worlds that are included

    In Pikmin 2's opening, there's a comment about 100 Pokos being more than a yearly salary, presumably referring to employees of Hocotate Freight. The President of Hocotate Freight is a Mr. Krabs-esque slavedriving cheapskate so we don't know exactly how much a "normal" yearly salary for a freight shipping job would be, however. If we're generous, we could assume 100 Pokos to be about the equivalent of $30,000, perhaps.
  6. Smash Bros. Countdown to December 7th - Week 3 - Music!

    Of the revealed songs, I'm most looking forward to brawling it out to Gangplank Galleon and Wood Man Stage. Lifelight is also incredible. I'm glad the music tracks from 64 and Melee have been renamed- now they're actually named after whatever song they're derived from, instead of simply being named after the stage they once played on. So, for example, the Melee track "Fire Emblem" is now properly called "Together We Ride", the 64 track "Dream Land" is now "Gourmet Race (64)", ect.
  7. My god, I wish this game would come out already. Jam-packed with so much stuff... As awesome as having every character back is, I feel like we're all sorta sleeping on the fact that we've got 103 stages with almost every stage in Smash Bros. history returning. Long multiplayer sessions just got a lot more varied.
  8. Remember back in Smash 4's prerelease phase when people were saying Samus looked buffed to top tier? Yeah...
  9. Even with Pichu's silly self-damage, it's still a derivative of god-tier Pikachu. Sorta like a more extreme version of how Lucina's in the top tier. A slightly-inferior Marth is still superior to a lot of things, and a very-inferior Pikachu is still superior to a few things. Pichu wasn't even the bottommost character back in Melee. That dubious honor went to Kirby.
  10. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Now for my next character. Kirby 64 was my first Kirby game (not counting Kirby's Avalanche on the SNES), so it holds a lot of nostalgic value to me, and with Adeleine finally returning to the Kirby franchise in Star Allies, I decided to make a moveset for her. Adeleine Brings the Paint! Hopefully, as a more mainstream game, y'all will understand this one. Feedback would be appreciated.
  11. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Make it connect with opponents who are laying prone (such as, say, after taking a hard hit or getting footstool jumped, or getting hit by the Up-B in your original post) and deal increased damage and knockback. The whole strategy doesn't have to be based around knocking your foes down, but it could make his combo game stronger.
  12. Create a Fighter & Moveset

    Dizzy state isn't common, but Massacre Lotus sounds too powerful (especially if the attack itself is good for shield breaking). Also consider casual matches where Mr. Saturn or Deku Nuts are available, or any match where Mewtwo is your ally. More details would probably make it easier to provide feedback. You didn't provide any deets about Eagle Slice beyond its name, for example. Now, as for my own contributions to this thread, thus far I've done Kamek, Malos, and the Prince of Sable, but I've got another one I hope to post later tonight, a character near and dear to my shriveled, blackened heart.
  13. Now that I can get behind, but I feel as though if it were to use the same physics engine as regular Smash Bros., people would be asking why they can battle enemies but not each other. It may work better as a full-price DLC add-on to a main Smash title, similar to New Super Luigi U or Torna: The Golden Country.
  14. I sorta do want to see them establish some Smash Bros. sub-series, so I honestly wouldn't mind if the main releases were slowed to every two console generations, or whatever it winds up being. Of course, the two aren't exclusive. Smash could continue as it always does while a separate team handles any spinoffs.
  15. To avoid the problem of Smash Bros. games feeling "samey" without a reboot, I'd rather they just increase the gaps between main titles and start branching off into side-games under the same Smash Bros. franchise. Like, say, a 3D fighter with a significantly smaller roster released between Smash Ultimate and Smash 6, or a completely different genre such as a singleplayer RPG, to diversify Smash's portfolio and draw attention away from the main titles basically being "the previous game but with more fighters and stages".