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  1. Oh, I don't doubt the game is futureproofed for DLC. But combined with the aforementioned ink color issue I just think it's extremely unlikely we'll see playable Octolings. Maybe Smash 6, whenever that arrives, will rework Inkling in general so that half of their eight palettes are Octolings, but I don't see anything happening in Ultimate's lifetime.
  2. Well, Inklings currently cover orange, blue, lime, teal, magenta, yellow, purple, and dark indigo. The only common Splatoon ink colors still left for Octolings that look distinct enough are forest green and sky blue. Being able to tell whose ink belongs to who is important here, and ink color is determined by palette, so I don't really see any feasible workaround that lets Octoling be a unique Echo fighter short of removing its ink gimmick, which... makes the character pointless. Unrelated to the ink color issue, I also think it's very unlikely since Octo Expansion came out too late in development to be featured in Ultimate; Splatoon 2 in general is barely present, in fact.
  3. Very possible; in fact, I think it's very likely. I don't think we'll see any cross-series Echo Fighters; Falcondorf was a one-time thing. I guess it's possible but I don't know what it would add. Ninten is already so similar to Ness in design and lack-of-personality that I don't see the point of adding him as an Echo. Echoes are typically characters who fight similarly but have significantly different looks, animations, voices, personalities, ect. Those are all possible, though I don't think Tails would make much sense as a Sonic Echo. Not happening. Final Fantasy content is already quarter-assed as-is, it's not getting another character when it can't even get new music tracks or an English voice actor for Cloud. People keep suggesting this without thinking about it; each Inkling palette uses a different ink color to avoid confusion in 8-player Smashes. If Octoling got in it would need eight MORE ink colors distinct from Inkling's eight, to avoid any overlapping colors when players choose both Inkling and Octoling in the same match. I think it's pretty unlikely to happen, if not outright impossible. I've seen people suggest this one too, but I gotta ask; does anybody want Ms. Pac-Man because they actually like Ms. Pac-Man, or is it just because she's an obvious pick for Echo of Pac-Man? Like I said with Ninten, Echo fighters typically have different designs, animations, voices, and personalities to make them worthwhile, and are usually popular, high-demand characters who can just be added in as bonus fighters. Ms. Pac-Man is literally just Pac-Man with stereotypically feminine decorations added on, she offers nothing unique that couldn't be accomplished by just being a boring costume for regular Pac-Man. Jeanne and Blood Falcon aren't happening because Bayonetta and Captain Falcon still have palettes based on them. Peach lost her Daisy palette, Samus lost her Dark Samus palette, and Ike lost his Chrom palette to make room for them. Black Shadow is possible, I suppose. I've seen it suggested he play like Melee Ganondorf now that Ganondorf has been de-clonified. I don't particularly want him but he'd be the most viable candidate for a second F-Zero fighter. Raichu's tail is too long for many of Pikachu's tail-based attacks to keep proper hitboxes. I guess that could be what makes it distinct from Pikachu, but that might be too drastic a departure to still be an Echo Fighter.
  4. Mii Fighter! We get to rescue the Nintendo cast!
  5. What is your ideal pet?

    I'm flattered by the suggestion but I'm quite content being my own master. Unless being a pet means I get to laze about and eat free food all day, then count me in.
  6. There's a better option for a Shulk echo fighter.
  7. Acutally I think someone mentioned that if two Assist Trophies of opposing faction are on-stage at the same time, they'll target each other in addition to enemy fighters? I don't have a citation but I could have sworn someone who tested the game confirmed it.
  8. That conversation already became ironic and aged poorly as soon as you unlocked Dark Pit, from Viridi's own franchise.
  9. Alph and Olimar don't actually have any voice clips, alas. Which is a shame, Olimar's surprisingly deep baritone would probably throw a lot of people off if they weren't already familiar with his games.
  10. Dracula and Rathalos are also a lot more aggressive and difficult to avoid than previous "boss hazards" like Yellow Devil and Metal Face. I definitely think it's foreshadowing an adventure mode, or at least a boss battles mode. That or the final battle of Classic Mode isn't always Master Hand, and changes based on fighter chosen.
  11. Should Final Smash meters be competitively legal?

    It won't be in mainstream tournament rules. As all of you have iterated several times in this thread, it's definitely a hard no. Now, niche tournaments with unconventional rule variants? I could see it being allowed there. Some tournaments used to have the Smash Ball on, in fact, and at the very least this is more balanced than the Smash Ball. Definitely more likely to show up in a non-1-on-1 tournament such as teams or free-for-alls. Final Smashes are not balanced for 1-on-1.
  12. Stage idea: Grima's Back

    I envision the stage itself not moving as much as you'd expect for a living floor, but hazards including those purple spike attacks rising up from certain spots on Grima's back, and its big ol' dragon head occasionally lobbing an Expiration at the stage similar to Battleship Halberd's Combo Cannon.
  13. shut up, chrom is in smash ultimate

    I'm pretty neutral on Chrom. I'd have preferred a different FE Echo fighter since Awakening's already got two characters, but I won't begrudge the people who wanted Chrom in Smash.
  14. Which characters are you looking forward to playing?

    Add Dark Samus and K. Rool to my list. Dark Samus just looks more fun than vanilla Samus, and K. Rool might be the most hype I've ever been over a character reveal. Ridley was always my number one pick but K. Rool's amazing trailer and moveset exceeded my expectations.
  15. I've been posting on other forums all day, so this one's a little late. But anyway... Already expected Simon thanks to the previous night's leak, so that didn't surprise me, but the trailer showing good ol' Lugi get fucking murdered made me laugh. Richter surprised me; I don't play Castlevania, so I don't actually care much about him, but now the floodgates are open for third party characters having Echoes, so who knows who else might show up? A la carte Alucard AT is cool, and it's funny seeing Dracula in this game. Also, I notice the arena where he's being battled against is NOT the Castlevania stage, but a flat plain based off of it; but I'll talk more about this when I get to Rathalos. Having 36 songs from Castlevania is a pleasant surprise. I might not know much about Castlevania but I know it has a kickass soundtrack. I'm glad to hear Sakurai's team had fun getting to arrange the songs for it. Chrom is... okay. I was fine with just having Robin and Lucina. Awakening getting a THIRD character feels a bit excessive when there's so many other FE games they could have drawn from. But whatever. Being a Roy echo is interesting, though. Dark Samus, meanwhile, has my interest. I didn't expect Metroid to get ANOTHER representative, even if it is an Echo. I would have preferred Dark Samus have her own unique moveset based on her phazon abilities, but this is better than nothing, and she's got some sick animations (check her character trailer on the website, she's got a cool victory pose). I hope she has a color palette based on her unstable translucent form from Prime 2's finale. Echo Fighters being able to be stacked onto their root character... actually irks me a little. It's just an option, so it shouldn't, but I feel like it's pandering too much to the clone crybabies. You will stare at the Echoes on the roster and you will LIKE IT. Hiding them is for cowards. :P We already knew about most of the returning stages, but good to see Brinstar Depths, Pirate Ship, and Fountain of Dreams come back. Somewhat surprised the retro stages from the 3DS game came back, and VERY surprised that Mario Bros. and Hanenbow came back considering they were pretty reviled in Brawl. Yoshi's Woolly World is conspicuously absent, though; I'd hate for the best game of 2015 to disappear from Smash Bros. Official confirmation of New Donk City Hall is neat, though the stage itself seems pretty straightforward and unremarkable aside from the live band. 103 stages is a lot. I'm a bit confused by Sakurai's wording, though, if he's saying that 103 is the final roster or just the current running total. It would be strange if there were no further new stages, especially to accompany other newcomers, but Sakurai kinda fixates on the number as if it's the final total. Stages being organized chronologically is interesting, but rather messy. I hope we have an option to rearrange the stage select (and character select) screens however we see fit. Stage Morph is neat but I don't see myself using it all that often. My Music being based on series rather than a stage-by-stage case is cool, but I'm probably going to arrange things so that each song only plays on one stage; fitting songs to stages actually sounds rather fun. I'm kinda curious where songs from franchises that didn't have stages will go, such as the Golden Sun and W101 music pieces. 800+ songs is absurd. Last game was around 480, right? It's almost doubled. I caught Final Fantasy still only having two songs on the Sound Test screen. Disappointing, but hardly a surprise. Street Fighter getting upgraded to 36 songs IS a surprise, however. Playlists and iPod mode are... not things I'll probably wind up using, but okay. Being able to set default rulesets for matches is cool. I hated always having to change Time back to Stock. Stamina Battle getting promoted to a standard battle type is deserved and about time. Neat that it can now be a STOCK Stamina battle. And I guess this confirms that Link exploding after getting stabbed by Ridley in the latter's trailer was just new Stamina mode mechanics, as I suspected. Kinda gonna miss beating on corpses, though. Picking stages before characters will take some getting used to. Sudden Death zoom is neat. For those who didn't see it at E3 or EVO, Bob-omb rain still happens, just after the camera has finished zooming. Final Smash Meter is a cool option but I don't see that legalizing it in tournaments. Squad Strike is really cool if it's like Smash Tour's final battle, but Sakurai was a bit vague as to whether it would all happen in one fight or be consecutive mini-duels instead. Tourney is also good to have back, and is hopefully available offline now. Smashdown should be a fun way to kill an afternoon. I'm pretty good with most characters so I'll have an innate advantage over people who only specialize with one or two. Training Mode grid makes me laugh, but I'm not much of a researcher so I'm sure it's more useful to the eggheads to calculate frame data and exact distances. I'm glad Classic Mode is back to being a standard arcade ladder. The twist that each fighter has a different set of matches is really cool, and I like the little names for each round. Killing Edge is a cool item, and I'm glad FE finally has one. Death's Scythe also looks fun. Ramblin' Evil Mushroom is as I expected. Alolan Exeggutor made me laugh, and Ditto made me 'ooooh'. Mimikyu meanwhile looks delightfully creepy, and it's another no-launch kill so that's neat. I dare not ask what happens to those slain by Mimikyu. Oh, cool, Assist Trophy time- OH SHIT THE MUSIC. It's the highway from Mega Man X! Good to see some non-classic Mega Man songs getting in. A-anyway, Klaptrap is nice, I don't get how DK went this long without an AT. Kapp'n is hilarious. Shovel Knight was highly unexpected, and the Moon is... well... the Moon. Press F to pay respects to Ashley fans. Now we reach Rathalos. Looks intense, but again I'm going to talk about it later, after this analysis is done. Menu interface is slick and cool, and that blurred mode is aggravating me. I wanna know what it is! As soon as DK yawned, I knew what newcomer to expect. The Dedede fakeout made me laugh (especially since Dedede is voiced by Sakurai himself- it's like he trolled us about K. Rool), but K. Rool looks like a LOT of fun. In fact, out of all the newcomer movesets he looks the best. I'll definitely have to use him. Was kinda hoping that his Final Smash would be Kredits, working like an upside-down PK Starstorm, but blowing the everloving shit outta DK Isle will be fun. And that last part of the movie, with them galloping at each other on all fours and colliding fists so hard the jungle gets obliterated by the shockwave? The Gangplank Galleon remix playing the whole time? Great stuff all around. Who'd have thought a fat crocodile king with dissociative identity disorder would be so damn cool? Okay, analysis done, so time to talk about Dracula and Rathalos. So the stage we see Rathalos being a "boss" on is not one of the existing 103 stages. This could mean there's more than 103 stages, but why wouldn't Sakurai just include the stage in the total? Notice the stage is just a flat plain with no features other than Rathalos itself. This is the same as Dracula. They're also WAY more aggressive and hard to avoid than any previous "boss hazards" like Ridley and Metal Face, and are only ever seen fighting one opponent at a time. So I think these are actually adventure mode bosses of some kind. Maybe it's a full SSE-style story, maybe it's just levels with enemies and bosses, or hell, maybe it's just a boss battle mode, but either way it's a really cool soft-confirmation and I look forward to seeing more bosses in this.