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  1. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    Thank you kindly. So I've noticed something odd. NPC Linde has an attack where she simply calls down a bolt of lightning in front of her, and shouts "Thunder!". Thunder is not one of her spells in her playable moveset; she has Thoron, but it's radically different from this attack. I wonder how this happened?
  2. Bug encounters

    I do hard shut-downs of my Switch every time I'm done using it rather than put it in sleep mode and I still get crashes, so I don't think that relates, though I do seem to get crashes more often following a long play session. Maybe it's like Paper Mario where the longer you play the more likely a crash becomes because it's gradually building up event processes that just hang instead of properly closing when they're supposed to?
  3. Interestingly, since generic captains' movesets are mostly derived from player character movesets, it means there are partial movesets for Knights and Fighters here but no playable character who properly utilizes them. Lissa's moveset seems very different from the generic axe-user's moveset as far as I can tell.
  4. Shadow Dragon DLC images surface

    If you need any further advice, check out our wiki, which I'm totally not shilling just because I wrote a ton of it. it documents just about everything in the game and has a section on basic gameplay if you need clarification on anything.
  5. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    I was so thankful for Princess Minerva's. I thought Velezark would appear after defeating Xander and I only had less than a minute left to defeat both, but nope, he just summoned a bunch of useless Paladins who didn't even get to him by the time Oboro reduced him to confetti. Close shave S-Rank.
  6. Another odd consequence of this moveset system is that Paladins can use Xander's darkness sword beam (C4, I believe) despite not having Siegfried.
  7. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    Also, just a note, I'm sorting the dialogue by which missions they're assigned to, since you can potentially encounter them out of any specific order, and including small headers to indicate what triggers new dialogue. For example, Chapter 20 begins with a mission to clear branches with a Dragon Vein. I've got the dialogue for the mission starting, the dialogue for trying and failing to get past the branches anyway, and the dialogue for clearing the branches properly, neatly sorted. Edit: Here's my writeup. You'll need to fill in what happens if Rowan is your chosen lord for the boss battle when you get to that, though proofreading my work in general would be appreciated in case I missed or mistyped something.
  8. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    I'm playing Chapter 20 right now, and noting the script as I go. Want me to link it once I'm done, as a good template?
  9. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    We'll just add them as we find them. Another odd one I encountered was engaging Validar as Frederick in Chapter 6, and engaging Niles as Camilla in... Leo's chapter, whatever its number was. As for the differences in chosen lord... I THINK that only affects the script for Chapter 20, when a replica of your lord is created. I chose Lianna as my lord and I'm pretty sure it's still Rowan who says "I'll take them all on! Watch and learn!" in the prologue.
  10. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    You should be able to just copy and paste the templates used on the prologue's page. When making a new page, just paste: into the blank page, and then put the chapter's script in the middle. But if you're really willing to transcribe this game's script, I'd be happy to offer what help I can on the coding front. There's a lot of optional dialogue in this story, though. Almost every main objective has a line that occurs if you take too long in doing it, every sub-objective has different dialogue if you fail it, and there's actually quite a bit of character-specific boss dialogue; I just unexpectedly got a line from having Tiki fight Darios in Chapter 18. I'd recommend creating sub-headers within the "Battle" header, for dialogue associated with each sub-objective, or the boss battle, ect. I can do that if needed.
  11. List of Character Stats *Updated* Lv.130

    Nice stuff. Can we add this to our wiki?
  12. Bug encounters

    I just had a crash earlier today, when using a dual special on Velezark in the level 100 Arena mission on Knorda Market. Every crash I've ever had has been during a dual special, and it often seems to happen in Arena missions which is strange.
  13. Thanks for the maths. I guess it's not worthwhile even on Elise, especially since I'll have her 720 weapon after I get just two more of her flowers. I did consider this bloke, though, but decided that devoting TWO attributes to swap skills was unnecessary.
  14. My application of Topsy-Turvy was less about improving overall damage and more about giving units with the same moveset different niches; obviously Lissa, Sakura, and Lianna all benefit from Topsy-Turvy thanks to their higher Mag, but I also put it on Cordelia and Celica since they have even attacking stats and letting them target enemy Res instead of Def gives them a different function from their fellow moveset clones. With Statflip, the damage type doesn't change, so all that matters is raw damage dealt. I have to consider whether the total damage increase is better or worse than just giving them a different attribute such as Pair Up+, Health+, ect.
  15. At what gap between Str and Def (or Mag and Res) does Statflip become worth an Attribute slot in terms of raw power? I'm totally putting it on Elise with her monster Resistance stat, but is it worth it on, say, Oboro, whose Def is only 13 or so points higher than her Str? Or anybody else with only a 10-15 point difference?