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  1. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    Wario just eats the incoming beam of light. If he can eat Robin's Thoron and ROB's big laser...
  2. Apparently using Piranha Plant in All-Star Smash can corrupt your save data. So I'd recommend not doing that.
  3. Well, I'll definitely find something to keep the tradition alive with, even if it's not food items. I'm pretty good at this sort of stupidity, back in the first Paper Mario I defeated Bowser with a pebble. Shame I didn't kill Reverie with Sieg back in FC.
  4. I am okay with this. I will gladly take a lengthy delay if it means having Retro Studios at the helm again. I hope the rumors that they're rereleasing Trilogy for Switch are true, though. It would be a good way to tide us over and build up hype for Prime 4, like how we got Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD during Breath of the Wild's delay.
  5. I said I would do it and I meant it. Bear witness to me in my moment of glory. The best part is I did indeed proc the Doom Baker achievement during Weissmann's death throes, but it seems OBS didn't capture the Steam overlay while recording.
  6. I guess I tend to not really think of Nintendo when I hear Street Fighter.
  7. I'd be pretty disappointed. My biggest gripe with Smash 4's DLC was how 3/4 newcomers were third-party. There's still a ton of first-party characters to add to this Nintendo crossover game. I'll accept Joker and maybe one other third-party if they're a really good choice, but I would really much prefer otherwise. Sonic is a rival mascot. Pac-Man is an arcade legend. Mega Man, Simon Belmont and Bayonetta are honorary Nintendo characters. But Snake, Ryu, Ken, Cloud, Richter, and Joker have absolutely zilch to do with Nintendo. It was funny with Snake the first time and I love having him around for that, but we don't need more and more "Snakes" piled on.
  8. You got it. Plus it's like the weakest food weapon so it's extra-humiliating.
  9. I know everyone is talking about Cold Steel, but in my Sky SC adventures, I just defeated Gilbert with a meatball. Just wanted you all to know that Gilbert lost to a meatball. Gilbert lost to a meatball.
  10. I just did the quest to steal back the royal mining commission from Bleublanc in Second Chapter and... what the hell was with that boss fight? The Moukis wouldn't stop summoning more Moukis until I eventually died to seven of them spamming Super HP Absorb and Aero Storm. And that's not counting the three or so I killed during the battle.
  11. I just finished the second chapter of, uh... Second Chapter. It's a giant wooooorm! They're sinking cities with a giant woooooorm! Or, uh, multiple worms that are only a consequence of the earthquakes, not the source, but I just wanted to say that. The Direwolf's got pizazz and a sharp suit, I like that. Say what you will about the Enforcers all just standing around going "Feh, too weak", but you can't deny they're S-T-Y-L-I-S-H.
  12. In this context I'd be doing regular run blind and using NG+ for any achievements or other goodies I miss, yeah.