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  1. I'm in North America, I just really have a messed up sleep schedule that keeps me up to bizarre hours. 320
  2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I didn't want out per say. Besides, they'd already figured us out. I was the only one of suspicion left at that point. That night I would have either been discovered by the cop Arcanite, Jailed by our one and only Jailer Mackc2 or followed and stalked by none other than Marth himself. It was over at that point. We'd lost! 316
  3. My claim was mainly due to wanting to get out of the game. I was going on a vacation like thing that week and just did not want to be accused because inactivity so I went out with a bang. I knew I'd get caught because a Role Cop is almost always a scum role. I loved playing, though it was much more stressful than playing in person. 314
  4. Yay! Since I was a kid I wanted to be a princess. I'm only becoming one now because I kept pushing it back saying I'll do it another time. 309
  5. The procrastination is strong with these three. 307
  6. I only stayed up this late to get 300 so I'm happy! And work on a project I procrastinated on doing but that's not the point 302
  7. It would be easier not being scum but I really don't mind it either way. 298
  8. It's too close to holidays for me to want to join. I wouldn't be able to think well enough to through moves to play anytime soon. 296
  9. But if everyone does that new ninjas will be made 294
  10. Have to be careful of them ninjas, they really know how to get you! Coming from the one who is ninjaing everyone 292
  11. 290 Twas a fun game, I will say.
  12. I'm still sorry Arcanite!! Please forgive meee!! I feel like we ended up goofing off on the chat more than actual strategizing. 287
  13. Everyone doubted you in mafia, but they had a good reason too. 284