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  1. To be honest with all this talk of Mods, Assassination, and Moles, I'm surprised we haven't been caught. 614
  2. Hi guys! I promise I'm not dead! I've still been drawing. I've just been trying to figure out a way to upload art on here without going straight from attachments because I've used all of that room. I'm finally figuring things out and getting back to posting. This is a smol drawing I did, smol because I thought the canvas size was bigger than it actually was and freaked out when I found out the image was so smol. (I was zoomed in majority of the time so I didn't notice it's size) Luckily, the actual lines are vectors so I can make them larger without ruining the quality, but I'm going to have to color from scratch(which sucks with a mouse and not a tablet.) Either way comments and feedback are appreciated, enjoy!
  3. All hail the King of Ice and Necroposting Rex Glacies! 597
  4. 588 Beep tried to make mountains of evidence out of a tiny molehill. I'm not sure I believe him hmmmmm
  5. Just means you guys are hiring the wrong people. I know a group that always delivers on their kills. Just not sure I should tell everyone who or I will be next. 579
  6. I almost was. Whoever plotted my demise was foiled though so here I am. 576
  7. My first 5* was a M! Corrin that is still my best Red Sword I use today. After him, I pulled a Takumi, who I was very salty that he wasn't a Leo until I realized he was meta breaking at the time and used him to kill everything. Ah good times before Reinhardt ruled Heroes