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  1. Interviews

    I. I would have to say either water or fire. Water is cool, calming and soothing. I absolutely love to swim and find it very relaxing. Fire because of my love for heat and warmth. The warmth produced by a campfire or fire place is relaxing. I love to sit by a fire and simply take in the heat. II. Probably envy and sloth the most and not just because they are my favorites in the Seven Deadly Sins anime. I tend to be more envious of people and their talents than their physical possessions. Sloth comes from me never wanting to get up in the more and my well know ability of procrastination with almost everything. As for Heavenly Virtues, I'd probably say humility seeing as I know I am truly not the best at anything I do. III. Fire Emblem started out as just another game in Smash Bros to me. The first time I really acknowledged it was playing through the story mode of Brawl where you originally fight as Marth and Meta Knight soon followed by Ike. I played as Marth and my little brother took the other two because the entire time he was convinced Marth was a girl. The next day one of my friends started telling me about Marth(she had seen the old anime) and I absolutely loved the story behind it but at the time I was around 8 so there was no way my overprotective parents would let me get a game like that. Time passed and Smash 4 came out and after loving Lucina and Robin's trailer I decided I'd try playing as them. Now I main both of them. So then my brother and I decided we'd actually try some of these games that we'd seen in Smash Bros. Fire Emblem Awakening happened to be the first one we'd found and for a decent price too. I started to play and after the prologue I was hooked. I had never played anything like it and I absolutely loved it. IV. I found Serenes Forest while looking at fanart on google images. I clicked on the original site and it lead me here. I finally found people who loved Fire Emblem like me. I originally joined to get people's opinion on my one responded but that didn't really bother me. I didn't start becoming truly active until heroes came out though. V. For the most part, every history class I've been apart of have told the same old things. That being said I do enjoy some greek mythology and the renaissance era. European history is a lot more fascinating than American history. VI.You're not far off. I wanted a username I could use to post my stories and my art work, hence the plural form rather than the singular. 27 is my lucky number and while younger it was the number when I played sports. At the time I hadn't really watched a lot of anime, I watch more cartoons than anime anyway. Anime came from my family describing my art style as anime style and I'm a sucker for alliteration. VII. My favorite character to ever appear would probably be Melanie. On the main cast I'd have to say Mabel is my favorite. She's so adorkable and lovable. She also happens to look a lot like me so that earns her bonus points.
  2. Interviews

    Oh hey its my turn! Feel free to ask me any question you'd like or as many as you'd like. I'll answer them as fast as I can.
  3. Interviews

    1. Favorite gemstone? 2. Do you play any musical instruments? 3. Coke or Pepsi? 4. Is there any song that describes you so well that it could have been written for you? 5. Games or Shows/Movies/Anime?
  4. Not even close the list is never ending. The person below me will have been a SF member for at least a year
  5. Characters I like that others don't > Odin - I really liked him even if he may be a bit over the top sometimes. A lot of people nag on his stats and theatrics saying if he is going to be so over the top or "annoying" make him a better unit but he's honestly one of my best units and I get a kick out him. Owain/Odin will always be a favorite. > Kagero - She gets some hate about being big breasted but that really doesn't define her character. I honestly relate to her so often with her art escapades and like how she is loyal to her duty and tries her best in everything she does. > Boey - I honestly really loved him. Yes he was kind of a subpar mage that a lot of people kicked to the curve by the end game but I love him so much that he will always be on my team he's just great. His hate mainly comes from his stats > Python - His stats are where he receives most of his hate but I don't think that takes away from his character. He's quite funny and sarcastic and I love his dynamic as with Forsyth. > Scarlet - She's more of a not as popular than a hated but I really loved her can do attitude. She loves her people and even though she leaves them she still follows their traditions and fights for what she thinks is right. > Oboro - I'm not too sure how she is on popularity but I love her. A lot of people complain about her but if you look at it her back story is kind of similar to Ike or Marth in that When her parents died she followed in their footsteps trying to accomplish things they couldn't even if it was to a lower extent and that her parents were merchants/tailors. She deserves a lot more credit than she's given and on any given run through she alway is one of the units I level up past 20 second class. Characters I don't like that others do > Charlotte - Everyone loves to nag on Camilla about being big boobed and fan service character but no one mentions Charlotte who literally uses her feminine charm to lure guys in, not for love but for their wallet. I honestly feel bad marrying her off to anyone because I hate they are stuck with her. > Takmui - Yes I've read his support with Corrin and it doesn't change that I don't like him. A lot of people told me if I read that I'd like him better and to me it doesn't change anything. He's an absolute jerk and a bit of a brat. There are three things that keep him from being my least favorite. 1. His support with Oboro is actually kind of sweet and she deserves happiness even if its with a jerk. 2. I drew him as my first 5* in heroes and as much as I hate him it was nice killing the meta. 3. He's not Charlotte making him instantly better. > Jakob - Most of my dislike for him is because he dissed my tea making skills. I make excellent tea thank you very much. That and in my first play through I had him marry Felicia and his rude answer wasn't I love you or anything sweet, rather he says I'm only staying with you so you don't mess everything up. To me that is just completely stupid and ruined him for me. > Saber - To me he was kind of bleh the whole time. I mainly used him because for the first part of Celica's path he is the only physical unit but I didn't really like him too much. I can't say there's a particular reason like the others but he was meh to me. > Sumia - Firstly, Chrom belongs to F!Robin not you stumbles! Most of her dislike is from her being thrown at Chrom and seemingly forced into the story. I would prefered a character like say Cherche or honestly anyone getting more screen time than stumbles here. Yes I understand being clumsy, I am much of it myself but for Naga's sake learn to walk. My baby cousin who just learned how to walk walks light years better than her. Plus her stats don't save her for me. Cordelia is a lot better of a unit and a Chrom fantasizer. > Gunter - Major Revalation Spoilers
  6. The main change I see is FE2/15 Characters going up a lot in popularity since most of them were at the bottom due to being a Japan exclusive. I have a feeling characters from Japan exclusive games that have already been introduced into heroes would shoot up such as Julia or Reinhardt. Other than that, not much change.
  7. There are some characters I really loved in Echoes, some that I wish we had a little more story to and some that I don't hate necessary but I wish they'd do something to make them a little better. Favorites Boey- I absolutely loved his character. He's so goofy and I found myself laughing to myself or smiling every time he came on screen. In his support with Mae it showed how caring for those he cares about and while I wish he had more than one support, he was important enough to the story that he had some screentime to actually show his character. Mahtilda- I loved that we finally got an amazing strong female warrior who is not afraid to speak her mind, is stronger than most men and gets a sweet love story that does not take away from her character at all. Her supports with Clive make me love her even more. While her ending threw me off for a bit, I think it fits her in a way. She loves Clive so much that she is willing to give up fighting for him. Leon- I love the way they decided to tackle his sexuality and did not simply use the cliche gay guy in media gag. He cares about Valbar feels and understands that he does not like him in the same way. He does not push himself ontop of Valbar and try to make him love him, rather he simply accepts it and I find that great in a character. I've been in a situation where I've been the one with a unrequited crush and I think its great that he is able to accept his feelings aren't returned and go on with life. Gray- His witty sarcastic humour is one of the things that male him great. He's not one who takeslife super seriously and its able to make the best out if a bad situation and is simply happy to be alive. Ones I wish had more story Genny- Unless you recruit Sonia, which I didn't because I went into the game spoiler free and thought both her and Deen were available, she has no supports whatsoever. From the bits I saw of her character she was an adorable little author but I got literally nothing about her besides that. I wishshe could have supported with Boey, Mae, Celica someone! Silque- Her only support was with Faye and the support was completely trash. I got literally nothing from it except Silque wanted a female friend to talk to and Faye was a jerk and didn't want to be around because she wasn't Alm. That is a complete waste of a Silque's only support. It would be different if you weren't going to use her a lot but unless you promote Faye to a Cleric she is the only healer you get until late with Tatiana. Luthier- I would have loved a support between him and anyone else in the army. It would have been something to show his socially awkward side and would honestly help him grow and be more than a shadow to his sister and honestly it would be hilarious. Characters that need some work Faye- Now I don't mind characters with a unrequited crush but Faye does not ever grow from it. She steps all over people just for Alm. She gets married and still obsesses over Alm. I don't think I could handle being in relationship with someone like that let alone married to them. She's just a bit too much for me. Honestly I didn't have a problem with any of the other characters except the lack of supports for these characters with 1 or 0 supports.
  8. So I've been trying all month for summer units and I've finally gotten some success. The first 5* I got was a +speed -def Raven would followed by a + attack -res Reinhardt which are a nice plus but certainly not what I was aiming for. Finally I got my first summer unit as Female Robin. She was -attack +def so not the best but she's more of a trophy kind of thing so I don't mind. Then today I pulled a summer Frederick which was a + res -def which again isn't the most optimal but it's still usable. I'm just happy to get some of the special units.
  9. Correct! The person below me will not main Jigglypuff in Smash 4.
  10. Welcome to the Forest. Though I am not the most competitive player, I can try to help you out as much as I can. Depending on what type of team you are going for you have a few options of what to you. One thing I definitely see is a potential horse emblem team that you can use that will make things easier. Xander, Camus, Eldigan, Priscilla and Cecilia are all good units that fit on a horse emblem team, though you'll probably need to do a bit of SI on Cecilia to give her a possible calavery buff from the Gunter and Triangle Adept from Selena, allowing her to take put blue and colorless units. Though this is a suggested build, it is not required to make her a good unit. The others probably don't need as much skill inheritance to be decent units but it certainly wouldn't hurt if you had the time/resources to add vantage to Xander/Camus or a better special to any of them. Priscilla would just be a buff character/ healer but depending on your play style, she could be useful. A couple of good teams that you could use in chain challenge/squad assault include: Xander, Nowi, Hector, Bride!Cordelia Eldigan, Cordelia, Sonia, Faye Tharja, Nino, Camus, Priscilla I hope this helped you out some. Honestly, if you play around with your units long enough, you'll find which teams work and what doesn't and then new teams that you never imagined would work will start working for you. For future references, you might not want to start a new thread on here asking for a team, rather, it is more useful to post this on the questions thread or possibly even the chain challenge/squad assault thread. By doing that, more people will be able to help you and give you more ideas about what you could do to.
  11. What is conglomeration? Tada!!! A brand-new sentence! The person below me will have watched something on TV within the last 24 hours.
  12. Correct you are? Maybe? Probably not but oh well The person below me will have a name as their username.
  13. Well the ones used in Fates were Xander, Camilla, Leo, Oboro, Subaki, and Setsuna. So far IS hasn't used repeat characters so I would crossoff Xander amd Camilla. I'm personally hoping for Leo and Oboro. I will go crazy for those two if they are in it.
  14. Correct but incorrect! Where I live, yes it was 8:45 am but in Anchorage it was 4:45 when I woke up. The person below me will have at least one word in their username.
  15. I really appreciate the Cain and Abel archetypes. They have always had a special place on my team and in my heart. While they are not required to make the game enjoyable a player, especially one who loves the older games, can appreciate the character type. I did find Echoes a tad bit weird without a distinctive Cain and Abel, though Lukas and Forsyth(though originally purple) could possibly fill the role. It made me appreciate the games that had the archetype a little bit more but it did not take away anything from the game. This being said if they took the archetypes out, the game would still go on and be alright. To me the Christmas knights are more of a bonus to the game.