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  1. In Japanese, they're pronounced Ra-Fee-El and Ra-Fey-El. I pronounce them like that in English, but it probably varies depending on the person.
  2. I know at least person was wondering if any characters had different names in the Japanese version versus the English version. Since every Fire Emblem game has featured name changes--even Heroes and Warriors and all the Japanese-only titles thanks to Heroes. But strangely, so far, out of all 20 named characters--none have any name changes. Or any noticeable ones. I find this odd because names are frequently changed to make them more appealing for Western audiences. What this could mean is that names were chosen for Western audiences first and then translated to Japanese. Perhaps the simultaneous global release date allowed them to do this. Anyway, here's a list of all the Japanese and English names. Bear in mind that Japanese is a phonetic language so you're not supposed to read the words literally. Rather, you should let the words kind of "flow". Japanese name Romaji English Name エーデルガルト Ēderugaruto Edelgard メルセデス Merusedesu Mercedes ディミトリ Dimitori Dimitri ベレト Bereto Byleth ヒルダ Hiruda Hilda クロード Kurōdo Claude ソティス Sotisu Sothis アネット Anetto Anette シルヴァン Shiruvan Sylvain ラファエル Rafaeru Raphael レオニー Reonī Leoni ジェラルト Jeraruto Jeralt コスタス Kosutasu Kostas ベルナデッタ Berunadetta Bernadetta ペトラ Petora Petra フェルディナント Ferudinanto Ferdinand ドロテア Dorotea Dorothea リンハルト Rinharuto Linhardt カスパル Kasuparu Caspar アッシュ Asshu Ashe Although none of the characters have name changes, funnily enough, the continent's name is different. In the Japanese version, it's Fodra, whereas it's Fodlan over here. Funnier still, the world map in the Japanese trailer straight up uses all the English names, including Fodlan. Also, there's something neat that's sadly lost via translation. Each of the three houses is written with katakana and kanji forms, to make them look fancier. The kanji form is exactly the same as the English name, so Black Eagle etc. But the katakana form is the house's name in German. Black Eagle is Adler Klasse (Eagle Class), Blue Lions is Löwen Klasse (Lion Class) and Golden Deer is Hirsch Klasse (Deer Class). A similar thing happened with all the class names in Radiant Dawn. Eg. Sanaki's class was Kaiser/Empress. Lance Paladin was Glory Knight/Lance Riding General. So, in some cases, we only got "half" of the class names.
  3. That was something I pointed out (cough) in my initial analysis ^^ It says "Teacher/Staff Bonus". If I had to guess, it seems to be Byleth's bonus. Perhaps it depends on Byleth's current class? Sword makes sense since he always uses swords in the trailers. Authority also seems logical. Axes though... hmm, that's interesting.
  4. After some thought, I do agree E+ is just an extra weapon rank and there's probably stuff like D+ too. That said, there isn't a direct correlation between having an E+ and a Strength. What's probably happening is that characters start with increased weapon ranks for those they have a strength in. In the Japanese trailer, Dorothea has E+ in Authority without a Strength:
  5. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    Double post because I did some more digging. Anyway, here's an edited image to make it easier to see the crest on the stone: Also, I had a proper look at the soundtrack CD and recreated all the missing crests from the mural: They're not perfect, but way better than what we had before ^^
  6. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    Great catch! It took me a while to see the crest even after you pointed it out. Speaking of crests, you can clearly see all the crests--even the worn out ones--on the edge of the soundtrack CD in the NA special edition. Because of the product placement, you can't actually see all the crests though, haha. Yeah, I know what you mean. TBH, our logic for putting people in houses is pretty flimsy, especially since students can logically interact with those from other classes. That said, if we're going by each class having 8 members, you can see all of Claude's members is his intro cutscene--and Ashe doesn't seem to among them. Instead, there seems to be a different blonde-haired girl and a girl with short braided hair (who we only see from the back). Meanwhile, if you put Ashe in Dimitri's class, you get exactly 8 as well.
  7. As far as I can tell, it corresponds to the user being able to physically wield E rank weapons. A standard E rank is just a potential and you can't equip weapons from that category yet. This is probably why D+ doesn't exist. If you have a weapon rank of D, it's obvious that you can wield weapons from that category.
  8. They aren't usually made public, to my knowledge. By definition, they're given to the press who can give to the public. If no press uploads them, nobody will see them. That's actually happened before, I think.
  9. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    Doh, I keep finding new things. Please stop me. It seems both of the teachers introduced appeared in the first trailer. Mustached man is here: Lady teacher is here: Obviously, you can spot many of the other students on the map. But I thought it was cool that teachers can fight too.
  10. I got it from Gamespress (I think it has no relation to Gamepress), which is an aggregate website for press materials. A kind individual gave me a log-in a long time ago. I also checked one of Nintendo's own press sites, but they didn't have the portraits strangely.
  11. @DefyingFates The portraits are from the press assets. I was actually looking for the full body art, although I guess it'd be too early for that. But I found the portraits instead.
  12. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    Surprisingly none that I noticed. Even the Japanese world map has been changed to the English one. Some of the spellings take some time to figure out though. Like Byleth is written as Bereto, but that's apparently how Byleth is spelled in Japanese. I'll take another look soon and let you know if I find any...
  13. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    Good catch with the blonde swordsman/woman. That part was so fast and blurry, even frame skipping didn't do much. I think you've probably got the right idea. Although I'm not sure how it would work logically. Can you really learn to fly just by fighting enemies as normal? Yeah, with Combat Arts coming back, I wasn't too surprised. That could also mean the technology of Fodlan is similar to Valentia's. Hmm, that could be possible. For reference, it's the same stat as Authority and Leadership in Radiant Dawn and Genealogy of the Holy War. Just like how Reason is the same as Anima. TBH, I dunno why they changed it to Reason (even though it's accurate), when they kept it as Anima in Heroes. Then again, they changed Heaven from the Tellius games to Astra in Heroes, so consistency isn't their strong suit...
  14. Near the top of this page We've already see the house leaders, but the portraits for Byleth (M) and Byleth (F) are new.
  15. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    Thanks! I hadn't thought of that, but they do look similar. Whoops! Thanks! I added that now. Hmm, it's hard to tell. In the Japanese trailer, it's just "Next Skill Level". So it might not mean anything special. Also, I'll add this in a bit, but the Knights of Serios mentioned in the trailer are literally the troops/battalions that support you.