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  1. Famitsu Articles Coming Out

    Unless I missed something, Famitsu is often referred to as Weekly Famitsu, so it should be a weekly magazine, right? But in any case, they said there would be more info in future issues, but they didn't say which ones. So there's no guarantee the next issue will have news, I think.
  2. Best girl is back

    Oh crap, I'm starting to feel the stress of an actual teacher... But in all seriousness, I am tempted to try and see what happens. Of course, you can normally rewind time to fix things, but I want to imagine what it's like without game-breaking powers XD
  3. Thanks, that's reassuring to know. I usually mess up the easy stuff especially when I'm tired XD
  4. Best girl is back

    Haha, nice catch. Too bad we don't know of any additional students yet. I wonder what happens if you let your students die early...
  5. Oh, I should probably have checked this before posting on the main site, but can someone please double check my interpretation? 王や領主など民を導く血筋。 古の英雄である十傑の子孫が多い。 Those with the guiding bloodline of kings and lords. There are many descendants of the ancient heroes, the 10 Greats. (This class can use some magic.)
  6. Haha, it's a start, I guess. But a pretty rocky one. Thanks anyway ^^ Thanks! Oh, that makes a lot more sense. It does look like the first time Sothis has appeared outside of the night Byleth awakened.
  7. Can anyone help me translate or check some translations for some dialogue screens from Famitsu's website? Japanese speech is one of my weaknesses, nevermind some of the more colourful characters we have this time... Here's the current one I'm stuck on: おぬし、 そろそろわしが話すのに慣れよ ! その度に驚いて転ばれても困るわ。 I have no idea what she's saying, but I think it's something to do with her (archaic) way of speech?
  8. Definitely. I think @Kirokan was going to get the book as well. Anyway, I'm super interested in any pages that look like they have lore info. Timelines, country profiles, that kinda stuff ^^
  9. Possibly, since I think it's a valid interpretation. That said, I think they were aiming for "Lorentz" specifically. If that's the case, I'm guessing it'll remain the same in the English version, since they haven't changed any names yet.
  10. The Special edition up for preorder

    Just in case, here's the link for the UK store. Pre-orders for the limited or standard edition from the UK store come with a free coin and pouch too. Looks kinda tacky, but hopefully they change the design. Maybe to one of the crests.
  11. We have new info on FE16!

    I think you're right on all counts. It's more or less the same UI as Echoes. So it's 3 uses remaining in the screenshots. I think that would be pretty cool. I wouldn't even mind if he was just testing you. It beats him dying near the start like nearly every other protagonist's parent. Also, unless I'm mistaken, he rejoins the Knights of Seiros. Assuming the Church is at least partially corrupted, there's a decent chance he'll end up on the opposing side. Conversely, the battalions that joins you are from the Knights of Seiros. So it's possible he'll assist you at one point, but then die helping you...
  12. Famitsu website has some new screenshots

    It could just be fluff like the calendar in Echoes. At the least, I do think they will use the calendar to limit certain activities per day. Like the study lessons for example.
  13. Famitsu website has some new screenshots

    Right, I forgot they changed that in Echoes. In Gaiden, they were classified as White Magic--well, only Nosferatu was, Seraphim was still Black.
  14. Famitsu website has some new screenshots

    Fair point. It looks like a more traditional line up, but it could change with later ranks. I actually think they're not allowed to reveal those details, until Nintendo lets them. You can usually notice this with all the different magazines reporting the same kind of things. Well, Faith magic seems inspired by White Magic from Echoes/Gaiden, which had offensive spells like Nosferatu and Seraphim.
  15. Famitsu website has some new screenshots

    Oh yeah, her ponytails are further apart now. Makes her look less like a generic character XD I think some of it might be the change in angle though... Also, looking at the class profiles, it seems magic is restricted by class. Commoners and Nobles can wield a "small amount" of magic, while Monks can wield magic, freely I guess. Myrmidons, Soldiers and Fighters don't have any mention about magic, so I'm guessing they can't use it.