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  1. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    I *think* the locations are random, but they might choose from a few specific locations. Either way, they will be useful for figuring things out.
  2. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    Hmm, I added a fair amount to the Attack Crests page. Most of Sakura's crests are there; just missing the materials for some high level ones. I'm not 100% sure how to arrange the data right now. Everyone has the same crests, but the material requirements vary slightly depending on the character. Having ~25 tables (for each character) seems a bit excessive, but that might be the only solution. Thankfully, after finishing one table, you can just copy and paste most of the contents.
  3. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    Yup, take it easy ^^ I've been playing for a couple of hours and the game seems fun. There is quite a lot of content to play through and quite a few materials to farm XD Just in case anyone missed it, the FE Warriors wiki is located here. There's also a link in the first post in case this topic (hopefully) gets busy. I've added skeleton pages for swords, lances, axes and bows. At the moment, I don't really have a lot of weapons, so I've filled in what I can. Also, I added a tiny bit more to the skills page. Looks like I need to grind a lot more supports to get those skills... Next, I'll probably start on pages for the other crests.
  4. Bug encounters

    Ouch at the game-freezing bugs. I am pensively interested in learning more. Hopefully the game isn't too buggy, but I can't be as confident since the game isn't developed by Nintendo/IS themselves. I did experience a couple of crashes during a demo I played, but demos are usually unpolished so I wasn't terribly worried.
  5. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    That sounds like a plan. It's good to have a focus. If anyone else has any ideas of what they'd like to focus on, just shout here. Also, if anyone is interested in gathering data for the weapons, items and crests, I think those could be useful. From what I gather, weapons can vary in quality, so it might take a group effort to find all the ranges. When I have time, I will try to add some more skeleton pages, like the one for swords. Not too sure what I'd like to focus on at the moment. EDIT: I should have sent all the invites now. If I missed you, feel free to PM me. For those who accepted, I will send out log-in details tomorrow, hopefully.
  6. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    Sure, I'd appreciate the help! I'll start sending out wiki invites between now and tomorrow for those who expressed interest. There's no need to rush if you get a message; you're free to play the game to get a better feel for it--or even play it all the way to completion ^^
  7. DLC characters announced

    I am conflicted. On one hand, I love the choices. Olivia and Linde? Yes, please : D But Owain, Niles, Oboro and Navarre are such massive teases. I mean, I like them all, but they're already in the game to some extent... At least Gharnef, Iago and Validar aren't included or I'd be really rolling my eyes.
  8. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    Thanks! If possible, I want to verify them in-game, just in case there are any typos etc. For now, it's still a very useful reference. A page on mechanics would be great I think. Especially for Warriors newbies like me XD I have a fair idea of how some of the stat-based mechanics work, but not so much the action-related ones. There is a page on Skills, but the characters haven't been assigned yet. I can use your info to assign them in a moment. Thanks. We should totally have a section for analysing the characters. Dang, I didn't realise Sakura's Magic was so monstrous... That's cool. Any little helps ^^ I'd be interested to know if FE Warriors follows that structure. Unfortunately I don't know myself since I just spammed buttons when I had a chance to play for a short while XD
  9. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    Those would be useful. I'm also wondering if we can figure out how the stat gains work, but plenty of time for that. Yup, I took a brief look at some Japanese guides. Seems like there's a lot out there, but it's hard for me to figure out things without context. It should be easier once I have the game in hand ^^ Pair Up partners and stuff sounds interesting; I hadn't really thought of that. Here's a very WIP page for Rowan. "Stats" can include base stats, maximum stats, maybe stat growth if we can figure it out. Also A+ support partners could potentially go under here. "Movesets" should be pretty straightforward. I am wondering if this should be a table, bullet points or paragraphs. It depends on how thorough the information is. There's a part of me that wants a table with screenshots of every move, but that could be going too far XD "Usage" would be how to use the character and pair up. Besides that, I'd like to work on the profile a bit more. Not quite sure how to make everything look nice while keeping all the relevant info. I'll think about it for a bit...
  10. Which seals upgrade do you prioritize?

    Hmm, I don't think I posted here yet. Right now I have Attack +3 just to make Bride Cordelia/Brave Lyn even more overpowered. Next one is probably going to be Distant Def 3 so I tank Reinhardt better. My -HP Nino sadly gets KO'd by the Quickened Pulse ones.
  11. Western Launch Trailer + DLC info

    I don't see any reason for them not to have skills. I think even Navarre, Oboro, Niles and Owain have placeholder skills. If you're looking for a meaty action/time-management game, Warriors should be a good choice. Or you could wait until the game comes out to find more reviews/impressions. There's also Super Mario Odyssey coming out on the 27th if you don't hate 3D platformers.
  12. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    I've created a preliminary page for Warriors. At the moment, there are half-finished pages for Weapon Attributes, Skills and Badge List. I think the next step is to figure out how to structure the character pages. Perhaps we can start with a picture and short bio, their play-style, recruitment info, stats if applicable, then finish with the movesets.
  13. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    Unless there's a dedicated trivia section, I would try keeping it FE-themed. So no comparisons to other Warriors games, just in case the reader hasn't played them. As for the rest, I totally understand being careful not to clutter the pages. So I'll have to think about it. We could perhaps have a brief synopsis of the map at the start. I think the game has one, but it may be after the map is beaten, so in the past tense. Map music isn't too important, but that info could be in the music/sound room page. I imagine some experimentation will be required when we start doing the maps. Once we've got the first map done, then we should move onto the rest. Anyway, I'll start creating a skeleton for the Warriors section tomorrow ^^
  14. Volunteers to help with the FE Warriors section

    Cool, I didn't expect so many replies so fast. Anyone can join in. I just need to create accounts on the wiki for those who don't have one. (Accounts have to be created manually by admins.) Nitty-gritty stuff sounds like what I need ^^ Thanks. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of time; any help is appreciated. Or if it turns out you don't have time, that's fine as well. Haha, no problem. We can work something out. I'll PM you later. For the movesets, I'd like to see at least a descriptive explanation of how to do the combo, what it looks like and what kind of range it has. I'm not too familiar with Warriors, but I'd be interested to see an explanation of the combos in front of me. Like how to do Takumi's arrow rain. Of course, you can just spam buttons XD For missions, it could be a brief timeline of the objectives and some tips with dealing with them. I've only played the demo, not the game, but I imagine you'll have an easier time using certain characters against certain bosses. Like high Res units against magic-based units. This might be obvious for FE fans, but maybe not Warriors fans. Maybe some advice on time management if a lot of side objectives are occurring. Also, where Anna spawns assuming she's in a fixed location. Or any other secrets if they exist. I'm just guessing for the most part, having not played the full game yet. Thanks, I'll add you to my list. Sounds great. That's a lot more knowledge than me, so don't worry about it ^^ Great. I think it'll be useful to have people who've played the Japanese version. I'd double-dip too, but I don't have the budget ^^;;;
  15. EDIT: Here is a link to the Fire Emblem Warriors wiki. In a few days, Fire Emblem Warriors will be coming Westward. So I'm hoping to expand the Warriors section on the main site with useful game information. Fortunately I will be getting and playing the game, but my knowledge of the Warriors series is pretty much non-existent and I've never been that great with action games in general. Therefore I am looking for knowledgeable people who can help and contribute their wisdom to the Warriors section. I should be able to handle things like information tables, but for more technical/Warriors things like move sets and how missions are structured, I'd definitely need a helping hand ^^ Also, due to work and other commitments, I won't have a lot of free time during the latter half of October, so I'm also looking for some grunt work, like moving the support conversations to their own pages. The plan is to add the content to SF's wiki. We did the same for the previous crossover, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, as well as the Cipher card game. Adding content to the wiki is fairly straightforward, even if you've never used a wiki before. I keep saying this, but if you can figure out how to make a forum account and post here, you're practically fully qualified. That said, if you have any questions, do let me or the other helpers know. If you are interested in helping, please post here. Likewise if you have any queries or suggestions. I'll post some more instructions later on. Otherwise, thanks for coming by! EDIT: Basic instructions for using the Wiki can be found below.