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  1. Episode 3 This is one of the places that made me REALLY want to figure out how to break the boundaries. I'll confess, I tried a lot of methods, but what actually worked was a complete accident. Logically, it's not too hard to figure out. You just need to literally think outside the box XD
  2. I don't think there's a limit. You might be thinking of the limit in the original Gaiden. When I was battling at the Mountain Graveyard, all enemies dropped items and there were more than 5 enemies (I'm guessing 8). Don't forget the drop rates are pretty dang low. Luna is the best at 1.25%, but Guardians don't spawn every turn.
  3. I cannot physically check (since hacking DLC requires tools I don't have), but theoretical data and many runs of Inner Sanctum (and Astral Temple) suggests they are in big pots only. Smashing the other pots can be useful for other items though, like Astral Shards if you need any. Plus they can alleviate the boredom of going through the Inner Sanctum to find 0 big pots... Sure, if you want. I mainly mentioned Guardians since they have a pretty decent 1.25% drop rate. Still, due to the rather sporadic spawn rate, you'll need to wait several hundred turns before having a decent chance : |
  4. I think Yuzu is a Priestess since it's the only on-foot physical female class : P You can use Subdue to lower Shade's HP. Anyway, personally, I felt like this DLC was supposed to be Fates, but they dropped it at the last minute due to backlash or whatever.
  5. Feel free to add me for Team Sakura. ID is in my signature. I will probably send over Bride Cordelia if I remember.
  6. I always imagined he somehow fell or crawled into a boat. There's a boat nearby in the scene where Tatiana finds him, even though it's probably always there in the background. Otherwise, maybe he found a piece of driftwood?
  7. Yeah, but as I said, it's really obscure. I can't remember precisely where it appears. It might be in the instruction manual as part of the "story" or maybe it appeared during the very first demonstration 2 years ago. Either way, I know about it since Emma brings it up in the mini-column with the 4 mascots on the official Cipher website. What happened is that Randal appeared in his (normal) older guise, then his younger guise and finally back to his older version all because the card game rotated between Binding Blade, Blazing Sword and back to Binding Blade. Emma wonders if Randal's "time-traveling" is due the Boundless Chaos, but nobody on the team knows what the heck it is. So it's kind of ironic how Randal mentions it in Echoes. So far, Warriors seems to rely on the Outrealms. If anything, I'd imagine FE Heroes might have a tangible connection to the Boundless Chaos, what with all the timelines getting mixed up. I suppose the Tempest could be related as well. Anyway, I doubt it'll be of much importance. It's more of a hand-wavy explanation from what I understand. But who knows...
  8. That is pretty much the best way, other than grinding on the Guardian reinforcements while fighting The Creation (for Luna) or going through the Inner Sanctum. As far as I know, the pots in B9 have the highest drop rate at 0.26%. It's still pretty low, but better than 0.06% from B10 and 0.13% from the Inner Sanctum (which only features 1 or 2 big pots). Also, the drop rates decay by 1/3 each time, so you should be able to get items on the 3rd visit. However there is a "bug" that can prevent you from finding the intended number of items each time you battle an enemy. This shouldn't be an issue for B10 though.
  9. Yes. You can go back and redo the final battle by the way, although I am not 100% sure if the ending triggers again.
  10. It's a Cipher reference and a pretty obscure one at that. It's implied to be the mysterious driving force that allows all the Fire Emblem timelines to connect so that the Cipher card game "makes sense" story-wise.
  11. Episode 2 is up! Note that you can actually visit the Southern Outpost on foot via normal gameplay, by using StreetPass. But you can only explore a tiny square. (This tiny square also happens to be inaccessible to me in the video.) Next up is Zofia Gate. I'll probably do Novis Greatport after that.
  12. 1. Number of drops goes from 1x to 2/3x, 1/3x and finally 15%. 2. Probably, but it's hard to check. I *think* the maximum possible for any room is around 20, but very few places have that many items. Otherwise, the maximum is simply the upper limit listed in the Drops per Area. 3. There is no cap beyond your convoy. All items count the same in the convoy.
  13. It was a 5 minute hack. Replacing weapons is much easier than adding weapons. That said, I did have to rename a label. Also, I wasn't sure if Ragnarok Ω would crash the game XD Maybe we'll find out another time...
  14. Just for fun, I edited the Prologue so the kids have slightly better stats and a pumped up critical rate. I forgot to show the stats on the bottom screen, but all the kids have the same stats as when they join your party. Meanwhile all the weapons have 0 Might and Weight, 90 Hit and 50 Crt. Hope you don't mind me spamming all these videos ^^;;; Who knows what crazy things I'll think of next time.