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  1. Testing: New generic banners + increased avatar size

    @eclipse I've tried moving the fire a bit down. Hopefully that works better! Currently, the banners are all right aligned, so I don't want to move the horizontal positioning too much ^^ Also, thanks to a CSS whiz, I fixed an issue with the forum/section headers being hard to read in 3 out of 4 themes.
  2. Testing: New generic banners + increased avatar size

    I was worried about really wide screens, since I can't test those with my monitor. Could you upload a screenshot that I can use for reference? Ahaha, anyway, you're all too kind. I had somebody with more graphical capabilities check the banners and I barely got a C grade for them XD
  3. I know it shouldn't be surprising, but I laughed when I saw Mycen and Nomah's numbers. I'm quite surprised that Alm (and Celica) is a lot above average, but I guess it makes sense since those two are main characters and can't quickly promote to gain stats.
  4. Why does Build not matter for FE5 magic users?

    That was a pretty, er, interesting balancing choice. I seem to recall people speculating that magic spells put on a mental "weight" on the user, which their physical body cannot counteract. Otherwise, I doubt there's a real reason, unless it's hidden in a village or house conversation etc. (Unrelated, but I'm suddenly reminded of magic dealing reduced damage in the prototype version of Blazing Blade. That was definitely not fun...)
  5. Testing: New generic banners + increased avatar size

    Sorry, I dunno if it's possible. However I did test something for you. What you can do is create a 112 x 112 px image and paste your (smaller) image into the middle. Then when you upload the image, drag both of the corners until they fit the box, like in the image below: If you did it right, you should get a 1:1 avatar. Do you mean a whole skin/theme? Making a new theme is a bit really time-consuming ^^;;; Last time I made a new theme was the pink Sakura's Forest theme for the previous year's April Fools. I think it took several hours of creating and testing. That's one of the reasons I kept it after April Fools--because it took so much effort to make, ahaha. Still, I'll think about it.
  6. This is perhaps long overdue, but I added some backgrounds to the forum banner at the top of each page. This applies to the Serenes Forest (Default), Night Forest and Blue Skies themes. Maybe I'll add some characters to the banners later as well. (My current experiments aren't going very well.) In addition, I've tried to increase the avatar/profile picture size in the topic view. Before it was 90 x 90 px or something silly. Now it's 112 x 112, which I feel is the right balance. If you've noticed that your avatar looks stretched or blurry, I recommend uploading a higher resolution image (generally anything that's 200 pixels or higher). Also, if you're uploading a ~112 pixel image, keep in mind that the forum software automatically crops the image for you (although you can undo this in the image cropping screen). Anyway, if you notice any oddities, please let me know. Comments and feedback are welcome too!
  7. [FE11] Way to Give Stat Bonuses to Weapons?

    Hmm, yeah, I don't think it's possible without extreme fiddling. In New Mystery, if you copy the 04 28 bytes from the star shards and the Starsphere, you can add your own stat boosts to weapons.
  8. [FE11] Way to Give Stat Bonuses to Weapons?

    I don't have time to look in depth, but it's possible that this behaviour doesn't exist in Shadow Dragon. It might be possible in New Mystery because of the Star shards though. Anyway, I'll see if I can find an answer when I have more time.
  9. Finn Deserves Better

    While Finn seems a bit plain, I don't really think he was treated unfairly. Rather, it might be Reinhardt and Olwen that were given special treatment. My hope for the future is that all Brave weapons (such as Finn's) can be refined to their Master versions, although I have a feeling that might really mess with the game balance XD
  10. Personally, I'm not really familiar with how discussions on the Zelda timeline used to be, so I can't really compare, haha. Although, in terms of Zelda, I feel like there are more games and more obvious threads (like some games are obviously sequels or prequels) compared to FE, so I can imagine the appeal of linking all the Zelda games together. I don't think FE has gotten anywhere near that yet. Plus the existence of the Outrealms potentially makes things really complicated... or really simple, depending on your perspective. I do not-so-secretly wish the developers would reveal more details about the greater FE world, but I can wait patiently. Although they really do need to tell us the name of Fates's continent at least.
  11. New Event: Grand Conquests

    Oh, I didn't realise it was divided into multiple Outrealms. But that makes sense, since it reduces the chances of a really lopsided battle. Anyway, I'm enjoying the battles so far. Infernal is a pain in a butt, but Lunatic is the right level of challenge for me and gives a reasonable amount of points too. Rewards seem kinda eh, but can't complain at 12 or so free Orbs. Also, if anybody needs an extra friend unit, I have ~50 spaces free in my Friend List. ID is 9447281487. My unit will be Kitty Sakura (anti-mage) unless you'd prefer a more flexible unit. EDIT: I also love how you can spend multiple stamina to boost your score without playing the same maps multiple times.
  12. Confusingly, Naga in Awakening establishes that dragons aren't gods. Just really powerful beings. However, the series's general theme is that dragons are essentially gods. This is emphasised by the existence of Divine Dragons (literally God Dragons) and First Dragons (aka Divine/God Ancestral Dragons). Still, if we go by the definition of gods being creators, then only Ashunera fits that bill to our knowledge (since she created basic life in Tellius).
  13. My long-running conspiracy theory is that the developers love to introduce origin stories that aren't always immediately obvious. (Although Echoes is really blatant with Grima's origin story.) Part of this theory is that The Sacred Stones may have introduced Fomortiis as a possible explanation for monsters/Terrors in Valentia. While we don't know much about Fomortiis or his legion of monsters, we do know they've been around for a very long time (at least a millennium, give or take) and were such a huge threat that the dragonkin of Magvel had to step in. Also, perhaps there's some connection there to Valentia's Falchion being strong against Terrors (similar to the Sacred Twins)? The bit about Balor being possibly connected to an ancient demon god intrigues me as well. I wonder what kind of monsters existed in the ancient past?
  14. Necrodragons being Wyverns makes a lot of sense, considering their similar appearance and humongous movement. I'm not convinced White Dragons are that special though. The game just calls them stronger Necrodragons and clearly states they're undead. Also, I'm a bit disappointed that the descriptions for the Terrors didn't really reveal much. I wanted to know where the Titans came from, since they're apparently a race of giants that used to live on Valentia. Likewise, the Vesta and Fafnir apparently existed long, long ago. Meanwhile the Balor was said to be an ancient demon god's eye.
  15. @Jotari Your main question is answered near the end of the timeline. The prophecy in Echoes is different to the one in Gaiden--and it involves a pair of Brand-bearers being born around the same time. When Rudolf was born, presumably a person with Mila's Brand didn't yet exist. Besides, we know from the Book of Valentian Revelations in the game that divine dragon blood is required to wield Falchion. It's not a stretch to assume that major blood/a Brand is required. Also, Duma wanted to be killed, like (Fates spoiler)...