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  1. It is. It's a "rare enemy". A boss, the final memory prism and the Demon Ring. No, it's just guarding the springs. During the story asap. You can delay during post game and after you DL the free Villager's Forks.
  2. I haven't checked, but can't Solomon (the Sage Overclass) summon monsters using Lemegeton? TBH, I don't actually know how the game decides who summons what when using Lemegeton. Maybe there's a trick to it... Anyway, yeah, keeping with the trend, Shade will probably summon a human class. *wink*
  3. It's just a guess based on placeholder data. I am pretty sure she gets Invoke though, just like other Clerics/Saints. But considering the position of the data, she might not summon Revenants after all...
  4. Stats and stuff from today's new DLC I will add the forging data later. Bit busy at the moment.
  5. Yar, Titania gets Restore and Barrier. I guess Shade is only getting Invoke Revenant then. Unless... EDIT: Solomon's spell is new and not in the game, I think.
  6. Man, at this point, I feel like we should've had a new thread 10 pages ago or something : P Anyway, to be honest, I don't really know what to think considering the Falchion and Book of Naga. I mean, I would like to think they're both similar in power. Yet the Book of Naga in Genealogy, gameplay-wise is literally bonkers. Story-wise, they have been making a big deal of Falchion being pretty dang strong too and the embodiment of Naga's will and/or power (in Awakening and Echoes). Could be a retcon though. Also, I should clarify a few bits. "Fell Dragon Magic" I feel is really misleading. In the Japanese version, it was Fell God magic. I guess they wanted to emphasise Duma being a dragon and perhaps connecting him to Grima? Either way, "Fell Dragon" is not actually a unique title and can be attributed to any vile or corrupt dragon, it seems. In fact, I think Medeus may have been called one... As mentioned, "Exalted" and "Exalt" are separate terms although they sound the same in English. One represents a Divine Blade and the other represents a Holy King. In Awakening's English version, they linked the two so it was more iconic. Also, the "First Exalt" literally just means the first Exalt of Ylisse; aka the founder. So don't read into it too much ^^
  7. Yeah, you get 1 each in Act 3 and then 3 each in Act 4. Renown is on a game to game basis (at least when I tried), while Medals are shared by all save files. You can choose.
  8. There's 1 in the Mountain Village and Forest Village, then 3 each in Act 4. After that, it doesn't really matter...
  9. He doesn't have it during the 2nd time, but you can get 2 Dracoshields "easily" by playing the game. One is from a sub-quest that requires 4 Dragon Scales and you can find exactly 4 if you search around. Another is from...
  10. Oops! Hmm, if they're in the way, I don't think they will move. Can you go backwards at all? I can't imagine where you might be, except the Forest Village maybe? Anyway, you could try brute-forcing it. Just take advantage of terrain etc and survive till Turn 3, then do as much damage as you can and pick Retreat before the turn ends. You can go enter the map again against fewer foes, which should make it easier. It's required for a quest in Zofia Harbor. You can send it over via a merchant or wait till finishing the game.
  11. Yar, consistency isn't really their forte it seems. It was Exalted King in the Awakening DLC, but I suppose that could be non-canon. I mean, they're definitely not shy about renaming stuff that already had decent English names like Dracozombie to Necrodragon. Also, while the Lightning Sword technically is a different weapon, I'm really surprised they didn't fuse it with the Levin Sword. The two even look the same, pretty much.
  12. I only just notice Zeke is Ezekiel, but everyone (and the game) calls him by his nickname "Zeke" anyway. Kinda makes my head hurt TBH, but I suppose Ezekiel is a better name for a general.
  13. You can get a Splitting Axe from Mycen's House or the Desert Stronghold, I believe. You can also get tons from the Astral Temple. You never get the "default" axe though (just like all other defaults).
  14. Ahaha, I did the same thing. Trying not to accumulate turns to get the Blitzkrieg award. I hope it actually works. Anyway, you should also fight the enemies if you can. They can drop shards from time to time. Just note that every 10th or so enemy drops an item and only 5 items max. If you've defeated more than 10 enemies, exit the dungeon and re-enter. I have a couple of shards from just smashing pots and running away for 1-2 hours, although it sucks when you get 3 duplicates...
  15. Sell it or gleefully give it to the Lumberjack in the Mountain Village.