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  1. I won't lie: I was giggling almost uncomfortably at the end. Like I was back in high school and did a hilarious prank. Thanks for the laugh! I think this might belong better in FFTF though ^^
  2. There's also the twin divine blades, with the Black Knight wielding one of them. That surely cannot be mere coincidence. Anyway, this is fantastic news that I'd never thought I'd hear. I'm also curious about who the mystery publisher is...
  3. Yowch, Infernal was brutal. Reminded me a bit of the actual chapter from The Sacred Stones that it's based on. My successful team was Delthea: Pretty standard, but with Swordbreaker Bride Cordelia: Brave Bow+ Cherche: Brave Axe+ Olivia: Ruby Sword, Fury I'm lazy to retrace my steps, but I mostly huddled in the north-west corner. It took a lot of trial and error before I could survive the middle waves when the fliers start to swarm you. Cordelia was the main damage dealer, with Delthea KOing some swords and Cherche taking down some of the fliers. Olivia was just there to dance and tank one of the axe fliers when I had nowhere to escape to. Geez, thinking back, the number and frequency of reinforcements was insane.
  4. I loved how the presenters blatantly called her costume sexy. Although I have a feeling the Japanese "sexy" is a bit more tame compared to ours. I think Lara is only going to be a R, so at least it's not SR(+) levels of breaking your wallet : P
  5. Thanks! Heh, she's a Dark Princess just like Genealogy's Julius and Corrin from Fates.
  6. I had lunch partway through, so it seems I missed a bunch of stuff. @Lightchao42 Can I ask for pictures of the Veronica card and new Cipher OCs?
  7. They just went through a bunch of Thracia 776 cards, including Leif, Dancer Lara, Nanna, Safy, Delmud, Lifis, Sara, Halvan, Felgus, Mareeta and Dean. Don't have time to edit all the pics, but here's Sara ^^
  8. Ta-da! So a few people (OK, just two) were asking where the Elise and Sakura poster from Intelligent Systems's HQ came. From what I know, it was an advert in Japan, which you could find in places like subways around the time of Fates's launch. I believe nobody outside of retailers or IS have the poster. However, this isn't the first time the poster has appeared. I've been trying to recreate the poster for a while, using official materials, but it's not an easy job... Finally, I thought I'd stop being lazy and finish it. Keep in mind that it's a recreation, so it's not 100% accurate. Also, if you're interested in printing it out, I have a A3 version here. (If you do print it out, I'd love to see pictures of it!) Almost forgot, there's a version of this ad featuring Xander and Ryoma where it asks "Knight or Samurai?" If there's interest, I can "quickly" try to recreate that one. Maybe I'll make joke ones for the other siblings as well.
  9. Hang on, are you looking at the June newsletter from 2016? I don't remember getting any Mew codes in June... except for last year.
  10. That confused me a little as well. Looking at the timing of the interview, I don't even think Echoes was released in Western territories yet. Maybe they were happy it sold merely as expected? I guess there could be other factors like the budget. Even when considering the extensive voice acting, they at least already had the game engine from Awakening/Fates, while the Archanea remakes (or at least Shadow Dragon) had to have a new engine built.
  11. @Interdimensional Observer About the pirate country, I would need to check the original Japanese or maybe @Kirokan can check for you. However, I think it's merely referring to the Pirate Throne. After all, the people of Novis were having a headache over the pirates coming from there, so much they had to beg Celica for help. Something else I found interesting... Now where have I seen that?
  12. Hmm, we kind of need another healer. Hey, Lucius, over here!
  13. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate you taking the time (and money) to translate the interview for us. Ahaha, I can't believe they actually touched about the April Fools joke. Also, I didn't expect they'd talk about the relationship with Heroes. One thing that I really liked is the confirmed connection between Furia Harbor and (Port) Ferox. I always figured it was a reference, considering the location and the fact the two names differ by one symbol in Japanese (Furia versus Feria).
  14. Fair enough. Thracia does happen to be the game where the stat caps are the lowest and Marty has one of the best Build stats IIRC. On the other hand, I am a pretty terrible player and Thracia always ends up kicking my butt XD It's been a long time since I played, but I imagine there are worse units than Marty, especially among the pre-promotes, but even then there are the Crusader scrolls.
  15. I think you should have the information at the back of your mind, but ultimately you should use whoever you want, unless you're playing on the highest difficulties. On the lower difficulties, you can pretty much salvage anybody, even duds like Wendy and Sophia from Binding Blade. That said, I don't think I could ever bring myself to train Marty from Thracia... On the first playthrough, I'd always recommend going in blind. Figuring out who's good or not is part of the fun ^^