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  1. It's a bit early to say, but I think the mystery isn't actually that complex ^^ According to an old interview done at the time of Binding Blade, the opera group involved in the original commercial was Tokyo Nikikai (referred to as just Nikikai [二期会] in the interview). At least, that's what I understand. This detail was revealed since both games shared the exact same song for their commercials. Japanese fans have probably known about this for decades (considering I got most of this info from their Wikipedia) XD
  2. Whoops, did I actually forget to add the tables I made for DLC characters onto the website? >___< Emma: 0.55 Randal: 0.5 Yuzu: 0.6 Shade: 0.45
  3. The early days of the Fire Emblem fandom

    I can probably talk more later, but the Blazing Sword era in general was very explorative... If that's the right word. From what I remember, there was a lot of gameplay and character discussions and sometimes shipping. At the time, there was a lot to talk about since everything was so new. In terms of translations, there were a few WIP ones that didn't get far due to lack of resources and enthusiasm (*cough* Thracia). The most notable complete ones were the Genealogy and Binding Blade patches. In particular, the latter was revolutionary at the time, because it was so feature complete and because it continued the unfinished Blazing Sword story that many were dying to see resolved. I didn't really follow fanart back then, so I can't comment.
  4. Thank you for the help!

  5. I am not 100% sure, but Pokemon Go isn't eligible because it was a mid 2016 game. Super Mario Run was a nominee since it came out in late 2016. Anyway, I don't know about the competitive, but I agree that the game deserves the award. I think it's only the best game in Japan though. Europe has a different game from what I can see.
  6. There's a lot to say, but I'll just mention one thing that's easily forgotten. I believe Nintendo made an effort to push the game because the Nintendo 3DS wasn't selling so hot near the beginning. Most of the games were remakes, ports or very short or experimental games. A bit like the early DS games. So when Intelligent Systems made a brand new Fire Emblem, Nintendo obviously jumped at the chance to promote it as part of the 3DS's growing library of shiny new software.
  7. Yeah, to echo what's already been said, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are basically the definitive versions of Sun and Moon. At this point, there is no real reason to buy Sun and Moon, because of all the things they've added, big or small. Honestly, I really liked USUM and all the new additions, but I wasn't exactly wowed. Most of the new things are nice, but not really "must have" nice IMHO. I did appreciate all the new sidequests and interactions, the way the story has been somewhat streamlined, and also the extra help for aspiring competitive players (like easier to get items). Having all the Legendary Pokemon is cool, but it was already done in ORAS. Still, you can't complain about more stuff : P If you're someone who appreciates the story in Pokemon games, they did write out some interesting cutscenes (mostly involving Lillie, presumably because some players complained about her screentime), but you could just watch them on Youtube I guess.
  8. While it's a novel idea, it would be incredibly painful for competitive play, I'd imagine. Basically you'd have to study each of the Poke Ball animations to know what build your opponent is using. I can't even tell what Arceus form a player is using yet XD So I think Poke Balls should remain cosmetic. Not everything has to be functional ^^
  9. Orb Giveaway Results - Legendary Edition

    Aww, that's too bad, but thanks for the heads up. Hopefully you future pulls are amazing ^^
  10. As promised, here are the results of the orb giveaway sponsored by @Jingle Jangle! The winners are: @escotanner @EricaofRenais @Kruggov @GinRei Expect a PM with your code very soon! After you've used your code, please also post the results of your summoning attempt in this topic ^^ For transparency, the technical details of this giveaway are below. Entrants: 92 Using, this list of entrants was randomized and each entrant was assigned a random number, then four random numbers between 1 and 92 were generated. The winning numbers were 14, 17, 40 and 70 (not in that order).
  11. Photo Club Photos and Discussion

    Yeah, I thought I'd cosplay for the moment ^^ Here's one with my usual outfit. I'm surprised the limit for stickers that you can place is pretty low.
  12. Photo Club Photos and Discussion

    Glad to see you're enjoying the feature ^^ I've been meaning to spend some time with it, but I've been busy doing other things. I did put together this last night, when I was bored. There was no real reason to it other than to mess around with the starry stickers and background ^^
  13. Thanks to @Jingle Jangle, I have three Google Play cards worth $15 to give away, which is enough to cover a full 5 Hero summon. To enter, simply post in this topic using this exact phrase: "Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle!" (feel free to copy and paste) Deadline for this giveaway is Friday 1st December at 9:00 UTC. Afterwards, I will select three random entries using a random number generator. Rules: 1) Only one entry per person. 2) Only accounts made prior to this giveaway are eligible. 3) Winners must do a full 5 Hero summon and post the results of their summons within 7 days of receiving their prize. You can pick any banner, but you can't back out of summoning once you start. Notes: 1) Winners will receive one code for a Google Play card with $15 (US Dollars) credit via PM. 2) Because the prize is Google Play credit, an Android device is required to use the prize. Apologies for any inconvenience! 3) From my understanding, Google Play cards are not region-free, but you should be able to change your region via your account settings. (But note that your wallet must have zero or low funds.) Any questions, feel free to ask! Also, you are allowed to comment, but please try not to flood this topic too much ^^
  14. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

    3013 2403 928 if anybody wants to add me. I am playing a female character since I always find the male clothing options boring. @Rezzy I have played for nearly a month now and I generally agree. Right now the game is fun to log-in every day and do some requests, but in the long-term, it is really grindy and worse of all really repetitive. After a while, you'll speak to the villagers so often, you'll learn all of their dialogue and start skipping them instead. Furniture unlocks at a slow rate later on and the rotatable clothes and non-craftable furniture are mostly boring and/or you keep seeing the same ways. I'm also starting to lose track of the endgame. You collect stuff and make a nice camp, but then there's nothing to do. At least in the full games, you'd have to spend in the region of 999 hours for that to happen. No museum is a crime, and the lack of bugs/fish a bigger one. I understand it's to make the requests easy though. Hopefully they rotate during each season, as I'm already bored of seeing the same bugs/fish. I do like the game though. I just hope they update it soon. I was also disappointed to learn that 0.9 to 1.0 didn't seem to add anything new, but it makes sense I guess. Don't want the 0.9 players having a bigger advantage than they already have!
  15. Yeah, I agree. It's easy to tell when they showed off the prototype based on the NES Zelda ^^ Anyway, I could probably go for ages, but I'd love it if the next Fire Emblem started branching out even more in the RPG department. Right now, Fire Emblem is well known as a high quality strategy RPG, but that genre is a huge niche. So the next logical step would be to make it more of a RPG to appeal to a much wider audience that would otherwise not be interested. Of course, I fully expect the battles to remain Fire Emblem, so grid and turn-based. But in between battles, I think it would be awesome to actually explore the world, especially the towns and castles. Gaiden already let you visit towns and Echoes lets you explore dungeons, so there is precedence. On top of that, I imagine the developers would further expand on the support and interaction elements. I have no idea what they could do though. But for some strange reason, I'm imagining "dates" like in Persona. Or the heart-to-hearts in Xenoblade. They wouldn't have to be all romantic (although that would be a big selling point)--the main thing is focusing on the bonding between characters.