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  1. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    It has to be Sophia from Binding Blade. Girl joins so late and in the worst chapter ever. But I really like her design, so I can't help but use her. It's not too bad in Normal Mode since the enemies are quite lax. But I have painful memories of trying to level her in Hard Mode, by making her snipe enemies from behind the walls in Chapter 16 ^^;;;
  2. Dragalia Lost!

    Personally I am not sure if they'll go for straight crossovers, but it wouldn't be that hard to explain them with the plot. The idea of Outrealms already exist in this game as Otherworlds, so the crossover characters can easily come from there. I mean, we'll already seeing characters from Cygames's other IPs sneaking in as Wyrmprints and even a full character in Lily today. So Nintendo crossovers probably aren't impossible. I suppose it depends on if the two developers are interested in pursuing it. Speaking of Lily, I got her as my first 5* and from my first tenfold summon. It makes up for not getting Flora in FE Heroes, almost.
  3. Dragalia Lost!

    Nice. I just hit 6,000 as well. I'm still enjoying the game. The Shadowwyrm took me by surprise, but I am liking the challenge ^^ Also, the music in this game is on point. For those who don't like J-Pop, you can turn off vocals as well.
  4. Raven Recruited as News Editor

    *Plays Together we Ride in the background* From the main site:
  5. Confirming information

    It's just rumours as far I'm aware. I don't believe there's any official information from Nintendo or other reputable sources. Now I wouldn't be surprised if a N64 Classic is happening, but it's probably impossible to know when--or if--it's coming. As for Nintendo's output this year, they focused a lot on Switch's first year with stuff like Super Mario Odyssey and polishing up Breath of the Wild. So I imagine they need more time to develop their next batch of titles.
  6. about legendary weapons

    If you are playing on emulator or flashcart, you can find some cheat codes to add a Durandal back in your inventory. But if you're playing on the original cartridge, you will need to try again. TBH the game isn't that long and you might be able to just continue and try for the true ending on your second run. Way back, I think I played to my 7th or so play-through before I got the true ending. I was a slow player and couldn't read all the Japanese, so I missed a lot of legendary weapons, haha.
  7. I love Thracia 776

    Glad you enjoyed the game! I do think Thracia is one of those games thay you need to go in blind to really appreciate the game design (as in they really wanted to kill you), but you were brave enough to even try it ^^ For better or worse, I feel like Thracia is probably the most complex game, besides maybe Radiant Dawn. If you are interested to see how that path follows, I would suggest trying TearRing Saga if you haven't done so. That game isn't half as balanced or hard as Thracia, but you can tell they had fun trying all sorts of things.
  8. Dragalia Lost!

    Thanks! What I did is change my Nintendo Account region to the US. It might have caused some side effects but TBH I am not really using my Nintendo Account for much these days. I did this for Pocket Camp when it launched in Australia first. Later I switched my region back to UK when it released globally a month later. Not sure when Dragalia will get a global release though.
  9. Dragalia Lost!

    OK, I am enjoying the game a lot more now. I appreciate that there are lots of ways to make your characters stronger. Also, the Adventurer's Stories are really cute. I kinda wish FE Heroes did that, outside of Forging Bonds. Of course, I know all about most FE characters, but not everyone does (and some characters barely had any backstory originally, especially during the NES-SNES era). If anyone wants to add me, my friend code is 7121 5754 445. Please @ me here or PM me so I know who you are (since space is really limited).
  10. Ever had any Fire Emblem Related Dreams (spoilers)

    My memory sucks, but I am pretty sure I had lots of dreams of making incredible breakthroughs regarding the Fire Emblem world map. Like figuring out where all the continents are located on the globe, new continents, etc. I guess I'm just a huge nerd XD One day, I really want to ask the developers about that...
  11. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    I have been playing since launch and I don't think I've missed a log in even when I've been super, duper busy. I still enjoy the game because it's a chance for me to play with my favourite characters and engage with the community ^^
  12. Dragalia Lost!

    I haven't pulled beyond the tutorial freebie. I guess that could be part of the problem, haha. I got 4* Eleanora as my free summon. Fortunately I got past the bit I was stuck. I did a little grinding and developed my managed circles. Then my damage stopped being terrible. The bosses still deal massive damage though, so I guess I need to be more careful. The lizardmen with their barriers are my bane.
  13. Dragalia Lost!

    It is co-developed by the developer of Granblue : P Game is pretty cute so far. I am stuck on Chapter 2 though o__o
  14. Dragon queen in Radiant Dawn?

    Rajaion is the older one. Almedha calls him big brother in one of the final base conversations. I am just guessing, but Rajaion is probably designed to be a handsome dragon prince, so that's why he looks fairly young.
  15. Should I avoid using the Fire Emblem name in my SRPG Studio game?

    In the long run, you should avoid having FE in the name. But if it's something small and you're not planning to sell it, I don't think it's a big deal. To be honest, although SRPG Studio is heavily based on FE, none of its assets are from FE. So unlike FE hacks, you can afford to benefit by not marketing your game as a FE fan game. Whereas hacks have already "lost" in the IP and copyright battle, so it doesn't really matter if the creators borrow the FE name. I hope that makes sense.