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  1. Favorite RPG?

    No worries. So long as there's been some time since the last topic ^^ Hmmm, it's a very difficult choice for me. I've played a lot of RPGs and a lot of them have their good points and bad points, and I can't really think of one with more good than bad. I guess the last one that really hooked me was Ao no Kiseki (or Trails to Azure). The build up was pretty intense, but there were a few cop-outs and the endgame literally didn't matter, which I guess is interesting in itself XD
  2. Fire Emblem Expo

    Of course they should look happy, it's meant to be a huge celebration of all FEs after all : D But no Leif is a bit weird though. Since literally everyone else is there. I guess he does get his own art exhibition.
  3. Cipher Series 17: Everyone is Here!

    Nice! I was half wondering if they'd release an all-stars series like this. With all these colours being represented, I hope they have "rainbow" in the name ^^
  4. Fire Emblem Expo

    I think the "expo" in the name might have set off unrealistic expectations. It's possible that they'll share new game/project announcements, but I think it's unlikely given the info we now know. Info from today's Cipher livestream. Summary:
  5. Aww, that's so nice; I'm glad Katarina managed to snag a SR. Her role is kinda cliched, but I felt they pulled it off nicely. Plus, she was technically FE's first waifu, although I suppose that award goes to Lyn, if she had romantic feelings for Mark. Also, I totally did not cry when editing her lines in the New Mystery translation...
  6. Favorite "marathon-length" video game

    Hmm, mine's a toss up between Xenoblade Chronicles or the Trails games. I really enjoy exploring the open worlds in Xenoblade and the story is fairly entertaining as well. Especially in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, they've put a lot of effort into the cut-scenes. That said, even Xenoblade feels kinda short to be a proper marathon for me. In which case, the Trails games (Trails in the Sky etc.) are definitely marathons or slow-burners at the very least. The main story is already pretty dang long and there are so many sidequests to do. Anyway, I really enjoy the world-building and all the character dynamics. Plus all the games in the Trails series are connected, so after you've played a few games, you can get really invested in the world and characters.
  7. Vestaria Saga section?

    Hi, thanks for asking. It is something I am considering, especially with the English version coming out next year. Most likely, I will add a wiki for users to contribute to.
  8. I think it's an interesting discussion, but as pointed out, the two situations are vastly, vastly different. Although the topic is the same. For IS to screw up as badly as Blizzard, they would've had to announce Fire Emblem Heroes without a new mainline Fire Emblem and there had to have been a major gap since the most recent FE. Seeing as Fates came out not too long ago, the situation with Heroes wasn't nearly as grave. From our perspective, the flood of alts in Heroes seems like a slap in the face, but in the grand scheme of things, it's a drop in the pond compared to Blizzard's situation. Besides, the huge difference in the like/dislike ratios kinda suggests that ^^ Regardless, I personally would like IS to have more transparency when it comes to reveals. They sort of do it sometimes, like when they announced the Thracia, Radiant Dawn and Binding Blade banners way in advance. Or when they admitted that Grand Conquests still needs fine-tuning. Other than that, I'm fairly content with the way they've been handling things. I do think they need more FEH Channels though. Maybe they could do mini ones to fill in the gaps. But I suppose those cost money (to direct/produce and to pay the English and Japanese voice actress).
  9. Yubelo as a Hero... Ahahaha. There was some nice stuff shown. I think my favourite was the Sophia art; she looks so serene.
  10. Old pokemon memories?

    Oh man, I had a lot of childhood memories with Pokemon. I'll start with the slightly tragic memory that I'm sure a couple of others have experienced. When I visited a cousin's house, I brought my copy of Blue with a bunch of high level, trained Pokemon. Of course, the first thing they do is start a new file and save over it. I was distraught, but hey I guess it means I can enjoy the game all over again. Plus since I know the game so well, I can make better choices ^^;;; On a more positive note, before Gold and Silver came out in English, I managed to get a Japanese copy during a car boot sale or something. It turned out to be a bootleg, but it worked and that was the most important thing. It was so amazing playing the game before everyone else and I loved all the improvements so much, like the game being in colour, day and night cycle, Special Attack and Defense split, etc. That said, since the game was in Japanese, I didn't understand everything. Still, I did beat the game and make my way to Kanto. Which was mind-blowing for me as a kid. Honestly, I don't think any other postgame has matched it since. Anyway, I was doing so well, until I got stuck at Snorlax. I had literally no idea how to proceed, until one day I was bored and listened to the radio... then I heard the Poke Flute song. Wait... could it be... I'll leave it at that : )
  11. The only one I remember is 5.75% on Flora's banner (and thankfully I did get Flora). I have a feeling I might have gone higher during the very first Halloween banner (where I ended up getting pity-broken).
  12. Empty Map Assests for SOV?

    Unfortunately it's a bit more complicated since Echoes (and also Awakening and Fates) use 3D models for the maps. Therefore, I'm not sure if they actually exist. There are two ways you could achieve that though, but both have their fair share of problems. 1. You could take multiple screenshots of the map from a fixed distance. All the while, you'd need to move the player and enemy units out of the way. I think this might be possible in Echoes only, since it actually has a proper birds-eye-view camera (whereas Awakening and Fates only have a slanted camera, if that makes sense). I am guessing Fire Emblem Wars of Dragons uses this technique--and it would probably be the easiest, if slightly tedious, way to get the maps. 2. This would require some technical skill, but you could theoretically dump the map files from the game using a hacked 3DS/2DS or acquire them from somebody who has already dumped the files. Then you could load the files in a program that can read 3DS model files like Ohana3DS and view the map that way. Trouble is, I don't think any program has 100% compatibility and I've noticed the textures aren't always read in the correct order, so the maps don't look right. Also, smaller objects like barrels and crates may need to be loaded separately. So this probably wouldn't even work, ahaha. Sorry that I can't help, but hopefully that explains your difficulty in locating the maps.
  13. I wasn't sure how to tackle Infernal at first. But I figured I would try and brute force it with young Tiki. First turn, I threw Tiki with Quick Riposte and Distant Def seal towards the left side. She KO'd the Mage, damaged the Archer and baited Aversa. Next turn I had Tiki finish the Archer, then I threw Bride Cordelia at the newly spawned Cavalier and Aversa, before finishing her turn in range of the Axe Flier. With ally support (I think?) and Drive Def, she survived with HP to spare. The rest of the turns was dancing Cordelia all across the map with two dancers. Tiki also helped a bit with Draw Back. Not looking forward to Abyssal in the future DX
  14. Who’s your favorite “Bad Unit” in FE?

    It has to be Sophia from Binding Blade. Girl joins so late and in the worst chapter ever. But I really like her design, so I can't help but use her. It's not too bad in Normal Mode since the enemies are quite lax. But I have painful memories of trying to level her in Hard Mode, by making her snipe enemies from behind the walls in Chapter 16 ^^;;;