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  1. Chromasia

    Oh yeah, sorry for the inconvenience. If I wasn't so tired, I should have told you to explicitly mention that I gave permission ^^;; Anyway, your game looks pretty cute and quirky. Hopefully it gets more attention.
  2. Yar, the video for reference: Looking back, I did use Astra a few times. Also, at Level 99, Grima overkills everybody AFAIK so only Bow Knights and Oliphantiers can safely take it on. When facing the normal version, even on Hard, at least you have a lot more options XD
  3. I have Astra and it's pretty OP. It's been a long time, but I think I used it for the Thabes Labyrinth and maybe the hacked Level 99 boss rush I made. I do want the other 2 for completion's sake, but I haven't had time to grind lately.
  4. DLC Character Protrait Rips

    I haven't checked elsewhere, but here you go:
  5. How does one make hacks/mods of 3DS titles?

    I can't really provide any specific pointers, but really, the concept is very similar. The main difference is that, post GBA, it's possible to extract the game file (ROM, ISO, whatever) into all of its constituent files. In general, you never directly edit the game file like you do with GBA hacking. Instead, you edit the separate files, then recompile the game file. As such, the first thing you need is a tool to extract the game file. For 3DS, you want to extract the RomFS (which is kinda like a GBA ROM). You can find a RomFS Extractor/Builder made by SciresM. Next, after extracting the files, you'll find that many files are compressed and/or encrypted to save space and make editing harder. FEAT, also by SciresM, can decompress/decrypt most common file types in 3DS FE games. After decompressing/decrypting the file(s) of interest, then you use a hex editor or Nightmare etc. on the file. Finally, after editing the file, you need to do everything in reverse. So you need to use FEAT to compress/encrypt the file and RomFS Extractor/Builder to recompile the RomFS. OR if you have CFW on your 3DS, there should be a plug in or CFW that lets you load individual modified files without needing to recompile the RomFS.
  6. TearRing remake by IS (as a proper FE game)?

    As mentioned, it's never happening, at least not in this universe. 1. Nintendo/Intelligent Systems does not own the rights to TearRing Saga. 2. I severely doubt Nintendo wants the rights to TearRing Saga (and that Enterbrain will happily hand over the rights) given all the legal drama that happened.
  7. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    I have a feeling it's more of a FE thing. It's not just online, I've found that people are happy to talk about waifus and husbandos at conventions and stuff. Which I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing. Not to say Pokemon isn't completely free of this; there are waifus like Serena and more recently Lillie. But you just don't usually see discussion of it since the main focus is usually on the Pokemon and the mechanics. Plus (so far), you can't romance any of the characters ^^;
  8. Oops, almost forgot to make this. E3 (June 2018) During Nintendo's E3 Nintendo Direct, the first trailer for Fire Emblem: Three Houses was shown. My analysis Screenshots In brief: New continent Fódlan, which is ruled by the Church of Seiros. During battle, units are now supported by troops. Skills and Combat Arts are back. You can freely roam around a castle. Additionally, Nintendo revealed that the game will feature three important characters: Edelgard von Hresvelgr, who was shown to wield swords and axes. Her class is Aristocrat. Dimitri Alexander Blaidad, who was shown to wield lances (at least). Claude von Regan, who was shown to wield bows (at least). A fourth character, Byleth (a sword wielder), appeared frequently in a trailer. From the look of things, he seems to be the main protagonist--and may even be the Avatar of the game. Feel free to PM me if you notice any mistakes or have any new information to report (but please wait a while if it's brand new, just in case I'm working on it).
  9. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    There's no definitive evidence that it's not Tiki, but the reverse is also true. I think the major point of contest is people assuming that it's definitely Tiki, when it's at best a "maybe" right now. True, there are 2000 years unaccounted for, but since Tiki was in Valm/Valentia during Awakening, it's likely she didn't venture too far away. Whereas Fodlan looks to be a new continent and perhaps even a new world. I suppose she could've passed through an Outrealm Gate or simply traveled, but we'll just have to wait and see ^^ I won't disagree that the resemblance is almost definitely intentional. You don't just go showing off a sleeping green-haired Manakete girl without good reason. Personally I'm wondering if it's not Tiki, but her mother Naga instead. Before she was famous for saving the world. That's a big "what if" though!
  10. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    It was a good analysis, ignoring the Claude mishaps. The main thing I learned from the video was the queen having dirt on her while holding the sword. Well, it is obvious at a glance but I didn't consider the implications. So it's likely her after the battle and after she's obtained the sword from the old guy. I feel like the video could've been 50% longer, but presumably they are busy covering the other games from E3.
  11. About the world map...(I might be crazy, but...)(FE 9/10)

    I think a link to Nintendo's website should be safe : P Yeah, I can see some similarities, although I'm personally not sure how intentional it is. Actually, the more I look at Fodlan, the more it looks like Western Europe. Albine(?) in the north-west corner is a dead ringer for the United Kingdom.
  12. E3 Trailer Analysis

    @Ressueah Good catch! For 2, it is definitely a Combat Arts toggle. In the Japanese trailer, "None" is "No Combat Art" instead.
  13. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    Yeah, for those wondering, I would not get your hopes up. The game is several month's away from release and it's extremely likely they don't have a version of the game ready to demo. Showing a pre-recorded trailer (like the one we saw in the E3 Direct) is a completely different beast (as in, it's much, much easier).
  14. E3 2018 Badge Mini-Update

    To celebrate the full reveal of Fire Emblem: Three Houses at this year's E3, I've added three new member badges for the three key characters. You should find them at the very top of the list, under "Three Houses". In addition, by request, I've added a Smash allegiance. The following characters will have an alternative badge image when this allegiance is selected: Marth, Roy, Ike, Lucina, Robin (M) and Corrin (M). If you're wondering why Robin (F) and Corrin (F) are missing, I used the Smash 5 renders and I don't have their Smash 5 renders on hand. As usual, any feedback, as well as suggestions for new badges, just let me know! I can't promise to accommodate every request, but I'll keep them in mind.
  15. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    We waited 1 and a half years for yesterday's trailer. We can keep waiting, I think ^^;;; Hopefully we will get some more news sooner than later (especially closer to release), but just don't expect anything soon. I doubt it's anything to do with Heroes. Don't forget this is the very first HD Fire Emblem, so the developers will need to work much harder. If you think about it, the last big console Fire Emblem was Radiant Dawn on the Wii a decade ago.