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  1. I have a hunch on how bow range might work in Echoes: SoV 1. In Ram Forest, Generic Archer has a generic Bow and Bowrange+1, he has 1-3 range. 2. In Southern Fortress, Archer Kliff has a generic Bow, he has 1-3 range. 3. In Zofia Gate, Archer Tobin has a Steel Bow equipped, he has 1-4 range. 4. In Deliverance Hideout, we see Archer Tobin with Bowrange+1. 5. In Mountain Graveyard, Sniper Leon has an Iron Bow equipped and Bowrange+2, he has 1-5 range. 6. In Desert Fortress, Sniper Leon has an Iron Bow equipped and Bowrange+2, he has 1-5 range. I'll assume here that - Archer Kliff has Bowrange+1, in line with the generic Archer - Archer Tobin has Bowrange+1 in both Screenshots 3 and 4 My hypothesis with bow range in this game is as follows: - Generic Bows have 1-2 range, equippable Bows (such as Iron Bow or Steel Bow) have 1-3 range as their weapon parameters - Archers have Bowrange+1: they have 1-3 range at base, and 1-4 range with an equippable Bow - Snipers have Bowrange+2: they have 1-4 range at base, and 1-5 range with an equippable Bow This is consistent with all of the above screenshots, and could be a possible explanation.
  2. BGM 1 is the Ram Village theme
  3. No need to feel guilty, I made this hours before your post on a Discord chat :) Back to more serious business: The Zofian Symbol The Rigelian Symbol Map of Valentia Duma/Mila Mural
  4. Be careful what you wish for Not quite what you described, but something I made earlier from today
  5. Sierra fed with some statboosters and maybe an Ensorcel buff can do crazy things. btw I wonder whether San was intended in Japanese as something similar to Frau is in German.
  6. OG Warp on witches would be rather incompatible with the smarter AI that modern FE titles have, considering that it is infinite range and it allows to perform another action within the same turn. I mean it's not like there's only one in the map, some of them have quite a few of them. If enemy AI was strictly programmed to go for maximum damage, for instance, what they would do is unilaterally Warp on the same enemy phase and focus-fire on your lowest RES/HP unit (recall also that spells in OG Gaiden negates terrain avoid bonuses), and that's not exactly fun or fair gameplay. Some possible means to address it (other than the possibility of removing it from the game) - Introducing an RNG element to Warp - Limiting warp to a certain movement range - No longer being able to Warp and perform an action at the same time But then again there was that one FE14 DLC which had Warping Witches iirc? Perhaps they'll handle it as they did there? Or they could just keep Witches the morons they were in the original Gaiden.
  7. Map comparison between Gaiden and SoV screenshots (Dungeon map enemy composition may differ due to the dungeon crawling aspect and perhaps random enemy generation)
  8. JP FEs always had Kanji (or Hiragana in the really old ones) in stat screens iirc but that isn't to say that there were never any English transcription at all. Recall: - FE4 level-up screens and promotion screens (e.g. MDF for Magic Defense, i.e. Resistance was a thing) - FE5 stat screens, level-up screens and promotion screens (e.g. BLD for Build i.e. Constitution was a thing) These had English abbreviations of stats (FE5 stat screens used both English abbreviations AND Kanji) Both of these games in particular used SKL. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes either way, whether TEC is retained or gets swapped to SKL in the localisation.
  9. Thanks a lot! This is massively reassuring :)
  10. So I've compiled some information on the game, including - Playable Unit Data: character name, origin, weapon type, movement type, equippable weapons and skills (Complete) - Weapons: name, might, range, unlocked/defaulted star levels, upgrade cost, effect (99% Complete) - Commands: name, range, unlocked/defaulted star levels, upgrade cost, effect (90% Complete) - Triggers: name, range, turns, unlocked/defaulted star levels, upgrade cost, effect (In Progress) - Passives: name, skill-slot, upgrade cost, effect (99% Complete) The Google Sheet link is here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mdSdiBaT5btVGNg_TZSn9jXDl9xd3oWzhyomOrfPb9I/edit#gid=0 Maybe this can contribute to a future meta? Possible Additions for the future (though no guarantees: I'm actually hoping that someone else does this) - Story Map Data (map layout, starting locations, enemy stats and skill set for each difficulty) - Adding character-specific info on which star-levels they have passive skills - Detailed info on prerequisite weapons/command skills/special skills/passive skills Some Tidbits - As far as I can tell, all Rally commands seem to be unlocked at 3-stars and defaulted at 4-stars. The one exception is the player's starting Sharena (2-star) who has Rally Attack at base. - Michalis, Camus and Sheena has the Iote's Shield, Grani's Shield and Svalinn Shield passive skills, respectively, all of which negate effective damage dealt to said units. These three seem to be the only units in the game to have these particular passives. - Thoron+, Rexcalibur+, Blárwolf, Blárwolf+ are enemy-only. I'm pretty sure that Gronnwolf and Gronnwolf+ are as well, though I have yet to confirm enemies have this. (They are, however, included for the sake of completeness) - The same passive skill progressions (e.g. HP +3, HP +4, HP +5) may be unlocked at different star-levels for different units. This is the reason why I haven't added unlocked star-levels for Passives. However, an overwhelming number (all?) of them are available at 1 star-2 stars-4 stars OR 3 stars-4 stars-5 stars, apart from a few exceptions (e.g. Close Counter, Lunge) which don't progress in three. Note that no units come with Passive skills at base. - No playable unit so far has the Ward Flier or Goad Cavalry passive skills.
  11. Denis / 1225256994
  12. The Nimue->Niime and Marduk->Murdock change seems to have been applied only to English(US) and not, say, English(Europe/Australia). I haven't checked the other European language options closely, but from cursory glance the update hasn't happened on them either.
  13. The only really bad mechanics in Thracia 776 IMO are movement stars and healing staves missing. Other than that I do wish that the game would make its mechanics clearer, but many of them really define the game, and not in a bad way...
  14. Perhaps have him equip the Blessed Lance when you need that -5 defense.
  15. The other option mentioned in the link in the above quote is that the trigger for initialising 490 love points between Seliph and Julia may be that ALL gen 1 female units need to be paired.