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  1. "I know that, but that doesn't mean we have to treat them the same way. There's no need to alienate them while there's a chance that they can be helpful," Pete said, irritated now. He had more to say with regards to morale and how that ship sailed, but by that point Greta's wagon had been off-loaded. "I'll leave it at that for now, since we're almost ready to go. Let's start with getting off this boat, for now."
  2. "Look, I don't doubt they're going to ask how Amon pulled that off," Pete said, frowning as per usual. "Not answering them is going to be a problem, since that's probably the most important thing both sides are looking for, and we can't tell them the truth, because then we're back to the first problem. Since you can't really meet with the Ursians, Joanna, maybe both you and Liam should stay away from the meetings altogether. That way, neither of you have to lie."
  3. "Blessing from the gods, huh...Wait, there's an idea," Pete said, snapping his fingers all of a sudden. "Just pass it off as a blessing from Aisha for now. That's close enough to the truth anyways, without being too unbelievable given that twister weapon. That'll also cover for why we can't summon the battleship right now, as well. 'Her will be done', or whatever." "Okay, that's a start, then," he continued, as he glanced out towards the dock. "We should talk to Hoshi, and figure out where exactly would be a good place to meet with any of the sides. And a place for some of the others to lay low, in the meanwhile."
  4. "Well, we need to get more information about who to talk to from Kigen, but I don't see the harm in trying here. Just need to be careful in what we say about how we know about the gate. And," Pete said, before pointing at Amon. "The same goes for the emblem. They don't need to know everything about it."
  5. "I think Neviskotia's the safer bet. They probably have more to offer, and if the Ursians have even as much as a single wrathite on their recruitment team, things are going to explode, 'best behaviour' or no," Pete said, before he paused to think about that condition. "Well, aside from wrathites, I guess they'd only start something immediately if they saw us leaving with the other side, or something looking like that... Are you thinking about trying to talk to both sides?"
  6. "Well, Liam, like it or not, you're involved, just like me. We're stuck in the same boat, literally," Pete said, with a slight smirk. "I agree with keeping civvies out of this, though. That means, despite what I said earlier, we should look to try and work with one of the two sides. We'd have to fight the other soldiers, sure, but we might be able to take it outside of the city before having to do so. Beyond that..., well, depending on how things go, they could help us out in some way. In any case,the other way of dealing with the factions, hiding, isn't really going to work, because, like Joanna just said, we're too noticeable. We could maybe try and split up but I don't think we have enough standard clothing around not to stand out."
  7. "Sure," Lane said, agreeing with Weyland's suggestion to go over a few more things, starting with the Paladin. Which was a transport of sorts, from the sounds of it. "That might take a little longer. Maybe another half-a day after Raquel's ready to handle mass-warping. Though, I'm not sure you should rush to finish, per se. While time is of the essence, if we move too fast, we might draw too much attention in Neviskotia, too soon. "
  8. "Partially," Pete replied to Amon, before turning his attention over to the port. "We have a problem upcoming, so I figured that now would be the best time to deal with that question. In any case, the problem for us now is that members of both the Ursian and Neviskotian navies managed to get in port ahead of us, and a probably going to try and recruit us to their side, after the stunt with the warship back in Urquium. There's almost no way we can avoid both sides, and escape the port without a battle. But, on the flip side, if our group allies with either side, we'll definitely be attacked by the other country's forces. To make a long story short, regardless of what we do, we're almost guaranteed to have to fight our way out of Arugai, so we need to decide on what to do, specifically."
  9. "Alright, well if no one has any objections right now, to summarize, the current plan is to, after rest and practice, warp to Kievan Rus. From there, we're to meet up with Jaeger, then investigate Susanna Bosconovitch's links to Hydra, all the while trying to curry favor with the Neviskotian government in order to convince them of the threat the siege gate poses. Does that sound accurate?" Lane asked the room. "If not, feel free to correct me. If it is, maybe we should move on."
  10. "It's going to be a few minutes, so come over here," Pete said loudly to Amon, before he turned towards Joanna, who was by that point close enough to talk to normally. "I just want to clear the air: Are you and Liam going to keep supporting the rest of the group in battle? I'm not asking for you to fight beyond self-defense, or even be too close to the front-lines, just to support us with your healing magic. If not, we'll need to get you out of this port, and fast."
  11. No Oars Barred (Day 3) Gearing Up (Day 4) Another day, another crisis. Several Neviskotian and Ursian vessels had docked in Arugai ahead of the two ships, and no doubt were going to try and hunt the group -or maybe just Amon- down as soon as they left the dock. In other words, business as usual, or so it seemed to Pete as he packed his belongings and headed up to the main deck. After adjusting his helmet so the visor was up, he started towards the two people he wanted to talk to. "Hey, Amon, Joanna, could I have a word?" he half-shouted towards the sancturan and the avian woman.
  12. "Raquel can warp us all," Lane said, as though it was a matter of fact. "She just needs some instruction, and some practice. I'd say she'll be ready for it by midday tomorrow at the latest, if that practice starts tonight. As for safety, maybe the two of you could go and scout out a few locations together, before the big move? Or is it the large warp that's the problem?" Pavel decided to leave it to Keeper to handle this situation. For more than a few reasons.
  13. Go ahead. It might end the current war faster. *** "Alright, then, I'll see if I have time later then," Lane said, as he remembered that he would need to go to the Hall of Truth later on, especially given what he had learned so far. He decided to stay out of the discussion around warping since, while it would be convenient, he wasn't sure that it would be the best option in the long term, and so decided to wait and see what Weyland proposed. Pavel, on the other hand, decided to speak up. "We actually have a faster way to move around," he said, having received a similar response from Thanatos. "Keeper, if you don't mind explaining?"
  14. "Well, if we have time before leaving, I'd like to ask you a few questions about your homeland, if you don't mind," Lane said, to Dominik. "Even though it wasn't paradise, it would be interesting to hear about another land outside of Sardius." And it would maybe give him some information to work with in regards to Emil. In any case, if they were referring to Ryder in terms of discreet messaging, the man in black agreed that they would be the best way to contact Jaeger. Speaking of the messenger had Lane thinking of something ridiculous however, which naturally meant he would look into it later. For now, the question of how to get to Neviskotia was at hand. "I think traveling by sea would probably be safer," he said, "Since the war's still going on, and the battlelines are just past Urcenter, the last time I had heard tell of it." "You'd be tracked by Hydra, through Leviathan," Pavel said, interjecting. "And if they pass that info along to Fox, there'd be trouble." That left Lane silent awfully quickly.