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  1. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    I'm heading off. I'm fine with my vote where it is.
  2. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    the tl;dr is I can see SB being scum but right now I'm leaning no. I think the wagon's more likely pure rather than corrupt.
  3. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    I can see a world where SB is scum. I think there is some merit to his being safe about the lynches and defending refa. I don't want to lynch him right now, however. I don't think I see a world where refa and SB are scum together. But that's more because of refa than SB's doing to be honest. Also I'm not sure if Scum!SB would show up and drunkpost. NAI but I really don't think he'd risk his teammates by doing that.
  4. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    At Eury Bit: I mention it later It's on page 29 in response to your asking eury about reads. Middle. It should be in my eury read. Again this is unfair to you because it's a eury-thing imo. At your bits: I'm just going to use this post as an example. It's citing yourself and scumprims as examples of faking or actually having demotivation as scum in order to counterpoint KtS when I think the situation's more nuanced. Yes, scum can fake dmov, but does that happen oftentimes? I'm not going to put words in KtS's mouth but I do think it to be townies demotivated more often than scum, so it's slightly town points. As I'm writing this I realize that my issues with things like that on your end aren't inherently scummy just different ways of playing the game, so I guess rn my suspicion would more depend on Eury than the interactions with Refa. At Sb: I'm not very good at reading him, so it would be latter. Recent game that comes to mind for me was Antihero Anonydraft, where he was scum mayor and had pocketed me and nearly won in Lylo. So my thing is, yes I agree with his arguments but I'm trying to stay wary of him because of that prior traumatic experience.
  5. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    day 2* I'm tired.
  6. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    I swear to Helix that was not intentional. I think tying you and refa together after d2 was kind of bad from either alignment because I don't think scum actively busses scum like that in lightkeeper and 1 for 1 on day too is not a good trade for scum. I will say that I'm thinking about it though because paranoid town does 180 like that. My issues are w/ her tone though which is why I'm still in the eury's scum camp all the same.
  7. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    @Conqueror Role stuff is important but I was still catching up. Check this: Ok 20-here done. I might look at earlier days but I want to get my snap impressions out first. 1.Shinori- Mob Boss. He even was threatening to send a team after someone earlier. 2.Orihime- I don't know exactly who this is but leaning scum on poe. 3.Rapier-->conqueror : I'm also uneasy about this slot if only because I disagree with some of the arguments on refa (some of the stuff you're using like Scum!Prims doesn't necessarily apply and it strikes me as using counterexamples to bring down likelihood arguments) and I think there's an eury reaction to him that looks bad. Preemptive and unfair but I can't really help what I feel. 4.SB: SO here's my thing; I never really am able to get a good grip on SB's alignment, and the same applies here. I don't think the defending refa in itself is inherently scummy and I do agree with the bart/eury wagons but I've been burned once, so I'm twice shy about him. 5.Ice Sage Scumlord inc. 6.Athena -Mobster. I feel like he's playing completely differently from his usual play which to me means he's likely not mafia. I also sheep his case on bart. 7.Killthestory- This is another feels case where I think from what I saw last game and this game are radically different. I can't say that I feel bad about him though especially since I don't see any signs of the last game like the use of ate so I think he's mob. 8.Eurykins- I am getting flashbacks to Brexitland. Eury's not usually this angry/aggressive imo and then on page 29 there's a tone flip from outrage to what I would describe as cordial when talking about reads to conq; which is reminiscent of the quizzing SHinori during that game. I feel like she's scum. 10.baldrick doesn't remind me of his scum play previously. I think his case of a refa/sb/bartozio triforce is wrong, but not necessarily scummy because I'm a little wary of those two. I just don't think it's those three like that. 13.jb's questions strike me as a stark difference between previous game and this one and I mean it in a positive fashion. I don't really agree with his KtS case but I don't think there's si behind it. 14.refa- I would say that I feel like he's acting ooc from what I've seen on page 3 but I don't think he makes sense as scum. Maybe. And his later stuff reminds me more of town refa so leaning mob slightly. 15.bartozio is the easiest read for me here; IMO he's obv scum because his latest post just strikes me as an omgus. Even if it's low effort It's unlike past errors where he'd kind of inexplicably change wagons or whatnot. Let's give the Mafia gods what they crave. ##Vote: Bartozio Would also go for a Eury lynch. I think tunneling hard/shading hard there is possible for scum to do in a few scenarios.
  8. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    Shinori I'm going to be blunt; this strikes me as you being incredibly dense. Do you want me to spell it out or should we keep dancing around this?
  9. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    Scenario one's probably more likely bc I would think scenario three would've been sorted out by now and/or if one of those people were someone you'd pushed, they would be scrutinized for any indication of hidden knowledge to strengthen or weaken your convictions. Scenario two is unlikely imo.
  10. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    If you are Shinori you probably have scum, if we're assuming you're the night kill in your eury defense scenario.
  11. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    Wait is shinori self watcher? I thought he was just faking a cop guilty as a gambit
  12. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    Hi KTS. @ShinoriSee I disagree with that because I think a lot of eury stuff I've read so far (and a tone shift) reminds me of Brexitland. The other thing is the rage wrt the gambit could be motivated by scum getting denied a night kill, which is something I'm keeping in mind because I think it's unlikely (if at all possible) that they no killed and you would think a roleblocker would've claimed by now if they had for an easy ML. I've only read up to like half of 30 though and I haven't looked at the ios posts, so I'm witholding judgement for right now.
  13. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    Sounds right. Or is it?
  14. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    Incidentally ( this is unrelated) Is this the mythical Town Athena? I really like the case even though I haven't read d2 tone-wise and it looks like he's not playing super reactive like he has in the past. It's like seeing a unicorn.
  15. Twitch Plays Pokemon Mafia NOC(15p)(N3)

    lol. Well I've read like first page and a half of d3. Let's go with something in there rn.