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  1. Even after the business with the Cathedral concluded, Lane found himself relatively busy for the rest of the week. There were so many things to see, and so many people to talk to, that he felt like there just wasn't enough time in the day. On this particular morning, the servant of Nyx was deciding whether or not he'd take a walk through the city after breakfast, when Veronika's older sister arrived with the news about the Conclave's special meeting. He mentally shelved that plan while he listened to the back and forth, until Jethro suggested using Erion's ability to mimic a demon. It was a decent idea, but its flaws outweighed the benefits. "The problem with that is that the illusion's useless if someone with 'affinity' is there outside of our group's members," Lane said, breaking his silence. "And, even if there isn't, we wouldn't be able to release him into their custody if they needed to test the 'demon'. I'm in favor of delaying the meeting. In the meantime, is there any way outside we could work garner more support beyond your father's forces, like mercenary work, for example?" As he was saying this, the man's mind was already working on another problem the senior Valcyn had indirectly mentioned. Was it really impossible to tell if they were too late? To determine that, to some extent, the group needed to know where the siege gate was, which seemed like the impossibility at this point in time. But, was it?
  2. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Pete sighed. "Make that two people to look out for." Along with Daichi. And the Ursians. And the Neviskotians. Merz, they had just made port and they were already on high alert. The way it was going, the mercenary wouldn't be surprised if there was a pirate attack or something on top of the mess the group was already mired in.
  3. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Pete had made his opinion clear on the spirit springs, but couldn't help but clarify what he meant by asking about Ayano -not Ayane- in the first place. "If she wants to now, yep. But we should try and get our hands on the incident map, first, so we can narrow down the search area," the man said, nodding at Amon. "She'd be our best bet at scouting the area and coming back without alerting the Fallen." Having said his piece about that, he then moved on to the reason he was inside in the first place. "By the way, is there any chance Bert's checked in ahead of us?"
  4. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Pete had been keeping an eye out, at least initially, for Daichi, Bert, the Ursians, or the Neviskotians, but so far none of them had shown up. He went inside to check and see if the Crusher had somehow arrived ahead of the group, when he caught the latter half of the conversation between Anna, Nadya, and Shadrak. "The idea is to become vasili using the emblem and then destroy the siege gate, without risk or need for help," Pete said, chiming in after Anna asked about spirit springs. "I don't think it's a bad plan, but for this problem we might already have an answer. Is the ninja girl still around? Ayane or whatever her name is?"
  5. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "I hope Daichi doesn't lead the Ursians or Skotians right to us, though," Pete said, frowning. "It sounds like he's going to approach them next, so they might've just been handed our exact location." Sure, it meant that they could try and resolve the situation all at once, but it also meant that they had nowhere reliable to hide out if things took a turn for the worse.
  6. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    The news that Mr. Kazemi was both an emperor-designated 'demon' slayer- demon being their name for the Fallen- and the father of Norbert was both surprising and lucky, at least in Pete's eyes. As long as the pegasus rider didn't mess things up too badly, the group could easily gain the Kigenese support needed to deal with the gate through the Hikibain's connections. Now, as for the meeting, the armored man did not have any suggestions since he didn't know the port, but, all the same, was ready to suggest they meet somewhere around Weyland Enterprises' headquarters, if Amon didn't have an answer ready. For now, however, he continued to keep an eye out for any unwelcome visitors.
  7. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    As soon as Mr. Kazemi, or Kazemi-san, as he referred to himself, went ahead and bowed, Pete realized his mistake. Merz, he really should've paid more attention. But, at this point in time, it was too late to correct it. So, as a result, the armored man hid his embarassment behind the frown he had on earlier, and avoided eye contact as Amon and the Hikibain discussed the naval battle. Not that he had much to add, so much as to wonder about what was going on. The Kigenese man's title, Hikibain, must have been somewhat important, given that he had a group of soldiers under his command, and Hoshi had stopped mid-sentence upon hearing the word. But then why was he hanging around here, if he was such a big shot? And why was he interested in Bert? Something didn't add up.
  8. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "Okay, thanks," Pete said, frowning at the revelation that Bert had run off, despite the situation. And, from what it sounded like, he had already gotten into trouble with the Kigenese army. In other words, business as usual. Well, given they weren't being held at swordpoint yet, they might be able to recover. "Sorry about our ally, Mr. Kazemi," he said, turning towards the veteran soldier. "He's a little testy at times." As he said his piece, the Ursian man attempted to bow like Hoshi. That was the custom, right? Merz, he should've paid more attention to the etiquette training, back when he was starting out as a lieutenant
  9. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Pete followed Amon over to the 'welcoming' Kigenese soldiers but said little initially, as their apparent leader greeted Amon. Instead, he was keeping an eye out for any sign of their pursuers. Or was, until, just after Eva asked Amon about splitting off and Hoshi, shortly afterwards, approached and told Amon about having a place to say. The latter, in particular, sounded promising, but he decided not to interject in that conversation. "By the way, do you know if anyone else has run off yet?" Pete asked Eva instead. He wasn't sure if everyone from the Emi Maru had disembarked, but figured that the wyvern rider might. Especially since she had been one of the first off of the ship.
  10. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    Pete had begun mulling the avian-fallen problem as he headed down the pier, following behind Amon. For the time being he was wondering about the light magic Joanna and Liam could use, but he didn't know if a light show would be enough proof. Before the Rexian leader could even make it off the pier and onto the wharf proper, he was accosted by both Thales and Eva in short order, the former, in front of him, asking if the group was good to split off, and the latter, from a distance, saying that she had some people for him to talk too. The Ursian man, looking over in the wyvern rider's direction, realized that those people looked awfully like Kigenese soldiers and sighed. "It begins," he muttered to himself, before directing his attention to Thales. "You probably don't want to run off just yet, since we're still figuring things out. Especially right now."
  11. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "Well, that's why I said we should talk to Hoshi after this. She's supposed to be the leader of the Weyland people," Pete said, with a shrug," So she might have a plan from here on out. As for if they find us early on, well, as long as Bert doesn't set anything off or a Wrathite's with the Ursians, we can probably find a way to stall things. Does anyone know where vanishing girl or Fizza are? They could help you move, worst case scenario."
  12. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "I know that, but that doesn't mean we have to treat them the same way. There's no need to alienate them while there's a chance that they can be helpful," Pete said, irritated now. He had more to say with regards to morale and how that ship sailed, but by that point Greta's wagon had been off-loaded. "I'll leave it at that for now, since we're almost ready to go. Let's start with getting off this boat, for now."
  13. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "Look, I don't doubt they're going to ask how Amon pulled that off," Pete said, frowning as per usual. "Not answering them is going to be a problem, since that's probably the most important thing both sides are looking for, and we can't tell them the truth, because then we're back to the first problem. Since you can't really meet with the Ursians, Joanna, maybe both you and Liam should stay away from the meetings altogether. That way, neither of you have to lie."
  14. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "Blessing from the gods, huh...Wait, there's an idea," Pete said, snapping his fingers all of a sudden. "Just pass it off as a blessing from Aisha for now. That's close enough to the truth anyways, without being too unbelievable given that twister weapon. That'll also cover for why we can't summon the battleship right now, as well. 'Her will be done', or whatever." "Okay, that's a start, then," he continued, as he glanced out towards the dock. "We should talk to Hoshi, and figure out where exactly would be a good place to meet with any of the sides. And a place for some of the others to lay low, in the meanwhile."
  15. Return of the Emblem Chapter Fifteen: Alliance

    "Well, we need to get more information about who to talk to from Kigen, but I don't see the harm in trying here. Just need to be careful in what we say about how we know about the gate. And," Pete said, before pointing at Amon. "The same goes for the emblem. They don't need to know everything about it."