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  1. Huge spam in the General thread

    Oh OK.
  2. Huge spam in the General thread

    Has anyone translated what they are saying?
  3. Huge spam in the General thread

    Can't we ban users on this site?
  4. Huge spam in the General thread

    This is the third time I've seen Korean spam threads in the past few weeks. Add that to the list of crud Korea makes.
  5. Pairing Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn.

    Eliwood x Ninian. Super sweet pairing. Hector x Lyn. They contrast, opposites attract. Plus, I don't use Peg Knights in FE7. Lyn x Nils. Wait, that's not possible? Why? Come on, we need to balance out lolis with their equivalent! Nevermind, Lyn x Hector.
  6. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    Oops, forgot about that. Doga is best Armor Knight. Lukas is a bit too slow, Bors is a knockoff, Oswin comes close, Gilliam not sure, I can't find Kellam, and Effie focuses too much on Strength. A while ago, I was playing Chapter 7 of FE12 on Hard, and Doga as a Paladin took on a ton of Cavaliers and Armors, and a Fire Dragon too. The only backup he had was Wrys healing him. Doga will choke this point indeed. Planning to roll him in Heroes.
  7. Good android RPGs

    Found a good one called The Great Tournament. It's more of a CYOA book but it's still fun. The story is great too.
  8. Favorite + Least Favorite FE meme?

    Favorite: *Frollo voice* FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! *ahem* Sigurd/Flora/Rinea fire jokes are funny. Hate: (EDIT) Faye-Shaming. I'm neutral about her, and I hate Tharja and Cordelia more than her.
  9. Elibean Nights

    Oops, the Sound Room thing was a mistake on my part. If Serra dies in Pent's tale, Sain appears on both sides of the screen in the death quote and one of the Sains starts to pretend being Rebecca.
  10. Elibean Nights

    Bug report! Nils is described in the bonus content as a Commander of Bern and trusted by Marquess Laus. Also, the Sound Room blacks out the game.
  11. Could the story of Fates be an analogy to the fanbase?

    I miss Advance Wars. Come on IS, make a new Advance Wars game that goes back to the old mechanics! (And by old mechanics, I meant Black Hole Rising with a few tweaks here and there.) Hahahahaha. Wait, does Obsidian Wasp go on the forums? I'm not sure. Out of all the FE youtubers, I've only seen Ghast.
  12. Could the story of Fates be an analogy to the fanbase?

    Interesting analysis. The Hoshido favoritism both in story and gameplay (seriously, all their weapon types have stat bonuses except clubs which get extra crit (not that it matters given the 3DS games' RNG)) also can represent how IS panders to Awakening/Fates fans alongside making the game easier. (I still play on casual though.)
  13. Good android RPGs

    Knights of Pen and Paper 2 is a pretty fun and funny RPG. It's also free. Most Mobile RPGs are crap, though.
  14. Canas is awesome, too bad he's not plot-relevant enough. But hey, if Naverre made it, maybe he has a chance. Also, Grandmapocalypse. I laughed too hard at that.