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  1. [FE1] Fire Emblem: Ballistafest

    So back in September, while rambling on to my good friend Daerunia about my love for siege engines, she said this: Yesterday, I started thinking about that conversation and said to myself: "What if everyone did use ballistae instead?" So here's a quickly-made (as in the span of a night and an afternoon) hack of FE1 where all units except for Marth, Draug, Ogma, Barst, Hardin, Jeorge, Astram, fliers, magic users, dragons, generals, bosses, and playable thieves are now ballisticians. The catch? All playable units not recruited from enemies have retained their stats from the vanilla game. Shops and stats of certain characters and items have been altered to revolve around the ballista-infested game. Primary changes include: Let me know if there's anything I missed. Have fun! Here's the link, patch it to a clean untranslated FE1 rom: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9uqlfgybkgyfc9i/Ballistafest.ips?dl=0
  2. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    I am from Earth. Why do I want to meet my internet friends in real life?
  3. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Beep boop. Why is the idea of a robot cyborg who ships her organic friends together so ridiculous?
  4. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Yes. Why do nativity figurine sets include the wise men when they only visited Jesus way after he was born, like a few months at least to a few years at most?
  5. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Tomorrow. Seriously, why am I very attracted to older women?
  6. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Yes. Are illegal aliens a real problem?
  7. Problem solving

    Get my brother to tend to the wound, he's a doctor. You're walking in the woods one day, when you suddenly find an ocarina. What do you do with it?
  8. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Yes. (btw Hawky my intentions was that "it [not being localized] sucks") Why do people get mad at me all the time?
  9. Send Two Characters on a Date!

    Matthew just screams in horror throughout the whole affair as Serra tries to make her move onto him. Ninian and Shulk, in an icy cave.
  10. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    I suppose, but you'll have better sound quality this time since it's in both ears instead of one. Why ain't I right in the head?
  11. OC Emblem: Tryouts

    This has been circulating around on Discord for a while now, but it's finally time to announce it to the public. OC Emblem has begun development! Now, what is OC Emblem, you may ask? OC Emblem is an idea to bring together a group of users, each contributing one character or several, to create a hodgepodge of a playable cast consisting purely of OCs. It'll basically be the Argonautica of character creators! The original intent was to use purely fanfic OCs, but since I've found such people in short supply, anyone can apply, although fanfic writers are much preferred. Which characters exactly qualify as OCs? Well, let's first cross out those that don't. Self-inserts, for one, are highly prohibited, although I provide exceptions depending on their origins (like Ostrava and Del and ltranc) on a case-by-case basis. Non-humanoid OCs can't qualify either. Now on to other notes on qualifications: Canon characters with little to no personality but given development by the contributor technically count as OCs (see Umbramatic's Creation Trio: Quentin/Dialga, Valentina/Palkia, and Howard/Giratina). Speaking of which, the OCs can originally be from anywhere: Pokémon, Xenoblade, Percy Jackson, heck, you can even use RP characters, like from Dungeons and Dragons or HaruFE! If you feel like you want your character to be featured in OC Emblem, message me either here or on Discord! My tag is "Purple Mage#2497" Setting: Gameplay (and links to Google Docs): Current Contributors (with links to those outside Serenes Forest if applicable and/or found) [and number of representatives in braces]: Anyone can join, whether friend, foe, or person I don't know! Be sure to tell me your character's class, modified backstory to fit the setting, growths, jointime, personality, affinity, character dynamics, portrait (if one is not provided, tell me what they look like or show me art of them, and I'll try to make a splice), etc. Mods, feel free to move this to the appropriate section, or take it down if it violates any rules. Just tell me what's wrong with it in advance and I'll see if I can change it first. A better topic name would be nice too, I couldn't really think of a better title. :|
  12. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because it sucks. (@Hawkwing, we were talking about circumcision.) Why is One Star to the Next the best FE fanfic ever, despite the fact that the romance flows slower than tar pitch?
  13. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Because balut is delicious. (Also, it's Filipinos. FTFY.) Why the heck am I having a conversation with Dragoncat about... uh... medical stuff involving a certain part of the body which must not be named?
  14. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Relatives. Why does Philippines have so many holidays?
  15. Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Should've bought Jollibee instead. SMH Why is food so cheap here in the Philippines compared to America?