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  1. Personally, adding weight back would've been better than the speed penalty. Also, some weapons being unable to double hurts their usefulness.
  2. This LP is pretty hilarious. Although a passing reference about jeepneys a few pages ago is a bit anachronistic, as jeepneys were made from jeeps the Americans left in the Philippines after World War II. This also makes me want to make an LP of FE12 revolving around the Philippines. Conquest's story sucked, but you somehow improved it. Thanks for making my day.
  3. Oh, okay. I guess I'll do that from now on.
  4. Guys, can we stop arguing and get back on track? Here, another unpopular opinion: Fire Emblem Heroes not being out in the Philippines makes no sense. Come on, most Filipinos understand well enough to be able to play. It doesn't even need you to go outside, unlike Pokémon GO.
  5. I'm one of these people. I prefer Kliff archetypes (villagers recruited early on that turn into killing machines) like Kilff, Ross, and Donnel over Est archetypes. The reason is because of their availability. Kliffs get recruited early on, meaning they have a lot of time to grow, Ests, on the other hand, join around lategame. I never bothered with Est in FE12 because I had Caeda, Catria, Minerva, and to some extent, Palla. In Echoes, Catria was my main flier and Jesse actually filled out the Est archetype way better. I gave Saber, Deen and Jesse Brave Swords and that gave them 50+ Crit (Saber's was 40+) and they killed anything that stood in their way except for a few exceptions. On the topic: They should make an FE/Pokémon crossover like how Pokémon Conquest was a good crossover with Nobunga's Ambition.
  6. That could've worked.
  7. Don't burn me at the steak for what I am about to say... I like Kris. There should have been a Lyn/Nils support. Cordelia is overrated. Archanea/Elibe > Jugdral/Tellius Kris >>>>> Robin/Corrin Draug is one of the best units in the Archanea series. Pegasus Knights are extremely fragile units unless they come from Archanea. Awakening wasted a perfectly good chance to reintroduce the Anima triangle. Why else would there be Fire, Thunder and Wind tomes in each rank? They could've kept everything under one weapon rank and apply it.
  8. The lore can be pretty hazy at times, so either of these two would be nice. Steampunk and guns sound nice. I'm cool with it as long as they keep magic. Personally, I'd like a magic-using main character. Not like Micaiah, but a royal/noble trained in the arcane arts instead of physical weapons.
  9. Agreed. Now, most good cartoons are ending and the newer ones are so weird and crappy. Tom and Jerry: New Vegas Tom vs Jerry Garden Warfare Tom Cat and the Seven Jerrys Tom and Jerry Go To South Park
  10. FE7: Chapter 14. It's a big map, and to make it worse it has rain. Erk might suicide, and it's just too boring. FE12: Chapter 3. If you want to recruit everyone, you have to send Marth all around the map and park Palla at the village for a couple of turns, and Matthis is a pain to recruit. Also, there's a turn limit to get to the gaiden chapter. FE13: Tiki's Paralouge. My solution was to surrond Tiki in a two square radius diamond and clump together my units with Pair Up, and spam Rallies for good measure. Conquest: Chapter 17: Annoying Ninja Cave, Chapter 19: Can't Let You Hit That StarFox, Chapter 20: Basically A Pokémon Gym Puzzle, Chapter 21: Stairway of Hell, Chapter 23: Trumpkumi's Wall, and finally, Chapter 24: Hinoka F***s Up Everyone's Movement. Those titles show my contempt for them.
  11. The original Tom and Jerry cartoons were amazing, but now it's just a cash cow being milked for all its worth. Let me try: Tom and Jerry in Skyrim Pokémon Tom and Pokémon Jerry Tom and Jerry and the Sacred Stones
  12. An ideal list of FE characters in Smash 5 would be Marth, Roy, Ike and Robin. Robin's there for moveset variety. Link might stay in his classic green outfit. For Pokémon, I think Gen VII Pokémon will be added. We could have Andy from Advance Wars and/or Isaac from Golden Sun. Maybe some other third party characters too. A more-fitting Final Fantasy character would be way better than the most iconic. Maybe Cecil or Terra can replace Cloud.
  13. Well, after taking over PopCap, they laid off most of the original PvZ staff. I'm also sure they treat their employees relatively well compared to Konami. I guess it's my fault that I brought EA into this discussion.
  14. Well yeah, personally I prefer EA over Konami.
  15. I like, but everyone hates: Kris: Sure, complain all you want about everyone kissing his butt and stealing Jagen's lines, but Robin and Corrin are also treated as perfect characters, especially Corrin. Kris, however, trained to become strong and was just another regular class-using soldier, unlike Robin and Corn Man who have their own exclusive classes. I also like the fact that he focuses more on protecting Marth than having a romantic relationship with someone, thus preventing Waifu Emblem before it was invented. Faye: Yeah, she's obsessed with Alm, but I like her. I can't bring myself to hate her. I hate but everyone likes: Nino: From a gameplay standpoint only. I like her character though. People say she's way better than Erk and Pent but the truth is she's less practical. By the time you recruit her, there are only a few chapters remaining in the game, even lesser in Eliwood mode. Also, I like Erk better in both personality and character. Cordelia: Overrated to me. I benched her as soon as I got her. Nowi: "Hey Stahl, want to start a relationship?" "I don't want to go to jail!" Tharja: Creepy yandere stalker. I dislike creeps, I despise yanderes, and I hate stalkers. Also, she's Lusamine-levels of child abusive.