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  1. Score: 4796 Tier: 19 Rank: 5921 / 6176 Team: 5* Sharena, Eirika, Nino, Linde (no merges) This is way too close. Probably won't be enough to get to T20 by the time the season ends. I don't quite get why I got such a low score. I've ran similar teams in the past and gotten over 4810. Maybe I had atrociously bad luck with low enemy team scores. Or maybe because I had Blarblade on Linde instead of Aura. Blarblade is better but Aura scores more points I guess... sucks that I have to run an inferior skill to get more points! I'll have to try again and see if I can get past 4800!
  2. I'm working on something special using Heroes sprites, hoping to be ready to unveil it in a few days. Taking a break from requests until I get that done. I also use GIMP. To recolor I use the Colorize or Hue-Saturation functions. To color just a portion of a part (I have each separate part from the sprite sheet as a separate layer) I select that area using the lasso select or paths tool and then the Colorize or Hue-Saturation function only applies to the selected area.
  3. fate

    I started playing FGO about a week ago. I'm quite enjoying it. The story is much more interesting than that of Heroes. I watched FZ and FSN with friends recently so I'm really getting into the series. FZ was pretty great and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes anime and hasn't seen it yet. Great animation, characters, and storytelling - it also gets very dark and twisted. The combat is alright. I think I like Heroes better, harder difficulties require more thought in Heroes, but it's passable. Or maybe I just have no idea what I'm doing. I also really love Tamamo Cat <3
  4. That feeling when your perfect streak is ruined by a Wings of Mercy Hector you didn't notice...
  5. My answer would be either Flora, Lyn or Eirika to every one.. Spring: Flora (her name even fits!) The bunny costume could have kept her black/white maid outfit theme: Bride: Eirika Summer: Lyn PS. If anyone wants me to make their favorite character a bride or summer Heroes sprite, I can do that for you.
  6. Last season: Score of 4764 in Tier 18 -> advance to tier 19 This week, Sharena is finally a bonus unit again so I'm hoping to make it to T20 with, finally, an all 5* team. What score do you guys think I'll need to advance to T20? Is it doable with no merged units? I can only probably get to around 4820 with the units I have.
  7. @Hero_Lucina Reinhardt is ready for the beach! *everyone collectively groans at not being able to escape dire thunder even in the summer* I figured out a better way of changing skin tones and even managed to erase the candies from the shorts. Always learning!
  8. Alright, I can do summer Reinhardt. I need to assemble Summer Gaius' sprite anyway. I assume you want him unmounted?
  9. I got Lunatic done on about the 8th attempt. I used Xander, Camus, Hector, Sharena. I passed out and fell asleep after a few attempts at Infernal... The units starting separated and the enemies being high movement cavalry is super annoying.
  10. Tapping Palla to get her to say "You trickster, you!" and other girls to get their poke reaction lines... I guess I also spend more time making custom sprites than I do playing the game these days.
  11. I already made Joshua. For the future, search the topic first, a few popular characters not yet in Heroes have already been made. Maybe I'll make Lute sometime in the future but I have some other chars to make in the mean time.
  12. A bit over 30k and I'm super bored. Would anyone be interested in trying to see who can speedrun the trials the fastest?
  13. @Zangetsu Here you go, FE7 tactician now smiling! Turned out to be much easier than I thought. I also made a female version of the FE7 tactician. If anyone wants their own customized tactician (hair, skin, clothing colors, tome, etc.) feel free to ask.
  14. I tried to play Gaiden before Echoes released. Wow, was that a trip. No battle previews? No way to check movement ranges? No crit chance displayed anywhere? Nope! You had to check your unit stats and enemy stats and manually calculate the damage that will be done and figure out the battle results yourself. You can't see the hit chance until you actually enter in battle. So you can't properly evaluate risks a lot of the time. And you can't see the crit chance anywhere, so it's a complete unknown (unless you actually look up the formulas and do the math). You can't see movement and attack ranges at all so you have to count them manually. I've lost a couple units because I miscounted a 7 or 8 movement range. Oh, and let's not forget bow knights have a 5 range attack, so have fun manually mapping out 8 movement + 5 attack range to keep your weaker/slower units out of it. Eventually I got used to it but was a major pain. It's not that bad in the end but there was a ton of counting movement and attack ranges 1 tile at a time...
  15. Ideally, I would like the next FE to have an avatar, romances, and a 2nd generation... but have there be an actual timeskip between the first and second parts of the game. No more time travel, no more alternate dimensions, the children grow up in real time and take on a new conflict some two decades after the events of the first part. I believe FE4 was like this, though I have not played. I think avatars can work well. Something like a "Mark +" would be best. The avatar having a story role, but being either a silent protagonist, or having the player make dialogue choices. Choices that have actual meaning and consequences. Perhaps determining what units you get, what maps you fight on, what enemies you fight, what items you get, etc. Not necessarily choices that decide the outcome of the story, but mid-level choices: not plot defining, not meaningless, but having some actual effect on the immediate story and gameplay. That being said, I think with the popularity of Awakening and Fates, I think Waifu emblem is here to stay, and I'm fine with that. I just wish the avatars and the character writing was handled a bit better (more like Echoes and the GBA games rather than the tropey, gimmicky, comedic supports and characters of Awakening).