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  1. Act 1 Summary Prologue: 3 turns 1-1: 3 turns 1-2: 5 turns Thief Shrine: 5 turns Thief Shrine Extra Encounters: 3 + 2 + 3 turns 1-3: 4:20 / 5 turns 1-4: 4:20 / 9 turns 1-5: 4:39 / 5 turns 1-6: 5:04 / 11 turns (the boss ran away to heal) Deliverance Hideout: 5:27 / 2 turns Delivarance Hideout Extra Encounters: 2 turns 1-7: 6:26 / 23 turns (tried for the Dracoshield but accidentally crit Slayde) Total Time: 7:44 Total Turn Count: 81 Casualties: 0 Resets: 0 Thief Shrine Spring: +2 SPD to Tobin, +1 SPD to Lukas Delivarance Spring: Not used yet, but planning to give +2-3 DEF to Clair Units: Act 2: The Pilgrimage Act 2-1: Graveyard Skirmish 08:15 Novis Seaport 2-2: First Pirate Raid 08:27 Act 2-3: Second Pirate Raid 08:48
  2. Keep it. Azura and Soren are both great units. That's half a team right there, a blue melee unit/refresher and a green mage. Soren is pretty good and definitely worth using. Nino might be a better green mage, but I've used Soren to get deathless runs in the arena the last few weeks. And he'd also be a unit that Azura would support and refresh. Although TC didn't say if he's 4* or 5*. On the other hand... what unit would actually be worth rerolling Azura for? The only ones that fall into mind immediately for me are Hector and Ryoma. Or, alternately, getting 2 or more 5*s. The chance of getting someone better than Azura is very low, and probably not worth the time and effort.
  3. Alm 1-7 (Finale): Liberation of Zofia Castle 6:27 Chapter 1-7 continued:
  4. screenshot

    The Tactics Ogre series has always interested me, but I never really got into it. I remember seeing a feature on Knight of Lodis in Nintendo Power magazine back when it was released and the game looked fascinating to me, but I never did end up getting it. It seemed like a game I would like but I somehow never played it. It seems quite complex with a lot of different mechanics at play. So what are these emblem things? Are they sort of like badges in Paper Mario that can give you new abilities, stats, or other neat effects? What?! I found FFT to be absolutely brilliant. At its best, the combat was probably the most fun I had in any SRPG, I loved the skill/class systems and building characters and teams and putting together all kinds of fun combos, I loved how the dialogue was written in old-fashioned style speech, and the story was mind-blowing with some of its ideas and twists. Though at its worst, the fights could be extremely frustrating (that 1v1 fight I was not ready for and had to go back and spend hours learning skills for, a fight where my medic was berserked and then every single party member was inflicted with status conditions...), and the story could be confusing to the point where I couldn't follow. To be fair, I never did finish it, but I have a tendency to stop playing games for weeks in busy periods in my life and then not be able to get back into them even if I really liked them. Anyway, I don't mean to derail this thread too much. I'm sure your reasoning is laid out in your LP of that game, and I probably should finish FFT before arguing in its defense. Someday.
  5. Palla is my favorite girl in Gaiden / Echoes. Though it was Heroes that made me fall in love with her. She looks and sounds so beautiful in Heroes... I love her Echoes design as well. She looks so gentle and elegant. The back of her outfit has a heart-shaped cutout. Such a lovely little touch! I haven't gotten her in Echoes so I can't speak about her gameplay wise, but I found Palla and Catria to be about equally as good in Gaidn. Palla did more damage but Catria had higher speed. And Est... well, with the Angel Ring doubling her level up gains, she became insanely good. As for the lack of supports... well, that's just a general problem in Echoes.
  6. I still cannot seem to go deathless this week, let alone get 7 wins. First time I've ever had this much trouble getting 7 wins. I don't know what it is. It's probably the maps + the combination of dancers (Azura and Ninian) and red mages (Tharja and Celica) suddenly becoming prevalent from the last banners. Both which give me a lot of trouble. Current team has been Eirika, Hector, Soren, and 4* Subaki (bonus unit). Time to adjust... Linde might be good to replace Soren, she would wreck Tharja and Celica, while still being good against Reinhardy and Olwen. Hector could still take care of blues and can one-shot Julia and Nino. But my Linde isn't level 40 yet, let alone having enough SP to get all her skills ready...
  7. Chapter 1-6: Second Battle of Southern Zofia 5:04 Chapter 1: Deliverance Hideout 5:27 Hope to get Chapter 2 done by the end of this weekend. At the least. After that, the real challenge starts.
  8. Congratulations! I've recently started playing Ironman style myself so I know the feeling. Any more Ironman runs planned?
  9. The above post and the reddit post just about sums it up. Just about, because there is one more thing to consider: after level 10, experience gains slow down significantly. So unless you plan to sit in dungeons and grind all the way 20, it will be a very slow slog to get to 20 during the story. You may as well promote right away to get the most out of the promotion stat boosts. That's what sets Gaiden/Echoes promotion apart from the series: instead of promotion adding a set number to each stat no matter when you promote, promotion only boosts your unit's stats to the base stats of the promoted class. The more you delay promotion, the more your stats increase and so it the benefit of promotion is lessened. If your units stats surpass the promoted class' bases, you get no stat benefit to promotion at all! But if you do want to delay promotion to get some extra levels, only go to level 10 and then promote.
  10. It's easy now, but it was quite hard when first released! ShadowofChaos is right though in that GHBs are becoming easier and easier as we get more 5* heroes and even 4*s from GHBs and skill inheritance - we have an ever expanding selection of characters and skills to solve the GHB puzzles with. Whereas earlier it was often harder simply because were less likely to have a good set of characters to deal with them. As usual I made a video showing my strategy - this time focusing on how to win and get the final blow using 3* Alfonse or 3* Narcian for the quests - using only free units (Sharena, Olivia, Michalis, Alfonse). Michalis is really great here - at 4* level 40 he can one shot the blue mage and tank hits from Narcian, the green mage, and the archer all in one turn... and then conveniently bait and damage Narcian over the mountains so my Narcian or Alfonse could land the final blow for the quest.
  11. Exactly. Can't ever have too much Sharena! Kozaki's drawings of characters in casual outfits or everyday situations are really great. He had plenty of those for Fates. Really show a different side to the characters.
  12. This week has been brutal. These maps just do not work well with me. Or maybe it's just all the dancers that every enemy I face seems to have. And Tharja, who now seems to be all over the place after the mage gauntlet. Not a single 7 win streak so far, let alone deathless. Currently using: Eirika, Hector, Soren, 4* Subaki (bonus unit). I'm thinking to maybe train up Linde to replace Soren (better versus reds), but I don't think I'll have her skills ready by the end of this season.
  13. Chapter 1-3: Storming of Ram Valley 03:30 Chapter 1-4: Attack on the Southern Outpost 4:20 Chapter 1-5: Battle of Southern Zofia 4:39
  14. I'm only into chapter 1 so far in Echoes, but I've played Gaiden. I love it so far. The game does a great job with story, dialogue, presentation, visuals, music - and the additions to Gaiden like revised dungeons and actually having a story are quite nice. The core gameplay and map design is very much based on Gaiden. It seems to be hit and miss, map design is a rather mixed bag, and it's rather different than Awakening or Fates. I can only speak from having played Gaiden but knowing what the gameplay and maps will be like for the rest of the game, I'd say it'd be worth it. But then again, I really liked Gaiden. This is a good way to explain it. It feels more like an RPG with strategy elements than a strategy game with RPG elements. Kind of what Zelda II was to the Zelda series, but to a lesser extent.
  15. No. Back when I first played the GBA games, I never understood what they do. As I understand now, they were an early form of support bonus in the form of stat boosts. They were balanced around a 5 support limit per playthrough. But that had the horrible consequence of limiting us to only seeing 5 supports per character per playthrough, so players would miss out on a lot of characterization and backstory as a result. Unless you looked it up online, but that's not the same. Thank goodness Awakening got rid of that limit. And after Fates and Awakening, I don't think there's any going back to a limited number of supports per playthrough. Maybe some similar system could return if pair-up was done away with, but it would have to be balanced in a way that wouldn't need to limit the number of supports per playthrough. Something like only getting the bonus of the highest support rank you have, and if there are multiple supported characters at the same rank nearby, get the average of their bonuses?