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  1. You could use it to marginally boost Warp/Physic range. Though, that is not very useful outside of LTC/efficiency runs. Other than that, it's probably best to trade it. Don't take my word for it since I have yet to play the game. The SF side also calls the spice "Exotic Spice".
  2. The earlier you use a stat booster, the longer it is in effect. Hence why I hand them out early unless the best recipient happens to join later. FE games usually give you more weapon durability on legendaries than actually needed so I tend to use them quite deliberately as well. E.g.: In my last playthrough, I used Siegmund whenever something wouldn't be a ORKO (or XRKO in the case of Endgame Lyon and Fomortiis) otherwise and still had 17 uses left at the end. A little planning also helps and makes it possible to determine how often and when you can use a weapon without it breaking too early.
  3. Yes, one item for each character. Weapons have varying amounts of Arts. E.g.: The Darkness and Blessed Sword have none (though, they do have passives) but the Regal Sword has 3.
  4. From what I've heard from other players, witches only attack units at the edges of your formations. Keep low Res units in the middle of your formation and you'll be fine. Mila's Turnwheel also goes a long way in mitigating RNG mishaps.
  5. If compared with each other, Kyle does have more Str and Def while Forde has more Speed. Though, the differences are relatively small and RNG is by definition unreliable. Make them whatever you want, GK and Paladin both work.
  6. I see, though it would have been better to simply implement 3rd tiers and ignore 4th tiers. That way, classes would have been more balanced. It feels weird that certain class trees have more promotions than others. On the contrary: "max stats are tied to character" Thus, overclasses are, as far as we know right now, worthless from a gameplay perspective. Not to mention the fact that the game is too easy to warrant them in the first place. "overclassing isn't a necessity" already states that they are superfluous. Yes, I agree, the main and only point of these classes right now is aesthetics. However, people are different. Some value gameplay more and some value aesthetics instead. I'm in the former group. Consequently, the classes don't appeal to me. This may change if we get Apotheosis and more information regarding the classes.
  7. In my opinion, the concept is alienating for multiple reasons: We already have 3rd tiers. Isn't that enough? 4th tier seems excessive and needless. As far as I know, max stats are tied to characters. A Dread Fighter could be just as strong as a Yaksha, unless the Overclasses break caps or have extremely powerful skills. The game, as it is right now, is too easy to necessitate Overclasses. It's quite expensive.
  8. Interesting, thanks for checking. Lunar Glow seems like FE13's Hawkeye with added power and crit. Is the 16-bit part used for other things as well? It seems weird to me that one would only use it for one skill when 8-bit's 255 Hit would have been sufficient. That, and the fact that the bow exists in the first place, but I suppose Valencia can break Awakening continuity since it also has Gradivus, Parthia and Mercurius.
  9. I don't think anybody has tried yet since Silence is only scarcely available. It can't hurt to give it a shot, though.
  10. According to an earlier thread, yes: Though, I think you could also try running past him and just kill Duma. Someone said they did that because they couldn't deal with him.
  11. The mechanic was changed in the remake. You now have to attack him 4 times during a turn in order to get through. The turn count is inconsequential.
  12. Well, that's a shame, and it's only Normal mode too. Thanks for the info in any case. I hate grinding in games so I suppose I'll have to be creative and very patient.
  13. Please do, though I would appreciate it if you could mention the cons too. Hardly anybody has given an in-depth explanation about the gameplay of Chapter 6.
  14. Male Manaketes do exist e.g.: Bantu. They just aren't playable in Awakening. With that out of the way, I prefer Manaketes/Dragon Laguz as well.
  15. Is the data for the skill Lunar Glow correct? The Hit Bonus is listed as +500 which must either be a typo or an overkill design choice: