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  1. My run is on hold due to RL stress and Pokemon but I plan to continue at some point. Though, it will definitely have to wait until next year.
  2. Players have often ignored the intended roles or designs of units with great results. Eg.: Seth who is supposed to be your emergency button but is instead the main combat unit in any efficient run that doesn't outright ban him for being too game-breaking. Or Seliph who is supposed to steadily grow throughout the game but can instead promote right after his join chapter and be very powerful. Using the word "lose" in this context would mean that the stat-booster goes to waste, but that isn't the case in my opinion. I can't think of another unit with 8 Mov, inherently powerful 1-2 range that 2HKOs most enemies (11 Might, 23 Str and +5 from skills most of the time) and high bulk (38 HP, 27 Def) that only needs a Speedwing to start ORKOing. Who would be a better recipient for the Speedwing in your opinion? There’s also no time loss and the only Pair-up bot you need is Charlotte. However, there is no important trade-off for making Xander fast. He has a lot of Str with Charlotte, even more than he usually would have, and his Def is so high that it can become disadvantageous to increase it further. Xander benefits from more Spd because it lets him ORKO. He doesn't benefit as much from more Defense since he can already tank well and might be ignored if it is increased. As mentioned before, the resources are all easily accessible; it takes no effort. I'll review the resources in greater detail: 1)Speedwing. There's one in C15, which players usually get. In terms of resource allocation, Xander is one of the best choices. 2)Charlotte pair-up. 3)Shigure with Rally Spd. His paralogue is easy and you would want to marry off Azura to someone anyway for two paralogues. 4)Tonics. 5)Defender. That's not much of a loss when you kill numerous enemies on EP. What's more is that Charlotte isn't a great unit, not bad but not great either. Her offense is largely overkill, other units can ORKO just fine as well while being able to at least tank somewhat. Firstly, this feels more like an argument against doubling itself since any unit that ORKOs opens up space for other units to follow-up and kill it. It's a fundamental draw-back to doubling as a mechanic. If we take this logic a step further, we could say that Xander should definitely double since he is one of the (physically) tankiest units in the game and is much more likely to get away with doubling on EP than other units. Secondly, this argument assumes bad play. Nobody will throw any unit in a mob of enemies when the cumulative damage is lethal and can realistically occur (dodging). Thirdly, stats aren't fixed in 3DS FE. Just don't give him Spd tonics/+Spd pair-up/Spd Rally and you're good to go. Really, any argument in this discussion can be countered with this. A "fast" and a "slow" Xander aren't mutually exclusive because nearly all the speed comes from temporary boosts. You can remove those just as easily as you can apply them.
  3. I've never understood that argument. Why shouldn't he double? Why would you leave enemies injured when you could ORKO them? Why would you prefer a low Spd stat to one that is high? It can't be because of effort. Xander doubles relatively consistently with Speedwings+Charlotte+Rally Spd+tonics+Defender. Those resources are all easily accessible (Offspring-Seal Shigure to FK for Rally Spd). No Swordmaster or Lodestar re-class required unless you do PvP.
  4. Chapter 7: 9/9 (9/37): Sold Goddess Icon, Str/Spd/HP tonics for Corrin, Jakob carries a Heart Seal and the Bronze Lance for Arthur. Turn 1, Corrin is paired with Jakob, they move west and separate Corrin farther to the west. On enemy phase, Corrin kills the 2 Faceless. Turn 2, see Turn 1. The entire middle part of the map is routed on EP. Turn 3, Corrin+Jakob run back to the center and Silas equips a Bronze Lance and moves into the range of a Faceless. Turn 4, Jakob trades Heart Seal+Bronze Lance to Silas and heals him. Arthur takes the HS and Lance and re-classes to Cavalier. Silas finishes the Faceless with Arthur DS and Corrin moves to the center of the map. Turn 5, Jakob heals Corrin and she kills a northern Faceless with DS help from Arthur. On EP, one of the paired Faceless dies fighting Corrin+Arthur and a southern Faceless attacks Silas+Jacob. Turn 6, Jakob chips the northern Faceless, Corrin pairs with Arthur and he kills the Faceless Silas weakened, Silas kills the northern Faceless. EP, a Faceless attacks Arthur. Turn 7, Silas moves north to engage 2 Faceless on EP and Jakob heals him. Arthur moves south and drops Corrin closer to the boss. EP, Arthur and Corrin each kill a Faceless in Attack Stance and Silas weakens two. Turn 8, Arthur pairs with Corrin who attacks the boss with the Dragonstone; Silas+Jakob finish off their enemies. Turn 9, Corrin kills the boss. 8 Turn would be possible if Corrin could 2RKO the boss. She can with a Str proc and Fighter!Arthur but then she can’t reach him on Turn 8 PP because the boss’ cohort is still alive and blocking the way. Chapter 8: 5/14 (5/42) Turn 1, Corrin visits the village, Arthur moves forward and Silas carries Jakob. Turn 2, Jakob kills one of the northern mages and Arthur/Corrin follow them. Odin pairs with Niles and he kills one of the eastern Mages just outside Flora’s Freeze range. EP, Jakob kills two Mages, 2 Fighter close in on him and a Fighter draws closer to Niles/Odin because he thinks he can dual strike Niles. Turn 3, Niles attacks the Fighter. Jakob moves north and switches to Silas who equips a Sword so that the Fighters target Arthur; Arthur moves north. EP, Arthur chips 2 Fighters and Niles barely survives getting attacked by a Fighter+DM. Turn 4, Arthur carries Corrin over to the Fighter in the boss area and she kills him. Silas moves onto the northern village and drops Jakob out of the range of the Fighters. Niles switches to Odin who kills the Fighter. EP, Silas kills the 2 Fighters, 2 DMs attack Odin and Corrin gets attacked by a DM and a Fighter. Turn 5, Silas kills the DM with Corrin DS, Odin barely reaches the village with Niles’ +Mov boost, Jakob visits the northern village and Corrin ORKOs the boss (full shield gauge). +10k HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res WEXP Corrin 24 17 6 13 15 7 13 5 D/D Lv 11 Jakob 24 11 7 14 12 14 8 7+2 D/D Lv 5 Silas 24 12 0 10 9 9 11 5 D/E Lv 8 Arthur 22+5 11 0 9 8 2 10 6 E/E Lv 8 Odin 21 5 8 10 7 9 6 7 D Lv 5 Niles 22 9 5 9 15 6 7 12 D Lv 8
  5. Alright, Flora is banned then since I'll have Jakob+Felicia+Shura. I know, but I decided to try and LTC anyway. I should have probably put them into brackets from the beginning, though. I've never really felt like Camilla needs Magic to perform well outside of C10. A Malig Knight Camilla can also preemptively deplete the Silence staff uses in C12 in case you intend to Nostank the latter half of the chapter. But that's probably not going to happen with Nyx. I usually always reclass her to Wyvern Lord after she hits Level 5. Also your post reminded me of something: I won't use Path/Visitation/Battle Bonuses either; no DLC, Skill buying etc. etc. By the way, I don't think you two have said what difficulty you're playing on? But I might have missed it. Chapter 4: (7/22) Corrin gets the Goddess Icon and Kaze and Rinkah move up. Turn 2, Corrin activates the DV, Kaze and Rinkah kill a Faceless together. Turn 3, Corrin kills a Faceless and Rinkah+Kaze move to the DV. Turn 4, Corrin pairs up with Kaze in order to double generics and activates the middle DV; Rinkah stands one tile east from Corrin. On EP, the boss goes after Rinkah, which is good because Str-sealed Corrin can’t kill anything, and all other Faceless suicide on Corrin. Turn 5, thanks to terrain Rinkah can move out of the range of the boss. Corrin goes as far west as possible and kills a generic just outside the range of the boss. He attacks Ryoma on EP and dies. Turn 6, Corrin moves as far north as possible and drops Kaze in range of the last remaining Faceless. Turn 7, Kaze kills said Faceless. I know there’s a way to 6-turn; you can probably reach the DV a turn earlier than I did but the forests are so inconveniently placed that I just took the 7-turn clear. Not like the turncount here actually matters. Chapter 5: (4/26) Turn 1, Corrin goes left to kill the Merc on EP, everybody else goes right. Turn 2, Corrin gets danced to the right to kill a Merc and Kaze, paired with Rinkah, attacks the Dark Mage while also standing in range of another DM from the south. If Kaze got hit, Sakura moves 2 right of Kaze and does not heal so he can survive the attack from the DM to the south with 1 HP. On EP, the southern DM will attack Kaze and knock his HP into kill range, the DM Kaze weakened earlier will then attempt to kill him instead of attacking the helpless Azura/Sakura/Corrin, fail due to Shield gauge and die consequently. This strat is RNG-proof since there’s a back-up plan in case Kaze dodges so much that the first DM doesn’t target him and goes for Sakura/Azura/Corrin. Anyway, Turn 3, Corrin kills a full HP DM and gets danced to kill one of the paired Mercs, Kaze kills the remaining DM and gets healed by Sakura. Corrin tanks a Wyrmslayer on EP and OHKOs back. Turn 4, Corrin gets danced to kill the hooded man. Ryoma either needs to do enough chip damage or Corrin just gets a crit. Kaze attacks the reinforcement DM to the east and can safely survive EP due to Shield gauge. Ryoma kills the remaining DM and saves the 4-turn. Ryoma actually won the 1 VS. 1 in a failed attempt. Chapter 6: (2/28) Standard. Corrin drops Jakob into Takumi’s range, Leo moves into Yukimura’s range and has Camilla as DS support. Elise activates the DV and Xander moves as far south as possible. On EP, Takumi nearly kills Jakob and Yukimura gets killed by Leo+Camilla. Turn 2, Xander pairs-up with Camilla and OHKOs Sakura, Leo OHKOs Takumi, Jakob weakens Hinoka and Corrin gets the kill. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res WEXP Corrin 22 14 6 10 13 7 11 4 D/D Jakob 22 9 7 12 10 11 7 7+2 D/D Corrin is off the charts, she ORKOs unpaired Faceless without any assistance and only needs Str/Spd tonics for the paired ones. Progress might be slow since I need to plan things ahead now.
  6. Hard/Classic, +Str/-Lck female Ninja; banned mounted Corrin and Jakob for this playthrough. Prologue: (2/2) Chapter 1: (5/7) +HP/Def saves a turn but I went with +Str for a few reasons: 1)Ninjas need good Str and I don't need to continuously rig it now. 2)+Str is probably the best Asset for killing Takumi and other late-game boss enemies. 3)Percy must have a high Str stat in order to kill Fuga and Yukimura. +HP/Def is probably still better for turn-counts but +Str is more convenient. Chapter 2: (3/10) Everybody went to the left on turn 1. Turn 2, Gunter positions himself so that Corrin can ORKO an Oni with DS Support and Jakob moves 1 north of Gunter. On enemy phase a Myrmidon dies to Jakob and he weakens Rinkah. Turn 3, Corrin moves 1 right of Jakob and kills a Myrmidon with his help, Gunter kills Kaze with Corrin DS and Jakob runs away. Corrin defeats the remaining Myrmidon and Rinkah on EP. Chapter 3: (5/15) Everybody moves south and Corrin kills 2 Myrms on EP. Jakob got carried farther ahead on turn 2, Corrin moves south. Turn 3, Corrin activates the DV and Gunter+Jakob kill an Archer and later a Myrm on EP. Turn 4, Corrin pairs-up with Gunter and was meant to weaken the boss but landed a crit instead. I didn't anticipate it so Jakob wasn't in the position to seize that turn. Since everybody makes their own specific rules, I'll assume that undrafted units (Selena, Flora) are free for the time being because that's usually the norm in a Draft. I'll ban them if any of you think that's too much, though.
  7. Xander's pair-up fodder Drafted units: Arthur, Xander, Niles, Odin, Charlotte
  8. Odin+Ophelia Resources are still infinite so money would be too but I suppose nobody would grind Gold for that long. So, lottery banned but everything else allowed?
  9. Niles+Nina By the way, what is everybody's stance on: -Visiting other castles for ore and DV -Forging -Mess Hall -Lottery -Lilith's temple The first three points seem fine to me (ore can be gotten through using the Arena so getting them online just saves time; though I'm a bit skeptic about DV) but the last 2 break the limited resources concept a bit.
  10. Xander+Siegbert, I suppose.
  11. I'll just ban Camilla for myself and assume "paralogues except 1 are free up to 20 turns", under those circumstances: Arthur+Percy It's true that a lot of units are free but I don't mind at all. This seems like a more casual draft, which is good because I've no experience with low turning CQ anyway (and very little in general).
  12. IIRC, you would only "lose" the Rescue, Enfeeble and Spirit Dust. Azura starts with a Chest Key and I believe there's a droppable in C9 too so the only must get item can be acquired without Niles. Spirit Dust and Enfeeble don't warrant free Niles and nobody would normally get the Enfeeble in a quick clear anyway. The second part sounds nice but I think employing free units for chapter 10 is a more elegant solution. That way you don't have to wait for the captured units to join/burn resources on them and there's nothing inherently wrong with having free units for a chapter. But my biggest gripe is that allowing Capture completely devalues picks like Charlotte or Peri or Benny. Their niche is to provide good pair-up boosts/be a Shelter bot/give +1 Mov and they're rendered irrelevant by having Niles as a free unit with capture allowed. That's at least assuming we play for turns. If not then allowing capture is fine but I still don't think Niles should be free. Edit: And the rule might kill Shura as a unit.
  13. Better at using Bows than Snipers is questionable. Snipers have access to Long/Double-bow and skills to help you use Bows better. Of course, Assassins and Warriors are better classes since they can alter range but that's besides the point. My argument is "Sniper isn't the worst class in the game", not "Snipers are the best bow users". Snipers and Taguels are both outclassed. However, Snipers have a place where they can be useful, Taguels don't. That's why I mentioned that Sniper isn't the worst class in the game. Agreed, it's such a joke class that I ignored it for the purpose of the thread. It seems like a class that you want to get out of as soon as possible and never return, specifically made to give a unit a terrible start without other purpose. It's comparable to the (normal) Trainee class in FE8.
  14. No Camilla/mounted Jakob and Corrin ban? Chapter 10 might also require one or two free units. In any case, I'd like to join.
  15. I'd say that Sorceror is the best class by virtue of having access to Nosferatu. It's the easiest way to trivialize the game. Sniper can't be the worst class unless we disregard Lunatic+ and Apotheosis. A Sniper is much more likely to survive EP than any 1 or 1-2 range locked class not named Sorceror. Initially, I wanted to say that Swordmaster is the least useful class but Taguel is even worse. Absolute lack of 1-2 range, mostly unimpressive skills, locked to one weapon that can't be forged for the majority of the game, not high enough stats to offset its weaknesses etc. The absolute worst is Villager, but it's more of a joke class than something that the player is supposed to actually use throughout the game.