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  1. hmm, intersting, if garden was finished in "1991" that's awesome to have the release date as "1991". even if it wasn't. in any case this is pretty cool to have/see each time I boot up the game. heheheh
  2. Hi all, I was wondering after watching Gamespot's video on FE echoes English gameplay, who are the VA's for the game? from what I saw, Boey's VA sounds like Promtpo's VA from FFXV, and Mae's like in not 100% who, Celcia's VA, not sure ether. but they sound very/similarly familiar. glad to see this classic fe in full VA, awakening/fates lacked full va, also echoes reminds me of good old fe games like 8, 9 etc. thanx
  3. hi all, um on my PSP I'm playing FE Gaiden w/English patch on Nes emu, and I have a question to ask: I saw that the screen of the game's release date before menu select says "1991", but according to sirens and FE wiki the release date of FE Gaiden was in "1992" and not 1991? or can my version of the game have the wrong release date? this is for FE gaiden, FE 1 was released in 1990, so FE Gaiden is like 1/2 years after it? Thanx
  4. well, for it's playable factor: On my PSP's Snes emu's no, but on my 3ds's Snes9x it is! lel.
  5. Well, the fact that PKN Prism got the "C&D" sucks, bad timing, unlucky? who knows why but it happened. i don't think Midnight will ever have the same fate. the one time it got removed from Mediafire, but that was due to a troll fessing up about it, it wasn't done by Nintendo themselves literally. i'm Looking foawrd to the next ver of might night sun whenever it does out. the game's been great so far from v1.0 to v1.6. v2.0 is going to be awesome when it comes out. Fan FE games are really fun and challenging to play aside from the "Normal" FE games. more hard,challenging etc" to really make you use your head/brain etc to beat the game/hack.
  6. nice work, ghost! looking forward to part 2! also the .sav from part 1 will work for part 2?
  7. thanx for this, light strategist!
  8. than Thanx for the info, Light strategist! so with that dlc, almost or all the DLC for EUR is available? nice
  9. hi, i was wondering, about the FE Fates EUR DLC, which or up to what DLC is available in europe version of fates? cause I'm thinking of getting the dlc for my game of fates. thanx!
  10. hay ghast, this hack of fe vii mix with shining force music is awesome, um, when is the next version of this hack coming out? also shining force music is boss ;) I'm currently replaying shining force I on sega gen psp emu, also playing shining force II and shining force CD in Picodrive! awesome games :)
  11. um, i played the game for a few days now, I'm passed ch 6, where exactly does the v1.01 patch end? at ch 6? cuase I'm at ch 9, and the game still continues? maybe it's outside the patch and runs the normal FE VII game stuff, but with the charters mix of the hack v1.0.1?
  12. Hay avril, thanx for the reply, yea ch 1 was kinda hard at the beginning, but i finally figured which cell goes for which char and beat it finally! yay! glad my feedback is helpful to you in some way or another, even if it is a small way helpful ;) if you want i can post feedback for each ch as i play the game along up until the current patch's end if you want. here are some ch pics taken from my PSP in GPSP EMU (GBA). [spoiler= Ch 1 (spoiler) ']Fire Emblem Grand Archipelago v1.0.1_2016_05_25_15_32_18_369.bmp [spoiler=Ch 2 (spoiler) (not yet finished] Fire Emblem Grand Archipelago v1.0.1_2016_05_25_15_42_31_267.bmp
  13. Hay there! just wanted to say that this hack of FE IV to gba style is awesome! it really gives the FE IV snes feel in gba modern format :) the new skills for the enemies and chars is great like fe iv on snes. I'm still playing through it, haven't beaten it to the end of the current patch, but I'm liking it so far, the music form fe iv snes to gba style to superb :) looking forward to the next patch
  14. hay Avril, this FE7 hack is rather neat, good job on your first hack! i started playing this sometime ago, and I'm stuck on ch 1, i keep having to restart it and i keep getting stuck. um, for ch 1 is it possible to: 1) get all charaters out of the starting cell? 2) when you enter/step on one of the upper cells for the certain charater, that "cell" closes, and then you need to oil some more baddies and get another "door key" to open a new cell, but how can i know which of the 5 cells in the upper screen is for which charater? trial/error? 3) also if i open the starting cell to let the last charater out, will more baddies show up so i can get keys form them for the cells? also, if the one key that you get from the starting bandit had more uses than 1, let's say 6 (5 for each char''s cell and 1 for starting cell), this would make the chapter more easier to finish, cause the one key usage and the weird progress in the chapter, i can't finish it, have trouble beating it :( . other than this minor issue, the game is great i like the "mix" of FE7 + FE 8 charters etc. looking forward to the next update patch!