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  1. well, I used another UPS panther first: "tsoukyomui" it gave invalid errors, then I used "NUPS" and it worked. oh, okay I'll install the Visual C++ 15, and keep all the older ones. is it better to just use the .ups file to patch to FE8? or to use the make hack.cmd? also when I tried running the hacked game in GBAPSP emu on my hacked PSP, the game loaded up but lagged/had many slowdowns alot :( also can the .sav file in the zip file be used for loading up in the GBA emu on pop to avoid slowdowns/lag? another question game related: when I played prologue - ch 1, some of my charters died in prologue, but then in ch 1 they came back? so no perma death?
  2. um I tried patching the game in windows normally using the .ups file, but it did nothing. only when I used the "mkaehack_full".cmd it worked on another computer the "makehack_full".cmd on my windows pc doesn't want to work :( I got a "the api-crd-i1-1-0.dll" file is missing, so I googled it and got it for my system & installed to system32 (32bit os). but after that I got an error again but the "procedure is missing Crt runtime link to library i1-1-0.dll" I googled that and got that the visual C++ needs to be updated to 2015 ver to fix this. my question is: if I install the redistribution pack of Visual C++ 2015, do I need to keep the older C++ (2010/2012) ? or just the newest one?
  3. when I first saw this hack, it reminded me specifically of Alfred kamon's FE8 hack (midnight sun) specifically the image on the right side: " L0Nfix3.png" wow, a complete hack of FE8? nice ;) looking forward to play this, but, I have come across an issue: what version of FE8 should you patch the .ups file? (U) or (E)? as I tried patching it on Mac using multipacther on both versions and got errors (CRC 32 invalid). I'll try patching this on windows to see if it works. (hopefully it will work)
  4. hahaha, nice video & commentary, man! the patch made by ChimeraHardline is awesome I like how clean the menu has become, way easier to read/understand :) the menu patch works only for (V.ROM) version of FE V or (NP) version? I have both (V.ROM/NP) , so if one works the other might not. also, like what others have said before in this topic, A menu + English translation patch combo into a single .ips/ups file would be awesome (Tho I'm not 100% sure if or how this can be achieved?) also, I've seen some .ips patch that allow you to patch the game with translation patch and then apply a second mini patch on top of the translation patch and it works? can this be done with the menu patch? I.E: if you let's say a) apply the English translation patch (Shaya) to a clean FE V game (Vrom/NP), b) apply the menu patch from this topic to the game that has the English translation patch. is there also a fe program that. can be used to edit or such fe v? or the patches?
  5. oh, okay I see thanx for the help, SoulWeaver!
  6. I see, np. this patch is great tho, makes the menu even better than before.
  7. yeah, sorry I meant the StreetPass card, no I haven't set it up, if you set this up, it's only a one time thing? also accessing the DLC is offline? I'll post a picture in the topic.
  8. Hi all, um on FE echoes, to access DLC you need to connect online in order to play them? cause when I try to access the dlc it says something about registering a profile etc? is playing dlc need online or offline like awakening/fates?
  9. shame would have been nice if it could work tho. nice, thanx for the reply, um the menu patch translates only the menu and not dialogue text into English? um is it possible to combine your menu patch with the English patch to make one complete English patch with dialogue + menu all in one? to make the game 100% playable in terms of dialogue/menu. not sure if this is possible to achieve?
  10. Awesome menu Patch, Zane Avernathy! I downloaded it yesterday to test it on the game to see how it looks. and astheicly, I'm very impressed with it! :) it's very clean, clear and crystal crisp to understand works/commands etc. one question tho that I have: can I patch this on top of the English translation patch? as the main menu chapters is in Japanese and in the English translation patch. also, if I use the NP ver of the game or another does it matter? overall this is great work, makes 776 even more playable now, (the English patch was okay, but the menu was a F*^* mess and it was hard to tell what was what (: ). the patch works up to a certain chapter? or all the game?
  11. hmm, intersting, if garden was finished in "1991" that's awesome to have the release date as "1991". even if it wasn't. in any case this is pretty cool to have/see each time I boot up the game. heheheh
  12. Hi all, I was wondering after watching Gamespot's video on FE echoes English gameplay, who are the VA's for the game? from what I saw, Boey's VA sounds like Promtpo's VA from FFXV, and Mae's like in not 100% who, Celcia's VA, not sure ether. but they sound very/similarly familiar. glad to see this classic fe in full VA, awakening/fates lacked full va, also echoes reminds me of good old fe games like 8, 9 etc. thanx
  13. hi all, um on my PSP I'm playing FE Gaiden w/English patch on Nes emu, and I have a question to ask: I saw that the screen of the game's release date before menu select says "1991", but according to sirens and FE wiki the release date of FE Gaiden was in "1992" and not 1991? or can my version of the game have the wrong release date? this is for FE gaiden, FE 1 was released in 1990, so FE Gaiden is like 1/2 years after it? Thanx
  14. well, for it's playable factor: On my PSP's Snes emu's no, but on my 3ds's Snes9x it is! lel.
  15. Well, the fact that PKN Prism got the "C&D" sucks, bad timing, unlucky? who knows why but it happened. i don't think Midnight will ever have the same fate. the one time it got removed from Mediafire, but that was due to a troll fessing up about it, it wasn't done by Nintendo themselves literally. i'm Looking foawrd to the next ver of might night sun whenever it does out. the game's been great so far from v1.0 to v1.6. v2.0 is going to be awesome when it comes out. Fan FE games are really fun and challenging to play aside from the "Normal" FE games. more hard,challenging etc" to really make you use your head/brain etc to beat the game/hack.