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  1. Female Robin for now. I'll probably end up switch it to Brave Lyn or Olwen once I feel like taking it seriously.
  2. As a person who plays a ton of VGC, I wouldn't mind at all. However, the lack of moves that make Double Battles enjoyable for the player in setting up strategies etc don't come very early into Pokemon games, so I think it'd end up being kind of stale. On the other hand, I think having a post-game area where every battle is a double battle would be very interesting. Your options would be much more open at the point, meaning you could have fun messing with different combinations etc., and the trainers would have a much more expanded repertoire as well, meaning they would be more challenging to face.
  3. I feel like I'm about to go tens of thousands of feet into the air, and could possibly crash to the ground at any moment. Oh wait.
  4. Koi fish waifu avi.
  5. Odin, Sheena, Fae, Serra Lyn (Did get Bride, but not regular) Ophelia, Leila, Astrid, Owain (Odin exists, but not Awakening Owain) Basically unchanged from before, except I managed to pull a Sheena recently.
  6. Will know I understood the reference.
  7. Happy birthday, man

    1. Emerson


      Thanks, Tris.

  8. Will know I'm still convinced it's the thread's length that causes the curse.
  9. why must i be cursed
  10. Is doing that, apparently?
  11. Is Katua fan.
  12. Depends on the game for me. For Echoes I tended to rarely skip enemy phase, but for Fates I would do it somewhat often, and Awakening I would do it almost every turn unless I needed to see enemy phase.
  13. I suppose I see it, but the symbol looks even more like Duma, actually.
  14. Will know I'm probably about to change it. In fact...