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  1. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Man do they REALLY have to do this RIGHT after the 8% banner... And this is GOING to be Fates kids too, since the Japanese name for it is something along the lines of, "Children of Black and White." Well, hopefully we get Ophelia, but also hopefully we don't. I'd love to not have to skip the 8% banner entirely just to save orbs for Ophelia, but I also really want Ophelia in Heroes. I don't really care who else is on the banner frankly... although Soleil would be nice to get...
  2. What fire type should I use in Ultra Sun?

    My vote goes for Salazzle. It comes at a really good time, does extremely well against Totem Lurantis and Mimikyu, and Poison is an all around fun type to use in playthroughs in my opinion. Plus, I just love the thing. Being able to poison Steel and Poison types is great, Poison/Fire is a good type combo, and the thing is fast as heck PLUS strong specially. Not to mention that speed lets it abuse stuff like Taunt, Attract, among other status moves it gets to great effect.
  3. Another FEH channel on the 14th: Post Talk

    I'M FREAKIN' OUT MAN MY NAVARRE IS NO LONGER DEAD WEIGHT SLAYING EDGE+ LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO oh yeah also literally everything about this update hype 8% summoning focus with Hector HOO I might be building Lloyd and canon Zephiel sooner than expected
  4. Well, it's time once again! The game has been leaked, and it's time to talk some teams! This thread is for the discussion and sharing of teams. I did this for Sun and Moon as well, so I feel it's only right that I keep it going. https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/ The planner for Sun and Moon was updated for Ultra Sun and Moon! So... yeah, have at it! Anyways, why not start off with my own team. Well, most of it. Decidueye - The only starter I haven't used yet, and surprisingly so, since I planned to use it on my first playthrough of Sun and Moon. Very glad to finally use it. Zoroark - You know I had to. It's my favorite Pokemon (Well, the evolution of it anyways), and it's available before the first trial! There's absolutely NO way I wouldn't use it! Lopunny/Furfrou - I haven't decided between the two, but I know I want to use one of the two. Lopunny is a favorite of mine who I've always wanted to use, as is Furfrou. Mienshao - Assuming it's not extremely late game, that is. Unfortunately, outside of XY, it tends to be so. I love using this thing alongside Zoroark. Same speed stat, typing that works almost perfectly with Illusion (Thank Fairy type, for ruining that), their combined coverage is pretty great, and they both have U-Turn! That's a perfect combo right there! A few options I'm looking at for the rest are Mantine, Tentacruel, Tsareena, Lurantis, Mudsdale, and Turtonator.
  5. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Leak/Spoiler Thread

    Wait... they DID remix it? Does this mean... we might get a Colress remix now?! I doubt it, but I can still hope. At least this means we've got a Cyrus remix. Oh jeez, looking at it, we got another Maxie/Archie remix too! Maaaaan, I can't wait to binge listen the OST once it gets fully uploaded... Also, in other news... Time to gush about another thing!
  6. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    Why is your favorite Fire Emblem game your favorite? Huh, I've... never heard heard that word before. I wonder what it means. ... I-I'll pass, thank you...
  7. Post a fact about the person above!

    Did a chess thing. So, uh, does Anna just not exist? Or is it Sakura we're forgetting? I mean 3 units still sounds frustrating, but at least 1 of them is Takumi, right?
  8. What You Want To Know About The Above Poster Most

    What is your favorite Chapter in Fire Emblem? Indeed I do. My most used units have been Female Robin, Olwen, Hector, and Azura. Deirdre is actually pretty close behind them in Hero Merit even though it's only been a week or two since I got her.
  9. This plus playing it on a 3DS XL is just awful.
  10. We already said the version-exclusive ones earlier. They've already been confirmed. You're mostly correct, although it was pretty obvious since ORAS already did the same thing.
  11. Ack, I forgot USUM is an alternate universe from the SM/ORAS/XY one. In that case, I guess it depends on how similar the USUM universe is to the XYORAS universe. If it's the same except the changes in Alola, we can assume the events of XY and ORAS occurred all the same. Otherwise, they could not be Fallers and just be from the USUM universe. They're most likely either from the base universe, the Gen 1-5 universe, which is why they retain their original design. Er, assuming they're actually Fallers. (I actually prefer Archie's original design myself though. Maxie's are about equal to me.) On a slightly less serious note, Megadimension Pokeptunia VII. why does that work so well
  12. My favorite game. Dont forget it's companion game, Ultra Subn. Anyways, Rainbow Rocket, cool. Glad it's most likely a post-game thing. (Mainly just hype to see Ghetsis and Cyrus again tbh, maybe get a remix of their themes.) So, assuming the former evil team leaders are all Fallers, does this mean that there are 2 Archies and Maxies in this universe now, the original universe ones, and the ORAS ones? I would say Lysandre as well but, uh, he's kinda dead in this universe, right? Wait, but when would this Lysandre be from then, since he most likely dies when his plans fail? I guess this is why the original universe never saw a trip to Kalos, their evil team went defunct before it even executed it's plans, whatever they'd be.
  13. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    "A good tactician has nothing to fear!"
  14. Post a fact about the person above!

    Will know a grew attached to her after she came to me during the FE4 banner in Heroes. I haven't even finished Ch 2 of FE4 yet :V
  15. Post a fact about the person above!

    May agree that they need to evolve into Shinraichu. Or would it be Serenean Shinraichu..? Does a forum have regional variants? Forumnal variants?