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  1. They really put them in the same building? Ugh, that's kinda dumb. "Oh look, a secret Axe! Thats cool, I guess I found all the secret stuff now." Nope. definitely not salty that i missed every one of them and only went back for the devil axe because i remembered it existed
  2. Hmm? I was just saying that the Rapier is not really worth it for it's Armorslaying/Cavalierslaying potential, although it has nice Arts.
  3. Would that be up to the OP?
  4. Rapier is only 3 might at base, and I believe 6 when fully upgraded. It's not terrible, but I'd say Mages and Armorbreaker do the job better. That said, it's Arts are quite good.
  5. One has the Devil Axe so I'd assume the other has the Splitting Axe.
  6. Will know I think it's just this stupidly long thread.
  7. Wait, where's the one on Celica's path?
  8. They said they gave the Splitting Axe to the woodcutter. Fun fact: I missed the Splitting Axe.
  9. The Shadow Sword is usable and not terrible. It's really strong, but very risky. Brave Swords are definitely better, so forging it into one is good. The Shadow Axe, at that point, can't be used for anything. Just trade it in at a smithy.
  10. You can't do it anymore. The Merchants were the only way. You could have also have forged Iron Lances into Steel Lances before losing access to Celica, but you'd stiil need to send some over. You need to give him 5 Steel Lances to finish the quest, but you can still give him the ones you have for Silver Marks like the Coral Fragment quest. You can still do it in the aftergame though.
  11. stupid computer doesnt send my thing unless i reload th page this thread is too damn high
  12. Should've said Bilper
  13. I might be out since I need to get something done actually. Maybe if there's a round 2.
  14. Just rejoined the curse club.
  15. puhbuhguh Whaddya mean "now"? I've always had Megumin. ALWAYS.