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  1. Will know I'm probably about to change it. In fact...
  2. Put like 0 effort into that fact.
  3. I think this needs more kids. Dread Fighter!Kagero!Mitama
  4. Not the best fighter, but is pretty vital being the only thief in SS until Rennac, and will probably be better than him if used regularly. Also really good for supporting Neimi if you decide use them both. 7/10 Marisha/Malliesia
  5. May or may not want to be called AL.
  6. I totally would, I love collecting them, but I'm not spending $5 per pack. Nuh-uh, not happening. I have a massive folder full of cards organized by Pokedex number. I mainly have Gen 3 and 4, since that's around when I used to actually collect cards, and ORAS is when I temporarily picked back up. Still super happy I managed to pull a Primal Kyogre.
  7. I don't any particularly strong dislikes besides Azama, which I've seen as more 50/50, but I do have a unit who I'm not really sure if they're disliked a lot but I'll mention anyways; Sumia.
  8. Simple and clean. Good orientation on the avi's and sig image's locations, although I think using 2 different images would've looked better. 6/10
  9. i eat garbage

    Bored, update time. Just 1 thing I have to show.
  10. Cute (Game I forget the name of) image, and nice EO badge. Not much else to say, really. The bottom image looks good against the background, at least for Sakura's Forest. 6.75/10
  11. Damn you sf! You must curse me now, of all times! By now I mean every time I get cursed.
  12. What's the best Touhou song and why is it Patchouli's theme? Gen 4 remakes. Preferable a remake of Platinum, although I dunno if they'd break the mold that much. We need more people to give Gen 4 a shot. The originals were so slow, it turned a good amount of people away. Note: This was written pre-USUM. Happens to not have been posted.
  13. Go fight Norman in RSE without Protect and tell me it isn't valuable mandatory.
  14. Heck, I'm down. As much as I like Mozu, Donny's pretty damn fun. Just hope his voice is more Awakening and less Heroes. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAWWWWWW! EDIT: definitely noticed there're 2 of these yep no mistake