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  1. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    obligatory "my username is just my actual name" post its also just an uncommon name in general so it happened to work I used to go by TrueEm because I am exceptionally uncreative with names
  2. The Summer Corrin outfit is a modified/more detailed version the Seashell swimsuit from the Japanese version of Fates. (for the record it being ophelia is completely coincidental, it was the first one i found)
  3. Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine

    Within mid to low-high level arena, Vantage likes to pop up a lot. With Dragons, Nowi love running Vantage, and then theres the classic Hector and Black Knight. GHBs and other such battles will occasionally have the skill pop up although it's usually rare (thanks Aversa GHB for making the only one appear in the last of the reinforcements, fuck you too I guess). It isn't a common thing for PvE to make it absolutely necessary, but considering Ophelia's exceptionally low bulk, one hit from a Vantage unit is likely to kill her, so personally I almost always run it just to be safe (plus mine has enough killing power as it is, frankly). Yeah I honestly don't know what I was thinking. If she's not killing on the first hit she's probably dead. Good to know. Guess I won't be giving her that, at least not until I find some meme build to run, like maybe insta-Astra with Atk Stacking or something. Not that I even have a BCelica... Ah, good point. I didn't think about that. Thank you. (will make edits shortly)
  4. Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine

    Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine "Odin's daughter. A daydreamer who applies a flair for the dramatic to her magic. Appears in Fire Emblem Fates." HP: 34/38/41 | Atk: 34/37/41 | Spd: 30/33/36 | Def: 17/20/23 | Res: 20/23/26 | BST: 150-152 Ophelia's stats are almost the complete reverse of her Father's. With the highest unbuffed attack for a Tome user, not just Blue Tomes, but in general, thanks to her superboon in attack, but some of the weakest combined defenses among them as well, alongside an equally weak HP stat. Her speed isn't fantastic, but due to her already amazing base Attack, it's easy to focus on the stat and get her into doubling range of mid/high-range swords and below. Builds: Budget Missiletainn (Non-budget) Blarblade Ophelia's easily one of the best Blue mages currently, although her base kit does leave a fair amount to be desired, and her true potential lies behind expensive skills. While she lacks Reinhardt's pure offensive presence or Ishtar's blazing speed, her ability to easily abuse powerful AoE specials with ease can let her eat through enemies, or utilize a Blade tome and become one of the hardest single-hitting users of it. Teammates: Mixed/Focused Walls: (Lukas, Silas, Arden, Myrrh, Deirdre, FMorgan, HMyrrh, Hector, etc.) Ophelia's paper-thin defenses can easily put her at risk to attacks. Even a single attack may be able to take her down, especially if she's running Life and Death. Running a unit with the ability to move her out of harm's way and take hits for her is almost required. Tome Users: With Missiletainn, Ophelia can charge a 4 CD special on turn 1 with 2 tome-using allies. I don't feel that much more is necessary to be said. Dancers: While Dancers obviously help any unit, they can allow Ophelia to continually abuse her AoE specials during one turn, or get her out of danger. This is especially helpful with Tome-using dancers, which not only help her abuse AoE specials during the turn, but also charge her special at the beginning of the battle, meaning she has 100% upkeep of it for the entire fight. Bonus Build: Eggphelia..?
  5. Super Smash Bros Questionnaire

    What was your first Smash Bros game? 4. I'd played Brawl before then, but 4 was my actual entry into the series. Which Smash games have you played so far? A little Melee, but mostly 4. What's your favorite Smash game? 4 just by for the reasons of the above answers but Ultimate will probably be the favorite. Who's your favorite character in the parts you have played? Robin's a lot of fun to me, but I think I have the most fun with Marth to me. I enjoy a lot of cast though. Who's your least favorite character in each part you have played? I guess just 4... probably Fox and Falco. They don't really suit my playstyle. At all. What's your favorite stage in each part you have played? I love Coliseum the most in 4, but with Unova Pokemon League making it into Ultimate from 4 3DS, it'll probably be my favorite. Arena Ferox is pretty great too... What's your least favorite stage in each part you have played? Pac Land. It can die in a fire. What's your favorite music theme in each part you have played? That's... hoo. Um, I literally don't think I can narrow it down to like, a top 20. What's your favorite mode in Smash overall? Regular Smash I guess. Classic and the others don't do much for me. What's your favorite item? uhhhh pokeball is good What's your favorite taunt? palutena side taunt is so dumb but i love it Do you rather play alone or with friends? With friends. Playing Smash alone is a little... rough for me now that I lack good wifi. What's your favorite free for one mode (time, stocks or coins)? Stock. What's the perfect Smash battle for you? (stage, characters, items (?) ) I mean... that's pretty tough. Just because of familiarity, I guess Robin vs Cloud on Omega Coliseum. Do you usually play with items? Not usually but on occasion when we have more than 2 people. With just 2 it feels a bit less fun with with 3+, that's a blast. What has been the hardest challenge (events, all star mode...) for you? I guess just... 9.0 Classic in 4. Are you excited for Smash Ultimate? YES If so, in what are you the most exicted for? SHANTAE IS A SPIRIT AAAAA but mostly just the music. I can't wait for the new music... WAIT WHAT IF WE GET SHANTAE MUSIC AAAAAAAAAAAA In which new character are you the most excited for? Simon and Richter both look AWESOME as does Incineroar. Can't wait to play them. In which returning character (character who wasn't constantly in the cast since Melee) are you the most excited for? The Robin and Palutena buffs look sick but I'm pretty excited to see if they buffed Pichu super hard to make them good. In which classic character are you the most exicted for? The new Link looks fun. What's your opinion about the Echo character? I was never of a low opinion of clones, so I really like Echoes mostly since it got people to stop complaining about characters taking roster spots. Any character you want to see in Smash, but hasn't made it into the cast yet? SHANTAE PLS I NEED HER unfortunately I just kinda don't see it happening currently. In which videogame series did Super Smash Bros introduce you? Technically, Fire Emblem. I was already mildly interested in the series but the Robin/Lucina trailer (along with other factors) got me in. So, thanks, Smash. Have you ever built a stage? yes and it was terrible Could you imagine that Smash Ultimate that could become the final part of this series? We said it with 4, at this point I don't really care as long as Sakurai and his team get a break for at least a freaking year or two. Have you ever played competitive? Not really. With whom can you go under Final Destination? I... haven't really tried. Probably MK. How much do you care for tierlists? About as much as me saying I main Robin and Palutena in 4 should say. How would you describe your experience with the Smash Bros series in three words? i need friends
  6. I feel weird saying the most hype thing for me was... Shantae as a Spirit. It's not that I'm not really excited for anything else, Incineroar looks really fun and I love the thing. I just got... extremely excited over Shantae being a Spirit. I wanted her in in some form and after the Shovel Knight reveal as an assist trophy I was pretty much just hoping for a Trophy at best. And... yay! Anyways Incineroar looks fun, Piranha Plant looks fun, overall excited.
  7. Both? I really enjoy both Robin and Palutena's playstyles so I ended up playing them. I played Robin in Smash long before I grew to like them in FE itself, but Palutena was a favorite of mine for a while prior to her announcement as a fighter, and I was glad that I enjoyed her playstyle.
  8. Em Makes a Map (or several)

    Thank you! Unfortunately I'm still not to good with indoor or fort maps yet. I've been working on it but it's a bit rough for me. Trying to make layouts that make sense and are functional is hard. Uh, they were supposed to be different villages so I used different house types. They... definitely look out of place now that you mention it. Thank you. Yeah, the 3rd map is pretty much entirely aesthetics. I created a second map using the same tileset down the line which was less tree-heavy, but it never actually got finished. I appreciate the feedback. These were mostly just made for aesthetic purposes rather than gameplay, the fifth map especially, the top right and the part on the mid-left were entirely just because I wanted to attempt and make something. That said, I went ahead and made said changes to the second map with a few of my own, as a bit of a test to see if I could improve these maps (they're all a few months old at this point). The other two are sort of... not at all designed in a way I'd like for a map gameplay wise. I'll probably have more actual maps worked on once I'm not completely worn out from work.
  9. Em Makes a Map (or several)

    Not everything I've made, but all the ones I felt were worth sharing.
  10. HE'S FINALLY COMPLETE MY FIRST +10 Well, complete merge wise. His skills... still need to be finished. But he's here!! @Raven
  11. ITT I rate BW

    Of course, and I definitely agree with the rating. To be honest, I might even put it lower personally if we continue by comparing it to the other grass types in the region. Its only strong Gym matchup is Clay, and by then, you have sooooo many other grass types, most of which being much better at pure offense or status than Serperior, while generally losing out on bulk and/or speed. Lilligant comes to mind as a nuke that can really deal with things that aren't even weak to it, as well as Leavanny due to its much appreciated Bug STAB to help against half of the E4 (and resist the main type of another), although as a whole grass types don't fair too well in Unova, so dropping the type from your team as a whole isn't even too much of an issue, save for Clay's Palipitoad. On to Tepig, it's absolutely a solid starter choice for the whole game. I think the main thing holding it back as a candidate for a team slot is how outclassed it is by Darmanitan. While Tepig is around from the start, it only truly comes into major relevance once you reach Gym 3, at which point Darumaka comes into play, with much more initial power thanks to Hustle boosted Fire Punch and a similar statline to Pignite, only losing out on bulk. However, when put completely on its own merits, Tepig is an extremely solid choice for an entire playthrough thanks to its STAB being so useful generally (Even if one has a low amount of moves, Arm Thrust can get the job done, plus break through Sturdy) and having nicely high bulk and power. It's just not the absolute best there is to offer for either of its typings.
  12. Don't Speak Her Name from Awakening, and An Ordinary Day from Shadows of Valentia.
  13. ITT I rate BW

    I have a special place for Snivy in my heart, mainly coming from choosing it for both my first playthrough of BW and B2W2. I just love good ol' Smugleaf. But yeah it's pretty terrible matchup wise. But honestly I think the regions diverse enough to where it can at least fill a slot and exist for what it needs to do, kill things weak to grass stab and not die trying in pretty much every case. And it gives the best monkey (and therefore the easiest Gym 1 fight, wow Pansear you suck until Lv 22), so that's a plus.
  14. Dragalia Lost!

    Finally got my first non Wyrmprint 5* and third 5* overall in Lily! Nice to have her in both Granblue and Dragalia. I have to say, she's significantly less... weird than in Granblue, at least from her first Fate Episode in GBF. She's pretty useful for the event too, and I tend to prefer the ranged movesets thanks to being able to avoid attacks easier. No luck with the token draw yet, although if it wasn't for the Wyrmite (and for the fact that I don't have any 5* dragons), I probably wouldn't be going for Pele.
  15. Anyone still plays Splatoon 1?

    I did for a while, actually. Unfortunately once I moved a few months ago, I was no longer in a position to play online, since my wifi isn't currently the best. It's actually the same reason why I have yet to purchase Splatoon 2. Splash-o-Matic is my baby, I love it so much.