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  1. Em Makes a Map (or several)

    Thank you! Unfortunately I'm still not to good with indoor or fort maps yet. I've been working on it but it's a bit rough for me. Trying to make layouts that make sense and are functional is hard. Uh, they were supposed to be different villages so I used different house types. They... definitely look out of place now that you mention it. Thank you. Yeah, the 3rd map is pretty much entirely aesthetics. I created a second map using the same tileset down the line which was less tree-heavy, but it never actually got finished. I appreciate the feedback. These were mostly just made for aesthetic purposes rather than gameplay, the fifth map especially, the top right and the part on the mid-left were entirely just because I wanted to attempt and make something. That said, I went ahead and made said changes to the second map with a few of my own, as a bit of a test to see if I could improve these maps (they're all a few months old at this point). The other two are sort of... not at all designed in a way I'd like for a map gameplay wise. I'll probably have more actual maps worked on once I'm not completely worn out from work.
  2. Em Makes a Map (or several)

    Not everything I've made, but all the ones I felt were worth sharing.
  3. HE'S FINALLY COMPLETE MY FIRST +10 Well, complete merge wise. His skills... still need to be finished. But he's here!! @Raven
  4. ITT I rate BW

    Of course, and I definitely agree with the rating. To be honest, I might even put it lower personally if we continue by comparing it to the other grass types in the region. Its only strong Gym matchup is Clay, and by then, you have sooooo many other grass types, most of which being much better at pure offense or status than Serperior, while generally losing out on bulk and/or speed. Lilligant comes to mind as a nuke that can really deal with things that aren't even weak to it, as well as Leavanny due to its much appreciated Bug STAB to help against half of the E4 (and resist the main type of another), although as a whole grass types don't fair too well in Unova, so dropping the type from your team as a whole isn't even too much of an issue, save for Clay's Palipitoad. On to Tepig, it's absolutely a solid starter choice for the whole game. I think the main thing holding it back as a candidate for a team slot is how outclassed it is by Darmanitan. While Tepig is around from the start, it only truly comes into major relevance once you reach Gym 3, at which point Darumaka comes into play, with much more initial power thanks to Hustle boosted Fire Punch and a similar statline to Pignite, only losing out on bulk. However, when put completely on its own merits, Tepig is an extremely solid choice for an entire playthrough thanks to its STAB being so useful generally (Even if one has a low amount of moves, Arm Thrust can get the job done, plus break through Sturdy) and having nicely high bulk and power. It's just not the absolute best there is to offer for either of its typings.
  5. Don't Speak Her Name from Awakening, and An Ordinary Day from Shadows of Valentia.
  6. ITT I rate BW

    I have a special place for Snivy in my heart, mainly coming from choosing it for both my first playthrough of BW and B2W2. I just love good ol' Smugleaf. But yeah it's pretty terrible matchup wise. But honestly I think the regions diverse enough to where it can at least fill a slot and exist for what it needs to do, kill things weak to grass stab and not die trying in pretty much every case. And it gives the best monkey (and therefore the easiest Gym 1 fight, wow Pansear you suck until Lv 22), so that's a plus.
  7. Dragalia Lost!

    Finally got my first non Wyrmprint 5* and third 5* overall in Lily! Nice to have her in both Granblue and Dragalia. I have to say, she's significantly less... weird than in Granblue, at least from her first Fate Episode in GBF. She's pretty useful for the event too, and I tend to prefer the ranged movesets thanks to being able to avoid attacks easier. No luck with the token draw yet, although if it wasn't for the Wyrmite (and for the fact that I don't have any 5* dragons), I probably wouldn't be going for Pele.
  8. Anyone still plays Splatoon 1?

    I did for a while, actually. Unfortunately once I moved a few months ago, I was no longer in a position to play online, since my wifi isn't currently the best. It's actually the same reason why I have yet to purchase Splatoon 2. Splash-o-Matic is my baby, I love it so much.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Fathers and Daughters!

    Aww, Odin/Ophelia didn't happen. Oh well, at least I still have Robin to rally behind, and Morgan to jump to should they win. Clearly they didn't get in because they'd destroy the competition. As another aside, I really wish Bartre/Fir had gotten in too. But we got Hector/Lilina and Arvis/Julia, I guess we can't have TOO many non-3DS characters, now can we?
  10. So what is your favorite character?

    That's totally true, but I think the pegasi have the exact same issue, if not worse due to their generally very low strength and pauses between damaging hits of their standard string and a few combos with large wind-ups. I'd take Azura or Oboro over them any day, who have much better movesets overall. They almost feel like they have almost no usage to me sometimes just because of how poor their combat is overall. You could say their ability to ferry units sets them apart, but the Wyverns can do that too, with the same amount of speed. Really, I'd say their best usage is to ferry an Axe unit and then function as a way for them to bring out Sword unit's orange weak point guages, rather than actually doing any fighting themselves. Camilla and Minerva can at least destroy any "Defeat X Enemies" or "Defeat Enemies in X Time" missions in History mode, although they'll need a back-up unit for sure to take out Swords (And Axes if their name is Frederick). Anyways, updating my list now that I've played around with the DLC. Navarre is damn fun to play, definitely someone I use a lot. Azura is super fun as well, her C5 being super fun for clearing stuff out. Olivia's fun too, as is Linde, who despite definitely being inferior to Robin area wise, is still fun with that C4 Blizzard.
  11. Dragalia Lost!

    I've been enjoying my time with it so far. Team has been Euden (because default felt better than naming him) Elly, Cleo and Althemia, who's probably my favorite of the summonable characters I've gotten right now. Despite 3 10 part summons, I've only gotten 1 5* and it was a Wyrmprint, which is kinda disappointing, but since pretty much everyone is usable, it's not that big of a deal. anyways i better be able to get the masked girl down the line because damn it i really like characters like her Also...
  12. A Voice Audio Issue

    All of that is about the same that happened with me when I experimented. The bug can be temporarily fixed via certain things (honestly it seems inconsistent and almost random) and it seems to almost always return over time. I'm considering posting about this on something more active than SF like r/FireEmblem and seeing if we can get anywhere with this.
  13. A Voice Audio Issue

    Dang. I'm actually finding this a bit humorous. The reason no one's found my issue (Well, not publically from what I've seen googling the topic) isn't because it's anything exclusive to me then. It's literally because no one else is playing FEW anymore since it's been out for a year. I'm pretty sure in-between the time of me downloading the DLC and last playing it before then, 6.0.0 happened, so everything lines up.
  14. A Voice Audio Issue

    I've been having an odd issue with the voice audio within FEW. To make this clear, this isn't the issue with the television settings being set for Stereo when the speaker system cannot do so. It's a completely different issue. This only affects the voice audio. The music and sound effect are completely unaffected. The first time I encountered this issue was while playing in portable mode with headphones, shortly after downloading the DLC. I had never had this issue before while playing through all of Story Mode and some of History Mode, all done before purchasing and downloading the DLC Season Pass. After a while of playing the game, the voices will weirdly only being to play out of the left speaker. Originally I believed it was an issue with my headphones, but further inspection proved otherwise. Firstly, the issue would go away for periods of time before resurfacing, but it was there for much longer than it was gone. Secondly, when going into the audio settings and moving the slider for the voice volume, rather than it changing volume as the slider was moved left and right, it stayed at the same volume (normally it will adjust after each movement of the slider, as do the BGM and SFX) and continued to play through solely the left speaker, even at the lowest possible setting. This property of the audio not changing volume carried over into play as well, it's not simply within the audio adjustment menu. Later, I learned that it's even more unlikely to be an issue with the audio jack or my headphones, as while playing it docked, the exact same issue came up, with the voice audio only playing through the left speaker again. Oddly enough, the issue isn't resolved by closing down the game and reopening it, or at least that's how it seems. Even rebooting the system doesn't always fix this, although it's possible it began to happen sometime after the reboot but before the game opened to the title screen, rather than carrying over from the previous session. This issue has happened with no other game, at least so far. I'll try and see if anything occurs while playing the few other Switch games I have. The odd thing to me is that the issue only began occurring once I downloaded the DLC, so I'm wondering if the issue possibly came from either an incomplete download, or possible that the DLC itself has an issue, however due to the lack of other cases for this issue, I don't suspect it's that. If anyone has any idea what this could be, I'd really appreciate the input. While I can still play the game obviously, this is just a very... annoying issue.
  15. New Gen 8 Pokemon officially revealed! Meltan!

    Yeah, exactly. In any case, if this thing is actually Dex no. 891 (i forget the exact number, it's around 890 though)... Shit, we're getting sub 100 Pokemon again this gen. Oh well. Hopefully we get some more Regional forms, that'd be cool to see come around every Gen as something new for older mons.