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  1. Ophelia: Dramatic Heroine

    Huh, I didn't think about that. I might have to try for that now... If anything, it'd be nice to give my Ophie more premium stuff lmao. I'll make a note of it in the OP.
  2. I really enjoy Conquest's early-midgame tbh. It's really solid up until... I'd say 17? Could be forgetting a few meh chapters but I generally love playing 7-16. But Ninja cave onwards is a slog and pretty lackluster. And yeah, music. It's not to the same level as Awakening or SoV's OSTs to me personally, but it's got some great tracks. also ophelia lmao gotta mention it somehow
  3. Heroes you didn’t care for that became MVPs

    I'm not super big on Silas, but he became a big part of my Arena core (as much as a Cav could be, anyways) once I got a +9 one during my long pull session in an attempt to get as many Ophelias as I could (I got 6). He's super tanky, hits hard back, and his default weapons is amazing or Arena. He'll get +10 once I get a +Def one since that's my ideal. Due to his nature as a Cav with Cav BST and no prfs, he'll definitely be phased out for me sooner or later, but for now, he's a real treat to have and will definitely still be used.
  4. Wargroove General Thread

    Well damn. When they said it was releasing Q1 2019, I was expecting March or April, not early Feb! Been dying for this to release for ages now. I'm gonna end up using that map creation tool to death, aren't I...
  5. I've got a lot of my absolute favorites in, Sheena, Gaius and Beruka were launch, Maribelle was semi-recent, as was Ophelia. Naesala just got added as a GHB (he's already +2 lmao), and Laevatein's an OC. As for who isn't in, Sue, Sin, Rath, Fergus... Pelleas and Farina too. I could see Sue coming in March, and hopefully she does. That said, Lyn stole her bow. Twice. So... yay.
  6. Heroes has been an absolute blessing. Honestly, if it didn't exist I probably wouldn't be active on SF at all anymore. I was already falling out before it happened, but Heroes gave me the will to talk on the Discord, and while I'm not all that active on site still, I'm at least around. It's probably the best thing for me that's come from FEH, save for the massive influx of art. I doubt I'd ever see this much art of my favorite characters if it wasn't for Heroes. And I'd probably tell past me to just... save orbs all the way from the 1st Anniversary to September so I didn't end up dropping cash on that banner like I did.
  7. Official Pull Topic

    @Rezzy idk why I was tagged specifically since i dont think ive posted in this thread in forever but damn. I feel you, I dropped a buttload for +10 Ophelia and got an almost +10 Silas along with like a ton of pitybreaks. Man, I sure wish I knew she was going to be on a Hero Fest back when her banner came out... Anyways I did like ~60 plus the tickets this banner and got a third Adrift MCorrin. Fun. At least Naesala was free. It's an upgraded Sturdy Blow, not Sturdy Stance.
  8. Generally speaking I'm liking everything we're seeing so far, especially the new mechanics. The formations look interesting in particular. Character wise only Claude is really speaking to me right now, but hot damn do I love him design wise. Edelgard is pretty good too, although Byleth is probably just an MU of sorts and Dimitri... jesus what is that hair
  9. Least favorite Awakening/Fates child?

    lmao you confused siegbert and siegfried thats actually fucking hilarious Anyways, valid points. That said, I... don't think there was much of any other way for them to make Owain's kid, aside from maybe making it go the opposite direction and dislike their father's behavior, although there were already plenty of people who disliked Owain's antics already in Awakening and more in Fates, so having another character of a similar type for him to interact with is actually a new dynamic. Anyways yeah if you already didn't like Owain or Odin (Or got tired of the gimmick once it returned in Fates with less meaning behind it), Ophelia's pretty much the same deal, so totally understandable. As for the Siegbert support, honestly I'm not much of a fan of it either. While it's not necessarily out of character for her, she's shown to be fairly rash and harsh on occasion in other supports, she's incredibly insensitive throughout the C and B supports. She apologizes and realizes her mistakes in the A supports but it feels rushed and really... not right? The fact that she so plainly states all of the points directly contradictory to her own statements in the C and B is super weird since it's almost said as if she knew it all along. I'm going to chalk that up to some Fates Writing™ because it just feels really exaggerated compared to her other supports. ... Anyways onto the actual thread topic, I'm not the largest fan of Nah. She's got one of the best designs, but she's kind of just... really pushy, I guess? Her Inigo support comes to mind, where basically she kind of just threatens him with being eaten into marrying her, which... wow. But I do like her sometimes, mainly her FMorgan and MMorgan supports, it's just that the bad moments stick out to me a lot more. Kana's an obvious pick, really goddamn bland as a character and has basically no actual personality to speak of besides "I love my parents". I'm not a large fan of Dwyer either, he's also a bit bland to me.
  10. Favorite fates/awakening child

    hello resident ophelia lover here to make the bold claim that i love ophelia Brady's my favorite Awakening child. He's got a really fun character and dynamic with his mom, and a lot of his supports with the other children are great, especially Inigo and Noire. I love Owain too for his really solid character that's built throughout his supports in-between the fun of his personality.
  12. @Raven May I replace my image for my +10 Gaius with this one? I finally got around to fully building him.
  13. im sorry what why does this feel like a name her or owain would give to something
  14. Am I the only one who doesn't like Rath?

    I have a love for the Sacaens, and Bow Cav/Nomad is my favorite FE class, so I personally have a lot of appreciation for Rath. That said, he's not the most interesting of FE characters, and certainly not among the best characters in 7.