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  1. Is not made of spaghetti. Maybe...
  2. While I highly, highly agree with this, Othin/Orsin's PCC isn't max, only 3. That said, Wrath, a skill he has, makes his PCC meaningless, since he'll ALWAYS crit on his counterattack/second attack. Also, when ending Chapter 3, also make sure to only have 13 items instead of 14 between Leif and Lifis. Again, don't ask why, just do it.
  3. Didn't post a fact about the person above.
  4. [:< >:] without the :< >:
  5. Can someone explain what exactly the Demon Ring skill, Reconstruct, does? So it switches growths 8 times, so like ATK and DEF might switch, then SKL and SPD, then ATK and SPD, etc. until it's been switched 8 times? Does it switch after every level up, or is it the exact same shuffling until you unequip the item?
  6. oh my god the other hand what have you done
  7. Should know they can only evolve into a Sylveon with 2 hearts in Amie/Refresh and knowing a Fairy type move.
  8. Will know I still think it should be the default.
  9. From what I've seen, I believe they do use the same animations. However, I haven't seen their animations much. For what class?
  10. I do hope that will look better. We do have the map sprite (It's the one before Celica), and it seems like it'll look better. They look exactly the same as Celica's base class, with different palettes of course.
  11. I've heard that by mid-late game even Normal mode gets pretty tough, so I'd assume so. Also, Lunatic is in the game, but it's inaccessible, so it might come in through DLC down the line.
  12. It is for the most part, but that shot of Mae using Excalibur and Silque as a Sage was never in the original. Instead of Silque as a Sage and talking about both Mages and Clerics at the same time, it showed Mae using Fire, and then Silque as a Cleric healing. It baffles me as to why they would do that to be honest. Also, here's that comment for you. I bet they were probably just trying to start a flame war, rather than just showing their hatred for Awakening and Fates for no reason.
  13. Even if the villager fork does get released in DLC, by going through Mage, Silque would promote to Priestess, which is Celica's base class like that female Mages rather than Sage like the male Mages do, which that clearly was as it shares the same map sprite and model. There's also no current explanation for Mae using Excalibur. Shes doesn't learn it, and there's no data currently to show that Mages can learn new spells through DLC, if I'm not mistaken.
  14. 1rn and archaic maps could make it feel the overall gameplay feel meh. And there's nothing besides rout chapters, correct me if I'm not remembering correctly. While I still personally find enjoyment out of Gaiden's gameplay, and by extension Echoes, the general lack of complex elements found in most FE games could make it feel a bit boring and not very fun to some. It's all subjective. There's still a lot to enjoy gameplay-wise, but if the core things you're looking for isn't there, it might not be the best experience.