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  1. Plot Holes

    Probably a misconception. Wouldn't be surprising if a medieval society deified, for lack of a better word, a famous figure in their history.
  2. This seems pretty relevant.
  3. Well the Scouring was less survival and more humanity being dicks to Dragons considering humans started it. Could be IS were afraid such a premise was too morally ambigious for them, or were afraid they couldn't live up to the hype of it. Same thing for Zephiel. Might have been afraid of making him too sympathetic. Also might be case of differing preferences between audiences. Japan's culture does have Confucian elements in it, so that might have been a factor.
  4. Marketability? I mean, you're playing as the parents of the previous protagonists. On paper, that sounds pretty cool. In execution, while the story is okay, it's like you said. It really doesn't add much to the setting. Though considering Ninian is implied to be Roy's mother, making him part dragon, there's a certain irony to Roy defeating Zephiel. Something that I would love to see brought up in a remake.
  5. Roy as a Manakete.

    And I think you need to to work on your reading skills. omegaxis1 proposed something similar, to which NinjaMonkey pointed out that Elibe dragons are never stated to work the same as dragons from other games.
  6. I don't get why that pepsi ad caused an outrage.

    I think it was how the ad acted like protests, of which there were many this year, could be solved so easily. I also found a video about it when I tried looking the ad up to refresh my memory. Also found something about it on TvTropes. A Pepsi ad from early 2017 shows a group of young people protesting over social issues and walking towards a line of police officers. Kendall Jenner, who is modeling nearby, decides to join the protest and offers a Pepsi to one of the police offers, eliciting a roar of applause from the protesters and apparently mending relations. Despite its intended message about peace, the ad was widely panned and pulled from television due to co-opting the very serious and controversial-at-the-time issue of police brutality and their protests to simply sell a product. Also rather disliked was the fact that rich, white, and privileged Kendall Jenner is the one to mend issues, while police brutality frequently targets poor and underprivileged minorities.
  7. Does Mark Undermine Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, etc?

    I'm saying that arguing Robin isn't a Sue because he has flaws is a poor argument. For instance, that Virion support also plays up Robin by stating the reason he lost is because Robin tried to conserve his forces instead of using them like disposable pawns. In that case, Robin's flaw is less a demerit against him, and more to highlight he's a good tactician in other ways. Not that I'm using that example to say he's a Sue, but to show that context is more important than content in determining if a character is a Sue.
  8. Does Mark Undermine Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, etc?

    I was just using those to support that context around a character is more important in determining if they are a Sue then the content of that character.
  9. Does Mark Undermine Lyn, Eliwood, Hector, etc?

    Christ, people really need to do some reading on the topic. Mary Sues are determined more by the context around them than their actual characters. For instance, two types of Sue is the Anti-Sue or the Jerk Sue. Both have characters with flaws, but because of how they're treated by the narrative, they count as Sues.
  10. Japan and Tellius

    Well, I heard Marth's games are very popular with the japanese fandom. I guess they didn't like the laguz replacing the manakete.
  11. So we got the pics of what costumes are in the DLC pack.
  12. You're fine. In truth I got the idea from tvtropes from this passage. "One theory that has been made to explain why JRPGs are popular in Japan but not in the West is the fact that JRPG require a lot of level grinding. Japanese gamers are perceived as being more patient than Western gamers and perceive the idea of level grinding in order to get some ultimate reward in the end. In the West most people do neither have that kind of patience nor the wanting for a reward, which is the reason why many Western gamers get frustrated with those games and give up on ever trying one, which results in low sales. This may be the same reason Monster Hunter is a best-selling series in Japan, but is a Cult Classic at best in the United States. On a similar vein, Random Drop and Rare Random Drop when it comes to items are seen as widely accepted in many Asian gaming circles since they don't mind potentially waiting a long time to finally get that Infinity +1 Sword. Western players greatly despise those game mechanics for being too reliant on luck. In addition, JRPGs are criticized by western gamers for their linearity, as they are used to open-world WRPGs centered around making decisions and having the plot continue based on those choices. In addition, WRPGs tend to have a high level of character customization. Inversely, Japanese gamers have a tough time getting into WRPGs because they tend to find the open-world gameplay too overwhelming (any choices made in most JRPGs, will have one correct answer with the others either not allowing you to proceed or triggering an alternate route or even a bad ending) and inhibits the writers' ability to tell a compelling story. In other words, the conflict seems to be that western gamers want to be the protagonists of their RPGs, whereas Japanese gamers would rather just follow along with the narrative. This has seemed to be turned on its head that both are successful in the west while flipping the common perceived stereotype, what with the Western-made "JRPG" Undertale and Japanese-made "WRPG" Dark Souls." Either way, JRPGS do have a lot of grinding in them. WRPGs, not so much from what I know. Granted, I'm not sure there's that many to begin with.
  13. Disturbing Content

    At the very least, Arvis was committing pseudo-incest by falling in love with Deirdre because he looked like his mother. That alone makes the relationship unhealthy, as it brings up whether he actually loved Deirdre, or whether just her looks.
  14. Disturbing Content

    Still pretty messed up, especially since they were half-siblings, and Deirdre looked very much like their mother. Honestly, calling Arvis a motherfucker would be quite the apt insult.
  15. I heard that Japanese gamers are more patient in general, and thus more willing to grind. Would explain these hard bosses and those fetch quests where you have to get a rare drop that requires killing a lot of mobs.