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  1. Yeah, that seems to be the cultural expectation of Japan. The man is expected to take care of financial matters, while the wife quits her job to be a housewife and take care of her kids, or so I've heard. Wikipedia has more on it.
  2. Considering how old Mycen is, I think he might predate Lima. Though Mycen, for his importance in the plot, has a vague backstory. All we know is he worked his way up, and is apparently friends with the Emperor of the neighboring nation, somehow. That last part really annoys me because it's never explained how such a friendship came about.
  3. In regards to the game mucking up its themes, I think focusing some rewrites of some parts of the plot around making Rigel meritocratic to some degree would fix it. Have Alm be the son of a knight who worked his way up from being a commoner to earning the favor of Rudolf himself. Alm would still have the Brand, with the Duma Faithful coming after him, only they have come after him this time, resulting in his parents dying trying to protect him.(As to how Rudolf got ahold of Alm, they could just have a servant be entrusted to escape with Alm to deliver him to the King.) And everything would be the same from there more or less. Berkut would still be the classist dick, but now it has resulted in Rudolf disliking him, believing him to be a mockery of Rigelian values with no real potential to be king, and a potential threat to Alm due to that behavior, hence why he is kept in the dark. I got some more ideas on what to due for a rewrite of Echoes, but I think it would be more prudent for me to post that in it's own thread.
  4. So I checked, and the Risen in the animated cutscene where they're introduced do have masks, but the game just settles for using generic enemy portraits with glowing red eyes during gameplay for them. So that's consistent with Echoes origins for them. But looking at the wiki page for them, the concept of those bugs and the masks don't show up in situations like Henry using a single Risen arm to create an army of them in a Support. Add that to your examples, and the Death Masks start to seem like a retcon.
  5. Another thing is that when we first saw the Risen in Awakening, only the Chiefs had masks, the other just looked like zombies.
  6. I figured it was some Cipher reference.
  7. In that case, why would she give Falchion to them? If they were to start mistreating the locals, they would toss it to protect themselves.
  8. In that case, if Degeneration was unheard of, why would Naga give them Falchion so they could be taken care of when it happened? At that point in time Naga would be unaware of their eventual fate.
  9. Added more to my original post, this time about the brands.
  10. The wiki said the main difference between the the two is that a Manakete only has pointed ears as a sign of their heritage, and their powers are sealed in their dragonstone. Those that just assume a human form will have other traits to show it, like Mila.
  11. Yeah, I found the idea that the reason Mila didn't seal Duma because he was a Divine Dragon to make her racist. Like it's fine if the exiled Divine Dragon rules a country, but not the exiled Earth Dragon. Note the by exiled Earth Dragon, I'm referring to a hypothecial version of Duma, not Loptyr, in case I confused anyone. Plus she wanted all dragons to seal their powers, not only Earth Dragons. Saying she gave Duma a Falchion instead of having him make a dragonstone just because he was from her tribe, to once again make her look racist. Though I don't think Duma had a stone as I'm pretty sure that sealing of one's power in a dragonstone stopped the degeneration. But as Medeus said, he didn't seem to mind having a human form. Heck, he doesn't even hate humans, and a dragonstone only momentarily weakens a dragon by having them assume a human form, as they can still access their dragon form, so it doesn't conflict too much with his power-based mindset. I'm starting to think whoever wrote their new backstory wasn't too aware of previous canon and lore. Though I'm not sure that wasn't even consistent. I went to look at the wiki's Manakete page to do some fact checking, and it says Mila was just a dragon that took a human form, as she still has dragonic traits, which a Manakete wouldn't have, yet the page image for a Manakete is this. Which is from the card for Manaketes in the card game. So again, not sure if the lore behind them is entirely consistent.
  12. Eh, I just thought Manakete was the species name in general. I feel like you're getting worked up over a someone using basically using it as slang for dragonkind. Honestly, the bitch comment was just me trying to make fun of the situation, which I found kind of ridiculous. Their dispute is vague leaving the outcome of exile seeming a bit harsh, and then they get a suicide tool as a farewell gift. I also ended the joke off with saying I might need to apologize to Naga near the end of my post. And I feel like you're being condescending here. I noted why she gave it to them. No need to explain like I'm ignorant of everything. I never said they were from different species, just that maybe they should have been Earth dragons instead of Divine ones, due to how Duma looked. And I don't think Anankos is good for comparison. As you said, he isn't connected to Archanean lore, just based off it. Plus Corrin is half-human, which might have played into how his dragon form looked. Granted, there is Nah, but I feel trying to compare the workings of genetics from different continuities to be pointless.
  13. That was a goof near the end there. The rest of my post refers to Naga as the one who exiled him.
  14. I thought Dragons could still breed, it's just that their fertility drastically decreased, limiting their ability to repopulate. Not that they went full on sterile.