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  1. Oh, a Kynim comic and a............ Mother of god, how did such a monstrosity come about.
  2. The Lucina beating Ephiram thing is never going to die, is it?
  3. F2P here, except for the one time I used a gift card($25 I think) I got for my birthday. Got... 11. Wow, I thought had less than that. Though one of those is a duplicate. Got 2 Lyns(in the same session no less), Ogma, Fae, Seliph, Roy, Jakob, Lucina and Olwen(same session), Eldigan, and Ninian.
  4. Well, from what I remember about Manakete lore is that their human forms are their way of keeping their powers under control. So it could be the weapons react to some sort of energy dragons emit, and the energy is only present when manaketes are in dragon form. Plus, Roy would be a quarter-manakete. It's possible that at that point, his human blood overrides his manakete blood, to the point he's unable to transform. He is like the only quarter manakete in the series besides Kanna, and his/her grandpa was not the average dragon. Not much a of baseline to go off of for figuring out abilities.
  5. Also explains why she kills almost everything in one hit.
  6. Considering it sounded similar to Grima or Loptyr, and considering Validar could control Robin in Awakening due to his blood, and Veronica is being controlled, I think Mask is trying to find out about it to save her from it's control. Also, anyone think it's weird we got more story in paralogues than the actual main story?
  7. Quick question, what's a better boom/bane for Cheche +DEF/-RES or +SPD/-ATK?
  8. We already aired our complaints about how it's pointless having more than 5 friends for the most part. And I agree. But there's another thing that's going to be fixed at the same time when there's more benefits to having friends. Deleting the inactive ones. There's no way to sort your friends like in other gacha games, plus when deleting friends, you don't see how long ago it was when the last logged on. Instead you have to switch between two different screens to check that and then delete those friends, which is annoying. Nintendo needs to seriously rework the friend system.
  9. Brave Frontier had one, and it had quests that rewarded you for filling it up. I hope we get something similar.
  10. So I managed to get some decent pulls over the last month, got Reinhardt and Lucina in the same session. -HP/+ATK for Reinhardt So current team is a -ATK/+RES Lucina, +HP/-SPD Camilla, -SPD/+RES Nowi, and a +SPD/-RES Serra. All 4* except for Lucina. And this is my current collection of units: I'm wondering what to train next or if I can get some critique on my team.
  11. @LordFrigid Thanks, the method works great.
  12. Um, is there a way to determine your characters' boon/bane if you don't remember what their level one stats were?
  13. I feel this is a stupid mechanic to put in. Depending on what restrictions there are to it, characters are going to become less unique and some will just become nothing more than fodder. One thing I like about gachas is that the characters tend to be unique in their own way, and can have their own niche, but this goes against that.
  14. So what units should I use for this map? I'm fine with just getting a 2* and working up to a 3*. http://imgur.com/t1HsPfN