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  1. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    He's really really strength screwed.
  2. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    CHAPTER 17 - 10/45 TURNS CHAPTER 17X - 3/48 TURNS CHAPTER 18 - 3/51 TURNS CHAPTER 19 - 5/56 TURNS Man Dorcas is terrible.
  3. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    CHAPTER 11 - 6/6 TURNS CHAPTER 12 - 4/10 TURNS CHAPTER 13 - 4/14 TURNS CHAPTER 13x - 7/21 TURNS Not recording defence maps because they're boring af. Dorcas solo'd the bottom with vulnerary healing, Marcus got the village, and Hector, Rebecca and Eliwood took out enemies up north. CHAPTER 14 - 4/25 TURNS CHAPTER 15 - 7/32 TURNS Marcus trapped the boss so reinforcements would keep spawning. Rebecca and Hector mostly stayed up north, and Erk, Eliwood and Dorcas went south, with Erk getting the boss exp. Didn't get either chest. CHAPTER 16 - 3/35 TURNS Rebecca is totally ridiculous, I wish any other unit got her level ups :(
  4. FE4 RR

    Just noticed your message now, i've uploaded an old version of the patch, I accidently deleted it from my dropbox when I was cleaning it out, my bad guys. If anybody has the fixed patch (with the name still in the description), please PM it to me so I can replace the old patch in the OP. Thanks!
  5. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Yeah, confirming i'm cool with Jaffar for my last pick. If you think the Lowen is good, his level 8 Bartre has 8 speed.
  6. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Gonna be out for most of the day, my next pick is (don't look at me until after you've picked epoch)
  7. FE12 H3 0% growths LTC

    shoutouts to saving xane instead of katarina
  8. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

  9. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    You'll always pick two units after FinalInsanity. I'll choose Isadora.
  10. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

  11. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Yep, but you get to take another unit, since you get the last pick of round 2 and the first of round 3.
  12. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    I'll take Erk
  13. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    Drafts are usually just on the normal game, but it's up to the OP. I'll pick Florina.
  14. FE7 HNM Draft: Here Goes Nothing

    if you need a 5th, i'll play OP hasn't been around for 2 days though.
  15. How Does Heath Fare?

    Heath is imo the best flier in the game behind Florina by a pretty big margin. He totally blows Fiora (and Farina) out of the water offensively upon promotion thanks to his much much better strength, and the speed gap isn't even really existant thanks to his much better con (and Heath actually only has 5% less speed growth than Fiora and the same speed growth as Farina). A 12/1 Heath has 12 AS with a Javelin, a 14/1 Fiora has 11-12 herself and 3 less attack (and this will only continue to grow since Heath's growth is significantly higher). His res is a lot worse, but promoted enemies, even in HHM are awfully weak. Heath with a pure water or barrier staff isnt going to die anytime soon to them. His physical durability is a real advantage, Fiora''s evade come mid-lategame (lets say she's 14/8 to Heath's 12/8), is 6 better than Heath's before you account for attack speed loss which Fiora definately will have. So at the very least, he draws even or even beats her in that catergory if she uses a weapon heavier than 9 WT (Javelins, Axereavers....). At the same level, Heath has ~10 more HP and 5 more defence,. Against enemies with 25 attack, Heath eats 2 more hits, against enemies with 20, he eats 5. It's a pretty huge gap. Offensively Fiora loses every metric possible. The last advantage Heath has is minor, but he can rescue Hector once Hector promotes, since he has 1 more aid than Fiora and Farina. It's minor, but having a flier to haul around your 5 mov lord is definitely a boon. Fiora's advantages (an extra 3.5ish chapters, only one of is is flier friendly), and much higher res aren't really comparable to all of Heath's advantages. Even lategame Heath will outperform Florina offensively unless you played Lyn mode. Florina is definately still better due to a huge availability lead, but their performances after Heath's promotion are very similar and probably even in Heath's favour lategame.