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  1. it's the challonge link in the first post.
  2. as someone who needs a refresher, how do character picks work? I'm sure it's blind pick for game one but afterwards how are character picks done?
  3. FE4 Item Inheritance

    Can't he inherit Shagaal's Silver Blade in the same chapter? Delmud has A swords at base.
  4. Do you have discord? I'd like to add you to talk a few more FE4 RR related things.

    1. General Horace

      General Horace

      Yeah, username is Horse#2287.  I'm about to head to work, but feel free to leave me a message and i'll get back to you when I'm home.   Definately more likely to catch me there than on here.

    2. Yojinbo


      Cool, I sent you a request!

  5. FE4 Reverse Recruitment

    Yeah, all the "siblings" and "lovers" should work. There's a bug where Fee instantly falls in love with Johalva in gen 2 so you could possible abuse that too!
  6. FE4 Reverse Recruitment

  7. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    CHAPTER 5 - 4/30 TURNS Forged the killing edge with +3 MT so Ogma could kill the boss. Made Wrys a mage so he wouldn't fall behind and have to face attacks from the cavaliers at the start. CHAPTER 6 - 7/37 TURNS Ogma is really buff Wrys went back to curate to heal my dudes. Marth's rapier was clutch. CHAPTER 7 - 6/43 TURNS Forged the armourslayer to +3, all I could afford. Probably a waste of money. Ogma and Marth ran down, Wrys tanked a hit from a dragoknight since Sniper!Jeigan can't OHKO them. Ogma killed the boss with the armourslayer. Marth got the Angelic Robe from the last map. I missed physic last map though, which sucks, but i'll get the chapter 10 one when Wrys actually has the weapon rank for it. CHAPTER 8 - 5/48 TURNS carmine CHEATED by recruiting Roger. Bought a bunch of vulneraries with Jeigan. Ogma and Marth ran to the throne. Wrys healed Marth and then distracted a thwomp. CHAPTER 9 - 5/53 TURNS I was like THE DRAGON IS GONNA BE HARD TO KILL but Ogma just ORKO'd him with a silver sword. Got the buillon with Jeigan and Wrys. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEP LEVEL MARTH LORD 10.96 32 09 00 07 11 14 08 00 C SWORD JEIGAN SNIPER ??/05.63 28 08 01 16 11 03 08 03 C BOWS WRYS CURATE 07.49 17 00 06 07 08 06 03 08 D STAFF OGMA MERCENARY 15.08 33 15 00 19 15 07 08 00 B SWORD CHAPTER 10 - 8/61 TURNS Ogma killed the Hero. Jeigan reclassed to Swordmaster to kill the boss with the armourslayer forge. Wrys swapped to mage to get the physic staff. CHAPTER 11 - 9/70 TURNS Reclassed Caeda to MYRM Made Wrys tank Jake because he targets him over Caeda since his defence is lower than her's as a myrm. Promoted Ogma and worked on his axe rank. Reclassed Jeigan to Swordmaster and gave him the speedwings so he could double the mercs down by Anna's house so I could actually recruit Jake. CHAPTER 12 - 6/76 TURNS Boots are so NOT WORTH IT Got all the treasure except the one behind the general, hopefully it wasn't good. Jake killed thieves and curates. CHAPTER 13 - 4/80 TURNS SO AWFUL Marth had to dodge a bunch of stonehoists and stuff which was obnoxious. Dolph went up and killed a couple ballista up top, Jeigan got the hoistflamme, and Ogma, Jake and Marth ran up the middle. CHAPTER 14 - 7/87 TURNS Jeigan and Pirate!Dolph raided the treasure room, Jeigan got the silver card on the last turn, and Jake got the Buillon and silver sword on the last turn from the thief raiding the chest with his forged Hoistflamme. Wrys phsyic'd people. Ogma escorted Marth to the throne. CHAPTER 15 - 7/94 TURNS Wrys went north with the Silver Card and just physic'd people, and bought handaxes because I only had Barst's from the start of the game. Ogma distracted Gharnef, and Jeigan killed the boss???? CHAPTER 16 - 8/102 TURNS Jake shot down a draco turn 1, Dolph got fed the other two. Dolph baited enemies with waterwalkign to make Marth's path to the throne easier once Ogma cleared his way. CHAPTER 17 - 3/105 TURNS Jake shot the mages in the treasure room for exp. Dolph got fortify and the vip card. Ogma killed the boss. CHAPTER 18 - 7/112 TURNS Promoted Dolph, and reclassed him to Hero for better stats. Ogma and Dolph ran ahead of Marth and cleared the way, Jake took potshots when he could. Jeigan killed Est on turn 7 for Mercurius. Let's update stats I guess. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST MG SK SP LC DF RS WEP LEVEL MARTH LORD 13.30 35 11 00 08 12 16 09 00 B SWORD JEIGAN SNIPER ??/10.33 31 09 01 17 15 05 09 03 B BOWS WRYS CURATE 12/02.98 25 01 10 09 10 07 03 14 B STAFF E TOME OGMA HERO 16/11.70 50 20 01 26 23 13 15 03 A SWORD C AXE JAKE BALLISTA 13.82 24 12 00 07 04 08 16 00 BALLISTA DOLPH HERO 13/03.45 36 16 01 19 21 05 11 03 C AXE D SWORD CHAPTER 19 - 6/118 TURNS Dolph and Ogma ran ahead killing the heroes and stuff. Got both spheres and 30k money bag. CHAPTER 20 - 7/125 TURNS Dolph hammered the thwomps, while Ogma killed the paladins at the start. My dudes kind of tag teamed Camus and Wrys kept the squad alive with recover.
  8. FE4 Reverse Recruitment

    I picked a good day to actually log into sf. If I interpreted my doc correctly.... Knight Ring now comes on Fury's replacement (Ardan). Ardan's event tile now gives the elite ring, and the knight ring event is the pursuit ring. Wind Sword is still the same. I'm pretty confidant that Deirdre opens the bridge and the Sylvia village item are the same. Ardan doesn't get a skill ring in chapter 5, he just gains +5 skill, but that is unchanged. Not actually sure about Gungnir, never tested it. Theoretically Leaf should be able to inherit it and use it on promotion but inheritance is really weird in FE4 hacking. Nope, Leaf is the only kid capable of getting Major Noba/Dain blood. Balmung no longer is in the game, it's replaced by Swanchika. Ayra/Holyn will have * Swords but since Balmung isn't in gen 2 you won't be able to use it with the bug. Also to note unless you downloaded the patch sometime last year the patch in the topic is outdated and needs a few bugfixes that I haven't reapplied (or remember...) Most of them (or all of them) aren't until Gen2 though so if you get there and something is broken let me know.
  9. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    he's assumed nobody would take tomas and already used him, so that's his pick i'm assuming.
  10. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    CHAPTER 1 - 7/7 TURNS enter wrysssss Picked Abel as my free guy. He died. So did Cain. CHAPTER 2 - 6/13 TURNS Recruited Castor for cannon fodder. Doga sat on the fort and distracted the dudes back at the start. Somehow only Bord died. CHAPTER 3 - 6/19 TURNS Had kind of bad starting spots, but wrys started way to the left which helped him keep up and keep everyone healed. Barst, Gordin and Doga all died. Got the killing edge before seizing. Ogma fought the boss. CHAPTER 4 - 7/26 TURNS Forged a huge rapier called MARTHIPAN. Marth himself is really bad but his forge lets him OHKO stuff. Ogma is buff, Jeigan went Sniper for this map so he could double the archers and counter them.
  11. [FE11] H2 Sadist Draft: Dude, Where’s My Horse?

    Jake @jeigansucksexp I don't know how to ping people on sf guys
  12. [FE15] : The One with No Clever Title

    BERKUT - 3/3 TURNS Clair flew up and killed Berkut and Fernand on turn 2 EP, falcoknight bulk helps a ton. Alm got warped up on turn 1, allowing him to killer bow one of the javcavs up top, clair killed the other. Tobin took out most of the arcanists with some help from Luthier, Gray solo'd the left side with a max forge rapier. Clive drew aggro from thwomps since his has less defence than Clair, then Silcc helped him kill the one that chased him. I just noticed Grey's stats are really good, lol. XAIZOR - 3/6 TURNS Probably could have 2 turned if Tobin didn't get doubled by witches, what a LOSER SONYA'S SISTER - 3/9 TURNS Tobin ate peg cheese and got his first speed proc. Amazing. He went to the right with Clair and Clive and dealt with enemies there. Alm Grey and Luthier went up initally, Grey ORKO'd barons with the rapier which was a huge help. Alm killer bow'd the boss, and Luther eventually got warped back down to help kill the last thwomp down south. NUIBABA'S MOUNTAIN - 3/12 TURNS Warped Tobin ahead to kill the bow knight, then warped Gray up to kill the dreadfighters and Nuibaba on the EP. Warped Alm up on turn 3 to help clear out the arcanists and cantor. ZEKE - 2/14 TURNS Recruited Zeke because I felt like it. And I think i'll legitimately need the help. Fear Shrine - Looped Gray to bowknight. Zeke got the speed fountains and most of the exp. Waterfall - 3/17 TURNS Zeke took out most of the bottom half of the map. Gray took out the top with some help from Tobin and Luthier. Secret Shrine - Buffed up Zeke's defence for Rudolph's map. Bow Knight Fort - 3/20 TURNS Gray handled the left side, Luthier + Alm got the right, Tobin + Zeke + Clair killed the middle enemies. Rudolph - 1/21 TURNS Zeke killed Rudolph. Duma Temple Did some stuff Duma - 2/23 TURNS Gray baited Duma and then with the help of Leon. Alm finished him off. 23 + 142 = 165 TURNS UNIT REVIEW UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS ALM FIGHTER 12/13.52 44 23 27 21 19 14 05 Alm did good. He was super strong in act 3. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS GRAY BOWKNIGHT 08/08/10/10/4/7/10/08.32 52 28 25 28 09 22 02 Dreadloop/10 His levels after his loop were really bad, he was actually super great as a dreadfighter then didnt get any stats after reclassing. Didn't matter though. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS TOBIN BOWKNIGHT 06/07/10/11.11 50 19 23 11 16 14 06 He got 1 speed in 28 levels. That's -6 speed folks. He was still good enough since the enemies he needed to kill (except witches on Xaizor's map) were slow enough for him to double anyway. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS SILCC SAINT 12/09.99 34 20 11 14 16 09 12 warp/10 UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS CLAIR FALCOKNIGHT 12/08.01 37 16 10 21 18 11 08 actually came in pretty clutch in act 3, and flight helped in some maps like bow knight fort and waterfall map in alm's final act. Way better than expected! UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS CLIVE GOLD KNIGHT 07/02.23 40 16 10 12 11 14 01 did nothing of value UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS LUTHIER MAGE 12/05.12 33 17 14 09 05 08 08 outside of desaix's fort did very little. Was pretty speed screwed. UNIT CLASS LEVEL HP ST SK SP LC DF RS ZEKE GOLD KNIGHT 12.85 45 26 18 27 11 19 06 Probably saved turns in the Bow Knight Fort and let me kill Rudolph reliably. So drew even on the turn it costed to get him CELICA PRINCESS 16/09.78 34 23 18 19 16 16 08 LEON BOWKNIGHT 07/10/10.17 46 19 22 14 13 12 01 KAMUI MYRMIDON 07/10/10.39 40 17 17 24 06 13 02 PALLA FALCOKNIGHT 12/14.25 42 22 19 21 10 21 08 DEEN DREADFIGHTER 10/11.84 43 20 21 26 07 14 04 lazy now Celica was pretty good since she had a huge level lead because of the awful celica solo early on, Leon wasn't disappoiniting statwise for once, Kamui was good but somehow got eclipsed by Deen once he showed up. Palla was absolutely fantastic.