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  1. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Silhouettes!

    Guessing Ayra for the left, for the right, NO IDEA. It could literally be anyone.
  2. I HATE Shrimp, but I love Sushi and in Sushi restaurants over here, Shrimp is like in EVERY dish which makes it difficult to enjoy sometimes.
  3. Trailer Song Lyrics

    Reach for my hand I'll soar away Into the dawn Oh I wish I could stay Here cherished heart In peaceful days I fear the edge of dawn Knowing time betrays Daylight's passed through coloured glass In this beloved place Silver shines the world dines A smile on each face It's choice arounds Come out of bounds And I can feel I'm breaking free For just this moment lost in time I am finally me Yet still I hide Behind this mask that I have become My blackened heart Scorched by flames a force I can't run from I look to you Like a red rose Seeking the sun No matter where it goes I long to stay Where the light dwells To guard against the cold That I know so well @VincentASM I think this is it :D
  4. Pretty sure that's not what he meant. He meant a Lance that is effective against dragons.
  5. I like the banner! Idunn looks absolutely fantastic and Sue is adorable holy shit. Why do people think Lugh's base kit is bad, or at least underwhelming? He has a powercrept Rally skill plus a feint skill to go with it. Gronnserpent is not at all a bad tome either, and looking at his basekit, he'll be a fantastic magic tank. With that rally skill, there is like no way that he's dropping. Or they could make me happy and have 2 DEMOTES AGAIN!? PLEASE? I'm honestly surprised at the amount of disappointment in this thread. It's like, damn, people really are never satisfied. Always just playing hide and seek for people to complain about, it makes me sick.
  6. E

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay!
  7. Pokémon Sword and Shield News and Discussion

    Very excited! Grookey is my favourite, with Sobble closely following it.
  8. Hi everybody!

    Welcome! Enjoy your stay :D
  9. Pokemon Direct on 2/27/19

    Very excited! Unfortunately this happens while I am in class.
  10. I like Roy, so I might go with a few red summons. Not terribly interested in anything else on this banner.
  11. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Tacticians

    Exactly! I love her a lot!
  12. Voting Gauntlet: War of the Tacticians

    Katarina for me. New mystery deserves more love. @Anacybele Innes was always suggested to be strategist. His ingame name is even "Regal Strategie Ian" And Lewyn is Seliph's advisor in the same vein that Jagen is Marth's... Kinda. Edit: ninjad
  13. Fire emblem: Ratatouille. This is a french based cooking game in which characters from across the series cook to see who makes the best food. You have to gather the ingredients from all sorts of dangerous places and cook up delicious stuff. Different characters have different difficulty levels, based on how well they can cook. Jakob is easy, Felicia is very difficult. After you are done cooking, your food is going to be judged by the judges consisting of Peri, Brigand Boss, and Gordon Ramsay. Cook the best food, and you win the game.
  14. I hope this whole situation gets resolved for you! I'll report them as well.