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  1. Thanks for your message in my post! Somehow I can't reply you. At least I can message you here. ^^

  2. Introduction from myself!

    Welcome Anna! Hope you enjoyed Fates! I hope to get along well with you :)
  3. I'm 17 at the moment but I don't think i'll ever feel like an adult honestly.
  4. How long you've been playing Heroes?

    Sinch Launch :D First 5* unit was Hinoka and I have her to this day.
  5. Favorite OST from the series?

    Fates has my favourite OST, with Glory/Ruin (Deeds) being my favourite song.
  6. Space Jam 2 confirmed

    Oh my god. Yes.
  7. Favourite Heroes OC

    For me it's a tie between Alfonse and Fjorm, I love them both to bits. Fjorm is such a great unit. Alfonse got a lot of good lines in Book 2. I voted for Fjorm in the poll.
  8. So what is your favorite character?

    I love using Camilla, like wow.
  9. Staff Changes!

    fine ill go entertain myself and cry
  10. Staff Changes!

    Ah, you'll be missed, Tangerine! Ike I look forward to your reign of terror as long as i can be second in command and i will do your bidding kthanks
  11. I killed Surtr with Karla. ''You will die.'' I like the story well enough, honestly. Nothing special, but I liked it. I'm pretty easy to please.
  12. Why are these heroes added now if they are in next week's banner?
  13. New Nintendo Direct at 9/13/2018 3pm PT: New date

    I want you to know @Alkaidand I were screaming to eachother after the direct because AC was revealed.