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  1. What yellow orb do you mean, exactly?
  2. I don't there was anyone, but the 4 heroes that aren't in the game yet that are the highest in CYL2 are Selkie, Kliff, Keaton and Aversa, in that order.
  3. That's..... I don't know what to say to that.
  4. Woo! So excited. I hope that there will be some cool things even though it's in the middle of the night, again.
  5. I love Fjorm so much. She's adorable. This chapter was also so adorable. I love Grima too.
  6. A Bad FE Player Ironmans Revelation

    I didnt't see this until now? Good luck with your run :D Also funny how the name of your avatar is one letter off my real name,.
  7. Episode 2: THE DECISION Hi everyone, we're back. Right now, it's time for the decision. You know which one. THE decision. Let's do it! So first of all, I had two pictures before the first one however, they're just... bad. They are not usable, basically. Oh my god, hello darling, I missed you. These hoshidians kidnapped me and I was super scared :( I'm so happy you're here at my side again! How DARE you say that to them? And look who's talking. YOU kidnapped me, and YOU lied to me, telling me i'm your true family and all that stuff. We all know who my true family is and that is GARON. I still like yall though and we can chill later. How about some McDonalds? My treat. Yeah because somehow they think they STAND A CHANCE against ME. How foolish. No one can stand up against turkeys! And yes I will be coming for thanksgiving, you know how to prepare turkey's don't you? If you don't Turkey will come teach you, she's a star. But uh, she's just coming for the food, she doesn't celebrate thanksgiving. She has been influenced. OF COURSE they are your true family! What are you talking about? It tears me up to hear that. I love daddy garon with all my heart. *sniff* Now let's kill em all and get back to sitting on Daddy's lap. Yeah just gonna camp in these woods since Xander has less than 50% chance to hit Ryoma and there's nowhere to run. I KNEW this was a bad idea. Keep in mind that Xander is standing in a forest tile and Ryoma STILL has 78% chance to hit. Takumi, I love you with all my heart but STAY AWAY FROM ME. I swear, don't come close. This is what happens when you make big sis Camilla mad. It's your own fault. I like where this is going. We could pretty easily throw this woman into the trash as well. Now it's just time to do something awful and kill an old man and a child. Yukimura, I actually like you, so stand down. That's what you get for not listening to me! Guess what? Now Sakura has to die too because there's no way i'm going to succeed in killing Ryoma, and I want you to know that her death is ON YOU. I hope you're happy that the princess you are supposed to be protecting, has died. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I always feel so bad for killing Sakura. Like, let's never do this again. Anyway that was it for this episode! Woohoo! It feels so good to finally get this going. I hope you guys are excited for the misadventures of Turkey and company.
  8. Official Pull Topic

    I got him! So happy! He's +Atk -Res which is so awesome!
  9. FE7 PMU: Pink Suit Edition

    Hi hi Dorcas (Fighter -> Pegasus Knight)
  10. Sorry! I just went through the tutorial chapters on my own! So chapter 6 will come soon. She doesn't celebrate thanksgiving. @Rezzy I agree, they don't have to make it blinding red. Elise should have jumped on Camilla's back! Isn't he? What a darling.
  11. Whaat Vax. I love Miriel. She's best Awakening girl beside Maribelle. Man she is hilarious.
  12. Rezzy Tries to Ironman FE Fates: Conquest

    Damn blue-haired wench standing in the way. She should see the errors of her ways!
  13. How Can Roy Be Made Better?

    Just giving him earlier promotion would make him so much better.