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  1. Aether Raids General Thread

    I have seen lots of strange teams like that lmao. Yesterday I ran into the team of Walhart, Garon, Gharnef, Valter and Arvis. The units just had default skillsets and the username was "Muahaha"
  2. We have already discussed this in this very topic.
  3. It seems like FEH is going to stop in Belgium due to gacha laws.
  4. Exactly and this bothers me the most out of everything not gonna lie.
  5. I've seen it all. Just... what?
  6. How old is your computer?

    Pretty sure this is like 2010 and I have no idea how this thing hasn't fallen apart yet if i'm being honest.
  7. Which version of persona 3 should I play?

    Personally I always enjoyed FES the most out of the three. Portable is also fun though, but I'm just not the biggest fan of it.
  8. Princesses Thread

    Fire Emblem: Sakura Non Fire Emblem video game: Peach Disney: Aurora Fictional not from Disney: Sailor Moon Real existing: Kate Middleton
  9. PC Gaming Recommendations?

    Definitely should! If you have any questions, hit me up with a PM or something and I'm glad to help ^^
  10. June New Heroes Banner Predictions

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions banner please. Even made a whole word document of predictions for what i'd like it to be.
  11. Please don't discuss leaks in these general topics. Otherwise i'm gonna have to boycot the three houses section and I don't want that.
  12. What House do you plan to join?

    The reveal of Felix cemented Blue Lions for me.
  13. PC Gaming Recommendations?

    *Clears throat* Looking for a relaxing game that will run on practically any pc? Like farming and mining, while breeding animals and getting to know people at the same time? Then Stardew Valley is THE game for you! There is hours and hours and HOURS of fun gameplay, and every character in the game has their own unique personality that makes it fun getting to know each and every one of them. You can run the farm of your dreams while listening to the relaxing music this game offers. There's someone for everyone to do, so if you're looking for something more relazing, then I can fully reccomend Stardew Valley for you! Also it's really cheap, so another plus!
  14. This is like my goal lmao. Really awesome!
  15. Again, that is no excuse. It's called 'going with the times.' If parents don't know how technology works (even then I don't know how many you think there are, I don't know many parents of the age that have young children that don't know how to use technology so I think you're vastly overstating this problem anyway) then they should educate themselves. It's all for the children right? Parents should not use this as an excuse to pay less attention to their children, just because their children may not like the monetization.