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  1. FE8 Hack: The Sun God's Wrath (V2 release 3/2/2018)

    I see that there's bits from Breath of Fire and Golden Sun, which i really really like. Most certainly a fan of this hack!
  2. Inserting map sprites

    Phew.. it worked.. thanks a lot for the detailed process! , and i'm sorry that i made this sound so confusing! .-.
  3. Inserting map sprites

    Well, i tried to not requantize it, and inserted it without importing the palette and it still looks messed up. Then i tried to save it just by using Save (i used Save As before) then when i imported them to GBAGE it looks good, like, it looks like how it should be. But then when i opened my ROM the game froze. Man..
  4. Inserting map sprites

    Okay so i first i imported eliwood's map sprite from the ROM with GBAGE, then i edited them in usenti (only erased bits of the cape, didn't mess with the colors at all), then i requantized it to make sure it was 16 colors, though i don't know why, but when i saved them the blacks on the image turned white (like in the image). Then i inserted them to GBAGE, without importing the palattes and it got messed up like that..
  5. Inserting map sprites

    first of all, thanks a lot! It does look fine, and when i insert the original eliwood sprite it looks completely normal, it's just when i insert the edited one (which i didn't mess with the colors at all, just removing the cape from the sprite) the colors got messed up.
  6. Inserting map sprites

    umm, sorry i think i posted this in the wrong place..
  7. Inserting map sprites

    okay, so i was having a problem with map sprites, i'm trying to edit Eliwood's standing map sprite, but when i insert it to GBAGE, the colors looks messed up, i edited them in usenti. Anyone know how to fix this? (yes i know i've asked this in chat, but i still couldn't figure it out)
  8. Who are you Supporting?

    Celica, since she is the only 5* Red Tome Mage i have :3.
  9. Any playable bow cavaliers?

    It'll still be useful for babysitting weaker units. I think
  10. Any playable bow cavaliers?

    It'll be a little risky, since mounted cavaliers have somewhat low speed (+The -5spd from brave weapons) and def so they can easily be doubled and take a lot of damage
  11. Any playable bow cavaliers?

    40 HP 55 Attack 20 Spd 15 Def 15 Res Seems plausible
  12. Any playable bow cavaliers?

    looking at the Bow Cavaliers from the Training Tower (Lv 38 and 3*), they have 47 Atk + 13 from the Silver Bow, which is quite high. Below average speed, at 16. and equally average Def and Res at 21 and 22 so yes, they can be OP from just their stat. (Again, this is an enemy from the Training Tower) . Let alone if they have skill like Vantage or Close Counter. If they going to add playable bow cavaliers, they need to decrease the base stats or growths.
  13. Any playable bow cavaliers?

    A little humor, i love how Hayden is described as a 'Sage King' while his base class is a Ranger XD.
  14. Any playable bow cavaliers?

    yes, i think. they should make them with a decrease in base stats or growths so they aren't too OP.
  15. The title speaks for itself, kind of puzzled by the lack of playable bow cavaliers in this game (if there's any). They could've used the opportunity to add some nomads at the previous FE7 summoning focus. (well, nomads and bow cavaliers are technically the same). So, any ideas why they haven't added a playable bow cavalier?