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  1. kinda op, since now there's the 'inherit skill' system, but the positive is you can get your preferred waifu without much trouble XD
  2. Seliph, Julia, Maria, Azura and young Tiki so a total of 5, 5*. Seliph and Julia are both really nice, Maria was helpful and i'm still training Azura and Tiki since i only got them like a few days ago. They are both strong too
  3. can't seem to make this work with FEditor, when i insert the palatte into the ROM, the changes i made with FEditor reverted. And when i'm inserting changes with FEditor, the palatte revert back to the orginal one. Any suggestion?
  4. can this be used to recolor map sprites?
  5. wow this looks fantastic! , glad discovered this hack. I thought it was gonna like a more difficult version of FE7, guess you can't judge a book by it's cover. (or title)
  6. FE6 Zeiss, there's something intriguing about him because he need a little bit of depth in the game,and Valter (don't ask)
  7. 5* Seliph, 4*Catria 3*Lissa (gonna replace her soon with 4* clarine) and 5* Julia . Planning to replace Seliph with a 4* Roy if he doesn't fix his atrocious 15 speed (i mean for a level 23 5* unit, that's a bit awful)
  8. i hope Levin / Lewyn and Arvis is not too OP like in the original game XD
  9. sorry, i didn't play the fixed (language patch) FE4 so i didn't know the official name.
  10. Blazing Blade remake is kinda optional, because the game is fine as it is but i'd love to see the game's characters on a better hardware (plus one or two new characters that can add more depth into the story and plot is nice to see) . And yes, Binding Blade deserve a remake (and an official english translation for the game)
  11. What characters do you want to see in the future? Personally, mine's pick is Pent, Louise (you can't put Pent without Louise) Leif and definitely Sety. And i think they should add more sacred or legendary weapon characters (but don't make them too OP).
  12. i'm not familiar with this but they definitely have to redo some characters. Some were like beautifully detailed like Ephraim's but some of them looks 'simple' like Ogma's
  13. more ways to get feathers, less feathers to unlock potential to a 5* unit, more stamina cap, and don't end the "half stamina for training tower" thing
  14. well, the thing about Ephraim being stoic is just the way i see him, it's just his voice acting that bothers me, plus the "battle-loving freak" makes me think like he is a bad guy, lel
  15. what should they update to the game? any ideas to make the game better? new heroes? innovations? fix any voice acting? a great major update? . Because there's not much left to do after you finish the stories (except you're hunting for feathers or like really love training weaker units). Kinda curious what Nintendo has to offer for the future.