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  1. Studying the art of Spellcasting

    Food Menu..._(:3」∠)_ Great knitting, it looks very comfortable too!
  2. SMT Q FE Opening

    I did not expect to see this crossover video ! The last one I saw was a DanganRonpa one, but this is better XD Animation is smooth and I like the characters you chose.
  3. Grima Sculpture

    I like this, it is very creative!!! The colors are very vivid, and the feathers are a super good touch. Definitely a figurine I will display in the home :)
  4. FE6 25th Anniversary GBA SP Paint

    You have very steady hands! Thank you for the close ups, your painting is very neat and tidy :) I like the color scheme and design you choose too.
  5. Eliwood and Ninian

    I really wish to know what are these materials :O And this is intriguing! I can see them just from the colors, pretty cool :)
  6. Anna Cosplay

    That cloak flip :D Your costume is lovely! Nice choice of backdrop and focus too, really makes you stand out.
  7. Hi there!

    Thank you friends for the warm welcome! Have a super day :D
  8. Hi there!

    Hi there, Gzei here! I used to just lurk around both Serenes Forest and FE Reddit so hopefully now I can actively participate in the FE community. It's always fun to read about what other fans think about Fire Emblem and the games/characters in general. Stumbled onto the series when I was looking to play other games (got off the Pokemon train for awhile) on the GBA, my first console. Fire Emblem was one of the first games where I had exposure to the tactics RPG genre. I started out with Blazing Sword based off the cover art and some screenshots alone, not knowing what to expect. I can safely say I did not regret my time spent at all :D I was amazed by both the battle system, the whole management system, and having units to command, each with their own individual names and personalities. I really felt engaged with the story and these characters, and felt like I was part of their journey. The battle system gave me a hard time at first, with all the planning your moves ahead (and of course permadeath!) and all but I grew to really love it! It was just crazy how complete the game felt to me back then, and it pushed me to play Sacred Stones as well. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to try the rest of the releases. I had not been keeping up with the series ever since I finished Sacred Stones, so the announcement of Awakening came out to me from nowhere! And everything looked so...modern! The game was still super great though, and it really ignited my love for the series again. That said, I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Fire Emblem Fates :) Other blurbs about me: - Currently playing Trails of Cold Steel - Also waiting for Persona 5 - Love creating fanart Cheers everyone!