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  1. Staff of Ages (Version 2.0 Coming Soon!)

    Would the title of the game be “Fire Emblem: Staff of Ages” or simply “Staff of Ages”? Just wondering
  2. MakeHack Questions

    I changed the name of Eirika to Kyleigh, put to through the text processer and clicked MakeHack and nothing changed. I checked the tables and everything and it didn’t work. Thanks for the map stuff.
  3. MakeHack Questions

    So I've been trying to work on my hack with MakeHack when I ran into a couple snags. First off, the map I keep putting into tmx2ea isn't giving me the .dmp file. Also, no edits that I make to texts or stats are saved. Does anyone have a solution to these issues? I would like to note that I'm using the Buildfire Demo so maybe there is a new version that I don't know about. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Magic/Strength Split Patch?

    Where is this video?
  5. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones - Weapon Reversal

    Do you know where I can find those female pirate and berserker animations?
  6. Help Wanted - Tales of Regdrac

    As the title states, help is wanted for a hack I'm working on known as Tales of Regdrac. I need people who can do custom portraits and animations, artists and writers (mostly for proofreading and quality checks, I will be writing the base script). Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help. Link to the Discord:
  7. I can't get FE Recolor working

    I can't seem to get FE Recolor working, I've got .NET 4 thing. It said there were 3 problems, Lack of disk space (I checked and I don't think that is the problem), invalid password and that the file might be damaged(?) in some way. Can someone help me?
  8. [FE8] Fire Emblem: Midnight Sun ~ v.1.6 OUT. Not working on v.2.0

    It's sad but I undestand
  9. Is Fire Emblem Midnight Sun cancelled?

    I've been hearing that the FE8 rom hack "Midnight Sun" was cancelled, I thought it was just on hiatus. Is it cancelled or just on hiatus?
  10. Fire Emblem 7 PME

    Thank you
  11. Fire Emblem 7 PME

    Can you please change Harken's name to Tom2o? My friend really likes Harken and that's his screen name.
  12. How do I run Nightmare and FEditor?

    I got Nightmare working but I still can't get FEditor
  13. How do I run Nightmare and FEditor?

  14. How do I run Nightmare and FEditor?

    I'm pretty sure I have Nightmare 1, but I'm not sure. I downloaded Java and it didn't work. Is there a link you can send me