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  1. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Heal Lukas, Hurt Tobin Atlas 19 Berkut 26 Boey 31 Catria 16 Celica 33 Clair 34 Delthea 7 Fernand 20 Forsyth 19 Genny 25 Gray 24 Lukas 26 Luthier 21 Mae 27 Mathilda 27 Mycen 14 Palla 29 Python 22 Rinea 19 Saber 22 Silque 21 Tobin 33 Zeke 36
  2. Like many other Fire Emblem worlds, Fateslandia has powerful dragons as a significant part of its lore and backstory. Specifically, a group of twelve powerful ones called the "First Dragons" feature prominently. Here is a link to the Wikia wiki on them: Like dragons in the Archanea timeline, they suffered degeneration, but unlike those dragons they became spirits instead of resorting to dragonstones. In addition, they warred with each other in the distant past, and they gave their blood to powerful humans who would one day go on to establish the major kingdoms of the continent. Now, we know that Anankos and the Rainbow Sage are the last ones left alive by the beginning of the game, and that there were First Dragons associated with the Nohr, Hoshido and the Tribes (Ice, Fire and Wind respectively). Apparently the other known First Dragon is named Moro, the Astral Dragon, who Lilith apparently calls upon when she initially transforms. By my count, that's eight dragons, which means we don't know anything about the other four. My personal headcanon is that they are linked to the remaining countries (iirc Mokushu, Cheve, Nestra and Izumo). In addition, it is known that the Rainbow Sage crafted the sacred weapons of Fateslandia (Raijinto, the Fujin Yumi, Siegfried, Brynhildr and the Yato) and that only Anankos and the Dawn and Dusk Dragons are confirmed to have blood bonded. Now, I know it's kind of asking a lot of Fates to give a lot when it comes to worldbuilding, but the First Dragons, at least what we know of the, form an interesting contrast to the other "Big Dragon" groups from the other canons, especially since they're not really around that much for the actual game. Anyways, what are your thoughts on/headcanons about them?
  3. This FE4 art looks so official

    Leif's reminds me a lot of Yuzu's artwork in Echoes, though that could just be the general Hidari influence.
  4. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Opinions on polos?
  5. SF Interviews 2.0 - KnightOfNohr

    6. Favorite FE meme? 7. Least favorite FE meme? 8. Are you following the World Cup? 9. Weirdest thread you've seen on this site? 10. Thoughts on Three Houses?
  6. Best SNES emulator?

    Yeah, what's the best SNES emulator for laptops? I figured this would be the best place to ask but I understand if it needs to get moved?
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - KnightOfNohr

    1. Impressions of me? 2. Least favorite character from Awakening? 3. How are you enjoying your Revelations LP? 4. Do you watch Marvel movies and if so, what is your favorite? 5. Are you utilitarian or deontological in your personal ethics?
  8. Best FE dad?

    In honor of it being Father's Day (at least in the United States), let's determine who the best dad in Fire Emblem is. Now, I have not played all FEs, but of the ones I have played I'll pick Elbert from Blazing Blade. He clearly had good relationships with Eliwood and Eleanora, and by all accounts it's by his example that Eliwood seems to have raised Roy by - and Roy seems fairly well adjusted thus far in the Binding Blade.
  9. SF Interviews 2.0 - KnightOfNohr

  10. Best FE post-game?

    I've recently come to the realization that FE, probably owing to being more plot-focused than most other RPG franchises, doesn't have much in the way of post game content. Now, for me, "post-game content" is content only accessible on a save file in which the final boss has already been beaten, so unlocked alternate difficulty levels and DLC aren't included. So, the only post-games to my knowledge are the Trial Maps in Binding Blade and Path of Radiance, the Creature Campaign in Sacred Stones, and the Thabes Labyrinth in Shadowa of Valentia. Full disclosure: I've only touched the Creature Campaign and have only ever beaten Thabes, so I can't speak to the Trial Maps, but Thabes seems the best one both because of the gameplay challenge and because of how it adds much needed backstory to Grima. Where before there was only a vague Loptous expy there's now basically FE's take on Frankenstein's monster, which is interesting thematic grounds for a fantasy franchise to touch upon. Anyways, what are y'all's thoughts?
  11. Yeah, just a straight-up, vanilla FE4 LP. I figured the forum would know better than the YouTube search function.
  12. Valentia prequel starring Rudolf

    For some reason I'm picturing Jedah as the Jagen and Massena and Mycen as the Cain and Abel duo. But yeah, I'd be down.