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  1. To be fair, it appears that Jiren was only trying to use the exact amount of power necessary to beat Roshi, and once he realized that that would drag out the fight he pretty much OHKO'd him. Though apparently it's also tied to Roshi somehow using hat to tach Goku about the basics of Ultra Instinct.
  2. Just finished the demo. It was only the first map plus story bits both before and afterwards. I will say that I probably need to replay it to get all the details (like, there is a LOT of Kaga-esque political intrigue, which I suppose is the selling point for a few people). That said, the map was probably one of the bets "prologue" maps that I've played in a Fire Emblem or FE-esque game, since you have to reach a port town on the other side of the map before all of your escape ships leave. In addition, there are a lot of houses to visit, enemies to combat and mechanics to get used to. Overall, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the full release.
  3. Boyz II Men's thread

    why why would you tag a mod and say to not let her know
  4. Favorite GBA character?

    Yeah, I feel like the common consensus is that Knoll is a great character but pretty meh unit.
  5. I'm playing through Binding Blade rn and I don't think that happened - he died of wounds sustained in battle with Narshen and Brunya, and was put in a castle dungeon for a while so he didn't get medical attention. But as for the topic itself: I feel like there should be an "unexpected" character she supports with, someone who she wouldn't otherwise interact with if she weren't in the Lycian Alliance, so someone like Gonzales or Sue would be my pick. Otherwise, she should obviously support Elen and Mileday, and probably Zeiss as well. Don't know if there are any other Bernese playables in FE6.
  6. Women of Serenes Forest!

    See, I also have never had tea in my life. Just hot cocoa.
  7. About the FE Characters...

    Somebody remind me what the FE stages, items and assist trophies are in this game. I feel like adding that type of content would be the best middle ground we have at this point. Apologies if someone has mentioned it before, I just popped into this thread.
  8. Women of Serenes Forest!

    I am also going to college, but mine doesn't require you to declare your major right away. And I also have not had coffee ever.
  9. Women of Serenes Forest!

    I raise you bats with rabies flying open in the streets of Ecuador.
  10. Summoners and Nomads (especially since there are no unpromoted cavalry archer classes since Elibe iirc) are no-brainers. And while I didn't come up with the idea, I would love for Griffon Riders to return as the flying class line that primarily uses swords, considering pegasus knights have always had lances and wyvern knights have shifted to axes. Think about it like this: there are NO flying sword-wielding classes in Fates. At all. Speaking of Fates, I'd like for Malig Knights, Kinshi Knights and its version of Dread Fighter to return.
  11. Personally, I think this thread should go under the "General Fire Emblem" section considering it covers the lore of about 3-5 games (depending on how you count Fates' routes). I'm also unsure about the likelihood of the headcanon because it seems that the Elibean humans had parity with the Dragons when that wasn't really the case with Fateslandia, given the god-like powers Anankos has and the other eleven were implied to have. For example, the fact that humans could create reality-warping weapons while at war with most of the dragonkin seems to imply a level of technological advancement that's not present in Fateslandia even by the time of the games.
  12. Most challenging post game map?

    iirc, not all of Fates' DLC chapters were localized (at least for North America), so even if there were an Apotheosis equivalent you may not be able to obtain it.