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  1. Not gonna lie, I am somewhat disappointed by the banner - Idunn was a shoe-in, but I would have preferred her as a colorless Mythic. Discounting her, there's no themeing to the banner beyond "eh, they're all playable." I mean, I guess both Lugh and Sue join during the Lycia arc, but that's about it. I guess the Radiant Dawn banner was introducing a new weapon type, so there was a clearer idea of who would get in. But hey, it finally has mpre characters beyond just Roy. Still though, I'm glad cause now Rutger is confirmed to be the freebie. @Lemmy Harsh Command may also work
  2. According to this chart, we should be expecting the Binding Blade banner within a week. Should be fun to speculate about. My guess is that it's gonna be the same format as the Laguz Royals Banner, i.e. 4 banner units of each color and one GHB unit with no alts. Considering that Binding Blade doesn't have anything as noteworthy as a new weapon type to introduce, it's somewhat more challenging to predict who would get in a banner. If I had complete control of the banner choices, I would put Rutger, Miledy, Echdina (as an axe unit) and Yoder (as a staff unit) on the banner, with Murdock (armored axe) as the GHB. I expect the actual banner to have either royals or playable characters from Bern; in other words, I think Elphin, Guinevere and Brunnya or all likely banner units, with the Dragon Generals and Jahn being particularly likely GHB candidates.
  3. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    So it seems Bylith is going to be Avatar!Ike in terms of background.
  4. Choose Your Legends 3

    Eh, not really, considering Awakening!Anna uses swords and staffs, while Heroes Anna wields an axe and is almost certainly a different person. Besides, IS apparently considers them distinct enough to warrant separate, non-pooled vote counts to begin with. @TheNiddo Loki got in last year in Brave Redux, separate from both Book 2 OC banners, so I see no reason Bruno won't.
  5. Choose Your Legends 3

    If I'm reading the results correctly, this means that Farfetched Heroes 3 will be Líf, Bruno, Awakening!Anna and Selkie, assuming none of them get in before then.
  6. Mythic Hero candidates

    Broadly speaking, any major continental backstory characters (the 12 Crusaders, the 8 Heavenly Generals, Morva and the 5 Demon Slayers, Ashera's 3 Chosen, the First Exalt and the 12 First Dragons and their blood bonders) are eligible to be Mythics. That being said, Athos and Dhehginsea are the most likely considering they play an important role in their games. Most final bosses are also eligible IMO, except for Veld, Ashnard, Fallen!Takumi and Dragon!Garon. Of course those not already in the game will come 1st (Medeus, Idpun, Nergal, Fomortiis and Ashera, and Anankos).
  7. Strangely, Fire Emblem tends to have very little in post game content that's not the unlocking of new difficulty modes. The only ones to have any kind of post game content were the Trial Maps in FEs 6 and 9, the Creature Campaign in FE8 and the Thabes Labyrinth in FE15. Personally, I like Trial Maps the best, at least conceptually. They're meant to provide a robust challenge, which most people who have cleared an FE game should be prepared for. The Creature Campaign can be too grindy, while Thabes can get ridiculous towards the bottom floors.
  8. Choose Your Legends 3

    If that's the final line up I'd also love for there to be a discussion of religion and faith in the Forging Bonds event, considering Alm slew someone he thought of as a god and was opposed by his cult Micaiah was literally the vessel for a goddess Camilla claims descent from a godlike dragon Marth is fighting what is essentially the Archanean Satan
  9. Choose Your Legends 3

    Didn't read the top part of your post because it was before you quoted me; apologies for taking you out of context. Anyways, I just explained what i thought was likely to happen; if your idea ends up being closer to the truth, fine by me. Especially when this game's premise relies on the presence of a multiverse i.e. the Outrealms.
  10. Choose Your Legends 3

    ...Not really, at least with regards to movement type. CYL 1 had a convenient Father's Day theme, which explains why Roy and Lyn were cavalry when they weren't in Heroes and literally couldn't be in their games; Veroniza was on a horse probably as a joint reference to Bruno and Xander. Lucina, Ike and Hector had (and actually continue to have) a single movement type through all their appearances. The only outlier here was Ephraim, probably due to a desire to add special fighter in the game once they decided that Veronica would be a healer. Maybe, but you literally just described the Onsen alt coming in a few days.
  11. Choose Your Legends 3

    If Camilla does win, I expect her to be an axe user, either as a flier wielding Aurgleimr or an armor wielding Bolverk.
  12. Choose Your Legends 3

    Maybe, but since we don't know the vote tallies it's hard to say; we just know relative placements of the top 20, going by the tweet.
  13. Choose Your Legends 3

    Yeah, this is NOT okay, on a lot of levels. I'd imagine Bruno gets his original weapon (or an upgraded variant?) with some extra skills. Lif and Thrasir would probably just be their alive forms.
  14. Choose Your Legends 3

    It may also be due a moderately popular Smashtuber who supported F!Robin, though that may just be me reaching.
  15. Choose Your Legends 3

    Rechecking the results, if voting ended today Farfetched heroes may actually be Lif and Bruno and not Ranulf and Haar.