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  1. "And YOU get a fairy! And YOU get a fairy!"
  2. 546. And seven eight/ate nine (is an old joke).
  3. Rex ain't the only Necromancer on this site. I don't know how to embed or whatever. But on topic: it's not that I have a particular fond memory with this song, but it just makes me feel nostalgic for childhood and friends I'very left behind at one point or another.
  4. Given Bill Boy being what he is, Nihilego is a shoe-in. With Dipper's body in mind, a Normal type will do... Zangoose maybe? And Kengiskhan (hope I spelled that right) for its Scrappy ability. "Rex Glacies" also calls for Ice types: Avalugg and Alola!Ninetails. I'll throw in Tyruntantrum in for the Rex bit.
  5. I think in terms of children units that haven't been in Heroes (FEs 4, 13 and 14 more specifically), I think we're liable to see at the least the Genealogy cast sooner than later, what with the rumored banner, as well as the fact that Gen 2 is more popular than Gen 1 overall in Japan iirc. Others would probably be the Fates trio in alternates, or maybe the rest of the Awakening kids.
  6. To be fair, I feel if the script hadn't been as polished as it was, the lines might have been grating or even moreso in Faye's case but the performances themselves were top-notch - 8-4's definitely still the standard-bearer in English FE localization. My favorites were Lukas and Sonya. Least favorite would either be Genny (reason stated above) or Deen (Squidward, 'Nuff said).
  7. 544 Like the Infinite Stair Case in the Phantom Tollbooth? That was a good book.
  8. Gilgamesh
  9. 542 It's 802,701, too be specific.
  10. But the regional variants! By the American flag there's one that tastes of jingoism patriotism! But the crater ones are just depressing. Seriously though Rex, how do you determine which threads get revived? Just the older ones, or...?
  11. Hasn't finished his Sacred Stones LP.
  12. 538 - total number of electors in the Electoral College.
  13. Father of Bill the Conquerer