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  1. Lukas - Magnificent Seven. Dunno why exactly but this popped into my head while I was thinking about it. Maybe it's that the seven fulfill an unexpected responsibility, and ultimately win in the end, even at a high cost. Owain - Guardians of the Galaxy. He relates to Peter Quill and would dig the overall tone and aesthetic of the movie. 'Nuff said.
  2. Post a fact about the person above!

    Caused a two-in-a-row double post.
  3. Post a fact about the person above!

    DOUBLE POST FACT TIME: I stole this bit from Rex.
  4. I guess I'll go through episodes that I think would be good from the games I've played - Sacred Stones: ditto friendship moment scene; maybe something about Carcino or Caer Payl (Saleh's village) domestic politics. - Awakening: what the Shepards and Lucina were doing during the 2 year timeskip. Some way of tying in Grima's backstory. - Fates: 1 episode each on Nohr Hoshido and Valla. Maybe showing Anankos' decimation of Valla? SoV: Interaction between Alm Celica and Marth. Showing cross army interactions during the final battle.
  5. So it maybe me being a thundering dumbass, but it recently dawned on me how Player-phase oriented FE Heroes is, at least on the meta level, so that got me thinking which games were Enemy and Player-Phase oriented, and for what reason? For FE Heroes, the reasons I think it's so Player-phase oriented is because it's so offense-biased, due to omission of weapon durability and RNG (hit/crit rates) removing costs/consequences to being hyper-aggressive in playstyle.
  6. Post a fact about the person above!

    LOVES puns, to the point of starting a thread about them.
  7. Rate the Above Poster's Pun, Joke, or Meme

    7/10 unexpected Looks like Sigismund is the... PUNGEON MASTER of this thread.
  8. First word comes to mind

    death hymn
  9. I've finally decided to join!

    Welcome to the forest! Hope you survive the experience
  10. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #165

    6. Thoughts on the FE16 "leaks?" 7. Your solution to the trolley problem? 8. Favorite supporting character from the DC movies? 9. Most pointless thing you've ever studied in school? 10. Most mediocre FE and why?
  11. Hey There!!

    Ahoy there, traveler! May your days be merry under the sunbeams. ...If you don't mind my asking this, any advice on college apps? High school senior here.
  12. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #165

    1. Impressions of me? 2. Are you utilitarian or deontological in your stance towards ethical norms? 3. Favorite Shakespeare quote? 4. Favorite supporting character in the Marvel movies? 5. Least favorite FE + why it's your least favorite?
  13. SF Interviews 2.0 - Nominating #165

    Wow I'm late to the party. 1. Impressions of yours truly? 2. Favorite supporting character from any Marvel movie? 3. Least favorite FE + why it's your least favorite.
  14. The Mystery Knight

    If I remember correctly, the Rainbow Sage said he unlocked the potential of five people: Corrin, Xander, Ryoma, Sumeragi, and a mysterious knight whose name is unknown. The funny thing is, the knight's identity was never revealed. Who were they? My answer is that they're Ike: he'd be an unknown in Moirai / Fateslandia AND he wants to get stronger; no reason he wouldn't go to the Sage. Plus, Tellius has the mysterious, unexplored east of the map, while Fates has an unexplored west. Could just be a coincidence, though.
  15. Favorite story element?

    Yes, this is a gacha game so the story is infinitely less important than the gameplay BUT that doesn't mean it can't generate discussion. My favorite story element would be Veronica's character development, at least in the Sacred World paralouge; she realized being an Emblian royal means ruling, just ruling, and that she's been neglecting her duty in favor of chasing the Order around. That may be me reading into it, though.