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  1. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    I speak as someone who as only played Conquest and find Haitaka to be immensely useful in Chapter 10.
  2. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    Adding final bosses would be cool. As far as I know, they need to add Medeus, Duma, Veld, Idenn, Nergal, Fomortiis, Ashnard, Ashera, and Anankos. Beyond that, I don't know what makes a character "deserving" or not, since "deserving" is often code for "who I personally like." Anyway, my personal top 10 list is thus: Rutger Echidna Rath Saleh Conrad Python Yuzu Shade Haitaka Kumeraga
  3. Checking this wiki, it doesn't say what triggers the bad or good ending. As far as I know, you need to collect all the star shards and save all the kidnapped clerics in the final chapter, but I'm unsure how to collect the star shards and which characters to bring the save the clerics (except for Sirius with Nyna).
  4. Here's my out-there pick for the Mythic: Nagi as a colorless dragon unit.
  5. The one problem I have with being the legendary is that there's no real weapon type that exists in the game currently to match her weapon type at least as far as I know considering I haven't played Radiant Dawn.
  6. Hopefully this doesn't come across as rude, but. Like, why do you think letting the racial stereotypes - which you have implicitly admitted that they are - stand somehow "let's them die?" Like, I think it shouldn't just be a removal of those stereotypes but also a conversation about how they got into the game and why they continue to do so; absent the second part there's no way to check against them reappearing. And the alternative, to be blunt, is to let them continue un-analyzed and thereby say "this is OK. this is normal." No one thinks getting rid of a stereotype somehow reinforces it except in people who were already using it
  7. Some YouTube drama or something.

    That, and 1. It does not matter who the most subscribed channel is and 2. this really doesn't belong in Serious Discussion.
  8. She worked on Thracia and TearRing and also worked on Gundam and a few other anime.
  9. Figured it would be more relevant here than in the Smash thread. Here's a handy index for all FE music in Smash thus far (thought it also includes some non-remixes, like Lord of a Dead Empire). Anyways, mine: Lost in Thoughts All Alone Instrumental (Smash for Wii U and 3DS) and Beyond the Distant Skies (Smash Ultimate). The former feels like End of All, only with "harder" instrumentation, while the the latter basically the brings the original composition to life in a pretty spectacular way imo (though this one could just be because I'm playing through Binding Blade right now). Bonus: here's a mash-up of the English vocals from Fates with the Wii U instrumentation.
  10. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Hypothetically at least, that'd be cool... problem is, Naga etc. are all dragons. Iirc the only out-and-out gods in Fire Emblem thus far are Ashunera, Yune and Ashera. Even including divine dragons only includes those three and maybe a few others involved in Darna.
  11. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    but its cool and edgy you see, perfect for the *new tone*
  12. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    The non-Hel mythological references, if anyone's wondering: (Lif and Thrasir, Eir). Lif and Thrasir are interesting because they're apparently the humans who repopulate the world after Ragnarok, the foil to Askr and Embla, the first humans.
  13. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    Anyone know who the new artist/OC designer is?
  14. Feh Channel on the 10th 3pm PT

    why the death metal tho
  15. Who would win in a fight? Robin or Corrin?

    The consensus seems to be that Robin would win in their Awakening incarnation, gameplay wise at least. So as a counterpoint, let's consider Robin's amiibo form in Fates (since that version isn't subject to Awakening's absurd stat inflation), at least as a Grandmaster: Lore wise, I think it sorta depends on which Corrin, because that determines the Yato they have access to. Iirc there's no real quantifiable feat attributed to the Yato alone, but the Omega Yato is the "true form" of the blade and is implied to be orders of magnitude for powerful than either the Blazing or Shadow Yato. Then again, Robin also doesn't really have any quantifiable feats to their name...