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  1. Personality Quizzes - Questions to Ease Your Boredom

    Quiz #12: Sayaka Miki, a fitting result seeing as she was my favorite character watching the series. Not the best show I ever watched, but definitely one i enjoyed.
  2. The Terrain of Magical Expertise is a web series created in 2011 by independent animator and voice actor Christopher Niosi(also known as Kribopher) about the adventures of 5 friends in an online game called TOME. It's a series with a strong cult following and in my opinion is a really fun show especially if you're into video games. With the series soon to get it's own RPG spin-off game thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign I thought it would be a good time to start a conversation about the series, that is if anybody other than me has seen it. If you have seen it, tell me about your favorite TOME characters, episodes from the show you enjoyed, or just give your 2 cents about series as a whole. If you haven't seen the show before and you're interested here's a link to the official playlist: If you want to learn more about the spin-off game this will take you to the Kickstarter: Also one last thing, always remember to... BATTLE ON!
  3. What is your favorite class in Fire Emblem of all time?

    Cavilers have always been my favorite class since their high mobility and sword-lance combo is super useful early on in every FE I've played so far and they only get better once you've class changed them into Paladins or Great Knights.
  4. Hated Video Game Bosses/Characters

    Thanks for reminding me of that nightmare, now I have to go back to the therapist.
  5. Hated Video Game Bosses/Characters

    I-NO from Guilty Gear is a character I'm not particularly fond of most of the time since I see her as kinda generic for a femme fatale, but I really hate her boss fight in Guilty Gear XX(also known as X2). Maybe I'm just bad at fighting games, but even on the easier difficulties with my best characters she's just a pain to deal with.
  6. Personality Quizzes - Questions to Ease Your Boredom

    Quiz 11: Black Widow I honestly think I'd be closer to one of the more outgoing characters, but Black Widow isn't a bad choice.
  7. Personality Quizzes - Questions to Ease Your Boredom

    Just finished the new quizzes and to be honest I got results I wasn't expecting on both, not that that's a bad thing. Final Fantasy Class: Bard D&D Character: Neutral Good Gnome Paladin/Cleric (STR-12 DEX-14 CON-12 INT-13 WIS-13 CHA-12)
  8. Indeed, you have interpreted my words correctly. Even a straight dude like me knows a handsome man when I see one.
  9. Astounding! Such an artful expression of the blue and silver clad knight, thou hast done thy fellow Frederick fans a great service upon this day! Ye old english aside that was very creative, I had fun reading that, you definitely did good old Frederick McSteamy justice.
  10. Personality Quizzes - Questions to Ease Your Boredom

    Okay then, more quizzes! Quiz 6: Smuggler Quiz 7: Darkness Quiz 8: Deredere Quiz 9: Gryffindor
  11. Personality Quizzes - Questions to Ease Your Boredom

    Quiz 1: Cavalier Quiz 2: Hala Quiz 3: Earth Dragon Quiz 4: Tetra Quiz 5: Water
  12. Favorite Quirks/Heroes in Boku no Hero Academia?

    Yeah, as a fan of dubs that kinda sucks, but as long as we're still getting the dub it'll be worth the wait, nothing could be worse than canceling the dub and losing Christopher Sabat's amazing All Might voice. "I stand for Justice! Not sound bites!"
  13. Lyn Confirmed

    Sorry i'm late to the party, went to bed early last night. Seeing Lyn in the game makes me really happy since she's one of the best characters from Fire Emblem 7 and since that game is my favorite in the series I'm glad it's finally getting at least a little representation, also she's voiced be Wendy Lee so that makes me extremely happy as a fan of her past works(I'm a particularity big fan of her role as Faye Valentine on Cowboy Bebop). Don't get me wrong though, I still like Awakening and Fates, but they've been so overexposed that I'm getting tired of seeing them everywhere, even Shadow Dragon seems to be getting the short end of the stick and I thought that was impossible! Regardless I'm starting to get even more exited to find out how this game turns out, hopefully we some more FE7 characters in the future along with characters from the other GBA games and the Tellius saga.
  14. Any Inti Creates fans here?

    Inti Creates is a pretty great studio, one of my favorites in the industry right now. Mega Man Zero is probably one of my favorite series ever, easily somewhere in my top ten games of all time. It's fast paced, it doesn't hold your hand, it's soundtrack is awesome, and the sprites are some of the best ever made, overall just a well rounded package(except for Zero 1's first boss and factory levels, they can go die in a fire). I've also played Azure Striker Gunvolt and I think it's just as good as MMZ, it retains most of the qualities of it's predecessor and feels a lot fairer, but almost just as challenging(though the music is pretty forgettable aside from the true ending boss). That's all I've played of their works, but I really want to try the Blaster Master reboot so I might pick it up sometime soon if I have some extra cash on hand or it goes on sale.
  15. Sequels That Aren't

    Mega Man: Well more specifically I'd want to see something along the lines of Mega Man Zero since it's my favorite sub series, but I'd rather have it be more of a successor game and not a direct continuation to the story since Zero 4's ending wraps things up pretty well. But aside from that I'd be down any part of the franchise getting revived because really, Capcom just needs to show us that they still care. Castlevania: A great series that is my one and only venture into the horror genre. I'd say that the best way to revive the series would be with a metroidvainia since it's by far the most popular style, but Mr. Pachinko(A.K.A. Konami) probably has other plans. I guess all we can do now is hope and pray. The Wonderful 101: One of the Wii U's many hidden gems that honestly deserves more attention. Platinum Games brings tons of bombastic action, unique game mechanics, and quirky humor to the game that makes it feel at home on a Nintendo console. However, the game was still largely experimental and is just begging to be expanded upon in a sequel that much to my dismay probably will never happen. Final Fight: We keep seeing Final Fight characters in Street Fighter and Marvel Vs. Capcom which is cool and all, but why not a brand new game? There's defiantly a following for these games and I think it could do really well as long as they update the gameplay to suit a modern audience, unless the want to go full Mega Man 9.