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  1. Insult the user above you.

    Here's a close up. You just got shut down son!
  2. Attack the Poster Below!

    *Catches the frisbee and throws it back* *Fires orbital laser*
  3. Attack the Poster Below!

    *Power Whip breaks my back, losses a ton of money for reconstructive surgery* *Charges at the next user on horseback dual wielding machine guns*
  4. Insult the user above you.

    You have an excellent beard, but mine's better.
  5. Soul Calibur VI!

    If Namco is smart they'll have a single player mode ready to be revealed by next year's E3. Seeing as a lack single player modes in recent games has become a huge controversy within the industry as of late I'm sure Namco knows what not to do at this point. I think we'll have at least an arcade mode and a Tekken 7-esq story mode at launch at the bare minimum, maybe a few extra modes as well if fan demand is big enough.
  6. Soul Calibur VI!

    I don't actually own any of the Soulcaliber games myself, but when I do get my hands on the game at friends houses I play the heck out of it. I'm not very good at it, but it's a ton of fun! I've only played II and IV so I hope we get back some of my favorite characters like Talim, Zasalamel, and Maxi among others. Another big part of the Soulcaliber games is the guest characters and though I know many people would like a different guest for each version of the game let's be honest with ourselves, if there's no Nintendo version it's not worth it, they should just go with a neutral third party character just to be safe. I'm personally rooting for Dante from Devil May Cry to get into the game since it was rumored that he was considered for Soulcaliber III, but never actually came to be. I haven't actually played any DMC games before, but Dante is my favorite character to play as in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 so I've got a level of fondness for him, especially since he has such a fun personality.
  7. Your thoughts on the Kingdom Hearts series?

    Ah Kingdom Hearts! The biggest love-hate franchise ever that somehow remains one of the most popular video game franchises to this day by some stretch of a miracle. My relationship with the franchise is weird, I've played most of the spin offs, but only parts of the "main line" games at friends houses. Of the ones I've played Birth by Sleep is my favorite mainly because you don't need to have played an other games to enjoy it being a prequel and all, I also think the command deck is the best combat system in the series. As for the series as a whole it's fine, it's not the greatest thing ever, but it's not atrocious either. But man is that story a real headache! Thanks to the magic of the internet I think I know what's going on, but I don't know if that makes me really bright or really insane.
  8. Post a fact about the person above!

    Hard at work trying to keep his title as prince of procrastination.
  9. Stupid things you have seen the enemies do?

    Yesterday I was playing FE7 and I had Sain and Kent standing side by side, Sain was level 3 and Kent was Level 4, the bandits choose to attack Kent even though they both had swords and no terrain bonuses. I know that's not the most extreme example of dumb AI decisions, but it's still pretty sad.
  10. Character Voice Dreamcasting

    I always thought DC Douglas would make a good Kent if he did something similar to his character H.B.(Hector Birtwhistle) from Xenoblade Chronicles X. However, I can't talk about Kent if I don't mention who should play Sain, it kinda drifts between a couple different actors in my head, but right now I'm thinking it would be fun if he was voiced by Robbie Daymond.
  11. How far can I count until a mod posts?

  12. I don't have a Switch and I'm not sure if I'll be getting one anytime soon, but if Xenoblade X was coming to the Switch and I had the console I'd only double dip if they did something to make it worth buying again. Including, but not limited to... Discount for owning the game on Wii U New content that improves/expands the game in a substantial way Recovery of save files from the Wii U version
  13. Let's gush about cel-shaded video games

    I would have said something about Windwaker, but I figured since so many people have played or at least know the game it seamed like I really didn't need to mention it, but make no mistake, I love the Windwaker's Art just as much as anyone else.
  14. Let's gush about cel-shaded video games

    You can't just give Guilty Gear Xrd a simple shout out, you've gotta give them a taste of the incredible, jaw dropping, mind blowing, anime fighting game heavy metal greatness! In all seriousness cel-shading is one of the best visual styles there is for a video game. I always get excited when I see it pop up in a good looking game.
  15. What was your reaction to Chapter 9? (Spoilers)

    Chapter Nine came as a surprise to me, I was shocked by the sudden radical shift in tone, but I'd say it didn't really get to me emotionally. Chapter Ten on the other hand has the combination of an enemy you wish you didn't have to fight and the saddest music in the game which legit made me shed a tear somewhere in the middle, but mostly thanks to the music. We can debate the quality of the story all you want, but I will fight you if you say the music isn't incredible.