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  1. You can like it, it's perfectly fine, saying it is good is probably another story, I dare you to say that Awakening or Fates have good, smart, intelligent stories. ... I agree that it doesn't mean you are stupid. And I don't think he meant that. I was referring to a broad demographic when I said least common denominator, not the consumer's intelligence. If they were appealing to a certain intelligence they'd be selling some crappy plastic novelty you see in an infomercial like the potty putter.
  2. I'm not saying Fire Emblem never had anime tropes that would be silly it's made in japan for crying out loud, but the games still stood out as their own thing in comparison to other fantasy anime properties. The issue I have with modern Fire Emblem is that it's not doing enough to fight the trends and stand out, appealing to the least common denominator so to speak. I get that it's the safest way to ensure profit especially since the series has gotten such a big following recently, but I still can't help but get a little turned off by these changes regardless since I've already seen them done before so many times. I know this all sounds hypocritical coming from the guy who advocates for judging games based on the execution of their gameplay first and foremost with art, graphics, music, story and characters as secondary aspects, but even I can't deny that a game's aesthetics is a good chunk of the initial appeal and that sometimes affects the way I buy games. Again I'm willing to give the game a shot if I hear good things about the gameplay changes, but as things stand I don't feel the desire to pick up Three House because I think there are other games out there that appeal to me more, even among other tactical turn based RPGs. Or maybe I'm just subconsciously trying to convince myself that it's not worth the $60 investment because I'm on a tight budget right now.
  3. In all seriousness I actually tolerated the anime cliches in Fates knowing that Awakening had played with them a little bit as well, but my expectations we're that the fan's dissatisfaction with the story and characters would push Intelligence Systems to make the next game's story a little more in line with the series roots. I guess I was kinda stupid to think that would actually happen, Fates made a lot of money and when something makes money the best thing to do is repeat it over and over until it stops making money. So now we get Fire Emblem: Anime High School vs. Evil Church because going full anime makes bank these days. Knowing that Fire Emblem has gained so much momentum over the past few years and the Switch's stupid large install base, Three House is probably going to make a crap ton of money and the cycle will continue. So yeah, I'm alright with some anime tropes in my Fire Emblem, but I don't want them taking over the series, unless I hear great things about the game's gameplay I'm probably going to take a pass on this one.
  4. Fire Emblem Fans: The story in Fates is a hot mess of anime cliches! Three Houses: Hold my beer.
  5. I would totally pay full price for that that as well. I've always loved Arthur from day one, yes he's a goofy character, but that's exactly why he's so entertaining. I think it would be interesting if Minerva was the protagonist of Shadow Dragon so that the first 9 chapters could be a new campaign where we see Minerva's struggle fighting for the Dolunian Empire against the Altean Army while her sister is held hostage.
  6. My approach to this kind of stuff is to assume all the leaks are fake unless there is really strong evidence for it. This situation feels way too vague to trust, a lot of really weird wording choices.
  7. How old is your computer?

    The desktop is about 3 or 4 years old and my laptop is getting close to a year old now.
  8. E3 2019 - Hopes/Expectations

    My predictions(mostly from Nintendo) Luigi's Mansion 3 news. New Donkey Kong Country game. Pokemon Sword and Shield teases. Fire Emblem: Three Houses stuff. Proper Animal Crossing reveal. New game from Monolithsoft. New Bayonetta 3 teaser. Persona ports. New look at Astral Chain. Link's Awakening trailer. Brand new third party exclusive. Every new indie game under the sun. These are just my safe bets, not really any hopes or dream games.
  9. History Talk: Russia

    I'm no expert on Russia, but I know a few things. One of my favorite stories is how the Russian Vikings became Christians when they first came to Istanbul and they saw the golden mosaics inside the Hagia Sophia and converted on the spot because they were overwhelmed by it's great beauty. It's probably a dramatized account of events, but it's still a fun story.
  10. Xenoblade is definitely the one I've spent the most time with, but to be completely honest I've been dipping my toes in a lot of JRPG series rather than dedicating my self to a just handful of them, but you could also say that's because I'm invested in a lot of genres of games because I like experimenting and trying new things for lots unique experiences.
  11. Google image war

  12. Rate the video game song above

    The memories of playing this game with my brother are all flooding back to me listening to this game's music, good times. 8/10 Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-: Holy Orders III
  13. Platinum Games Has Two New IPs in the Works (with Bayonetta 3 Relevance)

    Platinum Games has proven time and time again that they're a studio that can standout from the crowd with some of the best action games this generation has to offer, if any studio should start self publishing it's Platinum. Their name slapped onto a project has become a selling point for a lot of games recently so there's definitely a built in audience that will support a Platinum original IP, there's really no reason for them not to at least try.
  14. What House do you plan to join?

    I'm open to playing any of them first, I'll most likely make my final decision in the moment rather than locking myself into a path based on pre-release predictions. But if I had to choose one now I'd say the Blue Lions, not for any particular reason, I'm just gravitating towards them right now.