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  1. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) signups OOC

    @Dragoncat You're all set now. Thanks for waiting.
  2. WoL RP Thread

    "As I always say, every good pirate needs a few good deckhands to watch his back. I'll come with you for now." Gull said in response to Koen's offer. "You've got a big sword and I'm super tough, so together we can help each other out lots. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." After reaching an understanding, Gull and Koen leave the beach and head northwards, unlikely a pair they may be.
  3. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) signups OOC

    Got it. I'll tell Peace.
  4. WoL RP Thread

    From Koen's laughter, Gull got the impression he wan't being take seriously. He reached out and shook Koen's hand, but did so with a hostile look in his eyes. "My name is Gull." He told Koen before quickly pulling his hand from Koen's grasp. "But don't think I'm just some funny little kid! I'm a big bad pirate, a feared terror of the great sea!" Gull barked as he attempted to make what he though a stern, serious face which in actuality looked very unconvincing and appropriately childish.
  5. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) signups OOC

    @Dragoncat I'm looking forward to playing both Gull as well as Dracula(and maybe a third character if I feel comfortable), but I would like to ask a question pertaining to my villain role which I will put under a spoiler since it's mostly speculative at this point.
  6. WoL RP Thread

    Gull walked up to Koen and looked him over. "How am I? Ha! I'm the toughest of the tough where I'm from!" Gull proclaimed boldly, puffing out is chest attempting to exaggerate his small stature. "So you've got yourself a big sword there." Gull remarked pointing at Koen's Longsword, which is quite big compared to the youth's cutlass. "But how tough are you? Are you a real fighter? Or just another typical landlubber?" He asked in a snarky tone.
  7. WoL RP Thread

    (Along the coast, southeast of the central river and southwest of the mystic woods) The young pirate boy Gull washes up on the shore, his boat destroyed in Galeem's attack, but miraculously Gull managed to come back alive. The warm sands of the beach stir him awake. Gull slowly comes to his feet and collects his belongings, which had been scattered over the sand. "Aww man. I was really starting to like that ship." Gull thinks to himself as he stares back at the ocean. "Well ship or no ship I'm gonna need to find myself a new crew, every good pirate needs a few good deck hands." Gull turns back to the beach and quickly scans the area for other people that may have survived before heading inland.
  8. World of Light Discussion/Hype Check

    I made it to the end of the adventure mode recently, I didn't 100% it, but I did manage to get all of the fighters. I understand why people have their grievances with this mode, but for me it was a good time. The rest is spoilers so I'll make a tab.
  9. Zelda is an absolute blast to play in Smash Bros. Ultimate, I'm actually taking her into consideration when choosing a "main character" this time around which I never expected! However, Shulk has never felt better so I'm leaning towards him as my main again right now, but I haven't really decided yet.
  10. Problem solving

    Get a new toaster that can toast toast because I can't live without toast damn it! (Not a joke, actual fact.) You've been shipwrecked on a island with 15 other people and your group's leader is a communist.
  11. Google image war

  12. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    I've burned through several Usernames over the years, my current Username is about 4 to 5 years old now and probably the one I've stuck with the longest. At the time I was deeply caught up in my religious education preparing to become a full member of the Catholic Church, "TheGood" came from the idea of striving to live by 7 Heavenly Virtues and achieving Sainthood at the end of my days. Also at the time the original Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii was my favorite video game and in the game the humans of the game's fantasy world were know as The Homs rather than as Humanity, so I felt I could use "Homs" as a Xenoblade tribute when creating my new Username and now here I am.
  13. Smash Ultimate: World of Light(2nd gen) signups OOC

    Map looks good, can't wait to see what happens when all this gets rolling. Spoilers ahead, but I have a quick question...
  14. Favorite RPG?

    Xenoblade Chronicles X is my favorite game of all time so yeah, that one.
  15. Okay guys, I knew it your responses to my post were a joke and I shouldn't have responded so harshly. I probably wouldn't have responded the way I did if it wasn't an ungodly hour. I'm no night owl that's for sure.