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  1. Soul Calibur VI!

    Good sir. We of the Serenes Forest Soul Calibur 6 hype forum cult would like you, if you would be so kind, to please step forward onto our sacrificial alter to Soul Edge so that you may receive punishment for you transgressions against... Nah! Just kidding! You're fine dude.
  2. I admittedly had to look that reference up, but it was a good edit nonetheless. I haven't gotten the chance to play XC2 so most references to that game go over my head. I might be getting it soon since PeaceRibbon and I just recently scraped up the money to co-purchase a Switch, but other games may take priority over it. While I still consider the Xenoblade games important to me because XCX is my favorite game ever, my tastes have been shifting way from big long RPGs towards shorter, pick up and play games.
  3. TheGoodHoms A human known for acts of kindness such as lending neighbors money, saving cats stuck in trees, and throwing surprise birthday parties. Weapons- Assault Rifles, Knives Lvl 1. Xeno-Knowledge: Has history with the alien worlds of the Xenoblade Chronicles series and can traverse any terrain type. Lvl 10. Altruist's Drive: Has the unrelenting desire to protect other people and boost's the defense and resistance of near by allies by +2. Lvl 15. Board Skell: Enters a giant mech and gain's both armor and flight, ends when mech is destroyed. Lvl 20. Smite Evil(Eye of Shining Justice)*: Is blessed with the powers of true justice, any evil adversaries that are attacked by TheGoodHoms are instantly defeated. *Edit recommended by Armagon.
  4. Three Houses OST Opinion Thread

    The last few Fire Emblem games have had some amazing soundtracks so I think it's safe to assume they will maintain a high standard for the music of Three Houses. Of course the series has had a long history of great music so I don't think any of us were worried in the first place.
  5. I would like to see a story that changes depending on actions you make during segments of gameplay and not just through simple dialogue menu options. However, for this to work the player needs to have some sort of in game cues that let them know when their actions are going to have lasting consequences. Because nothing is more frustrating that a game that sets you up for the bad ending because you didn't take your cleric to the invisible doorway hidden on the far end of the valley 3 spaces north of the the enemy commander in chapter 6 map B.
  6. Attack the Poster Below!

    Ninjaed again. *Plays with the cute little Eevee* *See previous post*
  7. Attack the Poster Below!

    *Vomits from being inside of all these vortexes* *Presents a collage lecture on the history of Carthage*
  8. Rate the video game song above

    9/10, That choir gives me the chills every time! Devil May Cry 5 - Devil Trigger I haven't played any of the DMC games, but this song just get's my blood pumping whenever I hear it.
  9. I shall join you in grieving. We have lost one of our greatest vehicles of trolling on this day.
  10. Fire Emblem Three Houses

    My apologies if anyone has already shared this, but I'm not going to read through 18 pages of forum posts to double check. Regardless I scrolling through Twitter and found out that Christina Vee has revealed herself to be the voice of Edelgard, one of the game's major characters.
  11. E3 2018 Schedule/Discussion/Hype Thread

    Sounds like Microsoft pulled of a pretty decent showing this year. I say "sounds like" because I'm visiting relatives this weekend so I can't watch anything live. By the way thank you all for sharing your opinions on all the games being shown because this forum has become my main source for E3 stuff right now.
  12. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    "You cannot resist my cute face can you? Submit and obey!"
  13. What was the funniest part in Xenoblade 1?

    Ryen never runs out of memorable lines, which is one of the many reasons he's one of my favorite characters from anything period. Also the game's introduction to Colonel Vangarre will never not be amusing. Edit: Video has characters using new game plus gear so spoilers ahead.
  14. Rate the video game song above

    7/10. Megaman Zero is best Megaman series. La Danse Macabre - Shovel Knight
  15. What is the avatar of the user above you saying?

    *Chuckles to himself.*