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  1. Funny costume DLC yay or nay

    Or put him in a shirt that says "Nanomachines." There's really no limit to what you can do with Snake since Metal Gear has so many out of context memes at this point that it's impossible to count them all.
  2. Funny costume DLC yay or nay

    Great now I can't get the Image of Richter wearing a shirt that says "Die Monster!" out of my head.
  3. Astral Chain: Platinum Games's newest IP

    When Heideki Kamiya's name showed up I knew this would be a game worth keeping an eye on. He's got some of the most renowned character action games under his belt and Platinum Games has been making some of the best action games of the past decade so really what I'm trying to say is Astral Chain is gonna ooze quality by the time it's done.
  4. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    Simon would have taken advantage of the knockback to reach the top of the stairs faster and escape into the next room.
  5. Three Houses: Factions First Impressions Poll

    I'm a Catholic who attends mass every week and I have never sat through a single Homily that suggested I demonize atheists. Maybe some small but vocal radical protestant schism somewhere does it, but I have never seen any Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, or any other large influential christian church participate in this described propaganda. However I see anti-religious(not just Christian religions, ALL religions) agendas hidden through all kinds of media. Everything from the daily news to big budget Hollywood summer blockbusters, you can easily find bias against religion in all of them if you're paying attention. Atheists clearly hold more political power then you let on. And you can't compare the culture of the time of the crusades or the inquisition to the culture we have now because it's just too different. What is considered the social norm can change drastically with in the span of even a single generation so how is it fair to compare societies separated by hundreds of years and say they're exactly the same? Yes, in hindsight the Crusades are brutal wars that got way too out of hand, but the church has come a long way since then and should not be beholden to the sins of their forefathers. At the end of the day, people aren't perfect, they make mistakes and become corrupted, but you can't judge an entire group of people based on the actions of select individuals who made the wrong decisions, especially ones who have been dead for hundreds of years now and that's true of all religious, racial, ethnic, social, and economic groups. I've said my piece and will now drop this discussion because this is not the place for it. If you wish for our dialogue to persist I recommend creating a new topic elsewhere.
  6. Three Houses: Factions First Impressions Poll

    I think Japan's obsession with villanizing Christianity in particular comes from the fact Christendom was one of the western world's defining traits for a long time so essentially it's a metaphor for the rejection western culture and preserving Japan's own cultural identity. But in the age of a globalized society constantly ostracizing religious groups like this should not be acceptable, but somehow it is. It's all just so backwards.
  7. The jokes and memes forums have always been something of a tradition here on SF and I've already got amusingly stupid ideas buzzing in my head so why not get a head start on it? Three Houses Trailer: "Acquire special skills such as horsemanship." Me:
  8. Three Houses: Factions First Impressions Poll

    I swear if the church turns out to be evil I'm going to lose my freaking mind. I'm tired of secular media portraying religion as a negative influence on the world which is completely unfair. Plenty of religions have contributed a lot to the common good of society over the centuries, so having churches(both fictional and real) villainized in entertainment so often just gets really tiring. Regardless of the true nature of the church, I do think the Blue Lions have a pretty decent chance of being the twist villains since the advertising is clearly building up Edelgard as the protagonist of the story beyond the avatar character. Or they just rewrite the story 3 times in which the twist villain changes depending which faction you joined so that there are no wrong choices. Not that I'd want a story like that, but I do think it's possible that might be where it's heading.
  9. When Daemon X Machina was first unveiled at E3 last year I was instantly intrigued by it's fast paced giant mecha action. As of today, a limited time demo became available for download on the eShop and I just finished playing through the 4 sample missions offered so I thought I'd share my feeling about the game from the preview. Feel free to share your thoughts on the game as well, just keep in mind that the Prototype Missions demo is not representative of the final product and everything we talk about could completely change. Pros - Lots of fun customization options for both the player avatar and the mechs. The controls need a little getting used to, but overall really simple. Cons - Combat is really tricky, I found aiming while moving difficult especially with small fast moving targets. Enemies don't react to being damaged and as far as I can tell have no health bars making it hard to judge how much damage you're actually doing. On foot combat is embarrassingly ineffective compared to the mech and you should never use it.
  10. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    Smash Ultimate 3.0 - Nice tease! Thanks for nothing! Bloodstained - After playing Curse of the Moon, this game looks even better then ever! The spirit of Castlevania will live on. Three Houses - Definitely looking forward to playing this one, but I would be lying if I said I didn't have reservations about the game's setting. Hopely if the game's story crashes and burns the gameplay will pick up the slack. Daemon X Machina - PUT ME IN THAT BETA! So, yeah. I still think it's a badass looking action game. Astral Chain - Platinum Game is always a win. Also with Hideki Kamiya as the director just makes me even more interested, he's got some of the best action games ever made to his name.
  11. Nintendo Direct on February 13 2019

    We're twenty till showtime folks! Any last second guesses as to what we'll be seeing? Obviously we know Fire Emblem, but any other games? Pikmin 4? Animal Crossing? Wii U Ports? Third-Party Titles?
  12. I can't get attached to any modern anime

    Okay then, 5 years it is then. I'll try to keep it brief. Cowboy Bebop(1999) - I wouldn't be surprised if you've seen Cowboy Bebop before since most people exposed to anime know that it's one of those all time classics that many would consider revolutionary in the anime sub-movement, but as my favorite TV show I can help but give it my recommendation anyway just in case. Mushi-Shi(2005) - One of the most relaxing shows I've ever watched. Mushi-Shi is about spirit creatures called Mushi and follows the exploits of a man named Ginko who helps people afflicted by the Mushi's supernatural phenomena like a sort of doctor. Suspenseful enough to keep you engaged, while not undermining the calming visuals and music. Steins;Gate(2011) - I wouldn't be surprised if you've heard of this one as well since it recently got a follow up/spin off show. Regardless, Steins;Gate has some of the best written dialogue in any anime I've ever seen that never once broke my immersion. When two characters were bantering I freaking believed it man. THE UNLIMITED Hyoubu Kyousuke(2013) - The best X-Men knockoff you've never heard of. A CIA agent going under cover in a group of superhuman terrorists, how is that not an awesome premise for a show? This show is criminally under-watched and any chance I get to recommend it I will gladly take.
  13. General Tabletop (D&D, Pathfinder, etc.) Topic

    @Azure in a Roundabout Thanks for the offer, but I'm afraid my college work has really picked up recently so I don't have a lot of free time right now. Maybe I can start joining games later on, but for right now I can't really spare the time, especially since my scheduled tends to change a lot. But until then I'd be willing to offer any advice I possibly can. I don't claim to be an expert, but I've learned enough about playing/running tabletop games that I'd feel confident imparting some tips for anyone who needs it.
  14. Attack the Poster Below!

    Catches the tackle with a hug. Launches a javelin at the next poster using a railgun.
  15. Knowing the Nintendo eShop has a pretty strict no refunds policy I don't think I really want to try that. Sure I'll lose some money, but in hindsight I was probably a little to hasty when I made the judgement to buy it so really I've got no one but myself to blame for that.