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  1. Radiant Dawn Supports?

    I don't have any problem with Shinon, in fact, it's the exact opposite.He is my second fvourite Tellius character, only because, he is the exact opposite of the whole FE cast. You got a ton of similar characters, with the same ideals and whatnow, with a few quirikness to be different from each other. Instead of applying the same rule to another character, you get an arrogant member that you've to slay him in order to recruit him again, if his disciple talked to him before, his relationship with Rolf is actually pretty interesting, because he doesn't want it to be known.
  2. Radiant Dawn Supports?

    Well, Tellius has a astonishingly big potential for support conversations. I'll clarify a few of my thoughts on which interactions I think it would be cool Oliver X Reyson: There's the whole PoR thing, so.... Tibarn X Nailah: Both are Laguz royalty and I think it could work Shinon X Lyre: As the racist Shinon is,it could be one of the best conversations ever Fiona X Tauroneo: Both are Daein's commanders and Fiona has a lot of potential
  3. Radiant Dawn Remake

    I'll be getting straight to the point; 1- Make Tormod,Vika and Muarim join on mid/late part 3 2- Actual Supports 3- One Extra subchapter for Part 1 and One Extra DB Chapter for Part 3. The subchapter would be a part 1 on the swamp level. 4- Make Volke and especially Heather more worth using, Volke is technically better than Sothe, however the forced deployment aniquilates their chance of joining the Endgame. An SS Rank Knife would be a good point to start,also raise Heather's Magic growth by 10% and her base magic by 2 and HP by 1. 5- Make Cards worth using, no physical unit has a decent enough magic to use them properly, Heather, Vika, Rolf, Nealuchi and Lyre should be reworked to use them them more properly, alongisde with the addition of two new cards. 6- Fix Kyza , because he's outclassed in every thinkable way.
  4. How Would One Rewrite Part 3 with Less/No GMs?

    My bad, I had written AG instead of AP. What I meant was Arithmetic Progression and Geometric Progression. And Yeah, it was a minor mistake, but nothing that a small overlook wouldn't let it pass.
  5. How Would One Rewrite Part 3 with Less/No GMs?

    That's actually a really cool concept. Daein could've lost a bit of its territory to Begnion during the 3 years time spam, so a mini-scaled war against Begnion could be interesting. There could be some kind of misunderstanding with the Laguz alliance during Daein's project,so basically each side(Except Crimea) would be facing 2 different enemies, making this concept pretty danm cool,opposed to the traditional 1Vs1 War . The only thing thatI can't seem fitting with this concept is Pelleas' blood pact. Which I thought was well done(The same can't be said to all the other pacts). Now, a different proposal If we consider the blood pact it could've been that a new condition was made and if it was broken the disaster wouldn't be AP, but rather a GP and make Daein really lost its coolness and start diving deeply with a war against Begnion, and occasional clashes with the Laguz Alliance could've lead to think that Daein was fighting alongside Begnion's command.
  6. What is going to be the next main series banner?

    I am willing to bet that the next banner will be Tharcia and then will get Binding Blade, Awakening and Radiant Dawn
  7. Personally I'd like to see the double magic trinity once again, however Light magic is too weak. A way to fix it would be adding miscelaneous strenghts to Light magic users, like enhanced sight during FoW and an extra 5% hit rate against all magic user
  8. Who is worse: Meg or Fiona?

    I'd say Meg is still worse. RD is probably the game that horses are the least useful, however, what is the point of being an armoured unit and having no defense??
  9. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Nephenee is toooooo overrated(Still good,but overrated) Lyn is probably the worst FE character I can think of. Ike's inclusion on FE10 was kinda forced I used to hate Soren, but now I do see him as an interesting chracter FE2 is good, despite all the hate. The opposite could be said to FE10 although Sacred Stones isn't that easy....(Phantom Ship)
  10. Video game music

  11. If you could create your own FE class what would it be?

    This seems far too big, I'd avise not doing so. If you plan on having each story follow a different army. Do AT MAX 4, if not the charcters will be too generic to be memorable, and even so I highly doubt the writing could fleash out 80 characters.
  12. Who of the DB members do you bring to the endgame?

    I bring a big amount of DB members tbh Edward: All playthroughs(which means,twice) Leonardo: All playthroughs Nolan: Once Laura: Once Aran: All playthroughs Meg: Planning to Fiona: Planning to
  13. Reviving Characters

    Well, that's bad news. Nonetheless, I shall thank you for answering my question! Thanks for the advice, I'm planning to finish Celica's route first. Then I'll make sure that I'll recruit Zeke
  14. Reviving Characters

    So... I've been playing through Fire Emblem Gaiden for the first time, little did I know that a character named Dyute(Delthea) was recruitable. So, I killed her. My question is? If I use the revival shrines, can I still recruit her. Or did I lose a potential unit? After this frustration I've seen that the same thing can happen with a character named Zeke, so I'm aware of it.
  15. Which Ace Attorney Rival is Your Favourite?

    Well,two things I'd like to point out; 1- I DK why I've put Barok Van Ziekx on the pool,since not even a fan-translated versionof it was released. Maybe there aren't many Japanese people on Serenes Forest,or either he's not the overall faovurite. 2- I've finally finished DD,so I can finally point out a few more things regarding Simon! Well,he is pretty awesome,but sometimes he is kind of a jerk,epecially when talking about the "Friendship is Magic" from case 3. Well,there's still a DLC to conclude it,but from what I've heard it isn't important storywise.