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  1. Data Transfer Playthrough

    I remember dondon posting his recommendations a few years ago... I think I agree with him on most counts. Quoted below: I think you should stealth C10; there are turn-by-turn guides out there so it's not too hard to do. Getting BEXP instead of CEXP is nice because it's easier to rig level ups with. C15... is that the desert one? From memory that's not really worth it. I made a Sheet with chances to cap (stat-boosters and growth bands taken into account). If you're interested: is also a useful page for saving a bit of bonus experience. (the number in the second column is how much BEXP you should add at once; the number in the right-most column is the BEXP you'd save over that level)
  2. Hi there. Since you seem to be very knowledgeable about HHM S rank runs, And since I never bothered to research the experience rank before. Could you tell me the exact number of experience for a run that has Linus 24 chapter and Jerme's chapter?

    I was able to 5 star experience ranks before with a S rank run, so I assume it shouldn't be that hard, but just in case. Also, I plan to do value of life, chapter 32x, obviously. That's the whole point of doing chapter 19xx other than completation sake.

    1. Dean


      Linus/Jerme with all gaiden requires 40700 Exp to S-rank.

    2. DiogoJorge


      So basically, the equivalent to 407 level ups. Sounds reasonable. If we were to use everysingle playable unit that can level (and discounting Wallace, Karla and Karel, wich I won't recruit for sure), that would make it 10 level ups on average per character. It will be unlikely to use everyone so if I were to divide that amount among the best units and the more manageable ones to level, that would be 407/31 = 13 level ups per unit. Guess I should still be able to do it, with some help from Value of life and by spending some turns on Linus chapter. 


      Thank you for the information.

  3. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    Exp is the rank you should be most worried about. I've been watching your videos and you look to only be about 30 EXP above the current 5-star requirements, and EXP rank gets much harder to maintain the further into the game you get. (the EXP requirement for maps like 32 and Final are absurdly huge). You'd really want to have a good 23x/24/25.
  4. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    335 turns is accurate.
  5. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    The game gives you a fair bit of leeway with the money you can spend. For example, in my run I went Linus / Kenneth routes and went to all gaiden except 19xx and 32x, so to five-star funds I'd need 847,200G in assets. The sum of all obtainable items / gold on this route is 1,040,880G (excluding minor stealables and the C30 treasure), so you have ~194,000G to do what you want. Any time the game dumps raw gold onto you, such as the C22 10,000G chest or the 30,000G from C31x, Silver Card essentially doubles the value of these. So that adds an extra 40,000G. And then any time you win at the arena or any minor stealables you do collect all help. Hammerne lets you be a little more liberal with a couple of expensive items of your choice. Apparently I killed 1,330 enemies over the course of the game... if you assume I generally 3HKOed enemies (2HKO is probably more accurate but let's be pessimistic for this assumption) with a 20G per use weapon like Javelin (most weapons easily attainable don't cost more than 20G per use) that's about 80,000G used on weapons killing enemies. So... we'd have about 154,000G surplus to use on stat boosters, promotion items, staves, Farina, using expensive weapons, or selling stuff earlygame before you get the Silver Card. In my game I only promoted five characters and used three stat boosters (if I knew I'd clear funds so easily I definitely would've used more) so you can probably see why I was so much over.
  6. Fire Emblem HHM S rank run

    I'd usually recommend recruiting Farina; Exp is a much harder requirement to fulfil than Funds, so an unpromoted unit with actual good bases is so valuable. In my last ranked run I recruited her and still ended up about 22000G above the funds requirement.
  7. Fates' exp system is broken

    Spear Master Rinkah. Close to the weirdest suggestion I've heard on this forum. Poor old LoneRecon400, got stuck in an argument with Levant.
  8. Is Conquest Lunatic Fun?

    I like it a lot, but it plays very differently to Awakening Lunatic.
  9. Had a quick look at a Birthright save file I had (Endgame). My Ryoma is pretty much right on his averages. In the very worst-case scenario, he's 3HKOed (Generals). This is his worst match-up, but if for some reason you're desperate to throw Ryoma against a group of three Generals then he'll come out of it alive (taken into account that Dual Guard means that he's blocking between 33%-50% of attacks) and with the Generals either dead or half-dead. Against the "swords that are hard to reliably dodge", he's 5HKOed by Heros, 9HKOed by Bow Knights and 6HKOed by Dark Knights. So... how much defensive prowess does a unit need to have "good" defences? And this is pretty much the least favourable scenario for him. Considering that: I am not using a defensive pair-up in this scenario I am using his most physically-fragile class, Swordmaster (he can cross to Master of Arms for more HP and Defence, or can build a support with Silas for Paladin and Great Knight access) Have not used defensive stat boosters on him (he's a decent recipient for, say, the C22 Dracoshield, considering how much combat he likely faces) Enemy offence typically scales faster than player unit defence - take a point from earlier in the game and these figures would look even more favourable.
  10. Oh I remember PKL's list. That's a blast from the past. I remember he had Effie pretty high so I was somewhat sceptical of it but looking back over it it's not too bad for a 2016 list.
  11. Was there ever much tiering discussion on these forums? I'm wondering if we have anything much more recent than, say, the Reddit tier lists, which are somewhat old by now.
  12. Who was your first S support?

    I don't know. It might have been Jakob because #efficiency
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Yeah Conquest just sort of ends if Xander builds a support with Selena / Laslow. It's pretty funny. I've had him basically solo C25 for me before (he doubled Master Ninjas because why not). I tend to get burned out from Conquest if I play multiple playthroughs in a row, so ordinarily I would say take a break with something else for a bit. Not sure about Revelations though as I don't have the game. This is interesting - I have my own notes on the game and might combine this with those at some point.
  14. (Br) Any fun challenge runs?

    Berserker in Chapter 14 drops Bolt Axe. I always try to capture this guy, he's a nice fellow. Combined Lance + Shuriken is the least populated enemy weapon triangle group in Birthright unfortunately. Lots of Lance users but like... no Shuriken users.
  15. I had a quick look at the enemy stats. She can OHKO the majority of low-Res enemies throughout the midgame. Once you reach the Rally Magic / Life and Death point of the game she sort of starts OHKOing everything else as well.