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  1. What unit is the worst of their class?

    Gareth has an excellent niche for 4-E-5 in Blood Tide. Much more useful than say... Kurthnaga, from the same game.
  2. Is the position Rescue places you predictable?
  3. Ricken

    Which difficulty are you playing on? Lunatic might be difficult but easier ones can be done if you rush north with your strongest units. Remember Miriel gives Magic on pairup, so if you're just a couple of range short on Rescue that's another option.
  4. About to play BR. Suggestions for Team?

    Never hurts to have a second opinion! I've only played the game a couple of times.
  5. About to play BR. Suggestions for Team?

    My general experiences with Birthright... I think Mozu takes too effort / resources to catch up to be "good" and the payoff isn't especially good in Birthright (the game isn't kind to Bow-locked units). If you'd like a trainee-style unit I'm quite bullish about Hayato - his base damage output is much higher, he doesn't need a Heart Seal and bulky mages have a strong niche. If you have DLC / multiple paths she's a decent enough recipient of a Dread Scroll. Felicia isn't really a Jeigan - for all intents and purposes she's treated as a level 1 unit. I have very little experience with her in Birthright. I think Reina, Scarlet and Silas are very good. Oboro's perfectly fine as well. Kaze, Saizo and Kagero are all worth considering on a team. Saizo in particular is one of the strongest units in the game. In Fates, if you class change and haven't learned the skills available from that class yet, you will learn then one-by-one as you level up. e.g. If I have a Level 10 Nohr Prince and reclass to Ninja, upon reaching Level 11 they'll learn Locktouch, and then at Level 12 they'll learn Poison Strike (the first two Ninja skills). This difference comes as Awakening reset your level to 1 whenever you class changed, but Fates keeps your current level. I don't think Sakura's very good, but compared to other staff users her personal skill is very good so she has a niche. If you have two of the same weapon and a certain gemstone (available from some random events in My Castle) you can merge the weapons together to create a stronger weapon. Generally +2 Might compared to the original weapon, but higher level forges can give larger bonuses. If you're keen on Kaze, I'd recommend having him reach an A-support with Corrin before the start of Chapter 15.
  6. Which game? If you're using Nohrian Trust that leads me to believe you're playing Revelations, in which case Hayato's the stronger character.
  7. The general things I look for when building a team are... at least one unit with a super-strong enemy phase to help clear out some of the trickier situations (e.g. bottom room of C26) - I know you said you're not using S-ranks but if you're allowing A+ then Master Ninja Silas has proven success with this, looking at your suggested team - and a strong boss killer for Endgame and the like - I don't think any units on your suggested team are strong enough to ORKO Takumi (barring double Dragon Fang procs) so I hope there are strategies in place to send multiple units down there.
  8. Wishing you luck - always happy to see more gameplay-related content on here.
  9. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    I’ve used a few of these dudes before; I think most people have used the C23 MoA at least once! Don’t think I’ve ever used Haitaka offensively before though but he’s cute Rally Defence/Swap support. Just interested in trying some units I’m not too familiar with that can still prove effevtive hopefully... maybe someone will share some sick Keaton strats or something. ..Arthur Odin Laslow sounds like a decent enough base to work with. Problem with harem is I don’t like most of the girls in this game :’(
  10. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Thinking of starting a new run, shying away from the regulars (Camilla Xander Leo Silas Niles). Any suggestions?
  11. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Looking at enemy stats I thought base Niles should OHKO C10 Sky Knights and 2HKO Ninja? Needs a tonic for the Ninja. I finished my play through this morning, similarly I had a 10 Strength Niles at Lv17 going into C17... dude still finished 4th on my kills list. Dude just keeps finding ways to make himself useful. I even used Bifröst this run! ...I do not like Invasion 3.
  12. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Started another play through. Nearly up to C25. Much use for Silence in C26? Don’t think it would be hard to get but Corrin crushes Ryoma so considering just grabbing the 10k gold chest and winning.
  13. About Class Tree Inheritance

    If a parent tries to pass a skill the child already has, they will instead inherit the next skill up from the parent’s skill list.
  14. Hayato gets Apothecary from Kaden.
  15. I think Conquest is excellent. Didn’t play Revelations.