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  1. I had a quick look at the enemy stats. She can OHKO the majority of low-Res enemies throughout the midgame. Once you reach the Rally Magic / Life and Death point of the game she sort of starts OHKOing everything else as well.
  2. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Aw that's a shame. I know C20's not popular but I've always been quite fond of it. Probably helps I was fielding seven fliers on my current run.
  3. Paragon's pretty irrelevant in Part 1; I'd usually slap it on Zihark or someone until Jill promotes.
  4. Master of Arms is so underrated

    I'll echo a lot of the people in here and say Vantage and Life and Death are cool skills to pick up but in a vacuum Master of Farms is just sort of a melee-based infantry class without much to make it stand out... which makes the class itself underwhelming.
  5. Most useless unit in Fire Emblem?

    I'm pretty sure just a Halfshift + Pure Water on turn 1 stops Gareth from being KOed by spirits. There are also other very easy ways to keep him alive, such as Ward staff, wardwood tiles, enemy aggro manipulation (slap Provoke on a lion) and Kurthnaga's passive, should you choose to field Kurth. He plays a pretty important basically every quick clear of 4-E-5 I've seen. In this video, Blood Tide is activated 14 times for the Strength boost (and 15 for the Skill boost) on the first turn, adding a total of an extra 70 damage, helping facilitate the one-turn clear. Ena can't be everywhere at once. @Mekkah has an excellent post here going into the subject further.
  6. Some of the Radiant Dawn support conversations can be pretty good. Shinon: Hey, Boyd. You know the rules…no whining on the battlefield. Boyd: Hah! Just try and stop me.
  7. What is generally the best time to promote?

    Depends on the game. GBA era is generally as soon as possible. Path of Radiance you'd generally want to promote late. Radiant Dawn has Ilyana that generally wants to use a seal early and any other unit that you'd want to be facing a lot of combat in 3-6 absolutely wants to be promoted by then. Anyone who's capped Speed appreciates an early crown, as do most units in general. Awakening I'm not sure of... probably mid-teens for most units, unless you've already reclassed within tier 1 in which case as soon as possible. Conquest has some scrubs that can have a solid midgame with an early promotion (Effie, Nyx, Beruka), otherwise most primary combat units would want to promote fairly late.
  8. Master Crown Priority List

    Greil mercenaries: Haar > the bozos with garbage tier 2 speed caps (Oscar, Gatrie, Soren) > other combat units you might care about (Mia, Boyd and the like). Dawn Brigade: I think they get two but only really want one (Jill), so if possible put the first one on Zihark so Heather can steal it in 3-7. Crimea knights: not really an important item, so would hold it until they join the Greil Mercenaries.
  9. I don't believe it's possible.
  10. Rate The Unit - #24 Haar

    Haar 10/10. Fantastic mobility offence defence and availability; his investment vs. reward is excellent. 2-E, 3-3, 3-4, 3-11 and 4-3 are all standout maps for him.
  11. Rate The Unit - #24 Haar

    Black Knight is disappointed you skipped him. I'll give him a 5/10 anyway. Elincia 7/10. Keeps Marcia alive in 2-P and good combat in 2-E. Doesn't really ORKO much come 4-2 but flying Rescue is useful in 4-5 and all of 4-E. Marcia 6/10. Pretty useful in 2-3 and 3-9 but needs a good resource dump to continue being useful. Decent enough investment since you can never have too many good fliers. Nealuchi 4/10. Helps feed Marcia kills in 2-P and useful in 2-2 with good Olivi Grass management. Doesn't really do damage in part 4. I am interested in seeing how feasible reaching S Strike is though. Leanne 7/10. Dancer utility.
  12. Questions regarding save transfers

    100% your Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn regions need to align. My North American Path of Radiance save file couldn't transfer with my PAL Radiant Dawn copy. I'm pretty confident that Dolphin can read Path of Radiance saves for data transfer purposes. I would recommend playing a North American / PAL Radiant Dawn if you can though - there are many gameplay differences from the Japanese version that probably make it a more enjoyable experience.
  13. Rate The Unit - #24 Haar

    Rafiel: 8/10. Great in 1-E, 4-1 and 4-4, and phenomenal in 4-E. Tormod > Muarim is an interesting call - I agree that Tormod's better in 1-7 but I probably rate Muarim higher in 1-8 - Tormod can nuke the Dracoknights but he can't take on the southern Bandits by himself. Maybe send Zihark down there? I've always sent him east but Celerity!Sothe handles that well enough by himself. 1-E is interesting as well - there's heaps of ranged attackers on this map so Muarim's somewhat restricted in his placements but he's still invincible and can help ferry the Black Knight. Tormod ORKOs the weaker units on the map but not the stronger ones without a Speed transfer and is generally 3HKOed which is solid combat performance. 39HP/20Def Sothe is genuinely hilarious - on top of his part 1 performance, even the majority of the 3-6 Tigers fail to 2HKO him so he stays usable a lot longer. His stat caps + late promotion still means he struggles in Part 4 though.
  14. Rate The Unit - #24 Haar

    I thought the Dracoknights and Bandits may have been programmed to only target the NPCs, but I booted up the game to test it and the Dracoknight will happily suicide into Tormod if he's in range. Vika, you've redeemed yourself in my eyes (now if only you 2RKOed the Bandit...) Nailah: think I gave her an 8/10, but 7/10 isn't out of the question. Excellent in the four pre-endgame chapters she's available in and a very good choice for 4-E as well. Availability counts against her.
  15. Rate The Unit - #24 Haar

    Muarim: 6/10. Excellent in 1-7, 1-8 and 1-E. OK filler unit in 4-4. Vika: 4/10. OK for three chapters. Would be nice if she could ORKO the Dracoknights in 1-8 but not much we can do about that! Relegated to opening chests in 4-4.