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  1. Rate The Unit - #15 Tormod

    Thought I'd throw my opinions in. Micaiah: 5/10. Always find her hard to rate. Generous chip damage through the earlygame but KOs basically nothing due to speed and starts getting OHKOed in like 1-1 so has no enemy phase. Physic through midgame and Fortify / Rescue in lategame are always welcome niches. Maybe 6/10. Edward: 4/10. He stops doing anything of note past 1-P but he's not complete trash. Leonardo: 3/10. Unremarkable chip. Can do a couple of cool things even at base level. Nolan: 7/10. Really good for 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 and 3-6. Base speed is disappointing; I always feel like he should start doubling at some point with his speed growth but it never seems to happen. Laura: 4/10. Healing's useful in chapters like 1-4 and 3-6. Disappointing Magic + levelling speed means I'm always disappointed by her Physic range though. Sothe: 9/10. Excellent 1-2 range offence, durability and thief utility through all of part 1. Excellent offence and crap durability in 3-6 then stops being combat-relevant, but there's still some cool thief utility (Brave Bow, desert items). Ilyana: 5/10. Master Seal + either Wrath or Resolve keep her combat relevant through most of part 1. Irrelevant come part 3 and onward. Aran: 4/10. Unremarkable bases. I think he's 2HKOed by 1-4 Tigers which really annoys me. Meg: 1/10. Some people enjoy the challenge of using bad units. I'm not one of them. Volug: 8/10. Excellent movement + 1-range combat throughout part 1 and 3, solid combat in part 4. Not being able to transform until turn 3 from part 3 onward limits him. Tauroneo: 5/10. Excellent in 1-6, OK after that. Zihark: 6/10. Maybe 7/10, but I've never seen him as especially useful. Excellent offence throughout all of part 1 at a point when multiple units also have good offence + usually something else to separate them. Then part 3 comes and exposes his weaknesses awfully, but he needs notable resources (mainly Brave Sword) that are usually better ferried to the Greil Mercenaries. Jill: 9/10. Complete resource hog but pays off extravagantly.
  2. Use an Eternal Seal on a unit to raise the maximum level they can reach. For example, most units can reach a maximum level of 20. If you use an Eternal Seal, they can now reach level 25.
  3. Volug hard mode question

    Not a strategy I've tried, but looking at the stats, untransformed Resolve Volug doesn't get ORKOed by any enemies in 3-6. Assuming base level Volug the 41Atk Tigers would do 32 damage and won't double, and the 31Atk Cats would do 22 damage if they knock him into Resolve range.
  4. Raw stats (Skill and Magic of staff user, Luck and Resistance of target), Staff rank and terrain avoid bonuses are just about the only things that affect Staff accuracy.
  5. The damage+ skills are: +10 Life and Death Spendthrift +5 -faire Trample +4 Quick Draw Odd Shaped Evenhanded +3 Elbow Room Strong Riposte +2 Malefic Aura Magic +2 Strength +2 +1 Defender Potent Potion +x Golembane Beastbane Not everyone appreciates the drawbacks of Life and Death and Spendthrift (Spendthrift can be pretty funny when used on Corrin (if you have a decent supply of Gold Bars), because of convoy access), so you'd mainly be looking at Trample, Swordfaire, Bowfaire, Quick Draw, Elbow Room, Strong Riposte.
  6. I'd say in terms of resource consumption vs. output the general consensus is something like Camilla, Corrin, Azura, first servant, Xander and Leo. Niles is also very popular but... seems to have some vocal detractors on this forum.
  7. DLC skills cannot be passed to children.
  8. If you didn't speak to him with Jakob at any point before he died, then he's dead for good. You can't repeat that mission unless you kept the prior save data.
  9. About to play BR. Suggestions for Team?

    You've got me interested. Do you Heart Seal her straight away to get started on the Lance rank? (well, I suppose the only other option is force-feeding her Arms Scrolls). She seems... very dependant on Rinkah pair-up in the early game. But I suppose every other unit is as well. Without her she's mostly 5-7HKOing the C7 enemies, and getting 3HKOed in return.
  10. Not sure this is true. There are some exceptions (like the final boss) but I did some spot checks between hard mode stats here:攻略チャート一覧 and stats I jotted down on one of my lunatic playthroughs and they seem to match up.
  11. If the "one character" is an earlygame flier, then I also dump stat boosters onto them.
  12. Can't help you with your pairings but some of the defender spawn locations are tied to the buildings in your castle. Make sure you have a good number of buildings and that the tile at the entrance to the building is not being blocked by anything.
  13. What unit is the worst of their class?

    Gareth has an excellent niche for 4-E-5 in Blood Tide. Much more useful than say... Kurthnaga, from the same game.
  14. Is the position Rescue places you predictable?
  15. Ricken

    Which difficulty are you playing on? Lunatic might be difficult but easier ones can be done if you rush north with your strongest units. Remember Miriel gives Magic on pairup, so if you're just a couple of range short on Rescue that's another option.