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  1. I don't want others to know what's on my mind.

  2. Einherjar question

    You may only have one of an unit's einherjar in your directory at all times. Ex: I can buy a Shiro einherjar then recruit a Ryoma form another castle, but if I buy a Shiro, the directory will overwrite the directory's Shiro for the one I just bought
  3. Who should Selena mother? this might help you It does all the calculations for you. Enjoy :)
  4. FE:if Hacking Topic

    Did anyone figure how to change the difficulty through hex editing for a battle save?
  5. -Request- FE14 Game Over cheat

    Doesn't work on phoenix, MU just reappears next turn
  6. -Request- FE14 Game Over cheat

    What's hex editing? Do you think you could give me more informations on that?
  7. -Request- FE14 Game Over cheat

    Anyone knows or could make a cheat using NTR that would let you trigger a Game Over, so you can restart a chapter? Or any other means than through NTR? Asking because I let a kid die as "ally" while playing in phoenix during his paralogue and I didn't knew he wouldn't come back, and I overwrited my main save. All I have is a battle save from after the said kid's death, so I can still access the fight, but I can't save him anymore, unless of course I find a way to fail the chapter.
  8. Tutorial Request Thread

    Looking for a tutorial on how I could hack a save, mainly aiming to recreate a unit I let die and overwrited my save accidently with him dead. My 3ds is fully hacked with HomeBrew, MenuHax, RxTools. Anyone knows how I can do that? Edit: I found a solution, no help needed :)
  9. Extracting save file

    Trying to extrct my Fates save file using HomeBrewMenu but I can't select the game while trying to access it with the save manager, it's just not there. Anyone could help me with that?