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  1. Just solo the game with Wil.
  2. Cleric is technically best, but I prefer mage since I like making all the boys mercs, and a mage helps a lot early on. I give her the boots so she can stay glued to Alm.
  3. husbando - Jesse love - Mae, Clair, Genny, Saber, Leon, Conrad, Boey, Gray like - Kamui, Palla, Sonya, Tobin, Lukas, Faye, Python, Tatiana, Valbar neutral toward - Delthea, Forsyth, Alm, Zeke, Est, Atlas, Nomah, Silque, Kliff, Luthier dislike - Clive, Mathilda, Celica, Mycen, Catria never recruited - Deen
  4. any time babe
  5. this game is so old, who even cares anymore
  6. boring and predictable/10
  7. Jesse is better than Kamui
  8. She's perfect. She's beautiful. She looks like Linda Evangelista.
  9. yes i also eat food
  10. Edward and Leo, very often. Edward moreso since I love the other Marksmen. Nolan, once in a while. I'm not sure if I've ever brought all three at once, but I almost always bring two of them and support them together. Meg and Fiona, once or twice for shits and giggles. Laura and Aran, possibly once but I never use them anymore. They're just boring units.
  11. What is the point of this
  12. Brigid x Lex Ayra x Jamka Fury x Noish Tiltyu x Levin Sylvia x no one Aideen x Claude Lachesis x Finn You have to play maps fast to avoid Sylvia x Levin. What I usually do is kill her off during the Cross Knight segment, then revive her later in chapter 4 to get the Defender.
  13. Lilina/Caeda - Negotiator - can talk to any generic enemy unit and turn them into an other unit
  14. A tie between all of them.