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  1. There is no unit that needs Paragon more than Patty. Period. Cash is plentiful in gen 2, so aside from Laylea needing a big cash dump, her utility isn't particularly interesting. Ambush allows her to cheese the arena with the Sleep Sword. Theoretically she can do that regardless of her father, but Ambush requires significantly less RNG abuse. And I don't really understand the Bargain Faval meme when Ichival is like the worst weapon in the game. Faval always uses the Killer Bow.
  2. Lyn should have been killed by Lundgren.
  3. Too many escape objectives. Growth units like Miranda are completely pointless due to the stat caps.
  4. Yes, Lachesis needs his cash. He's an awful dad and not worth ever promoting though. Patty needs Lex or Holyn if she ever plans to clear an arena, and Bargain on Ayra's kids is the most redundant thing ever. no
  5. Dean has a support with my husband, so I'll always choose him. Why did Sonya lose Angel? She doesn't even have good growths anymore.
  6. what
  7. I want to be the meat in a Jesse x Lukas sandwich tbh
  8. Raven is most susceptible to being RNG screwed. Seriously. ._.
  9. The one that's sexier
  10. Including Radney and Rodolban was really pointless, but I loved how Aideen made an appearance. No reason she shouldn't have appeared in the game originally.
  11. no one likes her
  12. pair up, reclassing, avatars, unbreakable weapons, s rank supports, children with no plot relevance