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  1. Thracia is straight up just not fun to play.
  2. >killer bows >challenge
  3. Your favorite one
  4. blazingsword

    all your deployment slots are already filled
  5. all the villains Celica, Clive, and Mycen are all dumb as fuck
  6. completely forgettable land filled with awful characters
  7. bench her
  8. You think PoR Mia is a good unit. You have no business making a "tier list FAQ".
  9. >blind run >tips wtf
  10. Nino > Marcus
  11. Will always be the last good FE game.
  12. Dread Fighter Valbar and Falcon Knight Mathilda. I love how people waste their forks on garbage units or units who can already reclass.
  13. I pretty much always use him. He makes a great support partner for Nolan. You just need to make sure he procs str/spd every level or his offense falls off fast. I always battle save abuse for level ups anyway.
  14. Just solo the game with Wil.
  15. Cleric is technically best, but I prefer mage since I like making all the boys mercs, and a mage helps a lot early on. I give her the boots so she can stay glued to Alm.