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  1. Favourite Micaiah Monicker?

    Mick Jagger
  2. Your Favorite Character From Each Game You've Played

    Too bad Lilina isn't in every game.
  3. >troll list >puts the worst unit in bottom >wat
  4. To Easy Mode or Not to Easy Mode?

    That's just sad.
  5. The most underrated Fire emblem game

    Thracia is straight up just not fun to play.
  6. The ranged only challenge

    >killer bows >challenge
  7. The WORST Fe4 Pairing

    Your favorite one
  8. How could you not use Dart?

    all your deployment slots are already filled
  9. all the villains Celica, Clive, and Mycen are all dumb as fuck
  10. Best name for Fateslandia?

    completely forgettable land filled with awful characters
  11. What to do about Amelia?

    bench her
  12. You think PoR Mia is a good unit. You have no business making a "tier list FAQ".