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  1. Right? The AI doesn't actually have any recognition of that, though, so that's why it was frustrating that, out of the three other people on that team, Nino had chosen her to follow after...
  2. My team is Draug, M!Robin, Julia, and Camilla. I have a check for most everything, but there are some characters that are largely problematic with specific builds/team set-ups. -Julia has Green Tomebreaker, but if I happen to run into a Fury or Life and Death Nino with Green Tomebreaker and buffs, life is hard since she can 2HKO everything on my team. Draug can't approach easily, and although he can tank a hit thanks to Wary Fighter, if Nino decides to follow a melee character that he can't one-shot all over the place, things become problematic. I dealt with a Nino like this once, she followed freakin' Eirika incessantly. Why Eirika of all people...! -I've fought a cavalry team of Eldigan, Cecilia, Reinhardt, and... Bunny Camilla, I think. The Cecilia was between the other two cavalry units, thus started with both Hone and Fortify Cavalry bonuses. I was completely not paying attention the fact that she had Gronnblade+ instead of Gronnraven+, and my Julia proceeded to get one-shot. That is such a freakin' terrifying set-up. +Atk Cecilia with Fury, Gronnblade+, and those boosts can two-shot Triangle Adept Lilina (who can't one-shot before that second hit unless she's +Atk), for crying out loud.
  3. I'm surprised I actually knew this one since all I know about Mystery of the Emblem is a plot summary, lol. Earth Dragons = Bad, so I knew that was the answer.
  4. I actually use a +Atk -Res Draug, so I slapped a few skills on him. Here's what I am currently working on: Weapon: Brave Sword Assist: Swap Special: Pavise A: Death Blow 3 B: Wary Fighter 3 C: Threaten Defense 3 Draug is pretty fast, but he's not really fast enough with the Brave Sword to double on defense or quadruple on offense most of the time. One of his issues is that although he has high defense, he gets doubled by common sword-users like Lucina, Ryoma, etc. He also has god-awful resistance and gets shut down by most common mages like Tharja, Linde, and even Nino. With Wary Fighter, nothing is going to be killing him in a single round other than Dire Thunder users. And then whatever sits in his range is going to get a defense debuff and a Death Blow brave attack to the face. A full-health Draug now wins against Linde. Previously, he also struggled against Takumi (Takumi attacks first from a distance and doubles, Draug attacks and doubles but doesn't kill, Takumi gets Vengeance and doubles again...). Now, Takumi loses the double, attacks but just dings his armor, and dies next turn. Swap exists for better mobility and for getting allies out of the way. I typically have Robin next to him most of the time, and he'll have Reposition for more fun. Draug will still struggle against lance-users and blue dragons, but that's what I've got Julia and Camilla around for. I thought about putting Svalinn Shield on him, but Death Blow is great with the Brave Sword, and I feel like a lot of people are going to be throwing out Armorslayers and Hammers for better weapons anyway. I might swap out Pavise for Noontime or Sol or something in the Sacred Cowl line. Trading out the Brave Sword for a higher power weapon is an option since it'll better his speed, but he would still lose to the aforementioned mages and Takumi and probably wouldn't double a whole lot in return.
  5. Congrats!! It sucks that you haven't pulled any 5* characters yet, but Freddy Bear is great and you earned him. The first character I promoted to 5* was Draug. I'm probably the only one, so if anybody has randomly gotten a 5* Draug as a teammate in the gauntlet or seen one in the arena, he's probably mine, lol.
  6. Well, better get to training up my Sheena and Wendy, or something. I've got Hector and a level 40 5* Draug, so that's not really a concern. Really, though, there aren't very many armored units in the game. Most people I know only have like, two. Kind of a low blow there.
  7. Yeah, that was a really nice touch. Female Corrin's was kind of a bummer in comparison, but I love a lot of the little details and subtle changes in expression between a lot of the attack/special skill artworks. Niles sticking his tongue out made me laugh, and even if I'm not big on the style used for Hector, I love the hilariously terrifying expression he's got going on with the lightning in the background. Also props for Yamada Akihiro for making the attack and skill artworks completely different.
  8. Artwork: -Barst looks fantastic. I don't have a single nitpick about any of his pictures. Also, look at them muscles!! -Camus looks really good. His design is spectacular. -Having never played Binding Blade, I hadn't seen Cecilia before this game, but I adore her design. -Male Corrin. His artwork here actually made me not hate his design for a minute, haha. I feel like he looks more dragon-like. -Donny just looks adorable. -Effie. Some of her poses are strange, but her artwork is gorgeous and very soft-looking. -Elise. I still can't get behind the extremely exaggerated pigtails, but I feel like the artwork really does wonders for the rest of her design. -Felicia looks so gorgeous, an impression of her I never really got in Fates. -I love Frederick's injured photo, that look in his eyes gets me every time. -Jeorge. His design is really eye-catching, and the effects on his special skill art are awesome. -Linde, mostly for her dress. It's super pretty and not too fanservice-y. -Niles's attack artwork is so amazing I had to make a desktop background of it. -Nino's artwork is on point, she looks so cute and her eyes really shine. Voices: -I still adore Arthur's voice. I was really excited to see Cam Clarke come back for him because he absolutely nailed it in Fates. "You may think me a clumsy fellow... and, my friend, YOU'RE RIGHT!!!" -Barst's voice is one of my absolute favorites. Deep and nice on the ears. I could listen to him talk all day. "I'm just a... guy who chops wood. Hehe, that's all..." -Bartre's lines crack me up. I love Kyle Hebert already, but he was such a ham this time around, it's great. "CHECK OUT THESE ARMS!! BRUUAAAHHH, HYEEEEH" -Fae is so freakin' cute. I love it when she attacks something and goes "Raahh!!" before firing a giant laser. -Hector is way more cheery than I thought he would be, but I love it anyway. Clicking on Arthur and hearing him go "Mm-hm!" and then clicking on Hector and hearing him go "Oh-ho!" in the same tone made me burst out laughing. -Nino is way more adorable and endearing than I ever thought she would be. "What do you need? To talk? I'm always up for that!" -While I don't think the voice fits him too much, Raven's delivery is simply hilarious. "I'm not angry, this is just my face." -Saizo's annoyed mumbling whenever you click on him in battle is always funny. "What?" -Shanna is really fun to listen to. Her delivery makes her endearing when she could have been annoying. "Hope you're not skipping meals, chief. Bad idea, hmhm~." -Virion, just anything he says. His accent cracks me up so hard.
  9. This one cracks me up every time.
  10. Actually, Spurs DO stack. Just tested it. I had my Julia with 17 def sit next to Draug with Spur Def 2 (+3 def) and Robin with Spur Def 3 (+4 def) and she took 19 damage from a 45 att axe knight. 45 - 17 - 3 - 4 - 2 (from Naga) = 19 In relation to the topic's subject, though, I'd be able to handle 4 Hector's rather easily since Draug doesn't really care. 4 Takumi's, though? Most likely, but probably not without heavy losses. I usually run Draug, Robin, Julia, and Camilla, but Julia has garbage defense AND gets doubled while my Camilla is -Atk, so she's not very helpful against them. Robin is really good against Takumi, but while mine is +Atk, he's also -Def, so he takes a bit more damage (and +Spd Takumi's double him). I imagine he'd be able to take out two of them and maybe dent the third one depending on their stats. Draug and Julia could probably mop up from there.
  11. Oh god, why... I can see my win streak in the arena getting slaughtered already.
  12. I am somewhat terrified. Imagine, say, M!Robin with Swordbreaker, doubling and ORKO'ing all red sword users. Julia with Wary Fighter, suddenly unable to be ORKO'd by Takumi or other mages. Brave users with Death Blow. Takumi with Death Blow or Darting Blow, or Vantage. Draug with Ignis. Seal or Threaten Atk on armored units. A pack of fliers all with Fortify Fliers and Svalinn Shield. Oh god I am very terrified...
  13. Female Robin having basically the same stats as Male Robin isn't a good thing, in my opinion. She doesn't have the resistance to handle other mages other than Robin, Linde (whom she will still take a reasonable chunk of damage from), maybe Merric since his res is so low, and Cecilia since she's mounted (though Robin will still take a lot damage from Cecilia if she can't OHKO). Unlike Julia, who can at least put a reasonable dent into them, F!Robin is worthless against red mages aside from Leo (whom she's not going to enjoy taking a hit from thanks to him having a WTA and Quick Riposte), and she will definitely lose against the other green mages Nino and Julia. She also loses the advantage against colorless foes that M!Robin has, making her a weaker ranged unit baiter overall without being any better against melee units other than cavalry, which are scarce in the current meta. Quick, powerful sword users running rampant in the arena does her no favors, either. She does have one thing over Julia and Nino in that her defense is respectable enough that if she can't one-shot lance users, she will live a hit to the face on the following turn, and she will survive Takumi assuming he's not +Spd, but I feel like she's less effective as a green mage than Julia or Nino and less effective than M!Robin overall. Defiant Resistance seems almost worthless since she will still lose to most other mages, and it's far less useful than Defiant Speed. We will have some cavalry units coming in the future such as Camus, Xander, Ursula, and perhaps the masked man which may make her more relevant, but while she will likely stomp on Camus, Ursula, and the masked man, she will lose to Xander if she can't OHKO as he will likely 2HKO her (he cannot be baited by her since he's melee, so she will have to make the first strike, but Siegfried allows him to counter and she loses next turn).
  14. -Change how the arena ranking works. It's really dumb that your score is based on the stat totals of the characters you use instead of how well you actually play. You can win 7 battles in a row without losing a single character and still rank poorly because you didn't use the "strongest" characters. -Either decrease the feather requirements needed to promote to 5* or make feathers easier to obtain. +5 feathers from greeting friends and talking to a character each day is absolutely negligible. I heard an idea of providing discounts depending on the character's level, which sounds great. -Give us something to do with leftover SP on 5* units that no longer have any skills to learn. Trading for feathers, for instance, would be fantastic.
  15. I understand why there's no trading as that would kill some incentive to spend more money, but I really wish it was a thing. I wouldn't have traded them for feathers and you could have taken all of them. I don't dislike Oboro, but I've pulled at least 10 of her.