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  1. Encounter a freaking god Jaffar. My run got one death because Ninian prefered dance for him instead of attacking Michalis. Didn't took a screen, but he had Deadly Dagger with effect ehancement, L&D3, Poison Strike, Salvage Blow, Salvage Blow. And Glimmer and a Ralliement. My team's HP got decreased so easily... I panicked. An horror movie...
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I knew Katarina was screwed when I saw Sigurd got a multiplier. But I'm glad Faye won against Rhajat. So I'm joining her, since she's the second character I care in this gauntlet.
  3. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Did someone have the link about predictions ? I'd like to see them.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    I'm so salt and mad. Was trying for Shiro, at 3.75% rate, got a four-red +1green pull... And the red I pull is of course Siegbert. The one I wanted the least. And he's neutral.........
  5. Wow. yesterday, I was behing the threshold to rank up to Tier 19. Got my third run... deathless... and I'm high up, like... 2029th with 4858 points. What a change. Team in spoiler. Nothing to say, beside that Brave Ike is... still amazing.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    My luck seems dry. All my orbs to only get a 5* Roderick. Still no Shiro to see. But got AT LAST one Robin. 3*, but I got one after sooooo long.
  7. Gah, got screwed by movement-not-affected-by-terrain-march-armors at the END of my second run. I was so mad. Still under the threshold to be able to rank up to rank 19. Got two death with my first run (one because I did see that the reinhardt was +6, and ORKO my Lute... Screw yourself, Reinhardt), I'll try again tomorrow. And I found that, at my first arena battle today :
  8. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    She's in love with the male avatar (see their A-rank support).
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Oh, Katarina. My sweet Katarina. So glad you have another chance.
  10. Grand Hero Battle: Michalis

    Wow. Actually did Infernal quite easily after finding the right team. Team was Michalis (with Fury and Quick Riposte), Caeda, Azura and B!Lyn, all vanilla. Make Michalis tanking the Blue flier, Azura at the right so she can tank the red cavalier turn 2, and after that, Michalis can tank Michalis and Lyn kill the two red flier with Azura's dance. Caeda may need to finish one of them (except if you gave Lyn the Atk+1 seal or she's +Atk).
  11. Ah, Minerva. You who always and still avoided me. For her quote, I'll say "Face me, coward!" who seems more like her. Maria... I'll say one of the "Just like...". I voted "like Michalis" because of the ton. Michalis. David Vincent's voice is almost unrecognizable here, and that show his talent. His "Consider this an honor, insect!" and the fact he replaced the Minerva I never have when he showed himself around make him irreplacable now, for me. Seriously, this quote is... awesome.
  12. I'd like Owain, Laurent, Severa and... Nah ? Seems possible to me...
  13. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle! And thanks for the giveaway !
  14. Aaaah. Them. I like them. Katarina : "I've come to finish you !" is just perfect for her. Legion : "Mwaa ha ha!" or rather "Mwee he he!". His laugh is just... Well, to summarize it, take @mcsilas explanation, even if for me, "Moreses, moreses, moreses!" is the close second one. Clarisse : "You filth". I love Clarisse, I love her voice actress.. I love this line.