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  1. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Okay, that's it. Again no blue, trying the only green for Hector, got Lilina again. Rate break. I'm stopping here.
  2. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    Can I say something ? I. Hate. You.
  3. Well, since I'm still unable to pull a Lyn, whatever she wear, back to my old team again. Hopefully I have Soren as bonus unit... Team in spoiler. 4856 points, of course, not enough to rank up. I'll be back to 18th tomorrow... Before this run, I tried with a new team, with Soren, Ike, NY!Takumi and Nephenee, but the score wasn't great and I got three or four deaths... But the team was interesting enough to play with. I just have to not encounter something like that : Seriously, I hate Sigurd, and hopefully Nephenee was there to take him off. I encountered too a team of Tiki. Plus a Nowi. But the Summer!Tiki doesn't have any weapon... Well, doesn't change the fact that his Y!Tiki killed my Ike, even if he was on a Fortress case... Damn... Edit : Managed to do a 7-row win AA... on the second try. Guess who was my doom in the first try ? Yes, correct, again a Sigurd... accompagned by an Axura. Tch.
  4. Seasonal banner: Love Abounds

    My luck's still nowhere to be found. After a all-blue summon (didn't see that comming) with no Lyn to be seen, now I got a rate-breaker Nowi. Lightning Breath fodder, but... If things goes the same as before, I'll never see Lyn, since the only Lyn I got before was... with the free brave summon. Lady Lyndis, why are you avoiding me ? T_T
  5. Uh, looking at this image, we can see the evolution of Ike's age... PoR -> Brave -> RD. I like this touch.
  6. Alm, Hero of Prophecy

    The way I use Alm is going full speed. +Spd IV, +Spd seal and Darting Blow. Mine, at +2, hit 37 Spd, 43 at Player phase. With the Falchion refinement, he can Quad against opponents with 38 or less speed. That's pretty strong.
  7. Yeah, it's difficult to choose sometimes. Ephraim, Jaffar or Julia was a choice I have to do, but then the Falchion update came, and since my Alm is one of my most used units, I refined his weapon first. But now, I have too Caeda and Hinoka to look too... Need... Divine... Dew T_T
  8. I'll be back to Rank 19... Strange that my first team is catching my armor team in term of points (around 692 this time against around 698) but well... So, got 4850 points. Team below. And still no defense wins... Impressive... I encountered a strange Black Knight with Svalinn Shield and Axebreaker... Well, I didn't see any Svalinn Shield since... well, since the beginning. And I had the chance, when a DC Roy was hiding a Horse Emblem (with Camus, Brave Roy and Reinhardt), to be on one good map, and even more than that, his Reinhardt was +Def and had Fury, and there were no Hone Cavalier. So I managed to bait and kill him with my Robin. But that show the problem : Reinhardt is so good that even with bad IVs, he's used.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    More armor means more option to armor emblem ! I want Lyn, or Hector, but aiming for Lyn. So... 5* as free pull is nice, but... Continuing...
  10. Oh God. QuadAlm can now exist. My Alm will be terrifying...
  11. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    Ouch. That's really bad luck... I feel you...
  12. Legendary Hero Banner (Ft. Vanguard Ike)

    This banner is completely bullshit. Used all the orbs I had for what ? Gunnthra and Summer Frederick, with bad IVs of course, and a dupe and non-interesting Siegbert. Seriously. I'm so salty....
  13. You choose a good word. Merci ! =) I forgot to show these two units who are in my favorites :
  14. I have two team that I love... But you'll see that one character is always here... x) My greatest team : My armor team :
  15. CYL 2 Unit Type/ Skills Prediction Thread

    What I was thinking was... Hector as Axe unit, Celica with a Sword, Ephraim as Cavalry Lance unit and Veronica as... staff unit ? Seems more likely to me...