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  1. FE 11's Take on Storytelling/Less is More

    I've always been pretty strong on the matter that Shadow Dragon's approach is ''less is less'' for me. Partly its because I feel that everyone being a mute goes against what Fire Emblem is supposed to be. Fire Emblem is separated from Advance Wars by every member of the army being a unique individual with their own hopes and dreams. This aspect of Fire Emblem vanishes if people don't have lines aside from a death quote. Some people avoid this fate but a lot of others don't and are extremely boring as a result. I actually feel opposite about Gharnef as I see him as an example of Shadow Dragon's writing style not working. Gharnef interrupting the flow of the story is exactly what he should have done He's responsible for everyone's woes, his actions destroyed Marth's family and he keeps his sister prisoner. Due to this Marth and Gharnef should have a very personal animosity that just isn't there. Marth doesn't care about Gharnef other then it being his duty to stop him and Gharnef doesn't care about Marth aside from the fact a villain needs to oppose a hero. I wish Gharnef acted like Nergal and occasionally visited the Heroes to torment them. Gotoh being able to communicate through a magical image of himself even gives Gharnef an opportunity to borrow Nergal's strengths as a villain without it raising the question about why he doesn't just kill Marth already. Gharnef should really have contacted Marth after he liberated Altea by rubbing it in how his mom still died and his sister is still gone even after Altea has been freed. We've seen him rub Eremiya's misery in her face so we know its something he'd do. I don't feel things being hidden in villages and implications saves Gharnef because the Gharnef we are presented with gives us so little when he's on screen. He's just the bare bones crazy dark mage template without any real character trait to sets him apart. He doesn't have Nergal's relation to the Heroes, Jedah's piety, Validar's incompetence, Manfroy's success or Lyon's sympathetic side. Hiding stuff behind optional stuff can work really well as shown by how Legault turns out to be deeply connected to two units you'd never have guessed but if the character itself doesn't have anything it doesn't work. At least for me. And what I said about Gharnef's goes for lots of characters. Because Shadow Dragon refuses to give info or details it leads to every archetype being a watered down version of those that would come after them. All they do has been done a lot better by their successors.
  2. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Lady Butterfly frustrates me. I mastered her close combat mechanics, how to parry her, get behind her and attack her when she's open, so logically I should be able to beat her, but for some reason its not happening. I handle her first phase like a pro, avoid her illusions in the second but then her unblockable magic slowly chips away at me until one mistake does me in. Not helped by the fact I did practically beat her one time. She was down at her last sliver of health. I only needed to dodge the red charge attack and counter attack like always, except in the last possible second she replaced her red charge attack for a red throw attack despite not once having used a throw attack in any of the last four matches I had with her. So I lost to a move she literally just took out of her ass to steal my victory from me. And ever since then I'm so frustrated her first phase doesn't go as perfectly as it once did anymore. Edit: Well I did beat her fairly easier after adding an additional step to my ''routine''. Still deserved that victory two tries before I actually got it though.
  3. Well Jedah's milkshake probably brings all the girls to the yard. He's got three daughters despite being in his 200's after all. Perhaps being blue makes Jedah highly desirable for the opposite sex. We need a beach Jedah in Heroes.
  4. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Fun fact, she then married another younger sibling she then also killed. The whole family was nuts.
  5. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    I guess your average Koei game is a good example of male fanservice. Just about every male in the Warrior games is fabulous and various middle aged generals get aged down several decades to look in their teens or early 20's.
  6. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    I guess he could either wear a miniature version of Marth's groom outfit or dress like a flower boy. Now that I think on it a flower boy alt could work pretty well for Nils since his big sister is already a bride in both Heroes and in one of the blazing endings. Alternatively he could be one for bridal Lyn's wedding too.
  7. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    There's that, but on the whole the shotacon crowd seems a lot smaller than the Lolicon crowd so there's less reason to suspect that a bridal Raigh would be included to pander to any uh...interesting urges. It would likely happen because the devs know Raigh would hate it. Sanaki has her potential for such a reaction too but because Lolicon is so much bigger I'm quicker to suspect Sanaki was put in a wedding dress for money related reasons.
  8. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Perhaps avoiding From Software game like the plague due to their reputation paid off for me then. I hear a lot of veterans having a hard time adjusting from dodging to parrying. The stealth mechanic makes the game somewhat easier for me. In an optional area some miniboss boss(guarding the Raven skill) killed me with one combo. I'm certain I was supposed to master some sort of pattern but I just revived, jumped off the cliff and returned so I could sneak up on the poor sod and stab him in the back. Kinda makes me feel dirty.
  9. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    So is From Software going soft or are they luring me in a false sense of security. Because so far I don't see the extreme difficulty. Granted the Shinobi Hunter ritually humiliated me some times and I did have to make the occasional tactical retreat but I can't say I ''died, died and died again''. No mook ever killed me and my only deaths(aside that one fall from a kliff) were from the first miniboss and then the ninja hunter.
  10. Gender and Outfits in Heroes

    Yes. Yes I think male Corrin was chosen exactly for that! But overall I do think male characters aren't given alts or more attention to appeal to the female fans. Alfonse is conventionally pretty and surely has his female fans but I don't think he got his bunny outfit based on that nor would a bridal Raigh have quite as much of an implication as bridal Sanaki.
  11. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Santa Nergal and Mrs. Claus Limstella would be amazing. Maybe with Nils as a Christmas elf?
  12. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    It being constantly the same characters who got seasonal alts wasn't helping matters either.
  13. If Travant Had Conquered the Manster District

    I thought Travant did conquer the district. Its just that the empire kicked him back to Tracia again. I recall him mentioning to his son that they couldn't even beat the empire when possessing both the north and the south.
  14. March/April 2019 Special Heroes Arrive! Regal Rabbits!

    Bruno looks unhappy in that outfit. Its funny because according to the story he's a lot more open to it than Veronica. Its a shame they didn't run into the bunny Askrians while they were at the festival.
  15. I think that's a very interesting aspect to discuss. What gives a series a good amount of representation? For me strong representation means allowing for the least amount of gaps in the roster. Its not just about having a lot of characters but about having main characters, minor characters and villains all be properly represented. Despite not having a lot of banners I think Archenea has very proper representation because practically everyone of importance is there. Marth and all his retainers are present, many supporting characters like the Macedon woman and the archetype starters are there and almost every prominent villains got included at an early stage. Archenea still has some gaps like Medeus or Nyna but you could say just about any group is already very strongly represented. Same with Fates which has all the royals(several versions of them even), all the royal retainers, its main villain and several second gens. There's certainly room for some additions like Forrest but everyone who's absolutely required was included ages ago. This is contrasted with Tellius which is pretty much defined by the enormous gaps in its roster. Aside from the Black Knight we don't really have any serious Tellius villain, until recently the Laguz were completely absent, a large amount of Greil mercenaries and Dawn brigade members are still missing and Tellius can boast of very few miscellaneous minor characters. Its not just the low number of characters that's noticeable but the amount of large gaps that still need to be filled. Blazing sword sits somewhere in the middle. It minor characters are pretty well represented with Serra, Matthew, Raven, Lucius and the like all being included but aside from the two Ostians no member Lyn's or Eliwood's inner circle is present at this moment and Blazing Sword still lacks a real villain. Even some very prominent characters like Nils are still missing in action. I think its all about finding a good balance between main characters, minor characters, lord's loved ones and villains.