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  1. Historic Authenticy in Video Games

    I think its silly to be a stickler to the most minor of details. A game about ancient Rome is going to use the Roman armor we are familiar with regardless of whether the Romans did or didn't use it at that point in time. And that's fine. I also heard people get petty about Roman emperors eating potato's which is just being nitpicky. But I do think there should be a certain authenticity and blatantly moving away from the historical setting of your game is going to hurt the product. Alterations for the sake of story telling is fine but the trick is using the strength of the era to ensure you don't have to make bad alterations. I recall Rise being about barbarian Brits suddenly being powerful enough to overthrow the Roman empire which is just nonsense. They got actual threats like Hanibal, the Persians or the huns that would have made far better enemies. From what I heard Caesar was a bit of a puppet in Assassins creed which is kind of a shame. He's probably the most interesting and capable figure of anyone set in that period so they could have used that to craft an excellent antagonist(Or just copy Ceasar from Asterix, that works too) I think the series of HBO Rome handles its setting very well in the sense that they could twist the setting around to switch their needs without losing authenticity. Augustus mom for example was never the lover of Marc Anthony but by combining his actual wife with her they managed to make a great character who drew out the best of Anthony. That works way better then if they had dragged out some random barbarian to be his manipulative wife.
  2. Who is the most powerful dragon boss (lore-wise)?

    Its his battle conversation with Neasalla who says that even Ashera would hesitate to fight Dhegi.
  3. Who is the most powerful dragon boss (lore-wise)?

    Dheginsea is as powerful as an actual god rather then just a powerful dragon so I'm guessing he's the strongest.
  4. Don't forget them

    I think her hat resembles a train..... But otherwise yeah! Really love Morags design with that awesome longcoat of her.
  5. Don't forget them

    I'll never forget those proud, beautiful Ardainians! I'll honor their words for as long as I play the game! #Don'tforgetthem!
  6. What character is your main?

    Xander for having both an epic horse and an epic cape Takumi cause he's Takumi And Marth because I like his playstyle.
  7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    It will never be that time again
  8. Azelle and Niime since they deserve to get into the game.
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I'll honor their words and never forget them.
  10. Which FE has the best final chapter?

    Blazing sword. I think the bosh rush with the most iconic bosses(and losers such as Keneth and Assasin dude) was an interesting idea. For tone the final map of echoes wins easily. It really adds something if you have your units saying something very in character when you select them and it got a great soundtrack.
  11. Dissidia NT: Open Beta till 21st

    Those two not having gotten some extra love yet could be a point in favor of them getting more attention with this DLC.
  12. Overall Favorites: Wyverns

    Jill, Haar and Percy. Jill is just a very well written and developed character and she gets the screentime to show this off to us. Haar is an example of a gimmick character done right. He's clearly eccentric thanks to his sleeping habits and lazy attitude but behind the gimmick lies an actual character. He shows a good bit of insight into the situation at the end of RD's chapter two and in the endgame he's got a lot of serious battle characters that are highly characterized by everything about Haar except his gimmick. Percy=Pit and therefore its a mathematical fact that Percy is great. No way around it.
  13. Dissidia NT: Open Beta till 21st

    I think Vivi should find a way to get into Dissidia. Just about everyone loves Vivi and his design is based on one of the most iconic Final Fantasy classes. Vivi has a long history of making it into crossovers if I'm not mistaken so there's clearly either demand for his presence or strong favoritism towards him from the developers.
  14. They are but I don't give them much props for that. DLC is for fanservice and interesting new additions. Necessities belong in the main game and with her prominence in the story Azura is clearly a necessity. While I don't particularly like Tharja myself I'd say her popularity and status makes her a necessity too. If those two were swapped out for the little sisters who I view more as fanservice or nice extra's instead of necessities then it would already be a lot better.
  15. Nope, just their Gharnef villains. The cast has its troubles but a lot of choices were probably the best they could have made when it comes to the three chosen games, even if several others in it clearly aren't. Aside from missing the kinda obligatory Tharja Awakening's cast choices are really solid for instance. To many royals is a valid criticism for Fates but there really wasn't a way around characters like Xander and Takumi either. Taking all the royals wasn't a good choice since Hinoka technically wasn't needed and the little sisters were kinda redundant but at least everyone who had to be there was there.