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  1. E3 2019 - Hopes/Expectations

    What I want? A new Kid Icarus, Rex for Smash, a ''Majora'' type of sequel for BOTW, Some Skull and Bones news and a Geneology remake. What I expect? That what I want won't happen.
  2. Total War: Three Kingdoms

    I want this game soooo bad but I'm also very aware my laptop can't run it. Luckily my current laptop needs to be replaced due to its keyboard being completely messed up so I have a chance to replace the laptop that can't run the game with one that can. I'm still juggling whether I want the game badly enough to invest in a laptop that can run the game. I have a very deep distrust in pc gaming so its unlikely I'd use it for anything other than Total War games. And I wonder the steep price 900-ish Euro is really worth that. On the other hand it wold be nice to play total war games without compromising with settings or even being completely unable to play them. And if I do need to replace my laptop I might as well do it properly. Decisions, decisions. To be honest I was kinda down on it being three kingdoms China at first but since then it has won me over.
  3. Mercedes or Hilda. The competition for best girl will be hard.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    If Chad gets in I'm definitely making Lucius the fourth member of team orphan. That way the whole family is together again. It would be cute I'd like to see Chad make it but I don't have much hope. Binding Blade likely won't get a new banner for a year and I don't think Chad is that popular. But Lugh mentions him twice so who knows.
  5. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    It would be even sillier if its manga Kiran who's an inept goofball. It be Makalov x Astrid all over again. I would be really into the pairing if it was like that.
  6. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    Well I also suggested Erk wasn't really there willingly :D
  7. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    I'd like that. As of now Erk is the only member of the family who isn't in heroes yet. Erk and Serra would make a nice bridal pair for next year . Serra in a wedding dress and Erk in a tuxedo....and a ball and chain around his leg so he doesn't escape. It could even be Erk's weapon.
  8. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    So about Belgium. Shouldn't people...uh make a fuss about this? Because Nintendo removing the game seems kind of unreasonable and pety. There were surely more options availible.
  9. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    Alfonse is likely on the young side. Typically most lord hover around the 15-19 range and Alfonse design being very typical for a FE lord makes it likely he's in that range too. Most villains adress him as "boy" as well. So if Alfonse is legal its probably only barely so. anna's on the whole seem to be adults at least. Some are even into married life some guy.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    As expected I pulled Tanith instead of Pent who I actually wanted. I like Tanith but she just isn't the star that Pent is.
  11. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    And so ended the proud Askrian Royal family.
  12. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    Personally I'm rooting for it to be Alfonse too. I barely actknowledge Kiran's existance so Fjorm x Kiran wouldn't work for me. Fjorm is also the only girl that wouldn't be problamatic for Alfonse. Veronica is too young, Anna is too old, Gunthra is dead and Sharena is his sister.
  13. Takumi would have made for a pretty interesting lord. Out of the cast Takumi has the highest chance for character growth, he's more expressive than the kinda boring Ryoma and better received than the polarizing Corrin, his parents die like every lord's parents should and he has very personal involvement in the plot.
  14. Special Heroes Appear: Bridal Belonging (May 21 ~)

    If we take that stance to its logical conclusion then it wouldn't be favorable to Tellius. I mean, shouldn't we just make Elise the next flying healer? More people know of and like Elise in comparison to Elincia after all. If we take popularity and how known a character is then we might as well make alts exclusive to the Fates Royals and Lucina. Tellius and Jugdral in the same boat as lesser known or lesser sold games. A Tellius fan going on about how Jugdral doesn't deserve reps for not being as well known is inherently hypocritical.