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  1. DLC characters announced

    There are some solid choices in there but I'm dissapointed Hardin is mising the boat again. I wonder if IS doesn't like him since he's not in heroes either. I'm surprised about Camus remaining absend as well. All other decent villains remain mising too. Minerva and Oboro pretty much earned their spot and Tharja and Owain are to popular to ignore .
  2. I don't believe there was ever anything said about Zofia castle being a particularly strong castle. In fact with all that we know it makes more sense if its not a very defendable place because it may not have been build for that. The castle is the capital of a slothful society, its described as the height of decadence and both Lima and Desaix seem pretty likely to tear down the castle wall to avoid it robbing them of their sunlight. Desaix also doesn't come off as a very capable defender.
  3. Opinions on Rowan? (Discussion)

    I mostly feel a bit of pity towards the poor guy. From what I've seen pretty much everyone is picking Rowan's sister over him. He doesn't make a good first impression but I'll go into him with an open mind. His chemistry with his sis seems pretty good so far.
  4. How do you rank the FE stories from best to worst?

    12. Birthright: Um, what story? I don't recall anything happening until you reach Garon's castle. While it doesn't have its own story Birthright still has to carry the ball and chain of Fates writing to some extend. Its the worst of both worlds. 11. Conquest: Unlike Birthright the story actually exist so it gets a higher spot then birthright. Its just a shame the story is complete trash. I can respect that it at least tries but its just such a trainwreck about it. 10. Shadow dragon: Um, what story? Never saw anyone say or do anything of interest nor a villain with decent presence or screentime. Its got Marth and some pretty excellent map narration at least. It has an absence of a great many things and not nearly enough positives to overcome that. So the balance strikes very easily to the negative end of the spectrum. 9. Binding blade: The story is okay but I'd say its a little bit below average when it comes to Fire emblem stories. I think it really hurts from borrowing the archaic shadow dragon style to much. To often the cutscenes are just Roy, his adviser and the plot important princess. Its got some decent villains, even if I don't like Zephiel and the world building is good, excellent even if you add what Blazing sword brought to the table. 8. New mystery: It does a lot of things Shadow dragon failed to do. Archenea gets some lore, we got better villains and even some supports. Its still held back by an archaic style and bland characters but its okay. 7. Awakening: The story of Awakening is problematic but it also does a lot of good. The kids are handled well enough, the main characters are all very charming and its got some really good moments like Emyrin's death or Lucina's reveal. But its all so rushed. Villains come and go so fast its hard to find them threatening and the world building hardly exists. 6. Sacred Stones: Sacred stones does plenty of good things. Its villains are all an interesting bunch, the main lords are good main characters and enough things of interest happen. On the negative end of the spectrum it probably has the worst world building of the series and the demons are to generic to really take the prominent role the game needs them too. 5. Shadow of Valentia: Its got its problems but its just told really well. Nothing more to say about it really. 4. Radiant dawn: There's a lot of bad stuff like the blood pact, the black knight and characters disappearing for no reason but a lot of the things that don't work come from the same place as a lot of good stuff, RD's ambition. RD is a very ambitious game with a great scale. Sometimes the ambition is TOO big and the game suffers for it. I can respect that. At least it tries to do something interesting, unlike Birthright and Shadow Dragon and unlike Conquest it manages to try without becoming a total trainwreck about it. The ambition also pays off a lot of the time. RD nails it sense of scale. It really feels like a war partly because the cutscenes show us a lot of strategy. The little bit of political drama is well executed and while somewhat generic part one is also good enough. The world building is the best of the series and the barrack conversations ensure everyone can show off their personality even without supports. Aside from the Black Knight a lot of villains miss presence but they make up for it by being well written or hatable enough to do their job. 3. Blazing sword: Just a competent game. It doesn't try to do that much original but because it stays safe and conventional I don't think it really screws up much either. Unlike other Fire emblem games it stays safe and conventional while still actually having a story. Thank to having three lords the story is told in a more engaging way then just having the lord talk to his adviser and the world building is probably only second to Tellius. 2. Genealogy: Genealogy is unique. Its much darker, on a much larger scale and spawns two generations. Arvis remains the best villain of Fire emblem and he's joined by colorful villains of all sorts. Its hardly any less ambitious then RD and unlike that game doesn't make as many mistakes. Despite being on such old hardware a lot of characters have a clearly defined personality and I really respect that. This is something pretty much all games in the Kaga era struggle with but put someone like Azelle next to any shadow Dragon, (Pre echoes)Gaiden or Tracian character and we see a sizable difference. I want to give it the top spot....but I can't. Its to handicapped by its age for that. Its great story is still somewhat archaic and while a lot of people have clearly defined personalities....a lot of them also don't, especially in the second generation. Who were Delmud and Lester again? The world building also isn't entirely up to snuff because of how the maps work. Its great that we can have a stage the size of a country but this causes a lack of distinct landmarks. 1. Path of Radiance: Like Blazing sword its a simple, safe and conventional story that actually has stuff happening in it despite its simplicity, but unlike Blazing blade it has the benefit of being set in Tellius which immediately gives it the best world building. Unlike RD it doesn't drag around any mistake around as a ball and chain. Its got the Amazing black knight without his RD persona dragging him down and Daein is a very good enemy nation to go up against. Path of Radiance isn't the most impressive story but its the best. Its got enough in it so that things are always happening, it doesn't get to big for its bridges, it doesn't lack world building or supports and it doesn't make any huge mistakes.
  5. Favorite Characters from Fates

    Takumi, Arthur and Siegbert. Takumi's the best written character, Arthur's the best gimmick character and Siegbert is just great. But why is this topic in general discussions rather than the fates board?
  6. I hear its the same for countries like France and to some extend Germany too. I wonder if its not actually a big weakness. Dutch dubs seem to be on the rise recently but for the most part very little is dubbed in the Netherlands. If its not a kids show then its going to be in English and even some kid shows aired in English. The only game I can think of that got a Dutch dub was Luigi's mansion 2 which rather irked me. This constant contact with English ensured the langues is widely spread in the Netherlands while you hear that those countries who have everything dubbed for them are a lot less able(or willing) to speak English. It certainly was a big motivator to learn English for me.
  7. Would YOU like to see a Second generation?

    If they decided to handle it properly then I don't see a reason why not but if they pull more of that deeprealm nonsense then its best not to include a second generation. And the only way to do a second gen properly is to have a timeskip. The only other means of including them is through time travel and Awakening already used that. Fates showed us what happened if you insist on having teenaged children fights alongside their teenaged parents while refusing to do it properly, it leads to great characters being crippled and having the most dignity if you decide they are non canon additions. If they add a second generation through a timeskip where the old generation either ages or gets killed off then I'm all for it. I think the first gen surviving and aging may even be the more interesting option. We get the parents and children interacting and the old gens will get fancy new designs to reflect their older age. However I think there are enough incentives for IS not to age the characters and to have parents and kids remain in the same age range. I suspect it has to do with the bigger drive towards fanservices. Everyone needs to be conventionally attractive and by Japanese standards this leaves less place for middle aged or old characters which is why those groups are largely lacking in the newer games. A prettyboy like Takumi would just be less attractive for fangirls if he became a middle aged man with a goatee. Killing off the entire first gen may be deemed to much of a risk to pull off either so I suspect that if we got a second gen we either get a repeat of Awakenings time travel or another completely ridiculous, character assassinating scenario like the deeprealm nonsense. Neither option sounds very appealing. It reeks of acknowledgement that the kids are only there for fanservice and that the question of whether they belong in the game and its story isn't asked at all. I want a second generation and say yes but because I don't trust IS with implementing a second gen I also want to answer with no.
  8. Genealogy Characters in Heroes

    Easily Azelle. He deserves more attention.
  9. Favorite soundtracks?

    Tellius soundtracks. Songs like the theme of the black knight, the lion king, on black wings and Power hungry fool aren't just great tracks but they fit their owners to a T.
  10. Going to Rome and Florence, any good places?

    The Colosseum was pretty impressive and the Vatican + saint peter Cathedral was beautiful. There's also castle sant Angelo. If you're in a grim mood there's also a church decorated with human bones. For food I recommend plaza Farnese. Its a plaza near the French embassy. You can recognize it easily by a monks statue in the center of the plaza which is surrounded by numerous restaurants.
  11. Holy war banner

    Poor Azelle missed the boat again but with Tailtiu we at least got one half of my OTP. Didn't expect her to share her voice with Colette.
  12. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    The thing about Roy is that his greatest weakness actually suits him. He's a bad unit but why wouldn't he be? roy is the youngest lord by a good margin, seems rather petite compared to the others and he gives off a brains over brawns vibe. so of course Roy's a pantsy in a fight.
  13. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    That does not have to be especially high praise for Nergal. It can just as easily be that person stating that the 3DS villains are just that bad which they are. I do think there's something to say for Nergal being deep or not. The story being told doesn't require him to be particularly deep, it requires him to be a Gharnef with bigger presence. I'd say his backstory gives him some depth though, especially the part where he's so far gone that neither he or his children are capable of recognizing the other.
  14. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I'll look forward to it because I think you got some explaining to do there