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  1. Faye. Her crush on Alm being Faye's only real character trait is off putting but I can't say I hate her. Faye is far to minor and easy to ignore for me to feel to much negativity about. Nomah I have no opinion on Nomah as a character. Most people say he's a bad unit but he's got his value. You can field every unit so you don't really lose out by just making him a spare healbot. Berkut As with everyone I have conflicting feelings about Berkut. He certainly is a better and more deep villain then any other 3ds villain but that's hardly an achievement. I think Berkut's main problem is that they made him a little to flawed. His kinder behavior to his girlfriend should balance this out but Berkut is hardly ever kind to her. Even before setting her on fire he just yells or snaps at her most of the time. I don't like Berkut going on and on about being a royal. That should be a Zophian thing. Berkut is from Rigel where such statements really shouldn't come from. If power is everything to Rigelians they shouldn't flaunt their birth so much. There are good things about Berkut too. As everyone says he's voiced very well, his design is good and I like him and the Faithful being so openly hostile towards each other. I would disagree that Berkut's losses makes him incompetent. I think his first look can be overlooked because the game makes it clear he's just messing around and that Alm still struggles with defeating him despite that.
  2. I think something may be wrong with your spoiler tags. The text inside is very light, so light that its a bit hard to read. I can get finding Conquest a bit to nerve wrecking and I can totally understand throwing units to Takumi just to reach him. I think the problem people have with Birthright's story isn't that its bad per se but that it doesn't give the player anything. It does nothing wrong but only because it barely does anything at all.
  3. Tatiana She's a bit to minor a character but she's pretty good. I like her and Zeke, she seems a good fit for him and her recruitment was amusing. Her healing also blew Silqe out of the water pretty consistently. Atlas A tad worthless of a unit but he's an okay guy. I don't like him but don't dislike him either. Bad performance aside I'm pretty neutral on the guy.
  4. While the huge maps can sometimes be a flaw I don't think making them smaller is the solution. I think a much better solution would be to put more stuff in them. Put in minor fortresses, more commanders with unique faces and slightly higher stats, more villages, bandit hideouts and natural chokepoints you can chose to force through or evade with a longer route around it and the like. Maybe even put in some sidequest where villagers ask you to destroy bandit hideouts, minor enemy commanders could withdraw if you save towns from bandits, one castle shop wants you to transport one item to another castle and the like.
  5. To some extend. I think the relation of Azelle and Arvis could be depicted as very similar to their manga relation, the comedic relation Dew has with Jamuka seems an ideal basis for their supports but for a lot of other characters I don't think the manga approach would work because for me it didn't really work in the manga either. I'm particularly thinking of Reptor and Langobalt. The manga depicted them as pretty sympathetic and their relation with their kids ended on good terms. I think that would be out of character for them. Its a defining feature of Lex and Langobalt that they don't love each other and what makes Reptor so vile is that he does seem to love Tiltyu but still doesn't have any problem with killing her.
  6. I'm getting more and more convinced that Barst is going to be added. The developers have made it very clear that the weapons matter. ''To many swords'', Lucina wielding a sword being one of the strikes against her and Lissa getting in and getting an axe partly for a shortage of axe users are all examples of that. The weapon thing has been brought up to many times to be easily dismissed. With such a mindset the issues with Barst stop mattering. If they want to give Shadow dragon multiple axe users then they just don't have any good axe additions left after adding Minerva yet they may still feel they need another axe user.
  7. I think just adding Cyan and making him playable would be a more interesting and lore friendly way of getting Falaflame .
  8. Its possible Faye was meant as a deconstruction. Her ending does imply she's not really in good mental health. Its also possible Faye was genuinely meant to be charming and that we are supposed to feel bad for her. Both the crazy stalker and the doomed crush have produced very popular characters so IS may have thought combing them was a good move.
  9. Forsyth I originally put Forsyth on the garbage pile along with Python and Clive. Despite being the profesionals none of the Deliverance join very strong. Forsyth wasn't an exception....and then he promoted. Suddenly Forsyth started to become useful, being able to take a good amount of damage(surprising huh?) and fill in when Lucas was to far away. The more I see of Forsyth's personality the more I like him. His super earnest behavior is endearing and his support with Lucas is one of the better ones. Valbar I like Valbar. He's remarkably well adjusted for someone with a murdered family. He sometimes brings them up and says their loss hurts but he's also depicted as someone who is ready to move on with his life. That's actually pretty rare. Valbar is also a pretty great guy, Leo's story about how Valbar kept making time for him until he recovered from the death of his first crush is a good indicator of that. I don't think Valbar is that bad of a unit. Its just that Celica's chapters conspire to limit his use.
  10. I'm perfectly willing to believe that Trump isn't personally racist, sexist or homophobic. I don't believe it but the possibility that he's not sexist/homophobic/etcetera probably exist. I just don't think it matters very much when he enables and supports those groups and is willing to throw minorities under the buss just for some votes. Trump may not be homophobic but he sure doesn't mind employing someone who believes in shock conversion therapy, Trump may not personally be against Trans people but if screwing them over gets him his votes he'll do it. Maybe Trump really does respect woman but that doesn't mean much when he doesn't have the self control to stop grabbing them by the..... I personally think Trump has negative feelings to all these groups but that it doesn't drive him. What drives him is a purely practical matter. His voterbase is against all those people and so he must be too. He's burned all the bridges to minority groups anyway so why bother appealing to them. I don't even mind Trump not calling the alt right out to much. Why would we expect him to bite the hand which feeds him?
  11. I find the American treatment of its rebels very weird and not very consistent. Benedict Arnold was treated terribly and when he reacted by turning on the Americans in a move that didn't even go well he became known as the ultimate example of a traitor. But when men actually succeed in committing treason and start a war in which thousands and thousands of Americans die they are handled incredibly gently, their actions and ideology are defended and they were even allowed to write the history books. Instead its Grant who gets demonized as a mere drunken butcher. When comparing the results you'd think Lee and Davis come off a lot worse then poor old Benedict. Though I'm not at all in favor of removing Lee's statues. He was a talented man who did try to heal the rifts that had been formed after the war. The very concept of removing statues doesn't sit very well with me in general.
  12. Pretty much this. I think Alm could use some more supports. Its weird that Celica has the most support but that Alm has to make due with merely two supports until Mycen makes it three in the very last chapter. Another support with one of the villagers would do Alm some good. They are clearly good friends but that's exactly why they need a support with Alm. They don't quite seem as close as Celica is with her team without one. Zeke would also be a good candidate to support with Alm. Their conversations could be about what kind of man Rudolf is like and the kingdom of Rigel in general. Particularly after Alm learns of his heritage could this lead to some interesting stuff. I'd like it if Saber and Genny could support. Genny has a fetish for older men and Saber would be one of the likelier targets. I think it could make for some very funny conversations. Genny might also get a support with Leo where they get into a cat fight about Valbar. Camus and Pala were both enemies and allies in the war of shadows so it wouldn't be that weird if she recognized Zeke. Pala could either be very wary of him or start acting as a confidant who keeps his secret.
  13. With Rudolf I tend to accept his flaws out of an understanding that he's a NES villain. Its unfortunate they didn't try harder but they didn't have that much to work with either. I also think that one little thing that makes Rudolf seem less mad is that Rigel really doesn't seem that bad as far as enemy nations go. Most evil acts are committed by Desaix and Co and with most of the Rigelian generals not having any lines they don't really come off as very evil. Weirdly enough the only civilians we know fore sure to be terrorized by the Rigelians are not the Zophians but the Rigalian citizens themselves.
  14. Alm To my surprise Alm actually turned out to be one of my more favored lords. He is a very pleasant character to have on screen with his general nice demeanor and incredibly dorky moments which are all voiced very well. Alm generally tends to put a little charm in everything he does, even small actions like addressing the sun as ''mr sun'' or blushing as soon as he sees Matilda. His designs isn't really blowing me away but its good enough. He manages to have a very boyish look while still looking more combat orientated than some other lords like Marth or Roy. The combo suits him. He's a great unit and I particularly enjoy the double lion skill. The story doesn't always use Alm in the best ways but he's so likable that I can overlook that. I don't entirely agree with the argument that Alm is particularly worshiped by other characters. Alm isn't elevated to command because he's Alm but as a crafty PR plot that eventually causes a senior member to turn traitor. Clive and Celica aren't particularly shy about criticizing Alm either. At one time Clive even seems to threat Alm like a bit of a tool he wants to dispose of when his use runs out. Celica Overall I really like Celica. I'm a big fan of her design and consider her to be one of the better looking females in the series. I tend not to openly call characters attractive but the fact that I'm very open of doing it to Celica says how much I like her design. Celica's design also very low key on fanservice which only helps its success. I could have done without the ''Oh none of you can understand how I feel'' whining but aside from that I like Celica's personality. She's a kind and helpful girl, a bit naive without coming across as meek and with a strong opinion on certain matters. Celica does seem to repress some emotions and keep some amount of distance but while this usually comes across as a character being aloof or indifferent Celica still manages to come off as kind and very close to her friends, particularly Mae. I don't really like her actions in part 4, especially her behavior towards her comrades but like with Alm I like Celica enough to give her a pass on her questionable moments. I also think her actions are blown a bit out of proportion. At the start of their little deal Jedah actually bothers to have a solid argument to give Celica and he presents himself as more rational than someone in his position needs to be. That he eventually starts cackling is something I find more a problem with Jedah's writing than Celica's. I don't think Celica is as good a unit as Alm but I enjoy her more. I enjoy the magic system in Echoes and it made Celica very versatile. Whether its dominating monsters with seraphim, getting that extra bit of range with thunder or healing she tends to have at least some use in every situation. I never really felt compelled to have her use a sword but she's not terrible with it and I appreciate that a mage can use a sword decently.