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  1. Does anyone think Garn Ephraim might be holding Duessel back in the future since he's wielding the axe that Duessel likely would have gotten. If Eirika could have killed Knoll to steal his tome then her twin might have killed poor Duessel for his axe.
  2. You're gonna be immortal then. Its interesting how Celica is the only one not aping a relative. Hector and Veronica got their bro's, Ephraim has his dad but Celica has her boyfriend instead of her bro.
  3. I don't really like Celica's look which is something I thought I'd never say. Everyone else looks fine though. Celica seems to be the only one who's look isn't based on that of a relative either.
  4. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Those certainly are my most wanted non Laguz characters at this point. Especially Azelle.
  5. Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Favorite Character?

    Probably Tauroneo. Still the best Lorenz like he was in POR but with lots of screentime. Someone here even pointed out he transformed from a Lorenz into a Camus in this game.
  6. I ate some macaroni and cheese today

    A real man eats macaroni without cheese
  7. Hair color stereotypes

    Aside from Tormod Fire emblem seems to try avoiding that stereotype. Azelle's very shy, Kent, Minerva, Roy and Julian are serious and Arvis is cold blooded.
  8. In Retrospect, Dragon Ball Super was kinda trash

    Spending whole seasons recapping the movies was certainly an odd move that I don't quite understand. Dragonball isn't alone in this weirdness either since Naruto has also been doing it. One Piece did the reverse for a time and made movies out of the anime seasons instead.
  9. Rank the Ultimate roster by (canonical) strength

    Palutena might not be so powerful despite being a god. Most of her powers seem support focused and she lets Pit do all the work. The Kid Icarus gods seem to be pretty minor gods. Aside from Hades and maybe Poseidon most seem more like normal fighters with special powers rather than all powerful deities.
  10. True, but the difference is that those characters are a minority in the Tellius series. The lack of quality in Ilyana and Makalov gets made up for by the relative complexity of the other cast members. In the newer games this is a bit more difficult. Fates attempts to have some balance, characters like Takumi, Saizo and Forrest easily make up for the likes of Peri and Setsuna but the later type of characters are more numerous in Fates than they are in Tellius.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Ah, Malos' beautiful English voice returns.
  12. In Retrospect, Dragon Ball Super was kinda trash

    Oh don't even get me started on that one. That paring really, really doesn't sit well with me. In the present timeline Trunks is a child while Mai is an adult(no matter her size) who's older than his mom. In the future timeline Trunks might be an adult but he's not all that old while Mai is STILL older than his mom. I'm really wondering what they were thinking when coming up with that pairing.
  13. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Wow, Hugo looks more like Morgan than even Nial. That artwork wouldn't be out of place in Heroes as a Morgan alt. And yes! More soldiers to go ''Dunt forget me!''
  14. His ending aside Azelle's life doesn't strike me as particularly unpleasant. He's implied to have a pretty tight friendship with both Lex and Tailtiu and he was lucky enough to completely miss the life of his jerk dad. His relation with Arvis seems troubled but reasonably loving and some notes from Kage tell us his mother was alive to care for the Velthomer bro's for some time.
  15. How Distinct are Characters in the Same Story/Character Archetype?

    Looking back the male and female versions of Corrin and Robin being the same character has started to be a little weird. The two Morgan's share a name and some quirk but are clearly different characters with the male one being nice and dorky while the female one is bratty and slightly sadistic. The Kanna's have some difference in them too. So if two optional and fairly minor characters have varying personalities depending on their gender then why are the male and female versions of the main character just copypastes from each other in terms of personality?