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  1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I actually quite want to see Mythra spending time with..... Oh and if anyone was looking forward to a Xenoblade X port for Switch it doesn't seem to be in the cards for now, which is a shame
  2. General JRPG Topic

    I wouldn't say Van is boring. He's got a booming voice, fairly good design and some solid moments in the story. What brings Van down is that its hard to sympathize with him as you said. Van would be a good straight villain but Abyss wasn't trying to portray him as such. They tried giving him a sympathetic backstory, a ''for the greater good'' sort of motivation and a little sister on the opposing team. But despite this Van is still a scumbag without any redeeming traits. He's a sociopath who abandons anyone who's use has run out and I don't think there has been a single time in the story where he has ever shown anyone real kindness. I agree that Ygdrasil from TOS is a pity magnet villain and Van coming after him probably didn't do Van any good. Where Van betrays everyone and has no real bond with anyone Ygdrasil is kinda pathetic in how many times he makes bad decisions because he's desperate for some friends. Ygdrasil has far more blood on his hands than Van and his plan makes even less sense but he's tragic exactly because he's so insane. Van on the other hand is a completely rational actor who makes the rational decision that destroying the world is a perfect solution to a problem the plot failed to convince me was all that big.
  3. Probably not. In his heart Hardin seems like a pretty benevolent guy who has his vices under control. The dark sphere just ensured the vices took over and the benevolence was under lockdown instead. As for Celica, do we know the writers of Heroes? Maybe its different writers or maybe they thought a Duma worshipping Celica to be more interesting.
  4. Depends on the type of possession. Hardin for example doesn't seem possessed in the sense that Gharnef uses him as a meat puppet. From his statements and Hardin falling victim to his own bottled up feelings we can assume that he's corrupted and that part of that corrupted had been their all along. Celica on the other hand is just a meat puppet who really doesn't want anything to do with it. Lyon counts as a villain because part of him is totally fine with accepting the demon king's power to best Ephraim, even if he loses the struggle to keep his will at the end. Julius is a more questionable case. Its harder to see where Julius real personality ends and where Loptyr begins. He probably didn't have the bottled up resentment that Hardin had.
  5. General JRPG Topic

    Its been about a year overdue but I picked up Berseria some time ago after having fallen out with the Tales series for a bit. There's a lot to like. The cast can certainly stand next to those of Symphonia or Abyss and while predictable the story does it job well enough. Surprisingly the vengeful harpy that is Velvet doesn't annoy me nearly as much as other characters of the avengers archtype do since the game does its job to paint her as ruthless, selfish but ultimately sympathetic as opposed to completely crazy. I like Arthorius as a villain. He reminds me a lot of Van but avoids all those traits that made me think Van failed as a villain. But the games has problems that are too big to entirely overlook and the most notable one is that Berseria cuts a lot of corners. There's pop-up EVERYWHERE. I'm an incredibly patient and forgiving guy as far as performance goes but even I'm bothered by enemies, terrain or people popping up wherever I go, even if its amusing in a pathetic sort of way. Berseria is by no means a graphical powerhouse so I don't understand where this sloppy performance is coming from. I also noticed that they outsource the job done by cutscenes to the skits a bit too much.
  6. Time for more villains in the form of Arvis, Zephiel and Berkut. Arvis: 9/10 I find Arvis a bit hard to judge. He's fairly intimidating, arrogant in his abilities and has a holy weapon that seems able to nuke people from orbit of its map animation is anything to go by. But Arvis also does....kinda little doesn't he? Its Sigurd, Langobalt and Reptor who do all the conquering for him and Arvis defeats them all not through power but by stabbing them in the back. Similiarly in Heroes his gimmick is debuffing rather than being a massive powerhouse. These things suggests Arvis might be more comfortable plotting than fighting. Which doesn't need to be that big of a drawback. Being cunning probably helps a lot in a fight. On the other hand Arvis has a holy weapon which counts for a lot and he seems like a perfectionist when it comes to training. That Arvis is able to wield every kind of main weapon as emperor shows that Arvis has a lot of skill. Even if he comes off as a schemer first and a fighter second then there are still a lot of factors that carry him towards a 9, but not one I give very confidently. Zephiel: 9/10 Zephiel is baddass with an imposing design and an equally imposing legendary weapon with some sort of lightning related powers. Zephiel has the stature of a main villain and has been said to be exceptionally gifted even as a youth. Zephiel uses all these traits to do...absolutely nothing. He got no big feats and just sits in his castle until its time for Roy to face him. He does easily trash Cecillia but she's the junior of the Etrurian generals and hardly the strongest fighter on Elibe. Zephiel deserves a higher score but for that he needs to do more. He doesn't repeatedly fight a Laguz royal like Zelgius or drives off Athos like Nergal, he doesn't even really turn the tide of battle on his own since Cecillia was already losing and all conquests are outsourced to his generals. Like I said in another topic, him personally bringing down Hector in a remake would really help hype this lazy king up a lot more. Berkut: 8,5/10 Echoes tries to hype Berkut up but....he's kind of a loser isn't he? He fails every time he's on screen. He loses to Alm when he is relatively early in his adventure and the next two times he keeps relying on outside help...and still loses to Alm. He really needed a win...against anyone, even if its just Zofian mooks because as it stands he has only defeats on his resume. No wonder the poor thing breaks down. But he's still Alm's rival, still the commander in chief of Rigel since his uncle seems just as lazy as Zephiel, and Alm does seem to struggle in their first fight. Berkut gets an 8,5 but only for what he's meant to be rather than for what he actually is.
  7. Are there any Hero artworks you don't like?

    Wow now you mention it I can't imagine how I could forget the trainwreck that is Lloyd.
  8. Pretty self explanatory. Are there any Heroes who have artworks you don't like , either because you think the artwork is ugly or doesn't fit the characters. Mae and Boey: For me the biggest annoyance in artworks are Mae and Boey. Mae looks like a loli rather than a teenager and Boey lacks the slightly muscled build which sets him apart from other mages. And Mae's loli sprite is downright ugly to boot. She seems weirdly thin. Seliph: In previous appearances Seliph always looked a little silly. He looked more kiddy than he should, his hairstyle was weird and he was so girly that he shared his face sprite with his mother, and then there was that awful peacock outfit he wore in Awakening. But all those silly things gave Seliph character. The look Heroes ended up giving Seliph is just bland with nothing to set him apart from Marth. He's no longer kiddy like Gordin, no longer incredibly girly and neither hair nor outfit are anything that catches your attention anymore. He's just dull. Raigh: I like the idea of giving some characters the American comic book style if its fit them. It works amazing on Arthur. The problem with Raigh is that there is no reason for his drawing style to be so different. None of the Binding Blade characters or his mom has that style so he just looks out of place.
  9. [Headcanon/Discussion] A headcanon I have for book 3.

    I don't think Embla is going to play a very big role. Book 3 will probably start with the siblings facing Veronica again but in a more lighthearted, slightly friendly rivalry-ish way before Loki is up to no good again and the two kingdoms team up to stop her. Considering Loki almost had Veronica burned to death I can imagine Veronica wouldn't be very troubled by teaming up with Askr to take her down.
  10. Artists you really like in FEH?

    I don't really keep track on who does what but I really liked the artist who did Walhard. The whole artwork just gave off a really epic vibe.
  11. You uh....don't mean princess Minerva right? Because that would be kinda I mean awkward. Parents....definitely Xander. He seems like a good dad if you ignore that deeprealm Nonsense which I do. Siblings....definitely Henry. Fun times all around. For sisters maybe Celica. Children, well there can't be any better ones then Morgan and Morgan.
  12. What would you want out of a FE6 Echoes?

    Why if I may ask? Out of curiosity.
  13. What would you want out of a FE6 Echoes?

    Why if I may ask? Out of curiosity.
  14. Its been a while but aren't those two the only ones he really talks with during Radiant Dawn due to the game lacking supports and those being his base conversation partners. Which isn't a bad thing since his chat with Rolf about his mom is easily Boyd's best moment.
  15. Gangrel and the two Khans seem the most important characters not yet in the game. Some of the kids could be added but I don't think they should be going for Inigo, Severa and Owain since they are already in the game due to their appearance in the Fates cast