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  1. Tana sounds very noble and refined which is a little weird considering she isn't like that at all.
  2. Can you watch the original FE anime anywhere?

    There are only a few scenes worth watching in the anime. This vid has all of them LEDDEMALL GO? BUT MAAAAAAAAAAAAARS´╗┐
  3. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    Is it me or is this tempest trial significantly easier than the others? Reinhard could decimate your entire party with his absurd range, power and vantage and Loki could at least hit decently hard. Ursula on the other hand is a complete wimp. I tend to reach her chapter without much damage for any of my units too.
  4. Other Bisexual/Gay characters?

    Camilla is pretty obviously bi and might even lean more towards females than males. She spends quite a lot of time flirting with various females in the games, most notably Corrin, her retainers and Hinoka.
  5. GameXplain's Three Houses analysis

    While its a bit too soon to say anything for sure the Avatar being there does heavily imply romance is going to return. Its one of the defining features of the Avatar concept and the dating sim aspects brought in a lot more fans. So far I'd say its the absence of Avatar romance that's the stranger assumption to make.
  6. More of a JRPG trope in general but the church is definitely going to be very evil
  7. I must say I'm a little disappointing. I expected better. I was kinda rooting for Alm. Tana is easily the best pick of the bunch. She's a popular and fairly prominent character from a game that generally gets the short end of the stick in representation. She's exactly the type of person you'd see having fun on the beach. The same can't be said for Inness. Aside from the villains he's probably the least likely character to hit the beach. That's probably why he's going to do really well when it comes to having fun dialogue. Its the Awakening duo I have a problem with. Did we really need Cordelia? I like Cordelia and her design is appealing enough to naturally lend itself for fanservice....which is why she already got her beach outfit years ago. We already know what she looks like in a swimsuit and how she react in that environment. She's just hogging the spot someone else might have gotten. Noire has the opposite problem. Unlike Cordelia she's an interesting pick and a character who hasn't gotten much attention yet. The problem for me is that I personally just don't like her very much
  8. The new artstyle feels a little stiff though I guess I'll get used to it. From the three lords Claude is definitely my favorite. The tanned/black skin and the yellow clothing really stands out. He's also the only of the three who smiles. Edgelord seems pretty okay to me. I'm glad we got an axe lord back. I'm not really feeling Dimitri. Out of the three he's the only one who looks really generic. Claude's features stands out and Edgelord is a female axe lord, but Dimitri is just another handsome blonde noble. Its to early to say for sure but the devs noticing Leo was really popular seems to be the driving force behind this character.
  9. Tempest Trials: Feud of the Fangs!

    Poor Ursula. She didn't seem such a bad girl in 7 but this tempest trial and the game in general insists she's some grand villain.
  10. So 8-4 isn't localizing Three Houses

    Its another reason the deeprealms were a terrible idea. Lissa isn't all that older than Elise and most of her possible suitors are a lot older than she is. The difference is that the time traveling makes it likely the younger characters were given the chance to grow up, Cordelia even says she will wait until Ricken comes of age. There's no time travel in Fates which means that if you paired Arthur with Elise it means Arthur didn't wait until Elise got older and that he should be going to jail.
  11. So 8-4 isn't localizing Three Houses

    Eh, I always thought that scene was really awkward and weird. Its so obvious that Leo stopped talking to Elise and was instead directly addressing the player by saying ''Its okay, you can go bang this loli because she's technically an adult''. Leo himself being an adult is already questionable but expecting Elise to be an adult despite everything about her is a little absurd. I recall Leo's statement leading to a lot of mocking reaction from players. I get why they did it because it really is weird that you can marry and have a kid with Elise but it still came off incredibly forced and awkward.
  12. Best FE dad?

    King Garon. He understands though love is the love that best prepares your children to stand on their own feet.
  13. Your favorite Gordin?

    Easily Rolf. Gordin's tend to be incredibly minor characters who disappear soon after their introduction but Rolf isn't like that at all. We're introduced to him long before he joins and he even got a bit of an arc. His supports are all pretty good and the base conversations ensure he remains relevant even when his role has ended. The three bro's even got one of the best base conversations when his mother shows up. As one of the younger characters its easier to spot the growth in Rolf. The second best Gordin surprisingly turns out to be Gordin. Most archtype starters lag behind their successors in so many ways but because the Gordin's are all so irrelevant Gordin surprisingly avoids this fate. Gordin made very good use of the limited support system in New mystery. One of the two shows him as insecure, dorky and craving recognition while the one with Ryan shows he's a great big bro despite these traits. The gaggles incident and him going ''But maaaaaaars'' give him a more comedic side which helps make him more endearing. Wolt has a lot of potential as Roy's big bro but unfortunately the bare bones support and him having no presence in the plot at all ensures this potential is never realized.
  14. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    This spot in the timeline probably should be more technologically advanced. Torna and Judicium were said to be more advanced nations and the old Torna equipment found in Tantal seems to confirm that. I think the medieval armor is just a way to set Hugo apart from his descendants.
  15. About the world map...(I might be crazy, but...)(FE 9/10)

    I think the area you're talking about is named Palmira which is similar to the real life city of Palmyra in Syria. As such I think the region is supposed to represent a desert region with maybe an Arabian night theme or just the clasical FE desert setting like Jehena. If we're to tie Fodlan to any continent I think it would be more likely to be Fateslandia. Fateslandia also has a landmass connected to it rather than being an island continent like Elibe or Archenea. It could be that Nohr's western border extends to Palmira, and behind Palmira lies Fodlan. Connecting Tellius with Fodlan wouldn't work as well because the landmass that stretches from Daien is on the wrong side to be connected to Fodlan.