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  1. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    I don't really get the hype around Selkie. I see her being one of the top requested characters in Heroes, being much popular than the more important Laguz and I really find myself wondering why. I never disliked Selkie but I certainly never saw much reason for that kind of hype.
  2. I think the Royals are considered more of a necessity than some of them really are. You could easily cut out at least two of them to make room for other character. Heck, despite Azura being more important than them all she wasn't in the base game either. Hinoka certainly has her fans but she is neither particular important or as popular as some of the other lords. Elise in turn has far too much overlap with Lissa in her general archetype and with Leo in her moveset. Removing Hinoka and Elise and giving those slots to other characters would already have done quite a lot for the roster. So a situation where Hinoka and Elise were replaced with Hector and Roy would already create a much more balanced roster. Some ''fluff'' would be removed and instead a whole era previously ignored could have been included to assure the fans of that era that they aren't unwelcome at the party. Fates amount of character is tricky but I think the problem mainly lies with Koei just making bad choices. Same with the villains, even if Koei was lazy and didn't consider them a priority then there were much smarter ways to work around that. Add some dark energy around Takumi and Robin and they could easily have swapped the black mage losers with some actual villains without any extra work required. Its probably even LESS work since they'd be spared the effort of animating Iago and Validar.
  3. Yes. It was fine, certainly not bad. But when there's such perfect crossover potential it should be more than ''fine''. Warriors and Fire Emblem are a golden match up that deserve a more complete package. More classes, more era's of Fire Emblem, more villains and all imaginable bells and whistles. I'd be pretty sad if we didn't see more and it would probably make my opinion on FE Warriors a lot lower. If there's a sequel it meant FE Warriors build an adequate foundation for the game that does reach its full potential, if it doesn't it means FE Warriors willingly squandered its potential forever just because Fates/Awakening was popular at that particular moment.
  4. It would be a pretty big shame if this was the end for FE Warriors. The game we got was a good foundation to build upon but if that's all we're getting it means the potential of a FE Warriors will never be realized.
  5. Unintentional FE Connections in real life?

    Three Houses also has the country of Leicester which is named after a British Earldom. Its where Claude probably hails from which is why I hope they'll change the name in the dub. Leicester certainly sounds exotic to the Japanese but to the west it comes off as unquestionably British. That doesn't really go well with Claude's southern appearance. Given Claude's more exotic looks his kingdom should reflect that. South European locations like Granada or Firenze would match Claude much better then the northern and Celtic sounding Leicester.
  6. Its definitely possible. Koei frequently releases sequels pretty soon after the original game. But that's only under the assumption that Koei wants to make a FE Warriors 2. Its also possible that FE Warriors was a one time thing or that they want to make some other crossovers before returning to Zelda and FE. Koei already expressed interest in Xenoblade.
  7. What are your thoughts about a Smash collaboration?

    I think some seasonals about the FE Smashers dressing up as other Smash characters could work. Marth could get a Pit archer alt. Pit's toga would reflect Archenea's vague Mediterranean traits and Marth's original outfit that somewhat resembled a toga. Roy could of course get a costume based on Roy Koopa with big pink sunglasses and maybe a shell. Perhaps Lucina could dress like Samus to reflect her habbit of dressing more ''manly'' and people mistaking both Lucina and Samus for males. Alternatively she could dress like Palutena because it would be the exact opposite of what she normally wears.
  8. How many of your favorite characters are in Heroes?

    Lets do this by continent. Archenea: Hardin, Caeda and Xane With Archenea Caeda came in from the start and with Hardin their best character got in. I don't really care about many others so aside from Xane I'd say my favorites of that continent are in. Jugdral: Arvis, Azelle, Tailtiu and Shanan Its about even here. Arvis and Tailtiu are in but Azelle and Shanan got snubbed. Elibe: Hector, Pent, Nils, Nergal, Niime and Raigh. Only Hector so far with IS being strangely unwilling to add some of the better Blazing characters. For Binding Blade Niime is predictably absent but at least Raigh is in, even if its with a bad artstyle. Magvel: Duessel, Caelach, L'arachel At least L'arachel is in. Tellius: Tormod+Muarim, Bird kings, Tauroneo Sanaki Tellius got a much needed boost with the bird kings but I doubt my remaining faves will get in. The are too minor a character for it. Ylisse: Morgan, Lucina and Henry Lucina was always going to get in but to my pleasant surprise Male Morgan didn't end up getting snubbed. So all my Awakening favorites are in. Fateslandia: Takumi, Azura, Siegbert, Forrest. Nothing to complain about here except the disturbing lack of Forrest. Valentia: Alm, Celica, Mae, Boey. Yup, all present in Heroes already. ----------------------------------- So all in all its a mixed bag. If one of my favorites is even a little important they are generally in Heroes(except Shanan and Nils) but most of my favorite minor characters are still yet to be added.
  9. What spirits do you think were misranked?

    I think Reyn being a novice works pretty well for him. It reflects Reyns early starting time, his common background and role as comic relief.
  10. What spirits do you think were misranked?

    Fire Emblem Julius!!! :D
  11. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    Sigrun is probably a bit more like Titania rather than Soren and Sothe since she's somewhat of Sanaki's mom. She's the closest maternal figure Sanaki has and I believe she mentions pride in Sanaki at some point.
  12. What spirits do you think were misranked?

    Morag. She's not just one of the strongest drivers in Alrest, the confirmed strongest driver in a multi titan empire but also a baddass. What's up with the one star ranking!? Same goes for Zeke but he can act as a buffoon so its at least possible his spirit would be too busy goofing around. I believe Julius is a novice too despite being the Antichrist and a final boss.
  13. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    I'd argue that a difference between Tracia and Tellius is that Tellius has a much bigger status. Neither game sold very well but much more people know of Tellius due to Ike and it not being Japanese exclusive like Tracia. Tracia seems a very small game. It has it fans but it doesn't seem to have the status of Genealogy. This makes its place in Heroes unfortunate but not entirely unsurprising. Its a game few people played, few people bought and most people in the west don't even know. This doesn't go for Tellius. Its far better known and its praised heavily by a lot of fans rather than the little circle that praises Tracia. If anything its really weird that Tellius has been snubbed for so long as it might carry much more weight than Genealogy which the dev team seems to favor.
  14. The 10 characters most deserving to be added

    I'll try to be unbiased here. Not successfully but I'll try. My metric isn't just popularity which would be boring and also frequently not what a game actually need but also relevance and connection with other characters. 10: Azelle At the moment Azelle and Lex are the most popular gen 1 males. Unfortunately for Lex Azelle has more things going for him. He's the younger brother of the main antagonist and all other Velthomers are already present which makes his absence stand out. Azelle isn't the most important character but just about every gen 1 character more important than him have already been added. The reasons not to add Azelle have run out at this point. 9: Brom He's not the most important fella in the world but he was one of the more important characters in part 2. His buddy Nephene is already in the game and Brom can be said to be unlike any character in the series. We don't have a kind, folksy dad figure yet. I'd say his brief stint as an important character and his one of a kind nature makes Brom rather deserving Forrest: Forrest is a Fates royal and as far as IS is concerned those deserve special treatment which makes his absence weird. IS even snubbed Forrest to the extend they include his retainer team without him. And aside from his status as a royal Forrest is also very well liked, wining a popularity prize in the dlc and also being one of the most popular requests for Fates. In the DLC Forrest is even somewhat of a main character. Fates doesn't really need any more characters but Forrest definitely needs his due. 7: Bridget She's one of the more important female characters of gen 1 that's not yet in the game, and unlike her sister she comes with a holy weapon. I believe she's also the most popular female who's not yet in the game. 6: Shanan Its already very sill that he's not in the game yet. Aside from Seliph and Lewyn he's arguably the most important male of the second gen and he comes with a holy weapon. Being related to a fan favorite also helps. 5: Ranulf He's the most important beast Laguz in the Tellius games, Ike's best buddy and well liked as far as I can recall. Because of his great amount of screentime and personal chemistry with Ike you'd think he's a no brainer. 4: Sonia/Nergal Blazing Sword doesn't really have a villain at this point and as the first game for many players it deserves to have one. My preference is Nergal but Sonia deserves it more. Sonia is related to the fan favorite Nina and while Gharnef already represents his archtype the Hilda archtype is entirely unrepresented. So far Sonia also has a connection to ever minor Blazing Blade villain in Heroes so there's plenty to work with. 3: Sephiran Like Blazing Sword RD lacks a villain. Actually, until the banner Radiant Dawn lacked about everything. Adding its main villain would be a very good step to make up for that. Sephiran being so distinct from other villains makes him all the more interesting to add. Pent and Louise: Their kids are already in the game and while it could just be me I always amused Pent was far more popular than his son ever was. Pent is decently important in Blazing Sword and generally gets deemed to be one of the better units. If you get Pent you automatically get Louis who's already quite popular. Nils: His snubbing so far has been quite weird. With Pent you could argue that he's not the most important fellow out there but Nils is unquestionably a main character. He's had interactions with all main lords, grows a bit throughout the story, is joined at the hip with Ninian who's already in the game and there's been nothing to suggest people don't like him. And Bards are useful to have around.
  15. Heroes Worldbuilding Headcanons

    I think a problem is that there really isn't much to go on to get real world building ideas. There are implications to be found in Fates, Magvel or Elibe but since Heroes focus so little on individual locations its hard to imagine much detail on them. It also doesn't help that you barely get to see Askr and Embla. In Book 1 you mostly fight in silly locations such as ''world of blazing'' and in Book 2 its mostly in Nifl and Muspul The environment in Askr does have a pretty unique design. There are these marble patterns placed all throughout the realm. One headcanon I have is that they are all connected to the portals in Askr and that perhaps energy flows through these patterns whenever a portal to another world opens up.