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  1. Why does Ewan have higher Con than Lute?

    Could Ameila's armor be a reason for the high con? It may weigh more then the mere cloth Eirika and Marisa are wearing.
  2. Maybe medieval people had a tendency to do so? I got the impression that like Shadow dragon Echoes tried going for a more formal medieval speech unless it were really casual people like Mae and Deltea.
  3. How do you think Dark Magic works?

    Its the game before that. Calil gives Tormod a little lecture about why he should never make a spirit charm pact which it turns out is where Pelleas got his magic from. Calill: Some would say so. Magic comes from these spirits–from their interactions with the natural world. If you take that power into your body, your magic will see a dramatic and powerful improvement. In plain language, you turn your body into bait. You get better magic, and the spirit gets…you.Tormod: W-what? It…it EATS you?Calill: As I understand it…the spirit will slowly consume your soul in exchange for essence. So I suggest you not make such a bargain unless you’re absolutely prepared. I'm not sure how canon their use of dark magic is supposed to be but doesn't Libra have plenty of negative experience to draw on? He says he's been mistreated. As for Henry, sure he laughs a lot but the topic of his jests is usually slaughter and blood.
  4. How do you think Dark Magic works?

    Depends on the continent. There's only one dark spell in Archenea and that one comes from the Dark Sphere. We can safely assume that harnessing the power of the Dark Sphere is how dark magic works in Archenea. In Jugdral dark magic likely comes from Loptyr. Only Lopt priests use dark magic and the spells are named after the children of Loki which the name Loptyr supposedly is a variation of. Dunno how it works in Elibe though I doubt it stems from negative emotions. Canas and Sophia are quite meek while Raigh wants to protect others so they're not exactly negative nancy's. In Tellius dark magic comes from parasitic spirits living in your body. You let them in and they will let you use dark magic. In Ylisse dark magic may be leftovers from Grima since Plegia is the country of dark magic. Here it probably does draw on negative emotions because a boy scout like Ricken can't use it. Dark magic doesn't really need explaining in Fateslandia because Fateslandia doesn't have dark magic, no matter how anima mages chose to call themselves. I suppose there's Leo's tome. That could have been created by that dusk dragon Norh supposedly worships.
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    The VA does figure out how to do some good screams at the end. Its kind of unfortunate because he tends to nail whatever he's trying to have Rex do when there's no screaming involved. He's very good at conveying the casual side, the cocky side or the clumsy side of Rex but whenever he starts screaming the quality goes down rapidly.
  6. The Greil mercenaries did their return a lot better than Marth's crew. Almost all of them are promoted which shows they really did gain a lot of experience in the previous war. But its worth remembering that the Greil mercenaries had the luxury of being introduced fairly late in RD at a stage were most enemies are generally promoted as well. Marth's crew didn't have that. They were all introduced at the very beginning of new mystery so if they all arrived as promoted unit with killer stats then the early enemies all needed to be scaled up to match them which would just have created a big mess. Gordin being a mere archer rather than the best sniper around is a pretty reasonable example of gameplay and story segregation.
  7. Project Octopath Traveler

    The white haired character took my by surprise. Going from his design on the picture I assumed he was going to be the game's mage boy but instead he's a gruff thief.
  8. I don't think its going to be a problem because by design the FE games are connected only very loosely. The connection between Archenea, Valentia and Ylisse is important because there's direct overlap between these continents in the games but the connection between Archenea and Jugdral is cute but ultimately not very important in the grand scheme of things. You can play Geneology five times without knowing its connected to Archenea and you won't miss a thing. Same with Elibe. It would be cute if the world Nils mentioned turned out to be Archenea but its of very small importance just as a connection to Elibe and Magvel wouldn't be important either. If the connection between the continents is there for those who wish to look for it but otherwise doesn't intrude then that's no problem at all.
  9. I think I prefer a disappointing character over a character without any merit. If a character had promise but ultimately disappointing then there are still things that can be enjoyed about him but a bad character is just all bad from start to finish. Xander might be heavily flawed but there's still good traits to be found in him while Peri's just a waste of space. Similarly the Black Knight may have failed as a character in RD but he gets credit for his incredibly solid portrayal in POR while a villain like Validar just has nothing going for him. I'd rather enjoy the good bits of a flawed character than be stuck with a character that's all terrible the entire time.
  10. Why does Ewan have higher Con than Lute?

    I think Lute's more like 15. She's very petite and isn't all that mature either considering how much time she spends tuting her own horn. Someone already said it but Ewan's an active kid. He seems the type to run around lots while Lute's the type to spend her whole life sitting on her butt with a book in her hands. Ewan gets his exercise while Lute doesn't.
  11. Opinions on Camilla

    But leave she did and Camilla's ending is still a happily ever after for her regardless.
  12. Opinions on Camilla

    There are things I like about Camilla. The relation between her and her siblings that aren't Corrin is pretty good, she and her retainers are a close knit group, her open ruthlessness and interesting backstory with the accompanying mental issues. But unfortunately the writers weren't nearly so interested in all that and instead just wanted to focus on Camilla wanting into the players pants.
  13. How to not do a tragic backstory?

    A tragic backstory can exist and it can be a factor in the villains motivation but the worst thing you can do is to threat said backstory as an excuse and depict the most horrible of monster as a poor innocent victim who should get be sympathized with. Since you mentioned Orochimaru, I think he handles his backstory pretty will. It exits, it inspired his research but its a teensy tiny part of his story and Oro barely mentions them himself. Its Tobi who's the perfect example of a bad tragic backstory since he becomes a monster just because his crush died.
  14. That's why I said the others would show up later since they're clearly not there at the beginning of the fight. If had done a Mila boss DLC with just her vs Rudolf it would be quite boring. Mila could just be a female version of Duma when it comes to their capabilities. They are siblings but I think there are more interesting ways boss Mila to function. Like, maybe she summons spirits to defend her and let them do the attacking which could be a sign of Mila getting lazy in her old age. Her role would be to summon spirits, heal several of them at once and occasionally dish out scripted high damage magic attacks.
  15. He says its because he was bored and apparently that's a perfectly valid reason to let some kid conquer your personal kingdom. But I give Nergal and Narcian a pass on them repeatedly letting the heroes go so I can't hold that against Gharnef too much.