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  1. Just an Awakening PMU

    Lissa as War Cleric
  2. LCQ PMU

    Arthur to destroy the evil.
  3. The Power of Three: FE7 Lords-Only Run

    There is one defense map where killing the boss does end it. Chapter 21 Eliwood mode or Chapter 22 Hector mode. Its the map where you have to defend Nils and recruit Heath, Isadora and Rath. Killing Eubans ends the map.
  4. (Br) Any fun challenge runs?

    I've done a Ninja only run of Birthright, which was fun.
  5. Count to 802,701!

  6. Casual mode, yay or nay?

    I play on casual because I want to enjoy the game I'm playing and resetting every time a unit dies and playing the chapter over again isn't fun. That is different for every person, but it should stay because there are people out there like me who don't enjoy the hard difficulty of permadeath.
  7. I just used Tiki and it summoned a saint. And Chrom summoned an archer, so it looks like they didn't add in them as actual characters sadly.
  8. Shouldn't the villager lady be his wife, Natalie?
  9. We need a New Mystery Remake because it never came out outside of Japan.
  10. FE11 Semi-Randomized (oh no)

    This looks fun. I'll be following this LP for sure. Never played FE11 all the way through myself. Good luck!
  11. Count to 802,701!