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  1. There is a very simple answer to that. I don't want to support censorship, the annoying removal of content and change in character personality. So buying the game and finding out, like you suggest would mean that if there was content censored that it would be too late to get my money back and I would have supported something that I don't agree with. It's that simple.
  2. Thanks to everyone for replying. Except for Reflex, you can suck it =o. From what I know romance/marriage wasn't in the original game so it's not in this one either, that's a huge bummer, but i think i'll go buy it regardless when i get the chance.
  3. So after finding out how much fates got censored I've been super pissed with Nintendo and flat out said I will not buy their games if they kept censoring shit, removing content or changing characters personalities. Could anyone tell me how "severe" it is? If there is any at all? or if any of the characters have had their personalities rewritten entirely? I know that in fates it was very bad since Nintendo localised the game themselves (booo) but this time they used the same company that did awakening.
  4. Uh, I'm looking at it but it's rather confusing. Finding out which stats they give isn't hard, I can just pair them up quickly and see. What I have trouble finding out is WHICH stats benefit them the most. Currently I just look at if they need Str or mag as that is the only obvious thing I can figure out. I have no idea if any specific characters has some weaknesses that needs fixing ( besides ignatius and his unfixable low speed, so for him I focus on str/def or res in pair ups)
  5. Okey, this isn't a question about finding the right mother for the right child, but a question about figuring out which 1st gen or 2nd gen unit gives the kids the best stats when paired up. 2nd generation units don't get 3rd generation units, but the A/S supports should still give extra stats. For example, I have Nyx!Rhajat and Elise!Ophelia pair up ( both witches atm ) Random-Basara paired up with Miracle Midori For the moment, Ignatius with Caeldori in order to give her some str and def But yeah, this is my list so far - Camilla!Velouria - Elise!Ophelia - Sakura!Forrest - Setsuna!Selkie - Nyx!Rhajat - Effie!Percy - Mozu!Midori - Beruka!Ignatius - Felicia!Nina - Orochi!Asugi - Charlotte!Siegbert - Hinoka!Caeldori - Oboro!Kiragi Would anyone help me figure out which 1st gen or 2nd gen units should pair up with the 2nd gen units in order to give them the best stats?
  6. hmmm, well I'm not really interested in Hisame and I DO want Shigure. Kaden is with Setsuna and keaton with Camilla and Kaze with Mozu, only other unit with speed would be Silas but it doesn't look like Azura would be a good mother for Sophie = /. I could perhaps go Azura!Shiro and then have Kagero!Mitama Done Hinoka!Caeldori tho
  7. I could easily beat the main game with what I have now so my aim is for PVP and an apotheosis team if such a map would ever be released. Do you think your suggestions would fit into either of these sections?
  8. Okey, I've updated my list now that I'm at the 2nd last mission. Could I get some advice on what to do with the remaining kids?
  9. Who to use Witch's mark on?

    Okey, witch on Rhajat first then, and also certain blows I guess. Ophelia will get exalts brand because I'ma try that and then later reclassed to sorcerer and finally witch too. Niles isn't married yet but I WILL have him married to someone. Still need to get Nina's and Asugi's spd statue for my dodge tank selkie.
  10. So I just got Witch's mark. Curently I only have one but I bought the map pack 1 and I'm pretty sure it's in there so I'll be able to get more later so I can use it on both of my main magic units. But for the time being I only have 1 mark and I don't know who to use it on first. Candidates: Nyx!Rhajat Elise!Ophelia (might also use exalts brand on her first so she gets awakening, and then goes witch, as awakening might pair really well with her personal)
  11. Best use of exalt & hero's brand?

    Someone mentioned it was good on Ophelia too, due to her personal skill and I do think it might be better there, but on the other hand someone like Ophelia could easily get 1 shot while Midori would at least survive and gain benefit due to miracle. Urgh, hard to chose. Also, thanks for the 4+ luck skill, got it for Midori now. Just have to figure out who to give her that'd still work with her miracle build I see a lot of people using Lawlow as their rally bot due to his personal, so having him be a falcon knight or something with a lot of mobility would be better I think. So I do think I'll put lodestar on Xandar, or perhaps Siegbert.
  12. Best use of exalt & hero's brand?

    Who are the candidates that can be used as a pair-up bot for midori? Is it just any basara with plenty of activate skills or does it HAVE to be hinoka!siegbert?
  13. Best use of exalt & hero's brand?

    I'm not sure but I think I've seen 2 different miracle midori builds or something. The other one said you'd need mozi!Siegbert and other weird stuff that needs to pair up with midori. Which I think is a waste. So far I have: Miracle Hoshidan Unit Quixotic (I'm guessing these are the 3 most important ones) Missing: 4+ luck ??? ( I don't know if there is another skill that is mandatory, but if not I could perhaps put in awakening as the last skill) My MU is Male, +spd -mag swordmaster purely to give selkie as much +spd and luck during pair up bonus so can't give it to him and even if I could it'd be a waste since he's a skill bot slave to his waifu. But Noted, I'll consider hero's brand on Xander. should I reclass him after he gets the skills or should he just stay in this class?
  14. So from what I've read and heard, Aether and awakening cannot be passed down nor be learned from my castle battles. So I can't just pass the exalt and hero's brand around like it's candy with no regard for who actually benefits from them. I've thought of getting it for my MU. He has Dragon Fang, Astra, Luna, Pavise and Aegis. I figured i could replace it with Luna or pavise or aegis. My Selkie has nohrian trust and 4 breaker skills so she makes good use of my MU's skills. But yeah, are there specific characters who get more benefit out of it or do I just give it to whoever I want? These are the kids I have planned for btw: Beruka!Ignatius Camilla!Velouria Mozu!Midori(miracle build) Nyx!Rhajat ( witch or a sorcerer ) Elise!Ophelia ( witch or a sorcerer) Charlotte!Siegbert ( this isn't set in stone yet) Rinkah!Shiro ( not set in stone yet either) Setsuna or Hinoka!Caeldori I also want Soliel, Nina, and Mitama. The others I'm less interested in for the time being.
  15. Well at least I'm learning more and more now =(