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  1. Sprite Thread Revival

    Thanks! And go ahead!
  2. Sprite Thread Revival

    How's this?
  3. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Voted Hector for all four votes. He is the one I want for free the most. I'll be fine getting VaIke and W!Tharja. I really don't want PA! Azura, I already have a +1.
  4. I really liked the way Echoes: SoV handled battle animations. So, I'd like something similar to this. But some classes/ characters could use some "Flynning". I can definitely see characters like Owain flynning, but it does not fit characters like Lukas and Lon'qu. Crits and Skills I want to be more spectacular. Getting a skill proc and then just seeing the normal attack animation is kind of disappointing. Another aspect of Echoes: SoV I really enjoyed is the finisher move. When a character deals the final blow, the camera zooms in and the unit does some fancier trick. More of this please!
  5. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    I'd be fine getting VaIke, Hector, or W!Tharja. I don't need Azura, and she has the least to offer out of these four. I'm voting for Hector, because I need the DC Fodder. Between VaIke and W!Tharja, I don't have a preference. Tharja would be nice for Vengeful Fighter and just being super strong. VaIke is a legendary hero, and I don't have to waste orbs on a Legendary banner. I could use both for catalog completion.
  6. Sprite Assembly?

    All records from the thread have vanished. Most the sprites should be saved on Google. If we want the thread back, let's see what some of the Mods say. @eclipse If the old thread can't be revived, I can start one a new one after we hear from the Mods.
  7. Weirdest Unit You've invested in

    Berkut is definitely my longest WIP. Still need Distant Counter... I use Arvis a lot. He is my best Red mage. Masked Marth also gets used a lot. Not a lot of "Weird" units, but they aren't "the Meta".
  8. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    IS realized how powerful Zelgius was, so they removed his weapon. I really liked the opening dialogue! Nice job IS! Threaten Atk - kind of cool Fortress Res - I was not expecting this! Armor Boots - Will be fun to use on a mixed emblem team! Going in with Arvis, Ninian, Lilina, and Innes. (I'm using Innes more often now, I should build him up...)
  9. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    I have several units that have been big projects, but my biggest project in the entire game is getting one of every hero to 4*/5* lvl 40. Thanks to the Special Training Maps to finish training my healers, I have finally finished! Of all the units I currently have, I have one copy that is lvl 40! Catalog of Heroes: (147/219) Current Barracks: Training up a unit is what I did in my spare time. Still have a few units to promote, just need more feathers. My goal is to promote + merge all the TT and most of the GHB units. If the GHB unit has a Legendary weapon, then they get higher priority. Michalis, Lyon, Valter are currently the highest. GHB Units like F!Robin, Ursula, Oliver who don't get a lot at 5* are not getting promoted.
  10. Illusory Dungeon!

    The hot spring was a bug surprise, and not the one I was expecting... Oh well, at least we got a fair amount of orbs and other rewards along the way. This entire Dungeon was FE6 themed, at least the bosses. So, could the next main banner be FE6?
  11. A Hero Rises. Who should we vote for?

    Alternated between Hector and Gunnthra for the first 9 days. Then voted Berkut the last two. Hector - DC fodder! Gunnthra - Between VaIke and Gunnthra, I'd rather have Gunnthra. Horse Emblem would be awesome with her Chilling Seal. Berkut - Cause why not! If there is any hero I'd want to 5* +10 first, it would be him. (But GHB limits). For final round, I think I'll vote Hector, but I'll be perfectly fine getting VaIke.
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm really hoping the February Direct rumor is real. Besides FE: Switch, Nintendo has a lot of big 1st and 3rd party games coming that don't have a definite release date. So, getting a better schedule for those would be awesome. Based on this image, only a handful of the games listed TBA or 2018 have been shown. The goth leak sounded really interesting. When I play games, I enjoy them for what it is while playing it. Then after i finish I can dissect and pick out the flaws. So, I'm excited no matter what!
  13. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

  14. Tempest Trials: Breath of Destiny!

    I have Lilina and Ninian, so There is my bonus units. I'll probably use Arvis/Masked Marth, Ninian, Lilina, and Innes. Pulled a Clarine (+Atk/-Def) on my free summon. This is my first 5* on a free summon!!
  15. Illusory Dungeon!

    Currently using this team. B!Ike does a cool axe spin, Arvis swings his hand down to smack everyone, Lucius holds his staff out, and Berkut attacks normally. I'm liking this mode more than I thought I would. It's just a fun little thing to do for easy rewards. I want more levels, and i wish hard mode had separate rewards.