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  1. Berkut, Prideful Prince

    "First in line to the Rigelian throne. Prideful, but loves Rinea with all his heart." ___________________________________________________________________________________ Analysis: Base Stats at 5 : HP 43 Str 34 Spd 22 Def 31 Res 24 Berkut, Prideful Prince was the reward of the 12th grand hero battle. His main strengths are his high HP, Atk and Def. His Res is low, but still higher than some other Blue Cavaliers. His Speed is his worst stat. Because of his high HP, Atk, and Def Berkut can perform well as a frontline attacker or a physical defender. His weapon gives him +4 Res when attacked, which can be upgraded to +7 Res when attacked. When upgrading his weapon he also gains HP +5 and Atk +2/Spd+3/Def+4/Res+4. Berkut is a great unit, but is held back by his low Spd. These builds show ways to overcome that problem. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Builds: Ranged/Mage Counter Dueling Defender Brave Lance + QP Firesweep Damage Images of the builds from FEH Unit Builder - https://feh-stuff.github.io/unit-builder.html
  2. Heroes you're still waiting for?

    Need to Pull: Ninian - Been trying to pull her for so long. Celica Ephraim - Used Eirika for a long time. Would like her brother as another buffer for Blade Mages. Genny - I need Wrathful Staff fodder. Add to Game: Owain - Odin does not count, we need the real deal! Basilio - Some of the best dialogue in Awakening. Erk - We have Serra, so we need Erk to complete the set! Rath - More Bow Cavaliers would be nice. Grima - More Dragons.
  3. If it is the same ratio as last time: Red: Eirika - My first 5*, and my best early game sword user. Otherwise we haven't gotten her in a banner in a while, and her in a banner might mean weapon upgrade. Leo - Haven't had him in a banner for a long time. Only red Cavalier Mage. Saber - Hasn't been in a banner for a while. Blue: Delthea - One of my favorite Blue Mages. Ninian - I've wanted Ninian for so long, but was never able to pull her. Hopefully high base rate will help. Fjorm - If it is a Fjorm banner, she has to be there. Green: Amelia - Hasn't had a banner in a long time. B!Ike - It's B!Ike, come on. The more B!Ike the better. Sonya - Hasn't been in too many banners, but is a strong green mage. Colorless: Lucius - My favorite healer, and I really want more to merge. Bride Lyn - We got Wrathful Staff last time, so now we get Dazzling Staff. Klein/ Leon - I wanted an archer, but don't know which one to pick. Klein for all the SI, and Leon was one of my best units in Echoes: SoV. These are the units I want the most, not the units I think are most likely.
  4. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    My next Project:
  5. How many of you have the willpower to hold feathers?

    Most I've saved up is around 60k. I typically like to have at least 20k, just in case I find a Unit I want/need to promote. Typically I spend them on GHB units, or If I have a 5* with bad IV's I might promote a 4* of the same character up and merge. When Berkut comes back in a few days, my next batches of feathers will go to him. I also spend them on some Units for SI, most of the time it is 3* to 4*, but sometimes I go the 4* to 5*.
  6. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    At first I did not know what to put here because I haven't spent much time making builds, but after going through my units I realized I had more Builds than I thought. Finished (or almost): WIP but almost done:
  7. Just did my last pull sessions with TT orbs. Rough estimate around 100 orbs total. Results: Fjorm (+Atk,-Res) - In my opinion this is the best IV's for her. +Atk is always great. The -Res helps her Ice Mirror get more damage and she already has decent Res to lose some. Bridelia (+HP, -Def) - Boon could be better, but good bane, so it works out. Of all the seasonal units in this banner, she is the only one I wanted. Ayra (+Def, -Res) - Boon could be better, but with it 34 base Def is pretty nice. The -Res is perfect. So, she can be a strong attacker, or a Def tank. I'll work on her later. The only downside is I did not pull any Hector or Genny, but oh well. The units I wanted DC and WS for are already pretty good. And I still have time to work on their builds. Overall I think this banner was great, wish I could have pulled more, but it sadly came after a lot of good banners. So, here's to hoping for more banners like this!
  8. FE16 "leaks"

    The final leak. Well, this has been fun. Even if this is fake it would make a really cool game. And now that we have Promotions, I made a diagram of the classes + their promotions. Weapon types are from leaks, or from past games, but if the weapon type is unknown, then there is a small box. The Vassal/ Bloodbound class has "[ ]" that means they weapon type is player chosen. FE16 - Fire Emblem: New Moon "Leak" Compilation V - 3.0 Story Info: World/ Continent Info: Characters: Classes: Mechanics:
  9. Nintendo Direct Leaked for January

    My best guess is we will get a small teaser trailer, like Fates did back in 2015. This will probably let us see a few characters, the new art style, and maybe a little gameplay. Not a lot, but just enough to get people excited. No story details have to be revealed. The game comes 2018? No idea when in 2018, but a small teaser in January seems like a great idea.
  10. When I say "Tragedy in the Party" I use the term "Tragedy" lightly. I definitely want something better that Kaze's event in Birthright. That came with no warning or hints. In a first/blind run, the only way to avoid is pure luck(by having the requirements) or having looked it up. In FE7, Matthew leaves the party for one chapter, but in the preparations screen he tells you and gives you time to takes items back. So something along those lines. For Example: your army is preparing for a battle, but one character is summoned back to the kingdom on urgent business. The player knows, and can take items off of him before he leaves. Then he comes back in a Chapter or two, nothing too long to fall behind, but can cause some change in tactics. The most extreme "Tragedy" I want is a pure Fernand-style betrayal. Someone is in your party, then they leave for good. We don't get many of these. Most of the time it is "I only betrayed you because I was possessed." The character can give items back, and because they leave for good they don't fall behind in levels.
  11. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    Just something I noticed, but it looks like you can "purchase" each upgrade for a weapon, then choose which one you want to use from Equip Skills. I bought the Dazzling Staff upgrade on Fear+ for Lucius, and when I go back to the Weapon Forge, I still have the option to buy the Wrathful Staff Option. Then when I go to Equip Skills, the default (vanilla) Fear+ is still there along with the Dazzling Staff version. If anyone is willing to test this, and see if it is true, then that opens a lot of options for people. Instead of choosing one upgrade, just get them all and decide based on the situation.
  12. Breath of the Wild broke the normal conventions of Zelda, so Fire Emblem could use: A Real Branching Story - Not the Fates way with 3 paths, but everything stays the same. I want a full "Choose your own adventure" style. Give a lot of decisions of where the party can go, and let the player decide. (Need to cross the border into enemy territory? 1- charge at the main gates, 2- sneak around) Each choice progresses the story, but in different ways with different consequences, maps, and events. It would add a lot of replay-ability too. No Dragon Final Boss - As cool and epic a dragon is for a final boss, it has become a series staple (almost). So if we could get a real non-dragon villain that would be awesome. Lord Berkut would be a great example to follow, a real person lead down a dark path. He has legitimate reasons to fight against the protagonists and still creates a really epic/ awesome boss fight. Tragedy in the Party - Once a character joins the party, nothing bad happens to them (unless they die in battle in Classic Mode). The only exception I know of is Kaze's event in Birthright. In FE7 several times a character leaves your party, but you are given a heads up/ warning to it coming. I want to see more of this. These are actual people, sometimes they have other things they need to do. Let some characters filter in and out of the party at times. And a more extreme version of this (which I really want) is the character just leaves and joins the enemy (like Fernand), you might get them back later, but it could show how nothing goes to plan, and people have changing loyalties. Like Fernand, character X does not like how the main protagonist is leading the army, so he leaves. I think this could create a really unique experience. Add this to the "choose your own adventure" style and different characters leave. If you take a more passive route, the "Punisher" type character leaves; or If you take the aggressive route, the pacifistic character leaves.
  13. Amiibo characters in FE switch?

    I agree. Robin has been studying tactics for a long time, and then got a lot of experience with Chrom. Corrin is Corrin, so he/she means nothing. Robin is best. (I'm now upset that there wasn't a Fernand character in Fates, someone who does not like Corrin's way of doing things and then takes matters into their own hands.) About the Amiibo, something similar to Fates with the characters being playable is nice, but give them more reason to be used. Supports, class change, or some unique, but not game breaking ability. I would also like something like Echoes, as in the Amiibo unlocking a challenge map which gives a reward. I did like the Phantom Units, so I really want to control Phantom Units. (Just make the Amiibo playable like Fates, but give the Phantom effect like Echoes: SoV).
  14. My predictions/ hopes: Owain - One of my favorite characters, and typically one of the more popular kid characters. He should be a red Sword Infantry. Maybe with FireSweep Sword. Nah - We haven't had a new Manakete/ Dragon character in a long time. So, she would be a great candidate for a new Green Dragon. Hone Dragons? Gerome - There are not many Wyvern Riders in the game, and it think it is time for some Lance or Sword Wyverns. As shown in the new Book, there are lance wyverns. So make Gerome a Lance Wyvern. Cynthia - I liked her in Awakening, and they can do several things with her. A tome flier would be the best choice because we don't have a non-seasonal mage flier. Otherwise (if IS wants to keep mage fliers exclusive), then she can use swords or lances. Maybe a staff Healer could be cool. Less Likely: Morgan - I would love to get Morgan in the game, but they haven't added Kana yet either, so Morgan is (sadly) less likely to be in an Awakening Kids banner. Maybe a future banner includes F!Morgan, M!Morgan, F!Kana, and M!Kana. Yarne - We have no info or hints of beast characters, so him getting included is unlikely at this point. If they do add beast characters there are a lot more first-choice options, so he will probably come later. Inigo - A non-seasonal Inigo would be really nice, but so far with other "Seasonal-first" units (Charlotte), we haven't seen a normal version yet. And Laslow does not count as Inigo. I would like to see almost every Awakening Kid join, but the first four are my top favorites and the ones that are most likely to make it into the game.
  15. I'm not pulling on Blue stones, then the game gives me 5... -_- Luckily I pulled a Fjorm (+Atk/-Res) from it, so bad luck turned into good luck. Otherwise I pulled a Bridelia (+HP/-Def). Still really want Hector and Genny for SI.