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  1. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    +10 Berkut, here I come! The Prince of Darkness will become unstoppable!
  2. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Sure. Corrin (F) - Dream Princess [Infantry - Green Dragon] Corrin (M) - Dream Prince [Infantry - Blue Dragon] Mikoto - Caring Mother [Infantry - Staff] Camilla - Flower of Fantasy [Flying - Red Tome] Corrin (M)'s Null Follow-up is such a powerful skill. Negates all of the fighter skills, including Wary Fighter!
  3. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

  4. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Azura is the next TT+ reward. This banner is pure fanservice/ Alts.
  5. New Heroes Appear: Adrift (November 9 ~)

    Another Camilla.... This banner is easily skippable. Seeing Mikoto is nice, but this banner is 3/4 Alts.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Trying to summon Owain, and got this... (+Res/-Def) sigh... Ok, i think i'm done summoning for a while. Time to stock pile orbs, so I don't miss my next favorite.
  7. Skill Request Thread!

    Looking for Laslow with Vantage. Nevermind, find him!
  8. Owain is finally here!!!!! AND I DON"T HAVE ANY ORBS!!! IS WHY?!?!
  9. Does anyone still use Hones/Fortifies?

    One of my best blue mages is Delthea. With her Dark Aura tome giving +6 to physical allies at the beginning of the turn, I also gave her Hones/Fortifies for her C and S skills. Buffing three stats for my infantry units is amazing.
  10. [Datamine] New GHB: Garon, King of Nohr

    Considering that the banner is specifically from Conquest, my guess is this version of Garon will also be from Conquest. So, most likely he will be another Axe DC armor unit, but IS might surprise us like they did with Walhart and give him a unique skill instead of DC on his weapon.
  11. Is "Teacher" the avatar?

    My guess is yes, the teacher is going to be the avatar. Everyone saying teacher or instructor is a clever way of hiding the actual name of the avatar in voice lines. If this is true, I think this a creative way to include a playable avatar into the game. Letting them be the tactician/ guide for the characters without having major story development. In the scene where Edelgard asks the instructor what weapon to focus on, you get to decide, so that makes me lean heavily that the teacher is you. I hope the teacher is just that, the teacher/ tactician an not more. We don't need another Robin.
  12. FE16 "leaks"

    I'm not believing this one. The font for "Reawakening" looks so weird and out of place. The R does not fit/ look right with the rest of the subtitle. And why force the R's to be on top of each other? Also if it is a sequel, Reawakening is such a weird subtitle. I liked Awakening, but it is too early for a remake. Especially considering we've only gotten Gaiden as a remake. There are still a lot of other games to remake before they get to Awakening. The original Direct announcement said "A brand new Fire Emblem game is coming to Nintendo Switch." So, I highly doubt all this hype and mystery is just for a remake.
  13. FE16 "leaks"

    Just a trailer for Pokemon: Let's Go - Eevee/Pikachu? That seems very suspicious. Why only give a second trailer only two weeks after releasing the first trailer. It is not a Teaser then a trailer scenario, this means two full trailers. Sure the game comes out in November, but still feels a little to early to get a new full trailer.
  14. The Worst of the Best

    I've done my best to have one of each hero at level 40, so I have a lot of basekit 4* lvl 40 units and my 5* lvl 40 units that I use. Of the 5* heroes I have: Nino (+Res/-HP) / Halloween Sakura (+Spd/-HP) = 30 HP Clarine (+Atk/-Def) = 34 Atk Arden = 11 Spd Lucius (+Atk/-Def) = 10 Def Arden / Hector (+Spd/-Res) = 16 Res Overall lowest: Nino (+Res/-HP) / Halloween Sakura (+Spd/-HP) / 4* Kagero+2 (+Spd/-Def) = 30 HP 4* Azama (+Res/-HP) = 22 Atk Arden = 11 Spd Lucius (+Atk/-Def) = 10 Def 4* Leon+1 (+Def/-Res) / 4* Saizo+1 (+HP/-Res) = 11 Res
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    Agreed. Creating theories from official info is much more fun than critiquing leaks. E3, one month away... Hyrule Warriors comes in a week, so that will help pass time :)