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  1. The Worst of the Best

    I've done my best to have one of each hero at level 40, so I have a lot of basekit 4* lvl 40 units and my 5* lvl 40 units that I use. Of the 5* heroes I have: Nino (+Res/-HP) / Halloween Sakura (+Spd/-HP) = 30 HP Clarine (+Atk/-Def) = 34 Atk Arden = 11 Spd Lucius (+Atk/-Def) = 10 Def Arden / Hector (+Spd/-Res) = 16 Res Overall lowest: Nino (+Res/-HP) / Halloween Sakura (+Spd/-HP) / 4* Kagero+2 (+Spd/-Def) = 30 HP 4* Azama (+Res/-HP) = 22 Atk Arden = 11 Spd Lucius (+Atk/-Def) = 10 Def 4* Leon+1 (+Def/-Res) / 4* Saizo+1 (+HP/-Res) = 11 Res
  2. FE16 "leaks"

    Agreed. Creating theories from official info is much more fun than critiquing leaks. E3, one month away... Hyrule Warriors comes in a week, so that will help pass time :)
  3. A very interesting banner... Ares - His sword looks very powerful, but I want to see it in action besides what the trailer gave us. Lene - A new dancer is always nice. The Safeguard sword is the the physical equivalent of Berkut's Lance. (Now really I hope Berkut gets a prf weapon...) But that sword would be amazing on a lot of other sword units. Ishtar - Her skill set is pretty broken! +10 Spd and +4 atk when initiating on top of a +6 atk on odd turns! That is crazy! I think Odd atk Wave is the first C skill that buff the unit who has it. If we have Odd Atk wave, then my guess is we will get 8 new skills. Odd/Even + Atk/Spd/Def/Res Waves. I'm not super interested in any of these units, but they do look really cool (or really broken). It will be interesting to see how their stats match up. I'll do the full session with the free summon, its what I've been doing the past few story banners. I'm waiting for Owain.
  4. A Fates Banner? I'll skip. Hinoka looks like a really good unit for Flier Emblem! If M!Kana is a GHB unit, then Kaze might be TT reward...
  5. New Event: Grand Conquests

    This mode sounded interesting at first, but once I tried it out... I compared it to Galactic Conquest earlier, but it is not. The Rival Domains maps make it a lot less enjoyable. I don't know if my battles are actually doing anything (besides getting a few rewards). I like Galactic Conquest because it is a single player challenge - I get to use my strategies instead of relying on X number of players doing something. The Rival Domain Maps are so clunky, it makes it hard to enjoy. Give us some 4 v 4 maps(normal battle)! I think this could have been a pretty cool mode, but IS added way too much. I would like a single-player Campaign mode similar to this, but with a lot of changes. Side Note: Team Sharena
  6. Wait... Why does Reinhardt have a sword? I thought "Magic is Everything"? But the Follow-up Ring effect on his sword is pretty cool. Olwen has a legendary Bladetome, and she is part of Horse Emblem. Great... Leif's B Skill is a little underwhelming. In TT and CC it will be great; but in Arena and normal maps, it is not very good. The Light brand seems really cool! Nanna - We finally get a new Staff user! With a pretty cool staff to use. Harsh Command + Healing is great! I hope these units are really good statwise!
  7. New Event: Grand Conquests

    This looks really interesting! It reminds me of the Galactic Conquest mode in Star Wars Battlefront II (The original, good one!). Though having Rival Domains maps as the actual battles is going to be interesting... (easy in low difficulties, but harder in higher ones.) But it does make it feel like Galactic Conquest even more. They will be hearing our feedback on this and making changes, so that is nice.
  8. Another FEH Channel Confirmed on Monday (for most)

    I saw Berkut in the Overview, and I was excited! +4 here I come!! That Galactic Conquest mode looks really cool!
  9. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Why don't you leave you Falchions at home, and let The Fell Dragons end the world. (Serious: Arena will be scary without a Falchion)
  10. Female Grima? I know we saw that in the Datamine, but still surprised. Colorless seems the best. F!Grima, Brave Lyn, and Sakura are good choices. Red is also good. Zelgius, Va!Ike, and H!Nowi. Not bad, but not top priority. Blue and green are a little underwhelming to me. Blue has Fjorm and B!Lucina, Green has Gunnthra. If I decide to summon, I'll go colorless first. Then Red as my second.
  11. FE16 "leaks"

    Wait? Based on ALBW, ALAI sounds like a Phantom Hourglass remake/1.5, but why does Spirit Tracks only say "HD"? Might just be a working title until a true "A Link ___ ___" title is created. I'll say this is fake because of "*Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker & World Explorer". Nintendo has official box art and title for Captain Toad, and there is no World Explorer in the title. Not fully on board with Fire Emblem: Mutiny. Vampire leak sounds a lot cooler. I'm really unsure how to pull off a Pirate themed Fire Emblem.
  12. Catria, Sharena, Alfonse, and Kagero. Characters - None of my favorites, Sharena looks very happy. But no one I'm really interested in. Skills - Spd/Res Bond and Swift Stance are cool, but not the best. Unique movement/weapon combos - Dagger flier?!? That is cool, but I don't use fliers, so I'll pass. Another banner I can easily skip over. Saving for Owain.
  13. Over a year ago we had an FE direct

    If they have like one or two characters that are designed more like Tharja and Sonya, who have a personality and backstory then I'm fine. But when it goes over the top fanservicey to the point of almost no character, that is when I have a problem. Tharja does have the obsession with Robin and the sorcerer's clothes are minimal, but I never felt that she was designed just for fanservice. In her supports we got to see a different side to her than "Just Robin". Camilla on the other hand, she was designed so her fanservice aspects take over. In most of her supports she only talks about Corrin, barely mentioning who she really is. Sonya does have the appearance of a fanservice character, but that is not who she is. She has a strong backstory and reasons for joining Celica. I hope FE16 has more characters like Sonya. People with strong backstories and personalities. Having some fanservicey characters does help sell (i'm not denying that), but I don't want to sacrifice a well designed character just for fanservice.
  14. The Branded King (New Heroes Banner)

    Got one red on my free summon, and it was Knight Chrom! (+HP/-Spd) He is the one I wanted the most, so i'm done for now. I need to stockpile my orbs again.
  15. FE16 "leaks"

    Pretty much all of the games in this Direct were given Now-July release dates. (I think only Smash is TBD) So, FE will not be releasing before E3. Most likely it will be a Fall (my guess is October/November) release. I hope we see something before E3, but who knows...