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  1. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    Sorry about the images. Let's try again. But i do agree. The more we look into it, the less likely it appears that a Region/Teams Crest symbols are grouped together.
  2. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    On the CD the order is different, but the order of the crests on the artbook is the same. Most likely so they didn't have to redo the artwork. First one here is the order on the artwork/mural, the second is what i saw on the CD. The three symbols on the side were obstructed in the image, so no idea exactly where they go. It definitely changed the order, but @RexBolt the Leicester symbols are still mixed around the Dimitri/ Blaiddyd Symbol.
  3. February 2019 Direct Analysis

    We saw the "support of all" on Linhardt's healing magic, but if you flip the Western Church Soldier's magic you can make out more of the words. It's three phrases around the edge, all in english. "The goddess always lives(?) in heaven and Fodlan." "___ ___ __ing over is for the mother of all living beings." "As support of all m___ things." Linhardt and Casper both block the start of the second phrase, but there is one frame where the Soldier's Fire reveals part of it.
  4. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    Interesting. I didn't notice those before. Those symbols also appear in the center of the Crest/Emblem as well. That does make things more complicated. Both Adrestian and Faerghus only have the main crest symbol (of their leader's houses) on their banners. So, really interesting how Leicester focuses on four. Maybe because they are an alliance instead of the empire and kingdom? Then there is the fact that both Linhardt and a Western Church Soldier use the same symbol in their magic. Linhardt is from the Black Eagles (Adrestian Empire) and the Western Church is located on the border of the Adrestian Empire and Faerghus.
  5. General theorizing thread

    Looking at the Seiros Mural and the crests known on the map then comparing that with the map shown in the new trailer, I found a really interesting pattern. More analysis in the Map thread. So far this seems busted.
  6. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    I've also been looking into that. I broke it down by number of Houses/Locations/Cities in each region, and found a really cool pattern. Will continue to look into. We know the Crests of the 3 main protagonists because they are shown on the map. Gautier (part of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus) also has a crest, but which one is unknown. But looking at the Seiros Mural and the locations of the Main 3 Crests, the breakdown worked out perfectly. This could all be a coincidence and pure speculation, but it works out so well.
  7. Fodlan World Map with Transcribed Locations

    Thanks! I was trying to do this, but having a lot of trouble with a few names. Working on a few theories. Give me time.
  8. What are everyone's thoughts on this "Plague Doctor" mage character? They are part of a CGI cutscene, so they seem more important than a generic boss, but we don't see a face or anything else that would make them unique.
  9. I'm picking Blue Lions. I like blue, so that's typically the team i choose. Black Eagles would be my second choice. Some of the characters here look a more interesting. I really want to know what the difference between the houses will be besides characters, then my choice might change.
  10. Not sure how the skills will relate to the classes, but will Armored Mages be possible? That would be awesome if it could. And prediction: Linhardt will be the most OP character ever.
  11. If you look during the "hand-to-hand" combat scene, Casper is using "Iron Gauntlet". So, i guess this will be a new weapon type.
  12. The Prince of Darkness is here! A long time coming, but finally got the last Grails needed! And his Drive-Bot, M!Corrin! My first two +10's! These two crush almost everything in their path. They are part of my main team for PVE maps and Aether Raids.
  13. [DATAMINE/SPECULATION] Anniversary Present?

    I'm missing a lot... Azura, Eirika, Ephraim, Gunnthra, Hrid, Lyn, Marth, and Ryoma. If I'd get to pick one for free, I'd probably choose Marth, Eirika, or Ephraim. Marth because he is an amazing Dragon-slayer, Eirika and Ephraim for their huge player phase power. I'd also really like Gunnthra because I need a strong Green Cav Mage.
  14. Delthea, Free Spirit

    Interesting. As Icelerate said, it is kind of weird synergy. So it depends if you want the +6 Atk (and other buffs from Delthea), or to transform gaining +1 Mov and +2 atk. But Leanne gets Hone Beasts (+6 atk/spd), so if you want a buff bot for Beasts, Leanne is probably a better choice. You can still use Delthea if you only have one beast, but there are some drawbacks.