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  1. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    I agree with most these changes, but I feel like there could be a way to balance out the game while pursuit is still a skill. Characters with Holy weapons could not have pursuit or something. I wouldn’t mind if they just gave everyone pursuit, but I feel like they could do something interesting with it if they kept it in.
  2. Mistakes or errors on the site 2

    So this complaint seems to have been ignored, and it’s really triggering me. Gunter isn’t in birthright. Please fix this.
  3. Veronica shot all the way up to 2nd place? I mean I’lol take it. Veronica has a pretty great design, so I’m glad she won over Camilla. I would have rather have had Lute or something, but that’s pie in the sky. I’m pleasantly surprised, and glad my predictions were wrong. This is much more interesting.
  4. They could just give Hector blazing Durandal and call it a day. He is Lycian too, after all. As for Celica’s appearance, I think her overclass could work. She had a neat design. Having two red units on one banner would be bad though, so she could be just a different color mage.
  5. I can’t really wrap my head around the idea that putting another version of a character in the game would somehow result in them getting less votes. If anything, it would have the opposite effect, as it puts the character more in the spotlight. Look how much support Camilla’s gotten. Am I upset they added another version of Erika in the game? Yes, but that’s because I don’t like Erika and there were a bunch of really great sacred stones characters they could have added instead. But here’s the thing: I was never going to vote for Erika in the first place. If they added another version of Hector(the character I’ve been voting for this whole time) I wouldn’t be like “ew, more of a thing I like” I’d be like “sweet, more Hector! I love that guy.” I realize it was just a dumb theory you had, but I found it dumb in that it just makes literally no sense.
  6. Holy shit Tharja completely dropped. Unfortunately Camilla didn’t. I would have much rather seen Tharja in top 2 than Camilla, or even Erika, but it can’t be helped. And I did not expect Celica to be number one! I thought I heard that Faye was more popular in Japan? Well I’m glad we seem to be getting 2 characters I like! I hope that (but don’t expect) Marth surpasses Ephraim.
  7. Marth could potentially surpass Chrom. I bet a lot of Roy voters voted for him because smash bros, as I honestly cannot think of any other reason to vote for Roy. Plus, I bet a lot of Fe12 Marth voters will vote for fe11 Marth instead, as fe11 Marth did way better, so they might switch just so a version of Marth wins. I’m not counting Chrom out, Awakening is still a stupidly popular game, but Marth’s got a shot. I’d like to think Celica will do better, as she’s the best female lord in the series, but unfortunately not a lot of people see that. At the very least, I think she’ll beat Micaiah.
  8. I just don’t see Ephraim gaining all that much popularity from heroes. Sure, he’s really good in heroes, to the extent that I use him even though I don’t really like him, but it’s not like sacred stones was a particularly obscure fe game before, it being a lot of people’s first fe (not as much as fe7, but still). I just don’t see him actually gaining too many new fans from feh. I don’t see why Chrom having 2 seasonal variants hurts his chances that much. Like, it may make a few people salty that he’s in the game so much, but not really the people who would be voting for him in the first place. Like, it could hurt him a little, but not to the extent where he’d have no chance. He had a pretty large lead over Marth, and I’m thinking most Ike voters will actually go to Hector, as they’re more similar. Chrom could be threatened if they combine the Marth votes, but they probably won’t. edit: Roy fans will probably vote Marth though, considering smash bros is like, the only reason to vote Roy.
  9. Doubt Marth’s gone down at all. I feel like he’s sorta immovable in his popularity. He’s kinda a big deal.
  10. Hector could just have blazing Durandal. He is Lycian too, after all. Considering Garnefe was high up there, we should talk the Reddit poll with a tiny grain of salt. Really don’t think Heroes brought in a ton more Ephraim fans, so he’ll probably still get beaten by Marth.
  11. Sure, Reinhardt’s really good, but no one really cares about his character. Memes will get him so far, but Leif will likely still have more votes.
  12. They don’t have to be red mages. Although looking back, one of them would probably be colorless. Maybe Chrom could wield a bow? They’ve different ideas. That’s about who you’ll vote for, this is about who you think will win.
  13. So voting for the 2nd choose your legends just stared. If we go by the resaults of the previous one, Hector and Tharja are almost assured to get in, and Chrom and Camilla are Highly likely to win as well. Of course they could be overtaken if there’s a big enough push, so I want to know who you predict to win, and what they’ll be like on the banner. I’m thinking: -Sword infantry or armor knight Hector -Lance infantry Chrom -Mounted mage Tharja -Flying mage Camilla, though we already got one of those, so maybe an infantry mage? Since she can reclass to sorcerer.
  14. Fire Emblem 4 Echoes Ideas

    2 points. 1. The fact that half the crusader weapons are in the enemy hands while half are in your hands is just a cool sort of set story bit. Making the player able to use all of them would kinda ruin that. 2. Ok. I’ve posted this several times now but people don’t seem to get this. Incest in fe4 is portrayed as bad. Not cousin incest, as that’s considered normal in Japan, but Sibling incest is a huge no. Eldigan is a married man, let me remind you, so his weird relationship with his sister is cheating, plus look where it gets him. Lachesis pleads with him to stop fighting, and he gets his head chopped off. Plus, do I even need to explain Arvis and Deirdre? The product of their incest literally brings about the Antichrist. Saying “Seliph and Julia should be able to fuck because haha fe4 lol” is just missing the point so hard it hurts.
  15. Mistakes or errors on the site 2

    In the character pages for both conquest and Birthright, Gunter is listed as a shared character when he is in fact Conquest exclusive. This is true for the introductions, base stats, growth rates, recruitment, and personal skill pages for both games. While I understand he’s playable before the rout split, so are Rinka and Sakura, so there’s really no reason to count him as a shared character.