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  1. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    How so? One of the things that made Wendy so hard to train in the original was that she joined as a lancelocked unit that joined right before a long stretch of almost nothing but axe enemies, making it hard for her to even hit most of them. It's, for example, rather risky for her to engage the pirate reinforcements in chapter 9, who are otherwise useful for training up weaker units. Cavaliers are already much better than almost everything else, and restricting what weapons each of them can use at base won't change that. As for Roy's promotion time, I feel that a good spot could be when Guinevere gives him the Fire Emblem (that is, upon clearing chapter 16).
  2. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    Understandable Should probably be doing exactly that myself, to be honest.
  3. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    Support boosts would definitely have to be rebalanced if such a thing where to be implemented. To be honest, it was sort of a spur of the moment suggestion, in hindsight not necessarily a good one. On the topic of supports, are you planning to recreate the limit FE6 placed on support points gained per chapter (as I don't think that is a thing in FE8)?
  4. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    You know, on second thought, I'm actually all for sword pegs. I'm personally against adding skills. Skills, IMO, should constitute a part of a character/unit's identity. With the original FE6 not having a skill system, I feel that there's not enough to go on when it comes to deciding what skills each character would have. Also, I would love for something like this to be implemented.
  5. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    For the wyverns, I'd have them like Path of Radiance (lances at base, gains axes upon promotion). Makes for a compromise between their GBA and modern incarnations.
  6. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    One change I'd personally love to see is for the class-specific promotion items to be removed and replaced with master seals. FE6 is stingy enough with promotion items as is, so having constant restrictions on who can use what feels kind of excessive. Also, when you recolour the portraits, remember to look up each character's original art as reference. Many of the FE6 in-game portraits are rather miscoloured (Marcus, Lance, Lot and Fir are some pretty good examples).
  7. Cipher Series 13: 14 May - Lena R/R+!

    What in the world is up with that creepy face in the background?
  8. Class names that don't make sense?

    I suspect that Gold and Silver Knights might derive their names from the Gold and Silver General pieces from Shōgi (a Japanese strategy board-game from the same family as Chess).
  9. More issues with FEBuilder

    While I'm not familiar with FEbuilder, I know that FE6 has an options setting (unlocked after completing the game once, iirc) for making your units use a generic blue palette instead of their normal colours. Maybe you should check if you've somehow enabled that by accident (or if you've accidentally made the game load the blue palette in place of the units' default palettes).
  10. I feel that the main issue with Forces is that it's painfully obvious that a lot of the game wasn't finished in time for release; the story in the second half is ridiculously rushed, essentially skipping from "introductionary segments" to "final stretch" with almost no real buildup, making the entire thing rather anticlimatic. Several of the villains have no boss fights, and there are many places where what really should have been a cutscene gets relegated to portraits talking over the world map. The result is a short game that, while playing decent enough, never really delivers on it's promises, often feeling like one big cocktease. It should be noted, though, that the day one patch explicitly adds support for Super Sonic, which I'm almost completely certain isn't anywhere in the game. This, combined with a certain thing shown after you complete the game, makes me suspect that there might be a potential downloadable last story down the road. Don't really know how much good it would do, though, as I find the middle part of the game to be what needs the most fleshing out.
  11. Last promotional comic, this time showing Eggman's first encounter with Infinite.
  12. Yes, that's how they work in this game. In other news, the game has broken street date. So beware of dem spoilers. On the bright side, reception, from what I've heard, have been pretty positive, with several people who were initially pessimistic about the game feeling a lot more excited now. Of note, the avatar gameplay has been praised for being enjoyable in it's own right, supposedly feeling more akin to the adventure games, as opposed to "gimmicky modern sonic". The character creator seems decent enough. Note, though, that there's no option to make your hedgehog OC's spikes look like Sonic's, which might be a bummer for fans of Coldsteel. Having watched some gameplay from the first hour or so of the game, I can safely say that the second modern Sonic stage looks significantly more interesting than anything we've seen from demos and trailers. Reception to the story seems somewhat mixed; Some say it's awesome, others say it's underwhelming. Regardless, the general consensus seems to be that it's a significant step up from Colours, Generations and Lost World. Only 9 days left, people!
  13. The Sonic twitter just released the third promotional comic, this time featuring Team Dark and Infinite.
  14. I haven't had the time to post during the last few days, so get ready for something of a dump: First up, Aaron Webber (the guy behind Sonic's twitter channel) finally answers the question we all have been wondering about. Other interesting tidbits from the stream (which I haven't watched personally) include no paid DLC and no gender locked clothing. Second, we have a new, relatively lengthy, Japanese trailer (featuring one of the most obnoxious announcer voices I've ever heard): Third, some new gameplay videos, showing of an Infinite bossfight and Space Port (the avatar's version of Chemical Plant): Notice how the ring count maxes out at 100. Reportedly, this is the game's easy mode; you only lose 20 rings upon getting hit, but can't carry more then 100. Normal mode is more like the usual system. Note that unlike previous Sonic games, you actually can't regain lost rings in Forces (outside of Hedgehog OCs which has this as their special ability). Finally, we have some promotional art by none other than Sonic's original character designer.