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  1. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    K so I put FE4, The Randomizer and Names.txt in a folder and tried to open the rando with wine (I'm on a mac) and nothing happens. Any advice?
  2. I need Quan. I NEED HIM
  3. Fire Emblem 4 Randomizer

    Thanks for answering my questions. (Not)
  4. Its like you took fire emblem, made it free roam with random encounters, and made the grid system hexagonal.
  5. YOU TWO SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTHS Sorry about that I guess its just a matter of opinion, but Twilight Princess is and will always be my favorite game of all time. I might see it through rose tinted glasses, as it was the first I have played, but I remember almost all the characters. (I guess it helps that I've played through it about 10 time) I love the music and the art style and the only complaint I have is how EASY it is, but thats where it ends. The water temple was nowhere near as bad as Ocarina of Time and Majoras mask, and I felt that the story was really well done. The combats much more compelling than Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wilds, and I feel that Link himself shows way more character than Majoras mask and Ocarina of times link. I feel that Skyward sword and Wind Waker may have more interesting links, but Twilight princess has my personal favorite designed one. The first game that comes to mind when I think about it would probably be Breath of the Wild. I feel like it just doesn't FEEL like a Zelda game. Is it a good game? Absolutely. Its an amazing game. But the bosses are weak and Zelda is so ANNOYING. Sure she has more of a character than Twilight Princess's Zelda, but Camilla has more of a distinct personality than most of the Thracia 776 characters, and does that really make her a better character? Overall I think BOTW is a great game, but its just NOT a Zelda game.
  6. 'Shocking' news on May 31st?

    I know its wishful thinking, but Pokemon Conquest 2? No?
  7. Your dream/joke crossovers and all-stars?

    Suikoden and Fire emblem 108 characters in a FE game taking place in the Suikoden universe. Hell yah
  8. Hurt and Heal: Valentian Edition

    Heal Atlas Hurt Jedah Atlas 19Berkut 22Boey 25Catria 17Celica 21Clair 24Conrad 21Delthea 17Desaix 15Duma 22Emma 18Faye 25Fernand 18Forsyth 18Genny 21Gray 22Jedah 12Jesse 20Kamui 20Kliff 21Leon 18Lukas 23Luthier 18Mae 25Mathilda 20Mila 20Mycen 21Nomah 20Palla 22Python 28Randal 18Rinea 20Rudolf 15Saber 21Shade 12Silque 19Slayde 12Tatiana 6Tobin 28Valbar 18Yuzu 10Zeke 24
  9. Other: Roy boi Cavalier: Trec Archer: Igrene Knight: Bors Cleric: Elen Mercenary: Oujay Fighter: Wade Pegasus: Tate Thief: Astol Mage: Hugh Troubador: Both suck but uhhhhhh Clarine I guess Myrmidon: Karel Nomad: Sin city Brigand/Pirate: Geese Refresher: Elfin Shaman: Raigh Wyvern: Gale
  10. You must use Cavalier Gray
  11. I'm grabbing my Marth and then I'm out! This banner was what I expected, but I was still very disappointed. FUCKING SANAKI! SERIOUSLY
  12. Exclusive SoV character in Gaiden ingame style

    Wow, this is pretty cool. I do think that Faye looks a little.... off, but they are still cool
  13. First playthrough, a question on Gaiden chapters

    I would only focus on getting all of your lords levels higher than 50 (as in Lyn, Eliwood, and Hectors level being higher than 50 if you add them together) by chapter 23 and keeping one of the Caelin knights alive in chapter 16.
  14. As someone who has never liked jrpgs, NOOOOOO
  15. Desired New Heroes and New Hero Banners Discussion

    Shirtless Groom Atlas Enough said