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  1. Classic Mode of Ike (Spoilers)

    I didn't really think about it until now, but I agree. FE really needs a villain rep, and although black knight isn't my favorite I think he's the most likely to get in. What I do know is that i 9.9ed it. Hells yeah.
  2. Least favorite FE ship?

    Anything that's infringing on canon. (except AtlasxCelica, cause come on, Alm can do better and Atlas clearly likes her) Y'know, stuff like Tobin X Gray. Ech I'm also just not a big fan of PythonXForsyth. I dunno why, I just don't think it's accurate to thee characters.
  3. Who will you be maining in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

    Ike and Richter, with maybe some Ken.
  4. Hicks. Only Hicks. (Maybe Atlas)
  5. The Colossi scraped for Shadow of the Colossus
  6. The 25 Most Essential PS1 Games

    No Suikoden 2? REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (JK these are all great)
  7. Shouto Todoroki is best boy

    Don't you mean Hanta Sero? Geez, people can be weird sometimes.
  8. I just think the devs didn't intend for you to have males support females other than their wives.
  9. I'm just pissed. Mikoto is the only thing I'm happy about. I'm just seriously losing hope of some of my favorite units ever getting in Heroes.
  10. Super Smash Bros Questionnaire

    What was your first Smash Bros game? Brawl Which Smash games have you played so far? Brawl and 4 for WiiU What's your favorite Smash game? Sm4sh Who's your favorite character in the parts you have played? In both 4 and Brawl my favorite character playstyle wise is Ike, but characterwise its Link or Marth. Who's your least favorite character in each part you have played? Wario. Both. No contest. What's your favorite stage in each part you have played? Brawl: Shadow Moses/Sm4sh: World Circuit omega What's your least favorite stage in each part you have played? Every game: Lylat What's your favorite music theme in each part you have played? Brawl: Anything from Shadow Moses/ Sm4sh: Idk What's your favorite mode in Smash overall? Subspace What's your favorite item? The star from Kirby What's your favorite taunt? Snakes Do you rather play alone or with friends? Friends What's your favorite free for one mode (time, stocks or coins)? Stock What's the perfect Smash battle for you? (stage, characters, items (?) ) FD with music from Shadow Moses With 2 stock 1v1 Do you usually play with items? Nope What has been the hardest challenge (events, all star mode...) for you? All-Star probably Are you excited for Smash Ultimate? Hells yah If so, in what are you the most exicted for? Ken In which new character are you the most excited for? Richter or Simon In which returning character (character who wasn't constantly in the cast since Melee) are you the most excited for? Snake In which classic character are you the most exicted for? Link What's your opinion about the Echo character? Yee. I love em Any character you want to see in Smash, but hasn't made it into the cast yet? Isaac, Hector. In which videogame series did Super Smash Bros introduce you? Its how I got here in the first place Have you ever built a stage? Yes. They were bad. Could you imagine that Smash Ultimate that could become the final part of this series? Maybe for Sakurai, but I think Nintendo will keep milking it. Have you ever played competitive? Kind of. I want to get into it and play competitively, but I've never been to a tournament as I live in Iowa. With whom can you go under Final Destination? Villager How much do you care for tierlists? Tier lists were meant to be broken How would you describe your experience with the Smash Bros series in three words? Stop Footstooling Please
  11. Good character designs. I feel the last amazing ones (before echoes) came from the Jugdral Saga and the GBA Games. POR and RD were pretty good and Awakenings were just okay. Fates has some hidden gems (Azama, Shura, Hinata, Yukimura, Shiro, Effie) but most were eh at best. But please IS. More designs like FE5 Cain. Also, Side characters being integrated into the story would be great. Just good character writing, in general, would be fantastic. Limited supports, not in the amount you can have, but in the pool of units so it's not just anyone can talk to anyone.
  12. I need Kieran, Boyd, Rolf, and Stefan. But a banner would probably go like this: Stefan (red) Tormod (red) Mordecai/Astrid (colorless) Gatrie (blue) Also my favorite Laguz is Mordecai.
  13. Hope: Kamui (red) Valbar (blue) Nomah (green) Atlas(hopefully green but probably red) TT: Conrad(blue) GHB: Jedah (probs red) Probably: Python (colorless) Forsyth (blue) Luthier (green) Kliff (red) TT: Tatiana (colorless) GHB: Zeke (blue)
  14. All 7 to Hicks, as that sweet boy doesn't deserve to be the least popular character