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  1. Help Needed

    Yo I can do some spriting. I have a discord, so I'll message you.
  2. Favorite anime OPs/EDs?

    Openings: Goya no Machiawase (Noragami Op 1) Naruto OP 18 (Don't know the name) Goldentime Lover (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood OP 3) Durarara Ketsu Opening (Sorry don't know the name) Guns n' Roses (Baccano) Headhunt (Durarara Shou opening) Day you Laugh (Durarara x2 opening) Tokyo Ghoul OP Endings: Fairy Tail Ending 2 Trust Me (Durarara ED 1)
  3. Focus: Farfetched Heroes!

    Sweet. This seems cool..... NOW WHERES THRACIA!!!!!
  4. Yeah. I agree with the whole stats thing, but this is the main reason I like Oujay. His Lilina supports are great, and I just like his design.
  5. Wait, since when was Marcus underrated! I get really annoyed because I hear people talk about him to much!
  6. Oujay is EXTREMELY overlooked compared to Dieck. I can't blame people, but I feel Oujay has a much better character than Dieck, and stats that are on par or better than Dieck's.
  7. Help with FERecolor and Nightmare

    @Primefusion I made the palettes, inserted them into the game using BXPalette Assembler, then changed Eirika's Palette to Hayden's. I then checked the rom to see if it was working and noticed that all the palettes were the new ones except Eirika's. I changed hers to her new one again, then checked. This time, everyone ELSE'S palettes had reverted to their original palettes, but hers was her new one.
  8. I've recently started a project on FE8, and have gotten to the point of changing palettes, but whenever I try to change Eirika's palette, everyone else's resets. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Since Eirika has a generic palette I am switching hers with Hayden's, so maybe thats the problem?
  9. Tips for FE6?

    You can use any character. Of course, not every character is good, but every character is usable. Use who you like, even if they are bad! Generally just use who you feel like and everything will turn out fine! Use Oujay. No but seriously. Use Oujay.
  10. Favorite GBA character?

  11. Fire Emblem Headcanon Voices

    Bob Carter doing Donny's voice (from Baccano) as Marty is perfect!
  12. Black and white is my favorite Pokemon game, so Ghetsis's and Colress's inclusion in this game is GREAT.