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  1. I was looking up fire emblem stuff. Kinda boring I guess. Why do you like Katarina?
  2. Thanks guys! So far I just reached chapter 7. Ted has been my MVP so far, basically soloing the last part of chapter 6. My favorite characters so far are: Montley, Oscar, Ted, Vyse, and Herbert.
  3. I see what you mean. Though he is one of my favorite characters, he doesn't seem to want to change. I would still like to see him playable, but it definitely would mess up the story.
  4. I was wondering if anybody has any opinions on this, or if anyone even thought of this other than me. I would love to see a playable Legion. What are your thoughts?
  5. Finally got this game for my birthday! (Well, I got a PS4 for my birthday and then I forced my dad to take me to the store, then I bought it. But still) Loving it so far.
  6. I've REALLY missed the Bord Cord archetype. (also get the pun? Missed? Because they're axe users. Hah) Seriously though, its been a long time since we had any good axe users.
  7. Why is everything about your profile so sexual?
  8. I think Legions artist or just his art in general) is really good. It's quite realistic for what a Fire emblem drawing can be, and it has very accurate proportions.
  9. Nabe : Legion. ..... ....... ........ Wait you want me to say more?
  10. Lol I have a 5* Stahl #Worth
  11. FE1/3/11/12: Raddical b0i FE2: Kliff FE4: Azel FE5: Kain FE6: Orange Juice (OJ, Oujay) FE7: Geitz FE8: Saleh FE9: Rolf FE10: Leonardo Dicapribow FE13: Henry Von Spellcaster FE14: Hinata SOV: Atl-ass Heroes: Legion
  12. Your Shadow Dragon characters don't have Palla yet, so I would fix that. I feel you should include characters that went missing at the end of their games or characters whose endings don't specify where they went. For FE2 Dean and Kliff would be cool.(I would prefer FE2 Kliff design over the new one) Maybe Tobin or Jesse. For FE6 I would love to see Oujay, but that is about it. For FE7 I would like to see Geitz, because in his ending he wanders aimlessly for the rest of his life. For FE12 I think it would be funny for the replacement characters to be the ones for this game, so characters like Rickard, Arlen, Mathis, Thomas, Caeser, or Radd. As for Names, I'll get back to you.
  13. Legion Pls
  14. Cool. I hope that you enjoy your stay! I recommend FE7 next, you can get it off the WiiU Eshop.