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  1. Building low tier units

    My firesweep Navarre carried me through tier 19 for a while.
  2. Best boss quotes

    I give you these beuts from FE4. “Yeh’re pointin yer little stick at me? That’s precious, that is! C’mon, I’ll cave yer little head in!” —Cimbaeth “Oh, come on! First me own brother lets me wife go, and now this?! Damn me rotten luck!” —Munnir
  3. Rate the video game song above

    I understand why people might like it. Not my cup of tea though. 7/10 Pokemon Conquest Normal Stage fight theme
  4. FE7 PME: Pink Suit Edition

    Fun times amirite? Erk (Soldier --> General)
  5. Octopath Traveler

    @Modamy @The PriestAround what level should I shoot for the subclasses? I really wanted to do some stupid subclassing but I don't know what level I should be. My Main party members are around 17 while one of them is only 15, and my other party members are all around 8-9 while one of them is 13. My current party is: Therion, Primrose, Olberic, and Alphyn.
  6. Rate the video game song above

    Slow but good 8/10 https://youtu.be/Rbueg2bK2g0 give it tell 0:16
  7. I can't even figure out Grandmaster 1 or 2 so....
  8. Who has the "best art"?

    For art that just fits a character so goddamn well, I'll have to give it to Arthur. He looks like a comic book character (depending on what comics your reading) and it fits him SO well.
  9. New Tempest Trial+: Sweet Dreams [Datamine]

    Hey, um IS remember Clive? And Tobin? And Joshua? And Marisa? And literally any other character than fucking Lyn, Camilla, Lucina, Hector, and Ike? No? I thought so...
  10. Just because there not popular doesn't mean IS has to act like they don't exist. Good god I'm sick of IS's pointless alts and seasonal banners.
  11. There are at least 2 perfectly capable axe cavalry who could be added to the game (Hicks and Brighton), but instead IS adds 2 axe cavalry who: A) don't use axes, and B) are alts.
  12. Hackbox Questions

    Sorry but I have one more question. How do I get the mouth and blinking sprites to align with my character? @vilkalizer
  13. Hackbox Questions

  14. Hackbox Questions

    What tool are you using to see what colors are in the sprite? @vilkalizer
  15. Hackbox Questions

    I have recently started to create hackboxes for the sprites I have created and I tried to use FE Editor to insert this one into Sacred Stones, but for some reason it did not work. I've looked over it several times and I can't figure out the issue, so I decided to come here for help. https://imgur.com/IglGVG6 Edit: The chibi is just a placeholder.