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  1. I need Kieran, Boyd, Rolf, and Stefan. But a banner would probably go like this: Stefan (red) Tormod (red) Mordecai/Astrid (colorless) Gatrie (blue) Also my favorite Laguz is Mordecai.
  2. Hope: Kamui (red) Valbar (blue) Nomah (green) Atlas(hopefully green but probably red) TT: Conrad(blue) GHB: Jedah (probs red) Probably: Python (colorless) Forsyth (blue) Luthier (green) Kliff (red) TT: Tatiana (colorless) GHB: Zeke (blue)
  3. All 7 to Hicks, as that sweet boy doesn't deserve to be the least popular character
  4. Move a character to another game.

    Gietz to any other fire emblem game, as it would probably play out the same. (unless its FE4 part 1, then we all know what will happen)
  5. K sorry I posted again in such a short timespan but chapter 7 is by far my favorite chapter in any VC game so far. Parts 1 and 2 are both great.
  6. I'm fucking loving this game so far. I understand what you mean by chapter 5 being a difficulty spike but I found it really fun. 9/10 so far. Just because Herbert isn't in this game.
  7. Define your love of gaming with 5 OSTs

    1. Valkyria Chronicles intro I just love this song. Mostly due to my memories connected to this song. 2. Valkyria Chronicles 4 intro I already know I love this game. 3. VS. Ghetsis: Black/White/2/Ultra Sun/Moon Whenever I hear this theme I know I'm in for a fucking treat. 4. VS. Fyrus: Zelda TLP This music helped make this boss fight what it was, and I fucking love it. 5. Any Echoes song. Im sorry I couldn't choose one.
  8. Does anyone want me to post pictures of the special edition of valk 4?
  9. How's your luck in Heroes?

    I've played this game since launch, regularly and only have 55 5*'s. (which im pretty sure is low, but I could be wrong) I spent around 80 orbs on the legendary Marth banner(enough to get 11% pity) and got no 5*'s.
  10. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    From my conversations and what I've read. Corro is bein shady. ##Unvote ##Vote: Corro
  11. My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over

    ##Vote Refa Too confident.
  12. Create A Forging Bond Accessory

    Legions: Legions mask. EX is just his mask with horns. Sirius's mask would be cool. I don't know what EX would be though
  13. Just preordered the special edition. HYPE
  14. Who was your first S support?

    Azama. My first impression was pretty much " Matt Mercer playing a snarky blunt priest with an afro and CLOSED EYES! SIGN ME UP" Also I played as a girl just because I wanted 2 kids. Also Azama is best Jeigan in birthright fight me.