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  1. What's with all the hate for Matthis?

    Oh, in FE12 enemy always prioritize doing damage over their own survival, so that makes sense. Enemy AI in FE3 and in most other games are a lot different, where they prioritize their own safety. In FE3 he'll just throw javelins at you unless you're a bow user, magic user, or also have a javelin. In FE12 javelins have like 3 might, so he'll attack you with whatever other weapon he has that does the most damage.
  2. What's with all the hate for Matthis?

    That is the best video I've ever seen That's weird, I remember the FE3 ltc going across the bridge just fine and all Matthis did was chuck javelins at Marth. Also, why are you baiting Matthis with Palla? lol Also, Matthis came first, so it wouldn't surprise me if Makalov was inspired by Matthis.
  3. What's with all the hate for Matthis?

    Like I said in the op, in terms of base stats alone, Matthis is better than most of the 7th platoon, the only cavs better than him that join at a reasonable time are Sirius, Arran, and Cain. Growths don't matter much because enemies don't grow too much and even then you can influence growths. I'm not going to argue about Matthis's usability in the other games because I can admit that he's not great in them. In FE1 and 3 Book 1, the only cav he's better than is Vyland and maybe Cain and Abel if you ignore growth rates. In 11 the only early game cav he's better than is Cain. Though, I can see what you mean. I guess a character like him is easy to pick on. I guess I never found the idea of throwing shade at characters that funny. I can admit it is somewhat tedious to recruit Matthis. (Though, I don't think recruiting Ayra is hard, but I digress).
  4. What's with all the hate for Matthis?

    That's a fair enough point.
  5. What's with all the hate for Matthis?

    In FE3, you can go across the middle area just fine. Matthis will only attack you with his Javelin, as long as you can't fight back. You just go to the village to get Julian, and then have Julian talk to Matthis. In FE12, you'd have to go around the mountain anyway to recruit both Bord and Julian, it takes just as much time to go around the village then it does to get Bord, go through the middle, get Julian, and seize.
  6. What's with all the hate for Matthis?

    I mean, if that was the case why do people not hate Julian or Bord in FE12 as well?
  7. This is a question I've always had, and I just don't get it. Why does everyone hate Matthis in particular so much? He's just a subpar unit, other subpar units like Macellan, Dolph, and the entirety of the Wolfguard are also bad units and are much more difficult to recruit/keep alive in their join maps, yet they aren't hated nearly as much. Even in the games where he's not that bad in, people still shit on him. In FE1 he's an earlygame mount that can use Silver Lances at base. In FE3 it's the same deal, hell I would go as far and say that he's better than Cecil, Roderick, Luke, and Ryan. In FE11 he's not great, and is one of the games I would say he's legit bad in because he can no longer use silvers at base and reclassing removes his niche as a mount, but even then he starts with a D rank in lances, which is one rank away from using the most broken weapon in the game, and can already use javelins at base, which is better than what Cain can do. Though, there's not much reason to use him over Abel, Vyland, Frey, or Roshea. In FE12, like FE11 he can no longer use silvers and reclassing removes his niche. In FE12 he's just Roderick with better base stats and has growths that are more defensively oriented. Discounting growths, I'd say that Matthis is one of more mid-tier units in the game. A bad unit that joins early is better than a bad unit that joins later. Recruiting him isn't even hard because you have to go around the mountain anyway to get Bord and Julian. For his personality, he doesn't have too much of a character just like 90% of the cast. Though, the few lines he does get give him a bit of a personality which is more than I can say about Cain, Abel, Macellan , or Dolph. From what I can put together from his recruitment and his dialogue with Marth in SD, he's a pretty calm and cowardly person. He initially fights for Michalis because Lena refused to marry Michalis and naturally Michalis forces her brother to fight for his army while threatening his life because of his dislike for him. After finding out that Lena was safe and part of Marth's army, he joins Marth's army as well. His recruitment convo with Julian in FE12 is a little bit more interesting. You can see how reluctant Matthis is to have Julian be the lover of his sister and see how he doesn't trust him. From his recruitment you can tell that he is mostly the overprotective older brother type, which is understandable, considering the past Julian has as a thief and even being so competent as a thief that he's the commander of Rickard. As an older brother of a younger sister myself, I would want my sister to be safe and not to date just anyone, so I can understand Matthis's worries. Near the end of their convo Julian manipulates(?) Matthis and by telling him that Lena and he wouldn't work out and it works and calms Matthis down and they become somewhat of friends. I find Matthis's supports with Kris kind of amusing, in his C support he's mostly worried about his sister and afraid of all the things that the dark priests can be doing to her. In his B support with Kris, he decides that he doesn't want to wallow in worry for his sister and wants to rescue her himself, so he asks Kris to help him train. When I initially read this it was pretty nice to see Matthis go through some development and how he wanted to be stronger. In his A support, it reveals that he just gives up his training and entrusts his sister to Kris (because Kris is a Mary Sue). At first, I was pretty disappointed that Matthis just gives up, but then I found it kinda funny. It's in character for Matthis, he cares deeply about his sister and wants the best for her, but he is too cowardly to be able to protect her. It would be boring if he was just a typical "weak person but wants to get stronger" type of character since Julian and many other characters have that same motive, this way he's mostly still a comic relief type of character, though he's still a static character which isn't necessarily a bad thing. He's not really a major character, he's mostly a side character so being a static character makes sense and works in Matthis's case. Something I wish though is that his supports were with Julian and not Kris, as it would work better and further develop the relationship being Matthis and Julian. Something I like about Matthis is that he's not really a brave courageous knight, nor is he a weak person who wants to be strong. He's just a regular ass dude who doesn't like fighting and adores the peaceful and tranquil life. His cowardice and seemingly denseness are flaws on his part, but they also make him seem more human. When a character doesn't have any flaws they become a Mary Sue. I love characters with flaws, and Matthis, in general, is just one huge flaw, which is something I like. I can see why people would dislike a character like Matthis (seeing how Makalov is similar to him and also gets a lot of hate), but I don't understand why he seems to have so much hate aimed towards him than any Archanea character, I just don't get it.
  8. This is pretty neat, I'm so glad I can play FE11 with the FE12 map sprites without having player units with their FE12 growths. That was so broken and made the game way too easy. I haven't played this yet but I have one question, are playable ballistae still red? Because that triggered me a lot in the sync patch.
  9. Who is the worst "Est" type unit in the series

    Sophia is the worst, easily. Est, even though she's bad compared to Caeda, Minerva, and her sisters, she's still a flier and is easy to train up. Est in FE2 can promote into a Falconknight which is the second-best class in the game. Jesse can become a Dread Fighter, enough said. FE3 Est is easier to train up, but I'd say this is one of her worst incarnations. Delthea, even though she's one of my least favorites can still be really good because of rings. Coirpre is definitely one of the worst, but at least he's a free healer that joins with Physic, and if you pair Lewyn and Sylvia, I have no idea why you would, you can have Corpseti. I don't have much to say about Miranda because I never went B route. Sara is probably the best Est in the series. I don't even want to count Sophia as a unit. Zeiss has good bases, so I wouldn't count him as an Est. I don't have much to say about Nino. I haven't played Tellius so I don't have much to say about the units from there. FE11 Est is nice because she has C rank in lances which allows her to use Ridersbane at base in Ridersbane, Warp Staff, and Wing Spear Emblem. FE12 Est is probably the worst because, by the time she joins, she's too weak to be able to survive any attack and does very little damage even with a triangle attack.
  10. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    Sorry for the late reply, sure with swords Wendy will be good in pirate land, but in general swords are a pretty bad weapon type especially in FE6-9 (I haven't played 10). The problem with swords is that most swords excluding rare swords like the binding blade or rune sword are locked to one range. Being locked to one range wouldn't be so bad in other games, but because of the fact that hand axes and javelins exists and are obtained easily, it discredits the need for swords, especially since a lot of the gba games are extremely enemy phase-oriented. It's the same reason why bows are often reviled amongst the community. It's like they have mages who can use 1-2 range weapons but they nerf them by giving them horrible base stats, while Knights, Cavaliers, Pegasus Knights and any other lance class can use javelins with no kind of impediment. Part of the reason why swords and bows are better in the later games are because of the fact that the games have become more player phase-oriented and also hand axes and javelins are heavily nerfed. although, they aren't nerfed enough.
  11. The full roster isn't out yet, you never know.
  12. Cut chapters and characters from FE1.

    It's definitely possible. Earlier today actually, the nightmare modules for FE3 were updated here. In addition to that, there was also that Japanese Vyland Emblem hack that features all of the removed characters and maps in the game, it also includes some new characters from the DSFE games like Atena and Norne.
  13. The bars in FE1 are useless

    Considering the things that can be done in FE8, and things I've seen in other nes rom hacks, a patch like that is definitely possible. Though, not many people have much experience with FE1 hacking.
  14. Make your own Death Quote

    "reset plz"
  15. Fe6 Remake (Fe8)

    Oh my, this looks very promising. I hope this FE6 remake actually reaches completion or near completion especially since it's using FE8 as a base as opposed to FE7. There's a lot more room for changes in terms of gameplay and design in FE8. Though I have a few suggestions, I like the idea of Lilina being a Mage lord but keep her with magic and give her axes as a secondary weapon upon promotion. About the Knights, I like the idea of them using different weapons, but then you'd have to heavily balance the weapons types. Wendy's already a very bad unit and making her locked to swords just makes her even worse. The same goes for cavaliers, if you have a class that's locked to one weapon type, you have to balance all the other weapons to give people a reason to use that class or unit. About Roy's promotion time, I wholeheartedly want him to promote earlier, but you'll have to find a way to make a way for his promotion to work in the story so it isn't awkwardly written, as well as rewriting the part where he gets the binding blade where he's initially supposed to promote. Anyways, good luck with your exams and I hope to see more progress on this hack when you're done.