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  1. FE4 Translation Patch (Open Beta v7)

    Oh damn, an update on the patch. Am I living in a dream? But honestly, I am glad we finally got to see more progress on FE4 :D
  2. FE5 Battle Animation Editor

    Apologies for the necro, but I must point out that the .zip folder is missing the "FE5 Character List.txt" file in it. You can easily find the same file in other Nightmare folders, but I jsut wanted to point this out for those who have trouble getting this editor to work on Nightmare
  3. Corrupted wish

    Granted! But the game crashes because of it... I wish that I would be better at composing music
  4. Corrupted wish

    Granted! But now your personal life is Shit. I wish that-Atk IVs were not a thing in Fire Emblem Heroes
  5. Corrupted wish

    Granted! But the clones have a severe identity crisis and kill the original so that they can take their place I wish that some obscure SNES games were much more popular today...
  6. Corrupted wish

    Granted, but you now sleep for 20 hours a day, no matter what I wish that I could turn back time
  7. Corrupted wish

    Granted, but it comes at the cost of the city never winning any sports related trophies ever again I wish that I would have better wish ideas for this thread
  8. Corrupted wish

    Granted, but you can only edit the WikiCommons section, and not the main site. Have fun! I wish that my 3DS had an infinite battery life
  9. Corrupted wish

    Granted, but you end up having cancer instead I wish that I could have a girlfriend How original
  10. Corrupted wish

    Granted, but you can only visit regions that are still fans of the nazi ideology I wish that my region would not have to deal with a snowstorm right now
  11. Corrupted wish

    Granted! ...But that "meat" turns out to be still alive, and eats you while you are still breathing... yikes... I wish that Sigurd would've beaten Tharja in the latest FEH voting gauntlet
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    So I guess some people can't get enough of a gimmicky child abuser, since they let her win once again, while ignoring one of the better lords in the franchise... Oh well, I shouldn't be salty like that, but I am honestly a bit bitter :/
  13. Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Just like you two skill rings don't actually give you +10 Skill?
  14. Corrupted wish

    Well ouch, lacking free time is never a good thing in my book. I hope it will... somehow fix itself for you soon enough :/ Anyways, granted! But you can only visit much worse realities than this one I wish that I could fly for an unlimited amount of time