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  1. Next up is this one... I remember you @henrymidfields mentioning World War II planes with a shark-styled nose art so... here's the result... This is a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk sporting a Sharpedo-styled paintjob. I thought to go big and turn the entire plane into a "flying shark"... Coming soon though is an A-10 Thunderbolt "Mega Sharpedo" and "Mega Garchomp". XP-55 Ascender will also don a "Mega Sharpedo" paintjob. Tumblr l deviantART l Twitter
  2. As an owner of a +10 Shanna (+ATK/-DEF). This weapon refinery update made me smile.
  3. His addition to Heroes prompted me to create him; that tome of his was fascinating to experiment with effects by the way.
  4. Pardon the delay but here's Kliff, finished... deviantART l Tumblr l Twitter
  5. Most likely... She's running Slaying Axe+ (SPD Forge), and at +10 merges; my Cherche is expected hit 42 SPD unbuffed which is fast for someone like her. She still hits hard though.
  6. My tiny terror is complete! @Rafiel's [email protected]@Ice [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Fire Emblem Fan Shame that Intelligent Systems made the Flashing Blade seal restricted to just foot units (I mean look at Caeda and Clair), luckily I have lots of ATK-stacking shenanigans to make Heavy Blade workable on her. Her IV's are +ATK/-DEF which gives her usable ATK at least. Her S-support buddy is my +SPD/-DEF Cherche. Aside from Aether which is used in Chain Challenges and Tempest Trials, she's also packing Glacies which hurts a lot or Iceberg which fires off very quickly now. I plan to pass down Harmonic Lance+ on her just to imagine what numbers she can pull off with Glacies, but that's more of a crazy experiment.
  7. Thank you! Anyways, here's a spoiler of Kliff... I'm already done with him.
  8. Quan, Luminous Lancer [WIP]

    I run a Brazen ATK/SPD Quan myself. Pretty fun once he's in Brazen range especially if he's +SPD. I gave him a +3 SPD seal and once he's in range, that's 42 SPD without Cavalry buffs. For spoilers; my Quan is +SPD/-DEF so that means I'm going all-out offensive.
  9. Been a while since I last posted; so here's a bunch of new things... Here's F!Kana who is on a playground ride, a Panda playground ride to be specific. This is a bit of a crossover because the said Panda ride is from Resident Evil 6. Also the weird wavy things is a reference to her "Water Breath" in Fire Emblem Heroes. F!Kana: deviantART l Twitter l Tumblr Shanna here is my artwork for the Fire Emblem Compendium's "Where's Walhart" event. Had the idea of combining her FEH and Original artwork (hence the double pauldrons) for the event. It was a quickie since I found out the size requirement needing the art piece to be a bit on the small side. Shanna: deviantART l Twitter l Tumblr Roy's our Valentine Boy! Well, this one is a case of re-imagining an already existing artwork. Thought to do a "What If" for Valentine Roy and wondered what he'd look like if in another artist's art style. I attempted to channel kaya8's art style (particularly on the eyes). Valentine Roy: deviantART l Twitter Last but not least is Lilina... who is about to make someone suffer the Fiery Consequences with Forblaze. Lilina: deviantART l Twitter Note: Lilina and Roy share an art post in Tumblr which right over here.
  10. Send Two Characters on a Date!

    Uh... Reinhardt and Cecilia at a dinner for two!
  11. Cordelia (Summer) Currently the fastest Lance Cavalry unit in the game. Best candidate for a Firesweep Set. Her lance is okay since it can be forged and make her go faster. Sturdy Blow is nice for extra punch and taking a hit when she attacks. Also Cavalry/Tactic buffs makes her extra scary. Her downside is that green units will eat her for lunch. 8.0 Innes (Summer) Take Cordelia; but on wings and is using an axe. Currently the fastest Axe flier in the game. Just like Cordelia's base weapon; the Beach Banner can be forged so that Innes can go faster. Flier buffs or Tactic buffs will make him scarier. Downside is that he'll need an A-slot skill and his RES is shaky thus mages and manaketes would have a ball on him. 7.5
  12. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Assuming the one you are mentioning is the Lilina video; then yes... those are my artworks. Gotta love nukes! The cute princess smoked the BBQ King.
  13. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Did two versions of my run against Arvis: Emperor of BBQ... @[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected] Cecilia and Reinhardt's Honeymoon in Belhalla The most "Ironic" way to kill Arvis
  14. Ninian The other flying dancer aside from Azura. With the right IV; she may be a refresher but this means she can help in combat too if she's not refreshing someone. Scary with a Bladetome with Flier Emblem buffs. Taking an +ATK boon makes her offenses look similar to Summer Corrin. Neutral IV makes her a bit similar to Olwen's offenses. For comparison; Summer Corrin has 31/34 offenses at neutral; +ATK Ninian has 31/33 while vanilla Olwen has 26/34 while neutral Ninian has 28/33. 28/36 though if she's +SPD. Refreshing is nice; but also being able to nuke something when not refreshing someone opens up some funny shenanigans with Ninian. 9.0 Sanaki Sanaki's pretty great. Reverse drive effect on Nifl Frostflowers is already good and pair her with a lot of Goad Flier companions and that will be a recipe for disaster. 8.5
  15. Your Lowest Tier Heroes

    Clive (Neutral) - Slaying Lance+ / Reposition or Rally DEF+RES / Ignis / Fury 3 / Lancebreaker 3 / Hone Cavalry with Close DEF 3 Seal - Oh sure, Clive is in the worst tiers but when I saw his statline, it screams Blue Eldigan and Vanilla Ephraim on a Horse. He's one of my members of the "Rotating Cavalry Emblem" team for Arenas/AA. His Ignis is what makes him scary since if that fires off on Enemy Phase... expect hell to break loose. Mathilda (+ATK/-DEF) - Firesweep Lance+ / Reposition / Iceberg / Fury 3 -> Swift Sparrow / Hit and Run or Drag Back -> Chill SPD 3 / Hone Cavalry / Speed+3 Seal - She's not like she was in SoV; but this shall work close enough to emulate her performance there especially in a Tactic Emblem with Drive buffs and Cavalry Emblem. Because she's so fragile that even Sword units can kill her, I've decided to give her a Firesweep Lance+ so she can poke things or kill sword units without retaliation. I'm considering to upgrade to Swift Sparrow (but I don't have the fodder for her yet) and also using Chill SPD on her B-slot (again no fodder yet) so she can be terrifying despite of her placing in the tiers. Also one of my Cavalry mainstays. Sully (+ATK/-DEF) - Slaying Lance+ / Draw Back / Luna / Fury 3 / Swordbreaker 3 -> Desperation 3 / Fortify Cavalry / Attack+3 Seal - This Sully here can hit an unbuffed 50/40 offenses which is not good but not bad too. Luna with Slaying Lance+ basically becomes a stronger Moonbow. Swordbreaker is there for now but I'll upgrade to Desperation 3. She's around usually in Arenas if she's the bonus unit. Shanna (+ATK/-DEF - +6 merges) - Slaying Lance+ / Reposition / Aether or Glacies / Fury 3 / Desperation 3 / Goad Fliers / Heavy Blade 3 Seal - The pride and joy of my roster, Shanna is currently my strongest flier; with a good IV to boot. You might wonder why I placed Heavy Blade 3 seal on her but that's because my Shanna is on a Flier team so she can proc either Aether or Glacies faster. The former is handy for Tempest Trials while Glacies allows her to even break tanky units in arena due to her pretty good RES stat. Eliwood (+SPD/-RES) - Blazing Durandal / Draw Back / Dragon Fang / Fury 3 / Renewal 3 / Fortify Cavalry / Attack+3 Seal or DEF Ploy 3 Seal - Despite of being a worse Brave Roy; Eliwood is another one of my mainstays in the "Rotating Cavalry" teams. His build is more focused on participating in Tempest Trials. Despite of having a RES bane, Eliwood has a decent 32 RES with Fury 3 which means he can still utilize Ploys if needed. Canas (Neutral) - Raudrblade+ / Draw Back / Moonbow / Darting Blow 3 / Desperation 3 / Threaten RES 3 -> RES Ploy 3 / SPD Ploy 3 Seal It's unusual that Canas is running a Bladetome set; but this set is more or less copies my Two-shot Wonder Cecilia (+SPD/-RES). With Darting Blow; Canas can hit 35 SPD when initiating combat. If he has full Tactic buffs, he's going to hit 76/41 offenses which is crazy for a mage with middle of the road stats... RES Ploy/Threaten RES and SPD Ploy are there to make sure he secures more kills. Klein (+DEF/-HP) - Brave Bow+ / Glacies / Death Blow 3 / Quick Riposte 2 I'm waiting for a +RES/-HP or -DEF Klein for this one. If anyone's wondering what set I'll run for +RES Klein is... Guard Bow+ / Reposition / Iceberg / Fury 3 / Quick Riposte 3 or Cancel Affinity 3 / DEF Ploy 3 / Distant DEF 3 Seal This guy can hit 34 RES through this set. If a mage dares to poke Klein; he'll have an effective 46 RES on enemy phase. 50 RES with Fortify RES, 52 if under the effects of RES Tactic; those Icebergs are going to hurt a lot. He winds up like Niles but with more ATK.