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  1. Bullying.

    I've been bullied merely for the fact that I'm one of those IQ-inclined types of people in my younger days. In my parts before, intellectually-focused folks get the unfortunate stigma of being branded as insane or manic. Unfortunately, my experience with bullying left a rather nasty mark on me, the non-stop bullying resulted in me becoming unforgiving and harsh, developing an extreme thirst for vengeance and a really glaring perfectionist nature. The last side-effect coincides with various expectations from other people. If anyone's wondering how long I've been bullied, from elementary up to the end of my high school days. This is why I feel sketchy on the concept of making friends because I also had my share of false friends who are also subtly bullying me before.
  2. Rate the Unit, Day 23: Hawkeye & Nino

    Sully Best described as a melee-version of Olwen in terms of statline and also a natural anti-Red button due to innate Sapphire Lance. If you are to make her good; you gotta hope you get an +ATK because of that superboon and she'll be serviceable. One more thing, she has at least access to Cavalry buffs. If I were to recommend a set for Sully, it's either a Slaying Lance+ with Fury set or a Firesweeper build with Life and Death/Swift Sparrow. Still, her statline is not too remarkable and you gotta be crazy enough to experiment with her. 5.5 Cordelia 35/35 neutral offenses is just nuts and the fact that she's a Flier means she's the ideal candidate for a Firesweep Lance. She is rather squishy though on both physical and magical sides. 8.0
  3. Rate the Unit, Day 23: Hawkeye & Nino

    Raigh He seems to be meant to be a Jack of all Trades Red Mage; but loses out to dedicated Offensive mages (Tharja, Sanaki, Lilina and Katarina) and Magic tanks (Sophia, Katarina and Sanaki). On the other hand, if you do get a +SPD IV one; he can make use of a Bladetome and Darting Blow combo. If not, he can be a Wolf-tome nuke. 4.5 Sophia Bulky mage that has decent ATK, DEF and RES. Her downfall is just crappy SPD. Give her TA, a Raventome and a breaker or even Quick Riposte and she's good to go! If not going the Raven-tome route then Close Counter+Owl Tome can make use of that. 6.0
  4. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    @Zeo @mampfoid @Vaximillian @mcsilas @XRay @Rezzy @Rafiel's Aria @eclipse Turned Zephiel into BBQ with Lilina + 3 Dancers. The key to clearing this was nuking with a sidedish of Savage Blow shenanigans. I call this Lilina build the "Ostian Nuclear Missile" set.
  5. Pokémon: Project Philippines

    Oh cool! A Philippine-inspired Pokemon hack.
  6. Rate the Unit, Day 23: Hawkeye & Nino

    Gwendolyn Best described as "Blue Sheena" because she has mixed bulk. Pair that with Berkut's Lance+ and DC; she can be hard to KO even with mages and even be a threat to said mages. Also, Hone Armors is nice if you're running someone like LA!Lyn or Halloween Henry running a Bladetome set. She's the worst among the armors but she's still solid. 7.5 Shanna My favorite Pegasus Knight!... and she's more than just Desperation fodder. To be quite honest, I had the most fun raising Shanna because she's useful right out of the bat. Desperation, Killer Weapon which can be upgraded to a Slaying Lance+, Iceberg and Threaten SPD is a decent starting kit for her. This means that you'll only need to give her an A-slot; preferably Fury (which goes well with Desperation) with and an assist skill such as Reposition or Draw Back. If one wants to change her C-slot; she can run a Flier buff. Mine is using Goad Fliers... or since she has a good RES stat; especially with Fury, she can run ploys, preferably a combo of SPD Ploy and DEF Ploy seal. Other good option for her is the Firesweep Lance+ set; although I'm already happy with her default Killer weapon since this means I can even utilize Glacies which runs off from her good RES stat. Her only downfall is that her ATK stat is lower compared to Shigure, Est, Tana and Cordelia and her RES is lower than that of Est for Ploy shenanigans; but still she's usable. By the way if you manage to get an +ATK boon Shanna; you're all set to turn her into a flying terror if you wish to use her. I'll give her a... 8.5
  7. Rate the Unit, Day 23: Hawkeye & Nino

    Palla She was a decent flier before because Elincia and NY!Camilla weren't around and Caeda hits like a wet noodle. However, ever since the former two appeared and Caeda gets a Wing Sword, Palla has been outclassed. On the other hand, balanced statline which means she'll not die easily to things not named blues or archers and Goad Fliers is easy to obtain. To bring out the best in her, she'll need to be backed up by Flier buddies which I also run, so I'll rate her... 6.5 Roy Roy also has a balanced statline for a unit and may not have anything interesting to offer until one can take a look at his Binding Blade which can be refined to have Quick Riposte 4. Combine that with Dragonslaying attribute. Roy can facetank most Dragons; being the only threat to him is Swordbreaker Nowi. His RES is also decent for a melee unit so if you would slap on Distant Counter on him; he can tackle Mages and with an okay DEF stat; he can handle enemy melee attackers. However, again he has a balanced statline which means he'll not perform as well as the more min-maxed units, I'll rate him with... 6.5
  8. Rate the Unit, Day 23: Hawkeye & Nino

    Maria Oh boy, where to begin; she's fast and has good RES. Physic staff is nice although her ATK stat is a bit shaky. Panic is good for screwing over Emblem teams. Since I mentioned she has good RES means it opens up Ploy Shenanigans. Nothing's funnier than a cute little Cleric ploying her opponents and Razzle Dazzling them to their doom. Takes a lot of love to make her work but hey, she's not bad. 6/10 Wrys All he has is high RES and mediocre to poor in everything else. He's handy for Ploys and Magic tanking though. 2.5/10
  9. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    Well, she still has 32 DEF with Fury even if -DEF; but still I'd rather have Luna since I tend to bump into rather bulky enemies; this GHB is one such instance. Thanks, I was glad that even +SPD Cherche is still usable. Oh, and here's the Clive & Mathilda clear of the same GHB; this spotlights my "Horse Emblem Ephraim-clone" Clive and "Firesweep War Goddess" Mathilda, Clive did the tanking and killing the Bow Knight, everyone else became Mathilda's victims. Olivia and Azura tagged along because of WoM shenanigans since Fury 3 is involved again. Tagging you @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
  10. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    It's not often you'll see a Cherche not running Brave Axe+, I've decided to build her this way because she has salvageable SPD if she has a speed boon (it's also a superboon) and she can go really fast in a Fliers team. She can hit 65/48 offenses with a Goad+Hone Fliers which is surprising. Also I got her during Minerva and Maria's Bound Hero Battle banner; I was aiming for Minerva but the game just gave me a +SPD/-DEF Cherche and I was like "You're not Minerva so I'm going to turn you into one!" The part of making Azura take a hit was a case of AI manipulation; the green units went up north instead of going into Cherche's direction; and getting the said Green Mage blocked by Forest tiles.
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    Thanks! ... oh and if the Red Mage wasn't packing Axebreaker, Cherche could have solo'd the entire map.
  12. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    @[email protected]@[email protected]@Cute [email protected]@[email protected] More details in the video's description... I went for something rather insane and wondered if my +SPD/-DEF Cherche can lay down the smackdown on this GHB. I intentionally made her tank an archer hit so I can get her to low HP fast for Wings of Mercy shenanigans. Azura was a case of AI manipulation because my previous attempts had the Green units going up north if I place her on the Defensive tile. P.S This Cherche is running a Slaying Axe+ speedy attacker set. I am going to post the Mathilda and Clive version of this GHB when it's uploaded. "Clive and Mathilda's Lovely Picnic of Doom" at Berkut Grand Hero Battle.
  13. I mean, my art thread here got buried underneath the newer stuff. Not sure if make new thread as a "revival" thread or just continue from the old thread. Pixiv... is unless I have God Tier skills.
  14. I have an art thread here before, although I think it got buried already by the newer stuff.