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  1. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Me too! Ursula grins at this map since she can just nuke with Death Blow-powered Blarblades. I might settle for deploying my Budget Build 5* Rein as well to sweeten the recipe of doom for Arvis further.
  2. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    Wait until I turn my Roderick into a horse Cordelia... Uwee hee hee!
  3. Pardon the necroposting but I thought to spoil this here... It's Mathilda. Been enjoying raising her in Fire Emblem Heroes so....
  4. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    For me, I find Mathilda a case of "Difficult but Awesome"... She's difficult because she's so squishy and even Swords units can pick her off as you mentioned, also her HP is crap and she needs the right IV's to actually work... and normally, Mathilda is kinda bleh and outclassed for a Cavalry unit. On the other hand, if one gets the resources and the right IV's to make her functional, she becomes an unexpected powerhouse. At this point, Mathilda's going to be my primary Firesweep Lance user in a Cavalry team once I unlock her full potential at 5*. I've yet to build up my other Firesweeper that is none other than Roderick who is +SPD/-HP.
  5. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    She's not yet done.... Mathilda is lacking Hone Cavalry and Reposition. Her IV's are +ATK/-DEF Coming soon, her other Cavalry friends with Wings of Mercy so that they warp next to her once she's low on HP. Explanations for her skillset. She uses Firesweep Lance+ so she can poke enemies to death while not eating a counter-attack because she's squishy as heck. This goes well with Hit and Run allowing her to move one space after attack. Fury 3 and Speed Seal raises her stats to decent levels. If I fully upgrade the Speed Seal and Mathilda is at 5*, she's going to end up sitting at 35/38 offenses which is nice; this is not yet factoring in Hone and Goad Cavalry's bonuses. Since Fury has recoil; it opens up the aforementioned Wings of Mercy shenanigans. Glacies is there so I can take advantage of huge RES stat.
  6. Replace Videos or Remastered Runs?

    For that, I should just aim for perfect runs.
  7. I'm supposed to be on another one of my semi-hiatuses again; but I've been checking the quality of my gaming runs and noticed how embarrassing it was played. It was kind of mediocre/sub-par for my criteria due to either the following: poor maneuvering, sucking at firing stuff or getting damaged in the least dangerous situations. Now, I'm thinking of either deleting my old videos and replacing them with absolutely better ones (extra points if it's a perfect run) or keep them but do a remastered run of that game in the future.
  8. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Currently working on Reinhardt with an experimental build. Building skills on my current -ATK/+DEF one so I can merge him on another Reinhardt. The boon and bane I'm aiming for is +SPD / -not ATK. - Blarblade+ with Moonbow, A: Darting Blow 3, B: Vantage 3 / Wings of Mercy 3, C: Goad Cavalry / Fortify Cavalry and Assist: Draw Back / Reposition
  9. Who are you Supporting?

    I supported my Reinhardt who is on his way to become a speedy Blade-tome MLRS.
  10. Might consider disappearing for a while; it's for my own good...

  11. Official Pull Topic

    As long he's not -ATK; he's going to be decent. I already have a good build for him whenever I get to pull him; but unfortunately the game is throwing shit at me.
  12. Official Pull Topic

    Sacred Stones Banner Free Pull: 4* Hinata Other Pulls: 3* Sophia (2), 5*Katarina (surprisingly; and she's +SPD/-DEF to boot) I'm focusing on Red for reasons... EDIT: I got another Sophia but at 4* and... 3*Olivia... I HATE HATE HATE HATE THIS!
  13. Let's see... 1. Kieran - I would like to see him showing up in-game. I see him as a fairly speedy, hard-hitting and tanky axe cavalier with lolRES if we're to go with stats. He's my favorite Tellius dude because he's just freaking funny as heck. 2. Selena Fluorspar - She would be in a GHB but still, I'd like to see more Sacred Stones characters. Please include her Bolting if ever... 3. Oscar - Ike, Titania, Soren and Mist are in-game already; so why not? Extra points if he shows up with Rolf and Boyd. 4. Seth - Again, we need more folks from Sacred Stones showing up. The twins are already here, so why not bring Seth in-game? 5. L'Arachel - She's just funny in Sacred Stones! Honorable Mentions: Thea and Yuno (because Shanna is already in-game), Fiora and Farina (Florina is already in the playable roster), Marcia, Elincia, Sigrun, Tanith, Lute and Geoffrey, also Astrid, Rath, Sedgar, Wolf, Shin and Sue for mounted bow users, and also the other Christmas knights who are not yet in-game.
  14. DC looks nice but I don't have enough Hectors to let it ensue. My Eliwood which is +SPD/-RES will likely end up as a speedier Durandal nuke. I am tempted to use Glacies on my Titania given my Firs but still I feel a little conflicted. Magekiller Sully looks nice. Don't have Leo, I have Olwen but sucks as she is +DEF/-ATK. My Ursula is complete (except she's at 4*) and my Cecilia is same as my Eliwood; except she's going to be a Speedy Gronnblade nuke (Almost closing in to 5* a Nino with meh IV's) on a Horse Emblem team.
  15. I just pulled a Sully and I wanted to do something crazy on her. She's 3* and is +ATK/-DEF, and I might use her for some Horse Emblem shenanigans. Also, I have a Titania who is a +RES/-DEF... any good ideas?