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  1. Cherche, Wyvern Friend Character Analysis: Cherche is noted as a flyer unit with monstrous amount of ATK stat meaning she can hit very, very hard. This makes her an ideal candidate for Brave Axe+ and Death Blow allowing her to take down enemies quickly; even without setup just as long as she has the skills needed. Thus the ideal boon for her is +ATK. Combine that with her being a flying unit and high mobility, she is a force to be reckoned with... Here's the question though... is a +SPD Cherche still useful? In this topic, I'll introduce you all to my personal build that I made for my Cherche, I own a +SPD/-DEF one; but I could have wished it is a +SPD/-RES instead. After doing some experimentation, it turns out even a +SPD Cherche has its uses. It may require some investment but it brings a whole new and fun twist to utilizing Cherche; a breath of fresh air from the commonly-seen Brave Axe builds. Also, I made this build because I never obtained a Minerva myself; even pulling from her banners and instead the game gave the Cherche that became the subject to this experimental build. Cherche (The Minerva Clone Build) Ideal IV's: +SPD/-RES Purpose: Alternate build Base Statline (+SPD/-RES) 46 HP / 38 ATK / 29 SPD / 32 DEF / 12 RES With +SPD boon, she can hit 29 SPD, usually 29 SPD is salvageable tier for me. I can still turn her into a unit with decent amount of SPD; allowing her to double slower stuff and to avoid doubles from faster units. The only ones that I can see doubling this Cherche once at her full potential are the likes of Lon'qu, Mia and Ayra and some of the faster Pegasi units (might want to update me on this one). The best bane is -RES since her stat is already low; and she's better off not touching mages unless she's capable of KO-ing them. She still has decent bulk against Physical units though. Skills Weapon: Slaying Axe+, this essentially allows her to either spam Moonbows or to fire off Luna or Draconic Aura at a fast pace. For this build, I'd say pick up the +3 SPD boost so that she can be a bit faster. Assist: Reposition, so that she can scoop up allies and place them in a safer spot. Special: Plenty of options for her special, Moonbow with Slaying Axe+ because a 1-CD skill allowing her to spam it a lot! You can opt for Luna so that she can even tear through bulkier targets or use Draconic Aura since she still even has a pretty high ATK stat even if she has a Speed boon. Bonfire is also not bad on her since she has a good DEF stat and looks more attractive to use on Fury builds since Fury 3 helps her reach 35 DEF. A-Skill: For budget players; you can go for Fury 3 for a nice +3 boost to all stats; meaning her offenses heighten a bit. The recoil will synergize well with her B-skill, Desperation so that she'll be in range for guaranteed doubling. If you are a madman and want to turn this fine lady into an offensive monster; then go for Life and Death 3. She can still take physical hits since she will still have 27 DEF; but now... stay the hell away from mages because LaD 3 leaves her RES stat with only 7 RES, if she has a bane in that stat. B-Skill: Desperation 3, hands down. Once she's in the range for doubling; she's going to either KO someone or leave a target in the red zone. C-Skill: Goad/Hone Fliers so that she can support fellow flying units. Goad is nice for budget players. You can pick a Hone of your choice if you're running her on mixed teams. Sacred Seal: +3 SPD / Squad Ace D; the boost to her Speed stat is needed to help her reach 38 SPD (Fury Build) or 40 SPD (LaD Build) Stats upon reaching full potential Slaying Axe+ (+3 SPD) + Fury 3 + SPD Seal/Squad Ace D - 51 HP / 55 ATK / 38 SPD / 35 DEF / 15 RES Slaying Axe+ (+3 SPD) + Life and Death 3 + SPD Seal/Squad Ace D - 51 HP / 57 ATK / 40 SPD / 27 DEF / 7 RES Ideal Teammates Fellow fliers are a must for Cherche to send her offenses to scary levels. With a Hone and Goad; she can hit 65 ATK/48 SPD for Fury builds; whereas LaD builds can reach 67 ATK/50 SPD. Pretty nasty isn't it? If one also brought a Fortify Flier unit, she'll have 41 DEF for Fury builds, and a still decent 33 DEF for Life and Death variants. If you're running a full Goad Fliers team; it's possible for her to reach 67 ATK/50 SPD for Fury builds and 69 ATK/52 SPD for LaD variants if she has full Goad Fliers bonuses (+12 ATK/SPD). Make sure you have a Lance-wielding flier or if you're lucky, Summer Corrin to cover those pesky red units that may become a pain to deal with for Cherche; although she can destroy some of them. A Raven tome mage is also recommended if you're running Cherche; preferably one with Bowbreaker so that they can handle archers which can be threatening to Cherche. Again, as mentioned earlier; blue units either tome or lance units is a must since they'll be the ones taking care of red mages or sword units that can endanger Cherche; being red mages and Ruby Sword-wielding units as the biggest threat to her. I'm open to any updates for this thread.
  2. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Team Sigurd here, would be nice to see a SNES-era winner this time. My current lead is Cherche, so feel free to add me; if you want a hard-hitting but surprisingly fast Wyvern Rider to cause some mayhem. My FC is: 967 291 2719
  3. Thought to return to Discord; I kinda left due to things bothering my mind days ago. Again, I'm Frostbite (#8648)
  4. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Good News: Free Soleil Bad News: She's +DEF/-ATK I was expecting Siegbert...
  5. Overall Favorites: Dark Mage

  6. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    Team Sigurd; mainly because I have a decent Sigurd (+HP/-RES) that's maxed out. I'll also use this VG to test out my 5* Cherche (+SPD/-DEF); so that means I'll be throwing out either Sigurd or Cherche as a potential team mate in this Voting Gauntlet.
  7. Character Voice Dreamcasting

    For some reason, I think of either Kaiji Tang or Travis Willingham to voice Kieran.
  8. I used to think I was... but it seems that I realized that I'm riddled with too many flaws to qualify to be a "Good Person".
  9. Pointless....

  10. Overall Favorites: Pegasus Knight(s)

    Shanna, Tana and Syrene. Shanna is the waifu among the three; in which she always gets the royal treatment in FE6; and also in Fire Emblem Heroes.
  11. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    Siegbert is top target for me... Can't say no to a character who either looks fun to pull off Eliwood's old build or Double Meme Sparrow shenanigans.
  12. Your most amusing moment

    While I was raising Cherche and grinding SP for her other skills, she kept on saying "Snack time, Minerva!" whenever Luna activates. Now I cannot unsee the rampage of a hungry wyvern.
  13. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    Hey! I played that game too... @Topic I've also posted this in another thread... Never I'd see the day that Cherche can reach a good SPD stat. This fine lady is a +SPD/-DEF IV and runs a build allowing her to function like Minerva since she never appeared for me. Her moveset is not yet complete though.
  14. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    While she's a high-tier character... but I decided to do a really weird take on Cherche... by turning her into a Minerva clone since Minerva herself never showed up for me even if I do pull on her banners. Also wanted to deviate away from the usually-seen Brave Axe+ builds. I hope this Wyvern lady catches some people off-guard. Her IV's are +SPD/-DEF; I wished it was +SPD/-RES instead so that she can tank physicals better. Slaying Axe+ is basically the closest thing I can get to a Hauteclere for this fine lady. Soon I'll be getting the +5 HP/+3 SPD bonus so that Cherche can hit 38 SPD in this build. Her proc is Luna; which becomes a stronger Moonbow courtesy of Slaying Axe+. For her passives. She has Fury 3 which boosts all of her stats by 3; which patches up her DEF bane. The recoil damage from Fury will be handy in activating Desperation 3 allowing her to mimic Minerva. I haven't done her C-passive; but it will Goad Fliers since it's budget buff I can get for a flier team. Her assist will be Reposition and I'll slap it on her when I get the fodder for it, I might consider Draw Back as well since it's becoming more common on my side. Also borrowed the SPD seal so I can see how fast she can go and I'm quite surprised by the results. By the time she gets her Slaying Axe+ with the stat boosts, her stats will be: 51 HP / 55 ATK / 38 SPD / 32 DEF / 19 RES At maximum Goad Fliers bonuses; she can hit 67 ATK / 50 SPD when I complete my budget Goad Flier Emblem setup.
  15. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    I am aiming for Siegbert. He'll be fun with a double Swift Sparrow build if I get the fodder for it. XD