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  1. Now I have a mental image of Tharja wearing a Cleopatra costume for Halloween... *sings* Walk like an Egyptian Okay, back to the topic! Lilina - She may have meh speed and skill; but the latter is patched up by a ridiculously fast support with Roy. For some reason, she likes to proc SPD growths for me and if she chooses not to grow SPD; well... at least I still have a nuke around in case there are any low RES targets around. She also gets to be my Forblaze user due to her nuke-tastic damage. Sophia - As much I find raising her is a pain; I don't mind as long as it is a Dark magic user. L'Arachel - She's hilarious and promoting her to Valkyrie (despite of my distaste of Light magic) and having this mental image of her yelling "JUSTICE!" while wrecking through monsters is just awesome. Isadora - Sure sure, she's overshadowed by the other Paladins but I don't give a crap; and I find her and Harken adorable. Knoll - Again, a Dark mage is a delight for me to use. Also Summoners! For FE Heroes counterparts: Sully - I heard she's quite lackluster in FE: Heroes but she's a Red-armored cavalier! I'll do anything just to make sure she'll be quite scary in the longer run.
  2. Cecilia and Ursula were fun... The former is a Raven tome user that will be upgraded soon to a Gronnblade; the latter is running an all-out offense set with Blarblade.
  3. What proc skill shall she be possessing? Moonbow? Draconic Aura?
  4. I got Olwen but sadly she's a +DEF / -ATK nature. Since I'm a Free-to-Play player; got any ideas to salvage her offenses? I do know she'll make great use of Blarblade. I'm currently thinking of giving her either Death Blow for A-passive then Desperation for B-passive; she can keep the Ward Cavalry. Thoughts?
  5. Uh, guys... I can't seem to participate in the SF Discord Chat My name there is Frostbite. EDIT: Nevermind, I managed to get in the SF Discord Chat.
  6. Thank you! and... Oh look, an update! Luckily this is the first perfect run so far... [ F-14 Tomcat - Ellen and Cindy (Cincia in JP version) ] [ F-14 Tomcat - Boss Rush Video ] Sub-weapon: Phoenix Missiles Bomb: Tomahawk Barrage The F-14 Tomcat is back in Sonic Wings Special but this time is an unlockable plane and requires you to clear the game with at least 8 of the playable characters once. Its basic attack are a broad spread of bullets similar to its appearance in Aero Fighters and still has those strong Phoenix Missiles; which flies slowly but deals good damage as it no longer has the burn effect, which is saying a lot since the missiles of the Tomcat are fast, spammable but weak in Aero Fighters 2. Bomber attack is still the same, the Tomcat calls in a storm of Tomahawk Cruise Missiles on screen; this deals good amounts of damage. The catch this time is that you won't need to wait for the slight delay before the bullets are nullified. Enemy bullets are nullified right away when you activate the bomber attack which is a nice improvement.
  7. I'd go for the Ultima Weapon, Judgement Staff, Whale Whisker and Octagon Rod from Final Fantasy; being the last two mentioned are from Final Fantasy IX.
  8. Good grief, this run was frustrating... [ YF-23 - Spanky a.k.a Whity the Dolphin ] [ YF-23 - Boss Rush Videos ] Sub-weapon: Aqua Pulse Bomb: Giant Float Mines If Lord White's AV-8B Harrier II Plus is a slow-moving powerhouse of plane with a spreadshot. Spanky a.k.a Whity the Dolphin's YF-23 is a fast-moving plane with mediocre offenses despite of it having a spreadshot. It's a four-way spread shot accompanied by "Water Pulses" as the sub-weapon. His bomber attack just releases four giant floating mines that function similarly to Tee-Bee's subweapon; being the difference is that they soak up some punishment before succumbing to the enemy bullets. Offensively, if you can pointblank a boss with this bomber attack; it can deal heavy damage if all four giant float mines manage to connect with the boss.
  9. Thought to bring some old content which I just re-uploaded... If I had plans to continue my MS Paint parodies; I might come up with a more refined style; but here have some old stuff... I know they look meh but, I placed em' here for nostalgia reasons. My days in animating using MS Paint were my origins, and my running gag back then involved the use of stock footage of mushroom clouds.
  10. Very well, skill clones it is then. But I'll deal with Odin first before I proceed.
  11. Oh... ... and next stop for promotion will be Odin so I can now turn Ursula into my primary nuke. Now my Raven+ Cecilia has a partner-in-crime! XD I wanted to do a little twist to my Camus so he'll be a bit different from Xander. Also, my Xander at 4* despite of the low 25 SPD becomes 35 SPD whenever Cecilia and Camus are nearby. Not slow but not too fast for the doubling shenanigans. That's with Fury + Goad Cavalry + Hone Cavalry.
  12. What A-skill shall suit Camus? I don't want him to become a complete Lance-wielding Xander clone; I might give him Vantage too but the A-skill... For spoilers; my Xander has Fury / Vantage for A and B-slots and Grani's Shield is completely situational since I can obliterate Wolf-tome users.
  13. Did Luke just crack out a bad pun?
  14. "Goodbye, darling!" "Do you like the color red?" "Your skull shall be my trophy!" "I'll be your judge, jury and executioner!" "Begone lowly worm!" "I am absolute perfection!" "I shall take pleasure in tearing you apart..." "Lowborn filth..." "Soon you'll be nothing but bones..." "Let me hear you scream in pain! Hee hee..." "Your agony, it's delicious!"
  15. Princess Garnet a.k.a Dagger (Final Fantasy IX) Class: Cleric -> Summoner Affinity: Anima Personal Skill: Summon (only upon promotion); allows Dagger to summon any of her Eidolons to assist allies on the Battlefield. Functions similarly to Knoll's phantoms but even more durable; and each Eidolon has their own stats and set of attacks available which is scaled according to the summoner's level. EXP gained by Eidolons become BEXP if available. Drawback? Only one Eidolon can be active at a time; and they expire after around three turns. Has a single-turn cooldown after the Eidolon is unsummoned. Personal Weapon: Whale Whisker (12 Mt, 100 Hit; functions both as a Heal staff and an attacking staff; unlimited uses, +5 MAG when wielder attacks on Player phase - Dagger only; counted as Light magic in the Weapon Triangle) Growths: 40% HP l 60% MAG l 35% SKL l 40% SPD l 55% LCK l 15% DEF l 50% RES