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  1. L'Arachel, Princess of Light

    I run an Super Nuke Ivaldi build of L'Arachel. It's no Brazen ATK/SPD; but I just went with it since it's easier to get. With an +ATK boon, Death Blow 3, Cavalry shenanigans (Hone+Goad), a maxed-out Attack seal and Ivaldi's bonuses kicking in, she can hit a whopping 72 ATK.
  2. Post your biggest projects in the game!

    She'll be my soon to become +10 character... Lacks ATK Ploy and going to max her Heavy Blade seal so she can now be terrifying.
  3. Create-A-Hero Thread

    Since this is a "Create a Hero" thread, here's "My Unit" Name: Frost Title: Perfection Seeker Weapon Type: Tome (Blue) Unit Type: Infantry Rarities: 5* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Character Description: A young man who seeks absolute perfection in all things. Absolutely despises even the slightest flaws. Statline: HP: 29/32/35 l ATK: 34/37/40 l SPD: 31/34/37 l DEF: 11/14/17 l RES: 28/31/34 (148 BST) Weapons: Thunder Elthunder Thoron Sværtkaldt (14 MT) - Grants +4 ATK/4 RES when attacking; deals 5 damage to enemies within a 2-square radius after attacking) His PRF tome is basically Mirror Strike 2 + Savage Blow 2. Special: Glacies Passive A: Warding Blade (If enemy's RES is lower than user's RES; decrease cooldown count) Passive C: Speed Ploy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Activation Quotes: "Behold, absolute perfection!" "Kneel before me, worm! "Begone inferiors!" "Such a shame to be outclassed, hmm?" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LV40 Confession: "Hello Summoner, I've been observing you a lot lately... I must say, you may not be fighting but I just simply adore your tactics. Such an exquisite display that I can consider equal to my abilities. Friends? Sorry, I'm not very keen on the concept of friendship... such investment of emotions can create flaws in exceptional individuals. Now, listen to me Summoner; I will make this simple... The moment you mess up and do not meet the desired results, I might not support you anymore and if I do get fed up from seeing flaws repeatedly, heed my warning, you will soon join your ancestors whether you like or not. Since I'm done talking to you, I'll be keeping my eyes on you."
  4. Favorites: - Shoot em' Ups (Particularly the older ones), Flight Combat Simulators (Ace Combat, I AM LOOKING AT YOU), Real Time Strategy (Starcraft and Command & Conquer comes to mind), Tactical FPS (Delta Force), Racing (Gran Turismo and Need for Speed), Turn-based Strategy (Fire Emblem says hi), RPG's (usually of the Final Fantasy flavor) Least Favorites: - Most of the FPS genre (the only FPS I play are the original Medal of Honor and Call of Duty games; alongside the original Delta Force & Project IGI. The modern ones? Nope...) and MOBA (Ugh... toxic communities especially in my parts)
  5. Frederick, Polite Knight

    Ahh... Speedy Frederick or as I nickname it... "Horse Emblem Minerva: Frederick Edition!" While mine is neutral; I will be merging him on a +SPD Frederick. Can't say no to tank that can reach 48 SPD with full Cavalry boosting shenanigans. That variant also has a Player-phase version that uses Life and Death 3 instead of Fury which can hit 40 SPD (50 with Hone+Goad combo). Now that's where he needs to be really wary of mages and manaketes. Neutral's not bad; but still going to merge him since mine is sitting at 34 base SPD (44 with full Cavalry boosting shenanigans.). Also mine is partnered with Ursula.
  6. Randoman's Philippines Trip Impressions

    *raises hand* Make that three... The coldest month tends to be February. If I recall correctly; there has been instances of permafrost forming in the higher altitude areas. You might want to try to consider the province of Laguna since I happen to live there. Aside from the many resorts and pools there; hence earning the moniker "Resort Capital of the Philippines", the province of Laguna is home to lots of historical places. The City of Calamba has the Rizal Shrine, the old churches found in the third and fourth districts of the province with some of them already around 200-300+ years old and still standing up to now, the municipality of Pila has a heritage town and a museum and the Underground Cemetery in the municipality of Nagcarlan. On the side of nature trekking, there's Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw. Also, there's Pagsanjan Falls which is actually found in the municipality of Cavinti; although the popular route is shooting the rapids from the municipality of Pagsanjan. In Lumban, there's a man-made lake there; Lake Caliraya which was dug-out way back in 1939. Laguna is also home to the Enchanted Kingdom, an amusement park which can be found in the City of Sta. Rosa. Also said city has a lot of commercial center for you to do some shopping.
  7. Ursula, Blue Crow

    Ah, one of my mainstays on my Cavalry teams. I use a Death Blow Bladetome Ursula on a full Cav team; she can land the pain with full Cavalry buffs with a touch of Goad Cavalry.
  8. Jakob, Devoted Servant

    Debuffer build looks scary when he's with Gunnthra with dancer support.
  9. Leo, Sorcerous Prince

    Both Budget-friendly and can make Leo go NYOOM! If he's +SPD and has a maxed-out SPD seal, you can consider Darting Blow 3 too. This bumps him up to 34 SPD when initiating and becomes 44 SPD with a Hone/Goad combo. Unfortunately; he's the slowest of the candidates for Darting Blow. EDIT: I noticed you have added Darting Blow already... XD
  10. Cecilia, Etrurian General

    Another budget option is Darting Blow 3 for the Gronnblade+ set since I'm running it. If paired with a Speed seal, she can hit 48 SPD upon initiation (This is factoring Hone Cavalry + Goad Cavalry).
  11. Please, I just want Kieran... Oh, and event orbs too!
  12. Glad that I got the feathers for this... Also YAY Azura. Second refresher unit to win a VG; preceeded by Ninian.
  13. Azura, Celebratory Spirit

    I can't help but to notice that Azura's stat spread as a flier is almost similar to Shanna. Similar offenses but -2 HP, -3 DEF and -3 RES at neutral nature.
  14. Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace!

    Whenever I see a Clive in an arena; it's usually a DB3-Brave+ build which is starting to get a little tiring since I also see a lot of folks running Brave DB, I know it's good but it's just everywhere. I run him with Slaying Lance+ with Fury 3 + Lancebreaker 3 to mirror Ephraim. I have his build posted in the Character Analysis section.
  15. Tempest Trials: A Gift of Peace!

    Ooooh, my Cherche would love that Heavy Blade seal! TT has started; running my Horse Emblem team of Priscilla, Frederick, Camus and Clive.