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  1. Your Lowest Tier Heroes

    Clive (Neutral) - Slaying Lance+ / Reposition or Rally DEF+RES / Ignis / Fury 3 / Lancebreaker 3 / Hone Cavalry with Close DEF 3 Seal - Oh sure, Clive is in the worst tiers but when I saw his statline, it screams Blue Eldigan and Vanilla Ephraim on a Horse. He's one of my members of the "Rotating Cavalry Emblem" team for Arenas/AA. His Ignis is what makes him scary since if that fires off on Enemy Phase... expect hell to break loose. Mathilda (+ATK/-DEF) - Firesweep Lance+ / Reposition / Iceberg / Fury 3 -> Swift Sparrow / Hit and Run or Drag Back -> Chill SPD 3 / Hone Cavalry / Speed+3 Seal - She's not like she was in SoV; but this shall work close enough to emulate her performance there especially in a Tactic Emblem with Drive buffs and Cavalry Emblem. Because she's so fragile that even Sword units can kill her, I've decided to give her a Firesweep Lance+ so she can poke things or kill sword units without retaliation. I'm considering to upgrade to Swift Sparrow (but I don't have the fodder for her yet) and also using Chill SPD on her B-slot (again no fodder yet) so she can be terrifying despite of her placing in the tiers. Also one of my Cavalry mainstays. Sully (+ATK/-DEF) - Slaying Lance+ / Draw Back / Luna / Fury 3 / Swordbreaker 3 -> Desperation 3 / Fortify Cavalry / Attack+3 Seal - This Sully here can hit an unbuffed 50/40 offenses which is not good but not bad too. Luna with Slaying Lance+ basically becomes a stronger Moonbow. Swordbreaker is there for now but I'll upgrade to Desperation 3. She's around usually in Arenas if she's the bonus unit. Shanna (+ATK/-DEF - +6 merges) - Slaying Lance+ / Reposition / Aether or Glacies / Fury 3 / Desperation 3 / Goad Fliers / Heavy Blade 3 Seal - The pride and joy of my roster, Shanna is currently my strongest flier; with a good IV to boot. You might wonder why I placed Heavy Blade 3 seal on her but that's because my Shanna is on a Flier team so she can proc either Aether or Glacies faster. The former is handy for Tempest Trials while Glacies allows her to even break tanky units in arena due to her pretty good RES stat. Eliwood (+SPD/-RES) - Blazing Durandal / Draw Back / Dragon Fang / Fury 3 / Renewal 3 / Fortify Cavalry / Attack+3 Seal or DEF Ploy 3 Seal - Despite of being a worse Brave Roy; Eliwood is another one of my mainstays in the "Rotating Cavalry" teams. His build is more focused on participating in Tempest Trials. Despite of having a RES bane, Eliwood has a decent 32 RES with Fury 3 which means he can still utilize Ploys if needed. Canas (Neutral) - Raudrblade+ / Draw Back / Moonbow / Darting Blow 3 / Desperation 3 / Threaten RES 3 -> RES Ploy 3 / SPD Ploy 3 Seal It's unusual that Canas is running a Bladetome set; but this set is more or less copies my Two-shot Wonder Cecilia (+SPD/-RES). With Darting Blow; Canas can hit 35 SPD when initiating combat. If he has full Tactic buffs, he's going to hit 76/41 offenses which is crazy for a mage with middle of the road stats... RES Ploy/Threaten RES and SPD Ploy are there to make sure he secures more kills. Klein (+DEF/-HP) - Brave Bow+ / Glacies / Death Blow 3 / Quick Riposte 2 I'm waiting for a +RES/-HP or -DEF Klein for this one. If anyone's wondering what set I'll run for +RES Klein is... Guard Bow+ / Reposition / Iceberg / Fury 3 / Quick Riposte 3 or Cancel Affinity 3 / DEF Ploy 3 / Distant DEF 3 Seal This guy can hit 34 RES through this set. If a mage dares to poke Klein; he'll have an effective 46 RES on enemy phase. 50 RES with Fortify RES, 52 if under the effects of RES Tactic; those Icebergs are going to hurt a lot. He winds up like Niles but with more ATK.
  2. Ninian, Bright-Eyed Bride

    I find it sad that I never got Ninian. She could have been interesting in my Flier team as she can play both support and offensive at the same time.
  3. Rate the Unit, Regular Summoning Pool

    Mathilda Hmmm.... Actually, I think Mathilda's not bad at all. Sure, worse Peri but at least I can work around her statline. Usually, she's associated with the expensive DC+Berkut's Lance build to capitalize around her titanic RES stat. For those who can't afford that and want to use Mathilda, you can utilize her Ridersbane+ with DEF Ploy 3 seal combo to leave a dent or outright KO some Horse units (watch out for Frederick though; but she laughs at Titania due to Cancel Affinity). If you're cheeky like me, slap on a Firesweep Lance+ then let her rip with Cavalry buffs. Suggested boons for Mathilda are either +SPD/-DEF or +ATK/-DEF for offensive-oriented builds while she's looking for a +RES boon if you want to use Berkut's Lance+. She's not the best Blue Lance cavalier here but for me, I don't think she's the worst; and she has served me quite well in my Cavalry teams. 7.5 Delthea Basically a stronger Linde with added utility of granting +6 ATK via Dark Aura. Just keep her away from physicals and she'll do alright. 7.5
  4. Frederick, Horizon Watcher

    Just checked, Steady Breath is restricted to Melee Infantry/Armored. Steady Stance though; Summer Freddy can access.
  5. Rate the Unit, Regular Summoning Pool

    Clair As said before, she's basically Blue Caeda who is utter shit before due to laughable ATK stat (but this has a superboon) making her Silver Lance+ pokes feel like tickles. On the other hand she has good SPD and RES which means she'll be doubling a lot of stuff due to her SPD and she can use Iceberg/Glacies to capitalize on her RES stat. Cue the weapon refinery update; Clair has gotten better! She gets access to Rhomphaia which is basically the Wing Spear and has the same unique refine as Caeda's Wing Sword. Pair that with Iceberg/Glacies and DEF Ploy and Clair can wreck Cavalry and Armors all day; just keep her out of danger because her physical bulk is bad to mediocre. 7.0 Faye Faye is well... a bulky archer and the only holder of the much-coveted Firesweep Bow+; while this allows her to do chip damage, but having offensive stats of 30 ATK / 25 SPD at neutral is kinda sad. If one wants to use her, give double Distant DEF 3, Quick Riposte and a Guard Bow+, she'll shine in laughing at both archers and mages all day. 5.0
  6. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    Pardon if this arrived late and I included Lloyd's GHB in this video; but that was for Themed reasons... @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]'s [email protected]@Zeo The second half of this video contains the Linus Grand Hero Battle in Infernal. I used Lilina with her refresher friends again. Can somebody say "BBQ" and "Hot Dog"?
  7. Rate the Unit, Regular Summoning Pool

    Abstain on rating Jaffar... Okay... Priscilla Best described as a worse Elise stat-wise in the offensive side but better on the magic walling side due to better HP and RES. She's not bad for a Cavalry healer at all. If one would use her Panic+ staff; she has the opportunity to fuck up Emblem Teams which synergizes well with Gunnthra to nuke them or to defuse Bladetome units (I still encounter them, yo!). She's also a good user of Pain+ and Gravity+ being on a horse after all. While I said earlier that she's worse than Elise; if you score a boon on either ATK or SPD; she'll be able to somewhat perform like Elise albeit a bit worse; but still she gets the benefits of Cavalry buffs allowing her to lay down some pain if she's built offensively with a Razzle Dazzle build. I'd give her... 7.5 NOTE: I am an owner of a +SPD/-HP Priscilla, she's doing wonders for me.
  8. I've been starting to think up team compositions for all of them. Just going to wait for their base skillsets so I can start making build blueprints for all of them.
  9. Oh cool, another Green Flier! Also Red Magic Flier! I must get Tana since Nowi in the Trick or Defeat banner managed to avoid me. Cordelia makes another nice addition to my growing rotational Horse Emblem.
  10. Bound Hero Battle: Heirs of Light (Seliph & Julia)

    She's trying to pull off the same stuff that Arvis did. Nothing can survive a Forblaze BBQ party. I don't have DB fodder at the moment sadly.
  11. Grand Hero Battle of Destiny: Linus, the Mad Dog

    Smashed the entire GHB with Lilina and three dancers for Hard and Lunatic. Infernal fell down to my Flier Emblem units consisting of Cherche, NY!Azura, S!Corrin and Elincia. Easy GHB with pretty crazy awesome rewards. Also, I've decided to build up my Linus fast after clearing all difficulties. He's lacking Desperation at this point.
  12. Canas - Seeker of Knowledge

    @BANRYU Here's the specs of my Bladetome Canas build 29 SPD for me is "Darting Blow" tier, which I also did to my +SPD/-RES Cecilia. You can replace Moonbow with Glimmer as it scales damage with the Bladetome bonuses. SPD and RES Ploy are there to ruin someone's day because Canas; while similar to Raigh is better at ploying stuff at base. Canas shines in a Tactic buff team given it replicates the absurdity attained by Emblem buffs; assuming he gets all four Tactic buffs, that's a +30 boost to his damage. If he initiates with full Tactic buffs, you are looking at 76/41 offenses. Add +5 to SPD if he's attacking a SPD Ploy victim or +5 ATK if he's taking down a RES Ploy victim. Assist can be either Draw Back or Reposition. You can replace the seal with +3 SPD if you want additional speed or replace SPD Ploy with another C-passive if you wish it.
  13. Canas - Seeker of Knowledge

    I have an offensive Bladetome Canas build that has Ploy utility as a plus.
  14. Rate the Unit, Regular Summoning Pool

    Takumi Best described as the powercreeped archer who used to be the king of archers until the likes of Bridelia, B!Lyn, Halloween Jakob, V!Roy, Innes and Leon came. 33/32 offensive spread at neutral isn't bad; but there are better choices. While Close Counter looks nice; I'd say he works better with Fury/Life and Death with Desperation; and preferably with either Slaying Bow+/Firesweep Bow+ or a +SPD forged Fujin Yumi (if you're running on a budget). Threaten SPD 3 is good to prevent doubles and to make him get doubles. Sadly his defenses are kinda "eh" and his RES is awful as heck. While there are better archers out there; if you don't have any of them then consider investing in Takumi especially that some are seasonals or locked behind 5* rarity (that means his only direct competition for most players is Leon). While powercreeped; he's still okay if you are lacking in choices for an archer. 7.0 Note: Takumi's rating is based on the fact that most players can now obtain him as a free unit if they start out playing FEH. Sakura She has a somewhat similar stat spread to Serra but with more magical bulk and less punch and speed. She has a decent kit for support; Fear for debuffs and Physic so she can heal at a distance. The good parts end there because Sakura's well-rounded stats means while she can take on any role that's meant for a healer; she isn't going to be as remarkable as the more min-maxed ones such as Elise or Lucius for offense, or Azama when it comes to tanking. Best set for her is either debuffing with Fear+ or... go crazy with Dazzling Pain+ with Savage blow. 4.5