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  1. As long he's not -ATK; he's going to be decent. I already have a good build for him whenever I get to pull him; but unfortunately the game is throwing shit at me.
  2. Sacred Stones Banner Free Pull: 4* Hinata Other Pulls: 3* Sophia (2), 5*Katarina (surprisingly; and she's +SPD/-DEF to boot) I'm focusing on Red for reasons... EDIT: I got another Sophia but at 4* and... 3*Olivia... I HATE HATE HATE HATE THIS!
  3. Let's see... 1. Kieran - I would like to see him showing up in-game. I see him as a fairly speedy, hard-hitting and tanky axe cavalier with lolRES if we're to go with stats. He's my favorite Tellius dude because he's just freaking funny as heck. 2. Selena Fluorspar - She would be in a GHB but still, I'd like to see more Sacred Stones characters. Please include her Bolting if ever... 3. Oscar - Ike, Titania, Soren and Mist are in-game already; so why not? Extra points if he shows up with Rolf and Boyd. 4. Seth - Again, we need more folks from Sacred Stones showing up. The twins are already here, so why not bring Seth in-game? 5. L'Arachel - She's just funny in Sacred Stones! Honorable Mentions: Thea and Yuno (because Shanna is already in-game), Fiora and Farina (Florina is already in the playable roster), Marcia, Elincia, Sigrun, Tanith, Lute and Geoffrey, also Astrid, Rath, Sedgar, Wolf, Shin and Sue for mounted bow users, and also the other Christmas knights who are not yet in-game.
  4. DC looks nice but I don't have enough Hectors to let it ensue. My Eliwood which is +SPD/-RES will likely end up as a speedier Durandal nuke. I am tempted to use Glacies on my Titania given my Firs but still I feel a little conflicted. Magekiller Sully looks nice. Don't have Leo, I have Olwen but sucks as she is +DEF/-ATK. My Ursula is complete (except she's at 4*) and my Cecilia is same as my Eliwood; except she's going to be a Speedy Gronnblade nuke (Almost closing in to 5* a Nino with meh IV's) on a Horse Emblem team.
  5. I just pulled a Sully and I wanted to do something crazy on her. She's 3* and is +ATK/-DEF, and I might use her for some Horse Emblem shenanigans. Also, I have a Titania who is a +RES/-DEF... any good ideas?
  6. I've decided to side with Team Corrin... Oh, and my Camus wants to come out and play. He's running this skillset: - Gradivus, Reposition and Ignis, A: +3 ATK, B: Vantage 3, C: Goad Cavalry My Tactician Name is Frost, my ID is 9672912719
  7. Now if he was a +SPD/-anything that's not ATK... Then I could start doing my weird build on him. Too bad I'm a F2P player; always on an orb shortage.
  8. Tried pulling for NS!Corrin; but I ended up getting a 4*Reinhardt. Unfortunately, it seems he suffered the same curse as my 5*Olwen; both are +DEF/-ATK... The Rezzy curse is getting to me.
  9. What's interesting is that he hits hard and becomes fast when he gets Horse Emblem buffs and factoring in Swift Sparrow or Darting Blow. If one would go for Darting Blow, he gets 42 SPD; meanwhile one could also go for Swift Sparrow so that he'll hit hard and still be fairly fast at 40 SPD on player phase. I'm also planning to invert their roles making Olwen the Dire Thunder user with a similar A-passive and Desperation with 3-cooldown proc skill such as Iceberg. We all know what happens if she can quad-hit an enemy.
  10. My guilty pleasure in Heroes is making unusual builds or adding weird twists to certain heroes but somehow works out well. Usually, the units that get involved in my mad experimenting are Cavalry units. One for instance is Darting Blow (soon to become Swift Sparrow) for my Cecilia who will be a Blade-tome user soon. Also if I get a +SPD Reinhardt (as long his bane isn't -ATK), I might do the same to him as my Cecilia (NOTE: Bladetome Reinhardt). I also have plans too involving making Eldigan and Clive double stuff and still hit hard; but that's because I'm a Horse Emblem player.
  11. More updates! [Ace Combat 2 - Mission 9: "Swordsmith"] [Ace Combat 2 - Mission 10: "Toy Box"] [Ace Combat 2 - Mission 11: "Seagull"]
  12. I used Horse Emblem too... Goad/Hone is just gravy. Running a team of Camus/Xander/Cecilia/Ursula. My MvP for like every map is Ursula and Cecilia; being the latter running on Darting Blow. There's something really wrong if a green unit is even destroying Red units; and she's yet to get her Blade tome.
  13. Favorites: - Cavaliers, Pegasus Knights, Mages, Shamans and Troubadours, including their promotions. The crux of my playstyle involves mobility and being able to rush down opponents with sheer impunity. Mages and Shamans are pretty nuke-tastic for my tastes. Their promotions are also my favorites. For Troubadours, I like em' as Mage Knights or FE6/FE7!Valkyries. Doesn't help the fact that my favorite characters are in these classes, Kieran is full of funny moments, Shanna is fun-lovin', Lute and Lilina nukes a lot of stuff; Canas and Niime are awesome units; being the latter is an awesome grandma. L'Arachel (I tend to go MK for her) is also funny as heck. Least Favorites: - Armor Knights, Fighters and Monks I have a personal distaste for Light mages and I don't like Armor Knights due to their sluggish movement. Fighters are kinda wonky for my tastes, I honestly don't know why... Oh, and obtaining Aureola in FE6 was a fiddly nightmare.
  14. This is my jam... Too bad I can't seem to obtain Reinhardt.
  15. Incoming updates! Here's Mission 7 and 8 of Ace Combat 2! [Ace Combat 2 - Mission 7: "Sledgehammer"] [Ace Combat 2 - Mission 8: "Rising High"]