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  1. Finally, another soul that understands. Armor looks great on any gender, combined with a cape every so often, or maybe a long scarf. Armor should be more available. Score another person ! On a side note, one time when I was a teen after my MMA practice, I went to Walmart in my Gi with my shin guards, wrist guards, and chest guard still on (it's made of a foam like material but looks shiny. I'm sure a few people know what im talking about. It uses velcro to strap on) and it felt so normal/natural. It felt practical. I could shop and take care of business (or run my errands) and still be ready to tank damage in a fight against a few people. I was almost going to go to the bank like that as well but I decided against it. I had my friend with me who still had his Gi on but not the guards. Now imagune the attention we would have gotten in armor made from a type of metal. I already had eyes turning but I'm pretty sure security would have stopped me in plate armor.
  2. Anyone played Yggdra Union?

    Yes I have. I'm proud to say I've done more than 3 play thrus and got 100%. I even got that super awesome PSP bath scene. I've unlocked all the characters including Mistel (my favorite) and did some maps within the turn limit to get the VIP bonus. I sorta forgot the mechanics considering it's been probably like 7+ years but I know I dearly loved that game. I remember it was also where I learned my first bit of Japanese and including some new words like Pillage. I even remember some of the chants to activate my favorite cards. I really like the Maiden one (shield), the undead summoning, and Revolution (Valkyire Card that let's you strike a heavy hit). The story was great. I think my least favorite character was Milanor. I like the Undine loli, witch, and Mistel.
  3. Confirming information

    So as I was making the rounds on the internet I noticed that right after Sony dropped info on their PS1 classic, some people have been saying there are leaks of Nintendo releasing a N64 classic since the first two were successful for them. (the NES an SNES) Does anyone have any more solid info on this or is it just rumors? It fits with their current direction. They have been pumping out remakes, reports, and digitals of many old titles. I dunno if they ran out of ideas on new games so it's the Year of Remastering. I mean I'd throw my money at Nintendo if they were going to include some awesome titles like LoZ: Ocarina of Time, Pokemon Stadium, Donkey Kong Country, Paper Mario, one of the 3 Mario Parties, or maybe some other titles I can't around to remembering.

    I saw the video only once on the switch but can anybody spot an actual date for it yet? I should probably ask GameStop if they are doing pre-orders. Luigi is such a great character. Like the best in the Mario world. Seems to me like Nintendo has a new direction they are going in. Anyone notice how they are spitting out remakes left and right? The SuperStar Saga, the original Luigi mansion, and how they are making retro games more available as either digital or porting them over? By the way i might make a separate thread but I want to confirm or discuss a certain rumor. I hope Sunshine gets a remake or ported over.
  5. I love your avatar. Yggdra's Union was my favorite PSP game of all time. You make me want to go buy it again. Not the GBA version though. I think I started feeling the "adult" mindset after bumping into younger people on various occasions complaining about how hard shit is or otherwise acting naive (based off how I define and feel that word is assigned as a title to a person) I kept thinking, "you have no idea how much it sucks being responsible and not doing what you want. It gets so much more boring and agonizing". I got my own place, i clean on my own (which I'm fine with since it brightens my mood after I'm done) bills to pay, car to keep up with and maintenance, I have to go work 48+ hours, and still run errands time to time. I feel like I never have time anymore to play games for 10+ hours like I use to as a teen, or to binge a 24 episode anime in one night like I use too. I have to follow a schedule now. But putting aside "adulthood" and how it relates to maturity, on another topic I still feel very ignorant. I still bump into people who are light years away from me in terms of wisdom. I feel like I have alot to learn and I'm worried for my age, I'm behind in terms of being knowledgeable
  6. So 1), i didn't know that price thing. I didn't look it up when i said that, i was just taking a guess on the prices so alright, i'll concede that point. My bad. 2) look at my previous post and see that part i'm talking about the effort/time/resources. When it comes to PVP believe me when i say, some people take it very seriously and even go so far as to dump money into a game just to get the better chance of winning. So at the end of the day, everyone is going to put out some varying levels of effort and time into it so what matters? The results. When it comes time to battle that is all that is going to be look at when they hand out the trophy. You can't grumble about losing when you only put 10 hours into this game where as someone who put 100 hours into and walks away with the win. You can't complain about not getting the trophy. Clearly you didn't want it since you didn't put in the time.
  7. I want to do another post putting an emphasis on these two points you are bringing to the table. Let's use Pokemon as an example. If say for example it was July 1st and there is a tournament on July 31st where you'd compete putting the best you got against the best other people bring to the table does it actually matter who invests how much time, effort, resources, or whatever else you can bring up? Seriously? If you happened to finish training and maxing out your units by say July the 10th and it takes me the entire like 30 days to finish mine does it matter in the end? Cause on July 31st when we square off and put out our best who is going to win? Looking at those numbers in my previous post, it would be me. So in the end even if i used up more time, more resources, and more effort, what mattered? The RESULTS! Who walks away with the trophy/medal? The cool thing about Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates was that we could make teams to street pass and match off against each other. At the end of the day, did it matter how much time or effort was invested? Nope. The results are what mattered. So you putting out and making the best team you could possibly make was all that mattered. If you turned off street pass until you were ready and completed your team, then went online did it matter how long, how hard, or how much resources you had to put up to get there? Again, no. When it comes to battling against other people, in PVP, most of the time, we have unlimited time to get ready or prepare. So what matters are the results and who is going to win. I want you to keep that mind. Also at this point, i want you to know, i don't have anything personal against you, i half agree with what you say, so don't lose sight of the things i'm saying and actually look at the facts i'm presenting. Instead of calling it "garbage" or making stuff up. Let's keep things civil here.
  8. See, i already conceded earlier when i said that for the sake of convenience and viability, that making it thru the game, using beorc would actually be the better choice. So i agree with 1 through 8. But 9? Seeing now you are being petty and just acting childish. I clearly said "if" they brought back the team matches from the GBA days in Sacred Stones and we could conduct battles with teams, that you'd see on every team, nothing but laguz because of how great their stats are. I'm being serious here. Have you ever seen someone use Pokemon with base stats lower than 450 in an actual tournament where people compete with all seriousness for trophies or whatever they get? In a fight with a maxed rolled Boyd/Nolan who has 68 HP, 40 str, 36 skill, 35 speed, and 30 def (going over the stats that'd be used in a battle) against a maxed roll Mordecai with 75 HP, 23/46 str, 18/36 skill, 15/30 speed, and 22/44 defense, lets see who'd kill who first. Now assuming niether miss, both have nihil, Boyd/Nolan have the SS rank Urvan equipped with 22 might that puts them doing over 62 damage. Minus 44 defense from Mordecai that is 18 damage and since Boyd/Nolan can double that is 36 HP per battle. Now it'd take 3 battles against a Mordecai to bring him down. Mordecai on the other hand with 46 str and 20 might from his fang put him at 66 damage minus Boyd/Nolan's 30 defense leaving him doing 36. In two battles that would be 72 damage and with Reaver's only having 68 max hp, that means that a Mordecai would kill a Boyd/Nolan faster before he goes down. See? Look at those numbers! In a mock battle, a laguz would win! Want me to use a cat? Ok so 65 HP, 18/36 str, 20/40 skill, 20/40 speed, and (going with a female cat) 14/28 defense. Now with that speed a cat would double. Cat's claw has 18 might so a cat would put out 56 damage per hit so minus Boyd/Nolan's defense of 30 that is 26 damage x 2 (since that speed lets me double) i'm hit 52 per battle. where as Boyd/Nolan would have his 62 - 28 = 34 damage per battle. A cat need's two battles to bring down Boyd/Nolan with only the 1st hit in the 2nd battle being the finishing blow, where as Boyd/Nolan needs to land both his hits to finish off the cat. So depending on who goes first, makes a difference and will boil down to that one simple detail. Don't like Reaver's? Use a Trueblade's max rolled stats of 55 HP (for males or 50 for females), 32 str (31 Female), 40 skill and speed, and 26 defense (25 for Females) and put them in a mock battle against a tiger. Assuming they are using Vague Katti (which btw adds 3 defense) and has 20 might, run the numbers! Who'd win? A maxed tiger would hit 37 HP on a male maxed Trueblade and only need two battles to end his puny life. A maxed rolled Trueblade with Vague Katti only hits a MEASLY 8 HP (so x2 because they can double per battle meaning it'd be 16 damage). It would take 5 BATTLES for a maxed Trueblade to bring down a tiger! Wanna run the numbers on a female cat? A Trueblade would still lose. The Trueblade needs to land 3 hits before being able to kill a female cat where as the cat, needs to land 3 against a male, but only 2 hits on a female Trueblade. At the end of the day, laguz are superior units and are more powerful. I was USING cats and tigers. I didn't even call out a hawk/raven, let alone the 4 dragons you get, or a FREAKING royal. Had i run the numbers of a Royal, that beorc probably would have died much faster. Also keep in mind because this is the point i'm stressing the most and it seems to me that at least two people posting are ignoring it. I'm not talking about using the laguz to get thru the game! Emphasis on the NOT GETTING THRU THE GAME! I'm saying laguz are better in terms of being used in mock battles and being in teams if we had the matches brought back from the GBA days of Sacred Stones. I'm saying in a fair fight, Laguz would beat Beorc every time. The next time someone quotes me or tries to argue against my points, i want you at the end of your post to add that this is all assuming we are in mock battles or something like online PVP (player versus player).
  9. As I already listed, str can all but be ignored against tigers and royals so minus one point there. Those defense pretty much only leave some weapon might left over. Aside from tigers, dragons, Volug, and Skrimir, you can ignore laguz getting doubled. So that's minus another point since if in online competitive battle we'd probably mix in other laguz. So not all of them are getting doubled. Plus as it turns out even if you used slower laguz, they make up for getting doubled with that high defense and HP so it'd take a long time for them to bring'em down. If this was online competitive battle and I brought a skill on my laguz to make it fair, I'd slap on a Nihil (we get three of them anyways) so no specials for Beorc. Minus another point. (Let's not forget two Parity skills) Last but not least, I checked the pages, the only melee weapon that does special damage is a knife against Beasts. Good luck bringing a thief into battle. Sure archers could hurt the fliers but against tigers they could barely scratch them and against a cat, they'd be getting doubled. Oh yeah I forgot the wrymslayer but hey, that's only on dragons. So go figure that won't help much. So basically in an online battle, if it was conducted like in the GBAs or like Pokemon, laguz would still trash a team of beorc. Just swap out units or try and quickly get a hit in before your opponent changes like in Pokemon. It boils down to strategy and timing. Now if you want to start factoring in mages, again it's still a toss up because with cats and Ravens you have enough resistance to take a few hits (plus that HP) but when it's your turn, coupled with being able to double since Cats/Ravens are fast, having over 56 damage (so minus a typical mages maxed out defense roughly being mid twenties and their HP capping at 50 for males) you can in one battle just maul those beorc mages. Provided you switch out and make sure they don't have the bonus damage against your type. Look. I do competitive Pokemon battles. Those numbers are what it boils down to. And it's like poeple wanna sit here and say a Raticate can beat a dragon like Salamence or a max rolled Metagross. You can't just put out enough damage fast enough. Its not gonna work. In Fire Emblem, laguz characters are simply the go to choice for competitive battle if online existed in this game franchise. Those abilities beorc have go bye-bye if I slap a Nihil on them so it'll be raw talent against raw talent. Imagine if I started talking about the royals? Their stats are so freaking high it's game breaking. Even if a beorc could get an extra turn hitting me from two spaces, laguz just have enough HP to last until it's their turn. Aside from archers having two range and mages, if we are talking about putting range weapons on melee units like swords, axes, and lances then you have to remember your suffering or losing weapon might for not equipping SS rank weapons. Because not all SS weapons get two range. For sure not the SS axe or sword (barring aldontie instead of Vague Katti) so only the Wish Blade Lance helps a melee getting two range without losing weapon might.
  10. Which is why I'll concede that in terms of viability and convenience, beorc units are good to make it though a play thru of Radiant Dawn. But if you sit and invest time + effort, laguz units would always be in battle teams if online we're an option. They are simply that good. Any unit could take coddling to make them good but laguz are the best. Meg, Rolf, mages, and a few others are examples of people you'd have to watch their level ups to make sure they aren't getting RNG wrecked. People like Ike, and some other Greil Mercs don't need much but the Dawn Brigade characters do need some help. But if your going to sit there and invest the effort, why not do it into the ones who are game breakers. Dragons especially since they have 1-2 range. I'm pretty sure everyone would stick a royal in their team in online fights. They are just way too broken
  11. Weapons aren't free either. If all your buying is Olivia grass, you'd be spending less. 1 range are indeed problems. Unless your spaming javelins/handaxes beorc suffer from it too, so it isn't as if that is solely a laguz problem. In retrospect all you can hold against them is availability and that gauge since those are specifically tied to them. Their growth doesn't seem to be all that slower than going thru three tiers with a beorc. In fact that exp gain they get when attacking unshifted is ridiculous. So if your going to use strong units to butter up an enemy, why not feed the kill to a laguz? Also small numbers do matter. When you look at the math it makes a difference. Your perception of it not mattering is turning personal. It means the difference between being able to double in some cases, and land killing blows before an enemy can retaliate, also being able to take hits. You say anyone is usable if you take the time on them, but that isn't what I'm pointing out. I'm pointing out that laguz units are way more effective in combat than beorc units. I'm basing it off their high stats and superior weapon. If the chance to put units against each other existed like in the GBA days, a team with laguz would tear apart beorc (and to be fair, we could have both the beorc and laguz maxed). And I'm not even mentioning royals. I'm leaving them out. But if I added them, and we had GBA team fights, no beorc could win against a maxed laguz royal. Those royals have stats unrivaled. Tibarn sitting at 40 defense would negate all but like a weapon's might for most melee beorc units and he's be the one doubling a beorc. Caineghis at 46 defense could barely be scratched by a maxed out Boyd/Nolan with Urvan equipped. Meanwhile he'd be biting off over 20 HP per battle so Boyd would only last 4 hits before going down while he'd have to hit Caineghis like 20+ times to bring that guy's colossal 80HP down. Don't get me started on the dragons since they have 1-2 range and godly stats. I'd go on, but this is a pretty one-sided debate. Of course I'm going based off the premises of GBA team fights as well as raw stats and combat ability and I'm NOT FACTORING IN actual gameplay wise and clearing Radiant Dawn. If we were only strictly talking about getting thru Radiant Dawn, I can see how beorc would be the more viable efficient option of the clearing the game. But if things like battling units against each other existed kinda like online Pokemon fights go, laguz would always be on people's teams. Especially those royals. Everyone would have a dragon on their team like Kurthnaga maxed out.
  12. I disagree. When you look at the stats and benefits of the laguz, they are way too strong. The only disadvantage to any laguz is when they are vulnerable in their un-transformed state plus having to plan around their gauges of transformation. The beorc units can't get any higher than 40 depending on their class. Knights get 40 defense, sword people get 40 speed and skill, mages get like 40 magic and/or resistance depending on who you're talking about, and warriors like Boyd and Nolan get 40 str. A tiger with time invested can get 23 str and 22 def. That's doubled up to 46 str and 44 def. A capped Muraim or Mordecai can negate all the str stat of a powerhouse unit plus some of their weapon's might. Looking at the 46 str they can already tear up all past that defense. A cat with maxed str at 18 turns into 36 so unless your a knight, they are tearing through that defense. I'm not even mentioning or bringing up the fact that a laguz's weapon never breaks, has solid accuracy, and increases in power with more usage. A raven's beak at SS is the weakest at 18 might. That is even stronger than a Silver Poleax plus all the swords and lances below it. Again i don't need to bring up how good their accuracy is. I guess you could argue that they only have 1 range but eh. Look at Volug. 20 str cap -> 40 str plus SS Fang with 19 might puts him dealing around 59 damage. Unless your a knight with 40 defense he is chipping 19 or more HP per hit (and you bet with 46 skill + 90 Fang accuracy he isn't going to miss). Combined with him getting 36 speed, nobody is doubling him except a Trueblade or Whisper. And lets be real here, the enemy doesn't own any Whisper with capped speed or Swordmaster SP. Cats can't get doubled. A tiger, Skrimir, and Volug are pretty much the only ones that can get doubled with maxed speed. The hawks and ravens err on the weaker side but still, laguz give ANY beorc a run for their money if not outright pulverizing them. --cough-- not bringing up that the lowest HP a laguz can have is 65 beating every Beorc unit with only a Reaver contesting them with 68 HP max. Again....all you have to do is plan strategically around their transformation gauge.
  13. by the way, is free will a lie? (philoso-poll)

    ...that isn't my point though. Did you understand what I was saying? Let's see if I can squeeze it into one sentence. Your answer can't be based off speculations or things you don't even have control over, it should only be on tangible facts and known elements. Any contributions to this discussion should exclude God, and only cover what we can ascertain and know definitively.
  14. by the way, is free will a lie? (philoso-poll)

    But when doing research or answering questions you can only go based off what is known and not use speculation. So that "if" isn't even a use-able or meaningful contribution to this discussion. That's like asking if a business is going to succeed and someone says "sure it will. If the Russians or Chinese don't nuke us". In order to answer that question you actually have to look at tangible facts and then use that information to determine the answer. Not speculate something you neither have control over or is just a "if". If they decide to bomb us, oh well. Your business succeeding or failing wasn't based off that much less was something beyond your control. Same as using God in questions and going "but this theory" and it not even something you can ascertain or definitively use to base your answer/decision. I hope I was clear. I kinda feel like someone reading this will get confused at what/how I'm trying to say this.
  15. Men of Serenes Forest!

    Now that I'm chiming in I'll say a little something first to make sure we are on the same page hopefully. I respect all people's opinions, values, beliefs, and philosophies. I read what you've said at least twice to make sure I understand you. I'm here to say I disagree with you. I'm not trying to change or convert your opinion (that you are entitled too) all I hope is that after you read what I said, even if you don't agree, at least respect our opinions or what some other people have to say. Even if you don't agree with it. Just let them be. Masturbation and sex : scientifically proven to produce endorphins (and maybe dopamine) Endorphins = stress relief Stress = poor health, weakens heart and brain function Since this isn't Serious Discussion section I won't cite my sources but this is all proven my medical practitioners Fact about masturbation : can be quick and done in privacy, and a much better option compared to people who drink or smoke (which harms vital organs) to make their stress go away. Some people pick even worse ways but I won't go into all that. Point is that this particular method is discreet and is not being forced on people. Nobody is telling you that you have to do it. Ergo we've come to the conclusion that masturbation (and sex) has medical benefits and if people want to do it, let them. How people choose to relieve stress is their choice. Even if you don't agree, it isn't right to criticize others of their choices. Especially ones that don't affect you, are done in privacy, aren't forced on you, or being made an example of. The reason I say the previous 3 sentences is because, at one point, I detected slight agressiveness in what you were saying. As if you were antgonizing others. That is just my perception, if I'm wrong I apologize. I just want you to know that if I perceived it, maybe others did too and that is why this is turning into a small debate/argument. (Referencing when you used the word disgust when on this topic and how you feel about it) If your goal is to convert or change other people's opinions, then good luck with that on this topic. More or less it kind is a useless endeavor since you have no way of knowing if others actually stopped masturbating after reading what you said much less what does it matter to you, ya know?