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  1. Men of Serenes Forest!

    You have some seriously questionable tastes there @Infinite Dreams lol
  2. I have no idea how you managed to achieve that. I have quite a few questions if you don't mind switching to DM/PM. Message me first?
  3. Did you read the bottom of my paper after I typed "Warning"? I discovered that they get points simply for participating in a battle together. My current working theory is 3 points. I tested it twice but want to run more. I do theorize as well that those 3 points are in the event that you don't pair up and get the 16 kills. Again I'm still testing but from what I've seen I ran a few battles unpaired and they hit the next support rank. I recently typed up more on my paper but I'll upload my new copy after I'm done researching. Which by the way I can only do Monday thru Thursday on my days off. For your case in particular, I'd go with the fact that somewhere in those chapters is a sub-mission awarding points plus the battle participation. Did you go from no support rank all the way to A?
  4. So i didn't mention this in the original post but only in my paper but i think it is important and worth mentioning here so i'll add it. Here is what i never got around to testing fully and understanding Blessing (from the Temple) Bond Charm (the DLC item) Fast and Medium growth rates In my paper i show based off of one experiment what happened when i activated the blessing. It dropped the 16 per battle count to 12 but instead of 59 total kills, it required less (i forgot the number but it only took 3 battles and not 4) By the way i activated that blessing 3 times in a row to see what it would have done. Now that i think about it, in retrospect i should have only activated it during 1 battle and see how it affected the over all 16/59 rules. I purchased all the DLC so hopefully soon i'll have more info on that item posted. And my last point, I can understand Corrin having a fast growth rate with her siblings, but i didn't see that anywhere else out of all the pairs i tested. Until just now. Oboro apparently has the "fast" growth rate with Takumi and Ryoma (still testing. She did the regular 59 total for rank B -> A with Marth when i got her Paragon). But she ranked up in 1 battle to C with Ryoma and Takumi, and 2 battles with to rank B with those two guys. So i can confirm a "fast" growth rate does exist. I just wasn't keeping track of my kill count. The problem now is i don't know who it applies too. As i mentioned i already had like 30% of the supports done with my 198 hours in my save file and back then i wasn't paying attention to characters like Chrom x Lucina, or Marth x Caeda, who could have actually had the "fast" growth rate. Suffice to say, a fast growth rate exists, which greatly reduces the number of support points you need, but it is exclusive to certain pairs. When i'm doing Azura with some Fates characters, i'll count and hopefully bring some numbers to see how many points you need when you have a fast growth rate. My prediction is that she'll have that fast growth with Corrin for sure. I'm going to theorize that Owain will have it with Lissa, and Tharja will have it with Robin. This post is basically me saying, i left 3 last questions unanswered and am currently working on them. I'll keep everyone posted but i do ask for help with the blessing because from my perspective, i have no idea what it did. I punched some of those numbers into a calculator and i see it reduced it by 59%? Not to mention it dropped the 16 rule down to 12. Also if someone can orchestrate a battle with 4 different pairs and see if all 4 people can get the full 16 points then we can answer the question of how many points are available in one battle. For that i recommend using the story mode maps after chapter 18. I have a few people who just hit rank B so i'm going to test it pretty soon as well.
  5. Without further ado, allow me to present to you my gift everyone. It is in the form 100+ hours of my labor. Okay so joking aside let’s get straight to it since you clicked on this for a reason. After doing some searches and not really finding much concrete information I decided to take on the grand task of answering all the questions that we could have about this topic’s subject line. I will list the key information to answer the questions right away here in this thread and will also respond but you’ll find a greater amount of information in the following Microsoft word document I’m attaching. Keep in mind a few things here though. I had every intention to share this information once I nailed it down so you’ll see my banter in the document. I tried pretty hard to make the document look organized since I knew people would be reading it. I created Introduction section followed by the actual questions I’d be putting to the test plus the research section and finally at the bottom the theories section and my monologue as I was testing. Keep in mind that prior to this I already had almost 198 hours on my save file. Meaning I had quite a few of the supports done. Since w/o DLC there are only 23 play-able characters (which I refer to as test subjects) my “resources” started to disappear once I began some testing. So in my document I very strongly emphasize who was clean and who was dirty (in the sense that maybe they had a few rogue points already saved off to the side before I even tested them) There are a few things I have left unanswered myself so I have to leave those parts up to the community to solve. But at least with my ground work done you can quickly read over what I already tested and theorized then go from there. If you’re wondering why I didn’t start a new file then I say to you…..NO! I’m already a little anxious to share all this with you but also I want to finish playing this game casually and enjoy the rest. So this bit right here is to the mods who I was DM-ing before i posted this as well as to anyone to finds this information and wants to re-locate it in any way/form/fashion. Now without further ado the key information. (btw I checked, I’m at 328 hours in my save file now. I really love SF to give it 120+ hours right?) An officer is an individual i refer to that is not a common solider and can be killed with one hit (unless you're really powerful and over-leveled). These people are the ones with icons on the map, can drop weapons, and are actually represented by names. Examples include the Knight, Wyvern Rider, Manakete, Solider, Swordmaster, Fighter, Thief, Fort Captain, and additionally anyone that has a special name but is still the same thing (examples include messenger, awakening tonic supplier, ruffians that sabotage bases, etc) You can earn 16 Support Points per battle based off of officer kills (in other words, each officer is worth 1 point) Once the sound effect changes, you gain NO MORE support points. It is equal to 0 To go from no support rank to C is 21 support points (2 battles) To go from C rank to B is 33 support points (3 battles) To go from B rank to A is 59 support points (4 battles) Sub-missions are worth 2 points Sub-missions are in the same pool with officer kills and max at 16. In other words, if you score 16 officer kills and then complete a sub-mission, you gain no points for it Unleashing a Dual Special is equal to 1 support point (officer kill) Dual Specials are in the same pool with officer kills and max at 16. So 14 officer kills + 2 dual specials = 16 points, any further gains are worth 0 Healing is equal to 1 support point Healing follows the same rules are dual specials Now this little tid-bit is regarding bringing out multiple people and how many pairs can you do. (Regarding #3 i only go up to testing 3 pairs. Didn't make it any further) One character can support as many people are you can deploy The points gained are neither diminished or reduce and follow the above rules Multiple people can hit the next support rank in 1 battle (Example: Chrom with Lucina, Chrom with Robin, Tiki with Marth, Caeda with Codelia) Witnessed thus far, up to 48 points (maybe more) can be earned in one battle. That is equivalent to 3 pairs of people Alright, more comprehensive information can be found in my follow Microsoft Word attachment that has 21 pages (i kept up with all my experimenting and research). If you have any questions you are free to ask. Also as stated in my paper, i started to run into some snags near the end so there will be undoubtedly some information i don't have. This includes me not having fully grasped and understood what the blessing in the Temple did, as well as getting access to the DLC support item (equipment) Research.docx
  6. I've only bumped into you a few times (like less than 5) but out of those you were doing exactly what you claim to not be trying to do. That is mini-moding. In the first one you literally acted like a snitch and tagged her with @ just to get her to come look at the thread and defend your point after several people on the thread were not on your side. So you do and like to minimod. You even mentioned her name right now instead of saying "hey be careful how you word what you say since that has previously attracted negative attention" or something along those lines
  7. Sort of urgent trading request!

    Give me like 20 minutes thought starting from 1:01pm I'm going somewhere
  8. Sort of urgent trading request!

    My DS's name is AJ and my friend code is 1908-2886-2551
  9. Sort of urgent trading request!

    Hey i'm literally booting up the game now. Let me double check if he was in there i'm sure i do have him though beause i remember when gamestop was giving his card away i picked up a like two or three dozen cards
  10. World of Dragons OoC/Signups

    @Silver-Haired Maiden if you need any support let us know. Wish you the best and your family.
  11. General US Politics

    I love how no where you mentioned BLM. They literally killed 5 cops and injured 9 others in one day in Dallas. You say the right is more dangerous? That group started a movement that has crippled police across the country. Literally Seattle is suffering a huge drop in officers because of the politics and little disregard of blue lives. They lost (i think it was 42 or 41) in the year of 2018. Yeah of course some are retiring but the others are for move obvious reason. That is an average of 6 to 7 per month. I'd like to bring up that in my town we are under-staffed anywhere between 1,000 to 2,000 officers. Our guys are retiring and/or quitting faster than we can hire. Let me tell you, that over-time is super fierce. If i wanted to and was capable of i literally could work 24/7 and we'd still be short (and not just me but like 2 or 3 hundred of us could work 24/7). Thanks Obama. I appreciate your legacy. @Bolded and underlined: Oh yeah did i mention Obama and his legacy in what i just typed above this quote? That radical extreme leftist painted a huge target over the police force. Hence why depending on your city/state we take longer than pizza delivery. If anything the left has systematically crippled the country and its future by forever making police one of the least desire-able career fields. You need a force to protect the people. Instead you have a group focused on labeling cops as the worse people and then they themselves when protesting start burning and/or robbing stores right the in middle of the protest. I'd like to say right now i was heated up when i FIRST started typing but cooled down (because i had to break since i was cooking and had to watch the stove for a minute). If my facts are wrong please source me. I don't want to be narrow minded and only see one perspective so i appreciate the help. I think the point of this post when i first started was that i was going to deflect and be like "we aren't that bad, your side is worse" but i know my psychology teacher would be super disappointed with me for saying sentences that infer generalizations and grouping without sourcing etc. She was pretty strict but she was so awesome (ahhh...the power of taking a step back)
  12. Men of Serenes Forest!

    I don't know what beef you have with me but how I talk or what words I use is up to my discretion. Male and female sound better. If you need a simpler word to grasp what I'm saying that maybe you should have paid attention in school you moron.
  13. General US Politics

    Ok I don't know why you are lumping me with that. If you want me to see it then say "hey tediz look at this. This is in reference to our earlier discussion" or something. Don't link something and say my name as if I'm part of that or condone it, or whatever your intention was (which you left out so of course myself and others will be confused and misunderstand.) Please edit your post again Also I share the same sentiment as Karnage. Behavior like that is unacceptable.
  14. Men of Serenes Forest!

    @Hawkwing I'm fine with either but I know most females I meet prefer ma'am
  15. i am not a weeaboo

    1) I love the profile pics you cycle through 2) I'mma have to one up this post and say if you know what a trap is your a weebo now and in your future lives you'll reincarnate into.