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  1. Logbook and skill question

    But what about Pass? That skill on units with high move like mounted ones let's them navigate thru enemies and hit those pesky ones hiding behind tanks. It saves on turns when you can kill the people with ranged combat and let the direct ones come at your during enemy phase. Especially on maps where the objective is to route enemies. Pass is pretty valueable when you don't have to go around 2 or more enemies standing before you. How does 150 in gold give people an extra turn and stats? Are you referring to the base skills that let you consume an item and still attack? And the other one that boosts the effects by 150%? Cause the advance skills from Merchant need to be equipped together to be useful. Pick up gold bars then do 10 extra damage (plus the -10 received). But that also requires space in your inventory. Where as if you get the skill from Master of Arms "Life and Death" you can do the same +10 damage (but then the downside is you also get +10 received) all for one skill equipped and saves you space so you can have various weapons to tackle certain enemies. I really appreciate the info again. Once more, thank you.
  2. Logbook and skill question

    Oh yeah I have a spreadsheet of which characters don't have access to which classes unless they marry the Avatar with it being chosen as the secondary class. I looked at who each person could marry and what classes would be passed so yeah. I saw Apothecary was the hardest but I'm going to skip that one since I can still access Mechanist from Ninja and I don't want the Merchant gold related skills or Apothecary item consuming skills. I saw Outlaw was the 2nd least accessible with over 20 people requiring it. I mapped out how many play thru(s) I'd have to do all while waiting for your responses to confirm if the logbook works the way i think it does. I'm skipping the following characters since they can only support the Avatar and nobody else (I see Nintendo gave them 3 default classes but that isn't nearly enough to make them redeemable) Izana, Gunter, Scarlet, Reina, Yukimura, Shura, and Fuga. I know Flora is the same but I like maids so I'll try to give her come classes when I'm doing all those male play thru. Thanks for your info.
  3. Logbook and skill question

    Wait a second. So in your scenario, once I've added a few copies of him to the logbook with different skills learned from different classes, I go to the 2nd save slot and purchase them onto that Jakob then save followed by deleting the Jakobs in the logbook since I already purchased his skills and I want to save room in my logbook (since I intend to do this with all characters one day). Once I have every skill, beat the game with that 2nd save slot and add that Jakob to the to the logbook and it will be one with every skill possible and if I were to do a fresh new play thru, I could theoretically have a Jakob with every skill right from chapter 6 (or 15 if I do a male play thru and he comes later) provided I grind the gold DLC? And eventually, every character right after the chapter i recruit them? Btw I should do 5 characters at a time to speed things up? All while playing on casual and making sure I don't miss getting any character and doing this once I get to chapter 27 right before the final fight? (If I was on Revelations, I could do this with all characters in just "one" play thru)
  4. UK new Censorship law

    ....please tell me that somewhere inside you there is a part that acknowledges some good does come out of porn/hentai. Because I can think of quite a few things and your statement doesn't reflect the small contribution porn/hentai does offer and it sounds like as if you think it all needs to go. I'm going to give you the benefit of doubt you aren't completely ignorant to the good side of porn/hentai. On another note, you do all realize the intent behind laws isn't to restrict or control only right? If anything this gives the government more power in court because it is something more to pad certain cases with so they can add extra charges and punish people more. Right @Shoblongoo? Our local resident attorney. Aren't laws written in a way that it also includes a reasonable punishment associated with violating whatever specific crime? Them passing this law to make it more difficult to access porn sites means they intend to make it legally okay to incur fines or jail time on guilty people. Does anyone from the UK have info on what you can expect if you are caught violating this law? I'd be less than shocked if they intend to have people do jail time simply for looking at porn. I'd imagine they want money so I'm sure they intend to incur penalty fees
  5. Do you gamble?

    I've played the Powerball a few times for fun and I've been to a casino but I didn't win. It was a nice experience. Doubt I'd want to gamble anymore though. I dislike hearing no follow up stories on the people who win the jackpot. I think people need to know what happens after you win. Some people don't realize winning millions of dollars usually ends up with you being miserable shortly after. I've read a few stories of jackpot winners ending up assassinated
  6. Logbook and skill question

    So when you say every skill you "taught" them this applies to both learned from leveling up and learned from purchasing from a similar unit in your log book? This means from the drop down list, that character would have all the skills available even if they didn't have it equipped as one of the five at the time you beat the game? By the way to clarify I'm not just talking about the drop down list of skills you can select when you are under the skill equip section of the menu where you see the options to save, select units (for battle), view map, and etc. I'm also asking from the drop down list of skills if you are looking at them from the menu where you can edit castle settings and recruit units from the logbook itself. I don't have this info because I've never seen a unit there where you can buy skills from with more than just the 5 they have equipped. So I wanted to ask if you could buy all the skills they ever "learned" (both manually from leveling and taught by being purchased) I have another question in terms of how to set up a file to expedite this process but I'll wait till you answer the previous questions since that info stacks with my next ones if you answer it the way I believe the system is set up to work. Or at least I hope they way it works
  7. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    I have to agree with you Ana and i'll state why in just a sec I think in this situation Ana is right because as much as the supports reveal, Lethe still remains a warrior at heart and this is evident in battle Part 3 - Chapter 6 : A Reason to Fight During the river crossing battle, Lethe ends up sympathizing with her fellow laguz and rallies them on to fight the Daien forcing despite it putting them in a tactical disadvantage. She confirms this by telling Ranulf she knows it is the sane course of action but she won't throw away her values any longer. Then after the battle is over, she is shocked to see Micaiah as the leader of the enemy platoon and after being provoked tells her she'd rather die. I'll go ahead and see if i can insert chapter script in spoliers. Here is after turn 1 ends when the battle starts This is after Ranulf confronts Lethe And this is post-battle So as you can see, Ana is right. Lethe hasn't let go of the warrior spirit and would rather meet death on the battlefield than be humiliated by surrendering. You can choose to interpret Lethe and her support dialogue as much as you want, but this right here is Lethe years later in Radiant Dawn. I believe if you are willing to die on the battlefield for what you believe in, you might not be so on-board with giving up fighting in the name of love (for Ike). It just doesn't add up or seem likely. At least that is how i'm going to interpret what she would likely do if faced with those two options
  8. Logbook and skill question

    I super appreciate the visuals. And in regards to learning how the logbook works, i see....i'm saddened to hear that info. I was hoping that skills learned manually from leveling up and learned from being purchased would be permanent and so if you beat the game and added them as 1 of the 5 you could basically access all those skills (not the classes. i don't care about them being in the class. i like to keep them in their canon class) and then further learn more skills so that you could eventually have a specific unit in the logbook with access to every single skills since they learned it manually without mods.
  9. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    Whoa....i've done myself a great disservice phrasing it in a way that allowed someone interpret my words as "fetish". Look, let me explain, when i see things in the anime world and i otherwise claim to be infatuated with it or love it, i mean it in a way that isn't a fetish or isn't sexual-ized. I know we live in a day and age where those lines get blurred and there are some bad otaku that take things to far but i don't look at all the loli dragons (like Nowi, Naah, Myrrh, Tiki, and so forth) and go "awww loli(s) are so cute. i love them" and then go and sexualize it or taking it one step further, applying that logic to real world children. I just think it is endearing and adorable and say things like "i love them", but i just leave it at the anime world. I'm super into the fine arts (music, drawings, dance, etc) so when it comes to anime, i really love how one's presentation of a character can be so nuanced and thought out even if they are shameful characters pandering to a certain audience like Peri or Tharja. Its almost like what i really love is actually the artisti's creation and imagination. To further illustrate what i mean let me say this, i love the hell out of Tharja and even had her as my screen saver and background on my cell phone for like 3+ years but would i say yandere culture and the acceptance of it as a whole from a psychological perspective healthy or okay? Absolutely not. But leaving Tharja exactly where she is it, in the anime/game world, she is so refreshing and new and i just can't help but love it. Like Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki. But when that starts to fade into the real world, girls with obsessive disorders and that get jealous/clingy isn't a healthy or good thing and shouldn't be praised or coveted ESPECIALLY by otaku who have no idea what it is like for people in real life to go thru disorders or anxiety and etc. Because basically it takes trauma to make people become like that or have those problems in life and coveting/celebrating them and even sexualizing them is absolutely awful and really highlights the negative aspect of otaku culture. Peri ended up that way because of trauma (her mom was killed by a butler that wanted to keep her to himself and Peri as a child even thought all maids/butlers looked alike so she killed them and the father watched but never discouraged her because deep down he also wanted revenge for his wife being murdered. That is some serious deep psychological fucked up shit) Now how that all ties in with yuri/lesbian as i stated before, i say i "ship" Lethe x Jill but what i really implied and meant with my words was that i found their relationship and it's dynamic endearing and adorable. Like....ya know? Leave it to the anime world to grab some concept such as racism and hatred and then spin it and make it look cute. Because their hatred turned into understanding and acceptance. (Cause really beorc/laguz dynamic really echoes racism as in how whites/blacks are toward each other in real life. They even nailed the part about the laguz being slaves and recently being emancipated). I hope i cleared myself up well.....
  10. I lack a full understanding of how the logbook and skills are retained so hopefully someone can come along and maybe explain it that is backed with experience in it. So I understand this much so far, if you learn a skill by leveling up in a class it is added to that character's bank of skills available to pick from (can equip up to 5) and this extends to classes obtained from A+ and S rank supports that lend a new class to whoever is in question. I get that. Next, we have the logbook in which you have characters who you can add thru various means more specifically honing in on endgame people that you can add 5 with a clear file. So if my understanding is correct does that mean that on a separate save file you can recruit that person again as a card (enjhar?) and they still retain all the skills they learned in their bank? (If I got this right) so if you recruit them thru say the card shop, they only have access to the 5 they currently have equipped right? I'm pretty sure the answer is yes to that last one but here is where I don't know for sure, so if I had say for example a Silas who learned all cavalry skills, mercenary skills, and gave him thru A+/S supports Knight and Fighter and then beat them game and added him as 1 of the 5. Then i proceed to start a new file I could teach my new Silas the Knight and Fighter skills, since the Silas in the logbook has all 4 classes and their associated skills respectively right? Now based off how those questions above are answered here is where I want to know even more complex info that relies on people who have put it into practice. So say on a new file, I purchased the Fighter and Knight skills for Silas and also made sure he learned his Cavalry and Mercenary skills, then I proceed to give him 2 new classes by using A+/S rank supports and learned all of those skills tied in, when I get to the end of the game and pick him as 1 out of the 5 units to add to the logbook will he retain all 6 classes and their associated skills despite the fact that I purchased/taught him 2 classes (the fighter and Knight on this play thru) for a subsequent 3rd play thru? Or will the log book only keep his two base classes plus the 2 new ones that he actually learned thru leveling up? My intention or goal behind these questions is to understand if it is achieve able to teach a character every class of skills by spamming multiple play thrus and adjusting my Avatar's class to whatever my targeted character needs. I know the shared characters have it easy since you can have them marry conquest and birthright people but I want to put more hoshidan skills on nohrian characters and vice versa but also make it permanent in terms of their available skill bank. I know there is a few exceptions for classes like the beast ones, songstress, and villager but aside from those, I want to know if I can do it without mods/cheats. If anyone is confused reading this just post and I'll try to clarify. I know the info is all scattered. Also to people who answer, if you could give an example so I can mentally picture it that's be wonderful. Like use a character name as an example and the classes etc. If you don't want to use an example that's fine to. Hopefully as I read the response I can understand it if I simply read it several times including out loud
  11. It was really heart warming to see the supports. Especially B rank when Lethe acknowledged Ike as a fighter training himself to reach new height. She mentioned not holding back. She pretty much acknowledged him right from when they first met at the battlefield of the castle during chapter 5 with the defend throne spot. It was kinda like love at first sight So did you say something was cut from FE10? Did you remember what was said or what the cut content actually included?
  12. Why is the Ike x Lethe ship so rare?

    I'm sad I miss this thread at it's peak. So much has been said. All I want to bring to the table I guess is that as much as I think some people knew about an Ike x Lethe shipping it didn't get traction because of me! I shipped Lethe x Jill for Yuri reasons so I ended up recruiting people who knew Ike x Lethe I mean if you are going to use a laguz anyways why not pair with the laguz hating beorc to see their character development?! I'm sorry everyone. I prefer yuri anyways.
  13. I totally agree here. That pairing was totally Canon! What better way to bridge the gap between beorc and laguz and their differences then to throw in a romance between them. Ike and Lethe could have struggled against the view of society and them not being accepted. Sorta like a Romeo & Juliet over arching theme but without the suicide at the end. Just a happy ending. It would have concluded nicely and even tied in with Micaiah since she was also a branded and could have even made more backstory available. I mean I questioned what was the significance in revealing Micaiah was branded other than making her have anxiety over acceptance if the truth got out. The potential that pairing could really have had huge ramifications on the plot. I feel with their personalities, Ike and Micaiah could have become friends over how they are. Ike being the type to accept all and Micaiah having anxiety over her blood. Lethe and her supports fleshed out her coming to accept beorc including her Jill support. But no Ike shipping was wasted potential. If this site allowed it I would have totally liked and thumbs up your post IEatLasers.
  14. How'd you guys come up with your usernames?

    My first ever and 2nd favorite game console is Nintendo 64 and I pulled Tediz from Conker's Bad Fur Day. I loved playing as the evil Tediz. Had the game since I was 7 years old. Hearing the Tediz say "motha f**ka" was hilarious. I sometimes played as the squirrels too. When you get the machine gun I remember them saying "eat lead you mother f**kers" all the while missing I know I shouldn't be saying this so causally but I loved that game. I think it was the only one my biological father bought me. Lol an M rated game as a 7 year old. Can you imagine? Good stories Oh the stories behind that game I could tell. I learned how to speak Tediz, I learned how to sing the entire Poo song and even can match the pitch and raise my voice, I even learned about female anatomy and sexual reproduction from the bee and sunflower scene. The fire monkies saying "argh I got pee in my mouth", or the squirrel sergeant singing that old military song, and so forth. I remember that game scene for scene, song for song, and every single chapter. I probably clocked over 100,000 hours on it and the remake that came out for the Xbox. But I slowed down after 10 years old on playing it. Moved on to RPGs and anime style games.
  15. 1) Okay you and I both know how this site works. You can't edit someone else's post unless you go so far as to hack their account and do it manually. Otherwise I would have already refreshed the links since I'm stating I'm active and willing to help here on this thread. 2) I've visited the Getit hub repository and they clearly keep listing their patches and info as adding in a fan translation. As I read thru some pages on that thread they have the goal of inserting a fan translation into a Japanese copy and stated at one point that it would be compatible with English/Euro copies of the game. I haven't downloaded their patch to check to see if it has the audio files and name files but they never clarify that is their goal or state it clearly. In fact, based off the name of the thread and the OP they don't even clarify if you can simply skip the fan translation and only restore the Japanese audio. This thread however has an appropriate title and thru out the pages even mentions which patches you want and how you want to mod the game are completely up to you. I played this game when it first came out and only strictly wanted the audio restored. I come back after several years to see all this movement and changes only to become confused. I putting a huge emphasis on reading and being clear cut with one's choice of words to understand what is being said and what you can/can't do. Nobody on the internet can read another person's mind let alone understand information that is implied or is supposed to be already assumed it is included especially when it comes to new comers that stumble in after some time has passed. This thread made it to 47 pages long because of the fact that this type of activity (modding games and jailbreaking a 3ds) is foreign to some people and you can't simply assume they know everything and exactly where to pick up off from so that is why all the questions asked here are still relevant and can help teach people if they simply dig thru it. How do you know there aren't a few people who just want the audio and don't care for the fan translation? Will they comprehend they have a choice in the matter going to that thread? Both threads are equally important and deserve to remain standing. That is why it is important to be clear and concise when speaking. By the way, I'm not trying to antagonize you. Just saying...I hope you aren't reading this and thinking I have a condescending tone. I just feel like speaking bluntly is how I'm going to make it clear that way people can't read my words and accidentally interpret them the wrong way or get confused along the way. I'm sorry if I'm being rude or disrespectful. I really am.