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  1. FE6: Project "Not Thracia"

    what is FE4 SoV?
  2. I dislike how many people are shrugging off saying that they don't want to pull on this banner because they don't know the character Duma. At least it's not another Camilla! This kind of shows that there are a lot of people in the community that cherish characters they already know like Fates and Awakening, which fuels the reason as to why IS keeps sending out more alts. I feel like people should be more excited to see a character on a banner even if they don't know who it is. The latter will prove my point when the trailer gets really low likes than dislikes from other fates special hero banner trailers and other trailers that pissed off the community.
  3. Silith judges your battle ballot. - 2019

    Mine will probably get the lowest score
  4. I know, that's why I said top two. I am okay with Camilla being in the top because of the reasons you said, but I just want to help prove a point to IS.
  5. Choose Your Legends 3

    I agree, also Mangs needs his waifu in the game. Lol but all kidding aside, let's at least have Louise be in top 2!
  6. Guys please just spare one vote for Louise! Let's have a hero that isn't in the game beat someone with 6 Alts! It can happen guys if you just give your support! Louise for Top Two!!
  7. Choose Your Legends 3

    Guys vote for Louise!!! Let's show IS that a recently underated waifu can beat Camilla! I know you guys want FRobin and Micaiah but let's push for Louise for Top Ten. Even better, top 2! Spend at least one of your battle ballot spots. Let's put Mang's waifu in FE Heroes!
  8. Hey guys, is it possible to play Maniac Mode in english on macbook? Because gcrebuilder apparently doesn't work on mac?
  9. OMG good job guys with the progress. I have a question, do you think this translation/menu patch will be done by spring break? Thracia 776 is the only fe game i have left to play and I really want to enjoy it with the new menu and translated script. Do you think with the work that has been done, will it be complete by spring break or maybe sometime in april?
  10. what is the difference between ephraim version and version 3.2, is the ephraim one the newest or are there differences between it and 3.2?
  11. Sacae Route help

    Hey guys, so I am playing Hard Mode for FE6 and I want to go through the Sacae route this time since i went ilia route first time i played hard mode. Here is the thing, I am using Shin on my main team, but i also want to use shanna on my main team as well. However, I don't want to use Sue since she is so under leveled and I can't use thea because I will end up going to the ilia route. What's the best way to make sure i get these 4 characters properly leveled so i can go to the Sacae Route?
  12. Tips for FE3 specifically

    Hey guys, so I am starting FE3 because I want to play some of the old school games, I just have a couple of questions. What are the rules regarding promoting in Book 1 and Book 2. Do you promote early because max stats are twenty or just max lvl a character to 20 and then promote? Also, do prepromotes get the same experience gains as normal unpromoted units? Just to let you know, these questions are for both Book 1 and Book 2.
  13. Is there a pattern to what time they should release the trailer, and by time I mean clock time.
  14. Does anyone know when the new trailer for the new heroes that is coming out on the 14th should be released?