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  1. Funny Forged Weapon Names

    I'm not going to provide better names to weapons than Odin will so I tend not to try.
  2. It's getting to the point that unlike Super Mario, I'll just off the guy as the most effective solution. Assumedly this castle in some way is under my ownership so maybe I'll lay complex traps and bait them in the form of a Saturday morning cartoon villain.
  3. So what is your favorite character?

    For the longest time, I've had Ryoma practically benched and I keep forgetting to deploy him to get Astra for units like Camilla and Minerva. I suppose to apply to the topic... I like Navarre if I can take a Sword user into battle and substitute Lyn if it's just a Female deployment only restriction. Barring them, I lean on Lucina a lot, though that's died down somewhat. As for Bows, I favour Anna without question. For Lances, that's pretty tricky since I tend to avoid them, though Caeda having her Wing Spear is a tiny bit cruel. For Tomes I try to lean on Robin where I can but I've also got Tharja and Elise as comfortable secondaries. With Axes, I typically don't feel very comfortable with them, but I have to lean a tiny bit more towards Minerva (even though I don't deploy her all that much...). I'm not actually a fan of how Xander and Frederick feel to me but that might just be how I can't really deal with horses in Warriors games.
  4. Anything stuck in your mind currently?

    No... Right now, I think I'm actually at peace... This is rare for me.
  5. Which of the Orignal 8 will you use first?

    If I pick up the game, most likely Kirby. He's just a cute little ball of fun and adorable.
  6. What actually goes on in the Team Rocket hideout

    I'd be satisfied but I actually only like a handful of the Pokémon he's shown to have. Also, and this is just a fun coincidence, I'm listening to this: So that's... a happy coincidence.
  7. What actually goes on in the Team Rocket hideout

    It's Gary. Which probably explains a high and mighty attitude I tend to have when playing Pokémon sometimes.
  8. What actually goes on in the Team Rocket hideout

    I knew I heard my name. I can also confirm this is exactly what happens.
  9. I'd kinda like the idea of the amiibo units to be implemented as they were in Fates BUT, being given full access to story-related content, supports and such. Literally everything that they couldn't do as well as what they could. They're already established characters so writing conversations between each other and the new characters would be easy enough. For a way to include them fairly without breaking the game, they should give each amiibo unit a set chapter that scanning them can recruit them after. I.E Scan Ike before Chapter 16 and he'll show up with an occasional weapon, item or bit of cash to help you but scan him AFTER chapter 16 to be able to do a special quest to recruit him. As a bonus, because people didn't like lacking access to them, they could also have their join maps included as a Season Pass Bonus or a unique map set that could be used to expand on amiibo character features. I think that each amiibo character could give a nice selection of unique weapons and items only obtainable through scanning the amiibo (or the amiibo-based DLC if that's done) Sorta like their replica weapons in Fates but also weapons like the Regal Sword for Ike or perhaps Durandal from Roy. Maybe I'm overthinking these ideas on it but I'd like variety in my reasons for having purchased these amiibo, y'know? (And I still think it's Bull that Female Robin doesn't have an amiibo yet.)
  10. Y'know, I was loosely referencing Chrom's and Olivia's (I think it was B?) Support where Chrom says what I did, but YES! I should have! Oh, I've just thought of another one! Replacing the final attack on the last boss in whichever Fates Path you prefer to be substituted with Gregor performing a Dual Strike whilst yelling: "DO NOT FORGET GREGOR!"
  11. *Insert clever topic title here*

    I get the lurking somewhat but that seems like an incredibly antisocial way to greet everyone. XD "Hi, I probably won't talk to anyone." Now I hope my playful banter isn't misinterpreted as an attack... I like reclassing units for silly reasons. Like wouldn't it be hilarious if Lucina was a Cleric during the buildup? Can't say I've been known to code but petting dogs is always nice. I'd recommend Path of Radiance at some point given your list of played entries. Enjoy your time here. The people are friendly and ready to help if they can.
  12. Marth and Navarre are probably my favourite choices there though I can see Takumi being my next favourite. If there wouldn't be a Smash reference between him and Marth though, I don't know what I'd do with myself. As for Navarre, I could probably see him having a conversation similar to things he and Stefan have discussed so that's cool too. Atonement I hope we get more than the whole amnesia prospect. I feel would be the easy way out... but yeah, my interest is piqued enough. I'd totally play your outlines here.
  13. I second this notion. Thanks again for my copy by the way, dude. It's been a blast (when I've not been playing Xenoverse 2 for like 3-4 times the duration I've played this). I'm cool with waiting but I really want it now... Eh, I don't really have any need of entering but it's not like I can't ask any questions right? If you were implementing Ike, would you use his Ranger and Lord classes as his base class and promotion with his Hero and Vanguard classes as alternative costume options from the start? (Ranger and Hero both being available from the get-go with his promotion unlocking both Lord and Vanguard) or would you have his classes defaultly from one game and unlock the other game's costumes via History Mode battles? OR Would you make his class line just work as: Ranger -> Hero? While I'm still on the subject of Ike, I may as well ask who you'd have him converse with via supports. At least of the existing FEW cast. And as for the story's crossover reason, how would you want it to go? I felt that what we got in FEW wasn't really an explaination compared to at least Dynasty Warriors Gundam or Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. I feel guilty about asking so many questions now... =/
  14. Units can't be recruited from the logbook

    Do you have the space for them in the army?
  15. Units can't be recruited from the logbook

    Did you look in the correct tab for it? For example, the Amiibo characters are all kept on the 3rd tab. Did you update the logbook with the appropriate unit? They're the only things I feel might be wrong with what you're trying. Everything else should work fine.