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  1. Boyz II Men's thread

    Not if we're just asking random questions like this: Does anyone here have a favourite colour?
  2. Given my driving record on video games (the only thing I have to go by) she's probably dead.
  3. Dragon Ball - Myself - Wanna gather the Dragon Balls to completely reshape myself and join in on epic battles and the like. Fire Emblem - Myself - It'd be one hell of a way to lose weight by practicing Swordsmanship, plus, I'd be interested to try and learn magic and the like. Pokémon - Myself - Why be anyone in particular when you can have Pokémon? Side note on this, my real name is in fact Gary. Any time people refer to things that Gary Oak did I play dumb and state that I don't remember doing them. It's fun.
  4. General Warriors & FE Warriors Questions Thread

    Ah, sweet. Thanks for the info.
  5. Super smash bros ultimate "Online mode"

    I'd like to have Team Multi-Man returned as an available mode. Back in Brawl, I loved doing 15 Minute runs but only ever lasted about 12 minutes at most, so I actually think that it's a rewarding idea for it to be reimplemented as a mode regardless, but I'd love to be able to play it with my online friends as a way to show off or help each other. If there's a story mode, I'd definitely like that to be playable together online. Preferably up to 4 players.
  6. Nice Jazz Cover of Together We Ride

    I agree. Could be in General Fire Emblem. Mods'll be a thing sooner or later.
  7. My gripe with online multiplayer games [Rant]

    The Mario Bros getting to beat the tar out of Solid Snake or Bayonetta won't keep them interested for too long? Uuuhhh... tried looking at the prospect of endless catastrophes you can use in multiplayer modes with items on or features like the Multi-Man modes where you're endlessly set upon by enemies for a pre-determined period of time. Just because something is aimed at children, doesn't mean adults can't enjoy it too! Heck, look at Pokémon!
  8. Top 10 video games that NEED to become LEGO sets.

    That's cool, but what were the answeres like?
  9. Let's Talk About The Enemy A.I.

    Adding on to this, if the commanders of each army could have a unique personality type, it could more realistically achieve a solid behaviour for certain troops. Troops that are loyal to them would adhere to commands that the player visually sees them being giving by story dialogue and the like. I'm thinking of Awakening Chapter 10 where the commander doesn't want to fight you but understands he doesn't have much of a choice. In which case, after the defeat of someone like that, the loyal enemies would keep up the fight but those that have no real obligation upon his death will think for themselves and either flee or fight with their default instinctive behaviours. Conflicting behaviours could also override each other at certain points to make the AI a little unpredictable at times so it could REALLY put some full emphasis on how adaptive one might be in a battle.
  10. I'm fairly sure that the reason is for those come-from-behind wins that are commonly depicted in the anime. Typically, the anime tends to avoid the usage of those abiliities but has done so to illustrate a similar point. The user is being pushed to the limit and can't afford to lose the battle, so it digs deep to find its inner strength and pull through with the win. That said, I think that there should be an item that allows a Pokémon to swap between a Normal Ability and its Hidden Ability. It could be called a Secret Capsule or something.
  11. Fire Emblem Awakening is a ripoff of Dragon Ball Z!

    I wouldn't say that Mewtwo went wrong. It was a perfect success (outside of Pokémon Adventures anyway) but the issue is that it grew smart enough to question existence and thus developed as an individual. Remember, the Pokédex states that Mewtwo is incredibly violent, which I believe is credited to it being created explicitly for the purpose of fighting. As a result, everything about Mewtwo is operating as planned. Just a little better than the creators intended.
  12. Sleep is a waste of time

    I'm rather nocturnal and quite antisocial so I actually feel much more relaxed during those hours. Sunlight occasionally hurts and one of my friends' parents joked I'm a vampire. At least... I hope it was a joke.
  13. Sleep is a waste of time

    Sleep is so important to my rather non-linear routine that I got a whole hour between yesterday and today! I have a headache...
  14. General Warriors & FE Warriors Questions Thread

    Something I noticed the other day and wanted verification on: Cordelia's Resistance is much higher than either of her offensive stats which are equal to each other. If her weapon has Statflip and Topsy-Turvy so that her Resistance is her new offensive stat, would Resonating Power still specifically look at her Strength and Magic or would it compare Defense and Resistance due to Statflip with that weapon equipped?
  15. Didn't Eliwood's mother survive FE7? As for the topic at hand, I can't really think of anything that jumps out at me that hasn't already been said. (Or I'm just lacking that much sleep and unable to think straight.)