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  1. Not got any particular ideas in mind but I know that Kana gets the biggest benefit of all.
  2. Weirdest/Oddest Experience in your Entire Life?

    The only thing that I can really think of that fits is that though I wasn't dreaming or anything, I once woke up with YMCA playing in my head and to this day I am absolutely baffled at how or why.
  3. Hi, I’m New

    Hello, it's nice to have you here. Please, enjoy your stay! That's interesting. I wish I had more to say about it but I unfortunately don't... Same here. I started with Awakening and moved onto others after it. Though whenever I tried Genealogy, I'd always lose someone nearer to the end of the opening chapter and, since I don't like to accept my losses of units, instead turn off the game because I've just spent an hour or so to mess up at the last minute. People tell me to save state it but then it feels less natural and rewarding so I rarely go on it, if ever. Well, I'm bad at Mahjong too. I mean... I've never played Mahjong, nor learned the rules... so if it's any consolation, you're both better than I am.
  4. No Midori, did I mess up?

    In addition, I think Birthright has to be past that chapter with this requiremenet met before that Paraloguge can show up. Though I haven't played Fates in ages so I'm not 100%.
  5. Highlighting hopes AND expectations. That's a rarity on the internet. I have this weird and feeling you probably won't be able to. Now don't quote me on that, but it's just this feeling I have.
  6. Stage Builder Nintendo by accident!

    Inb4 it being their genuine intent.
  7. Create an Echo Fighter!

    It wasn't. I genuinely believe they're great ideas. That literally didn't occur to me when I typed it up so I'll concede that's also a fair point. Also fine but her slower guns wouldn't quite feel right like that. I was looking more at their general fighting styles being so similar. In Priam's case, you can certainly see that he has the knowledge of Ike's fighting style. With regards to Morgan and Kana, they love their parent so much that they try to outright mimic them which could lead to slightly clumsier or more deliberate changes depending on how they're handled. By which I mean things like Kana stumbling as part of their animations or Morgan having a selection of weaker spells that could last longer and perhaps be placed differently. Actually, thinking back to it, I once saw a "leak" prior to Ultimate's final release of the base roster that suggested Soren for play as a Robin clone and given how he can optionally use Knives in Path of Radiance, I could see it being a shorter option for Robin's sword with thrown attacks for some Tilt or Smash Attacks. I'd be up for that too.
  8. Create an Echo Fighter!

    I find it really amusing that people are saying Jeanne should be Bayonetta's echo when Rosa literally uses the Bayonetta 1 moveset in Bayonetta 2 while Bayonetta gets her own style changed to something newer. Anyway... Sonic - Metal Sonic (I mean he's literally programmed to be Sonic's mirror self and Shadow has plenty to make him unique, even if he CAN do what Sonic can.) Ike - Priam and/or Griel (I'm leaning more towards Priam because he still has perfect use of both arms but I'd be plenty happy either way.) Robin - Morgan (Do I really need to explain this one? Morgan'd be smaller but otherwise the same and maybe use a few different spells. Since Chrom's both Robin's Final Smash and a Fighter, Lucina could function the same way for Morgan) Corrin - Kana (Same princple as Morgan for Robin pretty simple thing to do but otherwise an effective one) Incineroar - Poliwrath (Honestly just because I'm quite sure Poliwrath could work for Incineroar's style. It'd work quite well and be interesting to see a less popular Pokémon in Smash) Bayonetta - Rosa (For the reason I explained above) Luigi/Dr Mario - Dr Luigi (Basically the same princple but giving Luigi his own quirks taken from his regular moveset. Sorta like how Chrom combines Roy and Ike, except it's with Luigi and Dr Mario) Yeah, these are all that really spring to mind. Well, besides these great ideas. That last one I'm 50-50 on. I wouldn't mind it but considering that Chrom fits the fighting style so well, I wouldn't be inclined to swap him out.
  9. I know you can get cheap replacement sticks for the Joycons and that they're supposed to be pretty easy to replace but I can't remember where off the top of my head. From what I've heard about Pro Controllers though, they're pretty well the best controller option to have.
  10. I think that it might have a chance of affecting how quickly it happens. I have relatively large hands and I've only had my Switch for about 10 months. I had the issue within about 4 months. On the other hand my friend has much smaller hands and got his Switch around Day 1. He only had the issue recently himself. I think the intensity of the games you play would also have an impact on how quickly they might wear down because in the time I've had my Switch, I've only had 2 games which require quick movement shifts of the sticks, one of which I've played near-religiously since I got it. When the Joycons got too bad, I Switched to using a USB controller my friend got cheaply and I honestly still use it now because it's like many older controllers in that it's much more durable and reliably constructed.
  11. I wouldn't say it's necessarily the components per se. It's more like the Joycons are just far too fragile to be played with. To be honest, I think they need a variable set of Joycons that are much more robust and better suited for people with larger hands and stronger grips. That said, the stick drifting issue is one that's been for far too long and nothing seems to get done about it and that's not right. Can't say it's a common issue I've noticed. I have noticed that very rarely the L and R buttons don't respond to an input made closer to the left or right side of the respective buttons but that feels like a design oversight.
  12. What are the best TV series you ever watched?

    You speaking of Star Trek and memory reminded me that I also quite enjoy The Orville.
  13. What are the best TV series you ever watched?

    I quite enjoy the Arrowverse shows. I'm sad that Arrow's ending but given it being involved in this year's crossover, it's going out with a bang. I also like Doctor Who and a handful of anime that are on a break right now.
  14. Post a fact about the person above!

    Posted shortly before me.