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  1. Samurai Boon!

    Huh, I just realized that means Kiragi's gonna get access to Mercenary. At least if I'm remembering that right... I support this remark. +SKL is likely a bit heavy too what with the additional Skill activations and criticals it'll add to your performance. Unless you want that I guess. I'm not here to judge.
  2. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    You could really cheat and have them wish to Jirachi that it never happened.
  3. Your main survived the Galeem purge. How?

    I have no main so the universe is doomed I guess.
  4. The "X is just Y" Game

    A story is just a world of dreams. Stardust
  5. This just made me think that Elise should have a Recorder.
  6. So does Brady, not by choice. I like to think Chrom would be best represented by a Trombone, or as I've been realizing it should be called in this case, a Chrombone! Eh? Eh? ...I'll see myself out...
  7. Salutations

    I'm following some NPC wisdom and taking the "No news is good news" view on it. Also, hi. Welcome to this abode of many chatty people.
  8. Today is the Wii Shop Channels last day

    Y'know, this made me realize that there's probably some people that somewhere in the future will be interested in Sonic 4 Episode 1 with the Wii's audio files for it since it sounded different to the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions due to restrictive hardware. There's probably someone that's downloaded those files already though...
  9. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    No disagreements here... but how does one strangle a feature in a game?
  10. About the ruins of time

    In the Future Past there's a book that the Avatar gives to the enemy Morgan that matches the child they'd have. In Hot Spring Scramble, one of Morgan's conversations reveals that the Morgan we recruit has 2 copies of that book. This might suggest that Morgan's ending stating the thing about being from another timeline is in fact true. My own speculation is that after Morgan's retreat, after the conversation, fully acknowledging that Grima would likely have punished them with death, they simply awaited their fate. My best guess is that in trying to defend Morgan, the Avatar seized control of Grima's power and flung Morgan to a different point in timespace with the bare minimum of their memories in tact. It's easily possible that Morgan wound up there that way or otherwise made their way there since they're fully conscious by the time we get there as I remember.
  11. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    You bringing this up reminds me of how Yen'fay and Say'ri can't support each other which is kinda sad.
  12. The rights and wrongs of fanservice

    I am of the party that prefers Camilla's hair to her being rather scantily clad.
  13. How Would You Improve FE Warriors?

    If I'm remembering this right, it's a common problem in pretty much all Warriors games... Definitely agree with ya though.
  14. Favorite Costume for each Character?

    Eh, I always harkened the Greil reference as a reference to his Lord outfit. It's close enough.
  15. Favorite Costume for each Character?

    I like Ike's Lord outfit from Path of Radiance and favour using Bayonetta's white costume. I like that they went the extra mile with giving Meta Knight a Galacta Knight costume. I wish that Fire Mario was still a costume and I wish that Dry Bowser was a costume. Out of habit if I play Ryu I'll always wear the Orange Costume because of his connection to Gohan from Dragon Ball.