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  1. Bound Hero Battle: Dragon Blood

    @Alexmender Wow, that looked laughably easy once the blue cavalier and Corrin were taken care of. Didn't think you'd have any problems with this map at all and I can see you didn't. This was...really easy. The only thing that needed to be done was swapping out swordbreaker for quick riposte on Marisa. That's it.
  2. Official Pull Topic

    Please banner...I just want Green Corrin...I appreciate the five stars but I just want her... I've been pulling exclusively green except when there is none and I've still managed to pull: Silvia (free pull though so I can't be mad) Adrift Camilla (-atk) Leif Quan Owain Blue Adrift Corrin (-spd) While even for green I've gotten Olwen (finally swift sparrow for Elincia!) and Helbindi The first three plus Olwen came in just the paralogue orbs plus the monthly orb pack so my luck's been pretty insane and it's nice to get so many five stars I don't have (only Silvia and Olwen are repeats but Olwen was very appreciated and this Silvia has a better nature than my previous one)...but I'm just trying to get Green Adrift Corrin 😭
  3. @Nanima Wow, that was really close! I wondered how you'd handle the distant defense knight and your solution worked beautifully. Didn't realize I hadn't done this one with my main girls but didn't have many issues with it. Just two more merges until Cherche becomes my first +10 unit! I knew Fierce Stance would be a good investment for Micaiah, and I'm really grateful that her ally support is with Marisa (could've made it work without it but it definitely made it easier).
  4. Which free unit do you want to merge up?

    Marisa of course. She's really the only TT or GHB unit I consistently use especially seeing as she's part of my main team. After her I'm not sure...Aversa maybe? Also the new Azura depending on how she turns out.
  5. Feh Channel on the 7th 7:30pm PT

    GHB AND TT MERGES Also that ending wasn't ominous at all...
  6. Bound Hero Battle: The Divine (Tiki & Nowi)

    @Alexmender Piece of cake! Honestly I don't blame you for not reshooting the video with the legendary hero battles happening and your Eirika is still a force to be reckoned with. @Nanima Awesome theme team! It's always good to see healers used as colorless mages and not just Pain shenanigans in clears. I didn't realize I hadn't posted a clear for my regular team for this one so here they are (or as I like to call this clear, "What Weapon Triangle?") This one is almost laughably easy without breath refines but even then I believe all I would've needed to change would've been to give Micaiah Guard (and since that's already in her base kit...). I'm still laughing at how Nowi brought Marisa down to exactly half health without me needing to change anything.
  7. Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers!

    She's gotten it at least twice that I've seen
  8. Legendary Hero Battle - Eirika: Graceful Resolve

    I'd like to second the effectiveness of this one. Even on Abyssal it's pretty flexible: I didn't feel like leveling up Dorcas so Hector sufficed, as would likely any durable green, I'm still working on leveling Aversa so I used Summer Tana instead with no problems (with the added bonus of freeing up a seal slot thanks to her tome), any horse cavalier should be able to replicate Ethlyn, and most dancers should work as well. I would avoid flying dancers though, as they can mess up the bow cavalier's movement.
  9. Voting Gauntlet: Clashing Thunderers!

    ...those are some very blue banners. I'll be on team Ophelia for sure!
  10. @mampfoid Nice use of Legendary Lucina and it's always nice to see Azura used offensively! She has a surprisingly good offensive spread for a dancer and you definitely put it to good use here. @Nanima Way to take advantage of the terrain and Wings of Mercy. It's amazing what good positioning can accomplish. @Alexmender Honestly your Eirika's so powerful it looked like the hardest part was just keeping the other three out of the enemy's range. Awesome job! I've been a bit distracted otherwise I would've gotten this one finished earlier. Aversa's tome is pure evil, but once I decided to see if Celica could survive the left side everything fell into place. It's my first clear with my newest merge on Marisa, which she actually wouldn't've managed to one shot the last enemy without. I also had to finally break down and give Cherche Iote's Shield. I might've been able to boost her speed high enough to avoid the double and thus have her survive, but Iote's Shield seemed like the simpler option.
  11. I think Celica (Ragnarok is pretty self explanatory), Ophelia (sure it's mainly a turn one thing but add the special reduction plus special spiral and it's pretty amazing), and both Micaiahs (that armor and cavalry effectiveness is much more useful for her given her low speed) at the very least beg to differ
  12. Not super interested in any of these units (though Kliff's got a fun looking build and I'd never say no to the fodder the other two have) but I gotta say I was so excited to see Aversa in the background. I didn't think they'd give us a fan servicey (I mean have you seen her outfit?) flying mage as a GHB but I'm definitely not gonna complain. It'll be interesting to see everyone's spreads, though I wouldn't be surprised if Kliff's is fairly similar to Odin's (his weapon does thrive off of him having a lower attack plus its description sounds exactly like the kind of weapon people theory crafted for Odin...).
  13. I'm so excited about this, Aversa's by far the hero I was most interested in that was possible for this year's Farfetched Heroes and I'm even more excited that they made her a GHB! No struggles with the RNG and everyone gets access to a free mage flier (and our first non-seasonal red one at that).
  14. Daaaaang, that sounds awesome! Also thank you so much for reminding me that seal exists because now I was able to do this: is it practical? Not at all. Is fun to watch her double enemies like the 38 speed red mage in Ephraim and Myrrh’s Infernal Battle? Absolutely.
  15. Bound Hero Battle: Ephraim and Myrrh

    @Nanima Awesome use of the terrain and of vanilla Takumi's refine! I love the theme clear as usual. Personally the most annoying part of this map were those flier movement skills Just needed to give Micaiah enough of a boost to keep quick riposte active (one of these days I'll try to build her for speed but today is not that day) and to realize that I needed to initiate at the bottom to avoid Myrrh getting flier guidanced into Micaiah.