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  1. Beautiful Hero Battle: Oliver

    Managed infernal after a few tries (mainly due to positioning) with my flier emblem team of Airzura (who isn't fully built yet but between sing and her ability to one round the lance cavalier she more than pulled her weight), Nowi, Elincia, and Tana. It wasn't too bad one I managed to figure it out, and thank god for sing and reposition (and flier formation and escape route and Grimoire)
  2. After a grand total of 14 orbs just sniping blue (3 total; my free pull was red) I managed to pull a beautiful +atk -hp Micaiah! Considering she was one of my most wanted units for months I have to consider this one of my luckiest pulls ever (the desire sensor did not stop me this time!)
  3. Grand Hero Battles 2018: Who Do You Want?

    A rerun of Xander would be nice... As for new ones Aversa (flying mage!) is my most wanted.
  4. This one ended up being a pain (no pun intended), partially because I prefer to bait and Lucius made that difficult. After some messing around I managed to get it done with my normal team of Celica, Linde, Cherche, and Ike (had to stick axebreaker on Ike) eventually. The red mage and the troubadour ended up being the most annoying to deal with.
  5. So I picked up a second Priscilla on accident (I thought I was pulling in the legendary banner but apparently I wasn't) and I'm debating on if I want to replace my current one with her. The one I've been using is +res/-atk and the one I just pulled is +spd/-atk. +spd I think would be better for her survivability, but I have enjoyed that extra resistance.
  6. Your Barrack Captains

    HP: I haven't leveled up Arden, so my captain is my Hector at 52. Second is my 5* Sheena as 50, and my 5* Black Knight and 4*Effie are tied for third. Funnily enough, the four of them make up my armor emblem team. ATK: My LnD +Atk Delthea reigns supreme with a whopping 58. Tana has second with an impressive 56 (+atk and fury), and Ike has third with 55 (+atk and merged to +1). SPD: Linde captains Speed with her 42, followed by Minerva with 41 and a three way tie between Ayra, Nino, and Masked Marth (merged to +1) at 40. DEF: My +def Hector once again captains this crew with 40. Adult Tiki (5*) takes second with 39, and Sheena (5*) takes third with 36. RES: Not content with being a lieutenant, Sheena (5*, +res, resistance slaying axe) finally gets her own command with 40. Julia and Priscilla (5*) are tied for second (and funnily enough both are +res -atk with res +3 in their a slot). SP: Between being a bonus unit and the fact that her build isn't very expensive, Brave Lyn is capped at 9,999. Thanks to the tempest trials Arvis takes second with 9,900 and Ayra has third with 7,552. Rating: Despite not being fully built (I need to give her a support skill still and I need an extra Hector to give her distant counter), Sheena leads the pack with 192. Second goes to Masked Marty at 187 with Camus close behind at 186.
  7. I'm a really happy that Soleil got bumped down to 4 stars, it'll make hunting her down easier (I say as I somehow have yet to pull a Tharja or a Lilina).
  8. What do y'all think about giving a +spd Elincia galeforce? Mine currently has moonbow, but I've been wanting to experiment with galeforce. If it is a decent idea, should I swap out her death blow for darting blow? Swift sparrow would probably be better but that's a lot harder to get. For reference this Elincia is on my flier team so she has access to a goad and hone fliers to boost her attack and speed as well.
  9. Bound Hero Battle: Distant Blade (Tana & Amelia)

    Got infernal done with a flier emblem team like so many of y'all, mine being Elincia, Tana, Nowi, and Cherche (technically Minerva is my green on that team, but Cherche was better built for this). The reinforcement red flier with guidance was the bane of my existence; I had to prioritize offing her before she warped an armor or the red mage to a position where they could murder nowi (in the armor's case) or Cherche (in the mage's case). Once that one was out of the way it was just a matter of chipping away at the rest.
  10. Which Hauteclere upgrade would y'all recommend for a +spd -res Minerva? I'm torn between the speed upgrade and the special damage one. She's still in the process of being built, but I'm using her on my flier team with Elincia, Nowi, and Tana if that helps.
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Berkut!

    Got the infantry quest done with my Axezura, Delthea, Adult Tiki, and Kagero team (It was actually my first time beating Lunatic since I wasn't strong enough last time around). After some trial and error I ended up using a mixed team of Axezura, Delthea, Hector, and Black Knight to deal with Infernal. Azura and Delthea took care of the top right part of the map (highlights include Azura laughing at and destroying Berkut and Delthea murdering everyone else) while the armor boys took the bottom half (Hector baited the lance cavalier not named Berkut then he and Black Knight counter killed the mages in the next two turns...Black Knight did need a resistance seal however and Hector needed to stay out of the red cavalier's range or he would die).
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Enduring Love!

    I think I'll be jumping over to Sigurd now that Priscilla's out since Sigurd's the only person left that I have (I have somehow never pulled a Tharja which sucks since she's the only red bladetome user). It'll be nice not running into the problems I had with Priscilla, namely running into parties with multiple male Robins when my party was entirely colorless (I kept getting a Brave Lyn as my friend unit). My MVP was definitely this beautiful Effie I kept getting from my friend list with distant counter, +res forged Berkut's lance, and the distant defense seal
  13. Official Pull Topic

    I didn't have the orbs to do more than a free summon and I ended up getting no reds anyway (Soleil's the only one I really want), so I used my free pull and got... a +atk/-def Tana. Easily one of my best free pulls ever, if not the best. Hopefully that didn't take all of my luck when I go sniping for Soleil though...
  14. Weapon Refinery: Favorite Enhances

    I noticed that as well. I think that's what I'm leaning towards. Thanks!
  15. New Heroes: Children of Fate

    I'll definitely try to pull for Soleil, but I really wish she didn't share a color with Siegbert. I managed to get lucky with it when pulling for Ayra, but I doubt I'll be that lucky with Soleil. Also, I really wish Ophelia was on it but alas.