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  1. Official Pull Topic

    Free pull was a Gaius because of course it was. Right now I'm still focusing on the summer banner because at this point I just want something to break this 6% pity rate...
  2. How many F2P orbs have you saved up?

    What is this saving of which you speak? In all seriousness I think the most I’ve saved up was close to 100 before the first bridal blessings banner.
  3. Also, it's nice to see some old Tempest Trials units coming back! Now if you'll excuse me I'll be in the corner crying because Marisa's not one of them 😭
  4. New Heroes (Ylissean Travelers)

    I'm glad see Maribelle is finally joining us (and bringing dazzling staff to the general pool!) but I hate that she's almost guaranteed to not be promoted (dazzling staff plus a valor skill? Not a chance). If Camilla ever comes home I'll try to pull for her. Libra seems like the obvious drop but I don't think any of us will complain about finally getting to Wo Dao axe.
  5. Which means there's zero chance of her getting demoted UGGGGGGGGH On the bright side Libra looks like the obvious choice which'll be great for building axe users!
  6. Well the next one is supposed to blue right? And our last two were guys so if we continue the two girls two guys trend Micaiah's a good option, plus she's a great choice for a resistance hero. (Please don't though I'm already out of orbs )
  7. I would loooooove an Aversa GHB. If we are doing an Awakening banner I'm really hoping for Maribelle. Actually it might be better if she isn't on it; she and Aversa are really the only gen 1 units I'd be interested in and I have too many other characters I'm trying to get right now (I'm at a 5.75% pity rate in my hunt for Camilla, and I already know I'll be pulling for Elise and Celica and/or Micaiah (because I mean come on, they'll both be on the distant defense banner)).
  8. 18 minutes though, holy crap! Here's hoping for CYL at least, and it looks like a lot more!
  9. Rate the Unit, Day 81: Morgan & Morgan

    Zelgius: Black Knight was already a powerhouse, so a stronger, sturdier version with access to IVs is insane. Black Luna is one of (if not the most) powerful specials in the game, and with only a three charge cooldown and access to the fighter skills he can make excellent use of it. Alondite is your average distant counter weapon which can be very useful, or he can make use of some fairly ridiculous builds (for example brave sword + bold fighter + quickened pulse + his native Black Luna is just plain silly). He does need a little support to be mobile, but if you want an amazing sword armor look no further. Rating: 9.5/10 Micaiah: She has the honor of being one of three units to have a prf effective against both cavalry and armor units, and unlike Clair and Caeda she can attack from a distance and she actually has an attack stat (even at a bane her base attack is higher than either's super boon). Her speed is relatively low, but that doesn't matter as much when she can, if built for it, can one shot almost all of the red calvary and armor units, a large chunk of the blue and colorless, and even a few of the greens. Her resistance makes her excellent for dealing with mages and work well if you want to make us of ploys. One of the best infantry blue mages by virtue of filling a niche others do not by being an excellent counter to horse and armor emblem and having one of the best prfs released so far. Rating: 8.5/10
  10. July-August Event Schedule

    ...I am very much a fan of this idea. As for the new heroes I'd like it to be Tellius, but Binding Blade needs it more at this point. If it does end up being a Conquest banner though can we finally get Charlotte please? Her seasonal variant showed up over a year ago; it's about time her regular version did too (and seeing as she's an axe user that could bring us one of the axe types we're missing...).
  11. @Alexmender Wow, Eirika made this look like a walk in the park! Awesome clear!
  12. @mampfoid I was wondering how you'd get around that miracle on Lucius, and I'm impressed that it was Cherche who managed to do it! Very nice clear (and I gotta say I'm really looking forward to seeing that Takumi clear coming up...) @Ginko I was starting to wonder if Shiro was going to be sitting around this time, but he definitely pulled his weight at the end! @LordFrigid Wait, Hector being used in a one turn clear and using a dancer as one of the fighters instead of just as a singer? Wow, that was awesome! Great job getting around Lucius's miracle and incorporating an armor unit! @Some Jerk Nice job! I was worried about Ninian being in range of that archer, but I guess that's what Iote's shield and the raventome are for (well that plus the lance cavalier being nice enough to block that path). Great job with the solo too! @Radiant Dragon Very interesting catch on the miracle problem! Everything fell into place nicely, especially some of those exact kills. Last time this one was available I was still using Ike and Linde on my team and Celica didn't have Swift Sparrow yet, and apparently this one gave me trouble. Now...not so much. I didn't even have to change anyone's seals or skills for this one, and we've got something that doesn't happen very often in these: Marisa getting a player phase kill.
  13. Arena Discussion Thread (Team, Score, Rank, etc)

    Whew, I'm really glad the bonus units aren't switching until next week because I don't have any of those built, and since next week'll be when I'm back in 19 (well assuming I make it there this week but that shouldn't be a problem) I have two weeks to hopefully pull and build Camilla (because I'm not capable of getting into tier 20 at this point anyway).
  14. ...oh crap. I really hope it doesn't end up being armors; my armor team isn't bad by any means but my others are arguably stronger (or at the very least more flexible).
  15. Ouch, my orbs...I'm still working on getting Summer Camilla, I'm gonna try for Elise on the bound hero banner because I've wanted her since I started, I'm gonna want to pull on the distant defense banner because both Celica and Micaiah will be on it and I need merges (and a different natured Celica would be nice), the fighter skills banner (assuming it is armors) is also going to be very nice, and there's no telling what new heroes will be introduced at the same time. Also oh dear god I am not ready for the return of Takumi's GHB...I only got through it the first time around with Lyn and three dancers, and I'm dedicated to getting it done with my main ladies (I mean I can resort to my flier team if need be but even that'll be rough).