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  1. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    I feel like the foxes are cavalry to reference the insane mobility they had in Fates, especially on a certain Conquest map...
  2. New Heroes: Kitsune and Wolfskin

    The Kitsune are mounted which is interesting, though I’m not sure I’m a fan of the no followups part of their weapon. Honestly though I’m most excited about PANNE!
  3. She’s finished! Not the most original build but Guidance at least is responsible for a decent chunk of my AR defense wins
  4. Bound Hero Battle (Ablaze): Cherche & Virion

    @mampfoid Oh my god when I saw “my Cherche is faster” I was assuming faster than their Cherche not their Virion! Amazing as always, especially getting Cherche to double things she really shouldn’t be able (also props for getting Cherche to kill Virion because that seems appropriate). I originally was just gonna let the mages handle this, but it felt weird to not let Cherche do anything for her own BHB. A couple of new inheritance skills make their debut here, and that red mage is what finally made up my mind about Joint Hone Speed. Luckily I had a few pitybreakers with Drive Attack to give it to someone else (and hey, it’s not like Celica struggles to kill anything these days). Fury 4 is already turning out to be a great choice on Celica so thanks Greil! Overall this felt like a really easy BHB, that or my team’s gotten a lot stronger.
  5. I was planning on going colorless but not a single one showed up. Luckily there was a red which was my backup and I got Gunthra, one of the two reds I wanted! She’s +res -atk because of course she is but I’ll definitely build her for now, at least until I figure out what I want to do with her Joint Hone Spd (Micaiah would really love it but I’m so used to not having to worry about panic on her team with everyone’s invisible buffs, and panic is everywhere in Aether I feel like I’d miss her drive attack)
  6. New Event Calendar (Feb-Mar)

    Two new hero banners are exciting! But right now I’m focused on ANOTHER CHERCHE BANNER
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Free pulled Greil and now Celica has a new A slot skill (and unlike Fury 3 Fury 4 actually gets her into desperation range after one round of combat)! Gonna continue pulling green on this banner because more Greil isn’t a bad thing and Mist would be nice, plus I haven’t pulled a Reyson yet and I’m hoping for the last Cherche I need to finish my first +10.
  8. I am aware, but that’s a situation that goes both ways hence why it’s hard to judge popularity off of fic numbers on Seriously though, if you are looking for more Ike/Elincia content (or ship content in general) you really should check out Ao3. You’re bound to find stuff you haven’t read before.
  9. You might have seen abbreviated as Ao3 (I recommend checking it out, you might be able to find more content there). Not sure where you’re getting that though, a quick search of Fire Emblem fics on tagged with the ship lists 8 for Ike/Elincia and 36 for Ike/Soren.
  10. This is such a quality banner! AND TITANIA AS OUR FREE UNIT! I’ll probably just pull green on this banner; Greil has interesting fodder and Mist is just adorable (and hey maybe I’ll get my last Cherche merge in the process) but I’m so happy that the unit I am most interested in will be free.
  11. I know she’s not a limited unit and I know Duma pretty much has colorless on lock thanks to recency, but I’m giving all my votes to Leanne!
  12. Either mixed or flier (though my primary mixed team isn’t a tactics team since it’s 3/4 infantry), though I won’t do a mixed team without at least one flier. Fliers just have so much freedom to maneuver especially once they introduced flying dancers and have some very great Bladetome candidates, but mixed teams can be a lot of fun between tactics and guidance shenanigans. Least favorite is armor. I hate the lack of movement (even armor march can be a pain to maintain) and personally I feel like their brokenness is less fun than that of cavalry teams.
  13. Seriously? We don’t even get to pick the color? Well that’s annoying Voting for Leanne all the way. At least if she wins her color I’ll have a 50/50 shot of getting one of the two flying singers I want (assuming Azura wins but I feel like she’s a foregone conclusion).
  14. There were two blue stones and one of them gave me Summer Corrin, one of the seasonals I wanted most! She’s +hp -atk but I’m not gonna complain about getting a character I’ve wanted since her debut for free. Here’s hoping the next one goes well!
  15. I’m so glad we actually get a bit of choice beyond what the community decides. I feel like Legendary Azura is practically guaranteed to be the blue hero which makes me super happy (and really no matter who else is an option I’ll probably still pick her). I’d bet Tibarn, Sutr, and Duma will make up the other three. Sutr is all kinds of bananas while Tibarn and Duma are new and very powerful, though I wouldn’t complain if say Leanne best Duma out.