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  1. After the pain that was the last banner (got up to a 5% pity rate and still nada), this one was much nicer! Got a wonderful +spd/-def Hinoka in about 22 orbs (what I wouldn't give for a Faye right about now), so now I can start saving for the next legendary banner for F!Grima!
  2. We don't know that for sure yet, so I'd hold off on celebrating. He could be another Ayra or Rhajat. I can see either Shigure or Kana getting downgraded, though finally getting a Wo Dao Lance is very nice. Here's hoping someone (Charlotte please) comes later with the axe!
  3. Grand Hero Battle: Legion!

    So I decided to mess around with Infernal to see if I could manage without singing/galeforce/cavalry shenanigans and managed to do it successfully! So I present my first video clear, a wonderful example of why Marisa needs more love: The merge on Marisa, the S Support with Micaiah, and the Drive Speed from Cherche are all necessary, otherwise the Reprisal Legion will double her after the first Legion Seal Speeds her. She can survive it, but she needs the HP later on. You could possibly give her axebreaker instead, but that might cause some problems with the lunge cavalier. Celica can almost definitely be replaced with any powerful red mage (and axebreaker would work to secure the double) and Cherche is also pretty replaceable.
  4. Took some experimenting, but my flier team of Elincia, Tana, H!Nowi, and Airzura once again came through for me. The key was to take out the horses first, then they could use their superior mobility to take the others out one at a time. Tana starts by killing the sword cav and is danced/repositioned out of the way until only Elincia is in the green cavalier's range (even with a resistance bane and no boosts she can survive one hit from him if he's only getting two tactics instead of three (hence killing the sword cav first)). From there it's not too bad, you just have to watch your positioning while you kill the rest.
  5. Grand Hero Battle: Camus: Sable Knight (6/2/17)

    The lunatic quests were surprisingly easy I felt, didn't need more than two tries for any of them. Fire: Celica, Cherche, Micaiah, and Marisa. Celica and Micaiah did the most work here and it was hilarious watching Celica ignore the weapon triangle and two layers of wards to one round Camus. Wind: H!Eirika, L'Arachel, Titania, and Camus. Got this one first try for some unknown reason, and I have no idea how but my emerald axe Titania somehow survived a hit from the red mage? Earth: F!Corrin, Myrrh, Ninian, A!Tiki. Nothing special here. Water: H!Nowi, Elincia, Tana, and Airzura. Took advantage of their mobility and started the fight on the left side of the map, by the mountains. Infernal: This took a bit of messing around, but I eventually settled on a team of Airzura, Elincia, Tana, and Genny. Between gravity shenanigans, galeforce on Elincia, and some singing I eventually trialed and errored my way through it.
  6. Next grand hero battle: Zephiel

    This one was a piece of cake for all four teams, though it helps that I have strong mages (or dragons in the case of my earth team) on all of them. Fire: Celica, Micaiah, Marisa, and Cherche. Really Micaiah and Celica did all the heavy lifting, Marisa and Cherche just repositioned them. Wind: L'Rachel, H!Eirika, Camoo, and Titania. Again the mages did all the work. Earth: F!Corrin, Myrrh, A!Tiki, and Ninian. All three non-dancers had to put in some work but they still managed with like a grand total of maybe 10 damage taken between them. Water: Elincia, Tana, H!Nowi, and Airzura. My Tana has a slaying spear instead of her prf (with only one mage on this team I felt I could use the extra help against armor teams in the arena) which was helpful. No galeforce shenanigans and sing I don't think was even needed, though Airzura did enter combat a few times against some blues.
  7. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    I finally ended up giving wind blessings to my Priscilla, Brave Lyn, Reinhardt, and Sigurd just to have a little more flexibility with that team now and for the future. Water was done first try with Airzura, Tana, H!Nowi, and Elincia. Earth took two tries just because of positioning issues but was easy enough for Ninian, Myrrh, F!Corrin, and A!Tiki. Fire was also done first try with Celica, Micaiah, Marisa, and Cherche. Wind was a struggle, but I eventually managed with Reinhardt, Brave Lyn, Sigurd, and Camoo
  8. Scorched Grand Hero Battle: Valter, the Moonstone

    This one was weird in that I expected it to be one of the more challenging ones yet I somehow managed 3/4 teams on my first try. Fire: Celica, Micaiah, Marisa, and Cherche, no problems. Earth: A!Tiki, F!Corrin, Ninian, Myrrh, again no problems. Water: Tana, Elincia, Airzura, H!Nowi, still no problems (I'm pretty sure they're how I beat infernal the last time around). Air: Mage!Eirika, L'Rachel, Camoo, and Titania. This one took a few tries, but I eventually figured it out so it wasn't that bad.
  9. For units I have, Hector is the biggest one because I am dying for some dc fodder. Merges for units I already have an use would be nice as well. For units I don't have, I'm dying for Elise and F!Morgan. They could pitybreak me at any time and I would be ecstatic. Azura would be nice too just so I can complete the set.
  10. Grand Hero Battle: Clarisse!

    Honestly this one gave me more trouble than Legion. Fire: Celica, Micaiah, Cherche, and Marisa. Took a few tries but I eventually managed. Special shout out to Marisa for tanking a hit from the blue mage and for generally being hard to kill. Air: Horse!Eirika, L'Rachel, Camoo, and Titania. I expected this group to be the one giving me problems on these quests and unlike with Legion it happened here. Still didn't take too many tries. Water: Airzura, H!Nowi, Elincia, and Tana. Only took two tries, though Elincia did need to survive a hit from the blue mage (easy enough on the defense tile even with a resistance bane). Earth: F!Corrin, Myrrh, A!Tiki, and Ninian. Piece of cake, got it first try. I also used them for Infernal since I hadn't done that yet and only needed two tries to get through.
  11. Grand Hero Battle: Legion!

    Ended up giving water blessings to my flier team to make life easier for this and in the future, because my previous water blessing team wasn't cutting it. Did the water blessing quest (and infernal) with Tana, Elincia, H!Nowi, and Airzura, with some help from singing and galeforce shenanigans. Fire was my standard team of Celica, Micaiah, Marisa, and Cherche which didn't give me much trouble. Air was my secondary horse team of Horse!Eirika, L'Rachel, Camoo, and Titania. I expected this one to give me troubles but they ended up being tied for the easiest group somehow. Earth was my dragons Corrin, Myrrh, A!Tiki, and Ninian which had no problems.
  12. Bound Hero Battle: The Divine (Tiki & Nowi)

    Like others have said, this one was a cakewalk, and I managed to beat infernal on my first try. While flier emblem is usually my go to, this time I decided to fight dragons with dragons, using Adult Tiki, Corrin, Myrrh, and Ninian. Didn't even realize the flier had guidance, because I killed him on the first enemy phase before he could use it.
  13. And he already comes with Death Blow, how convenient. Olwen's legendary bladetome though...I've been lacking in good green cavalry!
  14. Most Lucky (and Unlucky) Banner?

    Luckiest: either Performing Arts or Sacred Stones. I got Inigo early on and then a yolo pull session got me Axura, Olivia, and Delthea all at once. I ended up getting two Eirikas and two Myrrh's on their banner without much which was great; Myrrh liked the merge and Celica loves her new Swift Sparrow. Unluckiest: basically any banner with a mage flier. Summer Corrin eluded me on both her banners and I only got Nowi on the last possible draw before the banner ended. Most recently though Morgan's banner was many orbs and all I had to show was a bad natured Lute :/
  15. Bound Hero Battle: Guardians of Paradise

    Cavalry wasn't bad once I figured out my positioning. Eirika killed Hawkeye and was repositioned away by Camus (Fury, not Grani's shield), while Titania baited the right side with her good friend L'Rachel staying beside her to pick up a hone. Camus kills the sword cav on enemy phase (Grani's shield wasn't necessary at all, especially if you can stick a fortify cavalry on him and even that you can live without). The lance cavalier should head towards Camus and Eirika and the right should just have the green mage and Ninian. Eirika and Camus can handle lance cavalier and Titania and L'Rachel took care of the green mage (L'Rachel had Blarblade plus hone cavalry from Titania), and the only person Ninian can attack next is Titania, who laughs at her.