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  1. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    I have considered Cherche, but I rely on Guidance too much for that (even when I don't use it it's nice to have the option and I'm used to knowing I have that extra range when I'm planning). Micaiah though is interesting, I hadn't considered her since she doesn't need it as much to deal with her main targets of armor and cavalry units. I went with Heavy Blade over Flashing Blade for Celica though because her 35 base speed (and that's with a summoner support) leaves me a bit uneasy. Without the brazen effect active that's just 44 speed (not taking ally support and Cherche's Drive Speed into account) which I'm not comfortable going off of. Even just in my barracks I have units that either are faster than that without buffs or who would be if they were +spd or were buffed. Her attack though (going from 49 to 58 without brazen or other buffs) holds up better.
  2. Grand Hero Battle Breaks: Garon

    @mampfoid That Celica clear was majestic. It was really interesting watching your Vanilla Celica with the refinement follow some of the same steps mine did in terms of which enemies she killed. Your other clears were great as well! I really like this level of difficulty for the GHBs: the reinforcements do provide a nice challenge that I sometimes miss from those without reinforcements like Jamke's, but the stat inflation isn't as ridiculous as Abyssal or even Infernal for the LHBs. I may or may not have forgotten that Garon wasn't an armor unit a few times though... Celica's refine is sooooo much fun and I am so glad she was blessed with such a good one. A Dorcas (+spd -atk who pity broke me on my quest for Lewyn when I already have a Dorcas with a good nature) died for this clear (the extra attack probably could've been achieved differently, but it's not like I was going to use that Dorcas for anything plus it could be a useful skill in the future).
  3. Bound Hero Battle: The Shepherds (Chrom & Lissa)

    @Alexmender Nice! Way to make it look easy. Atk Smoke really saved the day here; that Brazen boosted Aether is brutal. @Nanima I swear, the enemies just waltzed right towards their deaths. Great positioning and theme clear! I meant to post this when this map first came back but hadn't gotten around to it until now This is the first clear since Celica and Cherche's refines were added (and since I adjusted Celica and Marisa's standard builds...Infantry Pulse doesn't synergize as well with Celica's new build and I don't have anyone I'm willing to sacrifice for Drive Atk but since I've see the sort of miracles Atk Smoke can work that's what I'm messing around with now) and I gotta say they're both a ton of fun
  4. Soleil's character frustrates me for a couple of reasons. She has so much potential between her positive attitude even in the most dire of circumstances, her lack of rhythm despite coming from a very gifted family (doubly so if Azura is her mother), and her canonical attraction to women, but instead we get a character with no sense of boundaries (gotta love the reinforcing of the "predatory lesbian" stereotype 🙄) who can't even S Support another girl (F!Corrin is especially egregious since she can support with Rhajat...). There's a few of her supports that aren't bad (her and Mitama's is good) but overal she's pretty disappointing. At least the problematic part of her character isn't really focused on in Heroes. Nina though...I love her design but shipping real people and fetishizing gay men is really gross and awful. And again there's some potential there when you look at supports that don't focus on that (her support with Caeldori is great if memory serves), but it's really annoying that Heroes is focusing on the worst part of her personality.
  5. Might be a little late but goddamn you're killing me @Ice Dragon As a woman with breasts I take issue with your argument that the weight of breasts is insignificant. We're talking about weight that is literally just hanging there that isn't distributed evenly with the rest of the torso. There's a reason that women with larger beasts often end up with back problems and that's because of weight, not volume. Seriously, just attach water balloons to your chest and walk around all day and tell me that the weight isn't a factor in your discomfort. Also, a lot of the poses are really ridiculous (Noire's attacking art comes to mind because it's soooo bad). Feasibility aside, a good chunk of them are clearly meant to show off certain assets in the most fanservicey way possible because sex sells (and that intent should always be taken into account when trying to defend a pose because it's "technically" possible). Personally alts like the summer ones don't bother me on the ladies side, and it's nice that those of y'all who are into get the shirtless guys as well. It would be nice if it were a bit more even and if we didn't get crap like Christmas Tharja (swimsuit for the summer? Perfectly reasonable. Swimsuit for a Christmas armor unit? Not even a little bit).
  6. FEH's Next Top Model

    Dang it. Should be fixed now (if it isn't, my votes were for Cherche for Marth's mask, Elincia for Bruno's, and Zelgius for the seashell)
  7. FEH's Next Top Model

    Ooh, this is a fun idea! I second Micaiah for the Feh doll because she needs more birds. For the others: The Seashell Hairpin’s the hardest because it looks so good on so many characters.
  8. WHERE IS CHARLOTTE This banner's still gonna be painful though between Ophelia (who I love) and Flora (who looks really interesting!). Silas couldn't be a more obvious demote if he tried lmao, and the Shining Bow is an interesting addition! Also I get the feeling I'm gonna hate Silas for sharing a color with Ophelia...
  9. Voting Gauntlet: The Chosen Ones!

    Sad to see Celica out round one but I think this is the first time I've ever finished in the top 1,000 (at like...982ish lmao)! Not sure how that happened but I'll take it. Tomorrow I'll be jumping over to Veronica; I like Lyn but Brave Veronica is slowly worming her way into my heart.
  10. Unlocking potential even for regular units no longer requires you to level up to level 20 Also the Celica and Cherche refines oh my gooooooood
  11. New summoning banner: Doorway to Destiny

    I'd like to point out that we've only had three dancers introduced in the regular pool since introduction, and two of those (Ninian and Airlivia) had very good reason to not be demoted (Ninian was our first and currently only dragon dancer and was the first unit with fortify dragons while Olivia was the first non-seasonal flier and came with an incredible prf for a dancer) so that's not much of a pattern there. Even in Lene's case she came with a valor skill, which we have yet to see on a non 5 star exclusive and the gap between her and Ares wasn't that large (Ares has a prf yes, but Lene has dance which is essentially a prf skill that evens that out). Quan could still be the one to drop but as others have pointed out him having an extra skill might be enough for Sylvia to drop instead (either way though as long as one drops we'll finally get a mixed stance skill in the 4 star pool so that'll be fun).
  12. Lewyn looks very interesting between the potential to have a permanent desperation effect and being our first male to come with Swift Sparrow (the rest of his kit looks very interesting as well). Green's also a color I could use more power in, especially when it come to mages (Vanilla Nino and Soren are the best I've Julia's -atk and F!Robin and Inigo aren't exactly powerhouses). This might be the first banner I'm actually prioritizing a guy lmao (well, for more than just fodder). I'd say Sylvia looks most likely to demote but I said that about Lene. Still, I'm gonna hope because she doesn't interest me enough to pull for her here. I'm not short on dancers at this point. I'm very interested in our potential tempest trial healer though...
  13. Grand Hero Battle: Jamke

    The initial bit with Celica and Cherche? When I was messing around it seemed like the best way to keep them out of range of Jamke's regular and guidance range while getting them close enough so that Cherche could take out the flier. Also when I was first getting the positioning right I wanted Marisa to have all the drives they could give her just to make sure she could survive both Jamke and the sword cavalier...would've been an easy fix if she couldn't but still.
  14. Grand Hero Battle: Jamke

    @mampfoid Oh man, I love how Hinoka just sat that there. I'm always a fan of flier team clears especially involving Elincia and Cherche, and your Cherche continues to amaze me. She's truly a Cherche to aspire to. @Nanima Very nice! Your Sakura was surprisingly sturdy and I'm glad you showed that off. @LordFrigid Wow, great job on both counts! The Hector-almost-solo is especially impressive; the sound effects on Astra were hilarious. @Radiant Dragon The left side of that map was practically made for a high resistance blue mage tackle which suits your team very well. Great clear! @Some Jerk F!Grima is sooooo underrated, nice job! @Hilda It's nice to see the Askr refines put to good use, and I see Veronica continues to be a great resource for ftp clears. @Thor Odinson Awesome theme clear! I feel like I never see Arden used so it was nice to see him get his time to shine. This was very nice to deal with after the two Abyssal battles. The guidance flier was easily the most annoying part of this entire map but it still felt pretty easy in the grand scheme of things. It's a shame Jamke doesn't come with Odd Atk Wave, but Cancel Affinity 3 at four stars and Heavy Blade on a non five star exclusive is very nice.
  15. Serenes' most wanted characters for Heroes

    @Jotari Heather pretty please