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  1. We all have heroes we don't like to see in an arena match. What are some of the ones that other people fear that you don't? Personally I always enjoy seeing Hector since my main team has a strong red mage in Celica. Vanilla Bow!Lyn gives me problems since I can't bait her well, but her Brave Bow variant goes down easily. What about the rest of you?
  2. Everything but blue (why did it have to be Xander and not Charlotte?), with green as my main focus. I need a flying mage and I could use more green mages in general, and I have a few units that would love DC from Hector. I have all of the reds, but I'd love a Celica and Ayra with better natures (Celica's +hp -res which isn't terrible but Ayra is +hp -atk) and Ike wouldn't say no to more merges. I really want Genny, but both of the archers would be nice.
  3. Most recently I managed to nab Lute in about 30 orbs. I was also really lucky with getting Elincia on her banner and Hector during his tempest trials. The earliest pull for me was an adult tiki during the dragon summoning gauntlet on my free pull. I wasn't looking for her, but she was a better nature than the one I was training and was already five stars so it was a very nice surprise. Of course none of this helped when I spent over 100 orbs trying to get bridal Charlotte...
  4. Bound Hero Battle: You of the Light (Takumi and Hinoka)

    Managed it with my armor emblem team, with Hector (needed vantage) and Black Knight (god bless Wings of Mercy) dong most of the work, though Sheena did her part by baiting and killing Hinoka (I think she needed a ward armor to survive her though, and quick riposte of any level to successfully kill her). Effie was just there to look pretty, but gave Hector fortify armor to help him and his -res deal with the blue mage and Takumi. It took two tries with this group because I didn't realize the axe cavalier had drag back. I managed to get all three done without using any stamina and my orb rewards got me the Lute I wanted (+hp -def but it could be worse), so I'm pretty happy.
  5. Bound Hero Battle: Children of Fate

    Got infernal done with my regular group of Celica, Linde, Ike, and Cherche. Cherche absolutely needed drag back to get out of the range of Celica and the blue mage, but could and needed to survive a hit from the green mage (thank god for windsweep keeping him from doubling her). Ike ended up taking two Ragnaroks to the face, but Aether activated on his counter in between. He should be able to survive her if he runs red tomebreaker if timing his special activation doesn't work (though my Ike is +1 and has an hp+3 seal, which may have made the difference between Celica one shotting or two shotting him)
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Took the orbs from the newest chain challenge and continued my hunt for a Nowi for a flying team. Instead I got my pity rate broken by a +spd/-res Sigurd which I am super okay with since I didn't have a good red horse for my horse emblem team (I missed Xander's GHB so my horse team has been Reinhardt, Lyn, Camus, and Priscilla which obviously struggles against some greens)
  7. Grand Hero Battle Before Dawn: Ursula

    Got it done with my recently built armor team of Black Knight, Hector, Effie, and Sheena. Effie contributed nothing (her fortify armor didn't end up impacting any of the matchups), Black Knight and Hector did all the heavy lifting (ward armor from BK was necessary for my -res Hector to survive Ursula), and Sheena made great bait for the green cavalier (her resistance was a lot higher than Hector's, but she doesn't have distant counter so he attacked her instead. Had he attacked Hector, he would not have survived Ursula). Hector took out Ursula on enemy phase and Black Knight WoM next to him to kill the green cavalier. Once the mages are gone, cleanup's easy.
  8. Tempest Trials: Genealogy of Light!

    Currently sitting at exactly 39,999 points and I don't know whether to be impressed or annoyed since I'm out of stamina and don't want to use a pot.
  9. How many 5 star units do you have?

    Completely free to play On hand (35): Ayra (+hp -atk) Inigo (+hp -def) Arvis (promoted) Ike (+atk -def) Masked Marth Eirika (+res -def, promoted) Black Knight Elincia (+spd -res) Adult Tiki (+atk -res, dragon gauntlet banner) Celica (+hp -res) Ogma (???) Seliph (+atk -def) Arden Eliwood (+res -spd, Hector's tempest trial banner) Brave Lucina (+hp -atk) Camus (promoted) Ninian (neutral) Female Corrin (+atk -def, hone attack banner) Bride Caeda (+hp -res) Linde (+spd -hp) Delthea (+atk -hp) Reinhardt (+atk -hp) Clive Performing Arts Azura (+spd -atk) Sheena (+res -spd, promoted) Hector (+def -res) Titania (+res -spd) Cherche (neutral, promoted) Julia (+res -atk) Nino (neutral, promoted) Clarisse (promoted) Leon (+spd -res) Brave Lyn (neutral, free choice) Performing Arts Olivia (+atk -res) Kagero (+spd -def) Sacrificed (16): Masked Marth (merged) Ike (merged) Sanaki x2 (one for Triangle Adept and one for Hone Attack) Klein (Quick Riposte for Tiki) Ogma (Brave sword for Chrom) Bride Cordelia (+res -spd, Rally atk/spd for Lancina) Raven (Brave Axe for Cherche) Takumi (close counter for Leon) Donnel? (Promoted, braved lance for Effie) Cecilia (promoted, gronnraven for Robin) Summer Fredrick (for dumb reasons) Chrom x2 (also for dumb reasons) Nowi (promoted, Lightning Breath for Ninian) Odin (promoted, Blarblade for Linde)
  10. Thanks to not requiring/having a quest requiring 4 survivors, I didn't find the developers' maps to be too hard. My normal team was able to do all but two of them (I needed my team with Marthcina and Julia for the dragons, and horse emblem for the horse emblem). I'm definitely thankful for the extra orbs and managed to get Ayra out of it (+ hp/- atk, but beggars can't be choosers).
  11. Grand Hero Battle Arvis

    Finally managed to beat infernal once I messed around with a party of mages, so thank you so much to everybody that mentioned using that because I wouldn't have thought of it otherwise. It took a few tries, but I ended up doing it using Celica, Linde, Nino, and Axe!Azura. No one had any tomebreakers equipped, but Nino needed to be danced to one-shot the blue mages (neutral with fury equipped, the boost gave her just enough attack to kill them exactly) and Linde (speed boon and speed +3 equipped) needed a hone speed for the red mages not named Arvis. Axe!Azura did end up facing some combat against the last blue mage (she could one shot him with a hone attack even with an attack bane) and one of the lance cavaliers, and Celica needed to be able to survive an attack from a blue mage (between distant defense and speed +2 seal it wasn't a problem, but she would've been doubled without the speed +2). Now to figure out what to use these feathers on...
  12. Units that you have gotten the most?

    Not sure about overall, but I pulled no less than six Setsunas pulling for Takumi on the Threaten Defense banner, and if it wasn't her it was Virion. It was actually a relief when a healer showed up instead...
  13. Bound Hero Battle: The Ladies of Macedon

    Decided to mess around and swapped my Cherche's Lancebreaker for Drag Back to see if that might help with infernal and wouldn't you know it it did. Not sure if I could replicate my steps though haha. Got it done with my usual crew of Celica, Cherche, Ike, and Linde, though Linde contributed the least.
  14. Official Pull Topic

    So I had a few orbs to spare thanks to TT and the October quests, so I decided to do a quick pull for skill fodder (I could really use some repositions and furies). Instead I got a Delthea (+Atk -Hp), Azura (+Spd -Atk), and Olivia (+Atk -Res) all on one pull and I don't think I'll ever get this lucky again. I also apparently had never pulled Stahl before today?
  15. Fixing The Five Star Summon Pool

    Merric is already in the 4-5 star pool, but this is definitely an interesting idea.