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  1. Interesting idea! Maybe once I have the resources I will build this. XD I am lvling up a legion atm but can't seem to think of an interesting build. I already have Camilla and Cherche as Brave Axe users. Legion's Axe sucks due to the effects happening after battle. I am thinking of giving him Killer Axe + Luna/Draconic Aura/Vengence but Killer Axe's ATK is so low.
  2. The idea of making him run in to tank a mage then run away with Escape Route after he realises he cannot counter mages is pretty funny. XD I don't know why they didn't just swapped his Def and Res. 42 Res with Water boost and his Spear would have been great and he is much slower than Peri so he wouldn't conflict with anyone.
  3. I am not sacrificing a GHB unit on him. XD You are right. I just wanted make Berkut feel special.
  4. Berkut and Clive are so damn similar. I am having trouble deciding how to differentiate the two. Berkut has higher res but that is useless as I will not sacrifice a Hector to give him DC. What cheap skills should I give him? I will replace his special with Bonfire in preparation for his return GHB. But otherwise, I can't see him being useful without DC. Clive is at least the better physical tank and comes as a free 5* so he will have uses for Arena Assault. Any good ideas on what low priority skills I should give Berkut? (Only skills from the 3*'s not including Fury) I am planning QR Swap Bonfire but that is no different from Clive. :/
  5. I am currently at 4878 rank 909. Definitely not staying in top 1k. :(
  6. The randomization of Arena Assault is different than normal arena. Because you cannot face the same opponent twice per run, you face different opponents than you would otherwise, unlike Complete Random where you can face the same people multiple times which causes many people to not get any Arena defenses.
  7. You guys are so much luckier than I am. Maybe it's the tier difference. I have been constantly running into Blue mages (mostly Reinhardt). On one of my runs, after exhausting all my Reinhardt counters, my last battle gave me S!Corrin, Azura, Olwen and Rein! Lost 2 units. :( I need more Roy for TA fodder.
  8. Now I wish I could uber whale too! xD
  9. This is very smart! I don't whale enough to have +10 5* armours with Aethers.
  10. I lowered my score to your range and it made it A LOT easier! At my usual 4886 range (rank 20), all I face are super merged Blue mages. I just don't have enough to counter them all.
  11. Omg the amount of Reinhardts, Olwens, S!Corrins are crazy! I need better anti blue mages. Rank 1006 with 4 deaths. :(
  12. Yay I managed to stay in tier 20!
  13. I wonder if I will stay this week.
  14. My most hated feature of the gauntlet is the pure randomization of the gauntlet guest units. I would prefer it if they did your team leader + friend + unit of different colour from team leader. This is seriously the only reason why I play with lv1 chars in gauntlets.
  15. It is the potential for 7 Reinhardts. Nino is much easier to handle thanks to DC Reds (Ike, Ryoma, Xander), Lightning Breath Tiki's, Kagero, and G Tomebreaker mages. As long as it is not Firesweep Cordelia, she is countered by even more units thanks to Raven tome and being colourless (Hector, Camus and all other Dragons join the fray). Also unlike Reinhardt, these 2 are glass cannon and have no access to movement buffs. I think most of us are in this boat. I am a dolphin so I have quite a bit of 5* but they are mostly lv1 vanilla or healers. I had to go through 4 5* healers (none of them B!Lyn) to get my -ATK B!Cordelia. :(