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  1. Are FEH's later maps unfair

    The chain challenges allow multiple teams. Also, it is an end game challenge designed for people who have been playing since Feb and have multiple teams.
  2. Holy war banner

    Double post.
  3. Holy war banner

    Going by the previous pattern it will be: 40%: seliph, sigurd, tailtiu and deidre 20%: eldigan, lachesis, julia and ayvra TT is the main reason why we don't get as many 4 member banners anymore. Or they can give Valflame the ability to preset the Blazing Flame special while at 100% HP. Edit: Assuming Arvis gets 35ATK, he would do ((35+4(hone)+14(valflame))+*1.5= 80) -res before the battle even begins. Then give him Hardy Bearing3 to prevent counter attacks and he will be your next OHKO unit that can only move 1 space if he is Armoured. I like the idea of a slow moving orbital cannon. XD This will even allow him to bypass Miracle too.
  4. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    I share the same sentiments. This one was too close for comfort.
  5. Voting Gauntlet: The Blood of Dragons!

    11300 feathers! (Missed a few multipliers though) Team ninian won. Overall very good results.
  6. Holy war banner

    Wow this is good to know.
  7. Holy war banner

    Read his second skill. It only reduces CONSECUTIVE attacks.
  8. Are FEH's later maps unfair

    Iote shield doesn't break any rules. It cancels the special ability of specific weapons and there are many skills that do so. There is no skill that reverses the triangle only skills that cancel other special effects.
  9. Holy war banner

    Distant counter will allow blue mages to ORKO him. I agree that he will be quite difficult to deal with.
  10. Holy war banner

    Pretty sure it only affects dragons just like B!Ike's skill only affecting Cavalry.
  11. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    IS literally just changed the game on monday and even someone with a 158 BST like Hawkeye can get 742 points. And tomorrow night even more unique teams will pop up due to 2x Lv3 unique seals. You asked if it "is" viable (present tense) but no one knows atm since the game is changing and will change again very soon. If you think Y!Tiki doing 15 damage to a 3x Ward Sheena (4 turn kill) is viable instead of someone using an Anti-Armour weapon doing more than half her health (2 turn kill), then I cannot understand you. As Ice Dragon previously stated, Anti Armour weapons are in high demand in the land of the whales. You are right. This is derailing the topic. I am sorry.
  12. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    Bad time to ask. Whale meta is changing fast due to new seals. Better wait till things settle down. Almost any melee unit can give you 742 points atm. Once we get 3lvl 3 unique seals, who know what can reach 744 points. If IS doesn't boost the max points, the Whale meta will have a lot more variety than just Armours.
  13. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    Don't give you as many points and Sheena shrugs them all off.
  14. Show me Your Beautiful, Beautiful Garbage!

    He isn't in top tier arena where it matters. Everyone runs anti Armour weapons in top tier Arena. It is the most desirable weapon in the great ocean where whales live. How else can you damage those 50+ Def units? Here is mine. The only reason why he doesn't have max HM is because I stopped farming Badges after HM was implemented (IS gave me too many other things to do)