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  1. No, it has not. Takumi has no B skill. Before, Tenth Stratum would only fill the empty slots. Now they can replace default skills as well.
  2. I just played a Tenth training map and Azura had Pivot instead of Sing. :O
  3. Since positioning is key, I recommend Minerva.
  4. Yeah, freeing up the Assist and B slot is such a major + for the weapon. Hit and Run/Drag Back will be very good on them. The minor loss of some kill coverage for the huge boost in versatility is very appealing since you have teamates to cover the missing kills. Edit: Lunge+firesweep on defense sounds SO evil!
  5. I agree but I am sure there are some speedy units that prefer the +1 ATK over the +5 SPD. Can you please give me an example? I totally forgot that Desperation builds need Ardent Sacrifice too. Yeah the extra versitily is great dispite the lower kill power. I am not saying it is a common occurrence just a possible outcome of the Quad build. Edit: Thanks for reminding me of the added versatility! It makes me appreciate the weapons even more.
  6. With the introduction of Firesweep Lance, Sword and Axe will be coming too. At 15 might, they give a significant damage boost over Brave+. They also free up the Desperation B slot. But I am having trouble seeing the advantages over Quad Brave users. These guys basically deal 7 more damage per hit, have 5 more SPD and a free B Slot at the cost of being able to Counter. Granted they can run Death Blow so that they do not sacrifice any bulk while still having the +1 ATK and same SPD as LaD3 Quad users. Desperation LaD Quad users basically kill everything. Will the Firesweep variety be able to match up? Using Cordelia as an example, since only Firesweep Lance is coming atm, she kills like 5 less people using Firesweep, Hone Fliers, +ATK nature, Moon Bow, LAD3, Quickened Seal compared to Brave Lance, Hone Fliers, +ATK nature, Gale Force, LAD3, Desperation, +ATK seal. Unlike her Bridal version, she can tank a hit with her higher stats and access to Fortify Fliers. It will even enable her WoM dancer to warp to her so that she is basically guaranteed to kill 3 enemies in 1 go. This means that the usual 3 turn set up/2 turn+dancer for desperation is non existant. I am having trouble seeing what kind of team they would be good where Quad users are not better. Availability is the only issue that pops up.
  7. Damn firesweep lance+. I hope he is one of the ones that become 4* later on. I really want that Rally Def/Res for my Erika.
  8. I have never been one to use -Blade tomes but TT has shown me how OP they really are. Just wow...
  9. Nice! Does it work on every battle of the tempest or just the first one?
  10. I agree! This has helped me increase my successes a lot! It also helps you mentally prepare for the fight to come. For example, I run Reinhardt. Out of the 6 Armours, Sheena can survive him and give me problems. So if I face her before the battle, it makes me super happy since I will be guaranteed to delete the Armour. XD
  11. The units are still random. If you have only faced Cecilia and Olwen, you can still get Rein or Leo at the end. Again the only time you are guaranteed a unit is if you met everyone else from that class.
  12. You are able to tell who you will be facing to some extent. The same heroes will never spawn twice during the run. So if you already faced Rein before, you will not have to again. Consequently, if you met everyone but him, he will be the one to show up. Just keep track of the Armour units (there is only 6 of them) and Cavalry mages (there is only 4) and you can guess which ones will show up. Remember only heroes that are part of the summoning pull will ever show up.
  13. I posted it a few pages back. This team allows me to beat it with max score about 90% of the time. What kind of units do you have? Even my team of 4* fliers without any Hone/Fortify fliers can get to the 7th map. Granted, they do have SI (everyone has repositioning). If 280 points is your highest score, you only need to beat the 5th map to get the same score.
  14. If you can beat the last stratum, then you can get there with 4 teams. Heck even getting to the 6th map will STILL get you more points than Hard maps.
  15. I don't understand you guys. Even if you LOSE every time at the 7th map of Lunatic, you will get 62899 points without using any stamina potions as long as you have a 40% bonus unit. There is literally no reason to play any other map as it gives more points than completing the 5 battle Hard.