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  1. Not really, it will always be all units from the bi-weekly/seasonal banner + 2 of the free 12 rotation + the trio. The remaining 1 or 2 are pretty random.
  2. Oh you are right! Then it is probably because her banner doesn't last 2 weeks? Can't say for sure.
  3. Probably because she was released after the season started.
  4. That is what Effie is for. He only really needs to survive and kill 1 unit. Killing on counter is better than risking a WoM reinforcement. Given that, I will give him Slayer bow to guarantee a kill. I kinda wish he was -SPD+RES to handle dragons easier.
  5. I agree with H!Jakob. Mine is +Def so I don't think he needs Wary. With CD Seal, 1 Ward and Def bow refine, he gets 51 def. With his slow SPD, QR will help him kill almost anything with a 3 CD special. I am also torn between which bow to give him and what to do with my spare Jakob's. Monterous Bow isn't that good on him with the CC build. Guard Bow is amazing but so is Slayer's bow. I kinda regret not giving him a Cupid's Arrow when I had the chance. I hope Bride Cordelia comes back again... No.
  6. Who should I give CC to? H!Jakob seems like the best canditate since H!Henry is relatively fragile compared to him and S!Camilla (who will be TA Raven).
  7. Stop tempting me. >.< F2P life is great, but I want a copy of every unit... The collector in me is too strong.
  8. What? You got 2 Ephraims? Damn... I tried sniping him and keep getting Reinhards (this is why he was the first to be +3 when I was a poor F2P player). I currently has no orbs for the current banner which makes me sad.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Finally decided to spend Orbs. After multiple pulls with nothing on B Block, it finally gave me 2 Kats -ATK+SPD and -HP+RES. Dunno which one to sac for Swift Sparrow...
  10. Agreed. Faye is bad as a Player Phase unit due to low SPD but I faced a +10 QR DD Faye which made me double think my decision to feed her to Bow Lyn. Haven't done it yet since Faye is not max HM but still unsure if I want to invest into her or just go with cancer Firesweep+Cancel Affinity Bow Lyn.
  11. My highest score yet! I love these defensive tiles. My Fae tanks everything (including Falcion users)! Need more feathers and a Bike... Spent a lot of orbs getting Not Bike. Edit: I'd trade you my 6 Abels for an Ephraim, my fave lord that refuses to come home. His sister is already +10 waiting for him.
  12. Are Firesweep Weapons Worth Using?

    People greatly underestimate his other builds. If built correctly, he can counter Bow Lyn, his Dire thunder build and the usual reds with TA Raven. Dispite his low SPD, Phantom SPD 3 is enough for him to safely hit many green mages thanks to Hone Cav and the Sweep skills in his Blade build. But more importantly, he can hit those pesky dragons and oneshot the red ones. He is a lot more versatile than people give him credit for. Dire Death blow is cheap and easy. Why invest in a great unit to make it slightly greater and only have 1 super great unit when you can use that investment to make a not so good unit into a great unit and have 2 great units? Cost effectiveness is very important for F2P players.
  13. Are Firesweep Weapons Worth Using?

    Raven, Blade and Dire thunder. He has enough ATK and defensive stats to take no damage while oneshotting with TA Raven. As the highest ATK blue calv mage, his -Blade version is enough to oneshot Nino. Everyone already knows his Dire thunder build.
  14. Are Firesweep Weapons Worth Using?

    There is a big difference at tier 20 but an even bigger difference in the higher end of tier 20 where you face people who spend money on the game. I recommend creating a new account and playing with Brave Roy if you don't have him. Now with that experience, try to see how a flying unit with the same kit but cannot be countered feels. Trust me it is hella fun safely obliterating things while having more BST and being immune to both Counters and Terrain (horses have high MOV but big terrain issues). It is an expensive build requiring you to sacrifice Ike + Gale Force while also having access to either Hinoka or H!Nowi for the sweet sweet Hone Fliers. Give them Flyer formation an they will basically have 3 MOV range. Rein is great but not as great as he used to be as IS keeps on pumping out counters to him. It has gotten to the point where many Reds can survive and KO him if built to do so. I still love my +10 Rein but I cannot say I don't enjoy Firesweep flyers any less. They make the game even more trivial than he does.
  15. Weapon refinery - unfair balancing issue!!!

    This is because they require heavy investment. In the upper echelon of tier 20, I see them quire frequently. Like any other EP unit, you could also just let them attack into you while you have WTA. Luckily most of them aren't running Deflect Melee yet to survive any initiation while still being a great EP unit. Also Ice Dragon isn't saying they don't exist, just that there aren't many. On the top of my head I can only name 7, Hawkeye, Sheena, Camilla, Anna, Titania, Azura and Fae (she kinda counters almost any top tier unit now XD so happy I +10'd mine).