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  1. Late but.... Yes, it boosts all of her stats by a noticeable margin and keeps flight so WL is pretty useful midgame. That said you absolutely want MK skills. SBlow and trample are extremely good. Picking up Be as well for Caps/Growths/Axefaire+5hp/and not-bird is also extremely good.
  2. Edit: Did not see the necro. I regret.
  3. Did overambition kill this game?

    Plot aside the 4-way support chain between the nhorbles does an excelent job of exploring their pasts and motivations.
  4. Worst Level in Fates?

    So people who are good at strategy games? ---------------------- CQ gives the most resources of any path by a staggering margin and grind resources are infinite on all paths because lilith/lotto so let's ignore postend... Boosters run 10k a pop you can tonic 67 times or reclass 5 times for that tag. Tonicing any stat for the full game costs 3,300. +2 Iron runs 4,000 Seals are 2,000 a pop and can give up to +11 damage per-use. So hierarchy of cost effectiveness for damage is: Speed Tonic to double, Braves, Seals to double, Speedwing to double, Seals, Silvers, Forge to +2 iron or +1 steel, Tonics, Anything under 10k, Boosters. For survivability it's: Seals, Tonics, More tonics, Boosters. Math is hard.
  5. Dunno Hans is a Duke. His job is lit to be Nhors war leader. It's never gone into but... Dude seems like he got to this point on merit from a low standing and just really loves his job. I really can't see him wanting the throne. (Iago may just be the first grand vizier in fictional history to be full on loyal unto death to his monarch as well... and I really like that about fates) I do totally want a Hans/Iago spinnoff game now though. ----------------- On topic my votes on Leo. Xander is dead, Elise is way too powerful, and Cammilia is... Cammilia.
  6. Worst Level in Fates?

    No. +Useless/-Def Corn can just stand on a mountain near the middle and clear that map on Lunatic in complete safety while securing 5 kills on whoever (normally on Kaze) and the bosskill on Corn. For complete safety just hit the first DV throw a rock on your DS and let Ryoma take a walk. Hinoka and Sakura Do Not Matter. Bad RNG or a bad start will determine the number of vulnary charges used in the "risky" clear but dieing with the worst possible stats is improbable enough to be considered a full blown Act Of God. ---------------------- There are consistant 0% growth clears of this game on lunatic with no skill buy/dlc/path/MC rewards. ------------------- The player controls the game, with an actual fucking controller, in a turn based setting with no time limit. Where the game responds based on player inputs and known turn/movement based triggers. So unless your DS has joined the Singularity (Check for the skynet logo. I may be wrong on this one...) you have complete control. The player determines the relevancy of the RNG with the quality of their tactics and strategy. At the low end of preperation the game is still winnable in box condition via high risk, at the high end there is no relevant risk. This is why CQ is considered a very good game from a gameplay standpoint. (Ignoring challange runs made up by some bored nerds to reintroduce risk, and dlc made to let normies buy some skillz)
  7. Did overambition kill this game?

    Ever played New Mystery? Kris will make you beg for Corn again. That said you've just described most FE lords here. ------------------------------ I like blacksmith. Axe focused Hero unit with a better stat spread than hero is pretty good and the animations are glorious. ---------------------------- Never got the idea that royals are da bestest. Even in Rev they sorta get neckdropped by units with better join. ------------------- +0 weapons are bad in general. +3 hand axe is legendary tier tho.
  8. Worst Level in Fates?

    I really like how you try to pretend that this entirely player controled game is not entirely player controled. The part where you're intentionally ignorant as absolute fuck to the meaning of words in the english language. --------------------------------------------- Seriously make a playlog sometime. I want to see this mythical "No Units, No items of any kind, no maps" run.
  9. Worst Level in Fates?

    I've listed off the units that can reliably set up and take on quantities of enemies equal to or greater than taco's wall a few hundred times now. None of them (talisman xander included) really care about lunge. If a completely unspoiled player does not do any of the above and completely buggers their positioning, a single stave chargecan shut off any and all lunge shenanigans. If they went in with none of the tools used to win the map and expected to ez clear... yeah they should probably not be on lunatic. PP units being used on EP and PP units being used on PP is the way game do. You get a freebie, and you get options. Shhhhhhh. The fates rng is still slanted towards the player. Just not as heavily. That said. 100% disp hit that 100% strikes first and does over 100% of enemy hp with a 100% 0 damage guard up 100% of the time is not rng. It's math. Simple, additive, math, on a 1st grade level.
  10. Worst Level in Fates?

    You can count to 10 right? If not I'm so sorry. Ophelia is objectively broken because math says so. No. If you throw a Sorc at the wall they're xl15 now Levant.
  11. Worst Level in Fates?

    No. Every single late game bosskill option is viable vs CH23 Taco. He's on a throne with enemies nearby so setting up full guage on any number of units you care to use of any type can be done in complete safety. It does not matter if he venge crits from 1 hp because complete immunity is complete immunity. He's also not stave or aura immune so any weapon in the game can and will have 100% disp hit. Throwing Xander/Sorc at him is simply a reliable brainless 0 setup option that you will always have on hand because wall.
  12. Worst Level in Fates?

    When deploying a unit wins a map that unit is worth deploying. ------------------------------------------ Going by your logic... Xander lives Taco dies ez win??? Lets assume 16 base +proc is a threat to xander.... somehow? 32 base +2 (meal) +2 (tonic) +4 (rally) +2 (Chivalry) +2 (demosel) +4 (Enfeeble) = 46 minimim effective def. For clarity this is a whopping 2 base from taco. His max effective def here is 62+/-2. Going with the average Taco deals -14 damage before procs. Lol. ----------------------------- Or be sane, and just throw stacked brave/lighting at his ass with full guard guage for double zero chance of death.
  13. Worst Level in Fates?

    Rev:8 Long dull map that has 0% chance of killing anyone and no good loot/exp. You just walk in a windy circle. Hororable mentions to: the rest of early reveleations.
  14. About to play BR. Suggestions for Team?

    Rhajat can pretty easily reach 50%+ skill growth after parent+class mods. In a game with forgeable pony/reverse tome. In a game where enemies have FE8 stats. In a series where secret books are clearly the most valued and competed for resource.
  15. Advice for first playthrough(s)

    Not really. Get A support, click plus if you want the other units class. No worries about one way pairings etc as A+ only affects one unit. Each unit has 2-3 possible A+ supports but on average only one is actually useful and not redundant with possible S supports so you just take that one. ------------------ If you only get one path take CQ. ------------------ For an easy low-planning clear use 4 early males + wifeu's + Kids + hard supports + freestaves/utility units regardless of the path. Optimal setups don't matter outside LCQ so don't worry about it. +Hpl is by far the best MU boon followed by +mag and just never touch anything else. Talent does not matter.