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  1. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    That's plenty with insp song (+3) meal (+2) tonic (+2) and footwork (+1) even with a WL pairup that gives no +spd you're still looking at an expected 28 spd. Level 3 would be an issue though. Nosolnolife.
  2. Wyvern Lord!Peri!Percy (Speedwing)
  3. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    You can drop a high powered sol!MN (silias, xander, or soliel) onto tiny cancer mage turn 1 or 2 and send Ophy up the right side of the map to clear out most of the map (including reinforcments) by turn 3. This is a bit slower than he olde blick fuga and get out but it nets all 3 chests and all the exp with minimal hassle
  4. Master of Arms is so underrated

    Paralouges (namely shigures)
  5. Master of Arms is so underrated

    MoA gives LaD+Vantage (and some nice ribbons) so 4 levels in this are mandatory for anyone who has access to it. As a dip it's superchocolatydeliciousS+ rank on any high output 1-2 ending class. As a finishing class it's infantry with no Srank. Pass
  6. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    The choice of attack vs guard is pretty simple. Attack if... You need the damage on enemies not in guard stance, you need the tile of movement/shelter shenanigans, or the fight is ez and you want a better exp split. Guard if... You need the damage on GS units, you need guage/stat boost to live that EP, or just airdrop nerds. Moving in and out of these is fluid enough to do so multiple times in a single player phase so there's very little opportunity cost involved. --------------------- It's always good to train both parents in child optimization for bases. I endorse the 4 pairs + freebies rule of thumb for this reason. In Ophelia's case her father is her main bulk contributor and she can be ohkoed with LaD up without this.
  7. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Corrin and Jakob both have free access to the cav line via A(+) supports. There is no reason to ever heart seal cav early unless you want Eroom+Shelter+other stack skill early on Jakob and Dwyer. Even then Cornbread eskews cav talent.
  8. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Chokes are near useless in lcq. Stack and play aggressively.
  9. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Promote at 20. No reason not to. 4 pairs total. (8 adults + 5-6 kids + dancer + stavebots + prepromotes + utlity captures is more than you will ever need)
  10. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Yup. 4 pairs and utility. 5 and Xander of you're skipping kids or using Ophelia only. Dwyer is kinda finicy to use with Ophy as well (he gives a +mag statue though so it's value) Not using Silias is hard. Skipping Odin also opens dusts for SBow Nina sillyness. Not using Odin is hard though. __________________________ Not orkoing the river mages on 8 gives more exp without slowing you down provided you get the finicy positioning right and pull the small fighter group by Flora (just freeze one of the fighters if-need-be). This let's Odin get 7 kills (210ish exp) + a ton of chip/combat exp in 3-4 turns for 8.xx (Along with 3 villages if you're using WElise with a res, str, and def tonic holding Effie or Arthur)
  11. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    She's a kinshi/BK in CQ and Silias get's DB and is a kinshi/BK. It's not bad at all. I'd just drop Odin here tbh. You want a different unit run and any Odin run just becomes the Odin show. (If you want to keep him DK!Nyx/MU/Niles can keep him alive.) ----------------- NNo need to rush kids pre 2nd shop Earlystrat for Elise is just lightforge bronze axe with a speed tonic and str+2 dropping poise on dudes who need to live. Odin can take Niles, a speed tonic, and a magic tonic left in ch8 and vuln tank double for a fuckload of exp.
  12. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Give Percy another go imo. Percy is only overwhelmingly strong early if you use both Arthur and his wife heavily and pass down some stack (Eroom+Quick draw/Riposte/Axefaire+Str2 is a fat +11/+10/+12 at 2nd shop). He wants a wing if you level in WL. For funtime wonky strats a Archer!Effie/HS Peri/Selena/Axefaire Felecia + quickdip Arthur at second shop is pretty solid. Taking his innate 15's sounds out the build. For additional insanity a midori marrige gives and ending stack of +27 or +24 and luna. It's complete overkill but he holds the sole honor of killing tacomeat with no counter. Elise wants HS desperately to patch up her accuracy. Laslow has lower offensive stack than Soliel/Silias/Xander in MN but he holds up fine. Doubling down is bad news bears though the role is exp/invest heavy. Stick with one. Draco!Corn is redundant with Elise. Roll DM/Oni imo and (go to jail) backpack her for doubleaurabot strats with felecia and 2 late bolt axes. X/1 Nos/lightforge/bolt clears 15 well enough. Nina is cute and impossible to fuck up. Soliel wants Harlot/Effie/Camilla mothering. Past that I'd say stick to 4 earlypairs + utility and you'll do fine.
  13. If certain characters were available on both routes...

    Not to prematurely nihilate but capture sorta answers/makes this thread completely irrelevant.
  14. A lot of people in this thread need to read up on what a standing army did to food production in period. Also history in general. Pony matters. Gameplay prespective. Outlaw!Bow knight has 9 move at the point where Kinshi gets AS. Nhor has exclusive access to the freeze and entrap staves. Generic kinshi's struggle to orko equivilant xl WL's and MK's without Very High End bows beastkiller can ohko Kinshi, as can basicly any tome a MK choses to wield. Nhor has Falco's and Kinshi. Nhor has air advantage, infantry advantage, and a ton of horse. ------------------- Ninja assasins are potentially deadly (eventually) but... entrap stave is Absolute Death immediately and can be wielded by the Nhor equivilants (Servant/Adventurer) or it can just be strapped to a horse/horsebird. --------------------- Nhor has an infinite supply of disposable shock troops (faceless) that can be dropped anywhere by magic. This is really stupid and begs the question... why does hoshido even exist? ------------------ The main army on both routes belongs to Nhor. It marches unimpeded over the gap and blitzes hoshido in record time. --------------- The gaps in plate are filled by fucking chain mail, leather, and more plate.. Knights can hardly even move when fully armored without a pony which is also armored. That is how much metal is on those dudes. Katanas do not cut steel no matter what the movies tell you. They were an officers side arm (similar to a cav saber) used as a last resort or vs unarmored nerds as a policeing tool. Samurai in battle primarily used bows, polearms, and heavy blunt shit. From horseback. There is a reason every single weapon in midevil times was triangular and pointy (splits mail) or blunt and heavy (ignores mail entirely). Mail (ring or chain) was not nobility exclusive. Japanese armor was noble only and used boiled leather with steel strike plates. This is not chain mail and it's absolutely not plate. It was to stop Untipped arrows and deflect light slashing/stabbing blows by flat blades from vital areas.
  15. If certain characters were available on both routes...

    Sorc/Be are the best foot in the game bar none, BR has jack and or shit to actually HURT Odin, or Rhinkah with a Harlot support and they ORKO everything in the game. So BR becomes more of a joke. They would have to join extremely late. (12+) Oni Savage is locked out on CQ route but it's strictly worse than Nhorian options for damage, Iggy would be more viable I guess? CQ already has a diviner and a sage though so hayato is only giving Elise/Felecia another bolt axe option and Ophelia innate tomefaire. Join here really does not matter. Ignoring balance I'd enjoy Odin and Harlot replacing some early BR joins. Just for the variety.