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  1. best class in terms of birthright?

    To make Nhor great again.
  2. Should I give Effie the boots?

    Eh. She suffers from the problem that most physical units do. IE finding a niche not owned by Silias, Percy, or Camilia. That said she does have an exceptionally useful Mozu support to grab +12 stack a bird, a speed stat, and 8 move. With S she can snag another real class or, since she can actually gain a good chunk of exp early, we can go for pass on her without super extra issues making her a decent unit all game with a useable niche. Her big flaw is 4 move in ch7-9, which is just godawful and is a legitimate reason to drop her on her neck.
  3. Should I give Effie the boots?

    To be clear, nobody is claiming Effie is good. There are absolutely things we can do in CQ with foot units (namely MN, Sorc, and BE) that we cannot do with mounted or Bird based units, and we want to pick up skills which are often on the lower move classes. Starburst is claiming that there is always an edge case in CQ where doing insane things is the only reasonable thing. IE: In a limited unit run (draft, pmu, whatever) Mozu!Niles!Effie can rock a kinshi with move+1 and pass. We would absolutely boots her here. ---------------- General!Elise is a bit of insanity where MK!Elise flys onto the magic tile in the ch23 wall and reclasses in-chapter to general off A+ Effie. Fully buffed she still doubles and ORKO's with the bolt axe and has better-than-talisman-Xander bulk. It's a silly but effective way to clear that map. She's low-key best royal.
  4. LCQ PMU

    Oh hey. This is a thing. Ch11: Percy GO. Didn't bother with Rinkah's room, capturestave promoted to burn a freeze in the LaD room. Lots of tonics on Percy and Silias here. Ch12: No Elise x.x Mozu farms the apoth kills for fun and profit. Silias and Percy kill everything else that needs killing. Ch: Sophie quick draw Sophie is here. Percy gets exp to promote. Nerds do nerd stuff. Sophie starts building support with Percy. Elise is not deployed for stave. Ch: 13 Percy SMASH. Lotsa tonics and a meal later your God is here. Elise chews a partner seal and slings a +2 bronze bow at dragons. Azura dances for benny. Nerds gain exp. Ch14: So a +def Percy can just chew bows to the face for single digit damage when buffed up. Elise and Niles take Bird kills, Elise hits A+ with Azura, Azura dances for benny some more. Ch15: Bought a levin, chewed tonics and a meal, HATE. Got more boosters for Percy. Corn Promotes. ChNina: Shining bow girl get. Selena promotes for more stats on Leo so he can double in the east, Heart sealed Percy to BE for wall lunging. Got all the loot. Ch16: Sbow Girl and Leo are how the west was won. Also cheaty tonics and a meal. Percy can still OHKO things with a forged hand axe so he just removes the east. Full promo now, Niles adventurer, Silias Paladin, Mozu Kinshi, Elise Adventurer, Arthur Be, Benny is a useless lug getting lapdances. Nina Adventurer (full sdust use + ARobe + Shields), Sophie Paladin. Fed most of the western promo kills to Elise. Percy Axed Shura for boots. All edrops and Swings on Percy. Elise uses the boots and skill books. Ch17: Percy SMASH... as Elise's dual strike bot. She picks up L7 and fren seals into a Birdbow. Percy and Nina soak most of the remaining EXP as Nina shreds the north. Sophie is a dragon nowKotowhatso gets Axed by Percy. ChKANA: Elise grabs air superiority and is a MK again, Nina grabs L7, Heartseeker, and Mal Aura then goes back to ADV. Percy drinks the rest. Ch18: Buffing up, Elise and Leo chew the north and then swing south, Percy, Nina, and the nerdsquad chew the east and head north. Zola gets axed, Percy gets an Edrop, and a pair of Srank staves join my army. Ch19: Percy goes WL and eats 3/4 of the map, remaining EXP to Nina, Elise, and Niles. Benny knocks up Azura and joins the bench. Ch20: Air Superiority, L7 Elise under buffs flys up to Hayato turn 2 and removed the entire northwest from exostince with a +3 fire and Corn equipped. 0% bow disphit. Weeeeeee. Nina, Niles, and the nerds grab 10k, and rescue, Percy kills off Fuga and the east side of the map in 3 turns. He can just chew a kinshi hit. Ch21: Percy says SKIP. Elise grabs some exp. Ch22: SKIP. Elise, Niles, Nina, and a 2x arms scrolled GK Corrin feed while Percy Axed Yukiwhatsa. ChIggy: Free exp and Wrank on corn. ChForrest: Free exp and Wrank. ChShigure: Nina and Elise grab Pass, Percy takes his stack to +15. Corn grabs Wrank. Ch23: PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS. 11 move WL Elise drops Percy straight into taco's room in attack stance, burned an Entrap to snag boots, got rallyman, Niles is close to Pass Ch24: 12 move Elise says SKIP. Ch25: Percy maxes out while Corn stabs a lobster with the brave lance PASSed to grab 10k chest with a rescue charge. Niles gets Pass. Ch26: Nina reclasses to strategist. Cleared first room. 3 Units with PASS, Percy, and a rescue charge end the map. Ch27: SKIP Ch28: SKIP.
  5. Should I give Effie the boots?

    It's finished. Can't find the thread because internet is the real final boss. The rundown in a nutshell is "Percy happened, normal play to ch20, Percy kills 7 dudes with the brave axe and Corncob hits a lobster with a brave lance"
  6. Should I give Effie the boots?

    Lunatic isn't always an Odin solo?
  7. Should I give Effie the boots?

    A+ Mozu if you want more move on Effie. Boots are best used on your best draco or a pass user.
  8. Conquest tiering discussion

    He was saying OS is busted because it's a bolt axe + tome using general without the armor flag. It's not as good in CQ as it is in BR/Rev because 0 damage is bad here, the growths are somewhat awkward, the skills are absolute piss, and it's not really stellar on the lategame mapskip boss rush, but as a finishing combat class it's up there with MK and MN. Not quite Sorc/BE power (IE perfect killing machines), yet still significantly above the assumed power curve. Ignore Levant, he does this in every single thread.
  9. Anyone Wants to Play 10-Units-Only Conquest?

    Not entirely certain why adventurers or apoths play a part in chophelia, we can raid all 4 villages with the posted haulanus>Dropunitinrange>Bookit method before turn 3 and then chill out in the desert tiles for really controlled feeding. Not hating on your approach. JS.
  10. What Is Your Strategy for Conquest Ch 25?

    Pass+Rescue and a unit able to deal 25x4 or 38x2 to Taco.
  11. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    A+ Azura and S Subaki are both open early.
  12. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Whynaut just... F or P seal then?
  13. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Baby = Burn tonics?
  14. Conquest tiering discussion

    Yeah kid join is weird to discuss because MC. In non-abusive play it's a huge deal as pretty much every gen2 female wants that Percy D. (D means dragon here)
  15. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Swokekura is a pretty not-awful first heart seal use. Having more birds in BR is always nice.