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  1. In Rev Odin can attack stance in his join map to hit 20/1 before the end of the map. Pulled him in a lunatic PMU and Odin+Ophelia pretty much carried the lategame there. TL:DR Odin has a rough start in rev/cq but is blatantly OP the moment his growths and class set kick in.
  2. Just tested. Nyx can ohko with Nos on CQ normal when stacked from join. The hell? Why is the guy above me complaining about dark magic getting nerfed?
  3. The joke being that actual play with that list is just... agonizing Yet variants of the Reddit emblem build pop up more or less constantly and are what most folks use on a first (and often only) run
  4. So, this guy tried playing CQ with the Reddit list? Cause whenever I see a wall of text with a complainy title that's what I assume. (No I did not read the OP)
  5. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    No. Just use what you need, when you need it. Some units will never see investment, some will see 4-6 seals and boosters.
  6. What if Elise and Camilla switched places?

    My use of Mcorn would increase 100% with this change and... Nothing else would happen. Sans Elise deployment on ch12, as a MK, brb as the game snaps in half. Heal staves are really bad in fates.
  7. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    1: Both, though in a situation where only one is an option due to limited time efficency, in a situation where resources are limited thoroughness. 2: Southwesten American Desert. 3: Whichever one involves pissing on sparks before they become fires. 4: Legal naturalism. 5: Can I pick both here? Forgiveness without Retribution (or vise versa) is just less effective long term. 26: Yes, Howl's Moving Castle 27: *Internal screaming* 28: Not really? 29: Bow Knight Nyx 30: I'm glad it's not in the game
  8. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    21: Nobody drinks like Gaston 22: Nope. That would be Disney is evil, or overly sexualized animal jokes. 23: nope 24: Bad puns are my life 25: I had to Google this one. Hard no.
  9. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    1: Nobody wears boots like Gaston 2: Nobody asks pointless questions like Gaston 3: Nobody robs like Gaston 4: Nobody interviews like Gaston 5: Mrs. Fizzle 16: She's just a really entertaining character, with better blue hair styleing skills than the games protagonist. 17: It's clownpeice from the touhou project games. Japan is weird man. 18: Sometimes, I'm a big fan of the studio Gibli (Spelling is hard?) Movies. 19: 4 hours? 20: Yes.
  10. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    None, big stompy boots are what normally winds up on my feet though. I'm calling in an expert for this one.
  11. The Lunatic Club [Fates]

    Honestly I just frontline everyone but Azura and kill things fast up to ch13. After that I have a blender or 3 just run full speed towards ch28 while the remaining mooks go and pick up secondary goals (mostly chests). As for average slots per chapter? If you mean saves uuuuh, 1 (with a perfect Odin saved forever right aftr ch8 for when I'm feeling insane enough to delve into optimizing him in turn count play). For deployment? I fill the full 15 slots, though 4-5 of those are just stave/rally captures.
  12. Anyone Wants to Play 10-Units-Only Conquest?

    Ophelia with the reverse gate already sends Fuga into Orbit and we only need 2 kills on the north west side. Iseewhatyoudidthere
  13. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    Suprisingly yes. I did. Along with a wide swath of other manual trades. Nothing like working 72 hours inside a waste drum to really make you reconsider higher education!
  14. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    1: It's part of a strip from the fates meme thread, cropped with my mad MS paint skills. 2: Mechanically it's both the most complicated FE to date, and the most broken so the sandbox aspect is really entertaining in terms of challange runs. The difficulty and tactic optimization is also extremely tight in the 7-13 segment of the game without going into FE12, ohgodwhy territory. 3: Just English, I can scream out scafoldbuilder pretty well though (Basically Spanish, but only profanity/sex slang with motions to indicate what tool I want. This is a real thing) 4: Yes, mountain biking was a hobby of mine when I got sent to mountains without snow or good climbs. 11: Yes, mostly on session 1, by session ohgodwhy folks are a bit more invested. The main running joke of the campaign's is that a certain golden puzzle box can and will show up every game. 12: Lots?... I have a problem. 13: Notgonna a say Odin but... Odin. My last PC was a 5e Moon Druid/AT Luchador. Played in OotA. A common misconception is that DM's try to control the chaos. Mostly we just wonder why our players aren't suplexing Satan with their Bear arms. 14: Standard suite of friendship ruining couch games. Goldeneye/smash/Mario cart/etc. 15: Tana.
  15. SF Interviews 2.0 - Lanko

    Sorry for the double post. 1: Yes. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the X-men. I'm a sucker for excellent theme songs. (Also Voltron). 2: Best 3.5e dnd, it's near complete freedom and actually uses the d20 system (Also I'm a sucker for the campain settings). Worst pathfinder, it's like 3.5 but nothing actually works, all the problems and none of the insane. 3: Roll initiative? Clearly there's an intruder in my house of a piece of paper isn't covered in chickenscratch notes. 4: Buy a mountain, name it "The high ground" win every argument forever. This may be my real life-goal. 5: Fire Emblem with CO powers would be one hell of a drug.