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  1. Camilla Is Way To O.P.

    For a moment let's pretend the part where Ryoma somehow takes significant damage in BR/Rev. with open guage, fails to proc, and fails to crit, isn't a statistical anomoly or really garbo play by somone who refuses to pair up EP units. ---------------------------------------------- With Ryomas personal floor of +19 stack on EP the list of units weak enough to get instablicked by vantages reads as "All of them" He's not the "Best" VLoD user but he is one and 100% killing things 100% of the time before they can interact with you is 100% safe. (Holy shit. It's 2018 and somone still thinks Rinkah is bad.)
  2. Is Fire Emblem Fates a "Good" game?

    CQ gives more money than any other route. On average (Off the top of my head, not selling useless items) you would need 10 skirmishes in BR or 30 in rev to equal CQ funds. CQ's plot is far more tolerable if you just headcannon Elise as the protag.
  3. Is Fire Emblem Fates a "Good" game?

    Conquest is a good game.
  4. Camilla Is Way To O.P.

    Takumi has a +1 steel yumi going for him for 3 maps. Then he falls off hard and is the worst bow user in the game by a wide margin. Reina joins one map later, Azama is Azama, Xl10 Setsuna and Mozu out damage him on his join map in BR and he's a joke in Rev compared to units with similar join (Looking at you Shura/Camilia/Reina). Hell, Bowboro is objectively stronger than Archer!Taco on both routes. Kiragi is really solid though. Talismanstack!Xander is slightly better than VStack drop boosted Ryoma in Rev. They're both untouchable blenders but Xander has way better movement options. Camilia is objectively better than all of these nerds though. Ignoring her other advantages... roses thorns is the second best personal in the game, with smart positioning she contributes more than Ryoma and Xander combined.
  5. Nhor has the perfect incarnation of raw, unadulturated, Justice. Also Elise. Hoshido has food jokes running the country and some malnurished little girl in straight up rags working in rice fields. Gonna go Nhor. Where even the "Starving beaten down villagers" are able to afford some sick threads, own homes not made of mud and grass, and seem suspiciously well fed.
  6. Camilla Is Way To O.P.

    Slightly off topic but... The bolt axe is absolutely an axe.
  7. Looking for M! Kana with Aptitude

    Save any version of a unit to logbook and you can buy their skills on other versions of that unit.
  8. Looking for M! Kana with Aptitude

    Edit: This is actually useful right now lol, top100 castles all lack apt m!kana. Good news though, (if you're feeling lazy). Apt is not a stack/utility skill so it's worthless. Not helpful right now. But in the future it's a good idea to make a rev!file with maxed supports and inherent skills for gen1 and no S/A+ options chosen. Autobattle on nix and put a rock on your ds for convenience, it takes about an hour for the clear and 2-3 for max level and supports. Whenever you need a skill just build and logbook em. (Never ever save, and keep a clone file just in case). This covers pretty much every possible legal/useful skill combo. It's faster than trying to dig around MC, it's more convenient, and it will work after the 3ds server dies. Double edit: My skillfarm does not have M!Kana. F!Kana is just better in postend and Jakob!MKana (the only viable maingame kana varient) is self sufficent.
  9. Revelations Chapter 24 Lunitic Clasic Corrin Run Help

    Holy fuck that's a lot of infantry. If 24 is the thuper tholid thnake mission I'm thinking of... just ignore the gimmic and bumrush. None of the enemies are remotely threatening but they do give a decent chunk of exp. If you just really want to sneak. Low deploy locktouch, galebird, and warpwitch to make life easy.
  10. Cq gives way more exp/gold in the main game than the other routes and uses a smaller army so money and exp are never going to be a real issue. Also lilith.
  11. Best Class

    Corrin can seal off same gender A supports. Promotion does not affect wrank.
  12. Best Class

    Be/Sorc gives the biggest boost on pairup which is corncobs main lategame utility. If corn is already stacked then just use the highest mt 1-2 weapon you can. (Forged shuriken/tome/bolt/levin/hand axe) If corn isn't stacked and you want to lead with it you're reclassing for stack. (Stack = stacking 3-5 +damage skills for between +6 and +34 damage per hit. Utility skills often supercede the importance of more damage in the last skillslots.)
  13. Camilla Is Way To O.P.

    Fren off A+ Beruka is pretty easy to set up since Cam enjoys fighter line more than hero (+12 stack is Cam's benchmark for serious brave axe abuse) as x/1 dracobaracuda gives move+1 in 11/12/13/14 where it really matter a silver str statue and a late Be pairup.
  14. Arthur has bad supports?
  15. I too enjoy hearing about the subtle distinctions between justice and revenge. His confession scene is also pretty incredible. (ArthurxBeruka OTP tho) Gameplay wise: As a lead he's a Be, has the highest natural axe rank at any given point alongside +16 stack luna if he takes a wyvfu or +13 luna off Mozu so he has gaurenteed bosskilling stats for ch28, and Percy is on par with if not better than Corrin!Dwyer. A+ supports with Niles/Doge and gaurenteed Be on his waifu ensure doubling speed and big damage/bulk forever. As a support... he's a Be with good A options, a unique aura, a natural +1 move reclass, and perfect avalibility.