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  1. Is coming up as unavailable on my end. Anyone else?
  2. Official Pull Topic

    ...I think the +ATT stat from the Summer Robin I mistakenly clicked on was stuck in my mind at the time of posting that...
  3. Official Pull Topic

    ...My luck just keeps getting better. I pulled four 3* units with my last 20 orbs on the seller account, and was like "Well, I got F!Grima. Should've known it was silly to push my luck further... And who else shows up on the last summon but FREAKING FJORM! Her stats are far from ideal, but I'm still excited! +HP/-DEF I'll merge her into the neutral Fjorm I have from the story mission. Gotta say, I'm coming out with a nice haul on this seller account! xD
  4. Official Pull Topic

    @Cute Chao OHMUHFUGUUUUUUUD! Last six hours, and I got her! ... On my seller account, but still, I GOT HER! And she's +Att! -Res, but I think that can be worked with somehow! I'm so excited! I can't way to play around with this and get a decent build made! I won't be able to keep her, sure, but I can have my fun while I can! This account is turning out pretty decent; just might seal it with a link come the end of the Spring Banner, depending on how well that comes out! Only question is this: Do I pull on the Miracle banner, or not? Hmmmmm...
  5. More free main story heroes?

    Ugh. Now I have to choose between Brave Celica and Brave Veronica. I strongly doubt we'll be getting anything for free where story characters are concerned. The Fjorm giveaway was a nice taste of the Blessings features and L!Ike was a kind gift too, but I doubt they'd spoil us like this, it'll get in the way of their cash flow.
  6. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, I saved up another 40 orbs on the seller account, and got a couple decent pulls. I haven't checked the Nino yet, but I did check the L'Arachel ++ +Res/-Spd Dammit... Well, 20 more orbs. Let's see the damage. ...Okay, I would've preferred this for my main account, but ... okay! IV's? +Spd/-Def ... Why couldn't I have gotten this on my main account?! Anywho, here are the rest of my pulls. Nothing special, adequate fodder at least. I'll build up some of my good 4/5 star units before selling it off. If I'm lucky, I can save up a few more orbs for one or two more pulls; should be out of Beginner story maps by then.
  7. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Good God,I split my pants and my sides!
  8. Official Pull Topic

    Well, on the plus side, you have loads of Sakuras and your B!Lyn is super speedy now.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    You have any advice on how to use the H!Nowi that I got the other day? I got one in the account I sold off before, but remember struggling to figure out how to secure kills with her effectively...granted, she was -ATT, but that's neither here nor there...
  10. Official Pull Topic

    Okay...I saved up 32 F2P orbs, spent money to get it up to 50 orbs, and gave it one more shot on the Legendary Robin banner. And I got nothing but feather fodder, a 4 star Felicia, and maybe two skill fodder units. Frankly, I should be disappointed. Yet I'm not, at least not entirely. Why? Because I finally got me a +ATT Est! I've been trying to get one since I started my account! I have one where I started placeholder skills and a conferred blessing in the event that I got one, and the day has finally come! I'll have to be careful with her, being -DEF, but I've always assumed that she's ideally used as a player phase, hit and run sorta unit. I hope to one day have ideal IVs of all three Whitewings and Minerva in a +10 5* team. I assume that'll take over a year to do, but I'll obviously get that done one at a time. Still wish I could've gotten a Summer Tiki. That Axe Valor... Edit: I just checked my Felicia... +ATT/-DEF. YES! You'll have a plate to throw at your foes soon, deary!
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, I scrounged up enough orbs (and $2.00) for another full pull on my main account in the Legendary Banner. Aaaaaaaaand... Got this girl for the first tie. Judging from that summon quote, she sounds like a female and regal Arthur. Could be fun. Pity the IVs suck. +Res/-Att Got a Rebecca, same IVs, got a Felicia, sucky stats, and a Roderick, sub-optimal stats. Then, for my Red pull, I managed this. What's even better, the IVs are near optimal! +Att/-Res If only the bane were Def, she'd be perfect... Welp, if I can manage to save up another 40 orbs, I'll give it two more pulls. I've written off the valor units, and will be vainly hoping for Robin.
  12. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    Probably not. That's why the road to more feathers are easier paved for those choosing the less appreciated.
  13. Voting Gauntlet: Bunny Battle Ballot!

    I dunno... I have Spring Lucina with not-ideal IVs, but I want Spring Sharena... ... ... ... Super Bun-Bun Pal it is, I guess.
  14. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Since we're on a Robin's Adorable kick around here, here's IDC SAO's latest Pimp my Waifu creation. ... Stop making me want Robin, dammit!
  15. Jokes and Memes about Heroes

    Fixed the format for ya.