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  1. Passive supports? Are those the in battle comments and complements that characters give when adjacent units defeat enemies or need to heal?
  2. I love how everyone it's stuck on Genny wanting to bewed an older (relative) dude, yet nobody talks about the freaking story she wants to write about Celica saving the world and her dad being alive and searching her out... Just...tears, man...
  3. I've added the Whitewings to my favorites list. In particular Est and Palla. Est is so bubbly and eager to please! And her overactive imagination reminds me of a girl from my neighborhood! She's so cute! As for Palla? I love her for her relationship with her sisters, but even more so for one post battle line. "I will discharge my duty." THE LOCALIZATION TEAM KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING, THE PIGS! xD
  4. I'll grant you that. I enjoyed the slight chewing out Boey gave her when discussing having to "zap[pin'] real folks" and the fact that he'd mentally prepared for the possibility while she hadn't. A pity that only lasts for one support and she's rapidly over it come the B support. Would've like to have one area where he outclassed her. :(
  5. Yeesh. I guess Alm really is a generic lord, at least in that sense. Looking forward to breaking past Arc 3 in Celica's route. Just chill out at the dam, Alm and Co. I'll get there soon enough...after I figure out how to deal with the FUCKING GARGOYLE HORDES! (God I love how white-knuckle this game is - I know most don't have that much of an issue with it, but for a greenhorn like me, I'm getting Conquest chills of excitement!)
  6. This is obviously just me, but I suppose it's a result of her poorly managing her emotions towards Boey and fearing that he won't reciprocate. A sort of emotional buffer as to keep the pain at a minimum if things don't start off or work out between them, or an attempt at killing the love relationship before it really starts.
  7. I like to think the RNG in that case is whether or not the witches are feeling suicidal or not. Lukas did say that there was little left of who they once were. I like to imagine some of the witches have gained just enough control of themselves to wish to off themselves. Huh. Maybe that control of the senses is what helps them decide not to gangbang individual characters as アリサ ラインフォルト has said. lol
  8. Wouldn't the addition of a weapons triangle actually be a bit unfair, given the Zofian forces doesn't even utilize axes? It'd make it too easy to mow down pirate hordes in the Celica route, and would be an absolute bitch for lance users in either route, wouldn't it?
  9. Ahhh man, dude's becoming a legend as a Myrmidon! And don't neglect the eargasm you get while watching him go. He's the first character I've ever threatened to go gay for. xD
  10. *headdesk* Dude! Spoilers! I'm still clearing Celica's Act 3, lemme catch up! I'm guessing it's that commitment that earned him the station of Lieutenant. I wonder if Clive gave him the promotion out of legitimate impressiveness at his commitment or an endearing sort of pity? I mean Lukas seems more ideal for the position if you ask me, but the humor in the situation still stands. lol Also, a question for the folks around here. Who all has lost Fae on their journey and who regrets it at all? I have and I don't, knowing how flat she is as a character and how middle-of-the-road she is as a unit (I mean she did make for a decent Pegasus Knight, but Clair quickly outclassed her once I got some grinding in and gave her the HOLIEST OF HOLIES RIDERSBANE! (I will NEVER let that die!)
  11. So they have a conversation when you sic her on him? Sweet!
  12. Oh thank God! Soon my love! SOON YOU WILL BE A GOD TO CHALLENGE MILA AND DUMA THEMSELVES! (Like Clair, only even more adorable) xD
  13. 0_o ...Level 18 as a Cleric? ... Pardon my panic, but PLEASE TELL ME I CAN GET IT AS A SAINT, I JUST PROMOTED HER THIS MORNING!
  14. A simple little poll. Have you used grinding methods to progress through the game? Is grinding a necessity for you? Lord know it is for me and my dumb ass. lol I've plowed through three paladin squads prepping for the Assault on Desaix's Fortress... Man I still can't kill that fat bastard!
  15. Speak for yourself! I don't care how low the hit rate for Mire gets, it's like they hit 85%+ of the time, and they always take off a GOOD chunk of health! Thank GOD I don't have to deal with that storming Desaix's fortress - taking Desaix down along with that Cantor and his endless streem of undead is a three-times-retreat chore all on its own! Invoke has been a godsend for me with Genny, but when the hell does Silque get it?! I'm at level 11 with her and yet I've got squat there - I think she's unlocked Seraphim sooner than she has Invoke and it's KILLING ME!