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  1. Definately among my dumbest mistakes this week is that I actually sacrificed a perfectly good Nino (4*) to Brave Lyn in my desperate bid to make her more survivable during the latest Grand Hero Battle. It's stupid because I killed off a perfectly good Nino for a skill that I in-the-end never even employed; I ended up getting Warding Blow from Shanna (I think) and wound up using that instead. And to think, the week just started. Who knows what other retarded things I might do?! For instance, I just plunked down $65 in credit into a wholesale premium currency brokering service called Pay Less 2 Win for a 240 orb pack, and I'm actually betting that I just wasted that cash! w00t I've lost all semblance of sanity and am drunk on grief!
  2. God in HEAVEN! Given how easy this infernal was for everyone else, I'm convinced (more than I was already) that I'm some sort of retarded because this took me FOREVER to figure out! It wasn't as much the general strategy that I struggled with as it was figuring out how to work it with the crew that I had. If I was like Sages and had a Bridelia, this probably would've been a walk in the park, but making this shit work with my Brave Lyn was a pain in the ass because of that goddamned Gronnwolf touting Robin and that FUCKING RED MAGE WITH HIS BOWBREAKER AND HIS CONSTANT DOUBLING! I lost count of the compositions I'd tried! Brave Lyn and Azura being my only constants, I've tried it with Masked Marth | Sakura, Eirika | Sakura, Ephraim | Eirika, Eirika | Brave Ike, Sakura | Brave Ike - I SWEAR I WAS GONNA LOSE MY MIND! Eventually I identified the Red Mage as my biggest hurdle and decided that I needed a way to put him out of commission. So I got my beloved Tana, grabbed my newlyacquired Hector, and sacrificed him for Distant Counter. So now I had a way to deal with the Red Mage, but dealing with Robin was still a pain in my ass because as son as Tana'd finished pwning that Red Mage, here comes the mysterious tactician with her fabulously simple and utilitarian hair to blow her up!). I'd been trying to hold the line with either my Eirika or my Masked Marth, but after they cut down the axefighter that my Brave Lyn had left, they'd be slaughtered either by the lancefighter or a combination of the red mage (because I hadn't killed him in time) and Robin, so after FOREVER, I figured out that I need to have Brave Ike hold the line. But then I kept attracting the attention of the blue mage, and even when I wasn't catching hell from him, I was catching hell from the Red Mage that kept pwning the shit out of Brave Lyn long-story-short, I ended up sacrificing an Odin for Moonbow on Lyn so I had something that would proc faster than Draconic Aura and hit slightly harder, sacrificed my Tharja to B!Ike so he could gain Spur Res 3, sacrificed another unit that i can't recall the name of for Spur Res 2 on Azura, and after dropping from 12 orbs to 3 orbs literally trying all night long to figure this out, I finally nailed it while sitting on my porcelin throne with heroin coursing through my veins (JK, it was just Teavana Rev Up tea with honey, but Jeez did I want some heroin (or whatever narcotic keeps you up) by the end of this long-ass trial). ... I'm sorry for the profanity laden rant, this just drove me nuts trying to figure it out, and I'm baffled at how easy it seems to have been fore everyone else. Still, I'm happy to have finally gotten my neutral 4* Robin (wish it were a 5* out the gate for all the effort this took, but whatever), and I have 30K feathers sitting in my account for just in case I decide to elevate her to 5*. Oh. Wanna know something funny? After all of this...I"m looking forward to the Clarisse GHB; must be the thing I have for Tsunderes. xD
  3. Well, Lady Luck is still with me. I saved up 22 orbs for this banner, and after three summoning sessions focusing on only the blue orbs, I snagged me a Nephenee! Even better than my luck at pulling her is my luck with her IVs. Got me a SPD boon and RES bane. Very happy early morning for me. I plan on trying to Elencia at the end of the banner's run; should be able to scrounge up about 80 orbs for that bid by banner's end.
  4. That pseudo-medic build looks swanky, think I'll steal it! xD Seriously though, as squishy as my Ryoma is and given the fact that I don't have room for a proper medic on my team, I'll definitely be using that (and since they often fight side-by-side, I think they'll develop a beautiful friendship together; hell, I might as well ship 'em xD). I already have the Breath of Life seal , and I think I have a couple spare Lissa's around for the BoL skills (or do I get renewal from her? I forget...) Speaking of renewal, I'm glad we share similar ideas in builds with that in mind. ^_^ (BTW, that'll stack with the Renewal 2 skill built into the Falchion, right?) Thanks for the input, dude!
  5. Goddammit. RIP the dream, I guess... lol
  6. Oooh, sounds like you'll have plenty of fun with him. :D
  7. You're looking at a pretty strong red mage there, bud. Do you know his IVs, his bane and boon? That'll help you in devising a Skill Inheritance strategy.
  8. ...So THAT'S how I can get myself to a 5* Odin and give Linde his Blarblade without cutting off my arms! Many thanks, all who replied!
  9. Ahh, I gotcha. Still, I'm of the belief that it's best to work with what you have until you can get better. No doubt you're gonna feel some sorrow regarding this, but the salt will stop stinging soon. Besides, they'll be permanent additions to the summoning roster, so you'll always have a chance to snatch up whoever you haven't gotten by banner's end. ^_^
  10. This may be a silly question, but say I had a 10+ 4* unit. If I promoted that unit to 5*, would I keep the merge bonus to its stats, or would I have to start fresh with the merges again?
  11. Unless you're doing this for skill fodder, I strongly suggest seeking out professional help, buddy.
  12. Frankly, the merge sounds like a good idea. Not only do you get a boost in a couple of stats towards an already favorably crafted IV nature, but you get a free 120 SP to put towards any skills you want to add on. Not really seeing the downside there, unless you're hoping for a focus pull to focus your time into training. (If the training thing is an issue, I've found that putting your unit in a team with two dancers and a healer can get him/her from 1-40 in about 30 minutes to an hour, easy. Even less if you are willing to skip out on those extra early 20 level Unit Kill SP earnings.)
  13. Howdy hi! I just got myself a Masked Lucina for Christmas the first time from the current TT (both 4 and 5 star). I'm wondering what I should use as far as skills? I currently am running Spur Attack 2, Bonfire and Reposition. Should Ikeep down the route of using her as an offensive support unit or should I kit her for pure offense/massive damage? And if I should go down the latter path, what skills should I equip that I haven't already? I'm fixing to put either renewal or vantage on her to increase her survivability as a front-line unit, but I'm not sure what to have as my A-slot skill...
  14. Ahh, finally! I think I've sunk 80 orbs into this banner, but I finally did it! Welcome to the team, Hector! You're HP bane and Speed boon which is only slightly sucky, but you're a happy addition to the team regardless. Managed to grab him after grinding 11 orbs and trying my luck one last time on the banner. Got a 4* Soren first, then my lovely THOT!Slayer
  15. And my luck gets even better! Sorta. So on my first (and only) session for the E&E banner, I managed to pull me a 5* Eirika. Yay! Not so yay are two things - one, I wasted my free pull on a 4* Laslow prior to getting her, so she cost me 5 orbs, and her stats are less-than ideal. She's got a Def bane and a Res boon. However, I'm not gonna complain much because I FINALLY HAVE A 5* EIRIKA WITH HER WONDERFUL BUFFY SIEGLINDE HAPPY DAY!