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  1. I know I'm late, but I'm just now reading through this thread and the highlighted bit caught my eye and made me think a bit. think that would've been easily doable from a gameplay perspective. If they dropped the battle at Duma's Gate and had Celica have to handle Duma's Tower on her own - not necessarily having to deal with the Duma Faithful members but having to confront those penultimate-tier terrors - similar to Alm's gauntlet through the Rigelian treasure vault, then that might have closed up some plotholes. Then have Celica's party either have to fight through Duma's Gate or bypass it and try to storm Duma Tower only to be "Sent [with Mila] Below." Seems like an easy-enough work-around to the issues currently presented, and it wouldn't effect the story's progression from that point on.
  2. Clearly your fun is my hair-ripping agony. Trying to clear past those three Dagons takes away so much effort from the remainder of the force, and by the time that's done in some 3-4 turns, I've lost at least two of my horsey-archers, one of my priestesses, everyone else is too far hurt and I can't keep up with the healers to keep everyone alive and am so thoroughly surrounded that I get whittled away after another two turns- F*** ME I HATE THAT MAP IT'S SO UNFAIR!
  3. Taking all bets on how long it'll take for Tumblr to blow up about the barely-sentient woman witches answering to the clearly conscious-superior male arcanists.
  4. Ahhh, these characters. I made a bit of a Randal-esk gamble in buying the DLCs before they released, but I quickly found my purchase validated. All four Ciphers have redeeming characteristics and are so useful in battle. Yuzu is definitely a glass cannon, but is a criting powerhouse. Shade is a bit malevolent yet is such a pompous diva, I love it - plus her having physic out the gate has bailed me out of quite a few risky gambits in my second playthrough. Emma and Randal I haven't played much yet - I got them at the end of Celica's route in Act 4, so I can't say much about them. Emma has the reach to help me get in early strikes and pick off stragglers, and has proven quite useful for me on Celica's route; plus I love how she and Randal kinda act as pseudo-parents of each other, it's just so cute. Randal I haven't used much yet, but he seems to have good survivability. Also, I love his voice. If the Cipher characters were able to support with your army proper, I'd love to see him play off of Saber. ^_^ Out of the four, I like Yuzu the best. I have a thing for badass lady sword wielders and oddly enough, I like the challenge that her sub-par defensive bases and growths present. I often gamble with her on the front lines and have her and Shade. Also, she has the best quote in the game. " Praise the ration ball "
  5. Shitposting at its finest, folks. Never count Ghast out.
  6. Those must be some ball buster erections on Gray and Toby.
  7. There are individual growth rates and class growth rates? And there's a difference between them?
  8. After trying to attack him twice and having my units attacks nullified, I just figured that's how they had him set up and just kept going around him. ... MAN I feel dumb now.
  9. So can you beat him during the final dungeon by dogpiling him like you can in the swamp map? Because his constant Mogul spawning is a real pain in the ass, even if I do find the hideous little things oddly cute...
  10. Call me presumptuous (please don't deck me Mathilda), but given the fact that Mila is kinda a god (Deus) and she's the one who fabricated the ability to reverse time (Timewheel; ex Machina)...yeah, isn't it sorta inarguable that this is in fact a Deus ex Machina?
  11. Ahh man, I would KILL to have FLAME-WITCH!RINEA ON MY SIDE! Get on it nerds! xD
  12. Well... Wow! It's cool to see a VA this invested in the game he helped create! I can't guarantee that I'll be able to show up as I'm in conference, but I might be able to stop in in-between services. 😊
  13. Any reason they couldn't just attribute the quotes to the people who actually made them? I mean, Call if Duty 2 was able to do that.
  14. Guhhhhhhh... How can those pegusi see with armored playing over their eyes? xD
  15. Passive supports? Are those the in battle comments and complements that characters give when adjacent units defeat enemies or need to heal?