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  1. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    Now my heart bleeds from derpy Kawaii. Thanks dude! ^_^
  2. Official Pull Topic

    That makes sense. Though as busted as Reinhardt and Sigurd are, I'd say it would be a fair super-advantage. lol Anyway, I wish you the best of luck with your flying candy witch loli, fellow Ohioan. ^_^
  3. Official Pull Topic

    Okay, see you're much smarter than I am. I'm always forgetting about the "X Blow" skills when it comes to compensating for banes. The A/R Bond skill, though, does it's effect stack with more adjacent allies like an owl tome or what, I keep forgetting its effects since I haven't unlocked it yet.
  4. Official Pull Topic

    Gotta love those mixed blessings, fellow Ohioan... If you're willing to sacrifice both an A and Seal slot and are equally willing to shell out 160 Sacred Coins for it, you can "easily" patch up that speed bane. :)
  5. Fire Emblem Heroes General Discussion and Links

    I hope you don't mind if I steal that builds. Ive needed a way to revitalize my use of her now that I've started giving Arena Assault a try. ...I need to do a lot of factoring in counters to Reinhardt and Brave Lyn... Need a lot of units for that... Need another Klein to give H!Jakob... Need to learn synergy with units... Where do I learn how to synergize units? Also, as a Sharena fan, what do you think her relationship is like with Fjorm? Also-also, you call yourself a Sharena fan and yet you've banished her from your avatar? Shame on you Vaximillian. SHAME.
  6. ...I'm holding onto 142 orbs after my summonings from today, and fuck me if I'm not gonna buy another 280 worth with my paycheck next week to improve my chances here! I REALLY WANNA get to the point where I'm not plunking money down with every check like Sagemaster15 (not hating on him either, I just wish there weren't so many units that i end up wanting every month!), but there is SO MUCH THAT I WANT FROM THIS BANNER! Reds! Celica: She's among he best red tome users in the game and I adore the one that I have, but with her being a -ATT, she's been benched for a while. I really want and need a +ATT one so I can wreck face in challenge maps and arena with the green anti-Reinheart offensive meta rising up. Plus, if i can get a few surplus ones, I can spread around some of that Distant Defense love around. ^_^ Ike: The dude has fucked me over so many times in Arena with his Aether and Vantage 3, he's like a mobile mini-Black Knight. I want IN on that action! Ayra: I have her already, but with an +HP IV, she can be better. Blues! Not remotely interested...though i do need a few Odins. Greens! Deirdre: I have a +ATT one, so I'm not hurting for one. I'll still pull for her because I really want to get a +3 or higher merge on her. Spring Camilla: If it weren't for the fact that she's an amazing green mage with the ability to FLY, i'd pass her up. However, I'm invested in Flyer Emblem teams, so I'm pretty much invested in her. Hector: I need to replace the one I lost and I want Distant Counter on EVERYONE!!! Colorless: Genny: I've been itching to get Wrathful Staff on my Assault-touting Sakura for a while now. She'd make for a good clutch attacker with her decent DEF and RES. Brave Lyn: Swift Sparrow fodder and merges. I have a neutral one and I wanna edge up her stats. Bride Cordelia: ...DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY IT?! Y'ALL HAVE SEEN SAGE'S VIDEOS, THE GIRL IS A FREAKING OFFENSIVE GODDESS!!! Yeah, I'm freaking excited for this banner, and I Really hope this will satisfy my collecting itch for a while. I need to put my money towards more pressing things, and need to go on a spending hiatus for a few months after this. lol
  7. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, after getting myself a pretty...workable?...challenge-accepted?...Lute on the 15th... +HP/-SPD I got my latest paycheck, plunked down another $150-odd dollars into Heroes and decided upon three goals: [*]Get Mia [*]Get a +Spd/+Att Nino [*]Get Two Odins to give standard blade tomes to Delthea and Linde. I can safely say that I accomplished every one of my goals. Accept the Odin one. Sorta. After plumping down about 40 orbs in the Brave Heroes banner trying to get Brave Roy, and only coming up with a 4* -Att Tharja to whom I gave Celica her Raurblade, I gave the Unlikely Heroes banner a shot.. After about 70 orbs, I stumbled on a Mia. *SQUEEEEEEE* The only problem is that the Mia I got was +RES/-DEF. Honestly, I was set to settle for this, mainly because I wanted to have as many orbs as i could on standby for the November 28 banner. But the Holy Ghost (a Christian thing, don't worry about it) told me "My boy, an OP Loli like that is what all weeaboos in the making fight for." Yes, I'm claiming that a religious deity assisted me with a video game in which gambling is a thing. Bite me. Another 15 and lo-and-behold, I did in fact get me another Mia, and with ideal iVs! +SPD/-RES With that goal accomplished, i decided I'd spend 20 orbs on the Heroes w/Death Blow banner, thinking that I'd be clear of any 5* blue focus units. Of course, my stupid ass forgot that DEL-FUCKING-THEA was a focus blue mage on said banner. Thankfully, I didn't pull another one of her and instead got an Odin with my second blue-sniping pull. Unfortunately, I hit my 20 orb limit before I could pull another Odin and had to pull out of the banner. However, before hitting my 20 orb limit, I did have a nice surprise waiting for me. He looks usable, but his IVs don't look ideal, so I'm thinking to hold on to him and give his brave bow to Bridelia; if I don't get one, then I'm willing to train him up. I also got an Eldigan for the first time, but he's -SPD so I'm thinking to use him for fodder. A shame too. I've been needing a red sword user for my Horse Emblem team. :( What are y'alls thoughts on what I should do with him? Finally, the goal of getting myself a perfect IV Nino. I've known of the tempest-grade power of El Nino, but I've neglected getting her after I'd gotten Deirdre last month (I think it was last month). Deirdre has become a staple in my TT and Arena teams, so I didn't feel like I needed a Nino. But then after finally starting to use the Tailtiu that I also got last month(?), I got a taste of how powerful a blade tome user could be when combined with my AxeZura. Needless to say. I. NEED. MYSELF. A. FUCKING. NINO. NOW. And after realizing this fact, I remembered the other fact that I had a freshly summoned Nino sitting in my barracks, sipping on a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice with a 3* necklace wrapped around her neck. I immediately went to level her up to LV 40 so she'd have a nice stash of SP to use for upgrading skills prior to training when I remembered to check her stats. And her stats weren't the best. +Def/-HP And so I started off on my quest to get me a Nino. A nother Nino. I ended up grabbing two Ninoes in the span of about 40 green-sniping orbs. The first one's IVs were +HP/-Spd. The second one was perfect. +Att/-Def Once again, I'm leaving this summoning campaign a happy camper. Now I just gotta get me a Genny, a Bride Cordelia, and a couple Hectors so I can spread the Distant Counter love around - I'm realizing that a flier was a VERY POOR CHOICE IN DC CANDIDACY - DAMMIT TANA! NOT EVEN WITH VIDOFNIR CAN YOU MAKE IT WORK RELIABLY! YOU DON'T ENCOUNTER ENOUGH DAGGER UNITS TO MAKE IT WORK WELL AND BOWS ARE RIGHT OUT - AND CURSE YOUR INADEQUATE RESISTANCE!
  8. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    Dag, Robin(s) look kinda sophisticated in the Summoner robe. Nice work.
  9. Official Pull Topic

    Guess I know what I'm using my next 20K feathers on. THARJA! GET YOUR THOTTY ASS OVER HERE! BTW, can L&D 2 be used to great effect or does it have to be L&D 3? 'Cause I have a Hana I just promoted to 5* and a Minerva, and I REALLY don't wanna give those up just for L&D 3.
  10. Official Pull Topic

    I might roll one or two times for him myself near the end of the banner when I grind up a few extras. It's strictly for SI fodder though - I want that Close Counter for SOMEONE, I just haven't figured out who the ideal candidate would be. lol As far as pseudo-healers, I actually didn't use one this time. Instead of relying on Lucina for HP regen, I just slapped Aether on my Deirdre and used my Nephenee, who I gave Aether to during the previous TT. I have Sol on Ayra now, but I plan to give her Aether sometime down the line, too. I'm thinking to make them my go-to units for chain challenges. I've killed a lot of Chroms in my career...And only more will fall by my greedy-ass-blade. Mwaaaahahahahahaahahahahaaaa! Aether! Aether for DAAAAAYYYYYYSSSSSS! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! I'd never kill Lucina for Aether, of course. She's too precious.
  11. Official Pull Topic

    Literally the only psuedo-healer I have "Marth" and she's been something of a staple for my Tempest Trial teams, so I guess I haven't put a lot of thought into additional constructions - I literally just thought of Alm as one when I was typing this up, plus I'm not very...what's the word I wanna use, hip? Up-on-it?...with the meta game or deeper tactics (yet), so I ask forgiveness for my general ignorance of things... Also, I looked up Papenbrook because I could've SWORN I saw his name mentioned in Echoes, and it turns out he voiced Kamui - don't know where I got Alm from... Still, he did great in that role too. Infinitely better than Edge-en from AoT or Kirito fron SAO. It'd be funny if it turns out Pappy-boy thrives better in side-roles than in mainstays. I mean, shoot! Even as Dracula!Henry, he's pretty good. I mean, I personally hate the voice (in all of Henry's iterations, not just Paps'), but I can't deny it's a good rendition. Certainly captures the morbid goofiness that is our resident joyful curse-dispenser. Plus it shows Papenbrook has much more range in vocal talent than just edgelords. ^_^
  12. Official Pull Topic

    I am truly a fa-reaking whale nowadays... Plunked down money for 280 orbs, and after spending about 100 of those orbs on the Halloween Banner, here are my notable catches. 4* Athena Neutral No as good as the +Attack Athena I gave up last week to give Caeda her Wo Dao (debating whether that was a dumb move or not) but not terrible either. In honor of the fallen excellent IV Athena, I will raise this one to 5 stars! .... Who am I kidding, I'll probably just dump her for a giant goose-down pillow and wait for another perfect IV one to arrive. Alm +Spd/-HP It's a real shame they didn't get Papenbrook to reprise the vocal role of Alm, he was excellent in Echoes... Anyway, I can't build him as an effective pseudo-healer thanks to his HP bane, he's no good as an attacker, and his SI potential is subpar, so I'll probably just use him as feather fodder. Sakura +Spd/-Att Debating whether to use her as feather fodder or if I should merge her with my +1 Sakura to make it a spiritual threesome. And of course, the spooker of the Witching Hour: Halloweenie Candy Nowi! +Att/-Def I can't believe I managed to not only bag one but to bag her with perfect IVs! My Flyer Emblem teams are looking pretty good, now! I'm tempted to try for Kitty!Sakura, but with a rare whopping 180 orbs sitting in my account, and little else to spend them on, I might just sit that out and fold 'em while I'm ahead.
  13. Sprite Assembly Request thread

    So mine's done then? If so then, YAY! Can't wait to see it in the updated OP! ^_^ If not, then I'm sad, but not pressing for a rush or anything - I know these things take time. :)
  14. Official Pull Topic

    Welp, I scraped together enough money to nab me some 140 orbs and tried my luck on the Flyers banner. Aaaaaand, after nearly 70 orbs... +Res/-HP if I recall correctly. I then fired another 30 orbs towards the Sigurd banner and got nothing worthwhile outta it... Currently saving my orbs for one more round for Sigurd and the Blue Mage, plus Witch Nowi when the Halloween Banner hits tomorrow Monday.