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  1. What the story is about...

    Every aspect of the poem doesn't have to apply to all of the protagonists. It could be that Claude fills the third definition about a wasteful life; Dimitri looks like the idealistic yet ultimately wrong kind of character, so maybe he could fill the first definition about elegance on par with shallowness, or it could be Edelgard. And the one left would go by the second definition.
  2. What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

    Fire Emblem has never had an actually good story, they are all either decent or bad, people just suddenly care a lot more about it now, hence the ever-growing complaints. I never let my expectations get too high, so I'm okay with every FE plot so far, but they're all very flawed.
  3. This is what I wanted Conquest to be. I'm a SMT fan, so I love having the choice to be the villain. But if it didn't happen with Fates, I don't see it being possible with any other game unless it gives us again more than one storyline...
  4. I just hope they surprise me with a new beast class, they are my favorite . At least I know the manakete class will be there, but I'm hoping for a new one with stats that are similar to the wolfskin class.
  5. Three Houses OST Opinion Thread

    The dubstep part he refers about is at the end, just before the sleeping girl appears, not at the beginning. I personally really liked the song; at first I was put off by it because it sounded a lot more modern than what we've been getting until now, but then I realised how awesome it is , and I'm guessing that's what we'll be getting for the most of the soundtrack list. What I found interesting is how the beginning starts with a voice chanting in like a creepy ritual-like or demonic way.
  6. What the story is about...

    Well, there's the theory talked about here before saying tge crests could be the remains of the goddess' mortal body. If so, maybe reuniting them all would make the goddess appear/revive like a final boss, something that sounds to me VERY Fire Emble-esque, and I hope it's not the case because that would be a very simple and straightfoward storyline. Or collecting them could make the Fire Emblem.
  7. What the story is about...

    Ohh, thank you su much for sharing this info !! I was really curious about the chinese poem itself! since it's the name of the game, it should mean a lot. I hope they gave it that name more for the content of the original source than for the japanese interpretation of it, since what you describe sounds very very interesting, and I would like to see it applied somewhere in the game.
  8. Hi c:

    I think the teasers and trailers for Fates really set the bar high, they were truly well made, had me obssesed for a year and a half straight, haha . So maybe we were all expecting a teaser as tense and dramatic as those, and that's why people aren't as hyped by this one (yet!). So I understand! Even though I found it awesome, it didn't make me feel the same those Fates trailers did. It's more my love for the series what makes me so excited for 3H As for the theories, I already posted them Here ! In case you'd like to take a look
  9. What the story is about...

    Thank you!! I hadn't thought about the recruitable aspect, but its true! there seems to be more enemies with a specific face and name now, so that will be very interesting. And I do hope there will be more female enemies in general as you say, that would be cool! And yes, I get what you mean, evil characters in Fire Emblem tend to be so easy to spot, and with that whole "being pretty equals goodness" thing the overall message is not good, haha.
  10. What the story is about...

    Oh, you're right!! I haven't thought of that! maybe twin blades? But yes, it could be, a dragon spine should be very long. I do hope the tokens are different objects, though, maybe one of them being a bow for Claude, an axe or sword for Edelgarde, and so own. That thought did cross my mind the first time I saw the trailer; maybe they loved each other but their differences made them take opposite sides? :c Thank you very much !! I also think a theocracy can't be perfect, realistically speaking, and history proves it. So it would be very interesting to see how they portray it in the game. It doesn't have to be the "the church is actually evil" trope, it could be them just being wrong, which is what I think it will end up being. I just really hope they don't make everything black-and-white.
  11. What the story is about...

    That's what I want, not a blatant evil, but an imperfect religion. And that theory about the crests is incredible! I really hope it turns out like that, and it would make sense because the whip blade does look like a spine, and the crests are supposed to be tokens that signify the "power of the goddess", which could truly mean her very own bones. It would be so great if she were dead and gods were not to interfere, but then we have that sleeping manakete girl at the end, which I personally don't like because it just looks like she's going to fullfill the same role as Tiki, or maybe she's the goddess herself. I hope it's something else entirely, but... That's actually what I'm suspecting too! that it could be that old man either dies in the first chapters of the game like Mikoto, or is dead since before the game even begins. What I'm sure about is the fact that no matter when, he dies, and that's how the queen gets the sword. That's why I don't even consider him that important. What I believe is that the three key characters will eventually continue where that old man left or something.
  12. Hi c:

    -I understand what you mean, I did think the aesthetic, while really good, was much less warm in color and overall unremarkable. I liked it, but not loved it -I know the Formation system was something they've been wanting to implement since the making of Genealogy of the Holy War, taking inspiration from Advance Wars. But in every scene in the trailer, the troops just stand there or run a little, I never see them fighting or attacking except for the archers (some mages attacked but at the ground, they didn't hit anyone). So I'm worried about it... I hope it's not just choosing a formation without the actual soldiers doing much more than bumping into each other. -I loved that!! It got me really hyped! I like MyCastle a lot and this looks soo much better! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, I know we've yet to see something more concrete but I can't help myself, haha, I love this series ❤
  13. What the story is about...

    You're right, I forgot about Gaiden (I've yet to play the remake, though). As for PoR and RD, those are coincidentially the only games of the series I never played because I didn't own a Wii but from what you are saying, then FE did have the trope of "organised religion = evil", since you say the begnion seniors were the biggest sinners and etc. It sounds very interesting and dark (which is something I really like), but as I said before I'm hoping for an imperfect religion with maybe both sides having a grey moral both in actions and reasons. Now this is something I don't think will ever change... but it would be great. I mean, not even Link fights ganon in aaall the zelda games. But who knows!
  14. What the story is about...

    Thank you fir your replies!! I agree! I don't know if IntSys is ready to finally change that up, since for example every Fire Emblem game so far has basically the same plot (fighting a war between nations then have the true boss revealed to be an evil dragon god), and I mean, that's 12 games not counting remakes. I don't think that'll change, but I have hopes they at least change that Mikoto and Garon trope, with this trailer. Well, actually, Fire Emblem has always painted religion and their people as incredibly benevolent and perfect, which is not realistic to me. This would be a change for them, and it wouldn't be as black and white as the grimleal who were a cult so obviously siding with evil (Grima). What I'm hoping for is an imperfect religion in this game, with the evil people being in the church but not being the church itself or the goddess herself. I agreeeeee! Luckily, it's just the first trailer and it showed very little. I think many of the past games have done a good job of involving many houses and important people into the war, and we have yet to see many more characters than the 4 units we saw. I get what you mean, though, the most important aspect for me in FE is the political tension between nations and their involvement, and I did have a hard time feeling that in the trailer.
  15. Hi c:

    Thank you !!