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  1. I'm annoyed at the fact that not even with a girl playing the game can they show us F!Byleth. I guess I'll have to buy the game to get the privilege. It was an awesome trailer, though .
  2. Dungeon Crawling is my jaaaam I also love Open World games but it seems to me our dear FE is just not that type of game. If we can have both Tactical RPG and Dungeon Crawling in this game, I'd be a very happy potato c:
  3. Jesus Christ, I'm old . --- I'm not sure I'd like for Byleth's ability to be that of foresight, because, for the purposes of the plot, I would find it quite boring that we can see into the future of our actions or anybody else's... but that's just me. I think it's hard for any story to make something interesting with such an ability. I also don't think it can be applied game-wise, or at least it shouldn't since this is a Tactical RPG. Not that it has to be a game mechanic, though. In my case, I believe he did make time reverse and then changed the original outcome, but not out of any factual evidence, it's just what I think and hope . I also think it will be very relevant to the plot, not in the same way they did it in Awakening, but sort of like... a Radiant Historia approach... maybe.
  4. The game looks to be really good.

    To be honest, I'm so confused right now. I've loved every FE game so far, to different degrees but I've liked them all greatly from the beginning. Generally speaking, I'm not the complaining type when it comes to FE, so I don't understand what's happening right now. I didn't like the cover art, I find it... very amateur-looking... and the sample song, I liked it by itself, but it sounded to me like a song from Tokyo Mirage Sessions, which is another game I liked a lot (I really aren't accostumed to disliking anything FE), but for this medieval fantasy setting it feels so weird to me, so off... I'm also not thrilled about the school setting. What's this? This is my first time in the complaining side of FE's fandom, how do other people do it ? I'm miserable in here. Drama aside I'm still buying it, of course, I'm just not hyped. Strangely.
  5. Who do you think will be the main Villain?

    The whole point is that they are already hinting at a war between the three. At present, nobody would be surprised if a war started between them because that is actually what most people are expecting. I would like this but then, there are some people who want to marry her and stuff. Not that being a villain ever stopped Robin from marrying them in Awakening, though.
  6. Who do you think will be the main Villain?

    I know, but as I said before, nowhere in the two trailers does it depict any of the three protagonists directly fighting against one another. It's wierd, because if they were to become enemies then the trailers would have shown at least some small footage of it by now, specially since they're trying to make us believe the story is about the three houses fighting against each other.
  7. Who do you think will be the main Villain?

    The thing is, we have two trailers of this entry already, and in none of them do we see any of the three protagonists fighting against even one of the other two. When it came to Fates, it was clear in both trailers that Nohr and Hoshido were fighting against each other, and in both of them we would see Xander and Ryoma directly confronting one another. Similarly, in Echoes it was very clear the two nations of Sofia and Rigel were at war, although that one's a remake so it didn't surprise anyone. In Three Houses, on the other hand, even though we have two trailers, they've shown the protagonists battling and even commanding their armies as if to suggest they're at war with each other but they have never actually shown them battling against one another (which would have been really cool, by the way). I mean, not even half a second of a cutscene of them sparring at least. On the contrary, they appear to be friendly with each other. So I believe IntSys just wants us to think that will be the main conflict but it's actually not.
  8. Supports in Three Houses

    My exact thoughts! Also, strangely enough, at the same time her heart meter or whatever goes up, this bar goes 25 points down: Although that could just be their stamina, like in Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons? Maybe there's a limit to how much you can train them per day or something.
  9. Any hopes?

    No. This forum is called 'Any hopes?' and my hope is that Claude and Dimitri can marry each other. There has been no hint of anything regarding that, it is simply my wish. I'm 99% sure it's not happening either either :c but well, one can only dream... I also wouldn't mind a love triangle, if done well. @Enduin's idea sounds dramatic enough hahaha
  10. Any hopes?

    To be able to get Claude marry Dimitri.
  11. I would really like to be a student...

    This is my exact opinion on the matter. Japanese videogames and anime almost always have kids as protagonists, and while there's nothing wrong with that, I find it weird that the fate of the whole world always rests on the hands of a group of kids, hahaha. I know it's just fiction, though. Anyway, I love it when I get to be an adult in a videogame because I can actually identify with it. That being said, this is a good idea for a tutorial, like in New Mystery.
  12. About the blonde lady (No, not the queen!)

    Petra is not brown skinned, though. She looks just slightly tanned to me, compared to Edelgard who's paper white. I totally forgot about that guy. Anyway, it's just a theory.
  13. Dragonstones? Beaststones?? STINKSTONE??

    I disagree on the "or not at all" bit. I honestly don't care all that much if they have the best story in the game or if they just exist; in a way, I don't really understand why so many people think these races have to have a reason for their existence to make it acceptable that they do. As for the second point you made... That would be so cool I love that idea.
  14. Any worries?

    Yeah, I got that. It's a valid point. I like worrying and hoping, on my part. Or it's more like I can't help it.
  15. About the blonde lady (No, not the queen!)

    Well, since it's a military academy we have here, I believe everyone who is a soldier in this game has graduated from it. The fact that the heirs of each of the three countries, along with their subjects, travel all the way to this academy instead of just training and graduating in their own countries implies as much. That being said, she does appear to have been promoted to an important position among them all. I just hope she doesn't die early on and we get to have her as a unit eventually