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  1. by the way, is free will a lie? (philoso-poll)

    Well, then... I suppose you can excuse my lexicon, which is limited because English is not my first language. My opinion on the matter is very simple: that it is because of free will that there are so many things wrong all over the globe, or at least in regards to our society. And I don't consider it something good or bad, just the way it is.
  2. Salad

    What I don't like about salads is how quickly my stomach feels as if I haven't eaten anything. Other than that, I'm okay with them, but I can't remember the last time I ate salad.
  3. Rate the song above

  4. What pokemon type do you want the next legendary to be?

    Yeah! I meant the mascot, thanks. And I agree. You know what, that's true . Just yesterday I was thinking about how we really have a unicorn pokemon and how funny that was. A pegasus would be so awesome!! You know, I've been waiting for a Fire/Electric for so looong.... even Avatar: The Last Airbender has the combination haha. I also want a Normal/Ghost, in my case, but that trio you created sounds absolutely awesome, I'd definitely like that. At least give us a Fire/Electric Mythical, Gamefreak...
  5. I hope this topic hasn't been created yet. I looked for it just in case but I'm sort of blind, so I could have missed it. Anyway, what pokemon type (as in: water type, ghost type, etc) would you like the next legendary pokemon to be? I mean the legendary pokemon that's central to the game. Also, is there a mythical pokemon with a certain pokemon type you'd like to see? I personally want a poison type legendary pokemon, be it its first type, second type or only type. It would be so cool and unique. And sort of needed, now that we have a fairy type legendary and so many fairy type mythicals out of nowhere. If not, I'd like a mythical pokemon that is poison/fairy (steel/fairy is cool too, but there's already Magearna). One would think I'm a fan of the poison type haha. Not really, but I just think it's time
  6. Hello! I hope you're doing well!

    Oh! A fellow Advance Wars fan!!!! I know Shining Force too, but I'm not fond of the last one (the DS one). Welcome to the community I hope you have a great time here!! Your brothers are scary.
  7. I want to grow my hair

    I wonder if it's because @Pengaius is a guy that he finds it such a hassle to have long hair, hahaha. I'm sorry you've suffered from it, though, especially the children bit. I don't know if I'm good enough for an example since I'm a girl and I'm accostumed to it and I don't mind, but I have waist long hair. I suppose short hair people use very little shampoo and conditioner, but it actually depends on how greasy your scalp tends to get more so than on the length. I use very little shampoo, for example, and a lot of conditioner. Some people do the exact opposite because it's what their scalp needs. But aside from shampoo and conditioner, which is common sense personal hygiene, I don't use anything else at all, and so far my hair is very soft and manageable. I don't mind windy days, I just let my hair do its own wild thing. And kids have never pulled my hair in anyway, but maybe because I'm never around any, so I guess the advice would be to stay away from them, hahahaha. I'd say, go for it!! Long hair is so much fun, somehow. And at the end of it all, it's just hair, you can just cut it off if you don't like it.
  8. Who has the "best art"?

    I know it's about specific characters but my absolute favorite illustrators in FEH are (with links to their contributions): 1. Sencha: I find their designs to be so stunning and colorful. I really hope they do more work for FEH in the future. 2. Cuboon: Same thing, and this one draws Tana so beautifully! 3. Sata: I loved the way they drew Seliph (also Sigurd, and I agree with you). The lineart is well proportioned and simple, and the coloring technique is well polished and elegant, also the tones are pleasant to the eye. Honorable mention to Himukai Yuji, whose style I adore, and I feel the same as @Interdimensional Observer, I too wish he would draw more characters for FEH, enough to make a team!
  9. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    I like Niles a lot, and the S supports for the two were adorable, but I agree with this. The fact that, out of the 65 characters, they chose only the two with the heavily twisted minds to be the same-sex marriage option gives a very bad impression and some sort of idea of how the developers think it is. I really hope they change that in 3H. Hahahahahaha, it really is just that, isn't it.
  10. Some characters deserve it.
  11. How do you all stay organized?

    Kind of late to this, but let's see... I tend to suppress overtly tiresome experiences, but what I remember about it all is that what would save my life all the time was having one or two good friends that took my same courses and would remind me of everything that was due in them. At first I would write dates and stuff with big letters and even with colors in my notebook but the thing is, that only works if you make a habit of opening and reading your notebook outside the classroom. It wasn't on purpose, I'm too forgetful. Now, I know that's not a good advice by itself but maybe you should take every advice here given just in case one of them fail sometime, so to sum it up: use planners or calendars, always keep your papers organized in folders, clean your room, and make some good friends (or just one will suffice). I'm not sure about the alcohol one, depends on your age, if you're legal, go for it. And good luck! You can do it
  12. Would An Ice Age Make For An Interesting Apocalypse?

    Oh, this sounds awesome!! I personally find it very interesting, especially because an Ice Age is hardly ever used as an apocalypse idea, and when it is, it somehow does not involve traveling, so they barely show some small setting and how it changed, while also hardly ever explaining in detail just how everybody deals with it. Like, for example, one of my favorite movies is 12 Monkeys and I was always so curious about that apocalyptic future they barely showed, and the surface, and I always thought not everybody could have made it underground but some had to had done something to survive up there with the cold and snow, and the animals and the ruins. Please expand on the settings and how the people in it are living when you write your story! And wizards are my thing, so I do care for them
  13. Fire Emblem Board Game

    Ohhh, I love board games, this is awesome!! very detailed and well thought-out, I specially like how the aspect of money is being handled. I have some doubts and questions, though: What I understood (sorry if I got it wrong), is that, let's say the attacking unit has 6 of power, and the defending unit has 4 of defense; then substracting 4 from 6 would leave us with 2 points of damage taken, plus the damage added by the weapon level. But the unit stats for Power, Defense and Resistance you provided were these: So at the beginning (and mostly consistently if we are to assume everyone will be leveling up as the game keeps on going), nobody will be able to lay a finger on the Knight and Cavalier units, not even the same type of unit since their Pow is less than their Def. The only units that could do damage to them would be Mage, Shaman and Cleric, but they would barely scratch their armors when they can only make so little damage, and they would get killed by these very same Knight and Cavalier units before doing anything else. They can also double on the knight for little damage still, and definitely not double on the Cavalier. I know these are just the stats they'll have at the beginning until they can start leveling up, but that always says and determines a lot about the course of a game and the units people will pick at the beginning could give them a great advantage since the start. Not to mention how hard it would be leveling up the mage/shaman/cleric units without them dying in battle first. Also, about the leveling up, if it's not too much of a bother, could you please explain that a little bit more? It says you level up after gaining a certain amount of experience determined by a dice, but it doesn't say the amount of experience required to get to the next level. And about the stats, I didn't get how that would work with the dice , sorry. Lastly, a suggestion! It seems that while playing, one would have to roll the dice very frequently in direct sequence: to move the unit, then to determine if the attack lands, then to determine if it's a critical, then to determine the amount of exp gained, then to determine how many stats go up and how much (I still don't have this one clear). I understand these are things that can't be determined in any other way in a board game, but maybe instead of being able to make criticals (which are really powerful and could make the game end very quickly) in every opportunity, why not have like a card or something you obtain that would represent "a chance to make a critical", it would expire after one use that would permit you to roll the dice for a critical in battle, it could be something you could accumulate while being sort of limited in order to make the game more durable and enjoyable. Just a suggestion, of course! ----- Anyway, sorry for the lengthy post, I fully support this and will be waiting for the photos !!
  14. About Byleth aka "the teacher"...!

    Mine too!! I loved his design!! And yes, hahahaha, I think we'll be getting a second round of bisexuality in this new game