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  1. The Mario & Luigi games hold a very special place in my heart too, so I'm definitely in favor of that, I don't care how weird it would be, I love weird stuff anyway! It would be awesome if it included Starlow and Prince Dreambert because I had a lot of fun with them and I love Dream Team to pieces.
  2. So what is your favorite character?

    Azura, Caeda, Linde and Takumi are my absolute favorites from Warriors. Also maybe Oboro, I love her ❤
  3. Who was your first S support?

    There definitely is a meaning to it! I believe that whenever there is some sort of job system involved in a videogame, we're going to be more drawn to the jobs or classes with which we identify the most . I have a friend who is also not physically active, and is very intellectual, so he's always choosing mages, healers and generally those who provide buffs and the like. My favorite jobs or classes are those who either transform into beasts (these being my ultimate favorites in FE and in any game that has them), or in general those with a very high atk and hp, like the monks in Final Fantasy. Not because I'm a very active person, but because of my temperament.
  4. Who was your first S support?

    My little brother, Takumi, in my Revelation route. Deirdre knows what's good. In my Conquest route, I married Niles as male Corrin because why not. I guess I've got a thing for problematic white-haired archers that are voiced by Michael Sinterniklaas.
  5. I do. But it can also be because it is a really big thing in my country. There is one stand up comedian we have that is particularly loved by 100% of the people there, he's become some sort of cultural thing, and there are two others following closely behind. But in general, stand up comedy is very common and loved where I come from. I didn't even know it was regarded as something old, dated or whatever anywhere else.
  6. Imagine if this was in North America

    A fellow Magic player !! ... I like that one so much. Aaand yet, yeah, I would quit them all for Fire Emblem too. Hahahaha, good one
  7. Imagine if this was in North America

    You know, I believe the rules prohibit spam. ----- This is actually something I've wanted for a long time and it makes me salty that we don't have them here... I really like card games. It would be cool if, just as there are amazing fans who do projects to translate videogames, there were projects for card games, haha.
  8. I'm a graduate with a degree in humanities, so I haven't studied math since I finished high school, I don't remember anything about it, and to top it all, I had unpleasant experiences with some of my math teachers. That being said, because I never exercised my math skills, I have always been incredibly bad with numbers... embarrasingly so. I can barely count small quantities of anything, provided I use objects or my fingers for it or I'll lose count. I love bookkeeping though, because it's all written, organised, and you use a calculator. Good thing I don't need math for work, anyway.
  9. Which Bayonetta game was better in your opinon

    The second one is a masterpiece, to me, in terms of gameplay, visuals, and I also liked the story more. And being able to fight alongside two certain characters was both heartbreaking and so incredible, I loved it.
  10. Shiny Pokémon

    This is the sad story of a person who played all the gens from first to last as they were being released, most of them multiple times and in all their versions, but only ever caught a shiny in an ultra warp hole in Ultra Moon, which is sort of like cheating because it's much easier to get one there. It was a Barbaracle. And a Nuzleaf later on. Only those two in the entirety of my life. Shinies hate me, they always run away when they see me from the distance I did get a shiny in Black 2 and White 2 but they were given to me, not caught.
  11. I'm down for anything Ace Attorney related, I firmly believe AA can adapt itself into any and all other types of game. ALL OF THEM. Please, no This would be absolutely amazing !!! We need this, IntSys!
  12. This is an excellent idea, they do fit together surprisingly well. I don't think it impossible either, let's hope for a bright future As a fan of Advance Wars (what a painful thing), I've wanted this too for a long time. That's the reason I'm very interested in Wargroove, this new game that'll arrive on the Switch, because it's a combination of AW and FE. I think it's the closest we'll get to a FE with AW mechanics for now. And I say for now, because IntSys did actually try it before, a long time ago, but complications arrived.
  13. Oh, I see! Poor Yubello. He really is hard to train, I had to put soo much effort! But it was worth it And thank you!! I will try my best in Echoes ❤
  14. Oh, wow, almost everything you said here happened to me too! haha . I love Jeorge, and it was thanks to him alongside others in this game that made me start caring for bow users too, since before that they weren't that useful to me. My Palla was incredible, both her and Caeda had my complete trust on the battlefield, haha . And yeah, I did the same with Xane, his Ditto ability was awesome! And I worked very hard on my Feena, Yubello and Yumina, because I love them, but Merrick I had to leave behind in favor of Yubello and Linde. Oh, and I'm currently playing Echoes, I hope my weakest units become monsters too