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  1. This is an excellent idea, they do fit together surprisingly well. I don't think it impossible either, let's hope for a bright future As a fan of Advance Wars (what a painful thing), I've wanted this too for a long time. That's the reason I'm very interested in Wargroove, this new game that'll arrive on the Switch, because it's a combination of AW and FE. I think it's the closest we'll get to a FE with AW mechanics for now. And I say for now, because IntSys did actually try it before, a long time ago, but complications arrived.
  2. Oh, I see! Poor Yubello. He really is hard to train, I had to put soo much effort! But it was worth it And thank you!! I will try my best in Echoes ❤
  3. Oh, wow, almost everything you said here happened to me too! haha . I love Jeorge, and it was thanks to him alongside others in this game that made me start caring for bow users too, since before that they weren't that useful to me. My Palla was incredible, both her and Caeda had my complete trust on the battlefield, haha . And yeah, I did the same with Xane, his Ditto ability was awesome! And I worked very hard on my Feena, Yubello and Yumina, because I love them, but Merrick I had to leave behind in favor of Yubello and Linde. Oh, and I'm currently playing Echoes, I hope my weakest units become monsters too
  4. What pokemon type do you want the next legendary to be?

    I'm okay with another dragon pair too, provided they both have a second type . I was never tired of them since the dragon type used to be the strongest, and so it made sense to me.
  5. imagine life as a top down srpg

    Hmm, now that's strange. I'm pretty sure I wasn't allowed to promote into Adult or Youtuber, just the Trash class. When promoting to Trash, all previous skills disappear and you gain the Magikarp Splash skill that allows you to do just that, but with a hint of desperation. It's easy to max out stats, too, since they're not that high.
  6. Summer Vacation is almost over...

    The cold just seeps into all the layers of clothing, and sadly I can't take my comforter anywhere I go. Otherwise I'd like nothing more than to go about my day in burrito mode ...
  7. Summer Vacation is almost over...

    The problem with the adult life is that it sucks as much as school does but you can't get out of it nor leave and go home, it's just there 24/7. Motivational speaker here hahaha. I hate summer too, but it's currently winter where I am right now, and I'm tired of feeling constantly and invariably cold for the last few months ... so if I could get... just a little bit of warmness... just a little ray of sun...
  8. I agree with the three of you, 100%. Two of my favorite videogame series in a crossover, I'd never ask for anything ever again . I also like the crossover idea with Pokemon, a well-made strategy rpg game with Pokemon would be amazing, Pokemon Conquest was just okay for me, I didn't really enjoy it that much even though it was a strategy game. ------------------ Interesting, I've never thought about Xenoblade for a crossover with FE, but now that you mention it and explain it like that, it could really make for an excellent game. And it doesn't sound far fetched, I could see this happening in the future, not minding the studios and whatever internal issues they may have. ----------- Haha, now this sounds really fun. Now that Tokyo Mirage Sessions exists, that they brought a series with a medieval fantasy setting into the modern world, an old west theme Fire Emblem doesn't look too crazy. I would definitely play it. ---------- Another one I'd die to see but I know will never happen: a Fire Emblem x Golden Sun crossover.
  9. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    Everything you said here sounds awesome to me, now I really I hope they do it, haha .
  10. In regards to my faith in IntSys, well, you see, I listed Fates as my favorite but I've basically loved every Fire Emblem game I've played so far, which is every entry in the series except for Tellius because I never owned a Wii, sadly. Genealogy, Sacred Stones and Mystery/New Mystery are also at the top for me, and I believe people see these three and Fates as completely different games. It is because I've liked all of them from FE1 to FE15 minus the two I didn't play, that I don't worry too much about 3H. As for what I love about FE, it's because it's a game about wars and political conflicts (I love these) in which your whole army consists not of generic units but of characters with a particular name, appearance, personality, background, and skills, and the fact you'll really lose them forever if they die in battle. I know there are other games that are similar in that respect, but FE was the first one I played that was like that. Also, tactical rpg is my favorite game genre. As for why Fates is my favorite; I actually never played Birthright, so I can't say anything about that one, but I played Conquest and then Revelation. And it was simply that I had so much fun with the maps and level of dificulty in both of them, I had a crazy good time playing all the chapters in both. Storytelling isn't Fire Emblem's forte as a whole (this is just my opinion, anyway), but I like it when there's drama, blood and very dark stuff (like in Genealogy), so I liked that about it too.
  11. As in, a Fire Emblem crossover with what other videogame franchise, since we already have Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Fire Emblem Warriors. I'd like a Fire Emblem x Octopath Traveler crossover (weird, I know ), because for some reason I think they could blend really well gameplay wise, since FE is not just tactical but has rpg elements, while OT has a good number of protagonists rather than the usual quantity showed in JRPGs; and story wise, because of the medieval fantasy setting they both have. Even some of the character classes are shared by the two, like cleric, dancer, knight, and thief. But mostly I'd like it because OT has such interesting mechanics it could add to FE. What about you ?
  12. I was hyped then, I am hyped now, there is no salvation. That being said, the reason for it is not the content showed in the teaser in itself, but the fact it's a Fire Emblem game. If what they showed had been bad, the hype would have been the same. So far it looks very good to me, not spectacular, but with the potential to be
  13. My Thoughts/Hopes for Three Houses

    I would love it if we could choose to be the instructor of any of the three protagonists and watch the story unfold from each perspective, without betraying anyone or changing everything like Fates did, but more like having three different storylines that overlap here and there, like in Shining Force III, but in one game. If not, then I'd like for the game to have choices that affect the outcome of the story.
  14. What pokemon type do you want the next legendary to be?

    Oh, wow! Great ones ! I would love that Electric/Dark pokemon with my whole being. Dark, Ghost, and Electric are my favorite types