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  1. is civ 6 better/worse than civ 5
  2. >"culture"
  3. those games are not developed by Atlus, they are published by Atlus. i believe he means games developed in house (if you go all the way back though Atlus made some very shitty games like Friday the 13th on the NES)
  4. one more turn until ghandi blows us up with nukes =)
  5. This money argument is totally bogus. The finance estimates for transgender people in the military is $2 to $8 million per year. That is literally inconsequential, a drop in the bucket, compared to the massive military budget. The US military has a bunch of stupid shit that is unnecessary they already pay for and their budget is already too high to begin with, please don't insult our intelligence by claiming that transgender operations was/is somehow a big part of this. Edit: It's worth noting that there are sources claiming that Trump cut a deal to try and do this (eventually) to get funding for his border wall. The Republicans that would want him to do this are not doing it for "fiscally conservative" reasons.
  6. I believe he had a few tweets like this. While this is shit, it's sadly not out of the realm for most Republicans. Listening to someone like Ted Cruz you convince yourself he wants theocracy.
  7. Rockstar North Blizzard Entertainment, though people would say that they deteriorated with World of Warcraft and Diablo III - personally I enjoyed both, though I would prefer other games in the series. CD Projekt, even if they aren't the oldest and only really have the Witcher under their belt so far. Naughty Dog.
  8. Some gameplay: AI was apparently set at a low level for demonstration purposes, though I'm not sure how true that is. Cao Cao also appears clean shaven - there might be some kind of (slight) age progression after all this time - or just like Liu Bei.
  9. apparently cleve threatened neogaf before
  10. Sure, but he also could have just killed it going to debate in the first place. We all know it's not going to get any better. He's not going to have many friends on the right or left at the end of this. And it seemed like he did vote in favour of the repeal and replace plan (with no changes) on Tuesday night, not just the motion to proceed to debate. Not like it mattered though because this first vote required 60 votes in favour of. And lastly, Trump getting to the bottom of the real issues:[email protected]&hubRefSrc=permalink
  11. I've got some respect for McCain, but I don't understand why he signed this healthcare bill when he clearly has a problem with it. I can agree with some of the things he's saying recently, but he still went ahead and approved every Trump position, like Betsy DeVos, AFAIK. He had the nickname 'Maverick' but it seems like he's just towing party lines these days, even though the man clearly has an issue with Trump. I understand that the "deciding vote" is going to get absolutely brutalised by the Republicans if it didn't go in favor of, but I don't really see McCain wanting to hold an official position for much longer. I really don't see anything from going to debate resulting in a good outcome. I'd say he's cunning, but not intelligent. He knows very little about how government works and general knowledge and understanding of the world or does not care to educate himself on them. It takes some intelligence to be able to manipulate people, but I wouldn't say Trump is a fountain of knowledge. And for the Trump quote of the day, from a rally in Ohio: He's of course deliberately obscuring the fact that he's referring to illegal immigrants (most of which have no history of violence) when he says this.
  12. interesting story tbh
  13. For Grandbell, that definitely could be said for the end of FE4, but I wouldn't say they weren't strong then either. Regardless, the entire impetus for the story in Jugdral is that unchecked without the player characters influence, Grandbell would turn into Loptyr Empire Two: Electric Boogaloo, in which was ruled by a lineage of bishops called Galle, each possessed by Loptyr, who established the Empire, shortly after enacting "The Great Purge", killing over 100,000, which I can't imagine is an insignificant amount of the population of Jugdral, the Sorrow of Miletos, which sacrificed children to Loptyr and was the inspiration for later children hunts, and the Massacre of Edda, which killed more than 10,000 in the short span of each other in the iron-fisted rule of the entire continent (with a massive landmass like Jugdral) for two hundred years. Resistance was so futile that it relied on twelve crusaders and the intervention of what was called a miracle, the Miracle of Darna and the blessing of the dragon clans. Hence why I would say the "old" Loptyr Empire, since they actually achieved total dominance unlike pretty much all other options. And Grandbell was trying to recreate that.
  14. i was kind of disappointed when the title wasn't a reference to the Metallica album
  15. Rand described the crucifixion of Jesus in terms of “mythology,” and submitted that she would feel “indignant” over such a “sacrifice of virtue to vice.” That Christians are called to care for the most vulnerable of God’s people was, to Rand, manifest proof that the religion has nothing constructive to add to human life: After all, in her philosophy, “superiors” have no moral obligations to those weaker or more vulnerable than they. According to Rand, the Christian moral imperative to serve the needy is a “monstrous idea.” to be honest she was a caricature of a libertarian and a pretty horrible person