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  1. he's been fed propaganda for a very long time but i don't think he genuinely believes he could do anything this was trump's actual tweet it'll probably happen sooner than their next game release
  2. not as much as baldur's b8 2 though when it was released to be fair that's a pretty big claim
  3. revival of CRPG???
  4. this is a pretty good overview of the PC golden age tbh (some of these are obvious multiplat)
  5. it's got me a little too much
  7. overwatch will become everything
  8. playing new vegas with explosives only is fun but how come I do less damage with a grenade launcher than with melee weapons
  9. i just want to play my basic bitch chest high wall shooters
  10. i wasn't ready for this
  11. agreed
  12. I cannot win a fucking game that's 7 games in a row now I have like 4 wins in my last 20 games