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  1. i heard there was a menu patch for thracia that was actually good now unfortunately I don't believe it can be used alongside the (bad) main text translation patch
  3. buy alex jones skin reddifier or uh "supplements"
  4. when you work you have money to buy video games, but no time to play them it's depressing
  5. tfw working and can't play the game
  6. I'd say basically: Kliff still has a 60% speed growth, so he'll really be good at whatever, but he's poor early especially if unlucky and if you're not dumping the speed well uses into him. As a mage with Fire if you promote him immediately he has 1AS, which is not good. Archer is more a long term class because he'll be doubling eventually (and can at least be safe at range for a while), which maybe can not be said of Python. Essentially: Kliff does well as anything, but not sure if Mage is necessarily his "best" class, and he's going to have it rough early regardless, and can struggle with power gains (Bow Knight and Gold Knight have 16 and 18 base power respectively which may be gains for him). He gets extra spells and Thunder/Arrow is nice for three range, usually two will suffice and those aren't as efficient as Excalibur, which Tobin learns first. Tobin does his job decently either as a Mage or Archer, but Kliff will end up being better in either (but Tobin has utility with Physic as a Sage, so I would advise Tobin Mage and Kliff Archer, but it really matters little) Just pick a preference. Hard is really not that difficult in this game.
  7. look I know you love revelations but you need to calm down
  8. i like how shitty and not worth it sasha is in Tearring Saga but pretty much everyone attempts to use her nice bases
  9. :thinking:
  10. wen pegasus knights have too much speed they capped it at level 9 - it might have even been before
  11. echoes music is so good
  12. i played awakening once and haven't played it again so that is probably the case
  13. fe the visual novel
  14. but aren't you a person who complains on the internet about video games
  15. if they remake fe4 I guarantee it will be either people complaining that they changed too much or people bitching about FE4 gameplay just like echoes gameplay alas