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  1. i still don't understand why it's game over if the main character even drops down unlike everyone else it's like one of my only complaints that its still like that
  2. freud was right but it's still early days :^)
  3. that's the one yeah, though I don't really know what I'm doing
  4. also that music when you're going to the first area boss was really good
  5. it's not like that was never a thing, just he went and did it for smash he's been ridiculous for years, just i haven't heard anything from him recently i actually did the sad part is that i think the persona 5 teacher looks attractive but i do not want this
  6. "foot fetishes are completely normal, class"
  7. tactical rpgs are called SRPGs in Japan for this reason - for strategic/simulation rpgs
  8. there's something wrong with you
  9. unfortunately I think they made it a mid game persona and increased its level etc
  10. These are all games that have great production values as well as gameplay, though, which is usually the case for games that people bring up that "the gameplay is the most important part", even though the rest is still adequate at least. I can see it is the main focus but it's not as if they are bad in these other regards. We'd have to be talking about a game with shit production values, music, voice acting, characters, plot, and that gives you no or a bad reason for the gameplay. And even then it still depends on what type of game it is trying to be. The other way is less common, but I'm currently playing Planescape: Torment, where the admittedly poor gameplay (especially for an RPG) is carried by one of the best stories and atmospheres in gaming, for example. pretty true
  11. in persona 5 is there invigorate cheese i remember just sticking around with Sarasvati just because invigorate was too good for SP regen
  12. who's is it :^)
  13. there's a higher difficulty than hard too
  14. waifu people don't exist
  15. while i somewhat agree in the fact that gaiden is pretty much a proto-awakening and sacred stones of sorts (though not similar at all in style), it's not as if the older games didn't have their other issues fe4 having a lot of things i can point to. if anything, both of these games are carried by how intriguing their gameplay is (including the addition of weapon skills in echoes) even if it they be tedious. and they can i dunno why people would think it being more an RPG is a bad thing. this is one of the strongest points about gaiden and the fact it was experimental