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  1. That's what fanfiction is for, my friend. Anyway, can't say I'm personally excited because I don't like Niles and I don't trust KT to handle Owain well, but this bodes well for other characters like Oboro being in, so that's a positive at least.
  2. I like that other people hate: Charlotte. Having read all of her Supports, there's a lot more to her than meets the eye. I wouldn't quite put her at the Oboro level "written like a real person," but she's a character with more depth than people give her credit for. She's also a fine unit. Marisha. Not so much hate as much as obscurity, but she's a funny, silly character and a great magic-using unit. Gordin. Heroes redeemed him for a lot of people, but he was always my archer in SD and New Mystery even before then. I hate that other people like: Kieran. He's nothing but a gimmick, and a not particularly entertaining one at that. Mia. See above. Oliver. The memes are still not funny, were never funny, and need to die. Yes I listed him in my previous post, I dislike him that much. Any meme character in general, really. Berkut. Good voice acting isn't enough to save him from being garbage. Ophelia. A female Odin; that is, Owain without any of the depth or serious moments that made him not a one-note gimmick. Niles. Without any of his softer moments from the original Japanese, he just comes off as a jerk and a generic yaoi seme (in that he's an asshole with no respect for others' personal space or feelings, but we're supposed to find it charming and romantic instead of obnoxious and creepy). The only decent thing about him is his bond with Leo. Keaton. One-note tsundere trash wolf. He's at least a useful unit, if nothing else.
  3. Takumi, definitely. I love the shadow clones in Cao Cao and Lu Xun's DW movesets and the bit/funnel moves in DW Gundam, so he's the best of both worlds for me. Close seconds are Leo, Lyn and Tiki.
  4. 3am EST, Sunday morning. Hope you have a good supply of coffee and/or energy drinks.
  5. It's tomorrow, Sunday morning, at 3am. I'd have to find the direct quote, but all that interview confirmed was that armor knights use lances.
  6. The devs also announced in an interview that they were alts, so. As for the reveals tonight, I was hoping for a third reveal, but alas. Tiki looks super-fun to play as, and I look forward to rampaging through the battlefield in dragon form.
  7. Team Ninja just does technical stuff on Omega Force games. I'm not quite sure why so many people keep bringing Team Ninja up like they have a say in the actual creative process of the game.
  8. Koei always posts VoDs of their streams on YT afterwards. Anyway, I was just glad to see some more Leo gameplay. It was nice seeing some Brynhildr in his moveset, from what it looked like.
  9. -Chrom, Caeda and Navarre should get their TMS outfits. -Lissa should get her Sage outfit, Sakura should get Mikoto's outfit, and Takumi should get Sumeragi's outfit. -Everyone should get swimsuits.
  10. Walhart's initial motivation was to unite the world under one banner/unite Valm to fight the Grimeal, but then he got drunk off power and just turned into a conqueror. Never is it suggested that his plan involves culling the weak to create a nation strong enough to stand up to Grima, unless I missed something from the Japanese version. Tifa at least has agency within the narrative and motivations of her own and has aspects of her character beyond Cloud and the fanservice elements of her design, which have become exaggerated by years of fandom overplaying them; a fact that is especially apparent if you look at her in-game render, her official art and her Advent Children design. In some versions of her art, Caeda wears pants or at least leggings, too. Same with the Whitewings. Even calling it a hint is too much. I've said it before, but FE is a series with modern sensibilities and vaguely generically medieval aesthetics, based on pop culture visions of the medieval period no less.
  11. Same for me. He's basically a less effective Ashnard, with an even dumber motivation and none of the scheming that at least made Ashnard a little interesting. He also completely fails to live up to his in-game hype.
  12. Speaking as someone who likes and dislikes games on either side of the pre-/post-Awakening split, I think the amount of hate Awakening and Fates get just for being the newer games is vastly exaggerated, and often comes off as fans of those games trying to de-legitimatize arguments against them by claiming they're motivated primarily or solely by the fact that Awakening and Fates aren't the old games. Then again, I've also seen far more bad behavior on the part of newer fans than I have on the part of older ones, so that's something to consider. I do think there is a bad tendency for older fans, even ones I wouldn't consider elitist, to ignore that several of Awakening and Fates' flaws had been in the series for years, and I do agree that there is some elitism in the community, but trying to blame the current split in the fandom on one side solely is a bit disingenuous. I've seen this sentiment echoed several times, but it just comes off as reactionary. I like a lot of characters in Awakening and Fates, but I'll also admit they're not particularly deep or multi-dimensional, and sometimes the line between like and dislike is razor-thin and banks entirely on if I find their gimmicks/personalities entertaining or not. There's nothing inherently wrong with characters being one-note, it's just that a lot of Awakening and especially Fates' one-note characters reek of lazy writing. Pair up is not a particularly experimental mechanic, and re-classing had been in the series since Shadow Dragon, it was just particularly poorly balanced in Awakening. That being said, I do agree that trying something new and failing is not worthy of praise, nor should it be counted as one of the game's merits. Using a specific, one-use item outside of Valentia, and there are no characters who have canonically been resurrected in such a manner. Also, Robin was literally wiped from existence by killing Grima. It's less resurrection and more Gurren Lagann-esque kicking reality to the curb and doing the impossible.
  13. Neither are surprising, and I don't have a problem with either being in; the latter doesn't mean much, since I'd only really have a problem with Sho and Minazuki being playable. I'll admit I was hoping a little that it'd be Joker, but that was always far-fetched considering he wasn't in the Arena games.
  14. Only if the extra modes are similar to Adventure mode from HW or Chronicle mode from SamuraI Warriors 4, but those were the exceptions rather than the norm; in general, Warriors games don't restrict who you can use in the extra modes. Anyway, the Hoshido trailer has just made me more hyped to play as Takumi, and it's nice to see that Leo has at least one attack that references Brynhildr. I think the swordies still look pretty boring, but single sword users in Warriors games as a whole I find to be very boring to play as.
  15. The CYL poll wasn't used to decide the roster. I think part of the reason why Lyn (and Celica maybe too)'s inclusion is considered feasible is that people don't realize that the roster has long since been finalized, well before the CYL poll happened..