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  1. What mechanics from SoV should be included in FE switch?

    Mostly the Turnwheel, it was such a convenient and useful mechanic for preventing resets without completely breaking the game in half. I'd also like to see the return over Arts, perhaps even over including passive skills like Sol or Luna.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating for any new OCs to be added to a potential BB remake; in fact, I'd be happier if none were. But IntSys has proved very open to adding OCs to remakes, even if they don't serve any purpose aside from an extra unit to use and are completely unnecessary additions. Meanwhile, Conrad proves that not even Lords who were previously established to be only children could get siblings in a remake, even if they did actually explain how Conrad can exist in a way that makes sense. Unnecessary character additions are the reason why New Mystery, of all games, has the largest roster in the series at 77 units.
  3. Top: Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop), Takashi Natsume (Natsume's Book of Friends), Shintaro Kisaragi (Kagerou Project/Mekakucity Actors) Middle: Ledo (Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet), Yuzuki Seo (Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun), Yomiko Readman (Read or Die) Bottom: Sheryl Nome (Macross Frontier), Relena Darlian/Peacecraft (Gundam Wing), Kazuma Ikezawa (Summer Wars) This was more difficult than it needed to be, I've watched way too much anime.
  4. Ignoring the fact that Gaiden not having a story is entirely untrue, a solidified story didn't stop them from adding Kris into New Mystery, I really doubt it would stop them from adding in an OC sibling for Roy or Lilina.
  5. Pretty much what Nobody said, such a system would be a logistical nightmare and a huge drain on resources unless drastically limited (we're talking two marriage options per first parent to make it feasable), and even then it's still wasted effort given that there are people like me who rarely if ever change pairings and you'd only get a handful of those characters a playthrough regardless. Realistically the best thing to do would be unique second parent-child supports, which would overall be a much smaller drain on resources given that IntSys does it frequently for DLC. It actually would. For each new child you'd have to create unique art assets, including portrait and model variants for every possible hair color, add in a significant amount of scripts and voice acting clips just for those children (since even the generic supports are given separate script entries in the files), and properly balance their classes and growths so you don't accidentally end up with a glut of super-powered and/or too-samey units depending on your preferences. All of which is a huge waste of time and money for units most people won't even see. Which would give you somewhere in the neighborhood of 252-504 additional supports to write and program in, depending on the number of supports the children get.
  6. I mean, as much as I like him, you could ask the same about Conrad. I assume his addition to Echoes is why people suspect Roy or Lilina might get a sibling in a potential remake.
  7. The supports in this game are really good

    I wouldn't call most of them great, but the supports are generally serviceable and decent. Most of the comedy ones feel like wasted opportunities, though. And I'm going to disagree with the general consensus in that I don't like the supports being one lump conversation; in a lot of cases, they just feel like support chains from the main games that the C and B convos were cut out of, leaving a resolution with no indication of how we got to that point. Celica's characterization in Warriors is baffling to me because of how completely disconnected it is from her Gaiden and Echoes characterizations. Celica isn't a pacifist in Gaiden or Echoes, nor is she even particularly averse to fighting or war beyond normal human ways in general; she had two reasons for wanting the war with Rigel to not happen (Alm dying and thinking Mila would fix everything), and neither of them are because she's a pacifist. Which is completely untrue of both characters outside Warriors and fandom representation. Eirika has a rough time adjusting to combat, but she never tries to go the diplomatic route with Grado, and becomes a very competent military leader if her route is chosen. Celica, meanwhile, had ulterior motives for wanting peace at that point that she spells out blatantly in Chapter 5 in both versions of her game.
  8. Let's see... Genealogy: I could see them adding a few more mothers to reduce the number of unpaired units in the first gen and bolster the army size in the second. Thracia: It's possible they could add some of the Genealogy substitutes as was initially planned, as well as some other unused characters like Asbel's grandfather. Binding Blade: As much as I don't think 6 needs any more characters added, I could see a handful of FE7 characters being added to the roster a la Bartre and the Hasha no Tsurugi characters also being added. I'm really hoping no more OC children are added unless you can set who their parents are, at least in the case of potential Lyn and Hector kids. Blazing Blade: They might make the Tactician playable? I wouldn't like it, but I could see them doing it. Sacred Stones: Saleh's grandmother Dara is an obvious choice, given that the in-game data indicates she was supposed to be playable. Maybe L'arachel's uncle too? Path of Radiance: Gonna agree that a regular raven would be nice since the only real representation we have for them is Naesala. Otherwise PoR's roster is fine. Radiant Dawn: The last thing RD needs is more playable characters. Largo being added back to the roster is about all that RD should ever do when it comes to new playable characters, and even that's a maybe.
  9. Free Update / Nov 16

    Red-gold-and-white design Rowan actually looks somewhat impressive. I'm meh on the clothing damage but at least it isn't as pointless as Fates'.
  10. Playing catch-up because I missed the first week: And for this week: Left to right in order: Top: Aya Brea (Parasite Eve), Takumi (Fire Emblem Fates), Jun Kurosu (Persona 2) Middle: Shuichi Saihara (New Danganronpa V3), Anguished One/Al Saiduq (Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2), Gig (Soul Nomad & the World Eaters) Bottom: Towa Hershel (Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel), Aeris Aerith Ganisborough (Final Fantasy VII), Nero (Devil May Cry 4)
  11. Crack Pairings, Anyone?

    It's borderline impossible to pair Julia without gaming the system via Jealousy, as she has 0 Love Growth with every character minus Seliph, who she has -5 with. The only real way to do it is to have her next to someone for 100 turns, or two full maps' worth of support-gaining turns. Anyway, crack pairings are fun. I'm fond of Corrin/Corrin and Robin/Robin, myself.
  12. Opinions on Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony? *Spoilers*

    I'm in a sort of reverse situation on that front myself; the fact that I went in spoiled was the only reason I gave the game a fair shake at all, and is exactly why I can identify what I liked and disliked about the game now instead of a year from now, because knowing myself I would have absolutely (and irrationally, I'll admit) hated the game for a long while once the plot twist hit. EDIT: I was in the middle of responding to the rest of your points when I accidentally posted this, so sorry about that! Those'll be edited in later.
  13. Opinions on Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony? *Spoilers*

    I have many complex feelings on V3, but mostly it boils down to "everything but parts of Chapters 4 & 5 and all of Chapter 6 were fantastic, so I just ignore Chapter 6 and substitute my own ending." Some specific notes: Chapter 5 was both great and terrible. Great, because the writing and the planning for the trial were so great that even going into it with full spoilers I still managed to feel like I was wrong about the whole thing at some points. Terrible because Maki, who I had previously liked a lot, fully descended into Nagito levels of "trying to kill her fellow spotless for a terrible reason" and Kaito spends most of the chapter being a whiny baby over being proved wrong in Chapter 4's trial even though Shuichi saved all their lives by exposing Gonta and, much like Maki, Kaito endangered all the spotless for a terrible reason. It really doesn't help that neither of them, especially Maki (who would have had all her supposed friends killed and, as far as she knew, doomed the human race to extinction in the process just to kill one person had she gotten her way), are called out for their actions or show any regret for what they've done, something that happened to Aoi from the first game, who attempted a similar plan (for far more sympathetic reasons). The cast is mostly great; though I have to completely ignore her role in the story to do so I still like Maki, I find Shuichi to be a good protagonist in his own right and mostly just disagree with his implementation, and outside of Kaito, Shinguji, Angie and Tsumugi my feelings range from "like a lot" to "meh" for all the characters. Having Monokuma back as the primary antagonist was great, he was sorely missed. The Monokubs, however, were garbage even as the meta commentary they were probably supposed to be (since they felt to me like they were supposed to be parodies of characters added later in a series to keep things fresh). That was the complete opposite of what the final message was, though? Shuichi even says that just because they're fictional characters that doesn't mean their pain isn't real to them, and given that he's able to sway a good deal of Danganronpa's viewers away from the series with it once he's confronted them in an Armament Argument. In general the whole message was "lies/fiction always have some truth in them and in fact can become truth and change the world." Granted, I have problems with the message for different reasons, namely that trying to shame your audience for being obsessed with fiction to a life-destroying degree (which Kodaka and co. were definitely trying to do, given how the fictionalized audience is portrayed) while simultaneously elevating fiction to the status of "legitimate world-changer" kinda undercuts the whole point.