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  1. I'm pretty sure that's Alm; the shape of the armor and his hairstyle are the same.
  2. Tobin's probably going to be an Archer if he's anywhere near as awful as he is in Gaiden, or just to have additional firepower. Grey's going to be a Mercenary since he's good at it in the original Gaiden. Kliff's going to be a Mage because he was amazing as one in Gaiden. Faye's going to be a Mercenary, because anything that reduces the Cordelia vibes is appreciated I don't feel like Alm's army needs a second Pegasus Knight. Atlas is going to be a Cavalier because Celica's route doesn't have any.
  3. Mila's Turnwheel is such an awkward name, but being able to rewind a turn and thus able to reduce the number of resets sounds very useful in the right situation. The new artwork looks great as usual. Atlas looks like he stole a fighter's clothes but it works for him, Catria looks like Catria except more serious (and I'm happy to see her over Est), and Jesse looks like he's going to be comic relief. Judah looks so obviously evil it'd make Garon jealous, Nuibaba is a woman now for some reason, Mycen looks about how I'd expect him to, and Mystery Man, he is a CHAR. Needs more Palla, she is clearly the best Whitewing sister.
  4. Is there a particular reason why? Did Kaneko leave the company, or...?
  5. The Devil Survivor 2 anime was one of the anime I had in mind when I was talking about the anime industry's terrible track record with RPG adaptations. Aside from being poorly paced, it also cut a ton of screentime for pretty much everyone, ruined the message of the story by killing everyone off when the Nicaea videos say so even though one of the major themes of the game is giving the proverbial middle finger to destiny, ruined the tone by making it too serious when the game could be downright goofy at times, and on top of all that was pretty blatantly ripping off Evangelion. It and its ilk are precisely why I have concerns about a potential FE adaptation.
  6. Hmm, interesting. I do have a few more questions going off that (like how Mila Statue distribution is going to work, if Fatigue gain occurs for everyone or just units on the field, and if you can also lessen the effects of Fatigue by leaving units out of battle a la Thracia), but knowing that Fatigue isn't going to be crippling is good enough for now.
  7. Oh thank goodness. Stat reduction I can deal with (and I assume food can abate the effects of fatigue, but if it doesn't it's fine), but Thracia-style fatigue would have been a deal breaker.
  8. Oh no, Yukiko's gone rogue! Sounds interesting. Of all the mainline SMT games + spinoffs, I didn't think they'd go for a Strange Journey remake, although I may be biased because Strange Journey is my least favorite mainline SMT game and also because I want a proper remake of SMT I + II. Hopefully they do include some major quality of life improvements like they did with the Devil Survivor 3DS games. If Overclocked and Record Breaker are any indication, I'll probably end up liking it way more than the original, at least.
  9. To be blunt, it looks awful. Not just because of the typical issues when it comes to Western studios adapting manga/anime, but the cinematography looks like garbage. I could write a five-page essay breaking it down scene-by-scene as to why the cinematography in this 30-second trailer is ugly and poorly-designed, it's that bad. The implications of the high school drama that'll be crammed into the story and the actionization of what was, for better or worse, a series focused more on mind games and gambits stinks of studio mandates and the people making the movie once again failing to understand what was appealing about the original work. And as one final nitpick, Nat Wolff doesn't have the acting chops to pull of a role like Light, and the fact that he spends the trailer looking like a kicked puppy makes me think they did some ironing out of the moral grayness of the original story, unless those shots were taken from very early in the film.
  10. IntSys, I think we need to have words over some of the things in these screenshots (if they turn out to be real, and I do suspect some of them may be fake): -That town interface is just...no. It worked in SMT IV because SMT IV was sprite-based outside of the map exploration segments, and it worked in Danganronpa because Dangarnonpa used it as a deliberate style choice. There was no reason not to just use the in-game 3D models except laziness. -The phantoms were just not a thing anyone was asking for. Can we stop shoehorning in playable characters from other FEs already? Are you that afraid that people won't buy the games if they can't play as Marth or Roy, IntSys? Also they just look like someone's terrible creepypasta art, not otherworldly.
  11. Just because FE has a vaguely episodic format doesn't mean it would work as a full anime series. People really seem to underestimate how difficult it is to properly pace and fill ~23 (actually more like ~20 when taking into account opening and ending themes) minutes, especially with a game like FE where most of the time spent on a chapter is in gameplay, not in story. This is especially noticeable in the FE OVA, which has a lot of shots and scenes meant to pad out the runtime and with only 4 minutes spent on the equivalent of gameplay in the first episode and most of the focus of the second episode not even being on anything relevant to the main story. I can't discuss the quality Tales of the Abyss anime adaptation because I haven't watched it. It's unlikely that a FE anime would get more than 26 episodes, just because that's not what the anime industry does anymore. Most anime that have over 26 episodes these days are long runners like One Piece or Case Closed, those with the grandfather clause like Gundam (and not every Gundam series; Reconquista in G, Build Fighters and Build Fighters Try only got 25-26 episodes), or shows that run for less than the normal running time. That's a stretch. The cost of animated 2D cutscenes vs. rendered 3D cutscenes varies, especially when we're talking outsourced vs. in-house, and the fact that they're working with a studio as high-profile as Khara also casts doubts on the idea that they went with 2D cutscenes because of budgetary concerns. Most likely, they're just going with animated cutscenes to better match the aesthetics of the rest of the game. Not to mention that animated cutscenes are in no way an indication that FE's story would work in a longer series format.
  12. I initially did, but then taking a closer look at the map (and doing a catch-up via a Gaiden LP) I realized that the big honkin' castle in that footage is probably Zophia Castle and you can see the cave that's probably the Deliverance HQ, so it would indeed appear to be footage of Chapter 3. So it was a mistake on my part. For reference:
  13. That's my mistake, then. I'll admit I never got that far in my own Gaiden playthrough.
  14. What, more hype you say? I'm already full of hype, but if you insist! Judging from the footage, we'll be able to control both armies at the same time, which makes me wonder if they'll just combine chapters 1 and 2 into one longer chapter.
  15. Despite being a filthy anime-loving weeb someone who enjoys anime, I don't think FE would make for a good anime adaptation. Aside from the inability to please everyone regardless of which game they choose to adapt, the anime industry doesn't have a stellar track record of game adaptations in the past few years, especially when it comes to RPGs or games with large casts. And that's not getting into possible changes they would make in order to make the games easier to adapt, like say cutting characters entirely or giving unequal focus to specific chapters/events/characters while leaving out others. 12-26 episodes just isn't enough time to tell the story of a 40-80 hour game without making major cuts. It didn't flop so much as they didn't have the money to make more than two episodes, from what I've read.