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  1. Makes more sense then him being named Macbeth, which was his name in the Japanese version.
  2. Clair is not a "bitch" just because she rightfully points out that Gray's feelings for her, whether they are or not, come off as shallow, that he hasn't gotten to know her at all, that he expects her to swoon just because he compliments her, and that he wants her instead of actually loving her (especially considering his initial reasoning for the Deliverance going to rescue her was to extort some form of physical reciprocation from her). Could she have been less abrasive about it? Probably. But nothing she says is actually wrong, especially because Gray's only response to any of her points is just to repeat how he loves her instead of giving her a real answer or giving any of her points consideration. As for Tatiana, her relationship with Zeke is more complex than Faye's crush on Alm, given her own desires for his memory not to return but her guilt over it and her own self-confidence issues in general. And unlike Faye, who seems to always have had a crush on Alm just because, her relationship with Zeke developed naturally over time as she cared for his wounds and they later got to know each other. Tatiana has her own goals outside of Zeke, is normally selfless, we get information about her life and relationships outside of Zeke, etc. And while admittedly it isn't much compared to some other characters, it's leagues more than we get for Faye.
  3. True, but there was three years between Rudolf sealing Mila and Alm rising as a member of the Deliverance, which is three years' worth of more opportunities to assassinate Rudolf. Alm's objective doesn't change to sealing Duma until he meets Rudolf at the very end of the war, and thus he wouldn't have been targeted specifically by the Duma Faithful as Rudolf would have been. By that time, the Duma Faithful had been weakened by a lot of losses and Jedah was more focused on Celica, confidant that the sealed Falchion would be unusable. As for the sword, that part definitely was a gamble, but then again the whole plan was to an extent. I'd imagine it's the same principle that Naga operated under in Awakening; Mila and Duma's "remains" after they went to sleep kept their power flowing through the land (since they willingly went to sleep instead of being sealed away), much like Naga's remains kept Mount Prism sacred so long as her "remains" weren't disturbed. Given that Mila's sleeping body was enough to create a massive tree that lived for two millennia, I can't imagine Valentia would be in any danger of drought or famine as long as they remained intact. Plus, was it ever mentioned that Mila was strictly needed to grow crops or make the land fertile? Given that Mila spoiled the Zofians to the point where the whole reason Celica set out in the first place was to get Mila to fix all their problems for them and it's never mentioned that Duma was similarly responsible for the land being arable in Rigel, I wouldn't be surprised if they were so dependent on her growing all their crops for them that they didn't even bother trying to grow anything on their own.
  4. Even if theoretically the Rigelian army could win against the Duma Faithful without causing a massive drain on resources that would completely stall the invasion of Zofia, that doesn't really protect Rudolf from possible assassination attempts. Rudolf is, Angel Ring aside, a normal dude with the normal dude weaknesses of magic to the face or a well-placed knife to the ribs. The Duma Faithful have a leader who is for all intents and purposes invincible, and are capable of summoning armies of magical creatures and teleportation, and the sword Rudolf needs to enact his plan is kept by their god, who they keep in the depths of their well-protected sanctuary. The second they get wind of any plans by Rudolf to take action against Duma, Rudolf is a dead man.
  5. Sealing Duma first would have just backfired. Jedah wanted Duma cured of his madness but left unsealed and dominant over Valentia, and Rudolf needed Jedah ostensibly on his side. The Duma Faithful, as we see in-game, are numerous and powerful, to the point where they can interfere and integrate with the Rigelian army with little issue. If they turned against Rudolf, there's no guarantee that Rigel's army would have been able to win that fight, and Rudolf's plan would have fallen apart. Rudolf was already despised among the Zofians, who know he's responsible for the sealing of Mila, and even among the Rigelians his popularity seems shaky. While it would have been nice to keep him alive so poor Alm could have at least one living blood relative, him living would have only caused problems in the long run.
  6. In general, an Echoes version of Binding Blade I would expect to not make as many changes because there's more to work with compared to Gaiden, but I would like to see some changes made. To list some specifics: -Add base convos and full voice acting, like SoV, with the former accessible from the prep screen. Both of these really helped Echoes' cast shine, and while it would be a little harder with Binding Blade's larger cast, I'd still like IntSys to try. -Streamlining or raising the more wonky growths/bases to make characters more viable. -Roy's promotion time should be moved forward. -More dragonstones for Fae, and more uses for the Divine Dragonstone in general. -Fixing weapon stats to make them more in line with later games'. Adjust throne/terrain bonuses too. -Unbreakable legendary weapons. How to nerf them is up in the air in my book, since the only time I've ever used one notably early is when I've specifically grinded someone to promote super-fast. -Keeping weapon durability. I really hope they don't repeat Fates' mistakes in this regard. -Having more Blazing Sword characters playable, even if it's only a handful. At the same time, don't canonize any parents, or let the player choose the parents at the beginning of the playthrough. The last thing we need is more ship wars. This is just off the top of my head, though.
  7. A lot of what a remake should do depends on the game in question, but in general a remake should expand and improve upon the original without removing too much of what made the original game what it was. Echoes benefited from the massive character design, aesthetic, and story overhauls because Gaiden itself was fairly lacking in those departments, but conversely I would have liked if Echoes had made more changes in the gameplay department, for example.
  8. Favorites: Alm: He's kinda adorable, between saying stuff like "Hello, Mr. Sun" with a straight face and some of his dorky comments in general when you examine the environment. Really, he's just very likable in a lot of ways, and I'd say he's my second-favorite lord after Roy. Mathilda: The best. A great unit, gets to be awesome both in story and out, and generally lives up to her reputation as a war goddess. Plus her relationship with Clive is surprisingly sweet. Clair: All Hail the Goddess of Killing Cavalry! A great unit who also has some good interactions with others, especially Alm. Plus, her Support chain with Grey is fantastic. The Masked Knight: Great for spoiler reasons, and also because he's a great unit. Mae: I wasn't initially sold on Mae, but she has some great lines and a fun personality in general. I wish she was a little better in general as a unit, though. Palla: Still best Whitewing, 10/10 would recruit again. Honorable mentions go to: pretty much every playable character who isn't mentioned below, because Echoes has one of the best casts in the series. Neutral On: Nomah: I don't actively dislike Nomah, but he doesn't really do much for me either. I wish his Support with Celica had been something more serious instead of him being a creep. Coldsteel the Hedgehog the Human Deen: An edgelord supreme. Didn't recruit him because he's 2edgy4me, but read his supports/base convos and listened to his post-battle quote if someone dies and goodness is he boring and tryhard. Rinea: Didn't get enough screentime for me to go in either direction with her. Least Favorites: Faye: Faye is just a waste of a character. Leon, Mathilda, Clair, Delthea and Gray all show romantic attraction to other characters and all have more aspects to their personalities, but there's nothing else to Faye. Plus she isn't even as good as her most obvious predecessor Marisha, who had the benefits of a( being responsible for some of the funniest conversations in the game, b( the game not treating her crush as anything more than a crush, and c( being a great unit as a Mage or Cleric, whereas Faye is just kinda mediocre except for getting Anew. Fernand: I'm sure I'm supposed to dislike him to some extent, but this is definitely a case where the writers overestimated how much sympathy his tragic backstory would allow for. Maybe if his split from the Deliverance had been more built up to I wouldn't dislike him as much as I do, but abandoning his friends and country instantly with zero hesitation or remorse just makes him thoroughly unsympathetic to me. Plus, I find villains whose sole motivation is "a select number of a certain larger group wronged me in the past so now I hate all of them!" to just be badly written in general; it just comes off to me like those characters were already prejudiced and whatever wrongdoing they suffered reinforced that pre-existing hate. Berkut: See Fernand above, but replace "tragic backstory" with "love for Rinea." Given a certain event late in the game, I have absolutely zero sympathy for him.
  9. From Nomah's second base convo: "I mentioned that I’d traveled to Rigel previously, yes? That was when I first met Mycen. …What, didn’t you know? Oh yes. Mycen originally hails from Rigel. We were both so young back then… Ha! Those are fond memories." Mycen also mentions in the prologue that he's taking Celica to "an old friend" for shelter, and they have a passive support. Fair enough. Admittedly I just wanted them to have more supports, which I can say for a lot of people.
  10. You have to progress to the end of Celica's story.
  11. Cross-route supports, you say? Don't mind if I do! -Alm and Celica. More relationship development for them would have been nice. -Alm and Conrad. Preferably not involving Celica and her relationship with Alm, because the overprotective brother cliche is dumb and kinda creepy. Instead, I'd like to see them bond over their similar experiences. -Celica and Silque. They have a pre-existing history, and it would have been nice to know more about Celica's life in the monastery. -Celica and Mycen. They have dire few interactions, and it would have been nice to see more of them sharing the same dynamic as Alm and Mycen do. -Silque and Jesse. I ship it. -Mycen and Nomah. Another pair with a pre-existing history. It would have been a good opportunity to learn more about Mycen's time in Zofia. -Sonya and Delthea. I'd like to see them bond as the younger siblings of a magic-inclined family, even if Sonya's story is much darker than Delthea's. -Clair and Est. The baby Pegasus Knight sisters could have a lot to talk about. -Palla and Clive. The responsible older siblings could share an interesting dynamic too. -Mathilda and Catria. A bit of a stretch, but perhaps Catria sees some of Minerva in Mathilda? I mostly just want more supports for both of them. I have other supports I'd like to have seen, but none of them are cross-route.
  12. Thabes is 100% home-grown BS, yes. In a lot of ways, Thabes is some of the worst parts of FE BS difficulty--asshole reinforcements, stat inflation, and status effect spam--rolled into one, with a healthy topping of dungeon crawler BS (narrow corridors, awful run controls) too. It really wouldn't surprise me if Thabes was indeed meant to encourage the Overclasses.
  13. Are there any more trials like the Fear Mountain one, or was that the only one?
  14. Most dungeons have a Shrine to Mila where you can just offer one of the ridiculously abundant bottles of alcohol to it and get all the turnwheel uses reset no problem or are so short that the 12 uses total are probably never going to be drained, though.
  15. While I think all of the non-gameplay elements like the writing, voice acting, art style, etc. are fantastic, Echoes is brought down for me by the amount of archaic and frustrating game design they retained from the original Gaiden.