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  1. This is entirely Heroes, but: Wolt,, Rutger, Echidna, Leif, Nanna, Finn, Ayra, Larcei, Lewyn, Isadora, Micaiah, Pelleas, Nailah, Elincia, Geoffrey, Lucia, Conrad, Maris/Malice, Marisha, and Feena. Jugdral just needs more representation in general, really.
  2. I like that other people hate: Amelia and Ewan gameplay-wise, Donnel gameplay-wise, Mozu gameplay-wise, Serra as Book Bro mentioned, Clive (I appreciate his development over the course of Echoes' plot even if he is a subpar unit), Micaiah (even though these days she's more divisive than hated), Tsubaki (because he has some actual depth, and he's always turned out good for me), Hayato (because he actually has reasons to act like he does, unlike Ricken) I hate that other people like: Silas (a creepy, judgmental jerk that the game shills at every turn), Oliver (the joke was never funny), Nah (her Laurent and Inigo supports make her irredeemable to me, but most of her romantic supports involve her being an obnoxious brat regardless), Odin (but not Awakening Owain, who isn't just his gimmick like Odin is), Ike (both PoR and RD, for different reasons), Cordelia (both sides of her personality are just thoroughly unlikable to me), Sain (a shallow womanizer) I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting.
  3. I started typing up that post the other day, but only got around to posting it until later, so I didn't notice the edit, sorry. It wouldn't be an ASW game without an amazing soundtrack. Vatista is 100% wholesome, no psychotic murderous obsessions with the red hero here a very interesting fighter, in that she's all about charging and chaining together charged moves to inflict massive damage to the point where pretty much all of her specials are charges, which I feel helps differentiate her from the Murakamos. As for Orie, the comparisons to Mitsuru aren't that far off, since Orie's also a puppet fighter a la the rest of the P4 Arena cast, though her summon doesn't get two buttons to himself like the Personas do.
  4. The designs continue to look fantastic. Cao Cao in particular I love, but I am 100% biased towards Cao Cao and Wei in general. The only one I'm not completely sold on is Diaochan's, not because it isn't a pretty great design, but because I don't think it fits her; I think a slightly more modest, elegant design would fit her better. I'd suggest the four-volume Moss Roberts translation aka the one I own, since there are annotations explaining a lot of cultural and historical things like ranks and backstories for historical figures that might not be obvious to a first-time reader. Ling Tong already took those back in 8 Empires because Guan Suo's EX weapon there was the sabatons.
  5. I think around 30 is a pretty reasonable expectation. Arc System Works is already going to have to make a combat system that somehow melds the three games' different combat systems into one, adding in more characters than that would just ensure that we don't see the game until 2025. I'd say Hyde, Linne, Vatista, Hilda and Seth are the only shoe-ins among the cast. Hyde and Linne are the protagonists, Vatista is absurdly popular and rightfully so because she's cute as heck, they've been pushing Seth as the blue rival to Hyde's red as of Exe: Late[st], and Hilda's the primary antagonist (and the only one with an actual motivation other than being evil just cause or being driven to consume). Otherwise I think there aren't many absurdly popular candidates, so the chances for everyone else are pretty even.
  6. I doubt they're going to exclude everyone with similar play styles/movesets because of how that would limit the roster (plus it'd be really silly considering, you know, Hyde and Yu's situation), but until we get confirmation of the roster size we can't really say either way. I wouldn't mind some overlap, but honestly there's only two characters out of a potential roster of 70+ (because I've never seen RBWY, that's just the number of characters from BB, P4 Arena and UNIB combined) that I'd be legitimately disappointed in seeing get in, so I am probably not the best person to talk to for realistic roster expectations.
  7. I am looking forward to the potential Yu vs. Hyde match-up, considering how similar they are gameplay-wise. I'm pretty neutral on BlazBlue these days and I've never watched RWBY, but I am excited for the Under Night In-Birth and P4 Arena casts. If we get playable Kokonoe and Tsubaki (since my third favorite from BB, Jin, is already confirmed) I'll be satisfied on the BB front. From UN I hope to see Yuzuriha and Seth, since Hyde and Vatista are pretty much guaranteed, and Orie I feel has a good chance as well. As for P4 Arena, even though I personally favor Ken + Koromaru and Mitsuru, aside from them adding Sho and Minazuki I wouldn't complain no matter who they choose. I think it was a good idea to not include Guilty Gear honestly, because if it had been the current roster plus GG I feel like GG would have ended up overshadowing Under Night In-Birth and P4 Arena. That being said, I'm all for BlazBlue X Guilty Gear, just as its own game.
  8. A Total War game in the vein of Hyrule: Total War. I'd like it to be either a game with different scenarios for each game's world (i.e. an Akaneia scenario where Altea, Akaniea, Gra Grust, Macedon, etc. are playable, with each game getting a similar scenario) or a dream game where you can play as any of the nations from across the series. I wholeheartedly support this as well. If Takumi's starter/perfect link is the Rowlet line then that's even better.
  9. Re-posting verbatim from the old thred (because I'm lazy): Favorites: Alm: He's kinda adorable, between saying stuff like "Hello, Mr. Sun" with a straight face and some of his dorky comments in general when you examine the environment. Really, he's just very likable in a lot of ways, and I'd say he's my second-favorite lord after Roy. Mathilda: The best. A great unit, gets to be awesome both in story and out, and generally lives up to her reputation as a war goddess. Plus her relationship with Clive is surprisingly sweet. Clair: All Hail the Goddess of Killing Cavalry! A great unit who also has some good interactions with others, especially Alm. Plus, her Support chain with Grey is fantastic. The Masked Knight: Great for spoiler reasons, and also because he's a great unit. Mae: I wasn't initially sold on Mae, but she has some great lines and a fun personality in general. I wish she was a little better in general as a unit, though. Palla: Still best Whitewing, 10/10 would recruit again. Honorable mentions go to: pretty much every playable character who isn't mentioned below, because Echoes has one of the best casts in the series. Neutral On: Nomah: I don't actively dislike Nomah, but he doesn't really do much for me either. I wish his Support with Celica had been something more serious instead of him being a creep. Coldsteel the Hedgehog the Human Deen: An edgelord supreme. Didn't recruit him because he's 2edgy4me, but read his supports/base convos and listened to his post-battle quote if someone dies and goodness is he boring and tryhard. Rinea: Didn't get enough screentime for me to go in either direction with her. Least Favorites: Faye: Faye is just a waste of a character. Leon, Mathilda, Clair, Delthea and Gray all show romantic attraction to other characters and all have more aspects to their personalities, but there's nothing else to Faye. Plus she isn't even as good as her most obvious predecessor Marisha, who had the benefits of a( being responsible for some of the funniest conversations in the game, b( the game not treating her crush as anything more than a crush, and c( being a great unit as a Mage or Cleric, whereas Faye is just kinda mediocre except for getting Anew. Fernand: I'm sure I'm supposed to dislike him to some extent, but this is definitely a case where the writers overestimated how much sympathy his tragic backstory would allow for. Maybe if his split from the Deliverance had been more built up to I wouldn't dislike him as much as I do, but abandoning his friends and country instantly with zero hesitation or remorse just makes him thoroughly unsympathetic to me. Plus, I find villains whose sole motivation is "a select number of a certain larger group wronged me in the past so now I hate all of them!" to just be badly written in general; it just comes off to me like those characters were already prejudiced and whatever wrongdoing they suffered reinforced that pre-existing hate. Berkut: See Fernand above, but replace "tragic backstory" with "love for Rinea." Given a certain event late in the game, I have absolutely zero sympathy for him.
  10. I've heard that DW9 is supposed to be toning down the costumes to make them more era-appropriate and less flashy (ironic since that's probably Lu Bu's most showy design yet), and if so they've succeeded with flying colors so far. I especially like the more military-like aesthetic of Lu Xun's new design, but these designs are all pretty great. They've been progressively aging him up since DW2, making him taller, making his cheeks less round and his eyes sharper, etc., or at least it seems that way to me, anyway.
  11. I'm firmly on the side of keeping it. As long as they keep it limited uses and balance it well, I can't see any real reason for it not to come back. I do think the level of max resets should be trimmed a little, though.
  12. New Mystery did have a personality test sort of thing, but all it did was determine your stats and change a handful of bits of dialogue. A mix of both, but mostly dealing with Social Links yes. "Punishment" is a harsh way to word it outside of S. Links, but there is a lot of railroading in the games, to make sure you reach certain plot points and do certain events that the game wants you to. You're right that there's a lot of not meaningful choices, but I don't mind those as fluff to characterize the protagonists; it's when you get into the parts where there is the illusion of choice but the game blatantly denies you when you pick the "wrong" choice that I have a problem with. (The primary one I always think of because it nearly messed up an all S. Links MAX'd run I did, even though it's not particularly plot relevant, is a choice in P4 as to whether or not to help Yosuke out for a week at Junes; even if you refuse the game forces you to waste a week for a pittance of yen and S. Link points with three characters, two of whom you've probably already MAX'd and one of whom doesn't rank up via points anyway.) Doesn't the current unlimited support system work against having paired endings at A Supports? I don't agree. I actually feel like KotOR II had the opposite problem; the game goes out of its way to set things up so the player's actions constantly backfire or they get chewed out no matter what you choose, courtesy of a certain terrible author insert villain/walking exposition dump.
  13. No to Avatars, yes to S Supports with some restrictions. For the latter, I wouldn't mind if S Supports if they were implemented as Book Bro suggested, just an indication of a romantic relationship with no immediate marriage and no children involved. For that matter, I'd like to see S Supports that don't end well be a thing if they do come back as I mentioned. Plenty of A Support paired endings ended in melancholy or outright tragedy, and I'd like to see that come back if just for variety. And also an A+ Support for platonic paired endings would be fantastic too. Avatars are a hard no from me. Aside from the fact that none of the Avatars are actually self-inserts in a meaningful sort of way, they've only been an active detriment to the storytelling of the games they're in. At that point, doesn't the Avatar cease to be...well, an Avatar? The whole point of Kris, Robin and Corrin is that, much like your average terrible harem anime protagonist, their personalities are bland enough for the audience to insert themselves into and amicable and inoffensive enough that it's not completely out of the realm of possibility that anyone could fall in love with them (of course, your mileage may vary on how well that works). Giving them a more complex or relatively deep characterization takes away the thing that makes them an Avatar. Honestly, I'm of the opposite opinion; they need to have zero expressed personality on their own, a la Bethesda's customizable protagonists or the mainline MegaTen protagonists, and allow players to chose their personality, even if it's just for fluff/flavor. I see the sentiment that Persona is a good example of self-inserts done right quite a bit, but I don't agree. Granted, Persona does on the surface give you more agency as a player than the Avatars do, but there's almost always a clear right answer in almost any situation in the Persona games, and you're often punished, if lightly, for not going down that path. Not to mention that Persona at times has the same problems with player worship that Awakening and Fates had, and the Persona protagonists do have an intended personality, if muted and understated, expressed primarily through body language and actions taken in story scenes.
  14. There probably won't be any of the second-gen units outside of Lucina added, but that's more for practicality's sake than anything. Bringing in more kids would mean either addressing the big glaring question of who their fathers are or awkwardly side-stepping the question entirely. It was easy to get away with because of magic in Fates, but IntSys has been careful to make their parentage as ambiguous as possible, and that's effort that could better be spent elsewhere.
  15. Sorry I've been a bit of a whiner. I think it's partially bad luck of the draw, since it's still early in the info reveals and I ended up being mostly satisfied with the additions Koei made in 8/XL/Empires once all of them were announced. My own potential adds are usually based on who has the most potential to add something interesting the game, whether it because they had an interesting historical personality, have potentially interesting dynamics with the rest of the characters, had impressive military accomplishments that could add new stages or make existing stages more interesting, or any combination of those three. Since I'm pretty familiar with the history behind the series my choices also tend to skew towards that somewhat. For Wei, I'd like Empress Bian, first and foremost. Koei's been doing a good job of humanizing Cao Cao as of late, and adding Empress Bian would further help with that. Not to mention that she has potential relationships to be explored with Cao Pi and Lady Zhen, and she would fit right into Cao Cao's early buildup of power, given that historically she prevented his early followers from abandoning him when he was presumed dead after his failed attempt on Dong Zhuo's life. Cao Zhen has a potentially interesting dynamic with Cao Cao, Cao Pi (being the former's adoptive son and the latter's adoptive brother, basically), Zhang He and Sima Yi and a lot of potential stages to participate in, including Hanzhong, campaigns against Sun Quan and Zhuge Liang's early Northern Campaigns. Otherwise 7, 8 and their expansions added most of my longstanding desired adds from Wei, and I haven't really given much thought to who else from Wei I'd like. For Wu, I probably have the most adds aside from the Others section, and that's only because the Others encompasses so many separate factions. I don't have a primary pick from them, but that's just because I have so many. The brilliant but mad Zhu Huan, the flamboyant and showy He Qi, and the greedy team-killer Pan Zhang would all be good picks because they're all pretty interesting with a lot of material to draw from. Lu Dai would be a good late Wu general, having served Wu for somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 years confirmed (I say "confirmed" because Lu Dai doesn't show up in historical records until he's almost 60 for some reason), and having the potential to bring in more later era battles like fighting the Shi clan in Jiaozhou or dealing with the political intrigues of the later Wu court into the games. Speaking of later Wu political intrigue, Zhuge Ke would be a great add too, both because Wu needs more late period officers and because he could be an interesting case study in a genuinely brilliant person being corrupted by power, perhaps as a foil for Zhuge Liang. And of course Lady Wu, to complete the immediate Sun family ignoring Sun Yi, Sun Kuang and Sun Lang. For Shu, my primary pick is Wang Ping, who started off in Wei under Xu Huang before defecting to Shu. He was involved in most of Shu's post-Hanzhong campaigns, and has the potential for his own unique stage in defending Hanzhong against Cao Shuang's forces. Zhang Yi (Bogong) and Liao Hua are both long-serving generals of Shu who were active during the post-Zhuge Liang era and could have an interesting dynamic with Jiang Wei, with Zhang Yi as the contrarian and Liao Hua as more of a mentor figure. Plus, Liao Hua's escape from Wu with his mother would make an interesting stage. I'd also semi-seriously like Chen Shou as a playable character, but that would probably end up veering into meta territory. For Jin, I think I have the fewest new picks at one, if only because they have the misfortune of coming in so late and having less of a pool to draw from. Yang Hu I feel is the best choice, not only because of his potential relationships with fellow possible add Lu Kang (who I'd like to see added, just not as a priority like the rest) and Cai Wenji (who was his aunt) but because he's a potential rival for Zhong Hui (if one-sided, because Hu doesn't seem to have been historically aware of Hui's distrust of him) and in general had a really long and interesting career both on and off the battlefield. Plus Bu Chan's rebellion would be a possible late Wu and Jin battle, as there are few late era battles as is. For the Others, I probably have the most wants, but that's just because it's such a wide-reaching category. For Lu Bu's group, Gao Shun would be my ideal add, both because could make a good foil for Zhang Liao and because he was a very talented general. For Dong Zhuo's group, Li Jue and Guo Si, who could then split off into their own faction, which could also include Xu Huang under a generic Yang Feng. For Yuan Shao's group, Shen Pei and Ju Shou, both for equal representation of the "attack Cao Cao" and "don't attack Cao Cao" camps at Guandu while also being notable generals. The Nanman and the Yellow Scarves are the only Other group who I don't feel need expanded on, since the former are pretty irrelevant outside of Shu and the latter show up early on and then generally never again. In terms of new Other factions, I'd like to see Gongsun Zan added, since he was historically close with Liu Bei and had an interesting if prolonged conflict with Yuan Shao. And finally, and this is 100% personal bias, but I'd like to see Yuan Shu added. He was a fascinating man, both cunning and incredibly stupid, and his involvement in the early years of each of the Three Kingdoms and Lu Bu would give Koei a ton of material to work with. Also I went scouring The Scholars for some of my old DW posts and I found a post of yours from 2007 and I immediately felt ancient. An interesting thing to note about Man Chong is that his design for 9 is pretty similar to the design Koei gave him for the digital card game Dynasty Warriors Blast. What this means for future adds is unseen, but most of the DW Blast designs aren't bad and I wouldn't mind seeing more like them in the games.